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Sun Apr 11 15:19:23 CEST 2004

Am Thursday 08 April 2004 10:51 pm schrieb Ilja:

Hi Ilja,

> I agree that a database backend introduces overhead, and this will
> certainly hit you if you have a small site. If you have a larger site,
> with thousands of users, using a database can be very helpful.

If the site becomes _very_ large then traditional relational databases are 
really in trouble. Look how much effort big companies like Oracle put into 
their products in order to let them scale.

On the other hand companies like Google who _really_ handle enourmeous amounts 
of data don't use relational databases to store their content.

It is an old _myth_ that relational databases are fast. Actually plain access 
to files is faster in most cases already. e.g. there is a reason why people 
still use files for their high performance webservers instead of putting 
everything including pictures etc. in a relational db.

-- martin

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