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The client could have their domain name parked on a name server on the 
Internet. The isp that is providing the Internet connection would create a 
record for that domain pointing to your client's ip. This is usually done at 
no charge, the isp just puts and its associated ip on 
their name server. All mail destined for that domain will then be pointed to 
your ip and then "you got mail"

An example using verizon as the isp and names4ever as the registrar:

client goes to names4ever to get a domain name.
the name is created and is parked on names4ever's name server.
client's isp, verizon, puts on their nameserver and points it 
at your ip. These "big boys" handle the Internet DNS, your firewall then 
needs to forward mail (tcp/ip port 25) to your internal mail server. 

This is a simplified version, and I hope it makes sense.

The internal DNS isn't really a necessity given the size of your client, but 
it is fairly easy to setup. I suggest that you use a DHCP server in 
conjunction with the internal DNS if the clients aren't using static 
addresses, this way the DNS server will know who has what address.

You can always set all users up with static ip's and use a hosts file if you 
aren't confident in setting up DNS.

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On Tuesday 06 April 2004 12:04 pm, Aurelien Marchand wrote:
> > Direct delivery of email from the internet?
> yes
> > I dont think it comes with any connector. There is also athera if you
> > can get it to work.
> that would be nice indeed. I just think the clients won't accept to
> depart from Outlook. Could always give a try anyways! ;-)
> > You can use one if you want to.
> then should I put it on a DMZ? How do I prevent external people from
> getting private internal information then? If it is on the internal
> network, since I have direct email from the Internet (AFAIK), how I tell
> master DNS server where is the MX server?
> Aurelien
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