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So Okt 17 16:00:48 CEST 2010

Hi Chirag,

I believe you wanted to send this request to the English user group  
which can be reached via kolab-users at I forwarded your  
e-mail there and will answer it there.



Zitat von Chirag Gajjar <cgajjar at>:

> Hi,
> I am trying to view users free/busy information in Outlook while  
> creating a meeting request.
> The URL provided in the Kolab Wiki (  
> https://<server>/freebusy/%USER%@%SERVER%.ifb  
> <https://%3cserver%3e/freebusy/%25USER%25@%25SERVER%25.ifb>  ) to be  
> entered in the Search location does not work and displays a ?General  
> Failure? pop-up error message in the taskbar.
> It also states to leave the Publish URL blank or enter the same URL  
> to keep Outlook happy.
> Can anyone that has successfully configured the free/busy URL and  
> using the free/busy information displayed while creating meetings  
> inform me of the accurate steps and URL to do so?
> I have tried several variations of the above mentioned URL to get  
> free/busy information to be displayed.
> Thanks,
> Chirag

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