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Hi David,

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> It seems to me that both Outlook and Kontact use a list of { 
> UID + optionnal email }, (where the optional email is used to 
> choose the right email in the given contact, which is useful 
> when it has more than one), so how about we standardize on 
> that in the XML format?
> <distribution-list>
> [...]
> <!-- Distribution List specific attributes --> 
> <display-name>(string)</display-name>
> {
>   <member>
>     <uid>(string)</uid>
>     [<smtp-address>(string)</smtp-address>]
>   </member>
> }
> </distribution-list>
> In Kontact's case it would be even simpler to keep the same 
> mimetype (contact), since currently each folder contains 
> things of only one mimetype - but I can also do with a 
> separate mimetype if that's simpler for you.

The UID's in Outlook is a relative UID to a message store. It is not unique
across multiple message stores. Therefore it cannot be used as UID for this

The whole resolution in Outlook is based on the fact that an email address
and display name is the UID for the contact. To support some arbitrary UID
will be an absolute nightmare for me.

Could we please just focus on why a display name and email address cannot be
used as the UID before we consider a generated UID.

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