a default inbox annotation

Matt Douhan matt at fruitsalad.org
Wed Oct 6 11:52:11 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 06 October 2004 11.26, Martin Konold wrote:
> Well, it is not only about Outlook but also about Kontact. Look at my
> office I have full IMAP access to my Kolab server but from some remote
> locations I can do pop3 but not IMAP.
> So currently I end up with mail duplication using only Kontact.

I agree with Martin on this, I have the exact same setup as he is describing, 
with the same POP3 IMAP issues ( not really issues but *features*)

Also a lot of our employees use it as well, this could be sorted with ssh 
tunnels to the IMAP server but I am unable to find a precommand in KMail for 
IMAP but thats a different story.



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