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Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
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Am Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2004 11:09 schrieb David Faure:


> And how would the messages move from the IMAP INBOX to the Kolab Inbox?
> With some client-side code??

Yes, this has to be done by the client. So it requires some coding.

I am aware of the fact that this means extra I/O load in the general case.

> Do we really have to recreate Outlook's abominations in Kontact? :/

Well, it is not only about Outlook but also about Kontact. Look at my office I 
have full IMAP access to my Kolab server but from some remote locations I can 
do pop3 but not IMAP. 

So currently I end up with mail duplication using only Kontact.

(The IMAP kioslaves shows the messages in the IMAP INBOX. I tend to leave 
messages in the inbox which need my attention later. When leaving the office 
and using pop3 I again get the messages downloaded to my Kmail Inbox which is 
_different_ from my Kolab INBOX. Such mail duplication is not nice)

> > No, it would mean hiding the IMAP INBOX and only show the Kolab Inbox.
> > Actually the current behavior is really confusing for many people as
> > folder cannot be next to the IMAP INBOX but must be children of the IMAP
> > INBOX.
> Wrong - you can use Prefix=/INBOX/ for this.

What do you mean? What shall Joe User do?

> The Kolab Inbox *is* a real IMAP folder, right?


> Why wouldn't it be created 
> by the server then?

Because people in different cultures might choose other names. Actually I 
prefer explicit semantics (using an annotation) to implicit semantics 
(everyone is supposed to know that Kolab_Inbox is the name of the special 
Kolab folder meant to be used as the default Inbox.

> And how can it appear next to the other toplevel 
> folders when not using an IMAP prefix, if cyrus doesn't support that??
> Some client-side hack??

When you hide the real INBOX you end up with the desired behaviour.

>The kdepim people have a hard time accepting "crap solutions that make
> things easier for Outlook". Kontact is not an Outlook clone, it's a
> general-purpose email clients and organizer (and etc.), implementing
> standards.

i already regret to have used Outlook as one of the examples to benefit from 
the change. I admit that it was not wise to to do.

Actually I hope that I could show with the above example that the issue is not 
OL specific but a generic problem. (E.g. when using imap and pop3 on the same 

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