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Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Wed Oct 6 09:35:39 CEST 2004

Hi Martin

> as far as I understand the Toltec Connector uses POP3 to obtain the 
> incoming mails not directly IMAP. I assume that this is due to the 
> fact that this allows to use the MAPI transport provider which then 
> also allows to use the ical parser etc.
> This leads to some minor problems when working with Kontact and Toltec 
> on the same account as the effective inbox is different.
> In some way this leads to confusions with mail status flags
> (new/read...) and to duplicated mail.
> I therefore propose the we define _independent_ of the IMAP INBOX a 
> default Kolab inbox. The description shall happen using an IMAP 
> annotation like mail.default.
> Any client is then free to use whatever protocol (pop3s or
> IMAP) to download new messages but the messages then end up in the 
> same folder finally.
> What do you think?

Your are just saying this to make me happy. :)

In Outlook mail transport and mail storage are two separate components. The
biggest problem for us to merge the IMAP4 INBOX and the Outlook Inbox
folders are that we break the Outlook model. We have a development path to
resolve the problem, but this is complex and a lot of work. This would save
us a lot of time and pain. 

So yes I think it is a _very_ good idea, but that is only because it serves
by purposes. I would love the feedback from David and Stuart in this regard.

Best regards

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