[Kolab-devel] [issue4604] Roundup needs (product) components

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Mon Oct 11 15:41:01 CEST 2010

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(Product) Components

Without components, everything is just Kolab; while in fact it is not. There's
no way to specify a filter to select only those affected components that are
somebodies responsibility, or that have somebodies interest. In effect, it's not
even possible to distinguish the server components from the client components.

If we want people to work on a component efficiently and effectively, they need
to be able to easily find all bugs that affect this particular component.

ATM the keyword field is used as components replacement, but this does not work
because the choice is not obligatory. People hardly know they have to set a
certain keyword, we have to go through the bugs and manually add them.

Think of a component such as Roundcude - ActiveSync Settings; while one group is
responsible for Roundcube (upstream), another group is responsible for
ActiveSync, and there amy be a third group responsible for the integration
between the two.

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title: Roundup needs (product) components

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