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Mon Oct 11 15:39:39 CEST 2010

Taken from http://wiki.kolab.org/Requirements_of_an_Issue_Tracker#Products

Products establish the basis of what a bug is logged against. For example, the
following products could be considered;

    * Hosted Kolab
    * Kolab 

Boiling it down further, products might also include a client vs. server
distinction, called a classification; such as OpenLDAP vs. Kontact. The use of
classifications is optional, however.

What is critical is that bugs logged against one product (or one of its
components) may not relate to any bugs logged in another product -such as is the
case with Hosted Kolab, a product based on Kolab but not quite the same.

When bugs logged against one product (or one of its components), turn out to
also apply to the other product, the bug-fix might actually also apply to the
other product (same component?), and then we should have the ability to clone
the bug, move it to the other product, and set the appropriate milestones,
assignment and queuing flags. This is, however, a choice the development process
management experts need to make, not the reporter and possibly not even the

As such, a proper issue work flow needs to be established and the ability to
enforce such work flow is crucial; For example, developers can only set the bug
to RESOLVED and it may then be Release Engineering's responsibility to follow-up
on Quality Assurance Test Cases, back- and forward-porting the fix, cloning and
moving the bug, setting the appropriate milestone, etc.

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title: Roundup needs products

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