[Kolab-devel] More odd observations with Kontact enterprise35

ITSEF Admin itsef-admin at brightsight.com
Wed Jul 16 16:12:47 CEST 2008

Hi all,

again, some odd (for me...) behaviour I have observed with the enterprise 
client (currently using 827905 under Kubuntu 8.04):

Oddity 1:
I frequently get messages like this on the console:
kontact: WARNING: [virtual KMAcctImap* KMFolderImap::account() const] No 
parent folder found for NUMBER
If I do a "grep -r NUMBER ~/.kde/share/config", NUMBER seems to be the account 
ID of the IMAP part of my main account (I have three accounts, two split 
IMAP/DIMAP and one IMAP only - "main" is a split account). I have not yet 
been able to put a finger on it but I do get the vague impression that 
Kontact has a tendency to be less stable if this happens.

Oddity 2:
I have also one user (also using a split IMAP/DIMAP account) so far who ran 
into another oddity: In several cases, Kontact would suddenly stop displaying 
certain mails, i.e. the body is shown as empty and the headers (shown 
with 'v') were changed as well. One example of such a mail:

From USER at DOMA.IN Tue Jul  8 16:32:34 2008
X-UID: 21322
X-Length: 17894
X-Flags: 32
From: "NAME (ORG)" <USER at DOMA.IN>
Sender: "NAME (ORG)" <USER at DOMA.IN>
Reply-To: "NAME (ORG)" <USER at DOMA.IN>
 "NAME4 (ORG)"
Subject: Re: Status
Message-ID: <ID at DOMA.IN>
In-Reply-To: <ID2 at OUR.DOMAIN>
References: <ID2 at OUR.DOMAIN>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 16:32:34 +0200
Content-Type: text/plain

And that was all there was to be seen with "v". This mail originally contained 
quite a bit of text and an attachment. Checks on the server revealed that the 
mail on the server was still complete. Copying the mail to another folder 
restored it fully - this workaround actually has worked for all but one of 
these mails. This last one was *also* corrupted on the server. Funny enough, 
I was able to verify from our backups that the corrupted version "coexisted" 
with the original version for at least a couple of days on the server - then 
the original version was deleted (whether by user or accident/program fault I 
could not determine).

Oddity 3:
Once so far, my own Kontact ended up in a state where new events would not be 
entered in the correct resource. Despite me having three calendars, I was not 
asked which one should be used after creating a new appointment. The 
appointment did show up in the agenda but apparently not assigned to any 
resource (unfortunately, the resource and category colours do not work 100% 
(issues 2641, 2471 and 2472), otherwise I might have been able to deduct 
something from that). Cutting and pasting these events did not bring up 
the 'which resource' dialog either. Shortly afterwards, Kontact crashed while 
trying to move an IMAP folder. After the re-start, everything was back to 
normal - only the events I had created before were gone.

If you would like any more info on any of the three, please don't hesitate to 
ask - I'll try my best... I know I'm already behind with a couple of 
questions from you guys (both here and on the bugtracker), which I'm awfully 
sorry about, but I'm positively swamped recently - I will try to provide the 
info at some point, though.


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