[Kolab-devel] [dev] Splitting the Kolab module

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Fri Jul 4 10:31:46 CEST 2008

Zitat von Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at pardus.de>:

> Hi!
> (I cross-post this to kolab-devel to inform the Kolab guys too but my
> questions are mainly targeted at the Horde dev crowd.)
> The restructured Horde/Kolab module abstracts all the major Kolab
> server concepts now. So I dare to finally call it a useful developers
> library for the Kolab Server. I believe it should be easy for PHP
> scripters to base their code on this module and manipulate the data
> stored on a Kolab server without requiring a complete Horde setup.
> In order to facilitate this I would now like to provide the module as
> downloadable PEAR package. So I looked at the dependencies and
> realized that the full list of required packages for the Kolab module
> is quite long. But there are different sub modules present which have
> a strong logical separation and completely different dependencies. So
> I believe it would make sense to split the big Kolab module into the
> following sub parts:
>   - Kolab_Format (handles the Kolab XML format)
>   - Kolab_Server (handles the Kolab user database)
>   - Kolab_Storage (handles Kolab IMAP storage)
>   - Kolab_Freebusy (handles the Kolab Free/Busy implementation)
> There'd probably be a fifth package (Kolab_Resource) later.
> I have several questions concerning this proposed change:
>  1) Would it be okay to split the package?

I think it all depends on whether these packages make any sense  
without each other. If not, and developers end up downloading all  
packages anyway, a single package makes more sense. Otherwise I'm fine  
with separate packages.

>  2) What is the structure for new packages we agreed upon?
>     I reread the thread Chuck started a while ago but I had the
>     impression that there was no final conclusion.
>     Should it be
>       lib/..
>       doc/..
>       test/..
>       package.xml
>     now? What would I use for scripts? "examples"? And can I already
>     use "www"?

This structure was mainly targeted for Horde 4/PHP 5 packages, though  
VFS use it too. It probably makes sense to start with that layout from  
the start to make the move to Horde 4 easier. Chuck can probably chime  
in on the other question.

>  3) How would I provide these packages via pear.horde.org? Can I
>     upload them somehow or do I need to ping Chuck or Jan for that?

We will upload the initial packages which automatically creates an  
account for you. You will then be able to upload any updates yourself.


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