[Kolab-devel] Splitting the Kolab module

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Fri Jul 4 09:31:01 CEST 2008


(I cross-post this to kolab-devel to inform the Kolab guys too but my
questions are mainly targeted at the Horde dev crowd.)

The restructured Horde/Kolab module abstracts all the major Kolab
server concepts now. So I dare to finally call it a useful developers
library for the Kolab Server. I believe it should be easy for PHP
scripters to base their code on this module and manipulate the data
stored on a Kolab server without requiring a complete Horde setup.

In order to facilitate this I would now like to provide the module as
downloadable PEAR package. So I looked at the dependencies and
realized that the full list of required packages for the Kolab module
is quite long. But there are different sub modules present which have
a strong logical separation and completely different dependencies. So
I believe it would make sense to split the big Kolab module into the
following sub parts:

  - Kolab_Format (handles the Kolab XML format)
  - Kolab_Server (handles the Kolab user database)
  - Kolab_Storage (handles Kolab IMAP storage)
  - Kolab_Freebusy (handles the Kolab Free/Busy implementation)

There'd probably be a fifth package (Kolab_Resource) later.

I have several questions concerning this proposed change:

 1) Would it be okay to split the package?

 2) What is the structure for new packages we agreed upon?

    I reread the thread Chuck started a while ago but I had the
    impression that there was no final conclusion.

    Should it be 


    now? What would I use for scripts? "examples"? And can I already
    use "www"?

 3) How would I provide these packages via pear.horde.org? Can I
    upload them somehow or do I need to ping Chuck or Jan for that?

Thanks for your time!



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