[Kolab-devel] Use Commit Filter to get SVN commit messages of the enterprise branch.

Ludwig Reiter Ludwig.Reiter at intevation.de
Tue Aug 7 15:07:43 CEST 2007


I have written a small howto for getting the commit messages of the enterprise 
branch using the CommitFilter webpage. Perhaps it helps someone.

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How to get the SVN commit messages of the enterprise branch?
- Step-by-Step howto for using CommitFilter.
Ludwig Reiter 2007-07-05

You can get SVN commit messages of the KDE projects via CommitFilter.

1. Create a new account at CommitFilter:
Enter a new user login name and a new password and click on "Login".
If the user name doesn't already exist, you are asked to created a new account.
Click on "Create" and remember login name and password.
Now you enter your new account at CommitFilter.

2. Configure your email address.
After login you can see the main menu.
Here you click on "Configuration" and enter your email address in the
field "Email address" and click on "Save".

3. Add the enterprise filters.
In the main menu click on "Add filter (by module)". 
Then you see a page with the possiblity to add filters.
Behind "Shortcuts, WebSVN Browse" click on "root".
Select "branches"-> "kdepim" -> "enterprise" and click 
on "Add this directory: /branches/kdepim/enterprise/" and "Apply"
Now, you will get the SVN commit messages from the enterprise branch.

4. Logout
Click on "Logout" in the main menu. You can navigate to the main menu by 
clicking on "KDE Commit Notification Filter". 

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