[Kolab-devel] horde as kolab's web frontend or not

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Jul 4 11:30:10 CEST 2006

Zitat von Richard Bos <radoeka at xs4all.nl>:

>> > The Mailer tab has been configured to use 'smtp' for sending mail, with
>> > no authentication.  Not sure whether this is okay and works....
>> It can be used to use the credentials of the logged in user if necessary.
> I think that this is desired (perhaps Martin (Konold) or Bernhard can comment
> on this).  How should that tab be configured when the logged in user
> credentials should be used?  Should the 'SMTP authentication' field be set
> to 'LOGIN'?

Probably to "Best authentication method available".

>> > At the end should it actually be possible to remove the special kolab tab
>> > and have all data configured using the other tabs.  I envision that there
>> > be a enable/disable kolab field somewhere...
>> Yes, that's also one point of the Kolab tab.
> I understand, but OTOH it's strange that there is special tab for kolab.
> won't it be possible to put the 'enable/disable kolab' button e.g. on the
> general tab.  The kolab/dap server settings on the authentication tab and the
> kolab imap server settings on ..... well somewhere else :)
> This is just a thought, hopefully such thoughts gets clear where the problem
> points are between horde and kolab.

The LDAP settings are used in many places, so it doesn't make sense to  
put them into the Authentication tab. Beside that, it has been for the  
Kolab admins' convenience that all settings are gathered in one place,  
so that they don't have to click through too many places to finish the  


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