[Kolab-devel] horde as kolab's web frontend or not

Richard Bos radoeka at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 3 22:04:48 CEST 2006

Op maandag 3 juli 2006 10:34, schreef Jan Schneider:
> > The database tab is populated with MySQL as database backend.  In case of
> > an ideal world should this tab be populated for kolab, or should it be
> > possible to leave this alone and don't populate it?  Or should the
> > database backend be kolab, which than uses ldap to store the data?
> > In my horde setup, the horde database contains only empty relations...
> It's already possible to set the database backend to "None". All  
> systems that need a storage backend and have support for Kolab already  
> have "Kolab" in their drop down lists. 

Does this mean that mysql can be removed from the system, or is it still 
needed for the datatree system?

> DataTree is the only system   
> that only has an SQL backend to select in the configuration tab.

What is the purpose of the datatree in general?

> > The datatree tab is populated with 'SQL databse' as backend with 'horde
> > defaults' as 'driver configuration'.
> > I don't know what it means -> no opinion...
> See above.

Ahha, because the datatree has been configured with 'mysql', mysql is still 
needed on the system/computer?

> > The Mailer tab has been configured to use 'smtp' for sending mail, with
> > no authentication.  Not sure whether this is okay and works....
> It can be used to use the credentials of the logged in user if necessary.

I think that this is desired (perhaps Martin (Konold) or Bernhard can comment 
on this).  How should that tab be configured when the logged in user 
credentials should be used?  Should the 'SMTP authentication' field be set 
to 'LOGIN'?

> > The kolab tab contains many fields...., divided in 3 sections:
> > ldap settings, cyrus imap server settings and the smtp settings....
> >
> > Let' start with the last one smtp settings, aren't these a duplicate of
> > the Mailer tab, where the smtp server is specified as well?
> It's possible that the Kolab libraries in Horde require these settings  
> for some reason, even if the admin chooses to set the mail "Mailer"  
> setting to use a sendmail binary instead. I don't know. It's also  
> possible that Stuart's idea was to simply keep all Kolab configuration  
> in a single tab.

Marcus alread send a proposal to the horde-devel list to have those fields 
removed, as they do not seem to be used in horde anywhere.

> > The cyrus imap server settings contain kolab's manager and the manager's
> > password settings.
> > I assume that this is not desired and that this should be changed?
> Again, I don't know, we would have to look at the code where these  
> settings are used.

According to Gunnar (in his email of today) explained to he thinks it is for 
the shared folders.

> > The ldap server settings contain kolab's manager and the manager's
> > password settings.  Hmm, I just discovered tha the Bind Password in my
> > configuration is not correct.  This does not seem to harm the horde
> > functioning at all. Anyway I assume that the manager's password should be
> > removed here as well?
> Thanks to Gunnar, a setting has been added for the  
> cn=nobody,cn=internal user. See http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=4049.  
> I don't know Kolab well enough to decide whether this (non-admin) user  
> can be used anywhere else.
> > At the end should it actually be possible to remove the special kolab tab
> > and have all data configured using the other tabs.  I envision that there
> > be a enable/disable kolab field somewhere...
> Yes, that's also one point of the Kolab tab.

I understand, but OTOH it's strange that there is special tab for kolab.  
won't it be possible to put the 'enable/disable kolab' button e.g. on the 
general tab.  The kolab/dap server settings on the authentication tab and the 
kolab imap server settings on ..... well somewhere else :)
This is just a thought, hopefully such thoughts gets clear where the problem 
points are between horde and kolab.

Richard Bos
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