[Kolab-devel] Free busy information

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Wed Sep 1 13:17:16 CEST 2004

thanks for the summary.
[ Where shall the discussion go, I have not seen a mail-followup-to: header,
will try setting it to kolab-devel. ]

On Monday 30 August 2004 10:39, Bo Thorsen wrote:
> Bernhard Reiter (I think) 
> came with the idea of partial free busy lists (PFB).

It was developed in more detail during a session with Martin.
He told that he mentioned this towards you a while back already
and I had that idea for a while too (but I am unsure whom I told it to).
So it is a coproduction.

> The idea is that the user has one pfb for each calendar info
> place. So in the above scenario, Person1 has three pfbs: the personal
> IMAP folder, the local file, and the group pfb. The requirement then is
> that if you change something in the calendar, the pfb of it needs to be
> uploaded.

Or the creation on the server is triggered.
That is important because Outlook cannot deal with PFBs,
and it might be a lot easier if a plug-in that is able to update a folder
contents can trigger this by calling a special URL.

For local folders upload is the only possibility, because those
folders are not on the server. On the other hand, nobody without
local access can manipulate them, so they do not get out of date.

> The concept sounds easy, but it's technically not simple to do. And it
> needs support from at least all Kolab clients.
> Now, to just complicate matters even more, it's quite possible that people
> will start monitoring shared calendars - for example the secretary will
> have a lot of folders visible, so he can know when the different groups
> are meeting and so. But he should not get these folders contents added to
> his FB lists. For this to work, we need a way for the user to make a
> folder (or local file or ...) with a flag that this shouldn't be used for
> FB lists.

I believe that this could be done having a partial free busy list referal
for each user. If that referal exist: use the pfb of the shared folders.
If not: it is not part of the fb-list.
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