[Kolab-devel] imap search operation costs

Stuart K. Bingë omicron-list at mighty.co.za
Fri Jul 16 00:11:02 CEST 2004

On Thursday, 15 July 2004 23:20, Martin Konold wrote:
> While I understand that the resource manager shares a lot of the
> implementation with the calendar I fail to understand why the resource
> manager needs to do searches for a UID.
> What is the use case where the resource manager significantly requires
> access to a specific EUID?

When it receives a cancel notification, so it knows what event (message) to 

The free/busy viewer actually performs the same EUID body search when a user 
clicks on an event to view detailed information.

The code to load the selected event was moved directly into the free/busy 
viewer, as we can't manage the entire calendar application through such 
limited Horde instance. Specifically, this is because we don't want to 
maintain the calendar shares, and we'll need these to access the events via 
the Kolab drivers, if we wanted to go that route.

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