[Kolab-devel] Quality of Kolab 2 (Proko)

Stephan Buys list at codefusion.co.za
Mon Jul 12 18:54:18 CEST 2004

Hi Jeffrey,

On Monday 12 July 2004 16:56, Jeffrey Walls wrote:
> What I'm getting at is, should I stick with ver 1, or is ver 2 far enough 
> along, that with some upgrades now and again as the development process 
> progresses, it would be trouble free enough to satisfy my less then computer 
> literate users here, both Kontact, Outlook and webclient?
This is a real tough one at the moment. As it stands there is no way that any
web client will be able to read your groupware items (or even plain mails) if
they have been synchronized from a Outlook PST file with for example 
the Toltec Connector.
These messages are stored in MS-TNEF format and will not be readable.

Kolab2 will have interoperability between Outlook, the Web Client and Kontact...
I would recommend waiting for Kolab2's release. At the moment there are no
migration guideline or anything else to assist you so you would pretty much
be stuck if you encounter any Kolab2 related problems. Also, there is no
gaurantee that a Kolab2 development server that works today will continue
to work tomorrow... 

My advise is to hang on and ask again at the end of August...

> The addition of spam filtering and virus checking (I am paying for it now) 
> makes ver 2 attractive, but I really want to do this right, and avoid big 
> issues for my users.
> Thanks for your time and opinions!!

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