[Kolab-devel] Quality of Kolab 2 (Proko)

Jeffrey Walls jwalls at browntransmission.com
Mon Jul 12 16:56:09 CEST 2004

Just a quick question.

I am implementing Kolab here, for lots of reasons, and need some advise.

As you may have seen, I have had numorous problems getting Kolab 1 up, mostly 
due to my ignorance of some of the componants.  However, I am anxious to 
replace my old and troublesome MMDF mail server, and get webmail access for 
remote salesmen and branches.

What I'm getting at is, should I stick with ver 1, or is ver 2 far enough 
along, that with some upgrades now and again as the development process 
progresses, it would be trouble free enough to satisfy my less then computer 
literate users here, both Kontact, Outlook and webclient?

The addition of spam filtering and virus checking (I am paying for it now) 
makes ver 2 attractive, but I really want to do this right, and avoid big 
issues for my users.

Thanks for your time and opinions!!
Jeffrey Walls
IT Manager 
Brown Transmission and Bearing Co.

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