[Kolab-devel] Kolab 2.0 Release Coordination

Stephan Buys list at codefusion.co.za
Tue Jul 6 14:56:00 CEST 2004


On Tuesday 06 July 2004 13:14, Bo Thorsen wrote:
> Sounds OK. The KDE page is generated with a script, and should be pretty 
> easy to adapt to our use.
Could somebody get a hold of this for us? I have no idea where to start...
> > Nice to haves:
> > - Cleaning up the OpenLDAP schema and separating it into separate
> > schema files.
> Would you take a look at the concept paper and comment on the LDAP changes 
> that have been done for proko2? I think the paper is reasonably up to 
> date. You can find it on www.sonofthor.dk/~bo/kolab.
Having a look now, will feed back soon...

> One biggie for a lot of people: Multidomain support. I assume real virtual 
> domains are not easy to set up with the kolab stuff. But how about doing 
> the "soft" solution where the system can run alias domains? So if we have 
> domains called foo.org and bar.org, then mails to X at foo.org and X at bar.org 
> will both go to the same X account. Could this be done reasonably easy?
You can do this by disabling: 
virtdomains:            on 

in imapd.conf

Last time I tested this Cyrus would just completely ignore the domain portion
of e-mails when delivering mails. X at one.tld would be the same mailbox as
X at two.tld

Also, authentication is organised by setting the line:
ldap_filter: (|(mail=%u@%d)(mail=%u)(uid=%u@%d)(uid=%u))
ldap_filter: (|(mail=%u)(uid=%u)) 
in saslauthd.conf

> We have already tried this to some extent. Apache can easily do virtual 
> domains by us hacking in the httpd.conf.template, but cyrus rejected 
> authorizations. So we could only send mail to the foo.org account and 
> bar.org mails would bounce.
Last time I tested all this was for the release of ZfOS Kolab, but if you want
I can investigate/test these issues further for you...
> If this could be included, we could put real multidomain support as a wish 
> for Kolab 3.0.
Agreed. Although I think we could easily implement it already...

> > Also, we need a target for release date. (Not set in stone, but a
> > milestone of sorts) I suggest 1 October 2004.
> I think that's a bit close for us proko2 people. November 1st perhaps?
What about we drop the template META_FILE handling and the other
Cleanup/Janitorial duties and launch Proko2 as Kolab2?
Or Kolab2 on the 1st of October?

We can always implement those features in Kolab2.1? My concern is just
that there will be such a long time from the release of the new features
for the Web Client and Toltec Connector before we "officially" launch
Kolab2... With the clients online and ready (as they will be for Proko2)
its going to be a long time to wait for the server to come online...

Kind regards,

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