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Changes since the dawn of time:
Aaron Charles Reichman (1):
      Fixed some spelling errors flagged by krazy

Aaron J. Seigo (116):
      make fancy headers fancy
      o KDE-ified the UI in the search window, using KDialogBase, KStatusBar,
      don't display status icon of message in fancy headers as this causes
      unnecessary to disconnect a slot that doesn't exist.
      removed QString colorToString(const QColor&) to use QColor::name() instead
      KProgress updates
      KProgress updates
      always print black text on white paper, regardless of desktop background
      move all the fancy header table style settings into the CSS block
      %e from, with address
      i18n fixes for translation teams
      a single spritz of kab-be-gone(tm) makes the whole house smell fresh!
      KURL::decode_string in the right places
      allow user to set the hostname to send to the smtp server during HELO.
      GUI: documentation for all escape sequences available in the reply/forward
      make sure that the "Edit" button is [dis|en]abled properly when loading a
      make sure it works if kregexpeditor isn't installed
      proper stripping of sigs on reply:
      fix for Bug#41586
      unbreak the "edit button doesn't enable/disable properly" behaviour. again.
      use KGlobalSettings::dndEventDelay() instead of a hardcoded 4 pixels
      -#include "../libkdenetwork/kwidgetlister.h"
      implement wish 41019: show a localized date when printing, not a fancy date
      if a user queues a new msg while already sending, ensure that the status
      attchment showing fix patch, largely by
      port of Hide Attachment fix to HEAD
      port of C-style array -> QPtrList handling of rules from branch to HEAD
      microoptimization; stumbled on it while looking into george's TLS problems
      don't crash if there is no reader window around and we try and look at
      make this compile for those who use --enable-final.
      improve the address dialog:
      sometimes the item removed from the selected list has children
      the signal is clicked(), not pressed() otherwise the action occurs as soon
      apparently this is a qt3.2-ism... make it Qt3.1 compat
      moving to kdelibs since the calendar widget now uses it
      remove memory leak due to not removing the tooltip before adding a new one
      don't use single keystroke accels by default for dangerous or potentially
      grey out the the label as well as the line edit.
      only create recurrence objects for incidences that recur.
      some minor changes so till can see
      compile fix: brackets around the cast
      toolbars that are a wee bit saner...
      #include moc ..
      CVS_SILENT Custom, not Customs.
      CVS_SILENT it's referred to as "Find Messages" everywhere else in the UI
      goodbye 1995, hello 1998. ;)
      reverse the gradient in -reverse
      today's look: shadowed text served on a bed of solid background, gently
      not so dark now.
      hrm. this time w/out the redraw and palette update issues
      spacingHint() for small icons. gives it a nice ballanced look and uses more
      don't lighten the color. was from an earlier experiment. sorry cornelius.
      don't show the TODO by default when loaded as a kpart. expect people to
      put a frame around this. it now seems like the obvious solution. =)
      fewer interior frames == good
      don't create the colors in the ctor, as the palette may change during the
      spacing does a body good.
      drop the frame for a more relaxing look.
      compile (gcc 3.3.3)
      slightly improved properties dialog
      when i hit "cancel" i mean "cancel" not "sure, send it now"
      use a directory selector since the user can only pick a directory and
      vertically center items within the item in small mode
      vertical center on small w/out icons, or when the font used is larger than
      keditlistboxmanager.h doesn't exist and doesn't seem to be needed by
      fix online/offline status: make it work with multiple windows, harmonize
      getIndex can return -1, so check the return value before using it as an
      de-constify status() so that KMMessage does the proper override. can't
      build fixes
      build fix
      KStdAction -> KStandardAction
      KStdAction -> KStandardAction
      a few more apps build now... more to do, however.
      adjust to api changes
      build? (winterz is pestering me so i'm committing before building ;)
      the const cast is ugly as heck, but QMap::operator[]const returns a
      kstandarddirs changes
      icon spec name updates
      icon spec name updates
      port to kdatetime
      port to kdatetime
      krfcdate is not used, and will be moving to k3rfcdate on monday anyways =)
      ics stream analyzer
      winterz rocks for his api fixes in real time =))
      documentation is good; unmaintained documentation about stuff that doesn't really matter isn't very useful though.
      no longer used
      * analyze returns a funky jstreams thing, not a bool
      port/rewrite the rfc822 plugin. doesn't actually work right now pending StreamBase::readLine, but the rest is basically in place.
      api changes
      KHistoryComboBox, KWindowInfo and a bit of KConfigGroup porting thrown in for fun
      kiconloader fixes
      build fixes
      kcal got split up and turned around a bit... catching up with that.
      KIconLoader fixes
      make this library actually usable by third parties working from the installed headers, e.g. the crypto plugin in kopete
      reflect changes in libkleo file layout
      libkleo/ui for now to make sure we use the copy in kdepim... libkleo/ui/ really needs to move to libkleo/kleo/ui though =)
      build fix
      api changes in plasma applet
      build; thanks dashbot for riding my ass until i fixed it ;)
      don't crash when akonadi creates a calendar resource without a file behind it but then adds something to it
      api change

Aaron Seigo (16):
      don't crash when parts is empty
      typo in whatsthis
      before going further, remove the existing email annotation feature
      create the actual relation
      we don't really care about errors in the end
      don't defeat the optimization by creating new strings
      update the implementation of the API to reflect that we are using realy notes
      we no longer care about annotations, but relations
      show the correct text for note create / edit based on note status
      small steps towards the messagelist parts of notes working
      if the note exists, update it rather than create a new one
      if there is a note, then fetch the note info for editting before showing the note edit
      don't show the note in the tooltip
      these are not fixmes at this point
      no longer consider this a FIXME either: the caller needs to load it
      make tine wizard optional

Adriaan de Groot (1683):
      Import KPilot
      Fixed resize bugs; log null-conduit message; lots of comments added as example
      Removed superfluous SAFEDELETE macro; extended conduitApp
      Added some install instructions; rest left to Chuck
      Removed because the patch has been integrated into the sources.
      Added the "Common install problems" section.
      Initial release. First move towards internationalisation.
      Catchup to KPilot 3.2.0
      Incorporated into main code
      Catchup to KPilot 3.2.0
      Completed KDE2 layout
      Ported autostart-daemon to KDE2
      Starting to document development and design
      Removed obsolete logfile stuff
      Moved to KAboutData framework
      Updated to KCmdLineArgs
      Moved to Documentation/
      Added author info and new QT layout code.
      New dirs & install
      Work towards KMail conduit
      Added proper install
      Added Exec= line
      Added Qt2 layout code
      Added decent error messages
      Conflicts resolved, pilot-link-0.0.0 bug workaround
      Many fixes
      Added debug-merge feature to conduits
      Misc fixes
      Fixed config-not-saved bug
      Added run-kpilot feature
      Exploratory surgery
      Fixed array-out-of-bounds bugs
      Fixed some no-calendar-found bugs
      Added attach-to-database feature
      Allow conduits to handle more than one DB
      Added getConfigVersion()
      Fixed spurious config new() and delete()
      General administrative
      Failed to catch all the changed getConfig() calls
      Re-patched array overflows in category boxes
      Much getConfig() grief averted
      Ditched KDE1 stuff
      Using Qt Layout code now
      NULL conduit .desktop file added
      *** empty log message ***
      Proper first-time handling
      Layout and i18n issues
      Feature creep: ForceFirst and SyncLastPC
      SyncLastPC implemented
      Ditched KDE1 stuff; new weird KDE2 debugging stuff added
      Patches from Heiko
      Handle setup properly
      Minor changes
      Fixed info-page layout
      Config changes; kill-daemon-on-exit
      New KNotes conduit
      Added --test
      Refresh StopDaemonAtExit after setup
      More ad-hoc debug functions
      Moved MAX_MEMO_LEN where it belongs
      Split daemon class to allow DockDaemon behavior
      Minor docs change
      Minor change to support updating internal config vars after setup dialog is run
      Two-way sync
      Two-way syncs
      Last of Heiko's patches
      New icons
      Groundwork for FastSync
      Groundwork for FastSync
      Restore Icon
      Internal cleanup
      New look for conduit setup
      Cleanup and sanity
      Semi-sensible button enabling
      Fixed UI weirdness?
      New debugging stuff
      Debug updates
      Changes to icon loading for #16202
      New screenshots
      New patches
      No idea
      Moved docs to the right place
      Documentation moved,updated
      Updated from KOrganizer
      Moved docs to correct place
      Adapted to standards
      Added RPATH
      Docs moved
      Moved to newer DTDs and entities
      Removed dead code, i18n stupidities
      Mostly updated
      Added DCOP calls to manipulate notes (intended for KPilot)
      Mostly debugging changes -- added EFUNCTIONSETUP and more #ifdefs. KPilot should now compile -DNDEBUG or with DEBUG undefined
      Disable KPilot only if it seems like it can't compile anyway on this system
      Added DCOP support to conduitApp. Breaks binary compatibility.
      Fixed DCOP showNote(); made interface name KNotesIface (standard)
      Added ToDoDB to dbInfo() for bug #16487
      Xmas stuff
      Added checksumming to KNotes conduit
      More debug stuff
      Dag's Patches for Repeating Events
      Checksumming added
      Switched to newer address editor
      Clearer icons?
      Patched up the debugging stuff again
      i18n stuff in Backup and Restore
      Added Heiko's FastSync
      Removed spurious -lpicc
      Stuff for Chris and Bug 18072
      Added documentation; switched off weird options
      Updated version number, removed VCalConduit::version()
      Added DCOP to Daemon
      Cleaned up DCOP; changed version number
      Updated version number
      Updated version numbers, fixed debugging stuff
      Extra debug stuff
      Fixed QFile::encodeName stupidity
      Fixed very confusing message -- QString::arg used properly now
      Removing spurious source files
      Fixed conduit bug
      Reduced debugging message overload
      Administrative -- no code or message effects
      Reduced icon-loading code to hard-coded xpms
      Removing calls to exit() from internal functions
      Fixed copyright headers for source releases. No code changed
      Fixed copyright notices, added CVS log, added surrounding #ifdefs. No code changes.
      Updated copyright headers for source release. Added CVS log. No code change.
      Fixed crash when conduits run during a backup and exit after the
      Removed spurious #ifdefs, and the #define that goes with it. Make KPilot exit consistently after user-requested setup actions.
      Removed broken bug-reporting address
      Massive code cleanup, split KPilotLink
      Removed stupid crash from ::fixed()
      Fixed component names (src incompatible)
      Administrative; added COMPILE_FIRST=kpilot just in case
      Fixed some exit() calls; extra listener process debugging
      Use Qt layout classes
      Removed useless getopt.h; fixes compile prob on Solaris
      Removed misleading comments
      Added dbPathName to make .pdb name construction consistent
      Use QCString and QFile::encodeName where appropriate
      Started changing to KAction
      Added class to factor out code in daemon and fileinstallwidget
      Some new (and harmless) debug functions
      Added a little support for KPilot as separate package; fixed COMPILE_FIRST probles
      Completed switch to KAction
      New icons in new format
      Fixed icon install issue
      Slight changes for kpilot separate packaging
      Added new protocol message READ_APP_INFO for conduit->daemon communication
      In response to bug 21392, replaced fixed-length lookup table by a subclass
      Changed for bug 21392
      More response to bug 21392
      Actually use the fileInstaller object
      struct tm woes
      Removed spurious .moc file
      Minor simplification
      Attempt to fix poor matching of category names
      Added drag 'n drop file install to daemon
      Note to self: compile first, commit after
      New expense conduit, non-functional but it compiles
      Possible missed #include leading to incomplete types
      Added DCOP to kpilot
      DCOP cooperation between daemon & kpilot for d&d file install
      KPILOT_VERSION added. Fixed double-sync (maybe). Extra monitor debugging.
      Fixed 'start daemon at login' problems
      Additional listener debugging
      Fixed Solaris compilation problems (again?)
      Bugfix #20318 and #21816
      Cruft removal
      Better fix for double-sync; bug #21868
      Large-scale #include cleanup; component resizing bug fixed
      Large-scale #include cleanup
      Refactored vcal conduit and todo conduit
      Make address editor reflect real field names
      Fixed inter-conduit dependency
      i18n from KOrganizer -> Pilot
      Some populateCategories changes for bug #22112
      Minor beautification
      Fixup some date-to-vcs functions
      --enable-final and #include fixes
      Fiddling around with date properties
      Fixup consts in xpm files (xpm files may be deprecated)
      Fix infinie loop when changing categories
      I really don't remember
      Administrative, cleanup
      Make version number consistent across KPilot applications
      Added app icons
      Fix for bad-categories bug
      Icons fixes for no-icon bug
      Administrative post 2.2a1
      XML GUI and ToolTips
      XML GUI and ToolTips
      XML GUI file
      Switched to libpilotdb for --enable-final
      Removed --enable-final borkage
      Moved todoconduit
      --enable-final cleanup and #warning reduction
      --enable-final file inclusion fixups
      --enable-final fixups
      Build order fixing
      Fix for part of bug #23385 by Philipp Hullman
      Response to bug #24291
      Patches for bug #23385 and probably #23289
      XML UI updates
      New conduit can now be installed in KPilot
      Fixed bug w/ absent conduit executables. Fixed resize bug.
      Small changes for code integrity
      Removed an unnecessary connection to pilot database
      Extra debugging for bug #24522
      Notes for apr. 23
      Some i18n() fixups and KMail sending
      Now actually install the browser, with .desktop file
      Some testing and i18n() fixups, 8-bit char fixes
      More convenience things
      Tiny code integrity patches
      Betteer support of missing conduit executables
      Many bugfixes and some new todo's
      Make conduits use the right .po file
      [GUI] i18n updates and QToolTips
      Respect KMail's outboxFolder setting
      Real change in addSyncLogEntry; muchos reformatting
      CVS_SILENT B0rkage with previous commit
      Additional authors can now have web addresses, too
      Possible fix for abbrowser phone label corruption
      KToggle actions used now
      Major SMTP fixups by Marko
      Phillipp's due-date patches
      Todo conduit is deprecated in favor of the one in vcalconduit
      Moved leitner's __osf__ patches
      New screenshots
      Updated docs ready for 2.2b1
      Nasty POP3 retrieval bug fixed (Jay Summett)
      Philipp Hullmann's extensive memory-leak hunting patches
      New code hints
      Tickle support
      DEBUG breakage
      Possible improvements
      Avoid allocating empty notes and descriptions
      General rewrite, cleanup thx. Philipp Hullmann
      Response to bug #24367 + total layout fixes
      Cleanup before the freeze
      Cleanup char constant in <<
      Add cast to avoid comile warning
      Avoid uninitialized variable warning
      Dead code removal and replacing complicated stuff w/ QWidgetStack
      Copied from KAddressBook
      Reenable abbrowser conduit compilation; take moved abbrowser into account;
      Make abbrowser conduit talk to KAddressBook
      KitchenSync is the next-gen KDE-PIM Handheld Device Synchronization
      Make it compile
      Pics for docs and icons
      New import
      Changes to allow creating localDB from serialDB
      Import of incomplete pilot-link 0.9.5 distro -- just libsock.
      Fix for bug #29764
      Make --test independent of a working Pilot
      Workaround for bug #28104
      Make abbrowser-conduit compile w/ --enable-final
      Fixed up some kdWarnings that were generated because connect() was called too soon
      Fixed small (and erroneous) warning from gcc 2.96 about no return from void function
      Removed kpilotlink dependency from kpilot; added DCOP interfaces to make that possible. Also fixed a connect() type mismatch that was harmless but annoying.
      MartinJ's beautification of the address viewer
      Decruftifying; improve DCOP link between daemon & viewer
      Major cleanup and architectural changes. New applications kpilotTest
      Use QSocketNotifier instead
      Operator & is just *too* weird
      Forgot in kpilot_SOURCES
      Enforce singleton-ness & retry pi_bind()
      Enforce singleton-ness
      Cruft cleanup
      Cleaned up some methods
      Stripped away last crufty IPC, added logWidget
      New methods, moved #ifdefs. The KPilot Daemon is still broken, though.
      Added sensible subclasses of KPilotLink, some USB support added.
      Large-scale restructuring
      Subclasses for hotSyncing
      Administrative; removed compilation of subdirs that are currently broken.
      New syncing architecture
      New config architecture
      Adjusted tests to new .ui and config
      Adjusted widget for new config
      New dialog base class for .ui files
      .ui file by David Bishop
      Standalone Makefile for testing purposes
      Behavior for David's .ui file
      Oops .. needed some extra work on the QStack part
      Removed old files
      Removed useless files after refactoring
      Factored out debugging options
      Myriad small changes
      Administrative -- compile only what's needed
      Fixed occasional crash w/ out-of-bounds indexes to QStringList
      Removing unused files
      Minor changes to get the dialog to size correctly when other fonts / settings are used. This solves David's complaint about ugly dialogs.
      Made exec() pure virtual for SyncActions, since that makes more sense than having an empty default action.
      () Removed lots of commented out code from previous incarnations.
      Made exec() pure virtual for SyncActions
      Modified to handle new interactive SyncActions
      More generalized debugging handling, even on broken platforms
      Use new SyncActions
      Squashed buffer overflows
      New SyncActions with support for interaction with the user
      Marginal extension of debugging info to track knotes-conduit bug
      Removed ancient unused files
      Removing old-style conduit base classes
      Removed old image files
      Conflict management
      New icons (actually just moved)
      Splash screen, as .png instead of a 300k xpm
      Removing old xpm files
      Layout + icons changed
      New taskbar icons
      Layout + Typos
      The big layout change
      Daemon reports name in statusString
      Cleaned up preHotSync interface, removed extra includes, added private-d-ptr.
      Cleaned up preHotSync
      Implemented actions with buttons
      fname unknown with DEBUG turned off
      Updated preHotSync
      Some last-minute layout, compile, and __FUNCTION__ (for Tru64) changes.
      Transformed icons and a Makefile
      Add support for multi-line comments in conduit configurator and add it to kpilotConfig
      Added conduit config
      No debugging when not debugging
      Use new-style conduit config
      New files for newstyle config
      More new config
      One last set of changes to make it build and do something useful. Sorry Dirk.
      Nope. One more really final commit to get the alpha to build. Dirk, otherwise just remove the conduits/ subdir from kdepim/kpilot/
      Start of making a separate KPilot lib
      Moved to libkpilot
      Changeover to libkpilot, prepare for lib-based conduits
      Moved to libkpilot
      Moved to libkpilot and lib-based conduits
      New ui, moved to lib-based conduit
      Icon (ugly!) for the knotes conduit
      David Bishop's .ui files for the conduits
      Actually do part of a sync now
      Null conduit is a programming example, shouldn't be compiled or installed for users
      Shared files moved from ../kpilot/ and polished
      Moved to ../lib/
      Moved from ../kpilot/, shared files
      Moved to ../lib/
      Added important method docs
      Added --notest, --exec-conduit
      Removed really weird debugging
      Moved to ../lib/
      Changed to accomodate all the moved files
      Some UI/Credits/About page patches
      Added prototype for getdomainname() for those who need it.
      Split up some files, added behavior
      Version number change.
      Removed old files
      Some build fixes and optimalizations
      Minor cleanups
      Build fixes for qt3 and stupid typos
      Qt3 include fixes
      New icons from Kristof Borrey
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      CVS_SILENT: Removed old files
      CVS_SILENT: Ongoing conduits ports
      CVS_SILENT: Ongoing conduits ports
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Added validate()
      Switched to KJanuswidget
      Fixing for FreeBSD-ness. You may require --with-extra-whatnot now.
      Add workaround for pilot-link limitation <= 0.9.5
      [ == test == m4-quote
      Removed spurious -I's
      Qt3 compile fix
      Getting this right cross-platform is *hard*
      Removed old files
      New conduit icons
      Moving expenses conduit to new arch.
      FreeBSD fixes
      Remove spurious -I
      New icons, DCOP changes
      CVS_SILENT: administrative
      Save/clear the sync log
      Port expense conduit to new arch. Doesn't compile yet.
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Expense conduit finally works
      Minor tweaks for conduit exec()
      CVS_SILENT: I forget
      Remove old files
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Remove bad setBackground -- thx Martin J
      Make the conduit compile, for Danimo, but it may not work
      Gave all conduits a config dialog
      New files for move to .so
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Enable conduit's config & back out danimo's work
      Actually do a (null) sync
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Making conduits save their configuration and doing syncs
      CVS_SILENT: administrative
      Fixup configuration
      Restored some deleted wrapper files
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Fixed email addresses; added isBackup() to interface
      Added SyncAction, it may actually do something now.
      Merged sources with the vcalconduit
      Add SyncAction
      Fixup some email addresses, random lil' things
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Sanity checking and simplification
      Added unified sync-action handling for kpilotTest and daemon
      Various config buglets
      Missing progress slots
      Lots of little changes for the syncstack
      SyncStack changes
      Cleanup, various fixes for runtime loading
      Removed support for old-style Exec= conduits
      Install kpilot API headers in $KDEDIR/include (they still need a private d ptr though)
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Sanitizing __FUNCTION__ and cerr
      Attempt to save the newly-set username
      Splash patch by Aaron
      Kris Borrey's fileinstaller icon
      CVS_SILENT: Spit 'n polish
      tzname is declared in time.h on linux, solaris and freebsd, so the extra extern declaration isn't needed (it breaks compile on freebsd)
      Replace hard-coded bison and flex with the variables for them.
      Only include malloc.h if we have it -- and it's probably deprecated anyway.
      Mark's contact-pinning patches
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      CVS_SILENT: Avoid compile warnings
      Reverting to Qt2 designer file
      Backport to 2.2.2
      New Icon from Kristof
      Avoid lib incompatibility crashes
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Don't compile unused .ui file
      UI Updates from David Bishop
      Compile fixes on Solaris
      CVS_SILENT: Fixing my compile fixes again
      CVS_SILENT: More compile fixes
      CVS_SILENT: Less compile warnings
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Updated .ui from David Bishop
      Added new sync types
      Updated for KPilot 4.3.0 w/ warning that there is no documentation
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Old code removed; extra abstractions added; utility extended
      CVS_SILENT: Misspelling
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Remove K-menu dependency
      Handle KProgress::setValue vs setProgress decisively
      CVS_SILENT: Compile fix on RH72
      Icons for daemon
      No need to see the daemon in the K-menu
      ToolTips->WhatsThis where appropriate; vcal conduit discombobulated - it doesn't eat the .ics file anymore, but sync is limited; abstracted away more pilot-link
      An icon for the address viewer
      Dblclick to configure
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Compile fixes and more
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Abstracting away pilot-link stuff
      Handle pilot-link 0.10.1; spit 'n polish; m505 now supported?
      Compile fix for change to QString createTitle()
      Handle errors to _get_info better.
      #ifdef DEBUG stuff
      Removed spurious texts which were causing weird i18n calls
      Show version of pilot-link in about
      David Bishop's XML export patches
      Minor debugging fixups by David B
      Wishlist fix from David B: handle formatted names when syncing
      Add to PISOCK_* to configure; include patches for abbrowser from David B
      GUI: Fix pluralforms
      GUI: Fixed poor plurals handling and made strings match those in kalarm
      Merge from _BRANCH
      Compile fixes
      Patches for the KNotes conduit
      Renaming for sensibility
      Additional support for testing instrumentation
      Turn off usual debugging in the libs
      Follow changed names in the *Database classes
      Allow debug and non-debug code to mix a little
      Try to sync KNotes->Pilot
      Some compile fixes for non-debug mode, and KNotes syncing fixes
      GUI: Make whatsthis more descriptive, i hope
      Add support for extra buttons to the logwidget; use it for reset in kpilottest
      malloc.h mus die; why do we even *have* parsedate?
      malloc.h must die! This code unused since KDE 2.2 anyway
      Be safer on cleanup to avoid crash
      Make VCal conduit use base-class fDatabase and fLocalDatabase (hack).
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Added tooltip for daemon
      Adjust version numbers in anticipation of release
      Trivial unused parameter fix
      Allow daemon RW access to config file
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Remove a #define DEBUG that had wandered in from the cold
      (re)Introduce suppressing the function-name debug output for certain uninteresting functions
      Make sure the HEAD code compiles under KDE 3.0.x too, wrt. libkcal changes
      License change in lib/ to allow plugins -- which use the interfaces and
      Licence change in lib/
      Whoops, bad assumptions on the version number in HEAD
      Forgot the non-debugging crowd
      Detect and complain about common permissions errors
      Tell the user which calendar file is being used
      Tail end of the license change: fixup wording and LGPL the NULL conduit.
      Trying to be KDE 3.0.x compatible is hopeless
      See ChangeLog - exec() becomes bool, debugging added
      Lots of small stuff to remove warnings
      Add testing instruments for exec() returning false
      Tell which pilot-link was found by configure
      - Improved logging, connected the right signals now
      Removed all (buggy and useless) support for older pilot-link versions
      Everyone ships pilot-link 0.9.5, must include support
      No idea how Reinhold missed this
      Fix - somewhat - for bug 46786
      Proper midnight handling in the day highlight box
      Do not commit when sleeping. Removed qDebug() and fixed constants.
      Untangle all the midnight-moves code
      Removed spurious copies of versit library
      Fix MB line ugliness under FreeBSD
      See larger ChangeLog entry
      Forgot a file
      Forgot that moc can't handle #ifdef
      Compile fix from Bausi. Seems to work on BSD too.
      Don't compile what we don't use or need.
      Sanitizing version numbers and removing Log: tag
      kdbgstream may have << QSize, ostream doesn't.
      Compile fix. Please remember older gcc versions.
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Need stdio for printf
      Stack cool in comp-sci. Not convenient elsewhere.
      Split out Kroupware stuff in a sensible way. Use modified syncStack
      Replace deprecated QMLE with KTextView. Patch from David Mott.
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Start of work to move conduitConfig to list of QCheckBoxes
      The Pilot's data needs to use a codec instead of just latin1() -
      Use the QTextCodec support to handle non-latin1 Pilots properly.
      Merge from BRANCH; keep operator == with dynamic_cast<>
      Merge from BRANCH, except MemoWidget which is hard to do (feature commits in both branches)
      Rest of merge from BRANCH. Hope MemoWidget was fixed properly.
      Make KPilot QT_NO_CAST_ASCII and NO_ASCII_CAST safe. Move all the
      Update version now that the bugs are fixed
      Merge from BRANCH (still won't compile though)
      Merge from BRANCH
      Merge from BRANCH
      Make NO_ASCII_CAST safe
      Start of merge (again) from HEAD to BRANCH and vice-versa. At
      Merge from BRANCH:
      Revert the change to default QT_NO_ASCII_CAST; it breaks final and triggers uic bugs.
      Made UI labels consistent; more encodings stuff made ready for HEAD
      Make UI labels consistent
      Patches from David Mott. Add extra DCOP functions and RMB configure option.
      Add GUI for selecting Pilot Encoding.
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Merge from BRANCH: not all shouldPrint() messages are errors
      Instrument vcal conduit with a test mechanism.
      Layout and memleak merge from BRANCH
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Follow the KPilot coding guidelines
      Follow KPilot coding conventions
      Introduce delayDone() to avoid very deep call stacks containing delete objects
      Generated files shouldn't be in CVS. Particularly when they're
      Fixed bug that made all conduits run in backup mode
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      More gentle way of starting configure, from David Mott
      Merging HEAD and BRANCH
      Merge BRANCH to HEAD, see ChangeLog
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Backport Makefile changes from HEAD for Ralf
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Do backwards compatibility properly.
      Change the conduit selection list to a list of QCheckListItems
      Finish the checkbox work for conduit config
      Follow KPilot coding style
      More messages to tell the user what's going on.
      Double duh.
      Add support for refusing syncs
      More conduit config stuff
      Split off addAboutPage into a static method for later reuse
      Try Aaron's approach to conduit config
      Infrastructure for new viewers
      Seems like sometimes you get empty back
      All the new conduit config stuff
      Add the new ConduitConfigBase object to the conduit
      More attempts to deal with the different sizes of conduit widgets
      Shorten the name in many languages
      Add a ConduitConfigBase class for new config dialog
      Avoid crashing due to empty log messages. Thanks to Mario Borgwald.
      CVS_SILENT: Do it right
      Patch from Hartmut G.: use YACC and FLEX
      Break off weirdly crashed (USB+FreeBSD) syncs
      Adding maybeSave() to plugins for the new-style config dialog
      Administrative; fix config saving
      Correct repaint problems in the checkbox list; handle resizes better.
      Trying to find cause of mysterious 'kpilot busy' errors
      More conduit config tweaks
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      CVS_SILENT: administrative
      Remove stupid #include stuff; fix last bit of 52138
      CVS_SILENT: Formatting
      Use enum instead of char values for run_mode
      Also word wrap the short description (some are rather long)
      Don't rely on HEAD operator << for URLs
      Added a little documentation
      Fixed conduit config dialog redraw problems by ditching the .ui for now.
      Don't print i18n'ed messages as debug output
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Make it compile, dunno if this is the right signal though.
      Make it compile
      Don't duplicate a (wrong) string from elsewhere in the same window.
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Workaround for KTimeWidget to keep KPilot HEAD working in BRANCH
      Better workaround, including workaround for designer bugs
      Use a list of checkboxes instead of a fixed collection to list output parts. This makes the widget fit properly inside other parts, and is more easily extensible.
      Introduce better is-modified handling in sysinfo. This requires re-compiling all conduits.
      What a difference const makes
      Static QStrings are evil. We'll use KCharsets::availableEncodingNames() and KCharsets::descriptiveEncodingNames() soon.
      Try to improve whatsthis
      Move debugging individually to each app - two AddCmdLineOptions() just doesn't work nicely.
      Handle ostream & << QString & quasi-properly
      Removed uselessly virtual function; noone was overriding it anyway.
      If building KPilot HEAD on older kdelibs, don't build vcal and abbrowser, since they rely on the new resource framework.
      Set conduit names
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Obsolete files
      Set conduit name everywhere
      Get rid of #if 0 code
      Do the right thing with ostream & << const QString &
      Convenience function to unset modified in load() or commit()
      Be consistent in naming (2)
      New style config, better layout, naming
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Add generic ConduitConfig implementation for conduits with new-style config wanting to offer old-style dialogs as well.
      Add code for new-style config & simplification. Not enabled yet.
      Elephantine commit:
      Layout tweaks, add quit-after-sync config, no functionality yet
      Another elephantine commit. Move all the conduits from lib*
      Updated some, but it's still a mess
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Workaround layout problems some more
      Use KActiveLabel and make text scrollable
      Remove (tm) string
      Add transitioning functions
      Use new transition functions to update config.
      Foolish typo
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Shuffle about some extra compile dependencies. Does it even make sense to COMPILE_FIRST things in different directories?
      Handle .ui file dependencies explicitly
      Handle .ui file dependencies explicitly. This is needed with pmake at least, and hopefully will quiet down some of the cant-build messages on the list.
      Handle .ui file dependencies explicitly. This is needed with pmake at least, and hopefully will quiet down some of the cant-build messages on the list.
      Make it compile under BSD, assuming someone #includes config.h somewhere
      Platforms that need -pthread to link against get
      Remove unused parameter warning (or are the parameter names needed for doxygen?) ... but is there any point to these two methods at all if non-virtual?
      Lots of static casts because the listview is of course returning qlistviewitem pointers. Perhaps dynamic_cast should be used unless you can guarantee that everything in the list really is a Task
      Fix 63939, typo in message
      Workaround/fix for the KPilot part of #60575. It won't create
      Tidying up before the relevant real commit
      In FreeBSD, I get a really weird additional dependency on korganizerConduit.moc.lo. No responses on kde-devel about it. Hence, I've changed from META=AUTO to manual, and this weird dependency creates the required .lo file with harmless content. Shouldn't affect other platforms at all.
      Probably do the size thing right for systray icons
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Track SIC in libkcal
      Beat the folder police to the punch. Call in the compile police.
      Satisfy both the compile and the folder police.
      'adding required headers is never wrong' - for FBSD
      Make it compile on BSD - need time.h
      Deal with backwards compatibility.
      Log text didn't scroll properly, patch provided by Thomas Olsen
      Don't include config.h here, it comes in through options.h
      More include fixes.
      More include fixes.
      Use QString::null where appropriate. In particular, don't i18n("").
      Layout issues and removing #if 0 code
      Don't use deprecated ActionQueue constructors
      Deprecated -> #if 0
      Code layouit conventions
      Deal with optional code parts properly: ktimewidget.h and khexedit.h
      Don't include config.h, options does that
      Warnings----; give field a default value.
      Import new (*cough*) KNotes DCOP interface and use it instead of the one from KDE 3.0.
      Add docs, indicate deprecated stuff
      Deprecate the old style config dialog and use the new-style (swallowed)
      Use a meaningful and suggestive default value. Still needs roaming support, though, so this might need to be changed from a URL to a Path. Might also set the filedialog to show dot files.
      Change style to match other conduits; save settings in correct
      Follow naming convention of the rest of the conduit.
      Update copyrights; remove deprecated code.
      Reenable popmail conduit
      Remove naming ambiguity; split up some dynamic casts while searching for crash bug.
      Merge everything from osnabrueck_branch. There's one little
      Wait for merge of libkcal (?)
      Wait for merge of libkcal (?)
      Merge from Dirk's 3_2_BRANCH changes
      Merge Dirk's changes from BRANCH
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Cleanup; add stub buttons for config wizards.
      File IconView patch by David Mott
      Rest of config cleanup; enable config wizards (but still need to make them)
      Well, this seems to compile cleanly as well
      Add more random dependencies in the hope to appease the automake demons
      Reduce warnings
      Make copy HHtoPC work better, simplify code. HHtoPC now also re-adds notes deleted in KNotes. Oh, and crashes KNotes too, but that isn't KPilot's problem.
      Make sync mode actually work
      Use record length instead of relying on terminating NUL (that's not
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Coding style police, plus warn if read card info fails
      Only delete KNotes if the user says to.
      Remove useless comment
      Make directions safer by using accessors
      Update local database during sync
      Now that directions must use accessors, use them in the conduits
      Only do md5 if the database was converted.
      Please do not #include unportable headers
      Add trailing newlines needed on some systems
      Do the checks here; doesn't seem like gpgme's AC_CHECK_FUNCS for memrchr is being used, due to the GPGSM conditional
      Make it compile
      Some systems need memrchr
      Use unsigned char consistently
      How many buffer overflows can dance on the head of a pin?
      Make sure that if someone adds more statements to the loop the structure is preserved.
      Keep trying to fix dependency hell
      Whole alloca business superfluous
      For FBSD 5.1-R on x86
      Deal with linuxisms
      Cleanups in knotes conduit
      Remove #if 0 code
      D&D patch from David Mott
      Add a configure option (default to false) for running conduits
      Add UI for configuring conduits-during-backup
      Keep localdatabase synced too
      Fix make -f Makefile.cvs warning about icon types
      Cleanup namespaces, advance version
      Add variable post-sync delay; thanks to Alec Mitchell
      Random attempt to fix TZ problems
      Update homepage information
      Yet another attempt at removing duplicated mocs
      What was I thinking? Stick to the old website
      Just wait 5 sec after sync instead of introducing another confusing configuration point
      1) Don't center paragraphs of text, it's hard to read. Use margins
      Many conduits have useless names with redundant information;
      1) Remove lots of dead code.  2) Do layout like all the other conduits.
      preliminary version of perl conduit. Doesn't do anything useful,
      Warnings--; after rebuilding perl with -fPIC, this conduit now works and does calculate 3^2+7=16 in perl during a hotsync.
      Joern is da bong.
      Make the no backup db's a stringlist, and use it to skip the databases.
      Remove deprecated file
      Minor rearrangements again: make sure the about page is visible.
      Sebastian is right (#77317)
      Start adding whatsthis to the composer at the request of the .nl TL team, who had no idea what 'sticky' meant in this context.
      Add configuration to perl conduit, make its existence am_conditional, and ac_subst the required compile and link flags.
      Add files missing from previous
      New patch from David
      New patch from Joern
      Some updates
      Try to make it clear to TL teams
      Make perl conduit optional and disabled by default
      More debugging, while looking for the timezone bug
      Remove splitter
      Remove dead code, use namespace std only with DEBUG_CERR (tested compiles this time)
      * Warnings-- (on amd64)
      More visual improvements from Joern
      Credit where credit is due (and give the Germans their umlauts back)
      For neatness' sake
      Ripped out all the dead and broken and useless code in the mail
      * Reset to HotSync after a special (backup) sync.
      Code cleanup - no QString(CSL1()) for us
      Don't attach() again, as it destroys the app's existing DCOP connection.
      Remove deprecated config widgets entirely
      Initial stab at versioning the plugin API
      Remove deprecated stuff
      Remove deprecated stuff; JPilot and expense now have _no_ config
      Give all the regular conduits an API version and version string,
      Another patch from Joern, improving selectivness of DnD and the file dialog.
      Do logging the right way when installing files
      Don't show scary message when no files to install.
      Still a hack; make it compile, though, on systems without PIM 3.3. Still waiting for versioning in libkcal.
      Add versioning to (almost all) remaining conduits - I guess I missed
      COunt deletions too
      Better minimum size handling
      Prevent syncing when the screen is locked - security measure suggested
      s/Perl/Python/ for the start of a Python conduit intended to interface to jpilot-python conduits.
      Add reset button; add whatsthis.
      Add a "suppress delete confirm" option to the conduit, to prevent
      Warnings-- for amd64.
      Remove member variable that dupes KPilotSettings functionality,
      Don't bugger cout with null strings
      Update version
      Enable translation of daemon as well.
      Make it work
      Make it work #2. Who are these people that use unsermake with
      Set up the initial check for the python conduit; remove spurious output for nonenxistent /bin/false
      A warned user is a wary user
      Split the tab widgets into separate pages under "General". It was too
      Add or update screenies; update text. Still lots of stuff missing - and I wonder how long the text 'Thong.' has been in this doc and how it's been translated.
      Add DCOP call to report KillDaemonAtExit setting.
      Import recent DCOP interface
      Kill daemon when kontact exits, if needed.
      Make Danimo happy (even though he now owes me beer). Report the
      Administrative; fix encoding, perhaps
      Improve layouting issues.
      Reset the progress bar on reset, too
      Make default a sync with backup
      Add a few todo's, and describe the HotSync page
      Workaround for broken indexed kcfg groups
      Simplifications in config dialog
      Make the config wizard accessible from KPilot's main menu. This
      Start FAQ on DCOP use; add Joern as contributor; start text about syncing.
      We've got the macro, use it
      Give these setup pages names
      Unbreak stuff - damn kate make plugin
      Make unsaved-changes text for config pages (not conduits) make sense.
      Make keyboard focus work after cancelling a change; you still get two confirm dialogs, and I can't track down why.
      Patch from Joern, for todo crashes
      Don't ask user twice
      administrative ; resize bug fix from Joern ; warnings-- ;
      Add 'none' setting to wizard
      Default to with-debug-no-calltrace
      Add more meaningful warnings
      Add human-friendly way to select sync type
      Factor out lots of stuff, so that the logic of startHotSync() becomes clearer. I hope the compiler inlines all these static functions.
      Minor layout tweak to make it match all the other pages
      Clean up at least part of the mess caused by having so many different enums specifying the sync type; simplify the default sync selection dialog too. Note that I cannot tell if all the conduits still compile, since I'm missing some dependencies. Syncing may not work at all right now, given the #if 0 in startHotSync().
      Cleanups of all kinds, see ChangeLog
      Fixed reversed logic. Thanks to Joern Ahrens.
      Wow, I think this is a first: committing a feature and the UI and
      Special-case the unsaved prefs database, add debugging. The wildcard support is now tested.
      Provide standard names for sync types (not used yet)
      Print db creators in hex, easier on the brain
      Add submenu allowing user to select next sync type without strarting KPilot
      Use standard help menu and nice shiny icon
      Mostly: see the changelog. Removed lots of dead or #if 0 code, removed superfluous enum.
      Add a UI so that you can set the "secure when screen is locked"
      Add don't ask again support
      Patch from Joern. Thanks.
      Add really verbose failures for kdesktoplock
      Remove some static declarations from the generated output. It seems
      Imse Bimse Spindel
      Allow selection of remote files in the address, vcal, and todo
      Whitespace, extra debug
      Fix backward logic - full backup only during full sync
      Normalize debugging, mark databases as clean after a sync.
      Convenience function
      Use convenience functions; don't back up resource DBs (programs) during regular hotsyncs.
      Same fix as last: static and extern don't mix
      This is one we might argue about from a usability perspective.
      Minor change in the reporting of the daemon's status; make sure it's easy to parse, and display properly. This was a problem with long status lines, as the remove() call wasn't properly removing the rest of the string.
      Improve daemon's hover-tooltip
      Fixes inspired by KDevelop
      More fixups inspired by KDevelop
      Make the devel-pot target useful
      Remove empty groupboxes; groupboxes used as frames become frames.
      Updates based on reading the TL
      Patch from Bille
      PilotDatabase is no longer a QObject. I don't know why it ever was.
      Report database creation and destruction, too
      Remember header files
      Layout conventions
      Textbook how-to-fall-into-null-pointer-traps
      Map from selected-item to synctype properly.
      Use right setting
      Use size_t where appropriate (for pilot-link 0.12 this is a real issue)
      Deal with incompatible changes in pilot-link 0.12 in a compatible way, I hope.
      more type fixes, thanks adam
      Fix version check
      Get the digits right
      Last round of version numbering updates, thanks Reinhold
      Possible patch for 80238 / 77940 / 69987 / 67328, thanks to Joern A.
      Someday, we will live in a UTF-8 world and Kate will default to it too.
      Updated TODOs
      Include fixes for broken pilot-link versions
      Include fixes for broken pilot-link versions
      Last few header file commits
      Better feedback to user
      support next pilot-link, too
      Use Q_ASSERT, since it doesn't require extra includes on FreeBSD
      First stab at doing a nice layout job on the vcards, styling by Gentix.
      Reworked to be (hopefully) more maintainable. Do fewer substitutions at a time, to avoid cases where substituted-in strings contain %1.
      Show animated tray icon during sync to indicate activity; update some icons to be less like the recycle/spam icon.
      Add support for suppressing proxy for some hosts; add whatsthis everywhere. Patch from Fred.
      Duh. Patch from Joern. I'm flying blind right now on the patches I get.
      Skeleton for the notepad conduit - keep a backup copy of notepad drawings in a local folder (as pngs, not pdb). Work to keep Joern busy during the feature freeze.
      don't use nonexistent icon
      Debugging conventions, tell user about the expected timezone
      Use new domain for site
      debug only on request
      Updated styling from Gentix - Separator runs all the way down now, padding and color improved
      When there is no config file at all, don't go through the normal
      sensible reporting of daemon status when it's not running
      Add icons to next-sync menu
      Order popup button like the file menu, and make list always available (it already was from the menu)
      Check for installed (or in-cvs-module) version of libkcal, to enable compiling this bit even on KDE 3.2 systems
      Patch from Olivier D. to make it store the correct string in the config file.
      Check for need for -ldl separately
      revert while I figure out what to do with clean prefixes
      Need trailing newline for cat << EOF to work on some OSsen
      Get the name of the conduit right
      Korn needs network
      One more ordering constraint
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Micro-optimization and rightened wording
      Handle passwords properly (better, at any rate), thanks to Olivier
      Layout fixes
      Hack - make sure that internal editors is set to off
      Obey internal editors enabled/disable setting
      minor updates
      UI fixes from the quality team
      WhatsThis fixes from the quality team
      Post-beta version bump
      Hotsync != recycle ; icon changed to something randomly
      Add mention of net:any
      Debug output why the conduit fails
      Tell user about defaults which are otherwise weird
      style fixes; verbosity++
      Also disable new when internal editors are down.
      Avoid crashes when perl-script doesn't set $a
      Can't -lkcal while building the module in a clean environment; hope that top_builddir works (otherwise use ..)
      Avoid false modesty
      Tell daemon to fail if config too old (instead of complaining)
      Add --fail-silently for kontact plugin
      Fix wrong before/after, reduce verbosity, as discussed on i18n-doc
      KPasswordEdit::setText() doesn't work as expected, restore password from config file with workaround
      Officially requested change from PalmOne, Inc. Humor them. Translators,
      CVS_SILENT: Set off the language checks - cosmetic.
      Pass various information to the perl script in the %kpilot hash
      Local doesn't make sense here
      De-cruft; install the files present at sync time, not at sync-object-queue-time
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Try to avoid first-line-of-memo-duplication.
      Produce more understandable debug and avoid breaking cerr by removing the latin1()
      More clarity when printing Q(C)Strings to cerr, mess around with call-trace
      Fix last-char-truncated
      Prepare to reduce number of buffer copies
      Use the renamed files
      Make it compile. This is a hack - we have kde_socklen_t for this kind of case, which DTRT, but requires much more extensive changes.
      Remove compatibility with old Qt
      Substitute in gpgAgent string when found
      Fixup naming scheme ( a little )
      For ages, PilotLocalDatabase has had the 10000-record limit hard-
      Remove deprecated calls (well, getAttrib needs to change too)
      Deprecate some more poorly-named functions
      More shadowing
      Remove deprecated calls
      Warnings-- : I _think_ all the KDE platforms have long at least the size of a pointer. int doesn't cut it, it's only 32 bits on most of our 64-bit platforms. Perhaps we need to add a operator << for pointers like printf's %p.
      Check DB resource name for very long names; some tools create 32-char
      Fix --enable-closure
      Warnings-- about reordering bass class constructors
      Make it link
      Make enum values explicit
      Fix sync-type-not-honored bug, polish up next-sync menu
      Modicum of cheap RTTI
      Whitespace, layout, prep for looking at #89735
      Quit smoking crack and listen to Reinhold
      Removal of flagCol in previous commit looks accidental -- it's certainly still needed in KMail.
      One of those things .. we can argue whether PIM can depend on BASE on-list, but since the policy so-far has been 'no', #ifdef out the offending code.
      Another one: now KNotes is even depending on _p headers? Move the kdebase dependency inside #ifdefs, need to hash this out on the list finally.
      Missing #endif. Bad [ade]. No cookie.
      Update version #; don't use latin1 on potentially NULL or empty strings.
      When a note is listed as modified, but is not on the Pilot, just add it to the Pilot.
      The XML compiler creates .backup files, distclean them as well
      Make color match new splash; layout a bit better
      Fix #71122, finally
      Add Joern's notepad conduit to default setup
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Presumably deal with MAXINT for non-SuSE systems
      One more stab at it - no sys/limits.h on Linux, and MAXINT doesn't seem to be a define either there.
      Deal with libkcal bug where new incidences are not marked with SYNCMOD -- look for incidences that have not been synced to the Pilot at all.
      Merge from HEAD - code tidying, shadow DB
      Merge from HEAD: prettiness
      Merge from HEAD: undeprecate, handle files to install more nicely.
      Merge from HEAD: undeprecate, fix PC->HH bug
      Bump version _again_, so 3.3.1 BRANCH and HEAD are different
      Seems INT_MAX is standard, use it instead.
      Don't be silly
      Refactor a little, and if the username changes, reload the databases
      Remove KDE 3.[01] compat code.
      Fewer casts and dicking about
      Merge patch from Adrian S. from SuSE for changing (temporarily) the Pilot device -- useful from hotplug scripts.
      Debugging, bail on libkcal version
      Suppress debug
      Thread tickling properly (I hope)
      Add debug info
      Update this mess to KDE 3.3 and use KMessageBox convenience functions ; add a questionYesNoCancel for interactive purposes.
      Aieee! User interaction with no timeout! Use the new stuff instead.
      Tickle when needed
      Mneh. Micro, milli, what's the diff?
      InteractiveSync was a pretty pointless subclass; merged with SyncAction so that everyone can now use the question* methods for proper timeout and tickle handling during a sync.
      Handle timeout / keeping the pilot awake.
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Fix category duplication; since the code was duplicated in two places, factor out a macro and use it instead. I might prefer to use a template function, but am not sure whether all our compilers support it - and if it really makes sense.
      Backport fix for category duplication
      Add a timout-testing scenario.
      During a sync, check between conduits to see ifthe Pilot is still there -
      Patch from Alexander Bergoth for category support - all I've checked
      Remove documentation of long since removed stuff
      Don't force latin1 on the Pilot
      CVS_SILENT: administrative
      Added LocalBackup action
      What with all the source-incompatible API changes, perhaps it's a good idea to bump this, too
      Tell user which encoding is in use.
      KAddressbook uses prefix(), not title()
      missed one
      Make message consistent with other actions
      Munge KDialogBase returns to expected KMessageBox values
      No latin1 for us; layout
      Add tester for just the user check
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Try to be more careful
      Be more careful before trying to fetch the database. I remember
      I sit at my table / and wage war on myself (or at least on strncpy and fuzziness wrt. buffers)
      Add an add button
      Make add button do something relevant
      PATH_MAX should be enough for everybody
      Update docs some
      Don't write out new and deleted records
      Initial support for selecting encoding
      Improve constness
      Dern. Last commit was: improve constness; improve DB shadowing and make
      Random improvement, warning--
      Make it possible to delete newly-added memos. Editing them works too, but changes are not saved.
      Not ready yet
      Remember to set res member; need to check compat with older malsyncs later, and figure out the res from the pilot device info.
      OK, so older libmal don't have the lowres member.
      KDE 3.2 compatibility as reported by David Legg (makes it compile, reintroduces old bugs instead of relying on fixed libs from KDE 3.3)
      Administrative, patch from Olivier
      Patch by van Rijn
      Remove really wrong information
      Very partial port to 0.12, committed in case of local hardware difficulties. Since 0.12 isn't out yet, noone else can really even test compile this.
      Fix mixmatch between type map and actual order of items in menu.
      Deprecate -c for --setup. If user specifies -s, don't complain about outdated config.
      Distinguish cancelling the wizard from having it fail to load.
      STRING fixes: use 'User Name' consistently; make sensible tabstops; KPilot consistency; call Kontact Kontact, since that's what it shows up as later.
      Administrative, suppress debug
      Attempt simplification of restore code.
      Need DBIndex after all
      Needed for kleo/ header
      Port to pilot-link 0.12.0
      Fix obvious swap of enum values and improve names a little
      Bump version number for upcoming bugfix release.
      Remove long-obsolete blurb about --debug
      Import memofileconduit from vanRijn
      Make menus consistent, as well as messages; add some tips & whatsthis.
      gcc 2.95 doesn't do fancy and/or stuff
      Thanks Mathieu, missed that one. Corrected accidental breakage.
      See ChangeLog
      Work for pre-0.12 too
      Include mocs
      For George: notice that old pilot-link versions are being deprecated, and a configure check _anyway_ for pi-notepad.h
      Pander to anal cvs-commits-watching spelling-police
      Do the check, too
      Don't do unconditional DEBUG
      Unbreak build some more
      New 0.12 portability
      Tell user where backup is; remove old Qt compat.
      Do filename encoding for pi_file functions more consistently, avoid buffer overflows.
      Fix bad translation and reversed sense of isLocalTime.
      Pitch out never-completed silliness
      Set record length equal to text length (if smaller than max. buffer size), to avoid big 8k nearly-all-zero memo records.
      Patches from vanRijn, completed i18n
      Match changed cmdline for kpilot
      Truncate memos > 8k instead of returning NULL
      (random?) attempt to avoid occasional 'can't talk to klauncher' when starting daemon
      Fixup needlessly technical string.
      Panel? Wasn't it called that in KDE 1.1.2?
      Easy way out: workaround
      const-warnings--; buffer-overflows--; Patch from Steve Grubb.
      obey the dtd. the dtd is our friend.
      Buffer overflow patch from Steve Grubb
      Buffer-size paranoia by Greg
      A lying-around patch to handle 64-bitness
      Buffer-size paranoia by Greg, augmented by me. It seems like lots of sequences of strlcat()s should really be replaced by a suitable snprintf(), though.
      Allow changing the yes/no labels on yesno questions as well (needed to disambiguate conflict resolution question)
      Move check for empty device before doing any work
      Ensure whole message is visible even in log-tailing view mode.
      Pilot -> Handheld ; disambiguate question
      Don't use debug areas with Error
      Default to off, since we can't implement a default of true (except by adding the daemon to _everyone's_ autostart).
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      endl properly
      Revamp debug framework again, so it actually produces readable and useful call traces
      Get the levels right; --debug 1 will print a call trace, --debug 2 will print one including function exits (not normall interesting, but there's cases ...)
      After much dicking about and finding that the examples in kstandarddirs.h are misleading at best and totally wrong at worst, implement autostart -- longest standing thing-with-a-gui-option-that-does-nothing in kpilot (was removed temporarily after kde 2.2.2 I think).
      Use synchronous methods instead
      Handle broken Zire31 USB hardware
      CVS_SILENT: coding style
      Superfluous debug -- the destructor already has it, debug level 4
      --enable-final: need the namespace because of multiple using's
      --enable-final: don't be stupid about doubly included files
      Avoid ugly macro, add dumpCategories helper
      Use shorter debug form
      Coding style; debug style
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Also find KNotes when it is kontact
      EXPORT Warnings --
      Pitch out superfluous boundscheck
      Reduce debugging in some places, add in others
      Ensure Pilot username is set properly
      NO_CAST safe
      NO_CAST fixes; KPilot will compile with NO_CAST_ASCII and NO_ASCII cast, which is useful to check that no unwarranted assumptions are being made about data representations. Fixed a buffer overflow somewhere too.
      This has been broken for a little over a year, since the last
      Don't write birthday to the IM field
      Take a stab at handling shorter-format dates as well, with no year.
      Take a stab at actually compiling, as well.
      Don't spam debug with every record creation.
      Make tagname consistent with rest of 4.4 series (we'll move to something new for 4.5 in KDE 3.4); make debug stuff compile in NDEBUG, DEBUG, DEBUG+DEBUG_CERR modes.
      Factor out, so there is only one function for dumping category info.
      Use newer category dump
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Remove special-casing of HHtoPC which wasn't working anyway
      FBSD compat: obey --with-extra-*
      One from the feature plan: export to CSV. This change adds a new button to the viewer. It's uncomfortable. This suggests that the viewers need a menu for actions, not buttons in the viewer pane.
      Needed for address export: give access to p-l struct
      Be more picky about directions
      Handle all the flavors of sync explicitly.
      New constraint, from the kolabwizard
      Modify debugging to set area for call trace better.
      Don't leak dialog boxes
      Fix markup (changes one i18n string) and warn KDE 3.2 users about bugs they suffer.
      Gnokii needs intl
      --enable-final: link was ambigious (ok by Till)
      --enable-final: Rename for name clash with recipientspicker.h
      More efficient handling of < 3.3.0
      Workaround non-documented kdelibs 3.3 deletion-of-passed-in-dialog
      Remove useless additional virtual indirection
      Untangle the naming mess
      Discombobulate names
      Fix version for 3.4 final
      Warnings-- on 64-bitters when carting a pointer to an int
      Fetch generated .h's as well
      On linux, no libintl
      There is only one useful action for the time conduit to perform, so do so regardless of the (pointless) setting elsewhere
      include uiDialog everywhere where neededtop
      include uiDialog everywhere where needed
      latin1 -> proper charset conversion, patch by Sergei, who shows that my assumption that dbnames are latin1 on the HH is wrong
      Another soon-to-be-needed header
      Shortly-to-be-needed header, remove KDE 3.1 compat
      Another needed header: thanks Allan
      Another needed header
      More of patch from Sergei: database names are not latin1
      Unused code--: none of UIDialog has been used in kpilot main for a long time; only the addAbout() bit is still relevant. It should be moved to where it belongs (plugin.*) eventually, but for now just strip out all the unused cruft.
      Invent a random value for a non-defined constant
      Match random value with existing random value, add in all the places that still needed it
      Suppress some debugging, add some for tokoe, 'AddressDB' is definitely a latin-1 string.
      Compile, dammit, you dog-felching BSD-centric son of a crackwhore
      Handle no-debug case more gracefully in future
      Workaround caching of result
      gcc 2.95 is a killjoy: it doesn't support suppressing all the warnings
      Check for headers before using them (compiles fine on Solaris without cdefs
      Get ready for the generation of KDE PIM API docs. This introduces
      Doxy file for pim as well -- generate lean ouput
      Complete styling; api docs now visible at
      Avoid weird width
      No bad links
      Microscopic doxy fixes -> modified for PIM; this produces only HTML output, but very extensive output indeed, for the time being.
      Use Doxyfile.pim; only append the dynamic stuff; ignore global doxy file entirely
      Suppress output
      Don't extract all, too expansive (70M) for our current hosting
      Some machinery for post-processing the API docs so that the menus match what is generated
      Forgot modules
      doxygenate with silly comments
      Unbreak link
      Start towards generating global menu; suppress more output
      Make all of KDE PIM generate API docs with the current KDE PIM style; HTML docs only. See results at , click menu item 'API docs'
      Add support for a 'global menu' that lists all subdirs on every page, for easy inter-library navigation
      Add dependency on awk to deal with the location bar
      Slight tweak, in preparation of generating a whole docs tree menu
      Overhaul -- make a complete tree for the menu, relativize links where possible
      Suppress command, be more verbose when generating tree
      Install the icons and splash to the right place (I hope)
      Implement Allen's idea of splitting libs & apps on the mainpage
      At least find the icons, even if they're still not themed; reluctant ok by coolo.
      Beginner's KURL mistake #1.
      Use new logo
      Suppress additional warning messages after (not) finding a USB device.
      Match recent CSS changes
      What's in a name?
      Coding style, useless comment, obey local always, not just in test mode
      Doxyfy kdgantt
      Coding style, useless comment, obey local always, not just in test mode
      Move options.h to top, since it's titchy about kdebug
      Database names not necessarily latin1
      Administer modifications better
      Don't use options.h, it's internal
      Layoutness, define list here
      Add modifiedIDList and give it an implementation
      Weasel around size_t
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      Act as if fFirstSync is private
      Add test mode to the action queue, so that testing might actually work
      Act like fFirstSync is private
      Typo; add PilotMemoInfo class to encapsulate the appinfo for memos
      Make fFirstSync private; give it accessors so we can continue to dick with it directly for now
      Minor: having set the variable, use it
      Use test mode, fix string
      Remove the record conduit from the lib for now
      Fix from someone
      Rip out test mode
      Re-add recordconduit, but now it a weird-ass template style that I can use. I _think_ this is a slightly better approach than the massive subclassing required previously. The templates here are 'policy classes', see 'Modern C++ design'.
      SYNCMOD fix from Philip
      Buglet, fix by Philip
      Fix from Philip, now both sides make sense
      Merge Philip's fixes from HEAD
      See ChangeLog: move sync type to a class; disable all conduits for just now
      Add tests, fix headers
      Some more tests
      delete brain;
      Clear up and then port conduits to new SyncMode
      (semi-)pong: it's productId() in recent libkcals, per Allen's (discussed-on-list) changes of a few weeks ago, and loadedProductId() for older ones. I hope I got the versions right (and that the VERSION gets bumped on incompatible API changes).
      Reintroduce backwards-compatibility code for KDE 3.2 that
      Update HTML to reflect changed stylesheets on PIM (which are now media/ compliant), so also use the wretched table-based layout
      Template madness, mostly
      Give the appinfos a base class
      Just dox
      Fix off-by-one in viewers.
      Update files of dubious value
      Move downright wrong (charset-wise) code to somewhere where it belongs
      Add a const version and debug function.
      Use fancy new memo info template class; this does need a d-ptr to hide the pointer to the object of the template class, since saying 'class PilotMemoInfo' clashes with the typedef.
      config.h nono in installed header
      Shuffling around
      Remove totally superfluous reading of app info
      Use references instead of passing structs by value
      Move appinfo constant to class where it makes sense; add uninterpreted form of PilotAppInfoBase.
      CVS_SILENT: Administrative
      int -> size_t in some versions of pilot link, already checked for in options.h
      Do a little test code
      Try checking for error codes
      Merge from BRANCH
      Check for zero notes in the notepad and don't enter the for loop
      Dox, move around some includes and definitions to where they make more sense
      Diff to make KPilot build without the rest of PIM
      Minor update
      Suppress warnings
      Add a --with-pilot-link configure option (analogous to the --with-libmal we already have) and reduce the number of checks done a little. This is promarily of interest to people building kpilot against not-yet-released pilot-link versions like 0.12
      Alphas are TRU64 unless they're not
      Merge from HEAD: fix for alphas that aren't TRU64
      Consistency and bugfix from Philip T.
      Lucky I have David to proxy for a brain
      Merge from HEAD
      Resolve compilation problem with not-yet-released version of pilot-link.
      pi_uid_t is deprecated in 0.12 and recordid_t exists in 0.11 already
      @param -> @p for Dox; better support for pi_buffer_t
      Some reorganizing to slim down the record conduit and remove points of failure: state handling is now done by the base class
      -pre3 compatibility (and thus incompatibility with previous pilot-link prereleases)
      Warnings-- ; add extra tests ; additional category manipulation methods.
      Hurt Jason by mucking with his code: instead of dealing with creepy pilot-link structures, use a weirdo template class
      Make viewers use the new templates as well
      config.h fixes -- don't include from an installed header and only include it if it's available (preliminary work to scons)
      Finally there is a Makefile that doesn't produce gobs of errors
      Compile: need to have options.h which includes config.h, for strlcpy() in pilotUser.h
      Warnins--, perhaps even work correctly
      Use libtool instead
      Test case that demonstrates that load() is currently broken because it does not set the PILOTID
      (1) Fix cut-and-paste-o in comment (2) fix error where every custom property was incorrectly named and therefore silently deleted from the calendar file
      Delete cruft
      Merge from HEAD; I don't _think_ I changed strings here, though some may have vanished
      Merge from HEAD; I don't _think_ I changed strings here, though some may have vanished
      New device names for 6-CURRENT
      Backport, update ChangeLog to remember what revision # BRANCH and HEAD start diverging again
      Excise one of the aelder daemons, yea, an abomination so ancient that even the wisest of men speak its name in hushed tones: the fixed-size array of pointers that stores a local database. Besides being vulerable to overflows (if there is ever a database with more than 10k records) it also wastes a lot of space. Replace it with a vector, which is easy to deal with. Normally we won't be doing much appending of records anyway.
      Yet another local database constructor, which would introduce ambiguity so removed the bool useConduitDBs default value to disambiguate. This is SIC, fixed the calls I could find (might have missed some in conduits I don't compile). The local databases really should have more straight-forward consutructors.
      New test, which prompts various changes and a ChangeLog entry
      Mess about with link flags
      Remove RCS tag from Makefile
      Extend AppInfo template class, port ToDo conduit to it. This is prep-work for looking into Till's data loss bugs
      Gratuitously update version number
      Even more gratuitously change version number to avoid confusion, as Reinhold said; of course, HEAD doesn't have any of the recent changes and fixes from BRANCH
      Merge from branch (which should be abandoned again -- I've been reminded again that trying to work in two branches just doesn't work)
      Axe dupes
      Protect against bad pointers and failed opens
      Add test that demonstrates that setCategory() is broken
      qstrncpy() is like strlcpy(), not strncpy(), so don't use it like the latter would (and fix critical category-name-mangling bug)
      Merge from BRANCH
      Merge from BRANCH
      Sanitize names; deprecate some; remove all warnings related to deprecation; finally factor out the shared attribute/category/id object from records and appcategory objects.
      Doxy, statics
      Link: KPilot changed the definition of PISOCK_LIB to be _without_ flags now
      Ensure that no headers depend on options.h, and that each is compilable on its own
      Deconflict, patch up return values, say it's ok for Aesop not to exist. Also test that individual header files compile on their own and don't depend on others
      Add syncCalendar, which is a tool that dumps a pilot database to a calendarlocal object, so we can write it to disk
      Prepare for dumping calendars, but don't use the syncCalendar just committed, since it doesn't compile yet
      Prepare to do more interpretation work in libkpilot by adding libkcal and fixing reference to libkabc; perhaps libkpilot needs to be split at some point, with one part doing only the wrappering of p-l structures and the other doing extensive interpretation.
      Don't use deprecated constant
      Extensive doxygenation; extend the API, introduce new saner names for all kinds of things, matching the names in libkcal; deprecate older functions and useless constants.
      Normalize various "magic 15s and 16s", use one defined constant everywhere.
      Remove deprecateds, remove apidox warnings
      Braino; dirty-vs-modified
      Import CSS and use it instead of referring to externals
      Doxy fixes: name all the parameters
      Debatable: @TODO is special for KDevelop, but messes up apidox. Move it to its own comment.
      Fix dox by removing @ref (it's not needed when referring to functions in the same class) and fixing the signature of signalFinished in the dox.
      Resolve all remaining dox warnings except for three @refs to Qt functions; since we don't do Qt tags in PIM, these remain unresolved.
      Extend .am in preparation for merging to admin/ ; restore Doxyfile comments
      Add the _EXCLUDE handling from admin/'s doxyfile. I'm not sure it's used anywhere, though.
      Make this doxy
      Fix broken dox; import tagfile usage from admin/; this does work, but generates gobs of error messages about tag 'class' and the references to the tagged files are not very good.
      Add some tagfile references as examples, so now korganizer's use of kcal classes take you there, and kpilot's use of kdecore classes takes you to a 404
      Make it possible to install _just_ the apidox, so you can no configure, make apidox, make install-apidox-recurse and never touch the C++ code at all
      Fix dox, add extra references
      When dox live more than one dir deep, need to adjust for that. This change assumes that top_builddir is always a relative path.
      Add dox
      Workaround for missing feature in Doxygen (up to 1.4.3): it's ok to installdox without specifying where _all_ the tags go
      Generate an installdox-slow to adjust single tag files in the generated apidox; this makes relocating the dox much easier.
      Another case of dox-are-one-level-deep-at-most thinking removed: now handle deeper tag files, so you can use, say certmanager/lib as a tag to use in dox.
      Use KPilot's lib dox for cross-referencing too
      - Fix output malformation in doxyndex
      Dox fixes: make kmmessage show up; fix similar weird-ass (perhaps doxygen 1.4.3 bug?) layout problem; document class and fix doxy warning
      Name output dirs as if we're in kde_htmldir and writing dox there; support tag files; create Qt tagfile if needed
      Name output dirs as if we're in kde_htmldir and writing dox there; support tag files; create Qt tagfile if needed
      Move the generation of installdox-slow to the generation script, not the post-processor, and only create it once in the top dox dir; fix quoting error. Document --no-recurse and make it useful for updating just the top dir.
      Suppress doxytag output (maybe mine is just built with debugging); support EXCLUDEs again; factor out line-extraction from's so we can easily (?) support \ continuation later.
      Small dox tweaks
      Implement ordered doxying by using the COMPILE_* info from the top-level makefile. This is wrong, actually, since the doxy order and the compile order needn't be the same thing. We need to check for REFERENCES and perhaps process dirs several times to clear up circular dependencies.
      Add support for a  QTDOCTAG environment variable, so that Qt dox don't need to be generated but can use a pre-generated tag file. Removes the need for Qt sources on the apidox-generating machine.
      Very minor dox tweaks; KDE dox don't have \reimp (but perhaps they should -- I will have to sit down to define a suggested KDE dox style at some point), and @em foo @see confuses doxygen's parser.
      Add support for re-processing directories. This is needed because there may be circular dependencies in the dox -- for instance, DCOP's dox refer to kdeui and vice-versa, so you need to process at least one of the directories twice to resolve all the references.
      Doxy IOSlaves as well, fix some small issues in the dox there (this pulls in the mbox stuff as well because RECURSIVE is on, even though mbox doesn't show up in the menu). One big issue is the @server strings in the imap4 dox -- I can mark it up so it shows up proper in the HTML dox, but then it's really hard to read in the header file.
      Avoid creating spurious *.html file and give pim Doxyfile priority over the global one.
      Newer doxygen also does directories; I'm not sure they're useful though.
      Link properly also on the webserver
      Add support for ADMIN, which points to the tools directory; this makes it possible to use this script in SVN modules that don't have doc/api nor an updated admin/
      Add a stripped down doxyfile as well, for the purposes of using this dir as an admin dir; make ADMIN consistently second-choice so that search order is now 1) SRCDIR/doc/api 2) ADMIN/ 3) SRCDIR/admin/
      Fix out-of-tree (to other modules) paths
      Add common aliases
      Nicer layout in footer and refer to the dox guidelines.
      Strip out some useless HTML, verbosity
      Add mbox to the dox list; fix remaining issues in the least intrusive way I could think of.
      Remove the scripts now that they are in admin/; must leave the data files -- local styling -- , Doxyfile.pim -- example with all the Doxy stuff -- and -- included in all the PIM's -- for now. We can lose the if we patch all the Makefiles again and use the tools from the global
      Lose http references to external images; use the image-import part to place the logo in the top dir of the dox.
      Don't make the copyright comment a doxy comment -- it will inadvertently attach the GPL as doxy to any following element. Moved comment back to the class it was intended for in kmkernel. Still trying to find where the first file is that comments namespace KMail. KMKernel is the suggested place for doxying namespace KMail.
      Minor dox fixes: put @short first if you're going to use it, no need to @ref Qt things, doxygen handles that by itself.
      Since PIM uses it's own copy of, we can experiment with using the new dox scripts here. Map the 'make apidox' invocations onto script invocations.
      For those parts of KDE PIM where sources live more than 1 subdir deep _and_ the dox are to be lumped together, turn on RECURSIVE for the dox (this is because the default changed from YES to NO to avoid duplication when you _do_ want to split out dox into finer structure)
      Recognize the OS properly
      Now that admin/ has better dox generation -- supporting styles, etc. --
      Remove explicit RECURSE setting again in preparation for auto-detecting the right setting (and to keep Matt recompiling on into the night)
      Restore consistency in dox (none of these use the recommended setup of writing @return and a description of a possible return value (use several @return entries to be more specific if needed)
      Keep Till's faith by fixing the dox on namespace KMail. Let's do try to avoid doxy style comments all over except where they really are dox. Also add kdeui x-ref.
      Dox fixes
      Dox fixes. Remember, when reimplementing methods, you should use the same parameter names as in the superclass.
      Remove the dox from this un-doxed dir
      Dox fixes; add xref. Also add static method for retrieving human-readable strings for link statuses.
      Dox fixes: directories without interesting dox are removed
      @param takes an argument, the name of the parameter in the  method declaration
      Patch up titles to be more english-understandable
      Also right-align pim dox
      Document reminderMins with a best-guess explanation. Remember,
      Dox fixes; pim clean again
      'API reference' breadcrumb references dir, not file, for convenience.
      Remove files that were identical to the doc/common ones anyway; fixup CSS for copyrights footer.
      Dox in narrow windows fixe, pointed out by Jaruslaw
      Fix cut-and-paste-o's in dox
      Gently fix Reinhold's dox errors.
      Minor dox fix: use @return to get things nicely formatted
      Dox fix at the request of Reinhold
      Revert accidental addition of debug
      Since KMail doesn't compile, don't. Or rather, wait until the dependency on unreleased software only available from kdesupport is resolved.
      These aren't sources, they're presumed to exist in one of the includes dirs
      Also disable plugins for KMail
      Revert last, since it breaks everything. Go the other route shortly: add a DISTCLEANFILES
      Get auto* to shut up
      Re-add configuration checks, now with --enable-indexlib (defaults to off), which will define HAVE_INDEXLIB in config.h (remember to include config.h so that you have that defined\! -- but not in header files). No effect yet on the code, Luis will commit the ifdeffing shortly
      Add the conditional Luis uses in the Makefile
      Use the right #define -- the one defined by --enable-indexlib in configure
      Dox fixes: give modules a (sensible) name and moke sure doxygen is checked for.
      It's not a macro anymore, don't be a d00fus
      Remove spurious comment
      Apidox fixes.
      Introduce accessor function with a better name than fHandle to access the connection to the device, and make code more robust against a NULL device.
      More apidox, more robustness.
      Only worry about lost connections if there was one to begin with.
      Start supporting --local again. You can mix --local with --exec-conduit and it won't crash immediately.
      Zero out memory on failure instead of leaving cruft
      Template for making KPilot plugin factories
      Clean up through the use of simple templates: all the plugin factories are the same anyway.
      Also make the 'example' conduit use the new templates
      Teensy apidox addition.
      Make dox match intention and code
      Promote use of template *Info
      Move abbrowser to template Info as well
      Remove weirdly named _compare and replace with a boolean _equal that checks equality (where QString::null == QString::empty)
      I swear, I am _never_ using another type that can possibly
      At the request of dannya, rename all the janus icons so that they are properly filed under the icon theme, so that you can theme these icons along with the rest of the desktop.
      Update changelog and undo Jason's kludge in todo now that the cause has been fixed.
      Correct debugging
      KonsoleKalendar depends on libkdepim, rearrange a little to show the dependencies better.
      Dox fix: Use @p arg, not @arg
      Dox fix: add class documentation to KMReaderWin so the method dox show up. Till: can you add this to our forward-ports folder?
      Meyertests: no __ in include guards
      Watering can: remove ** from copyright comment so it isn't treated as apidox, and remove filenames from statement per guidelines.
      Remove unused large doxyfile and add local settings instead.
      Ensure namespaces are described consistently across kdepim by documenting them all, once, in a shared file.
      Fix layout issue w/ breadcrumbs
      Backport apidox layout fix
      Remove unsightly EXPORT from dox
      DOX: Make some modules and add some blabla to various functions; also document that emailParseResultToString() doesn't want AddressOk.
      Same as in libs: move CSS to doxygen.css and remove absolute positioning
      DOX: Complete coverage, also for protected methods.
      DOX: Remove namespace dox (covered in doc/common/) and superfluous @file (only needed if there are non-namespaced file-scope functions); point out what it means to be 'locale-independent'.
      DOX: Complete coverage, add some @todo because of things left unsaid.
      DOX: Explain how the functions are used, and what the parameters are.
      DOX: Format nicely
      Better message
      Forward port dox commits 464871 465479 465494 463378 463379 463380 463383
      dox fixes: undocumented members and parameters
      dox fixes: get doxygen to shut up about all those proxy slots (perhaps 'private slots' would be better for them?)
      dox fixes (shotgun style): document various bits and pieces. Perhaps the @internal functions should be declared static or placed in an anonymous namespace? I'm not sure they should be called from elsewhere.
      Dox fixes for completeness.
      Document this two-bit class; it strikes me data() should be deprecated and the bits made private, to avoid inadvertent access.
      Shotgun dox-fixes; mostly missing @param
      Dox fixes; protected members need dox too because (hey, it's a library) subclasses can access them. Add parameter documentation. Add lots of todos because it's unclear what the invalid and text members actually _mean_.
      dox fix (examples): add @param, don't use HTML em elements, use @see, and bitch about missing constraints on parameters in @todo.
      For trunk, suppress KPilot dox because they're incomplete
      Finish up dox complains in libemailfunctions
      dox fixes: methods need documentation; sometimes even non-empty documentation.
      random dox fixes; shotgun style, only a few of the hundreds of errors get hit
      Suppress the (probably) obsolete header file kmime_headers_obs.h from Doxygen output; it hasn't been touched meaningfully since r129497
      dox fix: In libraries, protected members must be documented too, since we assume they will be used by subclasses.
      In KDE 4, no KPilot plugin
      Install _all_ the headers needed for development, not just most of them. Critical for 3rd party conduits (there's exactly one).
      Need sys/types for utime on some platforms.
      Migrate APIDOX settings for *top level only* to Mainpage.dox; this removes the dependency on and
      Check for type of timezone (variable or function) and struct tm.tm_gmtoff.
      Compilation fix for ambiguous C++, patch from Stefan J.
      Document and style the code properly.
      Code cleanup: avoid strlcpy for portability reasons, first steps towards caching the buffer for notes and descriptions to avoid unnecessary buffer reallocations.
      Move all the remaining functions out of pilotStruct, inline in the wrapper class headers.
      Introduce a new categoryNames() function for fetching all of the categories from an appinfo block.
      Move getCategoryLabel into header, since it's trivial; add an accessor for the appinfo block that this date entry belongs with.
      Factor out the code that copies the data from a PilotDateEntry to a KCal::Event (and vice versa).
      Provide a default constructor for the AppInfo template which just zeroes out everything. On the handheld, that tends to be a safe appinfo block anyway.
      Protect against crashes from bad info pointers
      Copy in record <-> event code for testing, create an importdatebook test app to read a vcal file and produce a .pdb
      Tidy up debug; avoid superfluous strlcpy(); avoid crashes when the vector of records is short and contains NULL records.
      Make --data-dir consistent between test apps.
      Warnings suppression.
      Coding style; documentation; save on useless reallocations.
      Number of records in the database is unsigned (0 for empty or not open database) and const.
      Remove duplicate setup call; don't use the codec before it is initialized.
      Coding style; documentation; remove cruft.
      Coding style and documentation, plus try untangling the mess that is open(device) -- this was using device, fPilotPath and fRealPilotPath interchangeably and not, as far as I could see, consistently. Primarily, call pi_bind on the real device path, not device.
      Cleanup tests: don't keep an extra copy of the vcalRecord file around, but include it from elsewhere in the KPilot tree.
      Actually avoid crash in _setAppInfo() if pointers are NULL -- reverse logic there. Coding style in remainder of file.
      Remove superfluous include file; sanity-check record index and reduce warnings. KPilot can now build -- the app and daemon -- without any of the KDE PIM headers installed, so it's usable as a KDE HH backup app then.
      Remove spurious #ifdef DEBUG, don't print device at all (use the real path) and use realFilePath instead of realPath since we want to point to a file (device node), not a directory.
      Remove all the #ifdef DEBUG, so there's no hidden API changes when the debug flags change. Rely on the compiler to optimize everything away.
      Reduce over-enthusiasm for virtuals, just provide proper implementation for the API from conduitbase.
      Save the constness
      Bump the version string in preparation for 3.5.6; need class KPilotDepthCount regardless of DEBUG settings.
      Missing file, fix for Annma & others
      Re-enable docconduit; not clear if it *does* anything, though. vanRijn reports that it doesn't. Let Z\'e sort it out then. (only enabled in CMake build for now)
      APIDOX, coding style
      Build and install kpalmdoc and the conduit with CMake
      Import strl* checks from kdelibs.
      There seems to be a strange interaction between find_package(REQUIRED) and macro_log_feature(), since with both of them in, running cmake twice in a row for kdepim results once 'gpgme found, optional' and once 'gpgme required, not found'. Take out the log message and it seems to work ok.
      And import the #defines for STRL* as well so that PIM actually compiles.
      If we found gpgme previously, we should still think we found it when we run cmake again. Not sure this is really the right way to do it: what about caching GPGME_FOUND?
      Re-enable docconduit
      DFaure (and others) tell me this is in kdefakes.
      Merge one bugfix from pim+ branch: install all of the headers needed for third-party KPilot development (was missing pilotLinkVersion.h).
      Fix compilation when NDEBUG is on (ie --enable-debug=no) where kdDebug() returns a kndbgstream. Patch by bug submitter, munged to not enable debugging always.
      Add an application for dumping the address book (KDE side) into a PDB
      Subtlety: KABC wants a heap-allocated resource that it can delete (this is not documented in AddressBook::addResource())
      Fix compile error w/ base class methods not being called.
      Reinstate mal conduit, since it does seem to compile against mal 0.40
      Fix casting following patch from pl-
      Since the KMail homepage has moved into, it's a good idea to point there instead of the deprecated Not a string change.
      HTML does not display embedded EPS graphics very well.
      Backport from PIM+, need to adjust template parameters because pilot-link 0.12.2 introduced new consts
      Include subdirectory kpilot, even though it's empty in trunk right now (waiting for merge from the port-to-trunk branch)
      Merge from the porting branch; kpilot resurrected for KDE4.
      Include abbrowser conduit, knowing that it can't handle file resources
      Port kpalmdoc conduit to KDE4
      Better libmal version checks
      A bunch of thrown-together make-it-compile and porting and warnings fixes
      vcal conduit now compiles
      And port mal (badly)
      Bunches of warnings--
      Simplify layout, port
      Warnings--, remove old cruft, use file_copy (which seems deprecated, too, but is not yet marked as such in kdelibs)
      Get rid of the awful KPilot wizard, which had two pages: one to optionally autodetect your device and one which selected three options, none of which had any effect. Replace by a single autodetect-device button on the device page under general in the config dialog. Autodetect still crashes, but that's a separate problem.
      Rename files and fix header comments so that it's easier to recognize where various bits live (for instance, conduitConfigDialog didn't configure conduits).
      Missed some header file renames
      Remove old cruft
      Minor cleanups, make changing the checked state of items update the module status.
      Coding style, remove p-l 0.10 compatibility stuff
      More porting work, warnings---
      Tiny usability improvement: don't enable buttons when they don't mean anything (but do produce an error message when clicked)
      Add whatsthis texts for UI items
      Bump the plugin API number for KDE4, handle plugin factory boilerplate through a macro, remove misleading documentation
      Documentation fixes
      Make the device linbk less wordy
      Since all the icons were actually Kristof Borrey's iKons and not crystal *anyway* and we don't have oxygen icons for KPilot yet, shuffle them around and move into hicolor so that at least something gets displayed. Ditch the splash and other crufty images, too.
      Make sure to compile conduits into the right kind of lib*
      Adjust for renamed icons; big changes in kpilot itself: drop the old janus widget, move towards kpilot being *just* a viewer for data and not being involved in syncing at all (except to tell it to get out of the way)
      Should distinguish kpilot trunk in version & name from 3.5 branch
      Shuffle and simplify, removing all the KDE 3.1 compatibility crap
      Remove more cruft, and kpilot now tries to load user data from the right directory. Display woidgets are still broken, though.
      constness, documentation, coding style
      Warnings, porting, coding style
      Reduce verbosity when reading large local databases
      Member shown -> fShown and accessor isVisible() to avoid confusion with Qt's shown properties; for todo widget, rip out most of its functionality, port to Qt4, make it view todos at least.
      Attach a QVariant with category ID to each combo box entry
      Filter the items shown in the todo list by category
      Tell component viewers about tab page changes and get them to load their data.
      Make matched threads important for expiry. Patch from Robert G, approved by Till A.
      endl suppression, make a clean form of output to std::cerr
      fname / endl patching
      Debug output fixes; undo some of the coding style damage danimo's script did
      End of endl; end of fname; more code style fixes.
      More of the same: no endl, no fname, coding style
      Microscopic debug output improvements
      fname & endl be-gone in conduits
      No need to do integer comparisons all the time.
      Debug-b-gone; remove superfluous header files; warnings--
      Lots of porting warnings--
      Default to debug build when using standalone. Probably breaks wrt. kdepim-level debugging settings.
      In debug builds, default to -- and keep -- debug output on.
      Debug output is always enabled
      For BB, make a constructor that just creates a CategoryAppInfo block and nothing else.
      Automatically sizing the records array to 128 is stupid.
      Remove some cruft, document poor assumptions in the code.
      We don't actually need the fake-qstring constructor, since for building up blobs to use as an appinfo block we can use the p-l methods for packing category appinfo and then do various binary appends to the resulting buffer; then writeAppBlock can be called on the DB.
      Warnings and deprecations and runtime warnings--
      Remove cruft
      Respect 8k memo record limit
      Factor out the p-l pack_Memo, since all it does is strcpy().
      Note to ade: ur retarded
      Try to make toPilot() more sane. Reduce code duplication.
      For clarity, use !isEmpty() instead of operator * (besides which operator * is ambiguous in boolean context -- use void * or char *?)
      Make-it-compile for SS12
      Make-it-compile: match the constness of the implementation with the constness of the declaration's parameters
      Add settings for Solaris / SS12
      Make-it-compile for compilers with lousy directory handling.
      make-it-compile for include dirs
      make-it-compile: disambiguate int-to-float type conversion
      make-it-compile. For once, SS12 needs fewer include files.
      Similar to pimlibs issues dealt with last week: ambiguity between operator char * and void * when used in strange constructs. Since we just need the const char *, use the method for that.
      Need unistd.h for unlink(2)
      make-it-compile: not a namespace, just a class
      Need unistd for fsync()
      make-it-compile: Include directories, disambiguation
      Remove weird-ass way of calling constructor
      Compensate for bad directory handling in SS12
      Usual include fixes as we reach 50% of pim compiling w/ SS12
      Match declaration with definition; make-it-link
      Make-it-compile by being explicit in the constructors to use to convert arrays of QStrings to FolderStructures
      Make-it-compile: use constructors
      Make-it-compile: include heck
      Careful with constructors
      Last two QtDBus issues in pim
      Use the right order to add -I<p-l-dir> to KPilot build
      Use the right disambiguation (thanks Marc)
      Ditch the PI_SIZE_T define which was for compatibility between p-l 0.11 and 0.12
      Return a value as promised
      Even if you should never call it, it still needs to return a value
      Correct use of constructors
      Catch up to latest changes in akonadi api; hope it's correct.
      Match constness between declaration and definition
      Make it compile
      Be smart with casts; don't add a bogus const
      Go gently on the use of ClassName::ClassName for constructors.
      Need newlines after #include
      Minor but annoying correctness-in-linking fix:
      KPilot uses akonadi, which uses Boost; akonadi assumes
      JobRunner must be protected (not private) so that the class definition
      Use explicit initialization to false instead of relying on default constructor for bools; also works around a Sun compiler issue that doesn't understand default initializers for bitfields
      Need explicit surrounding namespace in Sun Studio; this could be KMime::Content::clear() instead, but that assumes more about the inheritance hierarchy.
      Second half of patches.
      Superfluous ;
      Superfluous ;
      Trailing newline
      Newlines and semicolons

Adrian Schroeter (25):
      automake 1.5 fixes
      fix compile for gcc 3.1
      fix compile (did not found kdateedit.h)
      fix compile on 64bit architectures
      fix build with --enable-final (as dictated by coolo)
      fix some serious compiler warnings.
      fix compile with not yet installed mimelib
      fix build
      add METASOURCES=AUTO (fixing build)
      make the port number a config item in the wizard and the kresource configuration
      remove accidently commited qDebug() line
      for political correctness: "Groupwise" -> "GroupWise"
      fix compile, adding #include <assert.h>
      make SSL support working. Every network transfer gets handled either via
      fix invalid peer error message during every connect
      do not crash, when no KExtendedSocket got created
      make it possible to get debug information from users, without --enable-debug binaries.
      workaround a login error, when doing login to a SSL server without
      accept certificates for servers with different IP, as long no ssl_militant=TRUE is set
      forward port signal handling fix
      revert last change again. kdepim 3.4 has this namespace.
      set default to SSL port and enable encryption.
      require the correct file, fixes build
      make it build (remove #includes to non existing files)
      fix compile with gcc 4 on 64bit platforms

Alan Alvarez (21):
      Fixed profile creation. Also defined boost::throw_exception when BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS is defined.
      Initial modifications with new libmapi++ interfaces
      emit error() instead of returning
      Can now completely parse messages from backend. Also implemented retrieveItem()
      get retrieveItem() to work for contacts
      Fix memory leak + preliminary work to fetch tasks, appointments and journals.
      - Get resource to compile/work with latest libmapi++ revision.
      Start fetching calendar events properties
      Fetch more Appointment (Event) properties.
      Fetch more Appointment (KCal::Event) properties
      Fetch Task (KCal::Todo) properties
      Parse recurrence data blob.
      - Fixed bug in readRecurrencePattern()
      Done parsing Recurrence Data Blob.
      Add recurrence to Tasks (KCal::Todo)
      - Fixed bug that made the resource crash when a profile database didn't exist.
      Set ProfileDialog Result on closeEvent
      Don't hardcore samba ldif location
      ProfileDialog return QDialog::Accepted when no profile is selected
      Present user with a MessageBox to explain why the dialog can't be accepted and give option to go back and try again
      - Remove boost dependency by using KMime::Message::Ptr and KCal::Incidence::Ptr.

Albert Astals Cid (139):
      CVS_SILENT Removing generic captions from ui files. That is good because:
      CVS_SILENT Removing generic captions from ui files. That is good because:
      Removing accelerators (<property name="accel">) from ui files. That is good because:
      Removing not needed accelerators (<property name="accel">) from ui files. That is good because:
      Removing not needed accelerators (<property name="accel">) from ui files. That is good because:
      CVS_SILENT Removing not needed accelerators (<property name="accel">) from ui files. That is good because:
      CVS_SILENT Removing not needed accelerators (<property name="accel">) from ui files. That is good because:
      <b>foo<b> -> <b>foo</b>
      Port to setAboutData, i got the ok from  Tobias Koenig a week ago and forgot to commit :S
      Build, if that was not necessary blame cartman who told me "sure" :-D
      Use the main window actions in the folder contextual menu
      Remove ugly and meaningless caption so it does not have to be translated
      Need to store config when changing units, if not very bad things happen
      Fordwardport 599816
      Fix pluginselection not emitting the changed signal correctly.
      Fordwardport revision 599823
      fordwardport dirk fixes for gcc 4.3 snapshot
      don't do anything if we are dragging to ourselves or to our parent
      Fordwardport SVN commit 668801 by aacid:
      Use >> instead of > to get translators placeholders
      add context so it is not confused with "do a scanning over the results"
      give it some context, if we need it for catalan probably more languages need it
      The catalan team got this reversed, so add context
      const & and foreach are friends
      i commented this yesterday to maek it compile but it's obviously not the correct thing to do, revert, i'm sorry it went in with r801208
      adapt to kde includeing guidelines
      interfaces dir was removed
      remove typo spotted by Soenke Dibbern
      if one needs context, all do, otherwise we don't know if we have to call i18n or i18nc
      Move one level up so .ui files in configuration are extracted too
      Add context, this fordward is different from the fordward when we are in mail context
      make the std::string explicit so that winterz check for bad toLatin1|toUtf8.constData() usage checker is happy
      There's no *cpp, as the sources are somewhere else, fix it
      There was one change too many
      missing .
      Missing ), spotted by mvillarino
      be consistent using OpenSync
      make it be correct XML
      make it follow the dtd
      i'm not sure my last change is correct, revert
      calender -> calendar
      capitalize + missing r
      cosmetic fixes to make it validate more, kmcomposerui.rc and karmui.rc still do not validate
      make it proper xml
      i don't like detaching, so let's be const!
      Fix problem with forcing context in a wrong way
      Add a hacky way so that we can have the default view name i18n'ed, basically i interchange between translated/untranslated name when showing to the user and when doing KConfig I/O. The fact is that one should not use default kcfg values for user visible strings
      You need a space here
      foreach and qDeleteAll know how to iterate over qmaps, so do not use values, it's just slower and more memory intensive
      Fix to include all cpp and h files, 270 messages were not being extracted
      succesfuly  ---> successfully
      succesfully -> successfully
      added some context
      Remove tooltips and whatsthis that don't fit here at all.
      this is Qt code, use tr and not i18n
      This code uses tr so use XGETTEXT_QT and not XGETTEXT
      extract messages
      foreach knows how to iterate over map values in a faster an less memory
      Set the buddy otherwise & is show as & and not as _
      cliet -> client
      didn't want to do that in 4.2, not critical enough to justify 2 fuzzies imo
      cliet -> client
      Anniveraries -> Anniversaries
      ne -> new
      elimiter -> Delimiter
      this folders -> this folder
      Typo found by Yuri Chornoivan
      Add buddies so accelerators work, vanrijn added it in r907465 to branch but seems he forgot to port it to trunk
      Add KDE::DoNotExtract to captions of labels that are just there to old an icon
      Backport r942937 | aacid | 2009-03-22 23:24:38 +0100 (Sun, 22 Mar 2009) | 2 lines
      Title -> Name and fix the wrong context added by Bertjan
      Fix typo found by Yuri Chornoivan
      I18N_NOOP2 is evil as it's very easy to loose the context please try not to use it
      Backport r950340 | aacid | 2009-04-06 23:21:18 +0200 (Mon, 06 Apr 2009) | 4 lines
      no need to call values, foreach iterates just fine over the values of a container without the extra memory allocation
      I18N_NOOP2 is evil and should be used with extreme care, otherwise you end up with untranslatable messages
      Backport r952870 | aacid | 2009-04-12 20:31:54 +0200 (Sun, 12 Apr 2009) | 3 lines
      Make Suspend and not Dismiss the default button
      add context here as discussed on i18n list
      typo found by Andrey Cherepanov
      it's ok translating mailreader
      Add context as requested on i18n list
      Fix typo found by Yuri Chornoivan
      Fix typos found by Yuri Chornoivan
      fix typo spotted by Yuri Chornoivan
      foreach already iterates over values so calling values explicitely is a waste both in memory and processing time
      load the libkdepim catalog as it is used
      add context, otherwise it's not clear if it's a verb or a noun
      update to 4.2 version
      Fix akonadimodel.cpp:1: warning: unterminated character constant
      "" is a reserved translation string, besides it's quite difficult to translate
      do not rely on doing the work for us
      fix after yesterday change in
      this needs to be >> and not >
      This is a flat list so no need to decorate roots
      Convert these extracomment to comment
      Load the libeventviews catalog
      Load the libeventviews catalog
      Make the question a real question
      Remove KActionCollection::setComponentData: this does not work on a KActionCollection containing actions! warning
      Remove KActionCollection::setComponentData: this does not work on a KActionCollection containing actions! warning
      gettext does not support translating ""
      Make grammar a bit less confusing, still the message using a "we" is kind of weird
      email -> contact as in the other messages from the list
      Better english
      Fix syntax
      Save size of message/mime splitter on change
      kilobyte is kB not kb
      Better wording
      Better wording
      Prepare for rc1
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      This is 4.11
      No i18n in the global namespace
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      I forgot the i18n here in the previous commit
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      Update my email address
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      Beta 1 is .80
      Make it a slot
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.11'
      QSKIP two tests that have been failing for months
      QSKIP tests that have been failing for months
      QSKIP tests that have been failing for months
      i18n("") makes scripty angry
      french -> French
      french -> French

Aleix Pol (2):
      Fix compilation
      Fix compilation

Alejandro Exojo (9):
      Backport revision 450237 and 450240:
      Update Spanish holiday file.
      Update Spanish holiday file.
      SVN_SILENT: Fix the name of Catalonia.
      SVN_SILENT: Fix the name of Catalonia.
      Correct two spanish holidays that appeared on sunday, instead of monday.
      Fix two spanish holidays that appeared on sunday instead of monday.
      Remove a duplicated holiday.
      Remove duplicated entry.

Alex Merry (16):
      We missed these modules when porting to the new Strigi API.
      Fix headers (no kprinter.h, but QPrinter)
      Update to new API.  I can now save a file from the article viewer pane
      Work-around for a scrolling bug.
      Fix linking.
      Make clicking the tray icon show the Akregator window.
      Forward mimetypes() in KIdentityProxyModel.
      Forward supportedDropActions() in KIdentityProxyModel.
      Do not trigger kcmodule's change() signal when loading the saved settings for the appearance tab in kmail's configuration
      There is code that depends on the KLineEdit having a specific object name (although this is possibly not sensible).
      Make sure FindQJson.cmake is found.
      Reduce "false-positives" when deciding whether a change has been made in the configure dialog.
      Maintain sort order when new articles are added

Alex Zepeda (8):
      Remove a default from the implementation.
      * blarf rm -rf's extraneous COPYING files
      Name=Personal Time Tracker
      Add appropiate casts.
      Initial import of Empath, a very promising mail client swiss army knife.
      Use the proper thread flags.
      And again with sys/types.h.
      Commit the patch submitted to kde-core.

Alexander Kellett (3):
      fix docs
      add a '&open' search folder button.
      fix accelerator conflict

Alexander Neundorf (25):
      dont start fetching new messages with the status bar message "Transmission
      -remove KDE4_INCLUDE_DIRS, it doesn't exist
      -remove the kde4_create_doxygen_docs() command
      -cleanup the toplevel CMakeLists.txt a bit
      -cleanup the toplevel CMakeLists.txt a bit
      -cleanup the toplevel CMakeLists.txt a bit
      kde4_header and kde4_footer() are gone now
      kde4_header and kde4_footer() are gone now
      kde4_header and kde4_footer() are gone now
      -adapt to the positive logic of macro_ensure_version()
      -adapt to the new install stuff
      -adapt to the new install stuff
      adapted to the new install stuff, use the install target variables everywhere
      -remove KDELIBSUFF, it's unused
      add some spacing so it's easier to read
      -add some debug output to help figuring out the problem from RangerRick
      -cosmetics: commands are all lower case here, fix indentation, add some empty lines so it gets a easier to read
      fix linking with the reduced linking in kdelibs (not committed yet)
      big patch which makes the reduced link interface work for kdepimlibs and kdepim:
      I think the KDEPIM4_LINK_UNIQUE_LIBRARIES() workaround for OSX shouldn't be necessary anymore since we are
      -add a separate copy of FindLibKNotificationItem-1.cmake, as discussed on kde-buildsystem and k-c-d
      RUN_UNINSTALLED is a nop since KDE 4.2, so remove it
      -add a script for nightly kdepim builds
      -allow more warnings
      -fix build if soprano is installed separately

Alexander Potashev (6):
      Put the value for "Use system HTTP proxy" in front the label
      Load translation catalog "akonadicontact" into KAddressBook
      Make the command line placeholder "+[input data]" translatable
      Add context to the string "Your emails" that translators often misunderstand
      Fix order of parameters (text/caption) to KMessageBox::warningYesNo()
      i18n: Use plural forms for message "There is %1 file upload in progress."

Alexis Mnard (1):
      Those file need to have linux line ending. If it is not true then

Ali Rahimi (6):
      fixed marcus bains line problem whereby the line would not move to
      Fixed a bug in agenda view:
      more bug fixes for koagendaview: adding items when multiple days are
      simplified koagendaview.{h,cpp}
      recurring items can be moved and resized from the agenda view.
      fixed two comments in agendaitem.

Allan Sandfeld Jensen (9):
      killing g++-3 warnings
      ../../kmail/kmaccount.h(117): warning #858: type qualifier on return type is meaningless
      CVS-SILENT: const function cannot return reference
      Link to the right version of Qt
      Link to the right library
      A change in KHTML has exposed a problem where centering was inherited here.
      Only required for integration on platforms using libindicate.

Allen Winter (5160):
      Added copyright statement and some comments
      HTMLExport is no longer KOrganizer specific
      Removed export "text as korganizer"
      Removed export "text as korganizer"
      Removed export "text as korganizer"
      Command line parse --export-file, Geez
      Bug fixes as follows:
      Bug Fix: CSV really does use commas now!
      fix my email address.
      Bug Fix: whoops, CVS export printed times as hh:ss instead of hh:mm
      BUG Fix: why can't I concentrate today?  Another tweak for CSVexport
      Updated my email address.
      Some pretty major changes due to the UID method of deleting and changing.
      Cleanup of the command line, remove --next since we never implemented this.
      Install pixmaps and desktop file.
      KonsoleKalendar Desktop File
      KonsoleKalendar Icons
      Mark Bucciarelli's patch for adding iCalendar object comments, from 2003-8-13
      Bram Schoenmakers' patch for adding an option to display todos in allday-view
      Bram Schoenmakers display of todos in allday-view patch.
      1. Rid libkcal/htmlexport of all hard-coded KOrganizer stuff in Title,
      Szombathelyi György patch. It adds safety to QByteArray (which may not
      Lots of changes:
      Bram Schoenmakers' patch for Bug 74916: Makes textcolor white if background
      "overdued" changed to "overdue"
      Added Bram Schoenmakers' KDatePickerPopup widget
      Added Bram Schoenmakers KDatePickerPopup widget
      Implement Bram Schoenmakers' new KDatePickerPopup widget for modifying
      Update for Bram Schoenmakers' kDatePicker widget.
      Minor: datepicker() renamed DatePicker().
      Reformatted according to policy.
      Maybe if we actually call KLocale::setMainCatalogue("konsolekalendar")
      Fix for non-UTF8 encodings.
      Read TimeZoneId from korganizerrc and use this to override the
      Minor formatting changes and a little cleanup
      Major fix for calendar importation.  It should work now without segfaulting.
      Update program version number.
      1. send fatal error messages to cout rather than kdError()
      Fix the bug whereby --view mode was run after --import was completed.
      Fix bug where html export segfaulted if --file command line arg is specified.
      Changed version number according to Tuukka's ROADMAP.
      Patch from Severin Greimel <greimel-kde at>
      Patch from Severin Greimel <greimel-kde fs-pw uni-muenchen de>
      This is a fix for Bug #76574: reformat the VCALENDAR event display.
      Patch from Severin Greimel <greimel-kde at>
      Fixed wrong capitalization for the "Abort Current Operation" KAction.
      Rename "Human" export format to "Short"
      Reformatted source according to KDEPIM conventions.
      Added my sourceforge email address.
      More source cleanup.
      Reformat source code according to korganizer conventions.
      Fix crash when adding a new event.
      Fixes for adding a new event:
      New support for --time=float or --end-time=float (float can be mixed case)
      Testing calendarChanged() stuff.
      Handle case where a save to a local calendar file fails.
      Fixed: change floating events to be non-floating, and vice-versa
      More i18n fixes
      Patch originally from Thorsten Stärk <Thorsten at>, with some C++
      Many cout prints should now be easier to translate.
      As requested by a user:  We no longer print event UIDs with export-type=short
      KonsoleKalendar Handbook update:
      Minor update of the command line argument descriptions.
      Better alignment of Todo Percent Complete, Todo Summary, and Todo State
      1. Prepends the Todo's parent summary onto each individual summary
      Add a tooltip to the appointment summary showing the appointment description.
      Use KPimPrefs::timezone() to compute timezone for KCal::CalendarResources().
      Bug 80129 Fix from Ben Murphy: Bookmark This Link doesn't function
      Fix for wish/bug #81526: Drag 'n Drop Enable the Contacts Icon.
      Major upgrade for the Appointment summary plugin.
      Patch contributed from Pascal Létourneau that maintains sorting column
      A bit of command line polishing.
      Reverting the remote calendar changes because they just don't work.
      KAboutData license changed to GPL (apparently there is no GPL+QT exception)
      Use the new KPimPrefs::timezone() method for computing the user's
      CSV export more "standards" compliant.
      CSV Export: Handle newlines in summary, location, and description fields.
      Lots of fixing up of the new short-text export mode.  More fixing is needed.
      Added new getFrom hidden dcop function.
      Drag 'n drop of email messages onto the kaddressbook icon now does the
      Use new David Vignoni icons.
      David Vignoni's new icons for Contacts.
      Use David Vignoni's Contact icons for kaddressbook plugin.
      Fix the icon name.
      Updates from David Vignoni.
      Easier to understand .. a little
      Fix to support yyyy-mm-dd input date requirement.
      Bug fixes.  Now you can actually insert/delete/change appointments again.
      Fixed the example script to work with the improved CSV export type.
      Just adding the 'xx' placeholder.
      minor source formatting change.
      Forward porting fixes from 3_3_BRANCH so insert/delete/change appointments works.
      Fix to work with new CSV export type improvements.
      Make sure to build libkdenetwork before kioslaves because kioslaves/imap4
      I think this fixes the knotes build process for us automake users.
      Attempted Bug Fix for 88779: no output after konsolekalendar --view --all.
      Attempted Bug Fix for 88779: no output after konsolekalendar --view --all.
      Minor comment modifications to make doxygen happy.
      Comment cleanups for doxygen.
      Cleanup comments to make doxygen happy.
      Patch from Jakob Schroeter <js at> to prevent 'Time: 17:00 - 17:00' in the event tooltips.
      Minor changes to the comments that make doxygen happy.
      Minor changes to comments to make doxygen happy.
      Minor changes to the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Minor changes to the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Minor changes to the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Minor changes to the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Minor changes to make doxygen happy.
      Lots of minor changes to the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Minor changes to the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Fixes so that doxygen doesn't complain.
      The very beginning of support for Todos and Journals.
      Put back the allEventsSorted() function for now.
      Fixed bug 90272 "--show-next <days> does not seem to work"
      Forward port fix for bug 90272 "--show-next <days>     does not seem to work"
      Patch from Reinhold that uses the new htmlexport class settings stuff.
      In CalPrintTodos::print() no longer check for starting date against
      You can now print the "percentage complete" with your Todos.
      Implement the feature to only print Todos that are unfinished.
      Fine-tuning the Todo print with percent complete:
      Fix so that long todo summaries no longer overwrite the percentage bar
      Just cleaning up a little and fixing indenting and stuff.
      Better code for printing unfinished Todos only.
      Eliminate a blank line in a tip. I think this was causing an empty tip to be shown.  Is there a tips file 'lint' type command?
      Finally implement printing of Todos with a due date within a date range.
      Todo -> To-do
      Documentation added to make doxygen happy.
      Minor changes in the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Minor change in the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Minor changes to the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Make the priority popup menu items consistent.
      Committing Antonio Salazar's WhatsThis? additions for Korganizer.
      Minor changes to the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Minor change in the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Just a copy of cr22-action-newjournal.png
      This patch provides Journal interfaces so that we can make a plugin for Kontact.
      NEW: The Journal plugin for Kontact.
      Journal icons for the Kontact plugin.  These are temporary until
      Make new_event, new_todo, and new_journal buttons invisible
      Use my alternate email address in the copyright.
      New new email address alias in the copyright.
      Per Tobias' request: Use references to variables for DCOP interfaces.
      There is no Journal Summary Plugin at this time.
      Fix for when the user chooses *not* to print priorities.
      Strike-out font for completed to-dos didn't work for some unknown reason.
      Now strike-out should work for each summary line.
      NEW: Now you can sort Incidences (Events, To-dos, Journals) in various ways
      NEW: (forgot this one).  Now you can sort Incidences (Events, To-dos, Journals)
      To-do printing changes:
      Line things up a little nicer.
      Patch contributed by Narayan Newton which provides Drag'n'Drop on the
      Change heirarchy to KontactSummary
      New library for determining political and religious holidays.
      The data files for the libkholiday library
      Whoops.  Didn't mean to change holidaysdir.
      build parseholiday.h before flex scanholiday.lex
      We put these generated files in CVS because we do not want to require
      Make sure korganizer and kontact are built AFTER libkholidays
      Don't build the lex/flex and yacc/bison files as they are stored in CVS now.
      Rename Holidays class to KHolidays.
      Renamed Holidays class to KHolidays
      New Kontact Summary Plugin: Merges Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays,
      Build the specialdates plugin.
      Add a section for the Special Dates summary plugin.
      Smarter detection of anniversaries in contacts.
      Improving the look of the summary based upon my personal opinion.
      Use updateSummary() to force the summary to update when addressbook
      Make sure ActiveSummaries and LeftColumnSummaries configuration variables
      Fix for computing the date to show (which is not the date of the special date)
      Patch from Martin Koller that modularizes the interface a little better,
      Added AboutData
      Support more than one journal per day.
      Support more than one journal entry per day.
      Support more than one journal entry per day.
      replacing with libkholidays
      Changes to the holiday locale from the KOrg plugin are properly handled.
      OK, now we shouldn't crash if there is no Holidays location specified
      be a bit more careful about null holiday file name.
      Add include search path for finding kdepimmacros.h in libkdepim
      KDE_EXPORT stuff
      Added include search patch for finding kdepimmacros.h in libkdepim
      Removing all the experimental stuff we never finished completely.
      replace our local allEventsSorted() function with events(EventSortStartDate)
      Remove extra print statements.
      Very minor changes in the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Better journal icons.  I expect David Vignoni to improved on these some
      Show the contact's picture (32x32 image) for their birthday or annivesary.
      Fix typos.
      New class to calculate lunar phases.
      Update to build lunarphase.
      New location() method from Martin Koller.  Thanks Martin.
      minor fix.
      one more try.
      Do not internationalize "---"
      Close each tip with </p>
      Minor changes to the comments.
      Do not use KHolidays namespace for now.
      Fix two problems showing holidays:
      FIX for Bug 91560: right click on a todo's check box, checks it.
      Undo the hack to ignore RMB when mouse is over to-do's checkbox.
      Eliminate the "whitespace after backslash" messages.
      Fix the QString initialization in setDate()
      New widget KPrefsWidDuration for duration settings.
      Make the QTimeEdit widget part of KPresWidDuration show only hours and minutes,
      Implementation needs to know about QTimeEdit.
      Err.. connecting to wrong signal for a QTimeEdit widget... try valueChanged().
      Some minor cleanups.
      Default duration for new appointment has wrong time format
      HTML export in month view
      Better, translatable title for HTML exports.
      New subsection on the htmlmonth command line option.
      added myself as a konsolekalendar maintainer
      Fix so unplugging doesn't break things.
      revert my changes that I thought might fix the toolbar problem.
      Update the documention for convertToHtml() to make doxygen happy.
      let's call it 1.0
      Create doxyfiles.
      very minor change to documentation to make doxygen happy.
      Added libkholidays to the Doxyfiles main page.
      Create doxyfiles.
      Create doxyfiles.
      Minor changes to the comments that make doxygen happy.
      Create doxyfiles.
      minor to make doxygen happy.
      Lots of cleaning up, plus make it look more like the KDE API Reference.
      create doxyfiles.
      A bit more cleaning.
      Update for next Kontact release.  Thanks Antonio Salazar.
      Add entities for aKregator and KitchenSync.
      A new paragraph describing how to change the size of the sidebar icons.
      This is a summary-only plugin.
      minor change to a comment to make doxygen happy.
      minor changes to the comments to make doxygen happy.
      trying to eliminate some warning messages.
      added kalarm, kalarmd, and korgac to the toplevel index
      build dox for kalarm and friends.
      Generate documention with doxygen.
      Minor changes to the comments to make doxygen happy.
      Added entry for libkpimidentities.
      add classes link for libkpimidentities.
      Fix for the evil memory eater bug.
      Re-arrange a little to make the individual component links more obvious.
      Forgot <para>...</para>
      String changes for To-do marked messages.
      added copyright statements giving credit where credit is due.
      Complete doxygen.
      Mainpage for doxygen.
      Make sure licenses and copyrights are legit.
      update copyright for Preston Brown.
      update Preston Brown's copyright.
      copyright updates and minor license header cleanups.
      copyrights again
      Cornelius says these were created by  Matthias Hoelzer-Kluepfel
      Updated license header and copyright for Stefan Taferner.
      Updated license header and copyright for Don Sanders.
      Lots of scrubbing and cleaning of the Calendar and CalendarResources classes.
      doxy update.
      Minor as required by the recent changes to the Calendar class.
      remove cruft. there is no getHolidayForDate().
      doxyfication and cleanup.
      doxy cleanup.
      Combine constructors Calendar() and Calendar(QString &timeZoneId) into one
      Rename Calendar::incidenceCategories() to Calendar::categories().
      Combine CalendarLocal() and CalendarLocal(const QString timeZoneId) ctors into
      Constructors for the Calendar classes (Calendar, CalendarResources,
      Explicit timezoneId (UTC) passed to Calendar constructors.
      This is libical-0.24 with local modifications backported and also some
      Port to the new libical.
      port to the new libical.
      Make things compile.
      uncomment the _dumpIcaltime() calls in writeICalDateTime() as this is useful
      minor comment changes for doxygen.
      minor changes for doxygen.
      minor comment changes for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      minor changes for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      minor for doxygen.
      The export-list text should be easier to translate now.
      Restort the import feature (--import).
      increase version number.
      remove the default tz (null) from the reload() method.
      added Lithuanian holiday file
      Lithuanian holiday file, by Donatas Glodenis <dgvirtual at>
      integrate indexlib
      make sure to build indexlib before kmail, just in case.
      Luís Pedro Coelho <luis at> indexing code.
      not needed any longer, hopefully.
      revert Adriaan's changes.
      click on summary URL in summary brings up the incidence editor.
      if hyperlink is clicked then also load the plugin.
      tasks -> to-dos
      no longer print a summary for each day of a multiday event.
      Don't print the end date on the range for multiday events when the end date
      >1 is better than !=1 in this case.
      Print date ranges rather than one line per day for multiday events.
      Alarm => Reminder, per Reinhold.
      "display" => "show"
      "display" => "show"
      Change the summary name from "Calendar" to "Appointments and To-dos"
      view contact pop-up menu should load kaddressbook plugin when necessary now.
      Give the URLs for summaries a 'hint' in the Kontact status bar
      Lots of new stuff to make this summary look more like the other Kontact summaries
      mouseover added to provide a message to the Kontact status bar.
      minor tweaking of the displays.
      Display user name for messages being retrieved.
      "Appointments and To-dos" => "Appointments"
      I think this message is a little better so users won't be confused
      remove the limit on the number of folders which can be in the kmail summary.
      center the "no unread.." message
      give myself a little credit...
      No idea why this image was in here.  remove it.
      Set the "Show Full Path" option by default (as suggested by Tom Chance)
      Try again...
      centering the "no to-dos pending" message (sorta)
      code scrubbing.
      Added Mart as korn's maintainer.
      Date parsing fix from Jose Prieto.
      code scrubbing
      minor code scrub.
      forward port: minor code scrub.
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      simplify slotNewContact().  this method is now consistent with how
      forward port:
      code scrub approved by Reinhold.
      forward port:
      change shortcut from ctrl-shift-key_t to ctrl-shift-key_w
      forward port
      forward port.
      forward port by adridg:
      forward port
      forward port.
      forward port:
      forward port
      forward port
      forward port (part I forgot with the previous commit)
      forward port
      Permit string case-independence for begin:, end:, and property comparisons.
      Permit string case-independence for begin:, end:, and property comparisons.
      cleanup. hopefully we no longer will see
      forward port: cleanup
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      a little nicer message about the indexlib configure.
      forward port
      better alignment to be consistent with the other summaries.
      forward port:
      forward port Luis' recent changes.
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      Fixes major bugs:
      Put KApplication back.  Maybe this will fix the segmentation fault problem
      handle creating files in $PWD
      use RichText to display the special date summary, which makes long summaries
      use the HTML entity as suggested by the docbook sanitizer.
      do not pop-up the progress dialog when being accessed from a terminal.
      forward port 479800:
      Only load active calendar resources.
      Patch supplied by Isaac Wilcox.
      Patch provided by Isaac Wilcox.
      save the calendar resources config file immediately.
      forward port:
      Unfortunately, the kolab resource (maybe others) needs an X server
      minor porting stuff
      Still saving the calendar resources config file immediately, but in a more
      forward port:
      make it compile.  thanks vkrause.
      undo q3toq4 porting mistake.
      Move the default TimeBar font from the .kcfg file to the koprefs code.
      forward port:
      QMAX -> qMax, QMIN -> qMin
      compares to QString::null replaced with the isNull() method.
      following laurent's lead... give fonts a default pointsize.
      Fix the bug in the birthdays resource configuration dialog that
      forward port:
      Fix for holidays going whacky.  Apparently, the libkholidays stuff
      ..and this one too.
      forward port:
      fix for problem of exporting all events to HTML doesn't actually print
      forward port:
      Provide the ability to print the incidence's Location field to the html export.
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port: comments
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port:
      forward port all the recent changes from branches/3.5.
      forward port
      forward port:
      forward port:
      leave kde and qt command line options.
      Move Driekoningen to January 6.
      Move Driekoningen to January 6.
      QString::null stuff
      QString::null stuff
      QString::null stuff
      allens_pim port:
      allens_pim port:
      allens_pim port:
      probably this is a little cleaner.
      allens_pim port:
      allens_pim port:
      allens_pim port:
      allens_pim port:
      allens_pim port
      Update error message.
      even better message?
      don't be so dramatic.
      abort if gpgpme cannot be located.  who needs a kdepim without KMail, KAddressbook, etc.?
      allens_pim port:
      cleaning-up some unused parameter warnings.
      Fix crash during a "insert file" in the composer.
      forward port:
      clean-up US holidays
      forward port:
      Fix sorting in the appointments summary.
      mostly minor fixes, but the empty Class creator needed to have an
      eliminate a compiler warning
      apply Ryan Fowler's patch (thanks Ryan!) that we hope fixes the
      Remove the blogging resource, which was experimental anyway.
      Remove the blogging resource, which was experimental anyway.
      volker told me to do this so I can build a test server. else can find QtGui lib.
      Back by popular demand (votes), approved by Ingo and Till, we undo
      forward port:
      Stronger warning messages when deleting folders.
      forward port:
      QString::null -> .clear()
      minor doxyfication.
      minor copyright fixes.
      make the sanitizer happy.
      make the sanitizer happy.
      Fix FSF address
      removed.  why was this committed?
      KDE4 port for today's kdelibs snapshot.
      Fix --next option.
      forward port:
      fix some compiler warnings and deal with deprecated warnings.
      forward port.
      KMail compiles again...
      make it compile again.
      Move revision number property from Incidence class up to IncidenceBase class.
      Revert the changes I made last night.
      fixes in an attempt to make kxml_compiler work with my holidays schema.
      another fix.
      remove @since doxygen tags.
      Fixes to finally generate code that will compile my new Holidays Relax schema.
      QListViewItem -> Q3ListViewItem
      forward port 514974:
      Various bug fixes for Some Quote-Related Bugs, approved by Till.
      forward port 515376:
      this is a command-line-only tool, so don't support qt or kde options.
      doxygenation.  still lots to do in libkmime.
      forward port 515969:
      forward port 515969:
      forward port 512742 and 512746 by wstephens:
      forward port 513843:
      forward port 513748:
      forward port 492514:
      forward port 492609:
      forward port 494182:
      forward port 494183:
      forward port 494184:
      forward port 508499:
      forward port 508503:
      forward port SVN 497767:
      forward port 513401:
      forward port 511744 by burghard:
      forward port 505888 by danders:
      forward port 504925 by dfaure:
      forward port 505887 by danders:
      forward port 507012 by danders:
      forward port 507159 by danders:
      forward port 507346 by danders:
      fix so compile works on Linux/alpha and Tru64/alpha platforms.
      forward port:
      forgot this when I was forward porting yesterday.
      restore false->FALSE and true->TRUE.. at least for now.
      GPGME_LIBS_DEP is a holdover from the libgpg-error-copy days
      if 'gpgme-config --libs' doesn't include -lgpg-error, then we need to add it
      backport 514938 by winterz:
      Fix parsing problem with IMAP literals in response to LSUB
      forward port 518628 by winterz:
      A hack to fix a crash that occurs when KOrganizer is used within Kontact.
      Don't use RichText to display the newsticker summary because too much
      forward port 518747 by winterz:
      forward port 518745 by winterz:
      Thiago's patch to fix the problem of duplicate "inbox" folders for online imap.
      forward port 518857 by winterz:
      Nicer.  plus, this way, we don't have to worry about stripping out
      forward port 518914 by winterz:
      Disable dcop registration stuff so kxml_compiler from trunk can run
      make kxml_compiler generate code that will compile.
      adapt to the new code generated by kxml_compiler.
      News -> Usenet
      News -> Usenet
      A possible fix for a crash in the Kontact summary caused by newsticker.
      couldn't hurt
      couldn't hurt.
      Change from --custom-parser to --external-parser.
      more porting.  still doesn't compile, but getting close.
      compiles now with the snapshot
      better.  don't need the private member.
      forward port: cleanup
      forward port: cleanups
      remove personal vacations
      remove personal vacations
      Turn-on colors.  Turn-off verbosity.
      Patch from John Clark.  Thanks John!
      Remove projectview plugin.
      .clear() instead of assigning QString::null
      say goodbye to kgantt.
      remove non-printing char
      remove non-printing char
      forgot to backport this...
      Don't insert the separator after "Delete Folders" for system folders.
      forward port commit 527615 by winterz:
      forward port commit 527275 by woebbe:
      removing stuff that makes cmake work in this dir.
      Cleaned-up a bit what Till posted to kde-buildsystem.
      forgot to remove my debugging prints
      generate icalss.h in a similar way as ical.h.
      Changes that allow the CMake configure finish.
      Fix parseholday.y so we no longer get multiply-defined symbols.
      let's do it this way instead.
      rename .ui files to .ui3
      Append -lgpg-error to the list of link libraries, as needed.
      No longer permit unsermake/automake builds.
      installation should work here now.
      Move the GMX addressbook importer/exporter from kdeaddons, back home in kdepim.
      forward port SVN commit 519171 by mueller:
      forward port SVN commit 527774 by burghard:
      forward port SVN commit 529696 by burghard:
      forward port SVN commit 530024 by burghard:
      forward port SVN commit 530028 by burghard:
      forward port SVN commit 532593 by burghard:
      libkholidays.  The Next Generation.
      add the old automake Makefiles, for reference.. so we can write CMakeLists.txt
      Change the license to LGPL.
      forgot this one.
      kpilot has been relocated to extragear/pim.  Per Adriaan de Groot.
      backport some of SVN commit 512026 by winterz:
      moved to extragear/pim/kontact/plugins
      cleaning.  kandy is long gone.
      moved into playground/pim, per Helge Deller.
      kmobile is no longer in this module.
      moved to extragear/pim/kfile-plugins
      moved to extragear/pim/doc.
      multisynk and kandy are no longer part of the kdepim module.
      Exporting Stuff for the kdepim libraries.
      FOO_EXPORT stuff.  Also changed the namespace name.
      I'm taking Thiago's hint:  use Q_OS_WIN to detect a Windows O/S.
      Fix syntax error.  Patch provided by p92 AT free DOT fr.  Thanks.
      Forward port SVN commit 535841 by winterz:
      fix spelling errors.
      fix spelling errors.
      fix spelling errors.
      forward port SVN commit 536225 by tilladam:
      fix misc little things that krazy is complaining about.
      add chars not strings, so says krazy.
      forward patch SVN commit 536272 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 536265 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 536266 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 536268 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 536616 by tilladam:
      A fix from Christoph's suspicous code list.  Approved by Till.
      forward port:
      forward port SVN commit 526879 by burghard:
      forward port SVN commit 536841 by tilladam:
      fix potential crash, as noticed by Ismail.
      forward port SVN commit 537142 by winterz:
      krazy recommended fixes:
      didn't read far enough down into the commit logs.. this is the way
      forward port SVN commit 537478 by winterz:
      patch provided by Stefan Gehn
      forward port SVN commit 538346 by winterz:
      declare functions.
      make it compile. I hate hand-editing generated files, but we have no choice
      I'm tired of the compile warning messages.
      rid all gcc warning messages
      rid a bunch more compiler warnings.
      forward port SVN commit 538880 by tokoe:
      forward port SVN commit 539490 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 539492 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 539638 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 539700 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 539781 by bram:
      fix spelling error.
      move networkstatus into libkdepim
      networkstatus moved here from libemailfunctions.
      some minor krazy fixes
      minor krazy fixes.
      TRUE->true and FALSE->false.
      "a" -> 'a'
      forward port SVN commit 540317 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 540411 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 540526 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 540536 by bram:
      shouldn't need these any longer.
      forward port SVN commit 541527 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 541588 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 541603 by wstephens:
      forward port SVN commit 541614 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 541639 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 541651 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 541908 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 541925 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 542207 by wstephens:
      kalarmd is part of alarm.  And David is the maintainer for all of kalarm.
      forward port SVN commit 543187 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 543183 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 542603 by kloecker:
      Don't remove commas when cleaning whitespace.
      forward port SVN commit 547861 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 547226 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 547248 by dgp:
      forward port SVN commit 548388 by bram:
      I've been wanting to uncomment this new string for a long time.
      port to new KDialog.
      port to new KDialog
      port to new KDialog
      port to new KDialog
      port to new KDialog
      port to new KDialog
      port to KDialog
      port to new KDialog
      port to new KDialog
      port to new KDialog.
      port to new KDialog
      port to new KDialog
      port to new KDialog
      I had removed a call to KDialogBase::slotOk(), but I thought better of that plan.
      port to new KDialog
      Thiago says we shouldn't use KApplication if we don't want to connect to D-BUS.
      eliminate the unused 'name' argument
      fix FSF address.
      QString + "*"  ->   QString + '*'
      QString + "*"  ->   QString + '*'
      QString + "*"  ->   QString + '*'
      Krazy stuff:
      QString + "*"  ->   QString + '*'
      Krazy stuff:
      QString + "*"  ->   QString + '*'
      Krazy stuff:
      QString + "*"  ->   QString + '*'
      QString + "*"  ->   QString + '*'
      Krazy fixes that I thought I had committed last night.
      add a reference URL for when I actually get a chance to work on this.
      bye-bye libemailfunctions.  see you in kdepimlibs.
      email.h moved into $incdir/emailfunctions instead of $incdir/libemailfunctions.
      Change license from GPL to LGPL.
      Change license from GPL to LGPL.
      With Bo's permission, change the license from GPL to LGPL.
      With Bo's permission, change the license from GPL to LGPL.
      added Bo
      added Bo
      bye-bye.  these have been moved into the kdepimlibs module.
      bye-bye.  these have been moved into the kdepimlibs module.
      old CMakeLists.txt that no longer makes any sense.
      old CMakeLists.txt that no longer makes any sense.
      move gui/* up one level
      move gui/* up one level
      rely on FindKdepimLibs since FindKDEPIMLibs has been removed.
      use KTnef namespace
      use KTnef namespace
      use KTnef namespace
      KCMultiDialog::addModule() no longer has the withFallback argument.
      forward port SVN commit 560665 by burghard:
      addModule doesn't have that second fallback argument anymore.
      minor changes recommended by krazy: spelling mostly.
      forgot this spelling error.
      changes recommended by krazy: mostly spelling fixes
      forward port SVN commit 562217 by wstephens:
      bye-bye.  see you in kdepimlibs.
      eliminate references to libkcal and libical.
      Big Hunk of Changes for the libkcal -> kcal rename.
      include ical.h from the newly installed location in $includedir/kcal/ical
      minor include path fixes.
      minor include path fixes.
      correct some spelling mistakes.
      don't have to init a QString to null.
      minor QString+"*" -> QString+'*' change.
      minor include directive change.
      Put a copy of kdelibs/kdeui/keditcl into kmail and knode.
      vacuum emailfunctions dust-bunnies
      vacuum ktnef library dust-bunnies
      vacuum ktnef library dust-bunnies
      use the kcal library variable.
      forward port SVN commit 564676 by kloecker:
      Re-commit this fix for bug #123214.  Apparently the big merge from
      replace with ${KDE4_XXX_LIBS} variables
      use ${KDE4_XXX_LIBS} variables
      use the new AUTOSTART_INSTALL_DIR variable.
      replace kparts with ${KDE4_KPARTS_LIBS}
      include cleanup.
      passbyvalue fixes.
      passbyvalue fixes.
      passbyvalue fixes.
      forward port 568026 by kloecker:
      Fill in some gaps missing from libical's zoneinfo.
      indexlib is EXPERIMENTAL
      Possible fix for bug#132008.
      Another attempt at fixing this bug.
      Possible fix for bug#132032.
      New GUI Strings for KDE 3.5.5.
      Approved by Till.
      Fix strings for the translators.
      pinotree says I had it correctly before.
      Fix a crash (I hope) that happens sometimes upon exiting KMail.
      Add missing top and bottom buttons for the filter dialog.
      Fix for the bug "Cannot send to addresses containing an ampersand".
      remove the setLastLoad() and setLastSaved() declarations
      Fix signature appending when re-editing messages (as in the case of drafts)
      Fix detection of bold and italics in fonts.
      remove.  it has been moved into kdepimlibs/syndication.
      libsyndication is gone.  use kdepimlib's syndication library instead.
      Give a nicer error message if gpg-agent isn't found.
      add text to the Messages menu section about the new Forward->as Digest option.
      Factor the MIME digest code from Forward->as Attachment and into
      The results of the search can be forwarded as a digest or redirected.
      Fix bug where the count of the number of messages searched was always zero.
      Fix for Bug 126964: "search button is disabled if I select the Local Folders"
      clean-up, provide nice feature logs.
      move konsolekalendar into the new console subdir
      need this too..
      svn copied kabcclient from kdereview here.
      added Kevin as the kabcclient maintainer.
      add license info, permission granted by Luis.
      no longer need the macro_init_log_feature()
      fix connect SLOT which doesn't take an argument.
      tweaking to match the pim coding style guide better.
      less tweaking.
      minor changes to make krazy happy
      add the gpgme minimum version
      eliminate circular dependencies.
      revert Coolo's change because it doesn't work for me.
      fix spelling
      attempted fix for 132997.
      port to change in Calendar class.
      fix some krazy issues:
      replace QString::null
      General Cleanups:
      probable fix for #121650 to be included with KDE 3.5.5.
      another attempt to really fix bug 121650, this one is Ingo's suggestion.
      By default, forward will do forward->inline.
      forward port SVN commit 570894 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 571073 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 571100 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 571133 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 571253 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 571208 by winterz:
      start a plan to cleanup this library.
      do not complain about missing X11 stuff unless we are on UNIX.
      all macro_optional_find_package() calls should be followed by macro_log_feature().
      support Toronto.  another one of those missing timezones from libical.
      Fix old bug 66057: mails don't get marked (read etc.)
      forward port SVN commit 581934 by winterz:
      possible fix for the tooltip crash.
      Fix for inconsistent wording in "Edit Reminders" dialog.
      make sure the [Advanced] button is enabled if the incidence to be
      whoops.  forgot to disable again if advanced reminders are removed.
      forward port SVN commit 571372 by winterz:
      The Advanced Alarm editor fixes for bug 124506.
      remove the [Apply] button from the Advanced Reminder dialog.
      Can now trash a message from the message reader window.
      patch Christian's patch.
      Don't put the NavigatorBar label on when in "Full Month View" mode.
      Lots of changes to the Incidence viewer, including:
      When there is no folder pre-selected, the dialog will say
      A better fix, I think, for the "Duplicated year/month in month view header" BR.
      use the "appointment" icons for events.
      no, i will svn mv korganizer/pixmaps instead.
      move the korganizer pixmaps up one level.  they will now be installed in
      install pixmaps from kdepim/pixmaps.  no longer install kdepim/korganizer/pixmaps.
      Fix for "Refuse to LOGIN when hasCapability("LOGINDISABLED")"
      minor string capitalization.
      getting closer to untangling the korganizer <-> kdepim icons
      more icon cleanup.
      move around a few more pixmaps
      For consistency, put the "appointment" icon on Events in agenda and month views.
      fix missing icons on the menus.
      differentiate between a new and an existing "appointment" icon.
      a bit more icon cleanup.  use the "new" icons as appropriate.
      replace assert() with a return.
      George saves the day.  Thanks.
      fix my silly typos to Magnus' patch.  Lucky I tested.
      Fix for "kmail stops checking local mailbox"
      Solve the bug where the choices of sort fields and sort directions are
      Fix for "print on todo list does not sort by priority".
      Fix the bug where recurring events can be out of chronological order.
      Don't call QDate::currentDate() so much.  As Andre pointed out, these calls
      don't show "Today" as the starting date for multi-day events; use the actual
      Fix the isOverdue() method to better determine overdue to-dos.
      update KOrg's version number.
      forward port SVN commit 587425 by winterz:
      IncidenceBase::doesFloat() -> IncidenceBase::floats()
      Evil, memory eating bug killed.  I hope.
      forward port SVN commit 588663 by winterz:
      No longer crash if "Open in Addressbook" menu item is selected.
      greatly reduce memory leaking, according to valgrind.
      Import the calendar, by default.
      don't print the times associated with floating events or to-dos.
      Krazy changes
      Don't put on the appointment icon in the monthviewitems because it takes
      add Brazilian holidays, from Juliano Ferraz Ravasi
      forward port SVN commit 591471 by winterz:
      put ParserXsd into the RNG namespace, as is done for the ParserRelaxNg
      forward port SVN commit 571724 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 571824 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 571845 by kloecker:
      forward port SVN commit 572455 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 577218 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 579895 by kling:
      forward port SVN commit 584358 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 585458 by kling:
      forward port SVN commit 585468 by kling:
      forward port SVN commit 553786 by burghard:
      forward port SVN commit 572897 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 572899 by tilladam:
      change "a HTML" to "an HTML" in the comments and a couple config files
      forward port SVN commit 578481 by dkukawka:
      forward port SVN commit 578568 by dkukawka:
      forward port SVN commit 584801 by dkukawka:
      Fix the launching of KOrganizer.
      no categories.  thanks dfaure.
      forward port SVN commit 595238 by winterz:
      Fix Bug 108523: "empty trash" sometimes stays inactive.
      forward port SVN commit 596184 by winterz:
      Nick's patch for displaying Face-formatted pictures in the header that has been
      forward port SVN commit 596213 by winterz:
      remove tag references that seem to be causing problems.
      fix "the the" and "you you" in WhatsThis strings.
      forward port SVN commit 596885 by winterz:
      Fix so you can actually use to-do templates after you create them.
      forward port SVN commit 598910 by winterz:
      Fix a crash that happens when saving a message and then quickly deleting it.
      forward port SVN commit 598927 by winterz:
      Add a holidays for Greece.
      forward port SVN commit 599759 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 599759 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 600193 by bram:
      SVN commit 600770 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 600771 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 600917 by marten:
      forward port SVN commit 600917 by marten:
      Remove libkmime which has been moved into kdepimlibs
      no longer need the timezone checking in kdepim because it was only
      kmime -> ${KDE4_MIME_LIBS}
      make it compile. need to use KDateTime.
      merge SVN commit 602743 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 602743 by winterz:
      port SVN commit 603692 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 603692 by tilladam:
      forward port SVN commit 597351 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 597352 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 597512 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 597542 by winterz:
      add icons to the new menus
      Kontact Appointment and To-do Summary items now have a RMB context menu for
      forward port SVN commit 604038 by bram:
      Swedish holiday fixes from Bengt Ahlgren.  Thank you.
      forward port SVN commit 604200 by winterz:
      follow KMime changes.
      follow kmime changes.
      follow kmime changes.
      merge SVN commit 605088 by pradeepto:
      forward port SVN commit 605088 by pradeepto:
      remove direct calls to ical functions.
      fix some compile warnings
      Patch from Matt, fixes "when delivery-method is renamed this is not populated".
      forward port SVN commit 606743 by winterz:
      session management framework for Kontact plugins.
      forward port SVN commit 606761 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 601946 by mdouhan:
      I like this a little better for the -all option description.
      hide, so a KOrganizer entry doesn't end up in the Lost+Found menu.
      hide, so a KOrganizer entry doesn't end up in the Lost+Found menu.
      NoDisplay instead of Hidden.  thanks dfaure.
      NoDisplay. thanks dfaure.
      make sure that gpgpme is required on Unix.
      no longer rely on an enum from another library that exists for the sole
      merge SVN commit 600586 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 609681 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 609681 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 611541 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 611541 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 607989 by kainhofe:
      Add command line options to
      merge SVN commit 613283 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 613283 by winterz:
      merge revisions
      A big commit that contains many fixes to the KOrganizer printing subsystem
      merge SVN commit 612493 by kainhofe:
      Merge in the new KMail templates feature that allows you to
      SVN commit 597390 by dfaure:
      SVN commit 597481 by dfaure:
      merge SVN commit 597499 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 597910 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 599665 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 600801 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 602738 by marten:
      merge SVN commit 602871 by dmiceman:
      merge SVN commit 603269 by marten:
      merge SVN commit 603895 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 605252 by dmiceman:
      merge SVN commit 605280 by marten:
      merge SVN commit 611905 by kainhofe:
      merge SVN commit 613561 by dmiceman:
      merge everything remaining that has to do with the new templates features.
      some string cleanups.
      up the version number.
      Kontact should also have a "New from Template" menu option.
      merge SVN commit 603142 by dmiceman:
      Fix for "Reminders from outlook invites are set to unknown in exchange resources"
      forgot this as part of the fix for the exhange alarms.
      forgot to merge this in for the templates feature.
      very, very minor changes to keep 3.5.5+ and this branch in sync.
      minor doxy fix
      setting mDialog=0 in the class doesn't compile for me.
      Forward port all the printing changes from the 3.5 branch, including
      Forward port all the printing changes from the 3.5 branch, including
      a couple of changes recommended by krazy
      add the "kdepim" appdir to the list of paths searched for icons.
      forward port SVN commit 616465 by winterz:
      Add Print to the to-do RMB context menu.
      forward port SVN commit 616475 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 616160 by bram:
      forward port SVN commit 617026 by kainhofe:
      some krazy fixes
      Add a print button next to each journal entry.
      forward port SVN commit 617948 by winterz:
      hopefully fixes all the strange problems people encounter
      No longer need this, afaics.
      Fix for loading journals.
      forward port SVN commit 621721 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 622169 by kainhofe:
      no longer need this include either
      merge SVN commit 622169 by kainhofe:
      initial editor condition should say "No reminders configured".
      make sure both KOrg and the KOrg plugin can find the icons for the
      be smarter about setting default start time. patch from Bille.
      do not muck with the status of the time associated check box simply because
      don't automatically assume that the alarms should be disabled.
      clarify the message when MySQL/Embedded can't be found.
      forward port SVN commit 622997 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 623054 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 624187 by kainhofe:
      forward port SVN commit 623057 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 623078 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 624876 by bram:
      build and install handbooks
      make doxygen happy
      Put back this patch that got lost somewhere along the way.
      forward port SVN commit 626915 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 627092 by wstephens:
      somehow this part of the templates feature merge got lost
      Fix for the grave bug "kmail crash when I make a CTRL + J in inbox"
      merge SVN commit 627761 by winterz:
      mail_new is the name of the icon for "New Message.."
      Fix for "find journals doesn't display journal title".
      forward port SVN commit 628136 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 628168 by dfaure:
      Remove kitchensync, as discussed and decided on kde-pim ML.
      forward port SVN commit 630087 by tokoe:
      forward port SVN commit 628565 by adridg:
      continuation line somehow got removed. put it back.
      Ingo says to revert this.
      make it compile again.
      move TemplateParser into the KMail namespace.
      sideways port SVN commit 632398 by adridg:
      revert.  didn't mean to commit this.
      merge SVN commit 632089 by adridg:
      merge SVN commit 632062 by adridg:
      tell Krazy to skip over the scripts subdir
      this should be in kdepimlibs/kabc
      remove RCS tags which serve no purpose for us and make comparing
      remove RCS tags which serve no purpose for us and make comparing
      uncomment the print journal tooltip and whatsthis
      remove RCS tags
      Some Q3CString -> QByteArray changes from Mathias.
      porting fixes from Mathias.
      merge SVN commit r33972 by adridg
      merge SVN commit 634259 by kainhofe:
      backport all the various krazy and compile warning fixes from trunk.
      backport SVN commit 632687 by djarvie:
      forward port SVN commit 636159 by mkelder:
      merge SVN commit 637482 by winterz:
      minor, needed if removing gpgme packages after first configured.
      I think this now supports the QUIET and REQUIRED options
      I think this does the gpgme issue better now that the FindGPG.cmake is fixed.
      a bit better message for libXss
      min version is 0.19, according to pmarat.
      use the libkdepim DiffAlgo, per tokoe.
      put back kitchensync
      a little nicer
      Cmake discovery module for OpenSync and the OpenSync engine which will be required to build kitchensync.. once we add it here.  which will be soon.
      svn copied from branch to here. will not add to the top-level CMakeLists.txt
      svn copied from branch to here. will not add to the top-level CMakeLists.txt
      remove and create files
      prepare for kitchensync
      merge SVN commit 633860 by adridg:
      forward port SVN commit 633860 by adridg:
      fix bug "No Content-Description or name for opengpg signatures"
      forward port SVN commit 639771 by winterz:
      fix "deleting maildir does not delete associated .index.ids file"
      forward port SVN commit 639786 by winterz:
      create kabcclient.pot
      Krazy fixes
      const methods
      const methods and tiny style changes
      kpilot maintainers added.
      add a
      coolo was nice about it.  he didn't hurt me, or even yell.
      some minor pim-coding fixes.
      lots of pim-coding style fixes
      merge SVN commit 640981,640986 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 641029 by pradeepto:
      forward port SVN commit 640981,640986 by winterz:
      somehow this hadn't been forward ported yet.
      forward port SVN commit 640496 by pradeepto:
      white space
      forward port SVN commit 640533 by tokoe:
      changed Volkers address
      rfcdecoder is now called rfccodecs and lives in kdepimlibs/kimap library.
      use libs variables.
      Remove indexlib, and the KMail code that uses it.
      SVN commit 643330 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 643330 by winterz:
      follow kimap changes.
      backport SVN commit 643168 by coolo:
      restore missing file.
      fix style.
      forward port SVN commit 644105 by pradeepto:
      forward port SVN commit 641767 by dfaure:
      cleanup an unused variable.
      forward port SVN commit 644741 by coolo:
      merge SVN commit 644873 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 644877 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 644897 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 644903 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 644944 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 644945 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 645047 by coolo:
      merge commits 643365,645115,645236 by winterz
      forward port SVN commit 645242 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 645363 by wstephens:
      forward port SVN commit 645389 by wstephens:
      forward port SVN commit 645427 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 645446 by wstephens:
      bigtime forward port of coolo's kmail_debug_imap work branch.
      forward port SVN commit 645673 and 645680 by wstephens:
      forward port SVN commit 645708 by dfaure:
      forward port over Reinhold's extractRFC2231HeaderField() method.
      forward port SVN commit 645628 by pradeepto:
      follow K3Process -> KProcess changes
      follow K3Process -> KProcess
      follow K3Process -> KProcess and K3ProcIO -> KProcIO
      follow K3Process -> KProcess and K3ProcIO -> KProcIO
      follow K3Process -> KProcess and K3ProcIO -> KProcIO
      follow K3Process -> KProcess
      follow K3Process -> KProcess
      K3Process -> KProcess
      K3Process -> KProcess
      follow the changes for the new kpimutils lib
      remove linklocator
      emailfunctions -> kpimutils
      #ifdef __GNUC__ guards on #warnings
      re-license to LGPL, with permisson from Dave Corrie.
      use SpellingFilter from kpimutils
      has been moved to kpimutils
      use KSpellingFilter from kpimutils
      use the isValidAddressList() from the kpimutils lib
      forward port 647530 and 647542 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 647617 by kloecker:
      forward port SVN commit 647565 by coolo:
      merge SVN commit 647565 by coolo:
      removed the old in preparation for the new
      new zoneinfo files and the tools to generate them.
      rewrite Bille's SVN commit 645830 to be a little more concise.
      forward port SVN commit 645830 by wstephens and 649046 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 648597 by kloecker:
      merge SVN commit 649186 by coolo:
      merge merge SVN commit 649186 by coolo:
      port to new KFontChooser
      KEditToolBar port
      follow KEditToolBar changes
      thanks aseigo.
      follow the kresources changes
      merge SVN commit 649442 by winterz:
      same code, but written slightly differently to match we I did in branch.
      Patch from Thomas McGuire for KMail crashing when pressing space.
      remove, per tokoe and vkrause
      remove ksync, per tokoe
      forward port SVN commit 650853 by dfaure:
      merge SVN commit 647870 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 647870 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 649602 by coolo:
      merge SVN commit 650971 by winterz:
      more crash guards.
      Fix kmail crash when creating index
      forward port SVN commit 650987 by winterz:
      merge in Albert's patch from SVN commit 630238 that allows dragging of images (from ksnapshot)
      forward port SVN commit 651174 by winterz:
      follow kresources changes.
      follow ktnef changes
      merge SVN commit 652926 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 652926 by coolo:
      forward port SVN commit 653042 by binner:
      backport SVN commit 652937 by dfaure:
      merge SVN commit 633276 by winterz:
      forward port  Make KMail remember the SMTP password.
      forward port SVN commit 653900 by wstephens:
      scrubbing, indenting, styling.
      Fix "Working days views won't follow the configured work days"
      forward port SVN commit 654061 by winterz:
      Merge from pim+ i.e,
      forward port SVN commit 633861 by adridg:
      merge SVN commit 633713 by adridg:
      forward port SVN commit 633713 by adridg:
      add Ukrainian national holidays
      add Ukranian national holidays.
      make flex generate code that compiles without any warnings.
      forward port some changes to parseholiday.y from the 3.5 branch.
      fix use proper error handler to show kabc errors
      forward port SVN commit 655461 by winterz:
      compiler warnings--
      update by running a more modern bison
      fix and re-generate from modern bison.
      Support Pascha (Orthodox Easter) in holidays files.
      forward port the pascha implementation.
      cleanup code and fixup some layout issues.
      1. Follow the KDE4 Application Toolbar Specs as published on seele's blog
      comment out the backtrace. there's enough already printed to my konsole window that I can't make sense of.
      Create Mark as Spam/Ham actions.
      change "Mark as Spam/Ham" to "Classify as Spam/Ham"
      cleanup the composer toolbar.
      scrubbing, cleaning, some krazy fixes, some deprecated fixes.
      Put a license header on for the GPL.
      Fix the FSF address.
      put on the GPL header. the code was already GPL licensed.
      more GPL headers for Marc's code, which was already so licensed.
      put on the standard GPL license header, as approved by Heiko and Thorsten.
      add standard GPL header, with permission from Stefan.
      qMax, not QMAX.
      remove executable-ness
      use KUrl instead of QUrl.
      a bunch of easy Krazy fixes
      port the signature configuration dialog from uic3 to uic4.
      some cleaning
      the ui files are created by designer4.
      misc small changes I had laying around.  mostly kDebug() statements.
      forward port of a bug fix from Adriaan several months back.
      Not used anywhere so I removed it.
      remove these.  they are unused and we don't want to waste time converting to ui4.
      remove. I think we know how to use kconfig stuff by now.
      port ui3 to ui4
      put a copy of kabc2mutt here, co-located with the other console tools
      kabc subdir is gone
      a very few minor things found by Krazy
      forward port SVN commit 659645 by wstephens:
      fix "attendee in CC-field are missing from an invitation if the own email address could not be found".
      forward port SVN commit 659861 by winterz:
      cleaning, scrubbing, and some minor Krazy fixes.
      cleaning, scrubbing, and Krazy fixes
      fix for "MultiPart message plain/text body encoding" bug
      forward port SVN commit 660183 by winterz:
      scrubbing and cleaning
      QString::latin1() -> QString::toLatin1()
      fix minor typo in trunk, but can't fix in the 3.5 branch at this time
      lots and lots of cleaning.
      Fix sending invitations to Outlook users.
      forward port SVN commit 661190 by kloecker:
      stripWhiteSpace() => trimmed()
      forward port SVN commit 661269 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 661525 by tstaerk:
      minor fixes for tstaerk's "Users want a subject that states if the invitation has been accepted" patch.  Already forward ported.
      pimemoticons.kcfg was moved into kdepimlibs/kpimutils
      follow CalFilter changes (new names for Criteria enums).
      unused varaible--
      pilot-link v0.12 or above is required.
      clean lint
      apparently, we need to include(CheckIncludeFiles) sometimes.
      force fetching/display of text/calendar mime part, especially for meeting
      forward port SVN commit 665790 by winterz:
      give the copyright and license
      stupid me.
      add an ending newline
      forward port SVN commit 666958 by mueller:
      use the ${KDE4_MAILTRANSPORT_LIBS} variable
      Remove the separate kabc2mutt program.
      install kabcclient also as kabc2mutt.
      forward port SVN commit 662660 by tstaerk:
      Welcome Home KMobileTools!
      a bit better macro_log_messages
      the syndication lib was moved to kdepimlibs long ago,
      move KORGANIZER_EXPORT to korganizer-export.h
      move KPGP_EXPORT stuff to libkpgp_export.h
      move KLEO_EXPORT definition to libkleo_export.h
      move KSIEVE_EXPORT define to libksieve_export.h
      move the AKREGATOR_EXPORT define to akregator_export.h
      move KGROUPWAREBASE_EXPORT and KGROUPWAREDAV_EXPORT to kgroupware_export.h
      Remove KODE_SCHEMA_EXPORT define because it wasn't used anywhere.
      Remove KXMLCOMMON_EXPORT define because it is already defined in kode_export.h
      move the QGPGME_EXPORT define into qgpgme_export.h
      merge SVN commit 668569 by kloecker:
      AKONADI_EXPORT and friends moved into either akonadi_export.h or
      move the KHOLIDAYS_EXPORT define to kholidays_export.h fixes
      Now we finally have 1, united kdepim_export, for the use
      fix up some _EXPORTs
      don't use KDEPIM_EXPORT here.  Use KFILE_PLUGINS_EXPORT.
      Hope this doesn't cause problems..
      change version to 390
      change the version number to 390
      lower version number to 390
      change version to 390
      change version to 390
      change version to 390
      change version to 390
      change version to 390
      change version to 390
      Copy some useful stuff over from the libkholidays_ng library
      relicense my code from GPL+Qt exception to LGPL.
      no longer build libkholidays_ng.
      fix so the tests are created the right way
      much better lunarphase testing
      up copyright year
      mnemonic enums
      Fix bug "Rebuilding index files breaks "subject threading" for existing messages"
      forward port Revision 672014 by winterz
      use X11_Xscreensaver_* instead of X11_Xss_*
      check for sys/cdefs.h in the buildsystem.
      style fixes, copyright date update, krazy fixes.
      change license to LGPL.
      initial rewrite.  needs work.
      change the "correct" phases to those found at
      Jason says hemisphere is irrelevant to the moon phase.
      find libkpimidenties_export.h
      Fix bug "SASL Authentication fails if another client of sasl is loaded"
      forward port SVN commit 674932 by winterz:
      make the commit identical to what was in the patch and what I forward ported.
      no longer use relative paths to the images
      remove the useless testValidity() check
      cleanup a bit and put everything into the LibKHolidays namespace.
      follow libkholidays change for KHolidays in LibKHolidays namespace.
      remove deprecated methods: getHoliday(), shortText() and category()
      de-inline itemAdded() and itemChanged().
      For one, brief, shining moment KOrganizer is 100% Krazy free.
      KMenu::insertItem() -> KMenu::addAction()
      remove unneccessary KDE_EXPORT
      move the kdemacros include to the source file that needs it.
      include searchability
      follow the new way of doing the exports.
      Remove unnecessary KDE_EXPORTS... at least I'm pretty sure they aren't needed.
      no self() necessary.
      fix plugin building
      KWindowSystem::setMainWindow() is available on all platforms, according
      KWindowSystem::setState() and ::setOnAllDesktops are available on all platforms,
      go to a lot of extra effort simply to keep this silly little test program.
      add __GNUC__ guards on the #warnings
      - follow renaming file-plugins -> strigi-analyzer.
      minor, to make krazy happy.
      rename main.cpp to groupwaremain.cpp, which is consistent with the other wizards.
      lots of little Krazy fixes
      exports, the "new way"
      KWindowSystem::minimizeWindow() and ::forceActiveWindow() look
      KWindowSystem::setIcons() seems to be available on all platforms now.
      __GNUC__ guards for the #warning directive
      remove ifdefs around KWindowSystem calls that should be portable now.
      remove. this isn't used anymore.
      libkholidays_ng has been moved back into playground/pim.
      copy the "next generation" design doc here.
      Relicense from GPL to LGPL.
      use variables for the lib versioning
      gpgmepp and qgpgme have been moved into kdepimlibs
      use ${KDE4_FOO_LIBS} variables instead of hardcoded libs names
      rearrange includes
      Krazy fixes:
      semantic messages!
      handle the situation where strigi was built without indexing support.
      fix. not sure how it ever worked.
      a few more minor style changes to conform to our standard.
      reorder 1 include, making Krazy happy.
      Not used. hasn't been used for a long, long time.
      Nope, this doesn't need any kpgp headers.
      Move the kpgp library back to kdepim from kdepimlibs.
      fix templates for forwarding do not work with inline mails
      forward port SVN commit 685749 by winterz:
      include treeviewheadercontextmenu.moc, not treeviewheadercontextmenu.cpp.moc
      remove kde4_automoc()
      remove kde4_automoc()
      remove holiday.cpp and us.cpp
      tests not ready either
      lint cleanup
      change the preprocessor conditionals to shutup all the warning messages.
      rename libkleo_export.h to kleo_export.h, and stop installing it multiple
      add a comment that this Plasmoid should be moved into kdeaddons, when possible.
      install the library as libkleo-gpl
      I think the kleo lib needs to be linked against the Qt3 Support libs
      follow the libkleo changes
      fix header
      don't check the license in kleo.
      remove include for non-existant config.h
      remove include for non-existent config.h
      more Krazy fixes, mostly removing config.h, and making explicit ctors.
      make sure we also have a kabc2mutt.po file, since there
      easter -> pascha
      forward port SVN commit 689004 by winterz:
      Fix Reminders for imported birthdays from KAdressbook don't work as expected
      forward port SVN commit 689074 by winterz:
      rename incidence methods doesFloat() to floats() and doesRecur() to recurs().
      fix includes.  seems that kleo_export.h has been moved down one level.
      backport SVN commit 694312 by adridg:
      follow the Incidence changes for the Secrecy enum.
      don't install headers.
      use the logging macro
      fix the following bugs:
      forward port SVN commit 696980 by winterz:
      fix include path
      forward port SVN commit 684042 by cartman:
      forward port SVN commit 695469 by hasso:
      forward port SVN commit 695474 by hasso:
      Replace with a new set of Slovak holidays from Michal Vančo
      updated, from Michal Vančo
      minor spelling and contraction fixes.
      replace contractions
      Fix Till's commit:
      Move the glib check out from FindOpensync.cmake and use the
      minor fixes recommended by desktop-file-validate.
      lots of cleanups courtesy 'desktop-file-validate'
      Rename incidence methods floats() to allDay() and setFloats() to AllDay()
      update to tzdata version g
      Proper namespacing in KAccount, KSubscription and AlarmClient.
      KPrefsDialog changes:
      Proper namespacing in KScoring and KScoringEditor classes.
      Move KFolderTree into the KPIM namespace.
      minor formatting, explictness changes
      Remove the OpenGroupware ioslave, per Cornelius.
      remove QUtf7Codec, as it isn't used anywhere.
      follow kcal changes, especially the move of HTMLExportSettings into the
      Move kioslaves from kdepim to kdepimlibs.
      Finish the move of ResourceABC to kdepimlibs/kabc.
      remove. it isn't being used anywhere.
      Put into the KPIM namespace
      follow KAddrbookExternal move into the KPIM namespace.
      rename the files to match the name of the class they contain.
      follow the kaddrbook.h -> kaddrbookexternal.h rename
      move into the KPIM namespace
      follow KConfigWizard and KConfigPropagator into the KPIM namespace.
      remove KPimUrlRequesterDlg because it wasn't being used anywhere
      move into the KPIM namespace
      move into the KPIM namespace
      follow KIncidenceChooser into the KPIM namespace.
      move from the KRecentAddresses namespace to the KPIM namespace.
      follow the move of RecentAddresses into the KPIM namespace.
      move into the KPIM namespace
      follow KVCardDrag into the KPIM namespace.
      move into the KPIM namespace.
      follow KWidgetLister into the KPIM namespace.
      move KPimPrefs into the KPIM namespace
      follow KPimPrefs move into the KPIM namespace
      move into the KPIM namespace.
      follow KResourcePrefs into to the KPIM namespace.
      move from Sonnet into KPIM namespace
      move into the KPIM namespace
      follow the KDateEdit, KTimeEdit and KDatePickerPopup into the KPIM namespace.
      move into the KPIM namespace.
      follow KMedit classes into the KPIM namespace.
      no need to globally define HAVE_CONFIG and no need for this files
      fix compile when KDEPIM_NEW_DISTRLISTS is defined
      forward port SVN commit 713487 by tokoe:
      updates for kde4
      fix typo for KDE4. can't fix for 3.5.8 due to the string freeze.
      fix a typo
      fix typo
      Fix bug "The application kmail crashes after startup. Which makes it impossible to access old and new mail."
      forward port SVN commit 715297 by winterz:
      these are unit tests, not executable tests.
      add holidays for Argentina.
      forward port SVN commit 717082 by winterz:
      Fix bug "Free/Busy information not renerated for recurring events with end date after fb-period"
      remove networkstatus, per Bille.
      keep the tooltip text as it was -- i.e. previous/next month/year
      fix the "Month Year" title
      increase the version number from "4.0 alpha1" to "4.0 beta3".
      Cornelius and Reinhold are shown as "Former Maintainers".
      Big batch of improvements to the toolbar and the toplevel menus.
      cleaning and code styling
      Port to the new way of printing for KDE4
      I have no idea why we were installing these headers.
      make the individual print type config pages a little nicer.
      put a strecher under the radio buttons.
      Fix the month title and make sure it is centered.
      the name of the event icon is "appointment", not "event".
      coding style cleanup
      minor changes to the text for the Go menu
      coding style cleaning
      orientationlabel aligned right, so it is nearby to the associated pulldown.
      fix the header label
      add configChanged() signal
      remove empty Path= line
      add a Name= line
      cruft cleaning
      scrubbing, coding style fixes.
      put back tooltips for the to-dos
      make sure the toolbar Undo text always says "Undo".
      update to tzdata version h
      AFAIT, version 0.33 is the minimum version that kitchensync will compile against.
      Undo (action) => Undo: action
      scrubbing and coding style fixes.
      make tooltips work.
      bltBit is deprecated.
      the todo view group is called "Todo View", not "Todo Layout".
      obey the user preference for displaying tooltips
      cleanup the month selector menu.
      add acceptProposedAction() to the dragEnterEvent() handler
      clean up the dnd menu
      fix print icon on the RMB menu
      include KVBox -> include kvbox.h, just for the sake of consistency.
      whoops, forgot to set the version to 3.5.8 for the K
      fix name of icon for attachment.
      use new icon name of "mail-queue"
      provide a valid date for QDateTime defaults, in the case where these are values
      use the new timeline icon
      reduce the debug noise
      - Port from KLibFactory to KPluginFactory
      Eliminate the "QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to MonthViewCell "", which already has a layout" warnings.
      fixup some icons and titles
      minor change to the "enable tooltips.." configuration option text.
      cleanup some superfluous kDebugs, or move them into the correct debugarea.
      port yet-another IMAP bugfix from the enterprise branch.
      forward port SVN commit 732431 by winterz:
      use the new debug area.
      minor coding style fixes
      provide icons that exist.  I put in a missing icons request for better ones.
      lower case "Year" to "year" for consistency with all the other print options.
      remove the "lib" prefix from the plugins
      I think korganizer_configgroupautomation.desktop was renamed to korganizer_configgroupscheduling.desktop, so don't try to load it.
      follow the rename of the korganizerpart plugin.
      fix double-click brings up the resource editor
      minor style fixes
      give the html editor buttons tooltips
      misc coding style cleanups
      coding style fixes
      style fixes
      style fixes
      First pass at porting to QListWidget and QListWidgetItem from Q3stuff.
      give non-Incidences (like Holidays) a tooltip too.
      draw the incidences again, with icons and colors
      beautify the monthview layout.  still not really what I want ideally.
      ensure incidences in chronological order
      deleting seems to work now.
      make sure add, delete, edit all redraw properly.
      fix a few icons and simply the toolbar a bit.
      attempt to make the contact's pictures look a bit clearer.
      moved into playground/pim
      no longer needed
      prettier cells
      toImage() fixes.
      fix Debian bug "confuses relative paths containing a slash with remote URL"
      backport SVN commit 735805 by winterz
      remove the "lib" prefix from most of the kdepim plugins.
      remove the "lib" prefix from the plugin name.
      remove the "lib" prefix from the plugin name.
      remove the "lib" prefix from the plugin name
      remove the "lib" prefix from the plugin name
      remove the "lib" from the komposer plugin name
      adhere to new icon naming scheme
      fix vcard handling with imap.
      fix vcard handling with imap.
      remove "lib" prefix from akonadi_serializer plugins
      I don't think you want the lib prefix here.
      fix icons
      various fixes:
      various fixes:
      fix "Wrong sentence in Antivirus wizard"
      tiny, minor string change.
      use an existing icon
      FiNeX's fix for the SMIME configuration dialog layout.
      don't allow the user to remove the timezone if we only have 1 timezone.
      X-KDE-DocPath => X-DocPath
      From "Jérémy Compostella":
      minor formatting
      minor formatting
      give the new sms an icon
      From "Jérémy Compostella":
      From "Jérémy Compostella":
      Patch from Jérémy Compostella:
      setSource(const QString &) => setSource(const QUrl &)
      rearrange so it isn't so huge vertically
      do not allow the configured timezone to be removed.  the user should only be permitted
      unused variable warnings--
      potential crash guard
      remove the KORG_NODBUS conditional compiles so we can start actually working on the D-Bus stuff for the EventViewer.
      Fix D-Bus calls for editing and showing incidences.
      >> rc.cpp
      add context to a few i18n messages.
      Fix "Edit categories" dialog opens in background.
      replace a contraction in a whatsthis text.
      fix i18n malformed markup
      i18n message context.
      fix up a messy i18n string
      modality is configurable now
      set CategoryEditDialog modality to 'true'.  I think it works better this way.
      remove empty icons subdir
      fix a malformed markup in an i18n string.
      use a variable for the kcal libraries
      Do not connect KStandardAction::quit() to QApplication::quit()
      Do not connect KStandardAction::quit() to QApplication::quit()
      rename kmobiletoolslib to kmobiletoolsprivate, which is our custom.
      future-proof the check for qgpgme.
      comment out the experimental openChange resource
      use the variable for the kldap lib
      lots of places use a slot called setDateTime(QDateTime&,QDateTime&), so provide one.
      fix SLOT.
      rename the korganizer library to korganizerprivate.
      use the GENERIC variables to set the the library versioning for libqopensync and kitchensyncprivate.
      don't add the nepomukfeeder subdir if Nepomuk isn't available.
      move the macro_log_feature() out of here.
      add the macro_log_feature for Opensync
      move the MySQL check into the akonadi/server/CMakeLists.txt, because that's where its used.
      follow the kcal library changes.
      minor style fixes and kDebug() message cleaning.
      doSave(bool,Incidence*) to make the overloaded-virtual warnings go away.
      the icon is called "mail-forward", not "mail_forward".
      replace up/downindicator icons with arrow-up/down-double
      fix "Send as iCalendar" crashes korganizer
      fix a couple accelerators that were duplicated
      fix check for us-ascii in decodeRFC2047String
      Fix "korganizer crash deleting multiple categories"
      whoops! forgot to commit this with the "Send as iCalendar" doesn't work bugfix.
      fix i18n message
      give context to a i18n message
      KUIT and context to i18n messages
      nit. QCA2 not QCA.
      use the newfangled way of setting the debug area, as invented by marc.
      lots of i18n message context and KUIT.
      full KUIT and context for koeventdetails
      i18n context
      KUIT and context for i18n messages.
      better KUIT
      KUIT and context for i18n messages.
      KUIT and context for i18n messages.
      KUIT and context for i18n messages.
      a truckload of KUIT and context for i18n messages.
      KUIT and context for a few i18n messages
      Fix bug "Duplicate folders when collapsing imap folder"
      define the default debug area.
      another truckload of KUIT and context i18n messages.
      use existing, pretty icons
      use existing, pretty icons
      minor comment removal
      more icon tweaking, with jpetso's help.
      use kiconeffect to create the disabled version of the icon.
      no longer needed.
      add a comment
      by default, put the views toolbar on the right side of the app.
      put the view toolbar back on the top orientation,
      fix crash reported by dirk.
      prevent a possible crash when printing to-do
      fix "korganizer crash deleting new filters"
      code style cleaning
      fix a few icons
      Change easter to pascha
      forward port: change easter to pascha
      lots of little Krazy fixes: spelling; TRUE=>true; FALSE=>false; pass-by-ref;
      include file fixes, mostly re-ordering.  but I did find some places
      KWindowSystem::setIcons() is available on all supported platforms.
      don't run Krazy on mimelib.
      use our portable KDE_mkdir() instead of conditional compiles for ::mkdir().
      make Krazy happy with the Q_OS_LINUX conditional compile
      use portable KDE_rename() instead of ::rename()
      use the portable KDE_mkdir instead of doing conditional compiles
      "Akregator is an feed reader..." => "Akregator is a feed reader..."
      copy the Planner summary view from the old kdepim-3.5.5+ feature branch.
      give Planner a CMakeLists.txt file.
      this is the result after running qt3to4.
      this is the result of running
      support Qt3 stuff
      make it compile.
      desktop spec:
      ported, well it compiles.
      partially ported. still doesn't compile.
      hey, it compiles ok now!
      don't need this
      build the Planner summary.
      make a working kcm.
      Based on a patch from Filip Brcic, give konsolekalendar the ability
      icon fixes.
      make the config dialog show up
      put options in a grid so the dialog looks less hideous.
      make the individual summary headers look nice again
      match icon to the one used in the appointment summary
      Mischa's patch that ".. resolves the annoyance that the mail-viewer looks
      the arguments to i18n
      remove duplicate include kvbox.h
      pass const QString refs
      Ingo's patch to make cached imap local subscription work for top-level folders.
      Fix porting bug where clearing Custom Templates would crash.
      The toolbar icon for "Create Tasks/Reminders" is too long.
      whoops! I meant to only change the Create Task/Reminder icon text.
      Rename "Create Task" to "Create To-do".
      fix some porting errors.
      QMIN() -> qMin().
      fix iconnames
      fix style and re-arrange some include files
      minor coding style fixes
      increase the version number for KDE 3.5.9
      increase version number.
      getenv() -> qgetenv()
      whoops, qgetenv() returns a QByteArray and not a QString.
      fseek -> KDE_fseek()
      use a descriptive name, rather then the application name.
      minor coding style fixes for merges and patches that have been committed recently.
      fixups for the default monthview font setting
      fix the kaddressbook icon.
      full KUIT.
      minor coding style fixes
      minor coding style fixes
      boost needs to be able to throw exceptions or we get linker errors.
      cleanup.  I think akonadi/CMakeLists.txt could be reduced even further.
      don't put the kalarm daemon in the menus
      knode plugin doesn't load on startup and doesn't have a summary.
      fix deprecated ways of doing things found by Krazy.
      KUIT and i18n context
      coding style fixes
      Krazy fixes:
      coding style fixes
      give the Attendee::Completed option an icon.  although we need a better one
      the signatures for readEvent() and writeEvent() now take Incidences not Events
      QComboBox -> KComboBox
      KUIT and message context
      coding style fixes
      compile warnings--
      KUIT and message context
      remove unnecessary includes
      coding style fixes
      KUIT and i18n context
      replace includes with forward class declarations.
      coding style fixes.
      KUIT and message context.
      includes replaced by forward declarations
      coding style fixes.
      KUIT and i18n context
      forward declarations instead of includes
      KUIT and i18n context
      i18n context
      i18n context
      i18n context
      i18n context
      i18n context
      cleanup kDebugs
      provide a FreeBusy visitor for CanDeleteIncidenceVisitor.
      fixes found by Marc, like using qDeleteAll()
      cleanup kDebug() statements
      Journal does have an assignment operator now, so we can compile in
      cleanup kDebug()
      kDebug() cleaning
      minor coding style
      kDebug() cleaning
      minor coding style fixes
      kDebug() cleaning
      kDebug() cleaning
      kDebug() cleaning
      kDebug() cleaning
      create and use our own config.h, which makes us more self-contained
      the sys/poll check is now in libkgpg
      move the SIZEOF_UNSIGNED_LONG check into config-libksieve.h
      move the SIZEOF_LONG check to config-akregator.h
      First use of the new kdepim-compat.h.
      fix --enable-final build
      kDebug() cleaning
      lots of kDebug() cleaning.
      do the kdebug check
      kDebug() cleaning.
      kDebug() cleaning
      kDebug() cleaning.
      kDebug() cleaning.
      updates due to daylight savings time changes -- provided by Miles Leonard-Taylor
      backport SVN commit 778093 by winterz:
      eliminate config.h
      INDEXLIB has been gone for a long time.
      backport SVN commit 778234 by thiago:
      fix copy+paste error
      wave bye-bye to ConfigureChecks.cmake
      first part of patch to fix compile with --enable-final
      compile with --enable-final, part 2
      finally solve the hellish can't build with enable-final bug.
      Krazy fixes for:
      pass QString by const ref to insertSignature()
      Less ugly (no casts), same effect.
      we now have a FreeBusy assignment operator, so enable the compilation
      fix an i18n() call
      ignore kdgantt and kdgantt1
      groupwise seems to have been abandoned... or, at the very least not ported
      fix coding style, mostly from Bruno's last commit.
      add visitors for Journal and FreeBusy to inhibit hidden virtuals warnings.
      rename Element::pixmap() to Element::newPixmap() to eliminate
      follow the Element::pixmap() -> Element::newPixmap() rename
      follow the Element::pixmap() rename to Element::newPixmap()
      minor coding style changes
      fix coding style issues, mainly indenting, removing tabs.. that sort of thing.
      Q3VBoxLayout -> QVBoxLayout
      fix target_link_libraries() so linking actually works now.
      style fixes
      explicit ctor
      make sizeHint() return a value
      yes, use a KComboBox instead of a QComboBox
      provide a Name value, to make the desktop validator happy.
      minor coding style
      remove. I have no idea what this was used for, and it isn't even installed.
      send nepomuk-rcgen stdout and stderr into the blackhole
      sorry, stdout is needed.
      add KDE_signal definition
      use kdepim-compat.h to define KDE_signal, if necessary.
      Krazy fixes for single char QStrings better written as a QChar.
      explicit ctors
      KUIT and context for i18n messages.
      tell Krazy not to attempt validating, as they aren't true desktop files
      spelling fixes++, contractions--
      clean-up some copyright lines.
      tell Krazy not to validate, as not true desktop files that follow the spec.
      use the korgac icon
      remove the krazy excludeall directive; instead, I am making the Krazy checker smarter.
      use a variable instead of hard-coding the "kmime" library
      remove. not sure what this was used for.
      remove this. it isn't useful.
      don't install the interface headers.
      explicit ctors
      spelling fixes
      i18n context and KUIT
      use a KComboBox instead of a QComboBox, for that KDE look-and-feel
      remove FindAkonadi.cmake -> if you have kdepimlibs, then you have
      clear the PluginList in readConfig()
      re-arrange some headers
      lots of cleanups and fixes:
      New option: if [General]->ShowReminderDaemon is false,
      add a new tab for System Tray settings in the General settings page.
      QTabWidgets -> KTabWidgets
      fix checkable options on the menu
      more explicit menu items strings
      fix layout of the systray page
      remove some unused code, and do some general cleaning of namespaces
      can now tell korgac to hide/show itself using D-Bus
      korgac is a "Reminder" daemon, not an "Alarm" daemon, so rename
      follow the alarmclient to reminderclient rename.
      implement reminder daemon hide/show setting.
      add a note that the reminder daemon will continue running even if
      minor coding style changes
      explicit ctor
      minor KUIT
      coding style
      remove leading underscores from include guard macros.
      remove leading/trailing underscores from include guard macros
      give the Move Here menu item the "edit-rename" icon.
      fix finding the icon for the systray
      minor coding style fixes
      no need to install the testlib library
      remove CACHE settings
      remove the typedef for t4_i32 as it isn't needed and can cause build problems.
      Provide holidays for Belgium in Dutch, French, and Walloon.
      backport SVN commit 798114 by winterz:
      continue compile fix for mips64
      forward port SVN commit 798535 by winterz:
      provide tooltips for the KConfigXT widgets.
      Revert tooltips implementation
      Pass an icon name, and not a QPixmap to Summary::createHeader().
      make the Kontact Introduction work again.
      fix the background role
      Don't filter out ldapkio resources for the auto-completion.
      port SVN commit r800168 by ervin:
      add some icons to the help menu
      add an icon for the KMail Introduction help menu item
      port r800615 by ervin
      fix exec:/switch from the Kontact Intro
      revert this itty-bitty change, because I'm not sure yet if
      minor cleaning.. remove commented out code and some other cruft.
      set default debug areas by macro
      add a dependency check for Soprano before Nepomuk.
      Put Back the Synchronize button.
      clean kdebug calls
      kdebug cleaning
      replace some includes with forwarding classes and remove some
      remove redundant find_package for the KdepimLibs
      kdebug cleaning
      i18n message context
      Port Qt3 and K3 listwidget stuff to Qt4 QTreeWidget stuff
      include header cleanup, forwarding classes
      new invitationBar() method
      fix build
      fix build
      add a debug statement for failed plugin loading in loadPlugins().
      a tiny bit of i18n message context
      my own header first.
      minor coding style
      minor coding style fixes, like remove trailing whitespace
      fix the timespec for recurring events
      reorder header inclusion
      reorder header inclusion
      pass the KAboutData to the factory so it can be accessed later,
      return a reference to the AboutData
      re-work KAboutData and use it in the factory so it can be found in Kontact.
      port detecting if the component is part of Kontact.
      minor apidox fixes.
      replace deprecated smallIconSet()
      KIconLoader::SmallSize instead of KIconLoader::Small
      create aboutdata for the factory
      kweather doesn't work any more; so, we disable the summary plugin until
      port from enterprise SVN commit 805701 by vkrause:
      set whatsthis for some widgets not set in the .kcfg file
      fix spelling, seperately -> separately
      ah, finally found out why the kmobiletools plugin wasn't being built for kontact.
      I see no reason to keep this test code around.
      correct and extend Ukrainian Holidays, from Andriy and Oleg
      forward port SVN commit 808443 by winterz:
      make ctor explicit
      fix aboutdata when embedded into Kontact
      Move kontact/interfaces into its own kontactinterfaces library.
      tell Krazy to check coding style and kdebug
      minor style formatting
      minor coding style
      add entries for kjots.
      add kdeui to the DOXYGEN_REFERENCES
      Remove this file since its only purpose was to skip groupwise.
      remove the "GroupWise is disabled" message
      clean up header inclusion
      patch from FiNeX that fixes new filters clearing the list of existing filters.
      silence a hidden virtual warning
      Fix "korganizer crash deleting multiple categories"
      don't build akonadiconsole unless we have xsltproc, becuase then
      micro QString optimization that ossi reminded me about..
      another micro-optimization
      no longer need to check for XSLTPROC_EXECUTABLE as the generated files
      we don't need to check for all the libxslt development package.
      due to popular demand, make sure that the doc subdirs
      fix some includes
      explicit ctor
      spelling errors--
      fix include guards
      remove, in preparation for upgrading
      version tzdata2008b
      cmake -> automake
      Give dfaure the copyright and license according to distributionlist.h
      change the copyright format to adhere to our policy -- but no copyright change.
      Give tokoe the copyright on addreseediffalgo.h since he already owns
      As this code was licensed as "GPL", we insert our
      port SVN commit 810237 by pradeepto:
      various micro optimizations that Krazy found for single char QStrings
      various micro optimizations that Krazy found for single char QStrings
      various micro optimizations that Krazy found for single char QStrings
      fix server icon. thanks lemma
      fix icon "message_reply" -> "message-reply-all".  thanks again lemma
      fix <html>reminder spec</html> being shown in the offset column.
      move the cursor to the top of the message for reply-to-all
      When editing an existing incidence, show the name of the calendar
      adjust size properly to contents. so we no longer have the leftmost integer
      fix the "days from now" calcution by copying the dateDiff() method
      no longer install the headers publically.
      use QPalette in conjunction with background/foreground Roles and
      follow new behavior in KDE3 by putting the %CURSOR at the
      change the copyright date in the KAboutData from 2001-2004 to 2001-2008
      while I'm thinking of it, increase the version number for the next beta release.
      enable optional build for the docs subdir
      Don't use the DESTINATION keyword with ${INSTALL_TARGETS_DEFAULT_ARGS}
      set the font to the user's general font from the global system settings.
      set the "Summary for" and Date header fonts to the global general font.
      set the default font for all the summary content to the global general font.
      add 2008 to dfaure's copyright year
      Fix "Completed information in the tooltip of completed items shows unconverted HTML entities
      whoops, keep the bug number for one of the steps in the test plan.
      remove the hack that cleaned up the "&nbsp;" from the toolTipString()
      clean stuff that has been moved to other modules
      added an entry for kitchensync and made Tobias the maintainer.
      added a project()
      camelCase headers
      tell Krazy to do some extra checks here and to skip the yacc/lex generated files
      include guard
      escape <,>,& in non-richtext summaries
      reduce the number of currentDate calculations -- move 1 calculation
      fix signals so saving configuration works again.
      fix signals show saving configuration works again
      escape <,>,& in summaries, if necessary
      fix, but I need help from someone who knows Qt designer
      write "overdue" in red
      add some logic to enable/disable the custom days spinbox, depending
      aseigo's beautifications. Thanks Aaron!
      As we agreed on the kde-pim ML and or #kontact, we disable the following:
      fix the get hot new stuff configuration so at least the import->get hot new stuff
      RangerRick says we don't need to check for Carbon in these modules.
      remove some crufy #warnings
      init() before the ActionManager is initialized.
      Raphael's new sidebar port to Qt4 itemviews.
      icon name fixes
      fix iconnames
      fix running kjots standalone killing kontact.
      port newInstance() to DBus interface.
      Add UniqueAppHandler support (but it doesn't work correctly yet).
      disable the newsticker summary plugin.
      it might help the newstickerplugin if it had the correct version.
      I don't see any reason to keep a KDE 3.2 version of the akregator plugin.
      change the weight so feeds shows up under to-do list, but above usenet.
      fix KJots "about" data when embedded into Kontact.
      not "context", but "comment" property
      minor style changes (line length <= 100)
      change weight for the config too
      Use "Popup Notes" instead of "Notes" in some places to avoid confusion
      use the same weight as the plugin so the config (if we ever get it working)
      cleanup Weights
      use the icons suggested by jpetso.
      change iconnames to those suggested by jpetso.
      I double-checked with Chusslove, and indeed context= is correct for .rc files.
      disable the openchange resource again.
      fix my last commit where I broke menus and toolbar.
      look only in ${BIN_INSTALL_DIR} for nepomuk-rcgen, so we are sure to
      notifications when kmail is a kontact component should work now.
      fix notifications dialog when akregator is a kontact component.
      The plasmobiff plasmoid has been moved into playground/base, per vkrause.
      remove commented-out plasmobiff add_subdirectory().
      Give the Date widgets useful default values, else the width of KDateEdit's
      Put the start datetime and end datetime widgets side-by-side, rather
      fix so we don't kill korgac after the user deals with the popup.
      fix problem where korgac doesn't start at login.
      cleanup and straighten out some toolbar issues for Kontact components.
      don't process the mk4storage stuff, as it's 3rd party code.
      + fix the bug that dismissing 1 reminder pops down the entire dialog, even
      don't quit if the user selects Quit from the context menu, and then
      add a comment about the Quit not quitting fix
      If the user has specified autostarting in their korgacrc file, then
      fix "<ctrl>-n for new message does not work when in kontact"
      crash guard for when there are no loaded plugins and one tries to
      Disable the Edit button for read-only incidences in the KOEventViewerDialog.
      compile warnings--
      compile warnings--
      fix all compile warnings, including:
      using K3Frame::drawContents is a better way of shutting up the gcc warning
      Now I think editing incidences works again without crashing.
      use the "favorites" instead of "emblem-favorite" for the holiday icon.
      Make consistent use of IncidenceChanger().
      compile warnings--
      update version string for the upcoming rc1
      A little doxyfication and coding style fixes.
      backport SVN commit 825608 by winterz:
      removing trailing whitespace and shorten a long line (<100 chars)
      compile warning--
      use isEmpty() instead of isNull()
      add a comment for a KDE5 Todo
      Attempt to de-clutter the icons in month and agenda view, and make
      make sure changes to the .rc files are merged, which should fix
      add a comment with code to fix bug 164970 after the string freeze is lifted.
      Fix reading custom category colors from the [Category Colors2] group.
      change the default agenda view setting so the "category color is on
      Fix the "CTRL-F does not show the search in message dialog" bug.
      compile warnings--
      dfaure's patch to make sure kabc2mutt can also find the kabclient catalog.
      no longer need to create a kabc2mutt.pot when it would contain
      minor style
      make ctor explicit
      compile warnings--
      return QString() instead of the old QString::null
      don't rely on the korganizer private code for incidence change handling.
      fix layout if no special dates in the specified time range
      Don't show birthday's from the Calendar unless they aren't in the birthday resource.
      also make sure that if the user turns off the birthdays from Contacts option,
      Fix LtoR vs. RtoL drag'n drop in summary view
      fix LtoR vs. RtoL for the header
      togge's patch for fixing the saving of account settings.
      use the new appointment-new icon
      a smile-face icon.
      eh, I like the favorites icon better then smile-face
      I can't figure a safe way to print the date in the locale without the year.
      no longer needed.
      no longer needed.
      fix composer "save as draft" vs. "discard changes" vs. "cancel"
      a bit of cleaning
      backport fix for BUG 166242
      make sure that changes to the xml file are merged in.
      cleanup the list of available summaries, and make the initial layout sane.
      backport SVN commit 830681 by winterz:
      forgot to increase version numbers for the 4.1 release
      backport SVN commit 830558 by winterz:
      here's the new korganizer version
      increase version numbers for the 4.1 release here
      forward port the increased version numbers from 4.1
      move setXMLFile() for improved toolbar saving
      backport SVN commit 830937 by winterz:
      fix layout of the KMail summary.
      backport SVN commit 831057 by winterz:
      Fix "RTL text shuffled when ellided in calendar cells"
      foo = QString() replaced with foo.clear()
      restore showing the to-do view in the sidebar
      backport SVN commit 832390 by winterz:
      Eliminate the Old Month View.
      fix up some QString issues that Krazy found
      We "remove" resources, we don't "delete" them.
      Fix a D-Bus assert in libkleo.
      backport SVN commit 833227 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 832991 by jpetso:
      for lack of anything better, copy over the oxygen mail-reply-sender icon
      backport mail-reply-custom icons here
      backport SVN commit 833294 by tmcguire:
      remove the 'icon' key in a bunch of MessageTag groups because they may have
      backport SVN commit 833407 by winterz:
      install online_sync plugin stuff at the akregator level, instead of
      backport SVN commit 833417 by winterz:
      fix showstopper "crash on adding new feed".
      backport SVN commit 833848 by winterz:
      fix for kcm's of individual summaries being checkable under the Summary plugin.
      backport SVN commit 834289 by winterz:
      don't show the configuration for the summaries in the the main Kontact config;
      backport SVN commit 834325 by winterz:
      revert SVN commit 834325 by winterz:
      revert SVN commit 834326 by winterz:
      provide weights so the pages for the summary configs appear in more-or-less
      backport SVN commit 834333 by winterz:
      revert removing "icon" key from MessageTag groups
      revert removing "icon" key from MessageTag groups
      revert SVN commit 831596 by winterz:
      increase version number for the 4.1 release.
      use the 4.1 release version number for now
      use an icon that exists
      backport SVN commit 834790 by winterz:
      add a new section on Hidden Configuration Options and describe
      add section about the hidden option "ShowUserAgent"
      use the 'configure' rather than the 'configure-toolbars' icon.
      backport SVN commit 835296 by winterz:
      disable korn. hope to restore it in kde 4.2
      disable korn until we find someone interested in maintaining.
      port SVN commit 835938 by tilladam:
      fix i18n() call
      fix missing icons
      backport SVN commit 836575 by winterz:
      install kjotspart.desktop into servicesdir
      backport SVN commit 836591 by winterz:
      merge over the kjots icons
      fix "Akregator's settings window is empty when embedded"
      backport SVN commit 836652 by winterz:
      hopefully fix the linking error as seen on dashbot.
      fix linking
      put the version string into a separate header which is included only where required. note that the version string encodes the svn revision number.
      We will look for Redland so we can reliably build nie stuff in akonadi.
      no, let's do things another way. not needed.
      compile warnings--
      do not build nie, nepomuk_email_feeder, nepomuk_contact_feeder unless
      second attempt:
      create a separate version-kmail.h.cmake for the version string
      disable korn
      fix linking
      const-ify foreach loops
      fix compile
      spelling fix and some style cleaning
      no longer need the krazy excludes for the foreach checker, since I made
      fix "unexpected toolbars when Akregator is embedded in Konqueror"
      backport SVN commit 838072 by winterz:
      constify Q_FOREACH loop
      make the Krazy foreach checker happy
      insert our standard GPL header text, per Stephan.
      insert our standard GPL header text, per Stephan.
      set the kdepim priority to low.  we should get more i18ncheckarg issues now,
      remove unsed file
      move journalview stuff into the new views/journalview subdir
      move listview code into its own views subdir.
      move kowhatsnewview into its own views subdir.
      move timelineview code into its own views subdir
      move timespentview code into its own views subdir
      move multiagenda code into its own views subdir.
      move agendaview code into its own views subdir
      move korganizer_config*.desktop files into kcmconfigs subdir
      merge SVN commit 837624 by tilladam:
      fix linking
      fix linking
      put the nepomuk-rcgen generated files in the repo.
      remove the generated files from the repository.
      backport SVN commit 839579 by tmcguire:
      backport SVN commit 840343 by tmcguire:
      eliminate almost all references to "todo" in favor of "action item".
      Remove the ability to search for messages with "Old" status.
      move the "Action Item" selection for the Message Status search up higher
      remove more traces of "todo".
      whoops, I didn't want to increase the version numbers.
      backport SVN commit 840695 by tmcguire:
      use Kevin's new X-KDE-PluginInfo-AllowEmptySettings to make sure
      backport SVN commit 840861 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 840125 by ervin:
      backport SVN commit 840863 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 840283 by tmcguire:
      say goodbye to KTNEF.
      fix linking
      minor rearranging of the target_link_libs
      fix linking
      backport build system fixes, per Thomas' request
      port from e3
      port from e3
      backport SVN commit 841237 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 841233 by winterz:
      i18n("DNL") -> i18n("Discard to Next Line"), along with a comment
      fix build for newer CMake versions
      backport SVN commit 841596 by winterz:
      port e3
      backport SVN commit 841608 by winterz:
      allow vertical scrollbars, as necessary.
      backport SVN commit 841997 by winterz:
      no horizontal scrollbars
      backport SVN commit 842163 by winterz:
      Provide config option to not show birthdays or anniveraries in the Upcoming Events
      backport SVN commit 843038 by thiago:
      e3 merge
      e3 merge
      enterprise merge
      fix "Resize of Full-Day portion of calendar does not persist on re-open"
      backport SVN commit 846110 by winterz:
      Move All Soul's Day from 10/31 to 11/2
      backport SVN commit 846479 by winterz:
      actually implement the ability to show sidebyside (aka multiday) agenda view.
      fix up tooltips and whatsthis for day of the week recurrence.
      fix bug "reoccurrence dialog has no cancel button"
      backport SVN commit 847219 by winterz:
      fix bug "Errro "cannot write archive to final destination""
      a bit of code style cleaning
      backport SVN commit 847268 by finex:
      backport SVN commit 847417 by kloecker:
      Enable tooltips from KConfigXT files.
      minor coding style cleaning
      comment out the entire TradeAsFamily option since:
      backport (requested by Albert) SVN commit 848367 by winterz:
      use QToolButtons instead of QPushButtons for the scroll forward/back month/year
      port Q3PopupMenu to QMenu
      minor coding style changes
      fix selectMonth() to emit the correct month index (which is 1-based, not 0-based)
      implement nearly 5-year old wish to be able to select a year
      provide whatsThis text for the scroll buttons
      tooltips and whatsthis for dayofweek column header labels and weeknumber row labels.
      as the FIXME said, give a real default category name "New Category" instead of ""
      toolTips and whatsThis gone wild!
      CMake fixes.  I guess kpilot_export.h was moved recently?
      fix install.
      compile warning--
      E3 Port
      the new setMisspelledColor() method won't be available until this week's
      probable crash fix
      use variable instead of hard-coding the names of kabc and kldap libs.
      a little cleanup of the layout
      remove the HAVE_NIE conditional which is no longer needed.
      backport SVN commit 855862 by winterz:
      Implement printing recurrence info for an Incidence.
      no need for <numid>, since the recurrence info should be localized.
      code cleaning and style
      replace hard-coded year "1960" with the year specified in the from date range.
      Krazy issues--
      fix plurals in the recurrence printing
      patch from Ingmar that prevents application plugins from being built
      backport SVN commit 856466 by winterz:
      QString << operator replaced with QString.append()
      in the event handler, always return true in the case of a tooltip event;
      fix display of multiday event when the current day isn't the first day
      backport SVN commit 856882 by winterz:
      revertlast SVN commit 856482 by winterz:
      validate against the dtd
      merge together the Configure KMail->Misc Page->Options without a user interface representation subsection with the Hidden Configuration Options section into
      work around what krake and I think is a Qt bug when converting hh:mm to a QTime.
      backport SVN commit 860086 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 861138 by tokoe:
      backport SVN commit 860909 by alexmerry:
      Implement Kevin's new --allow-gui command line option that provides for
      Shai's patch to help with RTL vs. LTR elided text in the monthview items.
      merge the Snippets doc from the E3 branch
      Port E3 SVN commit 866541 by pradeepto:
      backport SVN commit 868033 by danimo:
      backport SVN commit 868083 by danimo:
      backport SVN commit 868142 by danimo:
      backport SVN commit 868104 by danimo:
      revert SVN commit 867918 by winterz:
      crash fix in clearSelection, as reported by Bartoschek's Suspicious Code report.
      crash guard in updateFilterList(), as in Bartoschek's Suspicious Code report.
      crash guard in filterSelected(CalFilter *)
      crash guard in drawTodo(), per Bartoschek's Suspicious Code report.
      document a fall-through case to make Bartoschek's Suspcious Code checker happy.
      fix issues from Bartoschek's Suspicious Code report.
      add a crash guard in createNoteFooter(), per Bartoschek's Suspicious Code report.
      backport SVN commit 868175 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 868177 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 868181 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 868185 by winterz:
      Update: Argentine legislation about holidays has recently changed.
      backport SVN commit 868721 by winterz:
      do not check for Q vs. K classes. per Marc Mutz
      fix spelling "Authentification" -> "Authentication"
      skip over models/modeltest.  this is TT code.
      remove deprecated Encoding value
      coding style fixes.
      Put icons on the Email address context menu.
      commit klebezettel's patch for adding icons to more menu items.
      remove the assert on the date display type selected.
      A possible fix for "forgets to remind again when restarted".
      undo last night's over-aggressive changes and revert back to Matthias's
      backport SVN commit 875741 by winterz:
      use the new IncidenceFormatter FooStr functions for showing incidences
      use the new extensiveDisplayStr() to show the incidence with the
      show date/times in the user specifed timezone, per KPimPrefs::timeSpec().
      stuff I had lying around... looks like I was investigating the evil
      backport SVN commit 871136 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 874866 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 875784 by tokoe:
      backport SVN commit 868273 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 868274 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 870689 by rgoodheart:
      backport SVN commit 871110 by rgoodheart:
      backport SVN commit 871128 by rgoodheart:
      backport SVN commit 865499 by osterfeld:
      backport SVN commit 876037 by rgoodheart:
      backport SVN commit 877617 by tokoe:
      better messages on quit.
      Fix bug "korganizer crashes on saving new calendar"
      backport SVN commit 879176 by winterz:
      provide a nicer message if SQLite isn't found (on Windows).
      Fix the layout showing the number of unread mails.
      add 1) icons next to the folder name (custom icons are supported)
      Prepend/Append horizontal spacers to the control bar so when the
      make the Krazy forloop checker happy
      create 2 separate horizontal spacers in the control layout.
      fix alignment of day labels and allday grid to the main agenda matrix.
      fix help anchors for kaddressbook running stand-alone or inside kontact.
      don't pass invalid KComponentData to KNotification::event().
      fix for obeying the "do not show to-dos in monthview" configuration.
      tell the configuration dialog Help button how to find the docs
      if the email address exists in the addressbook, put the "open in addressbook"
      fix crash when template quote indicator does not end with an underscore.
      patch from Thomas to fix sorting.
      replace the deprecated '--no-rebuild' option with '--no-sync'.
      Provide context to the category strings.  hopefully helps the translators.
      fix a few addWidget() calls and layout issues.
      remove some unnecessary kDebug() statements that aren't needed and
      remove some unnecessary kDebug() statements that look like errors.
      whoops, forgot to remove another unnecessary kDebug().
      when changing the Attendee list, let's not overload the Incidence
      if user selects [cancel] from the "should email be sent out to the attendees"
      remove modality arguments.
      follow modality changes in CategoryEditDialog, and some refactoring.
      pass in a calendar so now you can show timezones defined in the
      follow changes to KTimeZoneComboBox
      follow change to KTimeZoneComboBox
      minor coding style
      follow KTimeZoneComboBox changes and some minor cleaning.
      follow KTimeZoneComboBox changes and some minor cleaning.
      follow KTimeZoneComboBox changes and some minor cleaning.
      Use our new exception handling in CalendarResources to know if
      validate summary string to be non-empty.
      Ron's patch for fixing journal print crashing.  with some minor changes by me.
      remove 2 scary, unnecessary debug messages
      don't test for attachments if the attachWordsList is empty.
      Use valid QDateTimes in readEntry and writeEntry, even in the cases
      set the default year to the current year, not 2007.
      pass a real Calendar to the print subsystem.  this fixes lots of bugs
      forward port SVN commit 892131 by lukas:
      allow mFolder to be 0 in the Q_ASSERT test in KMMainWidget::folder().
      No longer try to find Opensync or glib2.
      use timespec when printing date strings.  now we get the correct datetimes
      patch from Sérgio to make double-click start the incidence editor.
      Fixes a couple of bugs:
      fix regression I introduced yesterday which broke pasting in agenda view.
      a little cleaning -- removing some unnecessary debug statements; etc
      backport SVN commit 850671 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 850679 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 850722 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 850885 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 854535 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 858338 by krake:
      backport SVN commit 865535 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 876072 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 881603 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 881616 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 881745 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 883935 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 886882 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 887426 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 888572 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 890719 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 890848 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 890862 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 892330 by rgoodheart:
      backport SVN commit 893066 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 893109 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 893120 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 893331 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 884266 by winterz:
      update and fix.
      backports to help make Paste work
      ld50's patch so type-ahead event creation ignores ctrl keys
      backport SVN commit 893559 by winterz:
      while I'm thinking of it, provide a version string for the upcoming beta2 tag.
      ld50's patch for fixing to-do copying
      print the user's timezone properly for to-do tooltips
      backport SVN commit 881528 by vkrause:
      backport SVN commit 882632 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 884017 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 884354 by tmcguire:
      Paweł's fix for making filtering work. Thanks!
      backport SVN commit 894083 by winterz
      backport SVN commit 889794 by winterz:
      move all times and dates to the user's preferred timezone for printing.
      Add Chile's holidays, from Nicolas
      Add Chile's holidays, from Nicolas.
      Add Jamaica's holidays, from Roger.
      add Jamaica's holidays, from Roger.
      ld50's patch to fix a crash when deleting categories with deep subcategories.
      backport winterz r895476
      fix day of energy date, thanks for patch Christophe
      backport SVN commit 896098 by winterz:
      Always ask for permission to close the incidence editor.
      forward port SVN commit 895816 by woebbe:
      disable the configuration area for plugins, unless those plugins
      hide the [Configure Plugin] button if the plugin doesn't have
      use QRadioButtons instead of QCheckBoxes for the options
      paint the header on the all-day event or to-do items that are
      provide a comment, which is used in the plugin configuration dialog
      make sure at least 1 decoration is selected, that default being
      fix crashing in templates when using the %- (dnl) in certain conditions.
      give the settings a nice config value early on, just in case we do stuff
      minor fixes for X11 screensaver discovery.
      improve a few macro_log_feature() messages
      update the boost macro_log_feature() message
      add ksendemail
      quiet down the debug messages
      stop loading the decoration-type plugins so darn many times.
      debug messages--
      Provide a new activeDate() method in which we more accurately compute
      another attempt at fixing the dreaded crash in paintEvent().
      follow KSelectAction change in kdelibs
      minor coding style.
      skip over groupwise/soap/stdsoap2
      also skip the sltfoo files in groupwise/soap
      QString::null -> QString()
      Fix the tabbing around order.  Thanks for the patch Christophe.
      make Krazy happy by putting the iterator declaration in the loop
      spelling fixes
      tell Krazy to skip the qclasses check (since we are subclassing from QComboBox)
      new version string for the upcoming 4.2 rc1 release.
      thanks for yelling at me fellow PIMsters.. inheriting from KComboBox is better.
      Remove the [Apply] button from the attachment dialog as I don't
      replace the deprecated mailBodyString() with the new mailBodyStr().
      the conditional compile macro "NODND" should be "KORG_NODND"
      document the KORG_NOFOO conditional compile macros.
      Use static_cast instead of dynamic_cast when casting from
      backport SVN commit 907378 by winterz:
      no need to us KAcceleratorManager when using KTabWidget.
      backport SVN commit 907408 by winterz:
      remove the KAccelManager here too -- unnecesary and shows unwanted '&'
      backport SVN commit 907882 by winterz:
      change version number for very early 4.3.0 work
      Fix a crash when deleting a contact's email address.
      backport SVN commit 907904 by winterz:
      coding style fixes
      some coding style fixes
      fix tooltips for the "+" (add) and "-" (remove) pushbuttons.
      ToolTips and WhatsThis for the attachment selector dialog.
      This commit makes the kdepim/akonadi subdir build stand-alone, if desired.
      follow the akonadi stand-alone build commit.
      do not install kdepimprotocols.h.  there is no need for it to be available
      do not install the headers.
      no need to put up an error dialog if the addIncidence() fails in processInput.
      backport SVN commit 910025 by winterz:
      do not put on the organizer icon unless:
      backport SVN commit 910296 by winterz:
      first of all... "organizer", not "organiser"..
      A nice collection of WhatThis in here, but no tooltips.
      fix Polish holidays. From the patch by Robert Gomulka and Christophe.
      backport SVN commit 910718 by winterz:
      do not show the Invitation Bar unless there is at least 1 other attendee
      backport SVN commit 910727 by winterz:
      Full tooltips and whatsthis and some KUIT.
      Give the sorry KMessageBoxes a parent (the incidence editors) so that
      backport SVN commit 911188 by winterz:
      put some logic into fillAttendeeInput() to determine if the attendee is also
      backport SVN commit 911196 by winterz:
      Full WhatsThis and ToolTips.
      Allow letter shortcuts when running korganizer standalone.
      backport SVN commit 911422 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 911688 by smartins:
      Per the FIXME: do not build or install thememain. this is a test program.
      backport SVN commit 912890 by winterz:
      Break-out some core files into its own library called korganizer_core.
      eliminate the kdepim4_link_unique_libraries() macro as it should
      move the list of kgantt1 sources from the top-level CMakeLists.txt file into
      revert SVN commit 913131 by winterz:
      no longer support conditional compiles on KORG_NOKABC.
      application versioning for the lazy or the forgetful.
      use the new kdepim-version.h so I don't need to touch this
      use the new kdepim version.
      Use KWordWrap to force holiday strings to fix within the day label box.
      backport SVN commit 913872 by winterz:
      fix linking on Windows, from Patrick.
      Port from Q3ListView to QListWidget.
      add icons to the pushbuttons
      when scheduling forward, make sure there is an organizer for the event.
      backport SVN commit 915177 by winterz:
      remove annoying kDebug message.
      When selecting a month from the navigator bar month menu, always direct
      rename selectMonth(),selectYear() to selectMonthFromMenu(),selectYearFromMenu()
      give the navigator the QPalette::Base background color.
      change the text on the "Select Addresses" to "Select".
      Add a context menu to the date navigator, which allows user to open
      backport SVN commit 915916 by rgoodheart:
      backport SVN commit 916231 by winterz:
      The 'plan' software license, copyrighted by Thomas Driemeyer <thomas at>
      remove. libkholidays is moving to kdepimlibs. no need to have 2
      remove libkholidays
      add a project()
      Move kdepim/libkholidays into kdepimlibs/kholidays.
      provide a logging message for LibXml2
      better messages when Boost is missing
      follow the kholidays api changes
      follow kholidays api changes
      follow recent kholidays api changes.
      follow kholidays API changes
      follow kholidays API changes.
      fix the version
      follow the kholidays include rename
      provide some backwards compatibility
      replace KAction->setToolTip() with KAction->setStatusTip().
      wordwrap the descriptions in all our summary plugins.
      krazy fixes for i18n context.
      minor coding style
      update copyright years
      coding style fixes
      remove unused file.
      give i18n messages context
      Cleanup the KCM layout
      Fix tooltips
      fix tooltips for to-dos
      provide a 20 pixel wide margin on either side of the summary page.
      a possible fix for critical roundup issue3385
      use the timeSpec.
      remove DOXYGEN_VERSION settings.
      Use radio buttons instead of a combobox for the agendaview options
      tooltips and whatthis for the agendaview color options
      shhh.. comment-out noisy kdebug statements
      fix a crash in insertIncidence() where the curCol can get too large.
      coding style fixes
      backport SVN commit 917150 by smartins:
      backport SVN commit 923471 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 919582 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 919606 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 919821 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 919826 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 921314 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 921938 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 923277 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 922410 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 916576 by otrichet:
      backport SVN commit 923394 by finex:
      more whatsthis and tooltips for the agenda view settings
      better group title for the options dealing with multiple calendar resources.
      put the remaining agenda view settings in a QGroupBox "Display Options"
      port SVN commit 924411 by tmcguire:
      explictly put the summary's "nothing to print" message in row 0.
      port SVN commit 924015 by smartins:
      a few coding style fixups
      better KUIT context
      even specific KUIT context for the category separator.
      Remove the unused "default color for events" configuration setting.
      whoopsie! forgot this to go along with r925928
      there is no Event Color.
      Provide a color configuration for the "Unset" category.
      add new configuration to enable/disable icons on Agenda view items.
      fix initial display of resource color combobox
      add some tooltips for remaining Agenda view configuration settings.
      backport SVN commit 924083 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 924518 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 925439 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 925601 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 925928 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 926112 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 926305 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 925531 by mlaurent:
      Don't provide a default Journal title (summary) for bug 184360.
      whoopsie, didn't want to connect the openCategory or updateAttendeeSummary
      hidden virtual warning--
      coding style
      Q3Dict -> QHash
      use QDateTimes instead of KDateTimes in eventDurationHint() to be
      lots of style coding love.
      no need for endl's
      some minor fixes for unneeded includes, or duplicate includes or
      give the Manage Templates a useful tooltip, by reusing an existing i18n string.
      starting to use CamelCase headers and cleaning up unused headers.
      WhatsThis for [Manage Templates] button.
      full KUIT
      full tooltips
      little grammar fixes.
      Use a conditional instead of an assert on non-viewable, dying messages.
      improve the whatsthis
      merge Revision 868037 Modified Sun Oct 5 10:32:27 2008 UTC by danimo
      merge Revision 930468 Modified Mon Feb 23 15:31:44 2009 UTC by winterz
      a little bit of changes to amantia's description of the new warn for too many recipients setting.
      port revision 930547 by winterz
      backport SVN commit 930509 by cgiboudeaux:
      backport SVN commit 929978 by winterz:
      Implement a new BUILD_EVERYTHING CMake variable.
      tiny coding style
      forward class declarations
      CamelCase headers and various other header cleanups
      lots of cleaning of includes.
      backport SVN commit 924672 by mlaurent:
      version number increase
      use the KDEPIM_VERSION.
      Fix for "Folder properties dialog layoutproblem with freebusy block and common seendb options"
      put nice logging messages for topological_sort.hpp.
      Pradeepto's patch to let the organizer of an event decline attendance.
      Change the "Check whether hostname and retrieval email address match"
      Merged revisions 930784 via svnmerge from
      don't build the knode handbook unless we are building everything.
      don't install some pngs for knode unless we build everything.
      also do not install .kcfg files for all the resources unless BUILD_EVERTHING is on
      put Boost include path in the include_directories()
      umm... the [Select Recipients] button is hidden in initEditWidgets(), but I'll be
      CamelCase headers
      believe it or not, there's a character in the KDAB copyright line that
      in makeShowAuditLogLink, return empty QString if the auditLog is empty.
      Port from Q3ListView to QListWidget.
      a bit nicer layout.
      follow changes for TemplateManagementDialog ctor which now requires the incidence type string.
      change the max for the recipient warning from 255 to 100, per Ingo.
      change the max recipient warning from 255 to 100, per Ingo.
      backport SVN commit 931546 by gateau:
      break the text for the "Do you want to start/quit..." dialogs else you get a very long line.
      add a TODO
      CamelCase headers
      Lots of changes:
      CamelCase headers
      apparently <emphasis>Reminders</emphasis> is changed to *Reminders* on the interface.
      do some resizing of the dialog manually so that the hide/show of the details viewer
      finish up tooltips and whatsthis
      not sure what this is about.
      hey, let's tell the user if the export to iCalendar or vCalendar failed, and why.
      start using dfaure's new KAction::setHelpText() in a few places.
      When editing attendees, set the initial attendee editor values to the first
      korn has gone into unmaintained/4
      kmobiletools was never build here, so remove it to ease the load on the translators.
      kitchensync will never be built for 4.2.
      move kmobiletools from kdepim to playground/pim
      kmobiletools is in playground now.
      Crash guard if the registry fails to find a value for the specified PID in
      move kode into playground, as discussed on the kde-pim mailing list.
      moved into playground/pim
      we won't build featureplan anymore.  the featureplan resource is obsolete.
      move featureplan resource into unmaintained/4
      forward port SVN commit 936931 by woebbe:
      No longer could I stand seeing a default appointment duration of hh:mm:ss.
      Provide time and units for default reminder setting.
      CamelCase headers
      remove the KDESRC setting. the KDE buildsystem sets this for you now.
      use KMAIL_DBUS_GROUPWARE_PATH macro to replace "/Groupware"
      CamelCase headers
      Really, no need for QString memory to be allocated manually.
      clean up headers and use CamelCase headers.
      Rearrange the layout of the Date&Time/Regional page.
      clean up some compile warnings.
      beautify the layout of the Time&Date/Defaults tab.
      CamelCase headers
      For the CategorySelectDialogs, make [Help] button show help and remove the [Apply] button.
      CamelCase headers
      give the "flat list" checkbox a whatsThis and change the toolTip a  little.
      Add new "Toggle To-do Completed" capability to the context menu for to-dos.
      CamelCase headers.
      CamelCase headers.
      rename the KORG_NOPLUGINS macro to KORG_NODECOS, because it really controls
      Fix changing font for agenda view items.
      merge SVN commit 935706 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 937832 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 937854 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 938647 by smartins:
      backport SVN commit 939104 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 939236 by smartins:
      backport SVN commit 939315 by smartins:
      backport SVN commit 939506 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 930533 by mlaurent:
      remove unnecessary knotes_export.h
      backport SVN commit 917220 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 930531 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 934519 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 934720 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 934748 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 934947 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 934957 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 937664 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 937837 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 937857 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 937861 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 937875 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 938158 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 938218 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 938277 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 938345 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 938356 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 938368 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 938566 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 938572 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 938623 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 939033 by mlaurent:
      umm.. actually do something useful with the KORG_NOFOO options when passed to CMake.
      compile warnings--
      actually build ok when building with the KORG_NODND option.
      make building with KORG_NOPRINTER compile
      also need this to make compile work with KORG_NOPRINTER
      CamelCase headers.
      CamelCase headers.
      Port K3PopupMenu -> KMenu
      CamelCase headers.
      Layout the Month view config settings a little nicer into groupboxes.
      New configuration option to show/not show Journals in the month view.
      backport SVN commit 939926 by dfaure:
      fix a bunch of signals I broke this weekend with my cleaning frenzy.
      port old QPopupMenu to KMenu... and while I was at it, I actually made it work.
      CamelCase headers.
      remove unused journal icon
      split up the "show to-dos in day, week and month views" option into 2 separate configs
      make the Views->General tab a little nicer, with QGroupBoxes.
      improve the layout in the Todo View tab, and to be more consistent with the other View tabs.
      merge Revision 939059
      Merged revisions 940114 via svnmerge from
      fix compile
      fix so versioning
      backport SVN commit 942003 by winterz:
      MAJOR restructuring.  Mostly just moved entries around in a more logical way
      Remove the old, unused IMIP Scheduler support.
      extra comma--
      Add the ability to configure the colors for Month View items the same
      Never express iCal durations in terms of weeks because there are some
      update version number for 4.2.2.
      update version number for 4.2.2
      update version number of 4.2.2.
      backport SVN commit 939934 by dfaure:
      backport SVN commit 942112 by smartins:
      a few minor coding style fixes for some recent (very much appreciated) commits.
      Merged revisions 944853 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 944913 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 944928 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 944953 via svnmerge from
      Provide a GUI for configuring the color of the Marcus Bains line in Agenda View.
      Fix a bug where changing the color of the Marcus Bains would not not
      Merged revisions 946962 via svnmerge from
      Be a little more forgiving with the regular expression that detects a
      merge from E35 SVN commit 947361 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 946949 by mlaurent:
      Merged revisions 947706 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 947710 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 947478 via svnmerge from
      Remove the default event color setting.
      Merged revisions 948240 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 948250 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 948222 via svnmerge from
      revert last commit as not necessary.
      Merged revisions 948099 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 938061 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 948569 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 948580 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 948657 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 948666 via svnmerge from
      From trunk, merge SVN commit 926146 by winterz:
      from trunk, merge SVN commit 942950 by winterz:
      We now have a new oxygen korgac icon. so, rename ox22-action-korgac to hi22-action-korgac,
      use a variable KDE4_MICROBLOG_LIBS for the microblog library
      Merged revisions 949904 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 949906 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 949916 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 950048 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 950514 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 950579 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 950954 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 951026 via svnmerge from
      backport r927077
      Merged revisions 951414 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 951416 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 951422 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 951473 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 951457 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 951514 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 951790 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 951545 via svnmerge from
      fosterfeld crash guard (tm) the Publish Dialog.
      whoopsie. forgot to delete a publish dialog.
      fosterfeld crash guard for new Resource config dialogs.
      CamelCase headers
      fosterfeld crash guard for the reminder editor dialog.
      CamelCase headers
      crash guard for the TimeScaleConfigDialog
      crash guard for the CalPrintDialog
      CamelCase headers
      crash guard for the AddressessDialog.
      CamelCase headers
      crash guard for FreeBusyUrlDialog
      crash guard for KPrintPreview dialog
      couldn't hurt to use a QPointer for mExceptionsDialog and mRecurrenceRangeDialog
      CamelCase headers
      crash guard for the AttachmentEditDialog
      we "remove" attachments.  we don't "delete" attachments.
      CamelCase headers
      constify foreach loops
      Merged revisions 953518 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 953521 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 953643 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 953868 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 954252 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 954785 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 954878 via svnmerge from
      reconnect some signals that got lost somewhere along the way.
      CamelCase headers
      Use KActionMenu instead of KToolBarPopupAction for the
      QPointer safety for the CategoryEditDialog
      CamelCase headers
      set the default month view color strategy to "calendar inside, category outside"
      Merged revisions 955442 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 955451 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 955259 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 955283 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 955256 via svnmerge from
      Blocked revisions 956770 via svnmerge
      default, make the todo view use the full window (i.e. don't show the sidebar)
      Implement a new (currently hidden) configuration option for making
      fix linking
      Merged revisions 957569 via svnmerge from
      Follow our new algorithm for drawing agenda or month items that have no category:
      Merged revisions 957511 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 957513 via svnmerge from
      fix linking
      fix linking
      no idea what the "go_select" action, so remove it.
      use the correct enum names for the monthview color strategy.
      fixup mixup of agendaitem color strategy settings in the monthview
      fix a typo in a month view color scheme choice
      disable the "Go" buttons (forward, back, today) in todoview.
      Merged revisions 957262 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 958647 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 959534 via svnmerge from
      fix a typo in korganizer.kcfg for the MonthItem color setting strategy.
      Merged revisions 957549 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 957559 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 957623 via svnmerge from
      remove the unused (and for testing only) BeautifyFrames configuration.
      Merged revisions 958071 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 958084 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 958119 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 958126 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 958187 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 958268 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 959947 via svnmerge from
      disable the "Go" buttons (forward, back, today) in todoview.
      Merged revisions 960024 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 953570 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 945429 via svnmerge from
      Fix for The xml type of a home phone number of a contact is "home2".
      Merged revisions 960133 via svnmerge from
      in leui of being able to consistently reproduce this bug, backport code from e4
      update version for 4.2.3
      update version for 4.2.3
      update version number for 4.2.3.
      backport SVN commit 950468 by tilladam:
      backport Add action in kactioncollection before to define
      backport SVN commit 956252 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 956261 by winterz:
      whoops. no, we don't want compact dialogs
      Merged revisions 960937 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 960940 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 961003 via svnmerge from
      forward port SVN commit 960724 by woebbe:
      Merged revisions 961164 via svnmerge from
      possible fix for kolab/issue3449
      Make holidays show up in month view.  this was a regression.
      fix bug where forward to filters aren't sent according to the default sending type
      Merged revisions 961755 via svnmerge from
      deal with dates that end with a "ZZ" by removing the last "Z" only and leaving
      Remove tailing "ZZ" from dates, if such is found.
      Blocked revisions 961858 via svnmerge
      use chop(1) instead of truncate(length()-1)
      merge from e4 SVN commit 961853 by winterz:
      forwardport merge from e4 SVN commit 961853 by winterz:
      fix linking to gpgmepp
      fix linking
      fix linking
      fix linking
      fix linking
      fix linking
      include <unistd.h> for usleep()
      fix linking
      fix linking
      fix linking of kolabwizard.
      Merged revisions 963483 via svnmerge from
      permit a resourcefolder to have most of its properties changed.
      Merged revisions 964041 via svnmerge from
      do a cleanup on the user specified mail address name, as it might contain
      Merged revisions 964337 via svnmerge from
      unify the trunk and e4 versions. they are identical now.
      unify the trunk and e4 versions. they are identical now.
      use the mHolidayPalette when drawing holiday items
      Merged revisions 960932 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 964997 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 965050 via svnmerge from
      To be compatabile with Outlook and since RFC2445 says that the COMMENT property
      Merged revisions 965355 via svnmerge from
      A couple of Krazy excludes for doublequote_chars
      Cleanup kDebug/kWarning/kError():
      forwardport SVN commit 961309 by woebbe:
      as recommended by André, we move the mChanger delete into setIncidenceChanger().
      also handle proper quoting of user identities from the control center.
      Merged revisions 966607 via svnmerge from
      Invitation decline comments are now sent as DESCRIPTION property only
      Merged revisions 966689 via svnmerge from
      Yet another attempt at getting the holiday item colors right for each
      Fix kaddressbook export for GMX.
      backport SVN commit 967932 by winterz:
      first draft of the Kontact Administrator's handbook.
      let the user [Cancel] from the "how do you want to forward inline messages..." dialog.
      Updates copied over from the Enterprise35 KOrganizer Handbook.
      minor stuff: spelling, whitespace
      fix linking
      fix linking
      fix linking
      backport SVN revision 968267 by winterz:
      fix some iconnames.. apparently never ported here from trunk.
      replace the non-Oxygen icon "looknfeel" with Oxygen icons.
      replace the generic, non-Oxygen icon "misc" with the Oxygen icon "x-mail-distribution-list"
      Merged revisions 968425 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 968454 via svnmerge from
      replace non-Oxygen icon "gpg" with Oxygen icon "document-encrypt"
      addAddDir("kwatchgnupg") so we find the kwatchgnupg icon.
      fix incorrect i18n usage (.arg) and some formatting issues pointed out by Thomas.
      minor nit: call the "New Template" action "use-template" instead of "use-templace"
      remove kpilot, kmobiletools, korn
      use a Oxygen icon "document-new" instead of non-existant "file-new"
      use the Oxygen icon "folder-grey" instead of the non-existant "folder-open-grey"
      use the chiasmus_chi icon from the libkleopatra catalog instead of the
      use the Oxygen icon "mail-reply-sender" instead of the non-existant "mail-reply".
      use the Oxygen icon "document-export" instead of the non-existant "document-export-html".
      remove the unused "old" stuff in akregator source
      revertlast SVN commit 970753 by winterz:
      remove kode too.  we don't use it
      Merged revisions 970784 via svnmerge from
      Merge the E35 hidden option for allowing semicolons to be used as address separators.
      add a section on how to allow the semicolon as an address separator.
      Make hide/show work again by creating/deleting the knotificationitem on demand.
      minor coding style.
      mimelib doesn't know QByteArrays, but it does know char's.
      constData() for passing into DwHeaders::findFields()
      provide a visual clue that the Month and Year labels are actually menus
      CamelCase headers
      replace our ugly custom widget ActiveLabel with pretty QToolButton for Month and Year button+menus
      In the lineedit, elide the text so it doesn't scroll too far to the right.
      minor header cleanup
      elide the click message text for the quick add so we don't lose the beginning of th text.
      give the arrow QToolButtons the autoRaise property which makes them appear flat
      Do not apply start or end times when applying an Event template unless we have no other choice.
      CamelCase headers
      added a skeleton "common problems" chapter
      fix build.. by adding a title element.
      Merged revisions 972547 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 972549 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 972556 via svnmerge from
      cleanup kDebugs
      Merged revisions 972564 via svnmerge from
      put the initial focus on the category selection widget.
      Fix the details toggle resizing bug.
      Implement ::exec()
      Merged revisions 972569 via svnmerge from
      a little nicer focusing
      add a blank line between events in short export type
      use the "view-pim-calendar" icon instead of the non-existant "cookie" icon.
      provide icons for konsolekalendar. these are old and ugly, but at least something.
      forgot to remove this with kmobiletools.
      remove weather and newsticker summary plugins
      remove weather and newsticker summary plugins.
      Create a new Groupware Compatibility configuration option for sending
      port over the gpg and gpgsm icons from the kde3.5 branch
      put back the gpg icon, now that we have one
      use Oxygen icons "view-pim-foo" instead of non-existant icons "kmgroupware_folder_foo"
      for consistency, use icons
      copy the Oxygen icon "mail-receive" here to use instead of the non-existant
      Do not remove resources, just load them.
      Replace the work "Syncrhonize" with "Sync" on the menu.
      make sure that the KOrganizer part is also displayed in Kontact
      Merged revisions 977478 via svnmerge from
      Lots of small changes that combine to provide a much nicer invitation experience:
      remove junk I added for debugging purposes
      in eventEndTimeStr(), make sure the end date is valid too
      Merged revisions 977496 via svnmerge from
      Set the DeleteInvitationEmailsAfterSendingReply default value to false for non-enterprise
      breakout the "Delete invitation emails after the reply to them has been sent"
      Fix word-puzzle for translators. Yes, this is a string change, but the fix was requested
      Merged revisions 974512 via svnmerge from
      Describe the "Exchange compatible invitations naming" and "Outlook compatible
      Merged revisions 978930 via svnmerge from
      document the groupware options dealing with Outlook and Exchange
      Fix a crash when with a smime encryped and signed mail which has the
      revertlast my attempt at fixing kolab/issue3682 Kontact crashes when displaying certain S/MIME messages
      Fix invitation handling regression:
      Berhard's fix for speeding up the display of long inline PGP encrypted messages.
      Merged revisions 979837 via svnmerge from
      implement some crash guards to in formatICalInviation.
      probable fix for the case where the custom message tag options on the context menu
      Merged revisions 979874 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 979886 via svnmerge from
      increase the version string for the upcoming rc1 in a couple weeks... while I'm thinking of it
      add a crash guard that might help fix "Kontact crashes when clicking on a
      as Thomas pointed-out, my fix for 170277 left still more puzzles.
      more speedups inspired by Bernhard.
      Merged revisions 980205 via svnmerge from
      Crossport r980040 by dfaure from trunk to the enterprise4 branch:
      Crossport r980301 by sebsauer from trunk to the enterprise4 branch:
      cast getpid() to a qlonglong so we don't rely on a system include to give us
      Merged revisions 982278 via svnmerge from
      a bit smarter width for the elided text computation
      Commit Frank's patch for "move folders" doesn't move the folders
      show a wait cursor during the html export operation, which can take a few secs.
      Merged revisions 982969 via svnmerge from
      a few minor cleanups in macro_log_feature() messages
      We have the ${Boost_MINIMUM_VERSION} so let's use that in the macro_log_feature()
      fix log message for Akonadi
      minor spelling typo
      I had forgotten to add my copyright.
      merge SVN commit 984844 by smartins:
      a crash guard  in rawHeadeField() that might help fix some crashes.
      The mbox Akonadi resource is not ready for the 4.3 release -- comment the
      remove the mbox source code since it isn't ready and makes things easier for the translators.
      remove the FIXME HACK in addAddressee() that should no longer be needed and should
      backport SVN commit 990529 by winterz:
      Change the button text on the Account Wizard from "Cancel" to "Create an Account Later".
      Change terminology:  "resource" -> "calendar"; "subresource" -> "folder"
      terminology change: "resource" -> "calendar"
      convert the class KOHelper into a namespace.
      remove unused toTimeSpec() method.
      provide a messagebox::sorry if pasting failed because we were unable to determine
      fix spelling typo.
      provide a nicer "do you want to delete filter" dialog.
      CamelCase headers
      coding style fixup
      fix coding style.
      fix coding style.
      fix coding style.
      fix coding style.
      fix coding style
      coding style fixes.
      minor coding style fixes.
      remove extraneous, unnecessary semicolons.
      minor coding style
      minor coding style fixes.
      turn-on strict style checking
      fix typo in the "do you want to permanently remove..." question
      remove unused method msgItemDelete()
      Akonadi logging message.. Akonadi need not come from kdesupport
      when deleting an item, don't tell the user that we will delete; instead ask the user
      cleaning-up a bit. remove TODOs that we won't be doing.
      merge SVN commit 991462 by pokrzywka:
      give up on trying to elide the text in the QLineEdit part of this widget.
      merge SVN commit 991731 by winterz:
      backport SVN commit 991731 by winterz:
      add some extra parens to make gcc happy
      add some parens to make gcc happy
      add braces to make gcc happy.
      looks like we'll have an RC2 for kde4.3. up the version string accordingly.
      CamelCase headers
      add context to some i18n strings, as found by Krazy.
      coding style fixes
      CamelCase headers
      backport SVN commit 991853 by pokrzywka:
      simplify compareString() to just use the QString operator=, as pointed out by Marc.
      in rot13(), use QLatin1Char() instead of QChar(), as suggested by Marc.
      crash guard, probably fixes
      backport SVN commit 992417 by winterz:
      add a new test program for KIncidenceChooser
      Full KUIT
      use KTextBrowser insteaad of QTextBrowser
      probably fix for "Crash in KMFolder::trashFolder at kmfolder.cpp:811
      fix compile
      Make sure names of the form "Last,First" get printed properly in the attendee list.
      port SVN commit 992726 by winterz:
      include <gpgme++/error.h> so GpgME::Error is declared.
      QDialog -> KDialog
      Refinement of import/export of kaddressbook from/to GMX.
      Go crazy with node validity checks to try and fix all the crash reports that I can't reproduce.
      backport SVN commit 993742 by winterz:
      add context for the translators so the tranlations for "%1's calendar|tasks|contacts"
      Urs' cleanups
      Beautify task invitations.
      fix spacing between the pixmap and the urllabel
      backport SVN commit r994063 by winterz:
      add a new "RFC Compromises" chapter.
      provide better initial search date range of [Today,A year from Today]
      backport SVN commit 995092 by winterz:
      CamelCase headers
      fix the layout of the search dialog.
      backport SVN commit 995231 by winterz:
      oopsie, mistakenly removed the results frame. might be nice to actually see
      backport SVN commit 995418 by winterz:
      update much of libkdepim from 4.3
      Full toolTips and whatsThis.
      whoopsie, somehow CamelCase headers got in here.
      make nie and nie_fast build against kdelibs 4.4 by using a conditional to
      make KMSearchPattern::matches() more robust against crashes.
      backport SVN commit 995514 by winterz:
      restore fix for bug 130938 "kmail stops checking local mailbox"
      backport SVN commit 995517 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 995572 by pokrzywka:
      print the incidence's location in day print mode.
      Print incidence locations when available, in week and month prints
      print incidence locations when available, for week and month print modes.
      port SVN commit 996076 by winterz:
      In the search window results list view, make single click on a message put the focus
      backport SVN commit 996743 by winterz:
      Possible fix for "Reminder not triggered by an event in a shared folder which
      fix a crash when applying filters in to-do view.
      backport SVN commit 996837 by winterz:
      Backport r989644 by jtamate from trunk to the 4.3 branch:
      Backport r997218 by jtamate from trunk to the 4.3 branch:
      add Bertjan as a kpilot maintainer and remove Adriaan
      fix translations of timezones, per Burkhard
      Backport r997245 by winterz from trunk to the 4.3 branch:
      Burkhard tells me that "UTC" should be translated too.
      Backport r997347 by winterz from trunk to the 4.3 branch:
      Fix totally broken timezone selection that happened with we added translated timezone names.
      Backport r997552 by winterz from trunk to the 4.3 branch:
      A proper fix for setting and retriving timezones, since we introduced translated timezones.
      forward port SVN commit 997727 by winterz:
      add icons for the "show" and "edit" actions.
      Backport r997741 by winterz from trunk to the 4.3 branch:
      Backport r991462 by pokrzywka from trunk to the 4.3 branch:
      Backport r995571 by pokrzywka from trunk to the 4.3 branch:
      Backport r995572 by pokrzywka from trunk to the 4.3 branch:
      Backport r997554 by pokrzywka from trunk to the 4.3 branch:
      merge SVN commits r995364 and r995420 by winterz:
      oops! I did it again.
      When fixing "Crash in KMFolder::trashFolder at kmfolder.cpp:811 while deletion of an
      backport SVN commit 998252 by amantia:
      Merged revisions 998346 via svnmerge from
      use the new CamelCase header for KMime. Thanks Christophe!
      use @info:status instead of @info:tooltip for the systray tooltip.
      CamelCase headers
      update the version for the upcoming 4.3.0 release
      increase the version here too.
      ok, i'm the maintainer.
      support status "needs-action", even though this is not according to spec.
      Merged revisions 999834 via svnmerge from
      crash guard when formatting invitations
      add status "needs-action" to a blacklist of unknown statuses, thereby reverting
      Merged revisions 1000510 via svnmerge from
      The Release Team decided yesterday that an RC3 is in order.
      Merged revisions 1000859 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1000899 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1000952 via svnmerge from
      more crash guards
      add context for the "do you really want to delete queries" and also change
      Merged revisions 1001049 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1001264 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1001272 via svnmerge from
      A better fix for dealing with invalid attendee status strings in Kolab.
      Merged revisions 1001350 via svnmerge from
      port SVN commit 1001016 by vkrause:
      fix the fix of the fix for
      Merged revisions 1001496 via svnmerge from
      as discussed and agreed to on kde-pim ml, we eliminate the pim apps being able to operate
      remove the timezone test.  we no longer will be setting our own timezone in KOrganizer.
      Make the Kontact summary view uses view text color instead of window text color.
      sorry danimo, but I like the big, fat, header titles with the window color background.
      merge SVN commit 1002617 by pokrzywka:
      Almost complete rewrite of incidence attachment handling.
      merge SVN commit 1002959 by pokrzywka:
      When showing the to-do editor from KMail, customize it a little bit and don't
      merge SVN commit 1003149 by winterz:
      port SVN commit 1003207 by winterz:
      Cleanup some i18n strings that use "Abort" where "Cancel" would be better,
      CamelCase headers
      don't remove linebreaks from the comments in invitations.
      Allow an attendee to decline an new invitation without getting the error
      handle rsvp notices better.
      more beautification of the rsvp
      Merged revisions 1004535 via svnmerge from
      a better fix for kolab/issue3780 that deals with events to delete that cannot
      possible fix for kolab/issue3724 and kolab/issue3780, whereby multiple
      If the user deletes an event invitation, they can now optionally not notify
      merge SVN commit 1004765 by tmcguire from trunk to e35:
      Merged revisions 1004766 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1004776 via svnmerge from
      make sure to reset the doNotNotify flag when deleting
      Merged revisions 1004804 via svnmerge from
      provide a feedback messagebox with the status of the export.
      minor coding style fixes
      CamelCase headers
      QLineEdit -> KLineEdit
      Tidy-up. Use lowercase/uppercase as appropriate.
      tell the incidence editor what type of incidence we are editing ("Event", "Todo", "Journal")
      pass in the incidence type we are editing ("Event" vs. "Todo") so we can provide
      CamelCase headers
      remove KCal:: since we are using it now
      CamelCase headers
      don't show the Advanced reminder button unless reminders are checked-on
      put the initial focus on the time interval spinbox
      Revert parts of SVN commit 1004175 which caused regressions in invitation handling.
      when DND email messages as attachments, try to use the mail subject as the
      Merged revisions 1006369 via svnmerge from
      Optional Participants and Non-Participants are CC'd on the message and not
      Merged revisions 1006551 via svnmerge from
      Always allow the invitation to be removed from the user's calendar.
      Provide a spinbox for setting the reminder time value, and a separate combobox
      port SVN commit 1006862 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 1006866 by tmcguire from trunk to e35:
      Merged revisions 1006884 via svnmerge from
      use the new view-calendar icon instead of view-pim-calendar.
      Merged revisions 1007225 via svnmerge from
      Revert the remaining parts of SVN commit 1004175 that caused
      Oh happy day!
      assignmentvisitor and comparisonvisitor backported from e4
      Make life easier by using the separate class files for AssignmentVisitor
      whoopsie, forgot this
      When an invitation incidence is being updated only, do not delete-then-add
      add the email DND issue number
      minor coding style issues
      skip libkdepim-copy
      explicit constructors, per Krazy
      explicit constructor
      compiler warning--
      foo = QString() -> foo.clear()
      single char operation fixes, per Krazy
      fix wrong number arguments passed to i18n()
      also skip resources/openchange as this hasn't had any activity for a long time
      pass QLatin1Strings to QString::startsWith(), per Krazy
      const ref iterators, per Krazy
      use the Q_OBJECT macro
      explicit ctors
      minor coding style
      Move the KOMailClient class into the korganizer_eventviewer library, so it can
      follow the KOMailClient changes
      CamelCase headers
      make sure to set an Organizer when scheduling forward.
      If the invitation's ORGANIZER property isn't set, then default it to the sender.
      Merged revisions 1009307 via svnmerge from
      CamelCase header for HtmlExportSettings
      Support attachments in invitations.
      Merged revisions 1009672 via svnmerge from
      don't print the Attachments section if there aren't any Attachments.
      Put back HTMLExportSettings and include it in KOrganizer.
      beautify the invitations display of attachments
      Merged revisions 1010087 via svnmerge from
      show the [Record into my calendar] button on updated invitations when sharing
      Merged revisions 1010802 via svnmerge from
      In acceptPublish(), make sure to transfer UID and SchedulingUID properly when
      "Dismiss all" -> "Dismiss All", per the HIG
      Merged revisions 1010974 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1010981 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1011349 via svnmerge from
      use a conditional compile on the ENTERPRISE_BUILD to determine the default
      build with pedantic
      If the invitation is in a shared-writable calendar, don't delete the invitation
      add issue3811 to the problems addressed section
      give attachments dragged from emails a proper name, even when the email subject
      Merged revisions 1011452 via svnmerge from
      Add configuration option for enabling reminders by default for new Events and To-dos.
      Warning prompt (with a do-not-ask-again) if the event start or end date/time is in the past.
      do not assert if we encounter an invalid TodoTreeNode in ::processChanged().
      don't crash when applying templates when there is no currently seleted template.
      crash guard for
      Add configuration option for enabling reminders by default for new Events and To-dos.
      Merged revisions 1012313 via svnmerge from
      fix Anniversary display prints:
      Merged revisions 1012347 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1011410 via svnmerge from
      deal appropriately with UTF8 filenames and link invitation attachments.
      Merged revisions 1012618 via svnmerge from
      rearrange the display-name if not in standard "First Last" form (eg. "Last, First")
      Merged revisions 1013038 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1013233 via svnmerge from
      make sure to convert Attachment labels from Utf8
      remove hack when printing the invitation attachment name and converting from Utf8.
      forward port SVN commit 1013841 by woebbe:
      print the date *and* the time for the reminder time values
      better header names and some tooltips for the headers
      compile warning--
      remove unused, unneeded conditional compile
      make sure the [Advanced] reminder button is enabled when editing Events and To-dos.
      in the D-Bus version of openComposer(), make sure to actually send the message
      Finally implement email reminders.
      Merged revisions 1014915 via svnmerge from
      merge r1014915 | vkrause | 2009-08-24 04:57:14 -0400 (Mon, 24 Aug 2009)
      deprecate incidence date and time stringification methods in favor of
      use long date formats in the event viewer and in the tooltips
      use the cmake variable ${KDEPIMLIBS_AKONADI_LIBS}
      reverse the order of the buttons
      Merged revisions 1015185 via svnmerge from
      remove -pedantic from CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS because parts of Boost won't build otherwise.
      merged SVN commit 1015194 by winterz from e4 to trunk
      add colons to the event viewer headers ("Date","Time","Location","Organizer","Attendees")
      display the Recent Addresses sublist last, by default.
      Merged revisions 1015486 via svnmerge from
      make the Recent Addresses configurable
      Merged revisions 1015510 via svnmerge from
      fix crash that can happen when editing a to-do.
      fix initial sorting of the completion order entries
      Merged revisions 1015912 via svnmerge from
      revert so I can fix my last svnmerge
      Merged revisions 1015912 via svnmerge from
      make "Go to Today" work properly when in Work Week view.
      Merged revisions 1015950 via svnmerge from
      remove the boxCenter as the image for it doesn't exist.
      provide a bit more left-padding when printing
      Merged revisions 1016353 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1015867 via svnmerge from
      ensure that recent addresses don't get double-double-quoted
      Merged revisions 1016428 via svnmerge from
      follow recent changes in the trunk incidenceformatter for the displayViewer.
      part 2:
      follow trunk for part3 of fixes for displayView formatting
      fix start date/time and end date/time validator for allday events
      consider the changeIncidence() return value when determining if processInput() succeeded.
      follow the new IncidenceFormatter methods that put the Calendar name in
      calendarhelper isn't ready yet. so remove it.
      When decoding url's in partNodeFromXKMailUrl(), don't convert to latin1 first.
      Merged revisions 1018368 via svnmerge from
      don't print "CC:" and "BCC:" in the enterprise header.
      Merged revisions 1018982 via svnmerge from
      merge SVN commit 1018998 by winterz from e4 to trunk:
      show UTC incidences in the local time zone, which is especially useful
      merge SVN commit 1019064 by winterz from trunk to e4
      probable crash fix when autocompleting LDAP address.
      probable crash fix autocompleting LDAP addresses.
      Merged revisions 1019117 via svnmerge from
      improve menu text for adding/removing timezones
      merge SVN commit 1017761 by thiago from trunk to e4:
      backport SVN commit 1017820 by winterz from trunk to e35:
      backport SVN commit 1017853 by winterz from trunk to e35:
      merge SVN commit 1017853 by winterz from trunk to e4:
      backport SVN commit 1018577 by winterz from trunk to e35:
      don't always set the alarm on for new to-dos.
      Merged revisions 1019474 via svnmerge from
      Volker's patch for missing LDAP sources in the completion list.
      Merged revisions 1019553 via svnmerge from
      make sure authorization dialogs are shown on top.
      Merged revisions 1019828 via svnmerge from
      remove the non-functional [...] button adjacent to the optional ReplyTo.
      crash guard
      Agendaview, Monthview, and Listview show the age of the birthday person as
      CamelCase headers
      Move KCheckComboBox from KOrganizer's To-do view into libkdepim, making this widget
      add KCheckComboBox
      crash guard
      handle problems with editing in a more user-friendly way.
      improve error checking and error messages for failures in editing.
      copy over a bunch of fixes we've made over the past few years in trunk.
      merge SVN commit 1021235 by lueck from trunk to e4:
      backport SVN commit 1021059 by winterz from trunk to e35:
      Merged revisions 1021292 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1021060 by winterz from trunk to e35:
      Merged revisions 1021298 via svnmerge from
      add a crash guard in selectedSernums() that seems to help fix
      Merged revisions 1021337 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1021458 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1021464 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1021405 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1021421 via svnmerge from
      add a crash guard in selectedVisibleSernums() to solve
      backport SVN commit 1021958 by tmcguire from trunk to e35:
      Merged revisions 1021995 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1021492 via svnmerge from
      backport super hack from trunk that might help fix the crash reported in
      Merged revisions 1022028 via svnmerge from
      A collection of static methods providing Calendar helpers.
      fix include guard
      Merged revisions 1022235 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1022241 via svnmerge from
      fix the crash guard in resourceString().
      Be smarter about deriving the partner's name for the anniversary string
      forgot part of my last commit for fixing kolab/issue2974
      Merged revisions 1022426 via svnmerge from
      merge SVN commit 1022426 by winterz:
      Merged revisions 1022428 via svnmerge from
      merge SVN commit 1022428 by winterz:
      port to non-deprected versions of IncidenceFormatter::toolTipString()
      merge SVN commit 1022470 by winterz:
      Merged revisions 1022505 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1022768 by winterz from trunk to e35:
      fix setting wordwrap on KUrlLabels
      New feature that allows you to not show Events or To-dos that do not belong
      backport SVN commit 1023092 by winterz from trunk to e35:
      fix printing inviation durations if the duration is more than 24 hrs
      minor cleanup
      when printing month view, only print events on the days specified by the range.
      improved handling of to-do reminders.
      Merged revisions 1024159 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1024288 via svnmerge from
      port to using the new kdepimlibs/kontactinterface library.
      add Nuno's new icons for anniversary, birthday, and special occassion
      crash fix for dealing with in-line attachments.
      rename the new calendar icons so that the buildsystem installs them properly.
      fix a crash
      use Nuno's pretty new icons for birthdays and anniversaries.
      add Nuno's new icons for calendar holidays
      follow kdepimlibs/kontactinterface changes
      increase KONTACT_PLUGIN_VERSION to 8 due to some changes in the interface.
      remove. no longer used. dead code.
      use qobject_cast instead of dynamic_cast where possible
      guard against showing a popup for an invalid date.
      use the new view-calendar icon instead of view-pim-calendar
      Merged revisions 1024963 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1026837 via svnmerge from
      put the birthday | anniversary icons on items in Agenda view.
      merge SVN commit 1026924 by winterz:
      in setHolidaysMasks(), avoid a crash if the selecteddates QList is empty.
      Merged revisions 1027235 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1027276 via svnmerge from
      fix include guards
      remove finally. not compiled ever in KDE4.
      check if the parent() is passed an invalid modelindex.
      Follow IncidenceFormatter::extensiveDisplayStr() and toolTipStr() changes.
      do not autodelete the list containing pointers to cloned events as we use that
      use the new Todo class methods isInProgress(), isNotStarted(), isOpenEnded() rather than
      for Todays's events with a specified start time, show a countdown (X hrs Y mins)
      put back the "now" case, when the event is in progress.
      don't show events that are already over. such events cannot be considered "upcoming".
      fix unit test: allDay() events occurring today print "all day" instead of "now"
      properly handle recurring events when checking if an event has already occurred during the day.
      add an active data parameter to the IncidenceFormatter::extensiveDisplayStr() and toolTipStr()
      fix a crash showing monthview item tooltips. part of the kolab/issue3813 fix.
      second do'h related to signal signatures today.
      fix printing the next occurrence in recurring events and to-dos.
      backport SVN commit 1028520,1028521 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 1028962 by winterz:
      add krazy:exclude comments letting Krazy ignore issues it is unable to deal with.
      Merged revisions 1021206 via svnmerge from
      use Nuno's new icons for birthday, anniversary, and holiday.
      Merged revisions 1029075 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1029081 via svnmerge from
      use "favorites" for the fallback icon.
      Merged revisions 1029281 via svnmerge from
      whoopsie. restore the kpilot plugin build
      Fix a data corruption bug caused by cloning of recurring events.
      use birthday and anniversary icons
      CamelCase headers
      Groupware support: hide events and to-dos that don't belong to my calendars
      use Nuno's new icons for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays
      Merged revisions 1029609 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1029611 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1029626 via svnmerge from
      fix typo "QString:: null" -> QString()
      Merged revisions 1029664 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1029974 via svnmerge from
      crash guard in getHolidays if the specified date is invalid
      Merged revisions 1030016 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1030045 via svnmerge from
      another crash guard for passing invalid dates to setHolidayMasks()
      Merged revisions 1030061 via svnmerge from
      use the KOMonthView calendar for the cell tooltip
      Merged revisions 1030101 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1030105 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1030111 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1030112 via svnmerge from
      Show kcm pages for all the summary plugins, not just the active summary plugins.
      fix data corruption for recurring events
      Read the Groupware:Enabled settings from kmailrc.  Use this to determine if Groupware is
      add helpText() for the KActions
      "Sync Contacts" not "Synchronize Contacts"
      we set KMAIL_SUPPORTED if we are building KMail.  which is good.
      don't display the summary plugin unless it is also active.
      don't create the summary part if it isn't active
      put a big vertical spacer below the summaries in each column in an attempt to keep
      to-dos do not "end"; they are "due".
      fix crashes when printing single day events
      backport r933949 | smartins | 2009-03-01 19:12:11 -0500 (Sun, 01 Mar 2009)
      backport SVN commit 917206 by smartins:
      backport SVN commit 925738 by smartins:
      backport SVN commit 926668 by smartins:
      backport SVN commit 932890 by smartins:
      backport SVN commit 938673 by smartins:
      backport SVN commit 1029395 by winterz:
      merge SVN commit 1029395 by winterz from trunk to e4:
      backport SVN commit 1030953 by winterz from trunk:
      Merged revisions 1032272 via svnmerge from
      revert back to r1024583.
      put back the minimally expanding spaceritems below the last summary in each column.
      minor QLatin1Stringification
      adding the export definition file
      Fix crash when moving between the Upcoming Events summary and the calendar part.
      copy lots of goodies from trunk for the Upcoming Events summary.
      fix compile. forgot that not CamelCase headers aren't used yet in e4.
      merge SVN commit 1032869 by dfaure:
      merge SVN commit 1030966 by winterz from trunk:
      include <unistd.h> for link()
      fix compiler warning about nested comments
      Merged revisions 1033092 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1033101 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1033109 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1033116 via svnmerge from
      fix up/dn arrow key navigation
      Merged revisions 1033206 via svnmerge from
      New feature: show events from my calendar only
      CamelCase headers
      full tooltips and whatsthis
      CamelCase headers
      helpText for actions.
      update my copyright years
      CamelCase headers
      minor coding style
      full tooltips and whatsthis
      CamelCase headers
      full tooltips, whatsthis and helptext
      CamelCase headers
      full tooltip, whatsthis, and help text
      QTextEdit -> KTextEdit
      CamelCase headers
      add helptext to the New action
      CamelCase headers
      minor coding style fixes
      help text
      CamelCase headers
      help text for the New Page and New Book actions
      CamelCase headers
      add a help text for the New Article action
      CamelCase headers
      add help text for New Task
      tell Krazy to look for more stuff as this is shiny new code.
      the kabc subdir is gone
      Do not load the calendar because it's already loaded in Korganizer.
      also don't load the calendar in these summaries.
      Merged revisions 1034349 via svnmerge from
      CamelCase includes
      add help text and whatsthis to the Configure Summary action.
      fix a crash that happens when you delete folders during syncing.
      CamelCase headers
      do not print the timezone countrycode in the tooltip if that value is empty.
      full helptext and whatsthis for KActions
      Merged revisions 1032288 via svnmerge from
      a possible fix for the Marcus Bains line QTimer interfering with
      Merged revisions 1035198 via svnmerge from
      Full helpText, whatsThis and KUIT.
      make the hidden entries as hidden="true"
      complete helpText, toolTips, whatsThis
      relicense to LGPL (v2+), with permission granted by Andreas.
      With fancy headers, deal nicely with very long attachment names or descriptions.
      Merged revisions 1035625 via svnmerge from
      revert part of the kolab/issue: give the marcusbains QTimer a parent.
      Merged revisions 1035643 via svnmerge from
      Do not set any buttons as the default and put the initial focus
      Merged revisions 1036104 via svnmerge from
      remove unused resourceRequest()
      add the ability to sort the columns
      minor coding style fixes
      shiny new code so let's be extra strict and polished
      add the KDAB copyright
      add the ability to sort the columns
      Merged revisions 1037153 via svnmerge from
      FEATURE: Add "Copy To" and "Move To" incidence context menu selections available
      revert. sigh.
      Pass the active date in the view to the incidence editors so they can properly
      Pass the active date in the view to the incidence editors so they can properly
      Merged revisions 1037765 via svnmerge from
      implement our own context menu for opening and saving invitation attachments.
      Merged revisions 1038105 via svnmerge from
      fix i18n
      Merged revisions 1038122 via svnmerge from
      pretty, pretty icons for the invitation attachment context menu.
      compile warnings--
      compile warning--
      lots of cleanups to avoid using magic number for incidence changing stuff.
      lots of cleanups to avoid using magic number for incidence changing stuff.
      when declining, don't complain about a missing invitation in your calendar if you
      lots of cleanups to avoid using magic number for incidence changing stuff.
      follow korganizer incidencechanger change
      compile++ we don't use CamelCase kdepimlibs headers in e4.
      don't check for forgotten attachments in invitation email
      don't check for forgotten attachments in invitation email
      Merged revisions 1039801 via svnmerge from
      compile warnings--
      better context-aware messages when asking to send email for adding/changing/removing invitations.
      better context-aware messages when asking to send email for adding/changing/removing invitations.
      Merged revisions 1040223 via svnmerge from
      exec:/help support to start khelpcenter.
      Merged revisions 1040815 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1040812 via svnmerge from
      merge SVN commit 1041096 by sebsauer from the akonadi-ports branch:
      don't crash if the invitation attachment is an accessible external link.
      Merged revisions 1041306 via svnmerge from
      refactoring to possibly make the Marcus Bains QTimer work better.
      Merged revisions 1041791 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1041793 via svnmerge from
      add overloaded methods for find() and contains() which fixes compiling
      Merged revisions 1041806 via svnmerge from
      another attempt at making long attachment descriptions display and print
      Merged revisions 1041863 via svnmerge from
      use invokeHelp() to view the Kontact handbook from the introduction page
      Merged revisions 1042287 via svnmerge from
      in KMHandleAttachmentCommand::atmSave(), make sure to pass a real parent
      Merged revisions 1042499 via svnmerge from
      don't use the boost namespace since boost also has a hash() and that's
      merge r1038818 from trunk
      restore exporting the class so it is visible for linking.
      follow lots more changes to r1038818 where we pass parent QWidgets around
      merge  SVN commit r1043549 by tilladam from akonadi-ports:
      Merged revisions 1044145 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1044201 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1044228 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1044299 via svnmerge from
      Fix [Dismiss All Reminders]
      Apply Reinhold's fix to allow the "Pages" tab in the print dialog.
      Merged revisions 1045769 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1045770 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1045831 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1045854 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1045857 via svnmerge from
      dynamic_cast => qobject_cast
      add a crash guard for mReader when reply-all on html emails
      Fix compile with Sun Studio 12 - overloading ambiguity.
      compile fix (probably) for Sun Studio 12
      change the default button focus from the [Help] to the [Cancel] button.
      make wording on the '[Record]' buttons more consistent.
      Merged revisions 1047665 via svnmerge from
      remove debug areas
      Merged revisions 1047706 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048005 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048018 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048019 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048021 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048190 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048194 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048205 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048160 via svnmerge from
      use the new view-calendar-journal icon for the Journal view.
      Merged revisions 1048166 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048176 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048177 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048210 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048213 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1048250 via svnmerge from
      add "Archive Folder" to the context menu.
      Merged revisions 1048770 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1050375 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1050389 via svnmerge from
      add a do-nothing AlarmResources::resourceModified() because resourceModified()
      Don't show two offline warning windows that might overlap and block
      Merged revisions 1054852 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1050480 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1050682 via svnmerge from
      little cleanups to make Krazy happy.
      Merged revisions 1050678 via svnmerge from
      remove debug areas
      Merged revisions 1055258 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1055261 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1055262 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1055266 via svnmerge from
      crash guard in headerField() against mMsg being 0
      Merged revisions 1055283 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1055299 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1055309 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1055314 via svnmerge from
      add crash guards:
      crash guard if the mimetype for the invitation attachment is empty.
      Per Bertjan, we are not planning to release KPilot with KDEPIM 4.4.
      Merged revisions 1056938 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1057088 via svnmerge from
      use an information dialog with a "do-not-ask-again" option
      Merged revisions 1057186 via svnmerge from
      add noHtml modes to invitation formatters and use them in the text_calendar plugin. Should handle html in invitation description and comments better.
      If the organizer does not request a reply, put a [Record] button on
      Merged revisions 1057456 via svnmerge from
      add "*.*" to the filter on the "Save As" dialog
      Merged revisions 1057477 via svnmerge from
      allow re-selection of recurring incidences in processIncidenceSelection()
      Merged revisions 1057929 via svnmerge from
      bring sortEvents() up-to-date with the version in trunk; ie. to properly
      introduce new Calendar::sortEventsForDate() that properly handles
      use the new Calendar::sortEventsForDate(). now we can see our upcoming
      Merged revisions 1058476 via svnmerge from
      give the scene an initial view rectangle; else all hell breaks loose.
      consistently use QLatin1String() when comparing current view settings
      No time like a beta test to finally commit the patch for the old parseMsg() crash.
      merge SVN commit 1059603 by winterz from trunk:
      merge SVN commit 1059860 by winterz from trunk:
      let the addressee know their role in the invitation
      stop using Soprano and Nepomuk -- at least for now.
      put a crash guard for the Observer in updated()
      Don't assert when adding a new Journal with attendees.
      merge SVN commit 1060407 by winterz from trunk:
      Merged revisions 1060410 via svnmerge from
      minor coding style.
      add proper support for binary vs. non-binary attachments to the Attachment class. which brings the code up to the KDE4 standards.
      fix my previous commit for
      Merged revisions 1060708 via svnmerge from
      Update the Duration class to all the goodies provided by the version in trunk.
      provide a "do not ask again" option on the dialog for missing/empty To: field.
      change the default button focus from the [Cancel] to the [Ok] button.
      Fix-up the Repeat (Recurrence) button to be compliant with the new usability.
      Merged revisions 1062404 via svnmerge from
      Print the recipient's initial, preset status if not the default status.
      Put the Todo View Group settings below the Month View Group settings
      Merged revisions 1057936 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1062995 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1063007 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1063012 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1063017 via svnmerge from
      when a new attendee is added to an event, make sure to increment
      in emitMsgAddSignals(), don't emit msgAdded if the serial number
      for the saveAs dialog prompt, use "*" instead of "*.*" for the all file filter.
      add the word "non-hidden" to the saveAs dialog filter.
      i18n the filter for the saveAs dialog.
      Merged revisions 1063249-1063250,1063257 via svnmerge from
      Make DND email messages onto Todos put a full copy of the message into
      Merged revisions 1063348 via svnmerge from
      in prettifyQuotaError, don't assert if the folder for the specified job is 0.
      in prettifiyQuotaError, return _error instead of error if folder is 0
      better options for the Record send mail popup.
      Merged revisions 1063452 via svnmerge from
      make the wizards subdirectory build optional.
      fine-tune some invitation status messages.
      cleanup KMReaderWin::message()
      in headerField() and headerFields() also make sure that the message hasHeaders()
      whoopsie, didn't mean to commit this change.
      Do better detecting if the recieiver has already responded to invitation.
      Merged revisions 1065510 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1065538 via svnmerge from
      fix indentation of 1 line
      use the new TZMap methods to show timezone abbreviations for Windows and
      put the Mailbox and AddrSpec ==operators in the KMime::Types namespace
      if the delegated attendee declines, then the make sure the normal response
      a better fix for the second half of the "overloading ambuity bug"
      add a [Move to Trash] button to invitations that do not require an rsvp.
      Merged revisions 1066793 via svnmerge from
      in the tooltip, use the new TZMaps::timezoneToUtcOffset() convenience function
      Merged revisions 1067420 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1067503 via svnmerge from
      fix the the problem with the side-by-side agenda views sometimes
      Merged revisions 1067577 via svnmerge from
      refactor some things, especially the counter proposal buttons.
      factor out a new static method firstAttendeeName() and use this in
      add a hook for a possible future hack where REPLY methods really
      align all 3 splitters, and align the timelabels to the grid.
      fix the markup in one of the tips
      in agenda view, show the timezone name not the timezone country.
      fix no such signal KOEventPopupMenu::configChanged()
      put a footer on each printout containing the "printed <datetime"> timestamp.
      don't print a trailing ',' (comma) if an incidence's location field is empty.
      Merged revisions 1070557 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1070559 via svnmerge from
      crash guard for the situation when switch the message while the GPG passphrase
      nicely handle the case of an invitation without any attendees.
      Merged revisions 1071211 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1071221 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1071342 by lueck:
      Merged revisions 1071388 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1037417 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1037694 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1038818 via svnmerge from
      follow the TzMaps namespace renaming.
      fix a possible crash in processNewMail when the namespace list for
      Merged revisions 1071858 via svnmerge from
      timchen119's patch for supporting Unicode in notes.
      New static method hasMyWritableEventsFolders() that helps determine
      Replace hasWritableCalendar() with CalHelper::hasMyWritableEventsFolders()
      remove silly debugging statements
      Merged revisions 1072571 via svnmerge from
      initialize mGridSpacingY and mDesiredGridSpacingY to a reasonable a value.
      Merged revisions 1073279 via svnmerge from
      put the [Record] and [Trash] buttons on the invitation response only
      For the Event editor, improve the recurrence setting usability by showing a
      Merged revisions 1073826 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1071355 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1071331 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 1071279 via svnmerge from
      don't crash when showing the properties for an inline attachment.
      Merged revisions 1074457 via svnmerge from
      don't use adjustSize to adjust the size of the MarcusBains label, because
      make sure the tooltip shows the correct datetime for recurring incidences.
      Merged revisions 1074741 via svnmerge from
      tweak the size of the marcus bains text so the leading digit doesn't
      Merged revisions 1075003 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1074773 by mlaurent:
      Merged revisions 1075085 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1074775 by mlaurent:
      Merged revisions 1075090 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1074787 by mlaurent:
      Merged revisions 1075095 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1074996 by mlaurent:
      Merged revisions 1075098 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1075004 by mlaurent:
      Merged revisions 1075106 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1074755 by mlaurent:
      Merged revisions 1075114 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1074993 by mlaurent:
      Merged revisions 1075119 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1075050 by mlaurent:
      Merged revisions 1075139 via svnmerge from
      have the snippet tree items pre-opened for ease of use.
      Merged revisions 1075168 via svnmerge from
      backport SVN commit 1072266 by winterz:
      add the recurrence button into the tabbing order
      move the "time associated" checkbox up and to the right of the start datetime
      fix crash when tabbing around due to scoping screw-ups.
      fixup some print layout bugs when printing a day.
      change the footer timestamp print a little to be more like it's done in trunk.
      make the timelabels fit, in weekly timetable mode and day mode.
      fix start and due datetime printing on to-dos in weekly filofax mode.
      backport svn commit 916903 from smartins:
      FEATURE: Add a new timetable print mode where all days are on one page.
      use a long format date when printing the footer timestamp.
      fix a compile warning that could cause a real bug.
      in Event::dtEnd(), remove the "event has neither end time nor duration" print;
      work-around bugs in the way KCodecs::base64Encode() KCodecs::base64Decode()
      properly show the size of the inline attachments in the properties dialog.
      When just moving an item, make sure to tell the changer to end the change.
      handle addresses of the form Last,First <username at domain>
      be very forgiving about the attendee's name, in particular now support
      make sure to pass Durations properly when setting the alarm snooze interval.
      cleaning coding style
      i'm Kraaazzzzy
      change CalHelper:::hasMyWritableEventsFolders() to use a family string
      remove all my debugging junk that I forgot with my last commit.
      on slotOk, make sure to save all changes to the current item.
      fix link with libassuan1 or libassuan2
      use KDEPIMLIBS_FOO_LIBS instead of KDE4_FOO_LIBS, for the kdepimlibs libs
      fix org.kde.KJotsComponent.xml generation
      fix linking against the appropriate assuan libs
      let's use KDEPIMLIBS_FOO_LIBS instead of KDE4_FOO_LIBS for kdepimlibs stuff.
      revert last
      move the FreeBusyUrlDialog into the incidenceeditor as that's where it's needed. and it isn't used anyplace else AFAICT.
      do not need the icky "include "../koglobals.h"
      camelcase includes (some are missing in Akonadi, but krop is working that)
      coding style+++
      compile warning--
      create a new tests subdir, put main.cpp in there and rename it incidenceeditorapp.cpp
      remove a duplicate include
      more cleanup of includes
      aspell fixes
      replace QToolTip::hide() calls with QToolTip::add( "" )
      in writeAttachment(), fix writing binary data.
      show an alarm's display text in the details area.
      fix the display for next recurrence when the event is recurring.
      Add Sergio to the contributors list, certainly long past due.
      in updateAttendee(), only quote the attendee name if necessary.
      remove. not even compiled.
      not needed here
      scalix has been removed so don't try to build it anymore.
      remove scalix wizard
      add new virtual method subresourceWritable() that will tell if a
      in subresourceWritable(), use the top-level readOnly() status by default.
      A large set of changes:
      in updateConfig(), put back the line that forces showing the agendaview
      remove featureplan kresource
      merge SVN commit 1083472 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 1083776 by darioandres:
      backport SVN commit 1078389 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 1078375 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 1080353 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 1080359 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 1078972 by mlaurent:
      addIncidence(), addEvent(), addTodo(), addJournal() all now support
      the new addIncidence() method calls the new CalendarResources::addIncidence()
      new static methods incResourceCalendar() and incSubResourceCalendar().
      remove the old IncidenceChanger::addIncidence(Incidence*,QWidget*) in favor
      possible fix for crash that can occur when using lots of kmail subwindows
      fix various paste bugs in preparation of fixing kolab/issue4052
      fix pasting in multiagendaview where the user wants the paste to happen.
      Fix overwriting selected text by pasted text
      keep the timelabels aligned properly against the grid in multiagendaview.
      backport SVN commit 1085692 by yurchor:
      backport SVN commit 1085670 and 1085677 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 1085426 by mlaurent:
      backport SVN commit 1056618 by smartins:
      backport SVN commit 1085509 by mlaurent:
      a better fix for keeping the left and right splitter handles in line
      backport SVN commit 1084242 by smartins:
      always make sure that KOrganizer is running in order for the editIncidence
      In the search window results list, make double-click on a message open
      minor improvements and cleanups
      Change the "CloseToQuotaThreshold" default from 85 to 80.
      FEATURE: SaveAs for incidence attachments
      in slotAttachFile(), if the last used start dir has disappeared/moved
      backport SVN commit 1087403 by coles:
      use %n in the plural form of "Categories:" to make i18n() happy.
      add incidences to the cache immediately also if the sernum is 0.
      various fixes for Kolab to-dos (aka tasks) in side-by-side and monthviews.
      in dateTimesForNewEvent(), use the activeDate() to set a valid fallback date.
      fix the order of changedIncidence oldinc and newinc args.
      backport timesInInterval() from KDE4 so I can use it in KOrganizer.
      kolab tasks that "float" have a due time of 00:00, so make sure to check
      major rewrites and backporting from trunk to try and fix to-dos not being
      fix start time editing for recurring to-dos.
      backport SVN commit 1089579 by coles:
      remove 1 extra unnecessary error dialog if the saving a quick to-do fails.
      selectionStart() and selectionEnd() in the baseview class with implementations
      set the initial suspend time to "5 mins" always.
      fix due datetime printing of recurring to-dos.
      also fix printing the due datetime of a recurring to-do in the tooltip.
      split out the error message for different incidence save failures.
      pass the resourcecalendar and subresourcecalendar to the newEventSignal
      remove traces of ktimetracker.  we never built it in e4 and keeping this
      use Nuno's new secure-card icon instead of the smartcard.xpm included in this subdir.
      attempt to fix the problem where Kolab Tasks don't show up in side-by-side
      instead of basing the in-memory storage on incidences that can change
      when suspending, make sure to save all the active reminders back to the config
      in the incidenceview display:
      merge SVN commit 1091742 by mlaurent:
      minor changes to keep more consistent with the trunk version.
      add a blurb about the new "Week numbers select a work week when in work
      I can't stand it any longer.. in displayViewFormatEvent() and
      backport SVN commit 1092432 by mlaurent:
      pass an active date to editIncidence dcop method so editing a recurring
      bring over the kincidencechooser test program from the 4.4 branch.
      set "Take Both" to be the preselected/default.
      fix reference data to changes in the kcal library over the past few years.
      better error message in addIncidence() if there are no calendars found.
      backport the much improved recurrenceString() from trunk.
      a new static method durationStriong() for computing a duration string
      whoopsie. need this too for the durationString() declaration.
      backport some exception handling improvements from trunk.
      Use the new exception handling for UserCancel to more gracefully handle
      revert changes I made so make check works for me.
      when saving or opening an attachment, do the saving to the tempfiles
      deal with trailing whitespace and blank lines in ref and output files
      lots of tooltips and whatsthis
      use resource and subresource when adding counter proposals or recurring
      put duration and recursion info in the tooltip.
      better handling of the duration string.
      now we can pass (resource,subresource) to CalendarResources::beginChange()
      fix the duration string for to-dos that don't have a start datetime.
      break-out Participants as "Required Participants" and "Optional Participants"
      backport SVN commit 1096596 by dfaure:
      KUIT fixup a message string for moving a meeting to a new time slot
      improve the error message if there are no writable resources available.
      allow ResourceCalendars to have ErrorFormat exceptions.
      add an ErrorFormat exception for no writable resources
      set the no writable resources ErrorFormat exception in the Kolab resource
      cleanup Priority and Completed info for To-dos in displayView and toolTip.
      fix printing the calendar in the tooltip
      refactor the attendee role lists for the tooltip and displayView prints
      whoopsie! fix a crash I made by not cleaning up properly for my recent
      Don't ask which resource folder to save a new Incidence in side-by-side
      remove this. it hasn't been built in ages
      pass activeDate to edit and show incidence signals and slots to
      use splitEmailAddrList() to parse the the user entered Ids.
      add the Year menu to the date navigator.
      removed junk debug
      fix due date computation for recurring to-dos when an active date is specified.
      attempt to fix Kolab tasks not showing up in side-by-side agenda view.
      forward port SVN commit 1097371 by smartins:
      always deiconify the window when showing. just in case the dialog has
      add a column for the to-do's calendar folder
      add Tooltips to the composer settings
      allow non-organizers who have write access to the associated invitation
      forward port SVN commit 1098634 by smartins:
      allow the new attendee to have comma-format and keep it in comma-format.
      forward port
      forward port SVN commit 1098872 by winterz:
      in updateItem(), assemble the attendee string by-hand rather than i18n().
      setup the vertical scrollbar after all the subagenda views have been added.
      no reason why a user should not be allowed to Cancel out of the
      The 0.1 version of our own new-and-improved Calendar Selection Dialog.
      crash guard in setBodyPartMemento if the memento argument is 0.
      forward port SVN commit 1099063 by smartins:
      don't return if the saveFile() for non-delegated fails.
      To-do Reminder fixes:
      support alarms for recurring to-dos
      sort the happening column by date, not by character
      backport updated versions of getNextDateTime(), getPreviousDateTime(),
      keep track of the incidence sequence number and only show alarms
      add an assignment operator and a new clone() method which will be
      fix reading and writing alarm snooze value.
      fix setting the alarm snooze value from the spinbox value.
      fix a crash when deleting a folder in the following test case:
      make the timeoffset spinbox allow up to 5 digits, just like when
      make the timeoffset spinbox allow only 5 digits, just like when
      some backend resources (like Kolab) don't necessarily provide a revision
      use splitEmailAddrList() to parse the selected addresses.
      ensure we are dealing with valid incidence last-modified datetimes when comparing.
      be more careful about computing and dealing with resources and subresources
      revertlast, as requested.
      stupidly forgot to put back the dynamic_casts for the static_casts.
      fix the compare() signature so the override reimplementation works.
      backport SVN commit 1103782 by mlaurent from trunk:
      fix build by adding libkdenetwork to the include path
      possible compile fix by adding certmanager/lib to the includes
      take a totally different approach to dealing with edited, inplace reminders.
      some documentation about displaying to-dos in the different views.
      copy from e35
      increase the size of the show incidence dialog.
      if the user closes the dialog (escape), make that equivalent to [DismissAll]
      more fixes for properly setting beforeStart vs. beforeDue in advanced alarms.
      Check the Time Associated button if the Start or the Due time is set.
      handle empty or illegal recurrence interval values that may have been
      on [Dismiss All], make sure to remove all the items from the QListView.
      allow 0m pre-starttime reminders. also detect these as simple reminders
      if the reminder offset is 0, then always use minutes as the units.
      don't prompt for the resource when moving a recurring incidence
      in edit_paste() use a flag to determine if the paste time was set or not;
      wow. there was an assert being hit when creating tasks because we didn't
      when pasting to-dos and there is no current selection =>
      remember which tab is current between restarts in "Agenda View Tabbing" mode.
      backport SVN commit 1105860 by mlaurent:
      ++coding style
      ++coding style
      ++coding style
      ++coding style
      ++coding style
      ++coding style
      ++coding style
      ++coding style
      remove unneeded debug areas from a couple of kWarnings()
      use QLatin1String()
      in displayViewFormatCategories(), make sure to put spaces between the
      make the show event dialog minimum size even bigger.
      in ldapSearchResult(), use KPIM::splitEmailAddrList() to split the list
      in selectedEMails(), quote the names returned from the search as needed.
      Change the text on the button that starts the address selector
      making "Select" translatable might be nice too
      fix a crash when deleting Notes (journals) that don't exist in the local
      handle all sorts of problems with adding notes that might occur when
      make sure not to re-load resources that are already open (and presumably loaded)
      after removing attachment(s), make sure to select another attachment
      much simpler way to handle re-selection of attachments after some are removed.
      put the "days" suffix on the initial display of the interval spinbox.
      don't crash when printing and there is no Message View ( preview pane)
      do a better job placing multiday items, possibly.
      clean summary strings of embedded newlines
      1) add new static method reminderStringList() which returns a nicely formatted
      do some newline removal in summary strings to make the print look cleaner.
      add a 'shortfmt' option to reminderStringList (currently unimplemented)
      Improvements to the Reminder setting part of the incidence editor:
      in displayView and tooltips, don't print the reminder string if
      no more black-on-black Kolab notes
      when resizing the view, compute 1 minimum cell width to use when
      in acceptRequest
      backport SVN commit 1108753 by tokoe fro trunk
      truncate the length of the summary and widen the dialog as to inhibit
      fixup so we save data and config properly
      new crystal icons created especially for supporting invitation message status
      add the new invitation icon here too as we seem to need it for the header
      attempt word-puzzle fixes for the translators
      we allow 0 offsets for the reminder.
      if the filtered results are empty, then don't show the category header item
      initial support for showing an invitation column in the message list.
      add stuff needed for the invitation column in message list.
      fix the <tab> key work properly to move the address selection to the next addressbook.
      possible fix for displaying a single event in agendaview.
      another attempt to fixing the layout of items in the all-day Agenda View.
      revert r1107542 as it causes more problems than it fixes.
      Do not truncate start/endtime of truncated events in KOrganizer's print styles.
      say goodbye to indexlib
      save the state of the "recurrence enabled" checkbox when the user
      make in-line attachments the default over linked attachments.
      do not AutoDelete when writing into the tempfiles for opening or saving
      when opening attachments do not close the secondary window.
      hide/show the distribution lists depending on the filtering result.
      fixes for Shift+Key_Tab (aka, the Key_BackTab)
      add the [Delete] shortcut to the remove content menu option.
      when toggling an alarm using a context menu, use the default configuration
      don't add empty attachments
      if selecting a distribution list, expand it and use it in the attendees list.
      Pass the sender email address back to the incidenceformatter when
      do not draw the event icon for plain old Events.
      provide YesNo instead of a Warning messagebox when removing attachments.
      provide nicer messages when trying to remove a calendar folder.
      no longer needed as indexlib has been removed
      fix connect.
      prevent a crash creating the Callback instance when mReader is 0.
      fix printing of attendees even if the attendee count is 1.
      fix printing attendees if the number of attendees is 1 only
      Print the Organizer in the displayView or tooltipView only if:
      If one of the attendees changes a groupware appointment or task,
      detect completion percentage changes in todo comparison.
      detect an updated invitation or task assignment only if the
      another attempt to fix printing the Organizer field in the displayView
      When handling invitation clicks, do not put the KOrganizer window
      forward port SVN commit 1123306 by winterz:
      per customer request, in Enterprise header show the To:, CC: and BCC:
      forward port SVN commit 1123372 by winterz:
      If the user presses the [Cancel] button in the resource selector dialog
      when suspending items, properly select the next/prev reminder in the list.
      minimize the number of times createDayLabels is called as best we can.
      use the new IncidenceFormatter::formatICalInvitationNoHtml() which
      add a tooltip to the freebusy period, at the very least showing
      merge forward SVN commit 1124336 by winterz:
      crash guard when there are no distlists
      "virtual KDE_DEPRECATED" instead of "KDE_DEPRECATED virtual"... because
      when removing attachments:
      merge forward SVN commit 1087409 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1092226 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1119281 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1120617 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1121522 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1125182 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1123718 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1123759 by winterz:
      Fix crash, Imap cache corruption giving crash (SIGFPE) on each sync for
      to-do reminders with a trigger time related to start times are not
      change the column header for when the reminder is for.
      more fixes to make recurring to-dos work.
      For new invitations, when asking to send email to other attendees do not
      merge forward SVN commit 1126404 by winterz:
      set the default "Hide tab bar when only 1 tab is open" to true
      Fix the situation where newly added attendees that are then removed
      when creating a calendar incidence from a DND'd contact, make sure
      merge forward SVN commit 1126581 by winterz:
      Add the ability to determine if the folder selector returned empty
      forward port SVN commit 1126444 by winterz:
      more attempts to get the filtering working
      fix saving/restoring recurrence between dialog invocations
      in enterprise header, don't strip the <user at> part of the
      port forward SVN commit 1127207 by winterz:
      fix using our own font selection for printing.
      print a to-do start time on the invitation, if there is one.
      merge forward SVN commit 1120686 by winterz:
      KCalPrefs, not KOPrefs
      merge forward SVN commit 1105299 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1119262 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1127164 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1105880 by winterz:
      various fixes for dealing with Task attendees:
      clean up a few things more to my liking, but more importantly fix a crash.
      initialize a variable and fix a real past-end-of-buffer crash
      merge forward SVN commit 1111889 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1120355 by winterz:
      camelcase headers++
      merge forward SVN commit 1128325 by winterz:
      fix build by using the AttachmentControllerBase namespace.
      a better way of reading X-SUMMARY and X-LOCATION freebusy parameters.
      Add a toggle for setting the completed percentage to 100%.
      Support ".xfb" and ".vfb" Free/Busy filename extensions.
      replacements for %SERVER%, %NAME%, and %EMAIL% in the freebusyurls cache.
      possible fix for now showing the completeness percentage change for tasks.
      no longer dismiss active alarms when the user closes the dialog.
      merge forward SVN commit 1130661 by winterz:
      fix a crash that can happen when formatting an invitation with a cancel
      backport SVN commit 1131005 by winterz from trunk:
      fix semantic markup
      load the libincidenceeditors catalog so we can get those translations
      merge backward SVN commit 1132814 by smartins from trunk:
      handle drops of plain old email addresses, perhaps separated by a comma.
      Make a real, useful, working context menu for embedded vCards.
      forward port SVN commit 1133996 by winterz:
      [Another try, this time supporting broken kdelibs/kabc encoding]
      merge forward SVN commit 1133844 by winterz:
      Fixes for encoding problems in VCards, notably:
      add a vertical splitter between the list and the details view.
      revert. The new KIncidenceChooser isn't ready yet.
      do a better job of activating, raising, and drawing attention to
      merge SVN commit 1135658 by winterz:
      backport several fixes found in KDE4 that seem to help, especially
      when dropping plain old text of emails, decode the whole thing
      merge forward SVN commit 1136056 by winterz:
      Remove groupwise and groupdav kresources and adjust the wizard accordingly
      put in a hack to determine if the last byte of a base64decoded QByteArray
      in CalPrintTodos::print(), increase the distance between the "Priority"
      merge forward SVN commit 1136768 by winterz:
      unless using the Print context menu, always set the print type to TodoList.
      in addIncidence(), if the specified resource or subresource is not writable,
      remove the css background-image setting from the enterprise header
      merge forward SVN commit 1136855 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1137027 by mutz:
      backport SVN commit 1137051 by mlaurent:
      merge forward SVN commit 1136975 by mutz:
      write the free-busy-url attribute if the contact has a Free/Busy URL.
      use QSpacerItems instead of nested layouts in the control frame layout.
      change the checkbox title from "To-dos" to "Completed To-dos"
      fix up the new i18n string for telling the user that a to-do cannot
      include <cstdio> for the FILE definition.
      merge SVN commit 1137881 by winterz:
      improve the info message when there are no incidences available to archive
      compile warning-- about unused varaible.
      do not create action with identifiers like "CTRL-X"
      lots of futzing and re-arranging and backporting some ideas from trunk
      avoid a possible crash in saveSettings by ensuring that the splitters
      better fixing for the splitter save/restore to avoid crashes.
      "select" subagenda in multiagendaview by a mouserelease event instead
      another attempt at making sure this dialog always shows on top
      make the ctrl-N shortcuts work properly (almost) again and only show
      CTRL-N shortcuts work even better now
      planner should be ported. it worked in 4.4.
      make left-click select a sub-agendaview too.
      foward port SVN commit 1139654 by winterz from 4.4 branch:
      merge forward SVN commit 1138403 by winterz:
      revert the hack for removing a trailing 0 from the attachment.
      Use a custom property X-KADDRESSBOOK-FreeBusyURL to store a contact's
      change the custom property name to X-KADDRESSBOOK-FreeBusyURL per tokoe.
      port forward SVN commit 1106762 by winterz from e35:
      merge forward SVN commit 1106985 by winterz from e35:
      merge forward SVN commit 1107007 by winterz from e35:
      use Nuno's new icon for posting to a mailing list.
      backport SVN commit 1144056 by winterz from trunk:
      the mail-list-message-new icon was renamed to mail-message-new-list,
      in slotAdd(), parent the getSaveFileName() dialog and provide error handling
      in openCalendar(), when merging a file into a CalendarResource:
      When comparing Attendees for current and updated invitations only check
      Check for attempting to create a new incidence in a readonly calendar
      actually use the "Default reminder time:" label for the Reminders settings.
      implement a configuration for setting a sound file to use for audio alarms.
      if the KOrganizer part is not the currently active part, then ignore
      some polishing of distribution list handling:
      Be a hero.
      in the case of a attachment description with a very long word...
      If the user accepts an invitation update, but an earlier version of
      minor style things
      when a resource is deactivated and the resourcesChanged() signal is emmitted,
      forward port SVN commit 1152579 by smartins:
      in resourcesChanged(), make sure to zero out the selected agendaview
      in the resource view, if a subresource is renamed then deselect
      make a DCOP accessible command for knowing the number of dimap accounts
      fix a crash in triggerSync() if the cachedimap folder account
      Lots of changes
      change option "Block free/busy and alarms locally" to "Block alarms locally"
      merge SVN commit 1153578 by winterz:
      do a better job with computing the subresource name from an identifier.
      don't show the attachment descripion in headers.
      use the attachment description for the label if the attachment name
      for Day prints, put the allday events in their own box at the top of
      put back kcalmodel. it needs to be here and it needs to be ported to KCalCore.
      include <kdeversion.h>, for KDE_IS_VERSION() macro
      for the all-day sidebar:
      forward port SVN commit 1155133 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 1158315 by winterz:
      in the mimepart tree, don't show the attachment description unless
      restore the WFlags as they were before I started hacking on them.
      if an event or task invitation already happened or is in-progress already,
      Thomas' last commit for hacking the html dnd stuff requires exceptions
      print attachments in displayView as links we can click on them in clients
      handle clicking on calendar attachments as links.
      properly initialize pointers for memory on the heap and then free
      adjust the weights to be saner and identical to those in kde4.
      fix a crash that happened due to deleting a KAction from a list
      just like in the trunk version, if we don't have a global kpgpObject
      I give up trying to find the cause of a crash on exit that can happen
      for ordering the navigator toolbar and CTRL+X shortcuts
      merge forward SVN commit 1159934 by mutz:
      add ontologies to the IGNORESUBS list
      remove some duplicate includes
      Highlight the most recent reminder that hasn't been notified yet, rather
      merge forward SVN commit 1160724 by winterz:
      kdDebug() needs endl's
      when creating a newInstance always load the korganizerplugin
      merge forward SVN commit 1161177 by winterz:
      Another attempt to make sure the dialog is shown overtop everything.
      ignore runtime, as that will be processed separately as kdepim-runtime.
      exclude processing in runtime, as that will be done separately in kdepim-runtime.
      use standard KDE library versioning macros
      replace hard-coded "kcalcore" and "kcalutils" with variables.
      also ignore kdgantt2
      add a project() since this creates an executable.
      add tooltips for the links inside the eventviewer.
      implement a context menu in the incidence viewer for opening or saving
      Refactor AttachmentHandler methods and use them in the incidence viewer.
      when handling a click for launching or saving an invitation attachment,
      more implementation for attachment handling and have the kmail text_calendar
      cleanup the function of the tooltips and restore the context menu
      if the attachment is a URI and the attachment doesn't have a label,
      give the AttachmentHandler's parents.
      if the saveAs fails, try to give the user some details about why.
      use KCal::AttachmentHandler::view() and saveAs() when possible.
      fix typo: "choosen" -> "chosen"
      build on Solaris too
      build on Solaris too
      When removing incidences from the calendar as part of a declined invitation,
      in requestResource(), don't allow selection from resources that
      forward port SVN commit 1164344 by mutz:
      port forward SVN commit 1164346 by mutz:
      possible fix for a crash I cannot reproduce.
      forward port SVN commit 1158860 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1159408 by tmcguire:
      merge forward SVN commit 1162418 by winterz:
      clean-up and add the KDAB copyright
      merge forward SVN commit 1134676 by winterz:
      CamelCase headers, remove unused headers
      spell-check and straighten-up
      cleaning and updating
      remove this very old review that isn't too helpful anymore
      Olivier is the KNode maintainer
      we no longer need libstickynotes in trunk. thanks for the memories!
      Formerly akonadi/kcal.
      add more that Stephen moved this morning from akonadi_next to akonadi/kcal.
      build modelstatesaver, entitymodelstatesaver, collectionselectionproxymodel
      builds for me now.
      put CollectionSelection in the CalendarResource namespace.
      the invitations subdir is gone
      export the MailScheduler class
      Rename kdepim/akonadi/kcal to kdepim/calendarsupport
      tell krazy to ignore a non-camelcase header that isn't available
      update catalog usage:
      updated; added components
      add calendarsupport.
      merge forward SVN commit 1165419 by mutz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1165420 by mutz:
      use the Todo::List typedef
      use the Person::List typedef
      use List typedefs
      use List typedefs
      use List typedefs
      use List typedefs
      follow the QList -> QVector changes in KCalCore.
      follow changes to KCalCore for passing a recurrenceId to updates
      revert Stephen's last change. apparently parts of KAlarm are still using KCal.
      possible crash fix.
      when printing the invitation header, fallback to using the organizer's
      Provide a configuration for displaying differences in updated invitations
      backport SVN commit 850028 by tmcguire from trunk:
      port forward SVN commit 1170363 by winterz from e35:
      update the version string.
      beautify sub-level calendar names when displaying them in the resource view.
      another possible fix for a crash I cannot reproduce.
      add info about the new configuration option for showing invitation differences
      merge forward SVN commit 1172266 by winterz:
      let's go krazy
      include QDate.
      first batch of cleanings:
      give the snippettext area a bigger minimum size.
      Lots of improvements to the "Snippet Experience", including:
      coding cleaning,.. was particularly ugly.
      forward port SVN commit 1173069 by winterz:
      merge forward SVN commit 1173116 by winterz:
      Say adios to incidenceeditors and hola to incidenceeditor-ng.
      extract messages for translations
      give the copyright to David
      cleanup namespaces to use "IncidenceEditorNG"
      remove old
      adieu to you, kdgantt1
      create apidox
      fixup include guards
      lots of cleaning.. 97.23% is coding style stuff.
      last commit of coding style fixes and some other minor cleaning.
      make it compile again after the fix for kolab/issue4479
      More major cleaning in incidenceeditor-ng:
      remove the "-Werror=return-type" from $CXX_FLAGS as this isn't a standard KDE
      reduce constness that makes the Intel C++ compiler give warnings.
      give each QStackedWidget a different name. before all pages were called "WStackPage"
      remove editorfreebusy as nothing uses it.
      only process keyrelease events for key_up and kde_down in the eventFilter().
      forward port SVN commit 1174989 by winterz:
      add a crash guard in slotPartRetrieved to deal with a PartNodeMessageMap that
      add a crash guard in the case that the msglist contains 1 empty pointer when replying.
      remove unused headers
      add a small test program for the LDAP serach dialog which I had lying around.
      remove the escape char from the spouse's name when creating the anniversary summary.
      update NewsLog for this week's tagging.
      guard for crashes in KMDeleteMsgCommand() by checking return values properly.
      add 4560
      SVN_SILENT Update version numbers for today's release.
      SVN_SILENT Update version numbers for today's release.
      don't fetch some feeds times and times again (if it cannot access them).
      use proper KColorSheme colors for unread and new article names in the list
      in deleteMessages(), do not put append a message for deletion that can't be
      revertlast because it breaks up/down arrowing in some cases.
      forward port SVN commit 1178259 by winterz:
      in KMLoadPartsCommand(), no not insert empty KMMessages's into the mPartMap.
      add the Kontact Administrators Manual, including a new section on Conflict Handling.
      Major re-working of conflict handling.
      update for the next tagging
      SVN_SILENT Update version numbers for today's release.
      QSharedPointer<ScheduleMessage> usage
      merge forward SVN commit 1180082 by winterz:
      in invitationAttendees(), also pass the attendee associated with the response
      add a new callback UpdateReaderWindow that can be used by the plugins
      use the new updateReaderWindow callback to update the invitation display when
      comment-out the updateReaderWin() call for now as it hangs the source viewer window.
      don't consider the organizer in the attendee count.
      forgot to uncomment the extra test for determining if the user is also the organizer
      be smarter about detecting when the sender's response status needs to be recording
      move icon "organizer" from korganizer-specific pixmaps to the general kdepim pixmaps.
      in the displayView, show a small participation status icon to the left of
      add attendee status icon and text to the attendee list in the tooltips.
      refactor: make a new static method attendeeStatusIconPath for use in a few places.
      refactor: new searchName() and searchNameAndUid() methods for searching the
      refactor: new htmlAddMailtoLink() for creating a mailto: html link
      refactor: new htmlAddUidLink() for creating a uid: html link
      Implement new URLHandler for Contact UIDs.
      forward port SVN commit 1181343 by winterz:
      some minor kcalutils -> calendarsupport changes
      port SVN commit 1181855 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 1181263 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 1181952 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 1182563 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 1183946 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 1185476 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 1183565 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 1186327 by winterz:
      forward port SVN commit 1186306 by winterz:
      comment the ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/korganizer/org.kde.Korganizer.Task.xml line.
      return something in customTemplates()
      comment out the failing build for the searchpatterntest.
      make an educated guess to fix the build, especially for non-WINCE platforms.
      forward port SVN commit 1193359 by winterz:
      change version to beta2 in preparation for the next tagging.
      prep version 4.6 beta3
      No longer need to exclude the runtime subdir since that no longer exists.
      Increase to beta4 for tagging
      Fix testkodaymatrix linking
      increase KDEPIM_DEV_VERSION for beta5
      increase the version number. this is the version to use for 4.6 beta5
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Increase versions for the next release, which is RC2
      forward port 9475719a from enterprise/e3
      forward port Revision ecd406a7 from enterprise/e3
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      forward port Revision 5715fed2 from the enterprise/e3 branch
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Fix location of org.kde.KAlarm.Settings.xml and org.kde.KAlarmDir.Settings.xml
      move the statics for the Formats out of the KAlarm::Calendar class
      The CMake manual says that options are ON|OFF not TRUE|FALSE.
      Fix the non-Akonadi build. Hopefully I ported QList to QVector ok.
      Enterprise style header beautification:
      forward port commit 0003f8564def804110bb75c93c51e94b1ed2f81f from e3
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      forward port commit 5f76541b127ce5ab52276828fd625c3a1ba86b0b from e3
      use a smaller font for the timezone names and more properly compute
      cleanup the timezone tooltip to be more consistent with the incidence tooltips.
      Rewrite numberToString() using an algorithm found at
      Replace KDateEdit with KDateComboBox from kdelibs
      KDateEdit and KTimeEdit are no longer needed as they have been replaced
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      now that we rely on kdepimlibs 4.7, we obey the TODO in realStartDate()
      coding style fixes
      fix includes and include guards
      constify some loop variables
      ignore the viewerapp
      use camelcase headers
      skip /tests/
      coding style, doxygen comments, copyright fixes for KDAB
      const ref in foreach loop
      remove duplication include for kcalprefs.h
      make the ctors explicit
      reorder headers, make sure the config header comes first
      include nepomukcalendar.h first
      very minor optimization
      by convention, don't have leading/trailing underscores on the header guard
      use .clear() instead of assigning QString()
      fix include guard
      make ctor explicit
      allow to publish to more than 1 email address at a time
      check for camelcase headers now
      use CamelCase headers
      header guards changed from CALENDARVIEWS_FOO_H to EVENTVIEW_FOO_H
      skip tests subdir
      coding style fixes
      include <utils.h> => include <calendarsupport/utils.h>
      use QString::clear() instead of assigning to QString()
      fix indentation
      Read agendaview settings from the global config, not the korganizer config.
      change include guard from
      include config-enterprise.h first
      KComboBox instead of QComboBox
      scrubbing calendarsupport CMakeLists.txt
      skip the stuff in shared
      minor scrubbing
      minor scrubbing
      not part of libkdepim
      remove "part of KOrganizer" from the comments
      remove "part of KOrganizer" from the comments
      minor coding style fixes
      minor coding style fixes
      minor coding style and doxygen fixes
      coding style fixes
      skip /tests/
      coding style fixes
      coding style fix
      include own header first.
      don't use a hard-coded debug area -- one will be provided.
      add extra checks for 'null' and 'defines'
      make KSYCOCA_WAIT_TIMEOUT a static global int, rather than a define.
      use camelcase headers
      Rewrite the warning messages to be a little more proper and clear.
      add a Settings->Show QR Codes configuration (when libprison is avail)
      improve the wording of the selectCollection dialog description.
      In the Kontact Introduction page fix:
      add a trailing newline to the file.
      skip /tests/ subdir
      add trailing newline to end of file.
      micro optimization for QString usage
      use clear() to reset a QString back to empty.
      no need to initialize a QString at declaration time.
      fix the include guard
      remove a duplicate include
      include our own header first.
      in forwardFetchResult(), add a Redirect case (that does nothing) to
      In finish(), put a crash guard on mProgressItem.
      In slotSendQueued() and slotSendQueuedVia(), make sure msgSender()
      In mailkernel, create a new method kernelIsRegistered() that says
      compile warnings--
      add some crash guards which may prevent crashes in some corner cases.
      normalize SIGNAL and SLOT
      minor coding style
      remove Project Management from the Categories.
      add a crash and sanity check in removeChild() in case the child map
      in findArticle(), add a crash guard in case the articles map is empty.
      fix i18n() message that were missing an argument placeholder.
      use ki18n() instead of i18n() in a few places where needed.
      use ki18n() instead of i18n() where needed.
      ingore .kdev_include_paths
      in slotAutoSaveComposeResult(), move the assert into the NoError
      minor style fixes
      add some crash guards against the FeedStorage pointer being zero in
      add crash guard against the FeedStorage pointer being zero in setStatus()
      crash guard
      check error return conditions from sessions to avoid possible crashes
      in KMMoveCommand::execute(), in the case of an invalid destination
      Don't attempt to access the kernel settings if the kernel hasn't
      in initializeMessageItem(), make sure the KMime::Message to() and from()
      in indexDead(), don't bother asserting if invariant->d->modelIndexRow()
      in FilterActionMissingCollectionDialog(), improve the i18n strings
      in slotAkonadiStandardActionUpdated() and updateFolderMenu(), put in
      in save(), don't assert if mAttrModel isn't set yet; simply return.
      a better fix for crashing on mAttrModel not set in the save() method.
      fix build on Windows.
      First part of the fix for bug 285118:
      remove duplicates from the timezone prefs so now only no longer can
      immediately write the preferences config file whenever a
      show the UTC offset on the timezone selections
      minor TODO comment
      in tzUTCOffsetStr(), simplify the mins calculation
      in AppearancePage::MessageTagTab::save(), guard against crashing
      Inline TNEF support is Back!
      in activateInitialPluginModule(), check for the plugin identifier
      be careful of empty models to avoid crashes
      Enable the TNEF plugin to show invitations in-line.
      in messageItemBefore(), in the case that there is no current item
      add a custom target for org.kde.Akonadi.Maildir.Settings.xml to make
      relocate mResultModel->deleteLater() so it doesn't break successive
      Remove the groupwise kresource
      minor coding style
      memory leaks--
      full tooltips and whatsthis
      add a proper license and copyright for Frank
      single char vs. single char string
      make AddFeedWidget ctor explicit
      make the HistoryEntry == and != operators const
      tell krazy to be quiet about foreach loops that it thinks are problems
      ignore the opensync plugin as it isn't beig developed.
      KUrl instead of QUrl
      fix the include guard
      rearraged header include order to make Krazy happy
      fix up some i18n issues
      use KComboBox instead of QComboBox; KLineEdit instead of QLineEdit;
      normalize SIGNAL and SLOT
      tell Krazy that the abstract base classes Storage and FeedStorage
      general cleanup and adhering to the KDE CMakeLists.txt style guide
      remove unused variable from TabWidget::Private::tabBarWidthForMaxChars
      use a direct DBus call to open the add feed dialog.
      for the new lock quicksearch feature:
      add Volker's email to his copyright, using the same address as his
      fixup include guard to be of the form AKONADICONSOLE_SOMEFILE_H
      constify the operator==
      add an empty <kcfgfile></kcgfile> line above the <group> entity
      give a few i18n messages context for the translators
      change the variable name "infos" to "infoList"
      use KTextEdit instead of QTextEdit
      use KComboBox instead of QComboBox
      context for translators
      use KComboBox instead of QComboBox
      KTabWidget instead of QTabWidget
      wrap dialogs in QPointers
      cleanup according to the KDE style
      make the ctor explicit
      clean up a little
      const ref loop vars
      fix an i18n issue
      use KLineEdit instead of QLineEdit
      fix the include guards to b of the form TEMPLATEPARSER_SOMEFILE_H
      cleanup headers
      follow changes in templateparser to use TemplateParser namespace
      add optional checks
      remove reference to KMail since this is a standalone lib now
      coding style and cleanup
      in fileNameForMimetype(),
      don't hardcode blue for the keyword color; use the "link" color
      add i18n context and KUIT
      add a bunch of tooltips and whatsthis
      cleanup and adhering to the KDE standards
      skip /tests/
      general cleanup and KDE style
      add camelcase and style checking
      misspelling-- "Licence" -> "License"
      these files are part of KAddressBook and not part of Grantlee
      explicit ctor
      These files are part of KAddressBook, not Akonadi Contact
      explicit ctor
      CamelCase headers
      CamelCase headers
      CamelCase headers
      fix loading the preview print image, even running as a part.
      full tooltips, whatsthis and some KUIT
      full tooltips, whatsthis, and KUIT
      trim down some long lines
      in c4_String::c4_String(), only call memset() if the number of bytes
      in slotForwardInlineMsg(), slotForwardAttachedMsg() and
      the knode plugin seems to build just fine without QT3 support.
      port knotes plugin to Qt4 (the windowflags)
      doesn't need QT3 support libraries
      minor whitespace
      Change the default ManageSieve port from 2000 to 4190, per IANA.
      properly pluralize the "Attached business card(s)" string.
      The to-dos checkbox really refers to archiving completed to-dos,
      normalize SIGNAL
      unused variable warning--
      in updateShortcutsForIndex(), check that the model does indeed have
      remove Qt3 support traces
      Revert "cleaning-up"
      Revert "remove Qt3 support traces"
      minor tooltip change for the new "Display name as full name" option.
      minor cleaning.
      lots of little improvements to the listview widget which makes the
      unleash new i18n strings that we couldn't commit into 4.8
      the signature for the collection method implementation is actually
      compile warning--
      add new displayName() that can also show the owner of the shared
      in the new displayName(), handle the case where the calendar is 0
      compile warning--
      pass around CalendarSupport::Calendar for use in the new
      no need to pass around a Calendar for most of the views since
      mark the old displayName() deprecated since it should no longer be used.
      add a new ctor that takes a Calendar pointer argument
      follow changes to IncidenceViewer
      use new CalendarSupport::displayName()
      in displayName(), for the kolab resource also print the folder's name
      unused variable warnings--
      in satsifiedBy(), just return false if the article is empty (isNull).
      Relabel the "Month View" action to "Month" for the sake of consistency.
      CamelCase headers
      in setCollectionFullPath(), don't try to get the fullCollectionPath
      in doCreate(), when the akregator part hasn't been loaded yet sometimes
      in setCollectionFullPath(), if there is no collectionModel in the kernel
      save/restore the last used filename, sorting order and printing style.
      no need to have an endl on the kDebugs
      use the official Qt macro Q_OS_WINCE  instead of _WIN32_WCE
      Remove references to KMail -- this is generic mail code now.
      Remove references to KMail -- this is generic mail code now.
      Remove references to KMail -- this is generic mail code now.
      Remove references to KMail -- this is generic mail code now.
      Remove references to KMail -- this is generic mail code now.
      Add a new "compact" print style
      CamelCase headers
      With his permission, change Marc's email address to <mutz at>
      Remove references to KMail -- this is generic mail code now.
      CamelCase headers
      improve some i18n
      add a Mainpage.dox for mailcommon
      include own header first
      Improve the Tab Experience.
      fix tab closing using the tab close button
      In removeItemFromMaps(), make sure the specified Akonadi::item
      Add a new option for printing the footer
      lots more tooltips and whatsthis
      Use KComboBox instead of QComboBox
      rename the "label_4" widget variable to a more pleasant "mLocationLabel"
      minor cleaning
      minor coding
      Save to-do templates as  Todos
      Replace ancient "alarm" terminology with modern "reminder" terminology
      replace ancient "alarms" terminology with modern "reminders" terminology
      more tooltips and whatsthis
      Make checkbox strings more consistent
      remove include for filter_outlook.h, which doesn't exist.
      Shiny and New KTNEF, ported to Qt4+KDE4
      fix build
      build ktnef
      minor update
      minor formatting
      add a configuration for WORDS_BIGENDIAN
      add in the ktnef handbook
      the version value in knotesrc is no longer a floating point number.
      coding style fixes
      use Q_OS_WINCE instead of _WIN32_WCE
      fixup includes
      int32_t => qint32
      add trailing newline
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      scrub away the gunk
      remove the conditional compiles for NOARCHIVE and NODND.
      skip /tests/
      skip /themes/ since it isn't used at all.
      rename printplugin "list" to "itemlist"
      - header cleaning of epic proportions
      Fix connect() when checking radio buttons
      gracefully handle the case of failing to create the NepomukCalendar.
      forgot to return
      Do not close notes during session saving.
      make this beta1
      Fix the last column width problems.
      remove. this file was meant for my personal use
      max-out the priority and strictness of the krazy tests
      convert almost all qDebugs to kDebugs and qWarnings to kWarnings.
      exclude tests subdir
      Mainpage.dox for blogilo
      add blogio
      In updateButtuns(), ensure we have valid currentIndex of the Alarm
      remove Security from Categories -- makes desktop validator happy
      minor spelling fixes
      QLatin1String() added
      add some krazy exclude directives
      remove duplicate include for commands/detailscommand.h
      skip utils/kdpipeiodevice.cpp as it's copied in code
      in slotSaveMessage(), handle the possibility of an invalid message item
      in clearCache(),
      in loadTemplate(), give the newly created incidence its very own UID.
      Revert last: Remove X11 requirement
      update to beta2
      in indexDead(), return if mRowShiftList is 0, as is done in the
      Do not add an organizer to appointments without attendees.
      increase minimum SDO to version 0.10
      set version for 4.9rc1 release
      the min required Akonadi version is now 1.7.90
      in triggerDateForIncidence(), return (don't assert) if the specified
      in triggerDateForIncidence(), return (don't assert) if the specified
      allow up 3 digits (999) recurrence deltas for days, weeks, months, years
      allow up 3 digits (999) recurrence deltas for days, weeks, months, years
      this is now 4.10pre
      fix the sorting order of priorities when used as the fallback sort
      fix the sorting order of priorities when used as the fallback sort
      set(SOPRANO_MIN_VERSION "2.7.56")
      full tooltips and whatsthis
      add a few tooltips
      Fix a broken signal/slot connection in KPrefsWidDuration().
      Fix a broken signal/slot connection in KPrefsWidDuration().
      deal with a potentially missing autohtmlexport output file
      always pass the index of the first column to toolTipForCollection(),
      always pass the index of the first column to toolTipForCollection(),
      make the wikipedia picture-of-the-day plugin work again.
      make the wikipedia picture-of-the-day plugin work again.
      minor string improvement.
      picture of the day works now
      Add a QToolButton to allow full window toggling on the view rather
      FEATURE: allow toggling full window view mode for Todo and Month views.
      remove checkboxes for:
      Don't set a fixed font size or style in the header text.
      Don't set a fixed font size or style in the header text.
      fix sieve filters are not listed
      fix sieve filters are not listed
      expand the todo list tree view
      expand todo list tree
      Clear the view's stylesheet before showing the print dialog, else
      Clear the view's stylesheet before showing the print dialog, else
      fix some cases where we are passing the do-not-show-again string
      fix some cases where we are passing the do-not-show-again string
      give some information dialogs captions
      Fixes to make the printing inside dayboxes (esp month prints) look nicer
      Fixes to make the printing inside dayboxes (esp month prints) look nicer
      Honor the start and end time range when printing filofax.
      Honor the start and end time range when printing filofax.
      revert the string truncations and just let the print code handle long
      revert the string truncations and just let the print code handle long
      require Akonadi 1.8.0
      require Akonadi 1.8.0
      Change "New" to "Add" in the dialog. Fixes a shared translation too.
      de-uglify the timetable print some:
      de-uglify the timetable print some:
      Fix the "Extend time range to include all events" option
      Fix the "Extend time range to include all events" option
      Implement filtering by priorities.
      expand the todo list tree after filtering
      Allow selected print plugins to be found
      Fix combobox selections for SubEvents and Holidays
      Allow selected print plugins to be found
      Fix combobox selections for SubEvents and Holidays
      Right-align the total and unread column counts in the subscriptionmodel.
      Right-align the total and unread column counts in the subscriptionmodel.
      Force the focus on the textfield each time the search dialog shown.
      revert last.  didn't mean to commit yet.
      backport the fix for Git commit f100113bd993fb3dae6858546028c788c126137a by Allen Winter.
      Fix sieve manager prompting for user and password.
      add context for translators
      no need to end kDebugs with endls.
      fixed include guards and made them consistent across the project.
      wrap the KPasswordDialog in a QPointer to inhibit crashes.
      style fixes, to adhere to the KDE buildsystem guidelines
      add context for translators
      micro optimization:
      Fix sieve manager prompting for user and password.
      wrap the KPasswordDialog in a QPointer to inhibit crashes.
      In feedListToOPML(), add a crash guard for m_feedList
      update version for KDE 4.9.1
      in bgColor(), add a crash guard for todo == 0
      fix a call to i18n()
      in restoreHeaderState(), make sure there is a model before attempting
      consistently clean the article title using stripHtml() instead of
      always enable the Reschedule button.
      Merge commit '5be02127c975a71fd8f5fbcd9d01ef2044e3ed9f'
      Improve the attendee scheduling experience.
      compiler warnings--
      update tooltips for start/end/due datetime showing a nicely formatted
      in trashMessageSelected(), don't crash if there is no currentFolder.
      in displayName(), rearrange the code and add support for CalDav
      Some UI Improvements:
      Now you can access the Category management dialog from within
      in isDirty(), dedupe the before and after category lists before
      Merge commit '8c816e143d40129d3fe3c65f19693debc48a346f'
      in show(), also look a the the ShowReminderDaemon setting.
      increase to version 4.9.2
      improved message strings
      QPointer protection for the Akonadi::CollectionDialogs
      minor coding style fixes
      add Office to Categories, which is required by the spec
      fix birthday age computation here too
      Merge commit '43bf2e8551d2a656722acfd0737fec241fbc2f77'
      revert always expanding the to-do tree on view updates.
      Merge commit '1c0b153ceea39850c4e1d4c5a703944616b80505'
      add tool buttons that allow expanding and collapsing the tree.
      full KUIT
      Don't show the expand and collapse controls if in sidebar mode
      fully expand the tree of address book collections to make life easier.
      fix a misspelling
      delete the BrowserWidget so all the Nepomuk2 Resources also are deleted.
      savesettings when closing down the part
      Merge commit '0a8e163b33878063560a6b56db9cedd80b133829'
      in selectCollection(), wrap the CollectionDialog in a smart pointer.
      in selectCollection(), restore the caching of the CollectionDialog
      improve the user "import calendar item" experience.
      minor coding style
      _WIN32_WCE => Q_WS_WINCE
      fix links for konsolekalendar
      fix links for konsolekalendar
      Removed knotes window resizing for RichText toolbar
      Merge commit '6942848ed8276fb9b73c3d18646555b9cb7beae4'
      minor style formatting
      Revert "minor style formatting"
      minor style formatting
      prepare for beta1
      in displayName(), try to give nice names for Google calendar
      use macros instead of hard-coded library names in target_link_libraries
      reformatting according to KDE style
      cleanup coding style
      install pics for kmail2 in the kmail2 apps dir, not the kmail apps dir
      use some CamelCase headers that we've been waiting for in kdelibs
      remove warning pragmas.  we haved TODO comments instead.
      update comments for newly available CamelCase headers
      in displayName(), handle the case of empty resource names
      set an InitialPreference to supercede the korganizer-mobile Calendar.
      Merge commit '5194d294d24b9ce1f987248761614698c512b614'
      in createCompleteThread(), add a crash guard in the case there is no
      in showHdrs(), consider the case where f_older is 0.
      merge from KDE/4.9
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      don't crash if the navigatorToolBar can't be found in the kontactui.rc
      merge 4.9
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      coding style fixes
      use QPointer wrapper for new KEditToolBar dialog for crash safety.
      Merge commit 'b940004f125a65cd49876c3eda31c32c454541d3'
      The ForcedStartupPlugin string (the name of the plugin to start with)
      in emergencyExit(), don't attempt to create a KMessageBox unless
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      in container(), don't crash if the part's factory is empty for some
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      in slotItemsFetchedForFilter(), avoid a possible divide by zero.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      expand collection tree dialog for convenience
      QPointer safety
      Don't ever focus "favorites view"
      ifdef out the broken compile
      remove unnecessary include for ContactEditorDialog
      wrap ContactEditorDialog pointer in QPointer
      show(), don't exec() the ContactEditorDialog.
      show() rather than exec() ContactEditorDialog so the app isn't blocked
      fix memleaks from ContactEditors
      broadcast a contact create message
      Make "remember desktop" option work properly.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      Change menu text "Configure Calendar..." to "Configure KOrganizer..."
      insert your local timezone as the first choice in the combobox.
      Change the "Takes the whole day" checkbox to say "All Day".
      compile++  include KLocale is needed for i18n()
      Better English phrasing for some messages
      kcalprefs.kcfg - change default event duration from 2hrs to 1 hr.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      kmmainwidget.cpp - Add checks that folders have valid collections.
      [KMail] kmsystemtray - Small Fixes for KMSystemTray
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      minor: fix misspellings and improve English phrasing
      in modelInvariantIndexToModelIndexRow(), don't assert on !mRowShiftList
      Put a toggle button for Rich Text editing on the composer.
      put the KMail Import Wizard into the Utilities categories
      per Aurélien, change the Rich Text icon
      catch a closeEvent in the IncidenceDialog, detect ifDirty and allow
      fix include guard
      minor coding style
      some minor cleaning and coding style. improve comments a bit.
      Fix Israeli holiday Yom HaShoah date when it lands on Friday or Sunday.
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.10'
      compile++ in pimsettingexporter/jot
      in the ctor, be careful when setting the toplevelwidget
      fix build error in kmail -- no ui_miscprintingmaintab.h
      remove stashed cruft that somehow made its way into this docbook.
      remove stashed cruft that somehow made its way into this docbook.
      Don't reset the suspend values to 5 mins each and every time.
      prepare for 4.11.2
      fix warning "Attempt to use QAction "key_search_bar" with KXMLGUIFactory!
      Move korgac up 1-level and out from under KOrganizer's source tree.
      adapt to korgac move
      remove cruft that got in here by mistake
      make sure to show the details of newly selected incidence
      some cleanups:
      in the detail view, make sure to clear the header text if the reminder
      save/restart dialog size
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.11'
      don't chop-off the summary at 37chars in the treewidget column
      don't chop-off the summary at 37chars in the treewidget column
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.11'
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      show timezone comboboxes if start/end datetime is not our local timezone
      Move korganizer/printing to calendarsupport/printing
      move the itemlist and whatsnext print plugins to calendarsupport
      eliminate the cellitem in calendarviews. use the one in calendarsupport
      move cellitem up 1-level in calendarsupport
      rename korganizer_printing.rc to calendar_printing.rc
      remove unneeded
      read day starting time from config file
      Implement Month Printing can exclude private and confidential events.
      se fontsize of the start date KDateCombobox to 12pt.
      minor. warnings--
      make the print ranges exclusive
      fix up layout to be more like our standard print options widget
      A refactor and cleaning of the calendar printing code into a new library
      port from CalendarSupport::Calendar to KCalCore::Calendar
      explicit ctors
      reformat code to the kdelibs standard
      a bit more coding style fixing
      more kdelibs styling, using dfaure's astyle patch
      add monthly printing
      add TodoList printing style
      minor coding style
      add a property for X-KDE-PluginInterfaceVersion
      fix printing subtodos (as discussed in Bug 329442)
      fix printing sub to-dos
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.12'
      use task summary when parent summary is null
      use task summary when parent summary is null
      improvements to the attachment editor.
      improvements to the attachment editor.
      don't use the korganizer catalog
      don't load the korganizer catalog for korgac
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.12'
      disable krazy style checking

Amanpreet Singh Alam (1):
      fixing script for Error with libkmobiletoolsengineui

Ana Beatriz Guerrero Lpez (2):
      Desktop validation fixes: remove deprecated entries for Encoding.
      Desktop validation fixes: remove deprecated entries for Encoding.

Anders Lund (4):
      Adding ViewManager *viewManager()
      helper file for cardview config dialog, borrowed from kmail
      improved but still not perfect card view
      fix from Martin Thierer <thierer at>, ty :)

Anders Widell (1):
      Capitalise first letter in message header if format string starts with %

Andr Wbbeking (50):
      make it compile (aboutdataextension was removed)
      +#include <assert.h>
      make it compile with GCC 3.4
      make prefs_base.h compile (maybe unsermake or srcdir != builddir issue)
      make it compile
      make it compile 2. try
      fixed most annoying bug in KOrganizer ;-)
      and now it even works for all times :-)
      wth is kdepimmacros.h?
      fix INCLUDES
      use KStdGuiItem::del()
      move $(all_includes) to the end
      Speed up IMAP4Protocol::listDir() for folders with many mails (i.e. for a folder
      srcdir != builddir fix
      make it compile with GCC 4
      make it compile with GCC 4
      make it compile
      make it compile
      warning: value computed is not used
      - removed not supported %m
      - removed not supported %m
      removed not supported --miniicon
      updateView(): use continue instead of break in the inner for loop, otherwise
      don't leak a KIconLoader
      fix x86_64 build
      include with <>
      it's qt4_generate_dbus_interface
      of course CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR is needed
      and now the real fix :-(
      add missing includes
      call KMimeType::mimeType() with ResolveAliases so that e.g. application/x-zip (used by KDE3) works
      keyPressEvent(): fix more than two years old porting error
      fix memleak
      createDayLabels(): don't leak KWordWrap
      backport of rev. 960727 by smartins:
      also free mHistory in dtor
      link (with gold?)
      setStatusFromFlags(): reduce QByteArray creations / deletions
      forwardport rev. 1147021 by woebbe:
      There is no signalDropped() anymore
      processWithTemplate(): use mOrigMsg instead of mMsg for O* patterns

Andras Mantia (529):
      DTD definition corrected (compilation fix).
      Compilation fixes.
      Fix compilation.
      Does not compile with --enable-final.
      revert last commit.
      Does not compile with --enable-final.
      One more (hopefully the last) --enable-final "fix":
      enable-final fix.
      *** empty log message ***
      Use double inclusion guard in header files (and fix compilation with --enable-final)
      Another --enable-final fix. There seems to a little mess here as shell.cpp/shell.h is not even included in the and kornshell.* indicates that that one is the new version of class KornShell, yet kornapp.cpp and kornbutt.cpp includes shell.h. I've corrected this, please review it.
      builddir!=srcdir fixes.
      Remote duplicates. Hopefully now it compiles for everybody.
      Compilation fix.
      Compilation fix:
      Works with enable-final now.
      --enable-final fix
      --enable-final fix
      KMail fails to compile with --enable-final because
      Fix the composer layout (got broken with the merge of enterprise branch, r764934).
      When pressing enter, move the cursor to the beginning of the new line, just like in KDE3. Till agreed that this is a bug.
      Apply the user toolbar setting on startup.
      Fix connection: now imap connections are not stuck and hopefully they will not cause crashes on mail checking/mail check cancelling.
      Update copyright header, with permission of the author. Here is his mail:
      Warn if the mail is sent to a large number of recipient (kolab issue 3377)
      More descriptive buttons for the warning dialog.
      Add tooltips
      Forwardport "Warn if the mail is sent to a large number of recipient (kolab issue 3377)".
      Document the recipient warning feature
      Backport 930452: document the recipient warning feature
      Reuse SSL warning overwrite setting
      A proxy resource that translates Kolab addressbook folders into KABC address collections that can be used with KContactManager. Only the Kolab->KABC way works now.
      Use KMime for message parsing. Load contact picture.
      Sync back modified items to the kolab resource.
      Lots of fixes in the kolab proxy. Now two way synch (change, remove, add) seems to work.
      Monitor collections: when a new Contact folder appears, detect and add automatically as an addressbook collection. Same for removal.
      Create an addressbook specific handler. The same way new handlers can be created for calendars, tasks, etc.
      Start the Calendar part of the proxy.
      Get rid of some job->exec() methods, fix translation to KCal::Event (storage still doesn't work), be sure to call itemsRetrieved() or cancelTask() to avoid resource hangs.
      Job::exec() --
      More exec() removal
      Finnaly, make it work! The payload is stored correctly, no random freezes seems to occur now.
      Add attachment support for events
      Working KOrganizer->Kolab format translation.
      Use Delete+Create instead of Modify for now.
      Add Kolab Tasks(TODO) support
      Add Kolab Journal support
      Add missing file
      Use the JournalHandler for notes as of now
      Support different mimetypes/handler (needed for Journal/Notes difference)
      Add date to the Kolab mails, fix crash on item creation.
      Add timezone id as in the old kolab resource.
      Code cleanup
      Load logo and sound for contacts.
      Refactor the code: remove duplicate functionality from calendar handlers and put into a common incidencehandler. Add conflict resolution for incidences (not perfect yet), add sanity checks for payload data loading. And probably some other things I forgot. :)
      Add missing files.
      Enable item modifying now that the imap resource supports it. Remove and unused include.
      The Kolab XML file is utf8 encoded.
      Start of a separate mailreader based on akonadi. This is an extraction from KMail with many things commented out that need to be ported.
      Bring up the mainwindow
      No need to extract and translate the strings from here.
      First step of porting to KMime. It doesn't compile, but I want to commit, so I will not loose it.
      Temporarly unbreak compilation.
      More porting to KMime.
      Finally, it compiles and links.
      More port to KMime, cleanup usage of partNode/KMMessage*
      Some more port, remove mimelib and other unused files.
      Delete mimelib
      Make mailreader actually show messages from the Akonadi storage. Yes, it kind'a works.
      Minor fixes in message navigation.
      Follow the API recommendation (avoids flicker)
      Import mailreader
      Not needed here.
      Move the mailreader lib to the right place.
      Add missing directory
      Enable building of mailreader.
      Show rendered payload for mails in the browser.
      Captialization fix.
      Make possible to use KMReaderWin in a ui file. Fixes compilation for akonadiconsole.
      Use isPlainText() as we have it.
      Probably fixes (clean) compilation when KDE4 was not installed yet.
      Remove some KMail specific code.
      Make signature verification work (requires a patch for akonadi/plugins, not yet committed).
      disable heavy debug
      Fix compilation if MARCS_DEBUG is enabled.
      Some more cleanup, fixes of FIXME's.
      Make message decryption work.
      Make (at least) some of the links inside a mail work, like details about signature, decrypt the message.
      Don't automatically decrypt the mails.
      Some more porting.
      Show VCards, make other plugins work as well.
      Solve some more FIXME's, show the icons for attachments.
      Port cleanSubject, get rid of some FIXME's.
      Port view message source (use the V shortcut).
      SVN_SILENT remove unused using statements
      Enable a disabled code block and introduce some new FIXME's there...
      Take into the account the charset and the override codec when rendering the mails.
      Use the new mimetreemodel Volker wrote for showing the message structure.
      Remove unused stuff, KMail->MailViewer
      Use our own export macros.
      Introduce a global object used in various classes of the lib, now only holds a variable to the config object.
      Move out the about/busy pages from the lib to the application itself.
      SVN_SILENT copy
      SVN_SILENT copy
      SVN_SILENT copy
      Enable/port SPAM analyzing.
      Get rid of another FIXME.
      Cleanup in the lib. Untreated url commands are just emitted in a signal, the main app can react on them (like to kmail:online). Add a test for it in the akonadimailreader.
      Port it
      SVN_SILENT copy
      Remove unused file.
      Port the reader configuration object (no GUI yet).
      SVN_SILENT cleanup
      Add UI for the settings and an API to get the config widget and object.
      Bring up the configuration dialog.
      Use the config object passed to the KMReaderWin for the settings.
      SVN_SILENT just a comment
      Introduce a configure widget, make the character encoding settings work in the config dialog.
      Simplify the message handling, use less member variables. Some API beautification.
      Try to avoid crashes when setMessageItem is called quickly for a bunch of signed messages. Note when a message is not yet processed and accept the new one only after it is fully processed.
      Get rid of the observer class (we will use signals/slots later). Remove unused files.
      Some API cleanup: remove unused methods and make many public methods private or protected.
      Use the new name.
      SVN_SILENT cleanup
      Don't show "too many recipients" warning for invitation mails. Fixes kolab/issue3718.
      Backport r998238: Don't show "too many recipients" warning for invitation mails. Fixes
      Oops, this should have not be committed
      SNV_SILENT Sigh, what is with me today... Remove debug output.
      Another solution for don't show "too many recipients" warning for invitation mails (thanks to Thomas). Fixes kolab/issue3718.
      Backport r998252.
      Remove some actions that should be in the main application (if there is a need for some interface to get extra data from the lib, we will add it).
      These also belongs to the main app.
      Merge commit 980160 from trunk: "Move the icon load (constant) outside of while.
      Merge rev. 989644: use the icon cache.
      Merge rev. 986428: "Async KMail Reader (2/5): PartMetaData: add inProgress state and print corresponding messages (nothing sets this state yet)"
      Merge rev. 986425 and 986433:
      Merge rev. 991853: "Windows compatibility: use QUrl::toLocalFile() (which returns "C:/foo") instead of QUrl::path() (which returns "/C:/foo")"
      SVN_SILENT: infos->information (merged rev. 995068)
      SVN_SILENT copy
      Merge rev 1002413,1003214 - also color quotes in HTML messages
      Merge rev. 1002770:
      Use the right mimetype.
      SVN_SILENT Fix the example.
      SVN_SILENT oops, revert unintended commit
      Merge rev. 986438. I probably got it wrong and Marc probably will hate (or kill) me for the std::map->QMap conversion...
      SVN_SILENT copy
      Merge 986442: "Async KMail Reader (5/5): factor Kleo::Jobs into BodyPartMemento-derived classes for async execution. There is still a synchronous mode, since OTP is not only used in KMReaderWin, and those users don't expect OTP to return without finishing it's job. The different BodyPartMemento subclasses share a lot of code, and could and should be refactored to derive from a common base class at some later point."
      Fix async reader.
      Merge r1005161:"
      Navigation in the mime tree works now.
      Show some context menu for the mimepart tree (not finished)
      Fix the model, so we can indeed select attachments in the mime tree.
      Implement/port attachment opening (Open/Open with) from the mime tree.
      Implement attachment saving.
      Use the right loop variable.
      Implement attachment viewing from the context menu.
      Implement Save All Attachments.
      Implement attachment properties showing. Enable multiselection in the mime tree.
      Implement attachment copy (to clipboard). Move some common code to a method.
      I see no reason why we should disallow copying more than one attachment at once.
      Implement attachment deletion.
      SVN_SILENT copy
      Implement attachment editing (not tested).
      connect to the right slot
      Port nodeFromUrl and nodeForContentIndex.
      Implement message saving
      Implement some missing methods, rename the KMail namespace to MailViewer and start to clean up the API.
      Further cleanup of the public API
      Rename + make some more methods private.
      Another step in the refactoring:
      Improve API docs and public method names. Don't delete itself after printing a message and add a method to print the current message.
      Merge rev1019038 - Don't print CC or BCC in the enterprise header
      Make slotFind() public (as per r1018600, so a Find in Message action can be created).
      Merge r1017452:
      Add a method to set the print font (as per r1015553)
      Merge r1014805
      Merge r1014654:
      Merge r1020507:
      Merge r1013857:
      Port r1013407,1013411 from trunk and fix inline image display.
      Display attachments inline by default, silence Qt runtime warnings.
      Merge r. 1013120:
      Merge rev1014206:
      Remove unused includes.
      Merge r1003214: Add more linebreak nodes.
      Merge r1005208:
      Merge r1003181: convert some options to KConfigXT
      SVN_SILENT copy
      Merge r1007520
      Merge r1009821: create correct email headers from a digest mail
      Merge r1011385 :
      Merge r1011081: Add a newline between MIME headers and message header, so that the objecttree parser can correctly parse the new
      Fix drawing of the yellow frame around the selected attachment.
      Fix mime tree location.
      Remove unused member
      Merge stringutil changes from trunk.
      Merge r986495:
      Decouple the object tree parser from the MailViewerPrivate, so it can be used outside of the lib. Needs some API cleanup now that it will be public...
      Remove some commented out code, as the serialnumber stuff will not be ported as it is. The delayemarktimer is also not needed (not the job of the mail viewer)
      Introduce the Message namespace (will port the apps later)
      Rename MailReader/MailViewer to MessageViewer (the library, the folder); port the application using it.
      Init member variable and avoid crashing.
      Better not install the header files now, as the lib is not stable.
      Rename MessageComposer namespace to Message.
      Remove unused file
      Update Copyright information: add myself to places where I added significant amount of code.
      Enable the message viewer usage by default.
      Make it possible to run this kmail along the trunk one. Don't use with important mailboxes though. :)
      Add a message helper that extends the KMime::Message functionality (and provides part of what was in KMMessage and KMMsgBase). It is not compiled yet. :)
      Add another helper class (to extend KMime::Messages with extra information)
      More stuff ported from KMMessage
      Add an new variant of findType.
      More stuff ported from KMMessage
      Expose the update method for now.
      Here it comes... The start of a new era, without mimelib, KMMessage and whatever. Use KMime.
      Restore Laurent's changes from r1036638
      Restore even more things I overwritten by accident.
      Remove usage of KMailICalIfaceImpl. This should be done by akonadi.
      Remove usage of KMailICalIfaceImpl. This should be done by akonadi. (part2)
      Disable the groupware adaptor.
      Disable IMAP related code. IMAP (both online and disconnected) should be handled by the akonadi resource.
      Disable IMAP related code. IMAP (both online and disconnected) should be handled by the akonadi resource. (another round)
      Trying to get rid of the rest of KMMessage and KMMsgBase usage and port it to KMime. Mostly only the interfaces are ported, the code is commented out, although in many cases the code is obsoleted by the akonadi resources. Also get rid of the different folder classes, as those are transparent, accessible via akonadi.
      Move some methods to the NodeHelper, so it is possible to use from KMail.
      Some more stuff ported, just commit it before I leave the akonadi sprint. Sorry, it still doesn't link.
      Commit my "travle changes": more port to KMime, more code commented out or removed from compilation. Not fully tested, although yesterday the KMail mainwindow came up. :)
      Export setMessagePart to the outside
      Add workaround for bug 216878: crash when previewing an article with NS plugins. CCBUG: 216878
      dd workaround for bug 216878: crash when previewing an article with NS
      Fix i18n usage.
      Move "mark message as read" settings to the MessageViewer.
      Don't display every time the busy page, only after some timeout (folderLoadingTimeout is reused). Flicker is bad.
      Revert part from 1108621 that shouldn't have been committed.
      Write config on destruction.
      Set the correct config object to messageviewer. Write messageviewer config on Apply in the config dialog.
      Reenable EntityMimeTypeFilterModel. Seems to work now and gets rid of quite some runtime warnings.
      Monitor the messages for changes. This fixes subsequent changes in an item's status.
      Correct a copy/paste error (true->false).
      SVN_SILENT more coding style fixes
      Cache the stored payload data. Fixes source viewing.
      1) clean up and rename insertAndParseNewChildNode to reflect what it is really doing. From now on the mime tree is not modified when a message is decrypted or a mailman message is processed.
      Partially rever 1113105: this way of testing for signature is not good, returns true also for encrypted, not signed mails.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdepim/; revision=1117582
      Port message saving.
      Not needed here.
      Remove mStoredMessagePayload as the original message is not modified anymore. I will remove the Processed Source tab from the View source later.
      Store the extra nodes in the NodeHelper as we discussed with Thomas.
      Show attachments correctly in the header area. Context menus for encrypted attachments doesn't work yet.
      Make encrypted attachment links work.
      Port view encapsulated messages in a separate viewer.
      Move invitation handling settings (and dialog) to the messageviewer.
      Add missing files.
      Some porting of the text_calendar plugin away from the KMail::Callback.
      Merge from 3.5 enterprise branch:
      Port some more code to Akonadi/KMime.
      Remove unused and not existing include.
      Port invitiation mail deletion and sending to Akonadi. Crashes for some reason due to some issue with the KPIMIdentities::Identity, I couldn't find the reason yet.
      Fix naviating in the mime tree when an encapsulated message is shown (bug 236725). Thomas, for me viewing the message worked fine, just double clicking on the top node shown the empty message.
      Make attachment actions work in the mail body as well. Simplify code, remove one method and integrate with another one. Everything works but delete now.
      SVN_SILENT: Style fixed.
      Add method to the NodeHelper to get back a modified version of the mime tree with the extra nodes. Use this as the mime tree viewer's source.
      Saving encrypted messages as decrypted on viewing is partially done (for PGP messages). It uses a simple approach, so might fail in certain cases, but unless I have messages showing the failure, it remains as it is. It also has a flicker that I have to debug later.
      Check if a message is in the outbox folder. If it is, don't remove the encryption when viewing it.
      Return the top node if an empty url is passed, as ContentIndex::toString() for topLevel returns an empty string . Fixes invitation handling buttons.
      Don't append the ical file twice to the response mails. Fix exchange compatible response, so they look lik in KMail1,
      Init your variables and don't crash.
      Fix counter proposal sending.
      Convert newlines to unix style newlines, that is what KMime expects. Fixes S/MIME decryption.
      Add a copy of kdgantt v2.
      Port timeline view to kdgantt2.
      Better lookin timeline view.
      Better grid scaling.
      Partly implement the Calendar dbus interface in korganizer-mobile. Needed to show the calendar at certain date from inside kmail-mobile.
      Add missing files.
      Fix layout inside KDialog. Better would be to get rid of private inheritance, but this also works.
      Add the possibility to associate a data (called argument) with an action and also to set its title text from QML.
      Adapt the qml files to the getAction() changes.
      Start to use the StandardMailActionManager in kmail-mobile (see the NewActions slideout panel)
      Commit missing parts.
      The akonadi-mail library was removed.
      Integrate Reply, Reply To All into the new actions
      Add Forward to the new actions. Reogranize the action menus a little, so we don't have a Mail and a Message submenu. Write new email is under Message now.
      Add Sav Favorite to the new menu system
      Add the New Account action under the Settings menu and remove the old Actions slider.
      Use the header from the right place.
      Use the SAM's resource sync action.
      The local subscription dialog is available as a standard action, use it. Thanks Kevin (krake). ;)
      Adapt to the latest SMAM changes. Mark As ... menu introduced. This will need to go as a submenu of Email somehow.
      Make Mark As a submeu of Email. It doesn't work perfectly though. Fix Reply/Forward actions.
      Introduce a "pressAndHold" signal for the ActionListItem.
      Add different Reply/Forward actions. Now they have their own submenus, but in the future the plan is to have a default action and a choice on long press. See the introduced ActionListItem.pressAndHold signal.
      Clearing ALL receipients every time a To/CC/BCC field is set is a no-go. Clear only when a new message is set.
      Init your variables
      Init your variables
      This seems to fix the K_GLOBAL_STATIC destruction crash. Crashes in another place though at exit...
      Init your variables, another round.
      Make Reply/Forward/Mark As actions work again. Now it is according to . Click on Reply: smart reply. Long press: a dialog with reply options. Same for Forward.
      Implement Send Again
      Implement the Save As action.
      Add Edit Email (well, it does the same as Send Again, but this is how it is in desktop as well)
      Implement "prefer html" and "load external references". Not perfect yet (settings not stored between runs, it is not a per-folder setting like in desktop).
      Save/restore prefer html and load external references settings. Make them valid per folder as in kmail-desktop.
      Save the settings correctly if multiple folders are selected.
      Implement Find in Message. Fix the MessageViewItem so mouse click/release events are forwarded to the right widget.
      Make it really OR'able flags (fixes searching backwards).
      Use the dialog version of copy/move to actions.
      Return an Akonadi::Item if the ItemRole is used. Fixes StandardActionManager action statuses for copy/move messages.
      Implement Send Queued, Send Queued Via
      Enable the Empty All Trash action.
      Add a note about what needs to be ported
      Use the "mark all as" actions in maintainance mode, that makes more sense.
      Revert previous commit, I misunderstood the ui.
      Better way to deal with multiple folders when detecting if html/external attachments are preferred or not.
      Support syncing of multiple folders at once.
      Enable Mark As and Move To Trash when multiple folders are selected.
      Do not create actions that are not useful for mobile.
      Enable duplicate removal when multiple folders are selected.
      This is safer, so we don't ask for when column > 0
      Use the SMAM action for Mark All As Read. First step to clean up foldercollection from kmail deps, so it can be shared by deskopt & mobile for the expiry dialog.
      Reorganization: reduce dependency of folder* classes on the km* classes, so they could be shared later with mobile.
      Reorganization: reduce dependency of folder* classes on the km* classes, so they could be shared later with mobile: get rid of KMKernel::config() step.
      Reorganization: reduce dependency on the km* classes, so they could be shared later with mobile: get rid of KMKernel::collectionFromId() step, move it to KMail::Util.
      Do not depend on KMMainWidget
      Remove unused include
      More refactoring to reduce KMKernel dependency, introduce MailCommon as a smaller version of KMKernel, usable in both desktop and mobile.
      Remove KMCommands dependency.
      Another bunch of KMKernel dependency removal.
      SVN_SILENT remove unneeded include
      Extract some code that will be shared between mobile/desktop from kmail. unused right now, but it compiles stand-alone.
      Export symbols from the library, rename Util to MailUtil, we have too many util.h files around.
      Make it use the mailcommon lib.
      Include mailcommon in the build
      Introduce the MailCommon namespace, rename the MailCommon class to MailCommon::Kernel.
      Use the MailCommon namespace.
      Create a MailCommon::Kernel singleton and two interfaces. Mail apps should reimplement the interfaces and register them with the singleton on startup.
      Update to use the MailCommon::Kernel singleton. Saves passing around the Kernel pointer in lots of places.
      Start to use MailCommon in kmail-mobile. Introduce a MobileKernel singleton.
      Use the expire properties dialog from MailCommon
      Pass a (new) model for collections to MailCommon::Kernel, so the folder requester widget works properly.
      Move some more methods from KMKernel to MailCommon
      Implement Empty Trash action (shown when a trash folder is selected)
      Remove methods that were copied to MailCommon, use them from there.
      Make sure the menu entry is correct for Trash folders after startup.
      Making sure Korg is running is used both by desktop and mobile.
      Use MailCommon::Util instead.
      Share the create todo from mail code between desktop/mobile (cannot be in SMAM as it depends on some kdepim code)
      Implemente Create To/Do action on the mail client side.
      ensureKorganizerRunning is not used outside anymore
      Use MailCommon for create todo.
      Move MessageComposer::Util::msgId to MessageCore::Util .
      Fix connection to QML "slots". Fixes the issue that showing the calendar from kmail is not working.
      Cleanup, remove actions that were decided to not implement in mobile.
      Export saveAllAttachments in messageviewer, so we can use from kmail-mobile (and use it from there).
      Implement attachment opening.
      SVN_SILENT add some keywords for easier grepping
      Move the open attachment action to its own menu.
      Implement single attachment saving.
      SVN_SILENT formatting change
      SVN_SILENT No need to list calendarsupport twice.
      implement the Upload Freebusy information action.
      Copy publish dialog and mailing freebusy information from korganizer to share with mobile.
      Implement Mail Free Busy Information action.
      Use the functionality from calendarsupport. Also be sure that the calendar is initialized in FreeBusyManager.
      Extract Send as ICalendar from korganizer.
      Use sendAsICalendar from CalendarSupport
      Export the custom IdentityManager
      Use the IndentityManager from CalendarSupport.
      Implement Send As iCalendar action.
      Add copyright info.
      Move publish item information to calendarsupport
      Implement publish item information action
      Move the iTIP method scheduler to calendarsupport.
      Implement some iTIP actions.
      Detach event doesn't make sense for events (for tasks it is implemented in tasks-mobile)
      Make the attachment Open/Save work inside korganizer and tasks as well.
      Add code to save all attachments
      Implement Save All attachments actions in korg and tasks
      Implement work week view. Fix showing of the week if the first day of the week is not Sunday.
      Implement "Next 3 day view" action. Fix showing today and (again) week view. Move th different view actions to the context menu.
      SVN_SILENT --debug ++Q_ASSERT
      Show maintainace start action for accounts as well (as accounts can act as root folders for events)
      Implement switching to event list view
      Implement Report bug in the mobile apps.
      Move archivedialog and eventarchiver to calendarsupport to be able to share with mobile. Move its settings as well there.
      Use the right namespace, export the classes.
      Implement Archive Old Entries.
      Use archivedialog and eventarchiver from calendarsupport
      Implement Set calendar colour action.
      Show the Calendar actions when Month or TimeLine view is visible.
      Implement Reply Without Quoting.
      Make selectAll, copy selection to clipboard and clear selection available from outside. Implement clear selection on the webkit (a hack) and the textbrowser backend as well.
      Implement Copy All Text to Clipboard action.
      Implement "Use fixed font" action.
      Use kmail-mobilerc for messageviewer's settings
      Extract composer actions to its own file, add fake actions for not implemented actions.
      Implement Save As Template action.
      Implement Clean Spaces
      Collapse the panel after an action is selected
      Implement Add/Remove Quote Characters actions.
      Implement spell checker action (uses the standard kde spelling dialog)
      Implement Search & Replace actions. KFindDialog looks crappy though.
      Implement append/prepend/insert signature actions.
      Simplify Clean Spaces code
      enable the task switcher action in the composer
      Close the debug VIEW when the app is closed
      Fetch email templates and offer to use them when creating a new mail (using long press on the action).
      Simplify, use the same action in both places.
      React on long pressing also if the action comes from general actions (like New Email for mail).
      oops, no onPressAndHold for script action items.
      Honour the MDN requesting setting. Make the requesting off by default.
      Move checking for missing attachments into the composer
      Move the default list of attachment keywords here.
      Adding an attachment, in case it is missing, can also be shared between desktop and mobile.
      Implement checking for missing attachment.
      Adapt to the latest messagecomposer changes
      Don't force implementation details (the UI class) onto the users of this class.
      Don't force implementation details (the UI class) onto the users of this class, step 2, the right way.
      Extract filtering code from kmail into mailcommon.
      Use the filtering code from mailcommon
      Update to the latest mailcommon changes
      SVN_SILENT Rule not needed
      Add guards to exclude nepomuk related code.
      Add an option to turn of nepomuk in kmail and its libraries.
      Fix this check.
      enable compilation of the filters on wince
      Move the code doing the actual filtering to mailcommon. Make it somewhat more robust.
      Use applyFilters from MailCommon::FilterManager.
      Integrate filtering into Kmail mobile. There is no GUI yet, so filters cannot be created (for testing, they can be copied from kmail2rc ).
      Make the BulkActionList more extensible and scalable with the help of a listmodel and a listview for the actions. Helps when there are more actions that fit on the screen.
      Dont run the filters twice on the same message (hot fix).
      Cleanup code, both branches of the "if" do the same.
      Emit a signal if the items ownership does not change after a filter runs (needed by kmail notifications)
      Port the notification part of the filtering code.
      First version of the filter config editor. It loads the filters, some of the filter attributes are editable (not the rules though). Adding new filters or removing existing ones is not possible yet.
      Move the search pattern editor and the filter action widget to mailcommon.
      Move the search pattern editor and the filter action widget to mailcommon. part2
      Move the search pattern editor and the filter action widget to mailcommon.
      interfaces was moved to mailcommon
      Show the filter rules and actions in the dialog. Not perfect for the mobile screen yet, needs some ui redesign.
      Guard nepomuk usage.
      When KMail starts, set the mail agents to online status, unless KMail was explicitely configured to work in offline mode.
      When KMail starts, set the mail agents to online status, unless KMail was explicitely configured to work in offline mode. Now for kmail-mobile.
      Do not inherit the search pattern edit from QGroupBox, so it can be plugged in a place where not group box is needed.
      Adapt to the behavior change of SearchPatternEdit.
      Get rid of the double grouping
      Match by categories doesn't work without nepomuk, so don't show in the UI.
      Not the nicest way to do it, but this makes sure that the search rules always fit on the screen (important in mobile). I can see no real difference in the desktop look, so let's do it like this. :)
      Do not offer filter by Message Tag if nepomuk is not available.
      Add method to remove a single filter from the manager.
      Add actions for filter manager. Create/Delete/Rename works as of now. The QML part is probably not declarative enough...
      Implemente move up/down the filters
      Filter config page should be visible only if there are loaded filters.
      You can't add an integer to, says tokoe, and he is right.
      Unbreak Action menu for filter config dialog (make sure the main action menu doesn't overlap it).
      Remove the resizeEvent hack, and add another one: a small wrapper class for KComboBox where the minimumSize hint is a low value. Used in the filter config dialog, so large combo boxes don't force the dialog to become too big.
      Add the missing files.
      Use the SMAM Move To Trash action in kmail (except kmreadermainwin). Fixes duplicate Del shortcut problem.
      Don't use the blocking API to avoid stucking into the sub-event loop.
      Save/restore the "show unread count near the folder name" setting correctly.
      Remove unused includes.
      Fix rewrite header filter, that created a header with invalid type and resulted in a KMime assert.
      Apply filters on unread messages from the inbox at startup.
      Use SpecialMailCollections instead of doing string comparision to find if a collection is an inbox. Requires an extra delay on initial filtering until the SpecialMailCollections are initialized.
      Remove uninitalized variable (and don't crash).
      One action for change the read status is enough (MarkMailAsRead adapts itself to show Unread/Read).
      I give up on using special collections: search by remoteId for inbox folders. Special collections doesn't find my Inbox on an IMAP account, and forces to create an inbox (lowercase) there.
      Micro optimization.
      Create the new headers in a correct way (fixes crashes).
      us CommonKernel to find if a folder is inbox or not (forgot to commit yesterday).
      Add back the possibility to change the folder type for IMAP folders. We still need it.
      Make David and Valgrind happy.
      Fix the Apply button behaviour in the Configure Filters dialog. Patch by George Metaxas.
      Fix the rest of "Maintenance tab in folder properties dialog not useful" bug.
      Forwardport rev 1204921: we want the translations shown in the Category list
      Make sure we connect to the finished signal only once, so eg. slotMEssageRendered is not called multiple times. This fixes the crazyness of conflict dialogs popping up. The dialog still comes up from time to time, but now you have a chance to get rid of it. This should also make switching to another mail faster.
      Add recursive sync action for the folders.
      Add recursive sync action.
      Fix network state detection for those not using network manager or any thing else solid knows about
      Change synchornous akonadi job execution to async to prevent strange deadlocks.
      Assemble the message here as well.
      Set the target collection for move jobs in this case as well. Print out the id of the collection if we don't know the remote id (using url() was a porting bug).
      Don't add the same resource multiple times in the checked list.
      Fix unit tests (reply now is multipart for the test data, so body() is empty; calling parse on a parsed message is a no go).
      First set the charset, then set the body, so the body is encoded correctly into the charset.
      Make mailfilter's dummykernel less dummy, and also provide a Settings interface to it.
      Fix another case where solid's state was not treated correctly: Unknown might be connected, so try to
      Allow renaming resources from withing KMail's folder tree (as opposite to renaming only from the account settings or from Akonadiconsole).
      Fix sorting of accounts: system folders should be listed first.
      Revert "Allow renaming resources from withing KMail's folder tree (as opposite to renaming only from the account settings or from Akonadiconsole)."
      Reduce the number of times ItemFetchJob is called for the same item.
      Revert part of 0cf36e441cc5c5ae8197f7e1e7d70e3c6e72318a as it causes a bad regression (KMail replies to the wrong message).
      A biggish refactoring of the filter functionality:
      Cleanups based on the review by Kevin Krammer.
      (Backport filter fix from master)
      Cleanups based on the review by Kevin Krammer.
      Now fix for real the mail loss on spam filtering. The previous fix's idea was good, just that unfortunately the default value is "setCacheOnly(true)" set in AgentBasePrivate, so we have to explicitely set the cacheonly to false, otherwise mail content is not fetched from the mail server when passing through a filter that *needs* a content.
      Now fix for real the mail loss on spam filtering. The previous fix's idea was good, just that unfortunately the default value is "setCacheOnly(true)" set in AgentBasePrivate, so we have to explicitely set the cacheonly to false, otherwise mail content is not fetched from the mail server when passing through a filter that *needs* a content.
      Enable the favorite actions only when we have favorite folders. This avoid crashes in the StandardMailActionManager if the action is invoked without a favorite model.
      Enable the favorite actions only when we have favorite folders. This avoid crashes in the StandardMailActionManager if the action is invoked without a favorite model.
      Convert sync nepomuk calls to async ones.
      Treat MBOX resources as inboxes, as they are basically acting like that. This fixes filtering for mails that arrive to mbox.
      Treat MBOX resources as inboxes, as they are basically acting like that. This fixes filtering for mails that arrive to mbox.
      Restore progress reporting when the filters are running. This got lost when the filter agent was created.
      A somewhat cruel way of making sure the right folders are monitored
      Even better mail filter agent status reporting. Not perfect, but works nicer in case of filtering incoming mails (less progress bars). Remove some recently added code that is not needed anymore.
      Disable revision check(conflict checking) if only flags were changed.
      Disable revision check(conflict checking) if only flags were changed.
      Ignore disabled filters when calculating the required part.
      Ignore disabled filters when calculating the required part.
      Disable revision check when updating the status flags only. This avoids conflict dialogs in many cases.
      This is a big refactoring that extends the behavior that we should required only parts that are really needed. Before this, the needed parts were determined based on all available filters. With this refactoring, except in some manual filtering cases, only the filters that are valid for the collection where the item is are taken into account. For example, if there was a spam filtering for POP3 (that required the whole body), when a mail arrived in an online IMAP account, the full body was requested even if the filter had the option to apply only for non-IMAP accounts. Now only the enveloper will be requested for IMAP (unless there are other filters VALID for IMAP needing more).
      Change the filtering pipeline. So far if there was a move and a modifier filter, the order was modify followed by move. Now it is move followed by modify. The original order in the filters doesn't matter, it is always reordered. The problems with the old approach was: - if there was a move and a payload modification job, the item was firt modified, the payload uploaded back to the original place and then moved. This caused an extra store in the backend, that e.g on IMAP causes quite heavy traffic. - due to the above behavior, it could happen that the payload change updates the remoteId, so the move afterwards moves the *original* item, while the modified remains in the original place. This results in mail duplication. The behavior was visible with spam filtering on IMAP.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.9'
      Backport of the filter pipeline refactoring fix, that should fix the duplication of mails when it goes through several filter that move and modify the mail.
      Actually we should always disable the conflict dialog when a filter modifies a mail.
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.9'
      Avoid crash by using a smart pointer
      Little optimization
      Fix runaway timer noticed by Volker.
      Remove the workaround now that changerecorder is fixed. We should not lose the notifications (and thus messages skiped from filtering) anymore.
      Make akonadiconsole usable (without a restart) if the akonadi server was restarted behind the scenes.

Andre Duffeck (192):
      Those are needed for Qt-only build.
      Qt-only build++
      make Qt-only build work finally.
      Create a QTestLib based test for RNG::ParserXsd
      Fix segments creation.
      QAbstractTableModel -> QAbstractListModel
      Structure ComplexTypes into a QGroupBox.
      Don't put mixed elements into groupboxes.
      Support xs:choice in ComplexTypes. Don't put it in groupBoxes if it's
      Humanize labels of a choice element
      Apply hints on choice elements.
      Add missing reference in choice elements.
      Some work on references and it is now possible to use complexTypes as
      Override labels of single children with hidden parents with the parent
      Add unittest for KXForms::FormCreator
      Make saving xml with select1 elements with complexType items work.
      Insert new listelements after the last already existing list element
      Implement moving of listitems
      Reduce minimum height of textareas.
      Make the layout style configurable and implement another style, namely
      Fix lists of complexTypes.
      - implement itemLabelRef-Hint which allows to define the field of
      Make the key an enum.
      Commit test data.
      Fix lists of complextypes with mixed content.
      Add command line option for loading an xml file
      Implement two new hints:
      Add unittest for KXForms::Hints and KXForms::Hint
      Test KXForms::Hint::ListShowHeader type.
      Start implementing newest kxforms features
      Implement "Full" appearance in select1 elements.
      Implement "compact" appearance in select1 elements.
      some work on the alignment properties
      Implement tabs.
      Reference the pages with an id.
      Implement type-property for Input controls and the relevance-property
      The relevant element is a regular expression.
      Implement constraints
      Initial import of kxforms specification.
      Fix constraints not being applied when a xml file was loaded.
      Implement the "tip"-tag
      Fix typos
      make it const.
      more constness
      Implement select element.
      Implement externalLabel attribute from section elements.
      Fix lost changes after a listitem was edited.
      Fix refreshing and lost changes in the root FormGui after a dialog was closed.
      Make the FormCreator create select elements
      Implement "pages" and "pageRef" hints.
      Add "appearance" hint
      add newline to the end of the file
      Implement the layout->position property, which allows to order the
      Implement the position hint.
      Fix lists of choices
      Fix mixed elements
      Rework lists so that a treeview is possible.
      Fix ComplexTypes with SimpleContent (extension only)
      updates and fixes, e.g. changed layouts and fixed attribute support.
      fix test.
      Improve lists. The will now get more than one column if appropriate and
      remove warning.
      Fix test
      Updates on the attributes and list elements.
      Prepend the item type in mixed lists again.
      Fix attribute flag when the name is given in the constructor.
      - Make hints Schema::Reference based
      Update test reflecting all the changes to the kxforms specification.
      listItemList hint.
      Make lists searchable.
      - ListShowSearch hint
      Rework header creation in lists a bit.
      listItemLabel hint
      Fix path in attribute itemLabels
      that shouldn't go in
      Big layouting refactoring.
      Fix compile
      Add elements in a row recursively, which makes it possible to create
      Fix attribute elements.
      Make indention work again
      fix vertical layout-style work again
      Implement a metric for the space consumption of GuiElements which the
      Don't add choices as list columns.
      optimize stupid code.
      begin work on edit mode.
      Get rid of QDebug, it is handeled in the compat-dir for Qt-only build.
      Make the EditorWidget aware of the Editor and its GuiElement.
      fix unfinished stuff.
      Popup a actionmenu over the editorwidgets in edit mode offering the
      Tell the editor to perform the chosen action.
      Add abstract EditorAction class
      Add ChangeLabelAction for editing an element's label.
      Execute desired action
      Generate and emit hint.
      Add function to merge hints.
      Hold generated hints in the editor.
      Add function to merge lists of hints.
      Propagate global hints to the editor.
      Add flags for applicable action types to the editorwidgets.
      Add AppearanceAction that allows modifying the appearance style of an
      Preset current values.
      Add ListAction for modifying list elements.
      Add PositionAction which allows to define a element's position relative
      remove duplicate includes
      remove duplicate includes
      Take reference to const instead.
      Don't assign QString::null
      Append a char, not a string
      Prepend attributes with a "@" in the schema already
      Refresh the GUI when changes were made via the editor.
      Revert change which prepends "@" to arguments as it breaks stuff.
      Prepend attributes with an "@" so that the references are resolved
      Fix creation of the position QDomElement.
      Add the possibility to override defaults globally.
      Add layoutStyle property.
      Add LayoutStyle hint.
      Fix layout filling with mixed layoutstyles.
      Another layout fix
      Add LayoutStyleAction
      Rework editor towards a more fancy and usable interface. This completely
      Fix location of GuiElements on the EditorWidget with TabWidgets
      begin fixing the editor again
      - Extend the highlighted rectangle to cover not only the widget but also
      Make selection of GuiElements work again (PositionAction). Also, the
      Don't crash if there is no label widget
      Fix hovering not working on some nested elements.
      Introduce global actions in the editor. For now, one can display all
      Put the global actions box on top of everything
      show the xml elements correctly.
      Make all hint-references absolute (i'm not 100% sure, that is the right
      fix Reference::fromString()
      Show tooltips on the edit buttons
      Add a button for editing the global defaults
      Add stub for defaults editing
      Support generetion of a defaults-element via hints. Therefor the
      change layout of the defaults element a bit to be able to be parsed as
      Add function that is needed to write back the changed hints.
      Make it possible to save the hints either to the file where they were
      Add GroupAction which allows to change the group of an element.
      Put it on the stack instead.
      Add a GlobalSettingsDialog class (doesn't do anything yet)
      Add a combobox for the appearance.
      Add line edit for Inputelement type
      Lineedit for constraints of input elements
      Checkbox for readonly property.
      Complete GlobalSettingsDialog, add readonly and inputtype hint
      Remove the type element from the GlobalSettingsDialog
      Fix some hints
      That shouldn't be commited
      Fix the saving of some hints.
      Fix readonly property
      Fix crash
      Allow adressing of lists via XPath
      Change list xpath
      Preset options with the current values.
      Add a button for returning from edit mode.
      Yet another check if the parsed element belongs to another list...
      Remove the ugly "Toggle edit mode" button and add the action to the
      Create a Editor toolbar instead of plunging the action in the settings
      Add an action that allows to export the kxforms document that is
      Show the XPath to the targeted element.
      Switch position of the XPath and the edit button in hover mode. That
      Some Reference fixes.
      This should be the last fix wrt the references.
      Make it possible to select only elements in the same group. Show a
      Add facilities for editing the groups of a gui. No hint is generated
      Generate hints for the desired groups.
      Show existing groups in the GroupAction.
      Force the editor to create the group befor using it.
      Fix parsing of inputproperties
      Add ReadOnlyAction and InputTypeAction.
      Better way of detecting the need of separators
      Allow to modify the threshold of a form, that is used to determine how
      fix switch statement.
      Differentiate between global options and options specific to the current
      fix Hint::FormSizeThreshold
      Draw coloured frames around the different groups on a form when in edit
      Draw frames around the widgets on a form for better visual separation.
      Fix some layout issues.
      Fix preselection of current value.
      Use available space better
      Allow to arrange the widgets on a form by drag-and-drop.
      Ok, seems i messed something up with the last commits. Should be alright

Andre Heinecke (96):
      Use kdescendantsproxymodel_p.h from kdepimlibs to fix compiling with
      Check if a calendar object is set before trying to lock it.
      SVN_MERGE Merged revisions 1170108 via svnmerge from
      Only print kDebug output in case the calendar is not set while saving
      SVN_MERGE Merged revisions 1170131 via svnmerge from
      Do not crash if a task cannot be added because no calendar is set.
      SVN_MERGE Merged revisions 1170140 via svnmerge from
      Some minor style and comment changes from Felix Wolfsteller
      Don't build tests when compiling for WinCE
      Remove unneccesary declaration of MailFilter which broke MSVC build
      Add more content to the about dialog and add the names of the
      Use the standard font size for the aboutDialog text
      Change copy all text to copy mail in the action description to clarify that
      Draw the standard loading icon on Windows CE until the splashscreen appears
      Add project participants from g10code
      Do not crash if codecForName does not find a codec
      Enable building the sievescriptsdialog with QT_NO_CONTEXTMENU
      Correct ifdef for drop action from QT_NO_CLIPBOARD to QT_NO_DRAGANDDROP
      Disable export macro when building static libraries.
      Correctly use QT_NO_DRAGANDDROP instead of QT_NO_CLIPBOARD
      Always compare the binary name to the define.
      Change the title of the single calendar_calendar_menu to Choice to avoid having
      Fix the ldap config kcm to run on wince and enable it again
      Do not check if ldap is a known protocol on WinCE.
      Remove fixme and deprecated ifdef since the keyselectiondialog now builds for wince
      Load and save the kcm configuration correctly for Windows CE
      Make the LDAPConfig widget to type KCMLdap for WinCE instead of just qwidget
      Forward declare the KCMLdap for Wince instead of including the private header.
      Remove some special case build handling for Wince now that treewidgets
      Explicitly depend on incidenceeditorsngmobile for Windows CE,
      Do not change the title of the composer window on Windows CE systems since
      Set the operationMode directly on KUrlrequester.
      Modifiy attachment save function.
      Fix saveAllAttachments for WinCE.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fix save all attachments for WinCE
      Update splashscreen to read Kontact Touch
      Close the dialog after archiveing.
      Don't call KSaveFile with an already open File
      Do not use Netaccess on WinCE
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Use a listbox with 6 maxentries on mobile devices.
      Bring the current application to front on dateView
      Add bringToFront function.
      Define KLEO_STATIC_KCMODULES if the option is set
      Convert filters to kde format for kfiledialog
      Do not set the KFileDialog save default to a dir
      Disable useless tests on WinCE
      Use Accepted directly from KDialog.
      Add KDE Platform logo to the about dialog
      Add ico ressources for Windows Systems
      Add closeAllFrontends method for WinCE use.
      Only send a quit signal for a second frontend.
      Allow DEBUG_SIGNATURE flag to be set from CMake
      Add temporary debug output for crypto debugging
      Disable idle detection for Windows
      Use handleUrlOnMac also on Windows and rename it.
      Replace file:// with file:///
      Launch accountwizard on firstrun of the mainwidget
      Add a blocking waitForKSycoca function
      Fix LastMessage Selection.
      Fix message filtering on startup.
      Fix inbox filtering for mailservers that use .inbox
      Add argument for the mail address again.
      Fix the build of the mobileui with mingw
      Add kde4_add_app_icon macro for mobile targets
      Disable the nepomuk_email_feeder.
      Switch keyresolver dump to kDebug.
      Modify linker options for compatibility.
      Revert "Modify linker options for compatibility."
      Check for the linker options for unresolved symbols
      Change coding style to fit with the usual.
      Remove Kontact Touch from the name.
      Block the left slide area on Harmattan
      Remove KDEPIM_BUILD_EVERYTHING variable
      Add new icons confirming to harmattan ui styles
      Fix build with KDE_NO_DEPRECATED
      Fix parsing of combined encrypted/signed messages
      Use dialog-cancel for aborting the action.
      Disambiguate debug output.
      Fix display of recurring multiday events
      Fix display of recurring multiday events
      Fix build on Windows by casting HWND's
      Fix build with ansi C enabled
      Do not crash when delegating an event without us
      Make default OpenPGP file extension configurable
      Add DEBUG_SCREADER macro to silence some output
      Allow external process window activation
      Fix typo in screader debug code
      Fix connections now that the dialog is a widget
      Merge branch 'gpg4win'
      Allow 4096 bit RSA / ELG keys
      Do not use forceActiveWindow to bringToForeground
      Add uiserver support for OUTPUT --binary option
      Fix ProcessStdInOutput finalize
      Bump Kleopatra Version to 2.2.0

Andre Woebbeking (4):
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      editorEvent(): handle scrolled view correctly so that the menu pops up at the correct position.
      honor user settings (fonts for message body and printing)

Andreas Gungl (267):
      Settings page enhanced to make gpg/pgp version selectable.
      Added code to store the user ID needed to decrypt a message.
      Added code to store the user ID needed to decrypt a message.
      Take care for special characters when retrieving a public key by it's name
      Kpgp::KeyToDecrypt(void) is no longer a dummy
      Patch by Ingo Kloecker: bugfix for the gpg support for badly signed messages
      Patch by Ingo Kloecker which eliminates a lot of unnecessary pgp/gpg calls
      Patch by Ingo Kloecker: gpg support for showing the user id of the key if the passphrase is requested
      Patch by Ingo Kloecker: dash-escape messages signed via PGP 5.0i
      Added an option to display the ciphertext of an encrypted or signed message after it's composition
      Change default for showing the encryption result to true
      Prevent display of doubled text when opening a message without END PGP line while using PGP
      Default for Encrypt to self is TRUE now. Some cleanup in the debug statements.
      Show encrypted messages as plaintext in composer when it's possible
      Reply on signed or encrypted messages is now showing the plaintext of
      Patch by Ingo Kloecker: Changes due to an API change in libkdenetwork
      Make the vcard import more robust
      Make the (optional) vcard link in the header area working
      replace the list view with a tree view, the class can get used outside
      make double click action (move to the clicked folder) working again
      improve the handling of vcard attachments by switching from the
      replace calls to deprecated methods of KABC::Addressbook
      Trivial commit: release the save ticket when save() failed
      Fix bug 71614 (msg size not correct when filtering incoming
      Line ending for messages retrieved from a POP account will be changed
      decouple the constructor of the wizard and it's subclasses from the
      encapsulation of a helper class, better abstraction of the program page
      Use execute filter actions in the classification filters to avoid loss
      add versioning support for the anti spam tool configuration data, global
      void manipulating the toolbar directly, instead write changes to the config
      make the code for persisting the toolbar actions work in Kontact too
      clean up, better use existing funtionality
      make the Help button working, but as there is no help for the wizard
      section for the anti spam wizard added
      adding the anti spam wizard menuitem in the settings,
      make Kontact aware o fchanges to the KMail toolbar config file when the
      move the wizard menu item to the Tools menu
      reflect the move of the spam wizard menu item  to the Tools menu
      consider changes described in bug list item #74577 (parameter change
      use a tooltip to show URLs for the anti spam tools
      make the scan for anti spam tools semi non-blocking;
      This is the basic version of a filter log viewer. The information is
      disable the checkboxes for spam tools not found in the PATH, so it's not
      use i18n for all button texts
      improve wording in page descriptions and improve What's This help
      improve the readability of the log output (separators and indentation),
      reflect code changes in the doc
      prepare support for different detail levels in the log,
      new support for a limit of the log size in the backend,
      make the xml structure conform to the DTD
      let member variable identifiers start with m as it is usual in KMail sources
      make member variables of the classes starting with m;
      fix teh output in a messagebox, remove debug statement which can produce
      start with filter logging switched off to avoid cpu load and memory consumption
      add controls to the log viewer for better control of the logging,
      avoid accumulation of output from different processes
      add information for Filter Log Viewer menu item,
      respect multiple header lines for the same header
      add whats-this help to the log options
      correction for refactoring bug
      Do not keep the log window on top. I just copied the hack of lunakl (see kmfldsearch.cpp 1.130), SCNR.
      improve the handling of situations when a folder is removed
      connect all folder managers to slotFolderRemoved, not only that one for local folders
      add support for the Annoyance-Filter anti-spam tool,
      avoid unlimited loop in "forward to" filter action
      avoid duplication of rfc822 attachments when forwarding messages inline
      add support for anti-virus tools to the wizard
      - add support for f-prot virus scanner, move virus options to a separate page
      fix a regression in the toolbar integration code
      - further improvement of the control of the wizard pages
      fix for Bug #63619 - Thanks for the patch provided by Paul Sprakes
      fix for Bug #82242 - avoid deleting the filter actions before they
      fix Bug 51283 - redirecting email using filters
      fix Bug 86090 - kmail virus scan not working
      fix Bug 75517 - kmail virus scan not working
      fix scan handling - sorry for the trouble
      Filter only messages less than or equal 256000 bytes for spam
      Port the plugging of shortcut filters (AKA ad-hoc filters) into
      fix for the popup menu with the plugged filters
      use a separator in the toolbar before plugged filters
      finish the toolbar integration of shortcut filters,
      After fixing the crash in the anti-spam wizard, there
      - create unique filter names in the wizard
      use the standard icon for getting mail in the folder popup menu
      Don't limit the naming for filters
      set the correct icon for Classify as Ham filter action
      fix compilation error
      Finally handle the redirection of messages correctly
      Some polishing for the rerdirection dialog
      Handle switching between Kontact parts gracefully with respect
      Set the focus to the KMLineEdit field initially
      Follow the default send method when redirecting a message
      Fix searching when the header field in question is
      Adding a guard so that KMLineEdit can be used without KMComposeWin
      Backpport: Fix searching when the header field in question is
      Let the user decide if redirected messages should be sent or queued.
      Another little polishing: Make it possible to assign shortcuts
      Hide dynamically created filter actions as long as the toolbar
      Backport the improved handling for the dynamically
      Backport fix for missing filter actions after application switch in Kontact
      Rename "Queue" to "Send Later", "Send" to "Send Now" and make it consistent
      Fix for two minor bugs:
      Backport two fixes
      Improvement of the anti-spam wizard: It's now possible to
      extend the anti-spam wizard docu part
      use a less technical explanation
      clean up the page initialization in the wizard
      Make the generated filters aware of changes between bogofilter
      Backport: Make the generated filters aware of changes between bogofilter
      add rules for additional tools
      add support for detection of spam messages using the SpamBayes tool,
      activate changes in config file
      activate changes in config file
      make the bogoilter criteria working for newer versions
      make the generated filters working for version 0.93 of bogofilter,
      Add functionality to the anti-spam wizard which allows to move messages
      minor adjustments in the filter dialog
      If a filter action could not be applied in a clean way, a message is
      Implement a copy filter action. Using KMCopyCommand leads to crashes,
      Somehow reading local configs defaults to the global one
      Make sure that the created anti-virus filters are really added.
      don't allow the selection of CC and BCC adresses when redirecting
      Avoid "conserve memory" when using dynamic actions.
      As requested for better usability. Limit the hiding of the dynamic
      Implement Folder->"Assign Shortcut" to allow
      Don't let KMail forget the "X-KMail-Recipients" header if sending
      Backport of fix for
      Avoid adding of already existent pointers to the threading list.
      Avoid case-sensitivity of the filter-rules for status values,
      Backport for change of default for automatic folder naming
      Backport change to case-insensitive check of status in filter rules
      revert last change due to objection by Marc
      Allow the creation of new folders in the folder selection dialog
      Fix recognition of fish:// URLs.
      allow processing of news: URLs
      popup menus on URLs are odered like in Konqueror now
      Show the folder icon for the button which opens the folder
      If the address can't get parsed correctly from the From: header,
      Add a picture to be used in the anti-spam wizard. The picture is a
      Initial rework the anti-spam wizard to make it more user friendly:
      preselect the highest rated tool, autoselect the anti-spam options
      Remove the ampersands as markers for keyboard selection in the tool
      Add a summary page to the anti-spam wizard
      improvements for the anti-spam wizard
      better handling of different SpamAssassin versions which need different
      fix added full text indexing change
      indent the folder selection widgets, enable them depending on the state of the checkboxes
      adjust text for wizard tabs, fix the logic for the summary
      fix some problems in the logic which determines the filters to be created
      update the section about the anti-spam wizard
      add logging capabilities to the action scheduler
      remember the folder which is set for a filter action
      fix for the handling of reseted filter shortcuts
      improve the Copy filter action
      Use the RegExpLineEdit for header rewrite filter action
      Show the address used to redirect a message in fancy header mode
      avoid an second update of the widgets when pressing Apply or OK
      correct invocation of SpamBayes for detecting this tool
      allow async processing of the copy filter action
      SVN_SILENT add missing apidoc
      Replace the existent mix in the handling of the Ignored state
      care for messages which are marked as unread and ignored
      fix the generation of maildir filenames
      forward port of the fix for the unread count
      Work around a problem in QString (Qt4) to let KMail receive
      Fix QString::at(0) on possibly empty headers by checking the size.
      Avoid an endless loop reproducible by opening KMail's composer
      intermediate fix to avoid the crash when KMail is about to exit
      Another fix for side effects of at[0]
      improve readability
      Move the message status implementation of KMail to libkdepim.
      changes to switch to the new MessageStatus class
      - ading some more methods to MessageStatus which are usefull in the port
      complete the MessageStatus refactoring:
      Color fix in the folder selection dialog
      Forward port: color fix for SimpleFolderTree
      fix a crash due to problematic status handling
      proper handling of moving nested folders
      make it compile
      make it compile again
      make it compile
      Give a feeback about the progress of the filter process
      more feedback when filtering
      adding visual feedback for the actionscheduler queue length
      optimize the filter feedback to minimize the slowdown
      make it compile
      fix an inverse logical operation
      fix the crash when using pipe-through filters in combination
      improve usability during long-lasting filter operations
      forward port: busy pointer during filter operations
      apply changes from fix for bug 113730 - this needs more work though
      Fix some issues in the async filtering code
      Better handling of folder types when creating a folder dir
      forward port fixes in the async filtering
      completion of the fix for bug 113730
      forward port from 3.5 branch, related to bug 113730
      fix porting error, make async filtering (w/o pipe-through) working
      Disable folders in IMAP and cached IMAP accounts as
      Fix moving of nested folders to a non-local destination
      SVN_SILENT cleanup header includes
      Make the script aware of running ClamAV daemons to speed up the
      quick fix for the selection of filters to avoid crashes
      workaround for a wrong selection when deleting the first out of more filters in the list
      fix compilation
      SVN_SILENT re-adding object names
      SVN_SILENT QGroupBox needs a layout
      don't crash when exiting
      fix compilation
      porting for KConfig changes
      porting for KConfig changes
      porting for KConfig changes
      Qt3support-- and header cleanup
      header cleanup
      fix loading and saving of filter definitions
      replace calls to KConfig::setGroup(...)
      refactor the logging around the filtering
      forget readEntry(...).toBool()
      reduce readEntry(...).toInt() where possible
      fix a crash if the pattern set is empty (back to STL-style iterators, hasPrevious() seems to fail for empty lists)
      simplification for cleaning up QList<T*>
      and to make it complete, call clear() where needed
      Initial work for the akonadi storage layer.
      example for db access debug, access for CachePolicy entities
      implemented access methods for the resource entities
      methods to deal with Location entities
      document most of the tables in the ERM diagram
      add new association between Locations and MimeTypes
      methods to deal with Flag entities
      Cleanup headers (typo / superfluous entity)
      insert and delete PimItems
      read a PimItem by ID, fix a typo in location reading code
      - anti-spam wizard support for BsFilter (from Yuya Nishihara <yuya at tcha dot org>)
      Forward port of the support for the tools dspam and bsfilter
      Fix rule "is not in addressbook" if the given header is missing.
      Forward port: fix for 132348, is-not-in-addressbook rule and missing header
      resolve conflict between spamassassin and bsfilter headers
      spambayes score support - submitted by Thomas Bettler
      improve feedback directly after a manual filter invocation
      forward port changes in filtering and spam detection from 3.5 branch
      Ooops. Added forgotten braces to make the method do what it is for.
      Handle command line parameter --header correctly.
      Port fix for bug #135461 and remove deprecated methods
      Clean up left-overs from porting, toggle status is now working
      Disable the shortcut definition if the filter is not going to be added to the menu.
      Forward port of the fix for #135752
      re-activate the threadweaver usage, but no functional change yet
      Improve feedback and speed when applying ad-hoc filters on many messages
      some porting changes
      avoid timer loop leading to noisy console output
      fix opening of a folder of type mbox

Andreas Hartmetz (126):
      Preparation for explicit constructors in KShortcut
      It's a list of shortcuts, not one. Found this while looking how the new KShortcut is doing.
      build fix
      make notes printing work again
      Fix crash in KNotes kontact plugin. Resolves Kolab issue 1839.
      Forward port of fix for Kolab issue 1839 (crash in KNotes kontact plugin)
      Add "double click creates new event" feature to the timeline view. Resolves Kolab issue 1884.
      style nitpicks
      Forward port of Enterprise commit 694771: Implement "new Event on double click" in Gantt view. Disable some code that crashed the Gantt view right at startup due to a stack overflow. Needs further investigation.
      more comprehensible documentation of KMFolder and friends
      "forward port" better documentation for KMFolder and friends from enterprise branch
      convert KMHeaders::applyFiltersOnMsg to using serial numbers instead of message pointers [in the case not using action scheduler]. Speculative fix to Intevation issue #1815 (Filtering 1450 mails crashes kontact).
      forward port of enterprise commit 703867: convert KMHeaders::applyFiltersOnMsg to using serial numbers instead of message pointers [in the case not using action scheduler]. Speculative fix to Intevation issue #1815 (Filtering 1450 mails crashes kontact).
      documentation that's actually true! how cool is that?
      merge from enterprise rev. 705015: documentation that is actually right
      document refcounting
      KMFolderCloser => KMFolderOpener, it's the usual way of doing RAII and saves a line of code.
      better wording in doc
      improve an awkward line of code
      Lots of fixes to folder refcounting all over the place. There might be even more problems elsewhere, but this fixes Intevation issue #1868.
      Intevation Merge issue 38, forward port of fix to issue 1868. Fix folder reference counting in several places.
      cross-port named open()/close() on folders from the 3.5 branch. this is a merge from 3.5 revision 647499 with many extra changes to get kmail to compile again.
      KAddressBook: Detect early enough if the user can actually edit a contact and show the readonly variant of the GUI if appropriate.
      Make the phone numbers section of the contact editor GUI honor the readOnly flag.
      forward port from enterprise revision 715588: Make the phone numbers section of the contact editor GUI honor the readOnly flag.
      forward port of enterprise revision 715564: KAddressBook: Detect early enough if the user can actually edit a contact and show the readonly variant of the GUI if appropriate.
      oopsie: forgot include, wrong namespace. compile++
      Port KMail Favorite Folder View from enterprise branch (Intevation merge issue 36)
      Close Intevation merge issue 45, forward port of enterprise commit 716376.
      so this is the new way to get the alternate (list?) background
      add (at least for me) missing include
      add (now) missing #includes
      Merge KConfig-related changes from branch. Still needs slightly more work, something apparently unrelated fails at 97%.
      Merged revisions 715206,716250,716318,716903 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 716933,731691,731716,744046,747340,750499,750598,750610 via svnmerge from
      small cleanups: canonical & more efficient use of QString, removed endl, removed useless include
      oops, leftover testing aid
      Merged revisions 728541,732440,732794,733495,733511,733519,748479 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 737469 via svnmerge from
      fix snippets enable toggle action
      Merged revisions 737035-737071,737073-737092,737094-737468,737470-737471 via svnmerge from
      Recorded merge of revisions 729661-731333,731335-731356,731358-731361,731363-731652,731654-731669,731671-731690,731692-731700,731702-731715,731717-731719,731721-731734,731736-731867,731869-731870,731872-732022,732024-732421,732423-732439,732441-732793,732795-733047,733050-733088,733090-733100,733102-733148,733150-733158,733160-733463,733466-733468,733470-733482,733484-733494,733496-733510,733512-733518,733520-733685,733687,733689-733875,733877-733882,733884-734241,734243-734246,734248-734272,734274-734534,734536,734538-734579,734582,734586-734591,734593-734733,734735-735174,735176-735204,735206-735246,735248-735280,735283-735286,735288-735300,735302-735683,735685-736198,736200-736232,736235-736242,736244-736314,736316-736376,736378,736380-736390,736392-737034,737036-737071,737073-737092,737094-737468,737470,737472-737483,737485-737489,737492-737495,737497-738628,738630-739062,739064-739068,739070-739113,739115-739134,739136-739156,739158-739602,739604-739669,739671-7396
      Recorded merge of revisions 728017-728089,728091-728450,728452-728540,728542-728558,728560-728580,728582-728814,728816-729239,729241-729283,729285-729305,729307-729580,729583-729610,729612-729660,729662-731333,731335-731357 via svnmerge from
      Workaround for Intevation issue 2216 (crash in KMFolderSearch::addSerNum) and some small style fixes
      forwardport of enterprise commit 764894: Workaround for Intevation issue 2216 (crash in KMFolderSearch::addSerNum) and some small style fixes
      Recorded merge of revisions 744676,744678-744688,744690-744692,744694-744707,744709-745805,745808-745812,745815-746844,746846-746872,746875-746896,746898-746924,746926-746931,746933-746979 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 661525 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 661635 via svnmerge from
      Recorded merge of revisions 661739 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 662405 via svnmerge from
      Recorded merge of revisions 662660 via svnmerge from
      Recorded merge of revisions 667536 via svnmerge from
      Recorded merge of revisions 683591 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 702683 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 703633 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 704050 via svnmerge from
      Recorded merge of revisions 713781 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 717102 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 720928 via svnmerge from
      Recorded merge of revisions 730527 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 730905 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 732921 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 735569 via svnmerge from
      Merged revisions 727907 via svnmerge from
      merged from 3.x revision 629335: "Use insertChildClient to fix the problem that "factory is null so we can't add a child client". [...]"
      Merge from the enterprise branch. The summary is "bits and pieces" - mostly user interface improvements.
      Merge from enterprise: move printing functionality into a separate class KNotePrinter
      Fix to Intevation issue 2214: kontact did not check if a resource directory is writable. The situation is still not ideal but the user *will* now be notified by the standard means that kontact has for this.
      port of enterprise commit 767806: make the local folder resource backend actually return errors if something goes wrong.
      Merged revisions [very long list edited out] via svnmerge from
      Further improvements to detect and report resource creation and loading errors as early as possible. Related to Intevation issue 2214.
      Implement charset autodetection for attachments. The engine to do that is made up of a backported KEncodingDetector from kdelibs 4 and some data from the pango library. Should close Intevation issue 2092.
      use the file and kdepim standard indentation
      Q_ASSERT does actually terminate the program so let's use a less radical warning instead, plus s/kdDebug/kDebug/ in a commented-out line.
      Don't crash in TCPSlaveBase if the connection is already closed and thus the file descriptor is invalid/null. This seems to be what has been reported in Intevation issue 2442.
      Remove some of the weirder methods of EncodingDetector and make the one method public that we actually want: analyze(). analyze() also does not alter its input...
      fix return value of scriptForLanguageCode() if the language code is unknown
      Fix Intevation issue 2239: Deleting a contacts folder in KMail would remove the contacts but leave an empty folder in the resources list.
      Fix some glitches in the free-busy Gantt view: Disable the context menu of the header as the actions presented would make the view exhibit erratic behavior. Disable the "zoom to fit" button for the same reason. Fix the remaining bug that choosing a different time scale (it's a nice replacement for zooming, by the way) would change the vertical scroll bar so that you could scroll past the last attendee. This is supposed to close Intevation issue 2272.
      Only enable actions that actually make sense. This may or may not fix bugs reported in the Intevation Bugzilla but it seems to be the right thing to do and it gives us a more solid foundation to work with :)
      Update the copyright years
      Do not respond to any mouse events on the Gantt header widget as it may confuse the vertical scrollbar or something (Kolab issue 2272).
      Fix linking with the gold linker.
      A small link fix for the gold linker. More work is needed but I've had enough of it for today.
      Some fixes for the gold linker
      Now kdepim should link 100% with gold again.
      Don't try to find libkdepim from our own module kdepim using cmake
      Fix linking with gold
      linke with gold and remove redundant linked libraries
      link with gold
      Remove another dependency on the linker faerie
      link with gold
      libkholidays has to be found via cmake now
      fix link with gold
      link with gold; also removed some redundant linked libraries already included in KDE4*LIBS. What's up with the  though? They don't seem to be required.
      link with gold
      link with gold
      link with gold
      adapt to kdelibs API changes
      link with gold
      The tests don't build, at least here. A certain test-entries.h seems to be
      link with gold
      link with gold. There were missing symbols from KApplication, KIcon, KDialog...
      link with gold
      Build fix, imitating krake here...
      KDE4_*_LIBS (as opposed to _LIBRARY) already includes dependencies.
      link with gold
      link with gold
      build; the subdir kabc is not here anymore.
      _LIBS include dependencies, and KDEUI depends on KDECORE and QTGUI
      link with gold
      target_link_libraries fixes:
      link with gold
      Disable nepomuk_email_feeder until it compiles again - seems to be a Nepomuk issue.
      Compile with Qt 4.8.
      Grammar and wording corrections.
      This condition looked inverted.
      This condition looked inverted.
      Spelling/grammar fixes, most of them it's -> its where appropriate.
      Spelling ("grouyp") and formatting.

Andreas Holzammer (113):
      - removed some incidenceeditorng stuff
      - fixed export stuff
      - fixed namespace problems in msvc
      - fixed linking bug
      - fixed export
      - fixed exports
      - fixed tests
      - fixed export
      - fixed export
      - reverted dirty hack
      - fixed link error
      - fixed exports
      - fixed exports
      - merged export from branch
      - fixed linker error under windows
      - added qtopengl lib to kmail mobile to fix windows build
      - fixed windows build
      - fixed windows build
      - made kdepim wince compatible
      - clean up cmake file
      - kde4-config finding changed for wince
      - changed the way kdelibs is linked against kdepim to static for wince
      - included kdescendantsproxymodel.cpp again for wince because we now use the komo branch for this
      - added that akonadi is linked static for wince
      - optionally strip webkit from the templateparser(replaced by QTextBrowser)
      - made runtime resources compile for wince
      - under wince we dont have a cursor
      - build fix for msvc
      - compile fix for msvc
      - windows build fix
      oops wrong file
      - there is no #warning for msvc
      - dont export templates!!!
      - link kontact against kparts
      - dont export inline functions
      - we dont have cursors and wheels under wince
      - make serializer plugins static
      - add a option to make kdeqmlplugin static
      - oops missed to reset the compile flag
      - handle the static kdeqmlplugin better
      - take out a ifdef wince, because we now need that code
      - oops disabled the splashscreen the wrong way
      - fix path for stylesheet under wince
      - windows compile fix
      - link kross plugin static to accountwizard
      - semi fixing the rotation bug under wince, it just rotates back the screen if it is rotated. There seems no other way and it takes pretty long to do so.
      - link the kcalcore serializer against tasks for wince
      - add a option to build KDEPIM static, default is off.
      - include boost for all builds
      - fix windows / wince build
      - build fix for wince
      - enable the identity stuff for wince
      - take out some bodyformatter  for wince
      - enable ContactEditorCrypto again for wince
      - wince build fix
      - compile fix
      - patch out solid for wince
      - add completionordereditor again to wince
      - compile globalsettings_base for wince
      - take out the colorpicker for now for wince, because we disabled the QTableWidget
      - compilefix
      - fix identity editor in composer for wince
      - fix wince build
      - strip sound for now for wince
      - add serializer plugins to the mobile apps
      - disable ldap kcm for now for wince
      - buildin bodyformatter for wince
      - link kcm ldap staic into contacts mobile for wince
      - for wince link the msc target for gpgme
      - add splashscreen support for the himemloader in wince
      - add static serializer plugins for wince
      - strip nepomuk some more for wince
      - port kleopatra for wince
      - uppss missed some files for the kleopatra port for wince
      - increase timeout
      - increase application priority to make it more responsive
      - link kmail against incedenceeditor for wince, to build again
      - link against phone for wince, so that the dailing works
      - port korgac for wince
      - take out ldap config for now in wince
      build the strigidaemon together with the plugins static for wince
      also link against incedenceeditor
      - prepare kleopatra for wince loader
      take out compiler option
      compile fix
      add runtime for wince because of static linking
      make webkit optional again
      remove ldap config for wince
      fix findTemplate() for wince
      Merge branch 'master' of
      fix color saving for static builds
      add namespace
      fix splashscreen viewage for wince
      fix that widgets get lost
      take out mail sending for mobile
      make the kleo config dialog more pretty for wince
      add splashscreen to kleo for wince
      Revert "add splashscreen to kleo for wince"
      dont confuse bind with msvc 2010
      dont confuse bind with msvc 2010
      include iterator for msvc2010
      dont confuse copy_if and none_of for kdetools and boost
      include incidencedialog.cpp for mobile for when building for desktop
      fix export issue with msvc 2010
      fix msvc 2010 build error
      msvc 2010 compile fix
      do export right
      do qHash conversion right
      compile fix...
      fix running kontact touch running under windows
      fix running kontact touch running under windows
      remove old way of adding application icon
      fix application icons

Andreas Kling (8):
      Fixed a crash in "Set Clock" function.
      Fixed the well-known problem with garbled device paths.
      Initialize the "resolve strategy" - it was used uninitialized by the pair editor.
      Fixed crash in slotCheckQueuedFolders() on application exit when kmkernel->acctMgr() is null.
      Always initialize mFirstColumnWidth -- thanks to Julian Seward.
      Always initialize mLineHeight.
      Use a QGuardedPtr for the KPIM::ProgressItem in KMAccount.
      Yet another missing null-pointer check. Fixes crash #1 on bug 134702.

Andreas Pakulat (9):
      Port to new kde4_add_*test* macros
      Move tests into separate folders to prepare a change in kde test macros.
      Adapt to latest KSettings changes
      If you use boost, you should make sure Boost_INCLUDE_DIRS is also used. Boost
      Add boost includedir as this plugin uses boost indirectly
      Fix linking, korganizer uses symbols from libkholidays so it needs to link against the lib.
      Fix build.
      Revert 1116724.

Andreas Simon (2):
      Fixed a small bug where konsolekalender tried to link
      Fix the invalid use of undefined type `class KOperations'

Andrew Coles (217):
      Corrected typos.
      Corrected typos (replaced 'anti spam' with 'anti-spam').
      Corrected typo (anti spam -> anti-spam);
      Corrected typo (EMail -> Email).
      Corrected typo (days activities -> days' activities).
      Corrected typo (currently selected -> currently-selected).
      Corrected typo (bayesian > Bayesian).
      Corrected typos.
      Replaced two commas with semicolons.
      Corrected typo (mails -> mail).
      Corrected typo.
      Corrected typo.
      Corrected typo (authentification).
      Corrected typo.
      Corrected typo (isn't -> is not).
      Corrected typo (loose -> lose).
      General proof-reading (a few spellings, some grammar changes).
      General proof-reading.
      Corrected typographical errors.
      Corrected typo (valueable -> valuable).
      Corrected typos.
      Corrected typos.
      Corrected typos ("n't"s).
      Corrected typos ("n't").
      Corrected typos.
      Corrected typo.
      Corrected some typos, will finish the rest tomorrow.
      Corrected typo.
      Corrected typos (exclamation marks).
      Corrected typos.
      General proof-reading.
      Corrected typo (loose -> lose).
      Corrected typos.
      Corrected typo; some rewording to make grammatical sense.
      Corrected typo (can not -> cannot).
      A few minor typos.
      Inserted a hitherto-missing bracket.
      Corrected typos.
      Last proof-read knode documentation.
      Corrected typo.
      Corrected typos.
      Proof-read document, corrected typos.
      More proof-reading.
      Corrected typo.
      Rephrased one i18n message.
      Corrected typo.
      Corrected a few typographical errors - casual language (do not mess), exclamation points, n'ts,
      Corrected a few typos (e.g. doesn't -> does not - the most poorly-documented KDE message
      Corrected a few typos (e.g. exclamation points, can't -> cannot, occured -> occurred).
      Corrected typos (won't -> will not, . This -> ; this).
      Corrected typo (can't -> cannot).
      Corrected error that caused a .cpp file that wouldn't compile to be produced.
      Incorrect prototype in header file; KMail would not compile without change.
      Corrected i18n plural-form usage (or rather the lack thereof).
      Added 'setCustomCategories' method: its absence was causing a compiler error
      Reformatted message.
      Corrected compile error (missing double-quote at start of string).
      Workaround for gcc v3.x parse error.
      Workaround for gcc v3.x parser error.
      Workaround for g++ v3.x problems with foreach being used in template methods.
      KDE_DEPRECATED cannot be used for constructors; use KDE_CONSTRUCTOR_DEPRECATED instead.
      Proof-reading updates for .desktop files.
      Minor proof-reading changes (removing exclamation points), and corrected
      Proof-reading changes and correcting plural-form usage.
      Proof-reading changes.
      Proof-reading changes.
      Corrected typo.
      Proof-reading changes.
      Minor proof-reading change.
      Minor proof-reading change.
      Minor proof-reading changes.
      Proof-reading changes.
      Fixed typo: addressbook -> address book.
      Corrected typo (backgroun -> background).
      Corrected typos.
      String now makes some sort of sense.
      Tidied up the hack to handle i18n context - localized string is now obtained through
      Proof-reading: changed addressbook to address book, apart from KAddressBook, which stays as it is.
      Proof-reading new message.
      Updated to fetch the i18n strings from kresmigrator.h, and proof-read the strings before they hit the
      Updated Messages.h to fetch the i18ns from singlefileresource.h, and proof-read the new strings.
      Updated files to pick up strings from .rc files.
      Added to pick up messages from the imap resource.
      #included a file which doesn't exist anywhere, and hence wouldn't compile.  Tried
      Proof-reading KCM strings.
      Fixed for build with current KNotificationItem variables.
      Changed KNotificationItem variable names to match the current values.
      Minor proof-reading changes:
      Minor proof-reading changes.
      Proof-reading, and correcting a few plural-form uses (or rather the lack thereof).
      A couple of minor typo corrections.
      Minor proof-reading.  Couldn't -> Could not for consistency with rest of KDE,
      Minor proof-reading changes.
      Proof-reading messages.
      Minor proof-reading changes, mostly typos.  Good to see these sorts of useful strings being added :).
      Minor string change: cancelled -> canceled (British to US English).
      Proof-reading blogilo.
      Minor string change:
      Proof-reading - changed 'Date Time' to 'Date, Time'.
      Removed exclamation marks from strings, as discussed.
      Proof-reading.  The original had a typo (save rather than safe) and I've reworded it a little, too.
      Proof-read the 54 new strings that have just appeared.  One use of British rather than US English (cancelled vs canceled) and two plural form errors.
      Proof-reading - general tidying up.
      Proof-reading.  Note that URL should be capitalised.
      Proof-reading: don't -> do not (house style).
      Proof-reading desktop files:
      Fixed code error: i18nc was used instead of i18np.
      Proof-reading.  Note that URL should be capitalised.
      Proof-reading messages.  Note that KDE standardises on US English, so use Organization rather than Organisation.
      Proof-reading - corrected grammatical problems.
      Proof-reading changes.  Note that the plural form call is still needed even if '1 bit' wouldn't be sensible - there are languages that have different plural forms depending on if the number ends with, say, a three, or a four etc.
      Corrected typo: repyl -> reply.
      Changed initialising -> initializing, as the latter is standard US English usage.
      Proof-reading: add space between words 'the' and 'message'
      Proof-reading: added missing apostrophe.
      Proof-reading: what you call, rather than how you call, is usual idiomatic English usage.
      Proof-reading, changing two strings in kdepim/kaddressbook-mobile.po:
      Replaced "What's This" placeholder messages with proper descriptive text, changing two strings in kdepim/korganizer.po.
      Proof-reading, changing 5 strings in kdepim/libincidenceeditors.po:
      Corrected plural form usage, changing one string (swapping %2 and %1) and introducing a suitable plural alternative.
      Fixed typo: successfull -> successfully
      Proof-reading: Url -> URL.  See the HIG for more details:
      Proof-reading: eliminated space before ellipsis.
      Proof-reading: should be 'include in', not 'include from'.  (Though 'exclude from' is right.)
      Added plural form calls for message, following email exchange with Volker.
      Proof-reading changes to the mobile apps:
      Proof-reading: changed addressbook to address book, for consistency with the

Andrey S. Cherepanov (2):
      Add Russian holidays
      Add Russian holidays

Andrius tikonas (10):
      Add plural compatible suffixes to 8 spinBoxes in kmail.
      Improve RTL language support by replacing QString(" ") + i18np("string") with i18np(" string").
      Use KIntSpinBox instead of QSpinBox for better integration with KDE. As a bonus this allows to use plural-aware suffix in spinboxes since KDE 4.3.
      i18n: Fix plural support in spinboxes and comboboxes of Akregator.
      Add plural compatible suffix support to spinbox.
      Grammar: Use singular instead of plural when res.numRecipients()==1
      i18n: Convert suffixes in spinBoxes to ki18np().
      Fix missing whitespace.
      i18n: Add some comments for translators.
      Use second and seconds instead of sec.

André Marcelo Alvarenga (10):
      Add missing spaces
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Fix typos
      Fix View -> Go
      Add missing space
      Fix typo 'the the' -> the
      Capitalize the first word
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Add missing space
      Remove extra space

Andy Fawcett (6):
      - Added $(USER_LDFLAGS) to libkpilot_la_LIBADD to enable building on FreeBSD
      Compile fix for FreeBSD
      disable SUBDIRS = docs, and make it build
      change malloc.h to stdlib.h to enable compilation on FreeBSD 5.0
      cout -> std::cout
      fix zone handling in DateFormatter::zone for the HAVE_TM_GMTOFF case

Andy Goossens (4):
      * remove superfluous space
      "one ring to bind them all"
      CVS_SILENT using KCmdLineLastOption

Anirudh Ramesh (4):
      Added configuration dialogs for Evo2, SynCE, Moto and Jescs
      Added missing license headers for jescs/evo2/synce/moto plugins
      Added configuration dialog for Sunbird plugin
      Ported Kitchensync to OpenSync 0.3x API

Anne-Marie Mahfouf (29):
      the date was not found without this and thus the dialog entries were not checked properly
      unbreak compilation
      fix 112499 in 3.5 branch
      forward port fix in trunk
      fix doc not found in KHelpCenter when browsing applications manuals
      forward port of fixing akregator doc in KHelpCenter
      Start Akregator user guide - not complete as several configuration dialogs are not included yet - contains an introduction, a quick start, Configure Akregator dialog description and commands reference
      Add Akregator User Manual, not complete but a good start
      Thanks for reporting Marek, yes that was a left over from KHangMan doc!
      forward port fix, thanks Marek
      use entities
      fix bug about adding an audio file for notification. Only .wav were detected.
      forward port of 146648
      sanitize thanks to Roshan!
      sanitize, thanks to Roshan :)
      no need to have an entry in KHelpCenter as there is no doc for this anyway
      prevent doc entries to appear in KHelpCenter as there's no doc
      also fix tests
      fix messages according to discussion on IRC. Previous messages lead to bad translations. Let me know if it's all OK with you, translators!
      User -> you
      improve a bit more
      more improvements
      add some missing tags

Anselmo Melo (53):
      Added missing .cpp file in plasmoid/CMakeLists.txt
      ComposerView: 'busy' property
      Disable input, initial feedback
      Adds progress feedback while sending e-mail on kmail mobile
      Cleaning console logs in kmail-composer.qml
      Save drafts support on mobile
      Save as draft action on mobile
      Join send and draft code in composerview; cleanup of sent messages
      Avoid extra cleanupAutoSave when a draft is saved
      Adapt more code after the MessageStatus class move to kdepimlibs
      Actions for urgent mail and MDN request on kmail-mobile
      Restore auto saved messages, part 1
      Recover autosaved messages working
      clean debug output
      Setting input method hint to turn off auto capitalization on Maemo
      Remove unsuccessful test
      Error messages on mobile
      Install horizontal selector widgets
      New images for the time widget
      New clock widget for time selector
      Update mobile/lib/qmldir for VerticalFadeSelector
      Helper for the clock widget
      Clock.qml updated to use the helper
      First version of the time selector widget
      Size adjustments in TimeSelector Widget
      Make VerticalFadeSelector index start from 0
      Move clockhelper to mobile/lib/calendar
      Resize VerticalFadeSelector when selected
      TimeSelector updated to the changes in VerticalFadeSelector
      Ops, test commited
      Move angle adjusments to inside clockhelper
      Fixes image source path in Button2
      Signal changes in KDateEdit and KTimeEdit
      Use KTimeEdit and KDateEdit in korganizer-mobile
      Clear combo items in time edit
      Make date edit read only
      Do not install the event filter in the desktop version
      Use Dialog instead of slideoutPanels for Clock / Calendar
      Remove 'seconds', it is not used at all
      Minor alignment changes; revert mistake in a previous commit
      Crash in day and month selectors fixed
      Do not emit clicked signal if the CalendarDay is empty
      Changes in VerticalSelector to simplify the way models are set
      calendar helper
      calendar helper: Only check the number of days if the month is February
      Fix typo
      Day selection using the calendar
      Avoid useless scrolling in the day selector
      Adds animation to Clock pointers and sets initial value
      Select time using the clock hands
      Remove private header - should be part of the previous commit
      Workaround to avoid dialogs opening incorrectly
      Fix the displayFormat string

Antoni Bella Pérez (2):
      More fixes for kmail docs
      More fixes for kmail docs

Antonio Larrosa Jimenez (31):
      Fixed the DocPath entry of some kdelnk files to point to the
      Made some big fixes in the way korganizer loads the icons. It should also
      Fixed KAction icons usage
      Removed useless QString::fromLatin1
      I "love" to revert recently applied bugfixes, but I'd prefer to find
      The patch by Michael Brade <Michael.Brade at>
      Fixed a problem that could result in a corrupted mbox.
      I think it's better not to mark messages as dirty when they're not really
      Added a dcop method that takes a QString instead of a KURL so that it's
      This patch fixes kmail for the case of multiple accounts, so that it doesn't
      This fixes an infinite loop when the reference ID is the same post
      Renamed cr22-action-checkedbox-mask.png to cr22-action-checkedbox_mask.png
      This i18n should have a comment specifying that it's a verb, in other case,
      QString( i18n ( ) ) ? No way !
      Replaced comparisons to "" by using isEmpty()
      Removed comparison to ""
      Replaced a comparison to "" with isEmpty()
      Removed a comparison to ""
      Removed comparisons to "", also removed some unneeded
      Less comparisons to ""
      fixed the tip of day action usage to use the stdaction now that it works
      It seems plural forms don't like to have \n in a sentence
      fixing the icon in the system tray
      My congratulations to the author of Cornelius this was the only place in
      Load the icon correctly, and give it a 22x22 icon.
      Load the icon correctly please
      Added a new dialog that allows the user to select a region of an image
      I knew I forgot something, here is the license.
      fix the layout
      Usability suggestions by Ellen
      Kept in sync with the version on kdelibs.

Antonis Tsiapaliokas (2):
      Use the default sent-mail collection if it doesn't exist.
      custom drafts and templates are not lost anymore

Antti Koivisto (1):
      fixed compilation (export is a keyword!)

Arnold Dumas (1):
      Fix spelling mistake reported by Krazy2.

Arnold Krille (1):
      Flame me if this commit is wrong, but without this it doesn't compile here...

Aron Bostrm (91):
      Summer of Code: Initial import (GMail style conversation view for KMail)
      SoC: GMail style conversation view for KMail
      SoC: GMail-style conversation view for KMail
      SoC: GMail-style conversation view for KMail
      SoC: GMail-style conversation view for KMail
      SoC. Refactoring in paint(). Reimplementation of '...'
      SoC. Use standard Qt Palette rather than hardcoded values
      SoC. completely remove hardcoded colors and use QPalette instead. furthermore, clean up unneeded code.
      SoC. Tiny theoretical optimization in odd/even line number selection.
      SoC. Refactor.
      SoC. More refacts
      Introduce generic functions to help refactoring of printing code. SoC.
      SoC. More refacts, and some enhanced implementations, though not as fast.
      SoC. Add QHeaderView to the conversation view.
      SoC. Sorting is working again! Hurray! And now in The Right Way(tm) with a QModelSortFilterProxy.
      SoC. Use proxymodel->mapToSource(index) to display the correct conversation now that the list is sorted.
      SoC. Align headers and show sort indicator.
      SoC. Switch to QTreeView.
      SoC. Prettify the treeview, to make everything look and work as expected.
      SoC. tiny change I like to commit before messing up things big.
      SoC. Refactor.
      SoC. Refactor.
      SoC. Refactor.
      SoC. Refactor.
      SoC. Remove old file never used.

Arto Hytnen (58):
      This commit fixes Krazy issue 23 on kdepim/kpilot.
      Simple single character QString fixes as suggested by Krazy issue 6.
      More QString path, Krazy issue 6, fixes.
      SVN_SILENT typo fix in comment. very serious thing. ;-)
      SVN_SILENT another typo.
      SVN_SILENT bunch of typos and UK-English to US-English fixes, Krazy issue 23, to kdepim/kresources.
      SVN_SILENT make krazy check skip location that can't do QString() on an old gcc-3.3. "fixes" krazy issue 16.
      SVN_SILENT make Krazy check skip an location that can't be done by QString() for gcc-3.3. "fizes" krazy issue 16.
      SVN_SILENT fixed few typos I introduced at commit 700444. :-S
      either fizes or circumvents Krazy issue 16 on kdepim.
      SVN_SILENT for some reason skipped over kdepim/plugins for QString::null Krazy issue 16 fixes...
      hotfix to fix build, broken by my commit 700676.
      some more QString::null flags to be cleaned up soon.
      kdepim QString::null clean-up.
      SVN_SILENT just few typos and qMin/qMax fixes.
      kdepim KIO::NetAccess::exists deprecated--
      SVN_SILENT do last few QMAX/QMIN -> qMax/qMin changes to kdepim/kdgnatt1.
      i18n html tags fixes only to kdepim
      make few strings ki18nc compatible
      readd the ki18nc lines, sorry Chusslove, didn't notice that you already had fixed them. :-)
      SVN_SILENT i18nc @info:plain versus @info/plain mixup fixed
      SVN_SILENT i18nc @info:plain versus @info/plain mixup finally fixed
      explicit ctor declarations
      include duplicates--, include guards and a sole QMAX() -> qMax() fixes
      SVN_SILENT implicit Recipient()
      SVN_SILENT malformed markup fix
      include guard and duplicate-- fixes
      include guard and duplicate-- fixes
      SVN_SILENT include guard fixes
      SVN_SILENT include guard fixes
      SVN_SILENT typo fixes
      include guard and duplicate-- fixes
      include duplicate-- and few typo fixes
      SVN_SILENT include guard fix
      SVN_SILENT malformed markup fix
      include guard and duplicate-- fixes
      malformed markup, include guard and duplicate-- fixes
      SVN_SILENT include guard fix
      SVN_SILENT string contraction--
      malformed markup and include duplicate-- fixes
      SVN_SILENT include guard fix
      SVN_SILENT include guard fixes
      SVN_SILENT include guard and a typo fix
      SVN_SILENT include guard and a krazy:exclude fixes
      SVN_SILENT include guard fixes
      SVN_SILENT include guard fixes
      <QtModule/QClass>, include guard and duplicate-- fixes
      SVN_SILENT include guard fix
      SVN_SILENT include duplicate-- fix
      deprecated-- KGS colors -> KCS fix
      deprecated-- KGS colors -> KCS fix
      SVN_SILENT whitespaces++
      deprecated-- KGS colors -> KCS fix
      deprecated-- KGS colors -> KCS fix
      deprecated-- KGS colors -> KCS fix
      SVN_SILENT deprecated-- KCS __comp_ctor
      SVN_SILENT remove unused kdefx include

Artur Duque de Souza (98):
      Fix build fro identity kcm
      Update QML files dealing with i18n methods
      Fix i18n calls on QML files
      Let's not have everything in just one line as the
      This should give a performance boost on the n900 for kmail-mobile
      Add new spinner widget and use it for "loading message"
      Disable QGLWidget for now
      Add failed signal to composerview
      First attempt to write error messages for composer
      One failed message was forgotten.
      Try to improve kmail-mobile performance again
      Make KMail-mobile use KNotify
      Start of removel of specific UI code from composerviewbase
      Fix identation. Old habits from kdelibs :)
      For now use KMessageBox for reporting errors on sending for KMail
      Some clean up on the composerviewbase
      Some more small cleanups
      Make the mobile composer view flickable
      Add pixmap for notifications and remove rich text
      Add logic to know if a message is a draft or not
      Support the restore of Drafts on mobile
      Fix the restore of drafts - properly done now
      Fix #ifdef for Maemo
      Composer edit 'auto-size' fix
      Fix build - there is no FakeAction.qml anymore
      Do not emit notifications on draft saved
      Make all KDeclarativeFullScreenView use OpenGl ES/2
      Run all the applications with raster graphics system
      Make sure we do not leak the new created windows
      Remove debug message
      End the proxy-inside-proxy syndrome
      Workaround for QML bug that does not properly propagates events
      Make the flickable area follow the cursor
      Use the class name instead of a property to detect the class
      We should keep the MouseArea as the logic in Qt seems to be right
      Make the recipients editor flickable
      Create slots for enabling/disabling the use of HTML
      Fix header of composerautoresizer
      Enable the auto resize of the MultiplyingLineView
      Let the recipients editor be flickable
      Use ErrorOverlay on mobile applications
      Check subject and recipients before sending the email
      Remove old debug code from Spinner
      Use background brush of the view to show splash
      New images for scroll input widgets
      New Horizontal selector widgets
      Follow designer's guideline for old horizontal selector
      Images for QML Calendar widget
      First version of QMl Calendar widget
      Little tweaks on the Calendar widget
      Put Calendar widget on build system
      Add a helper to the calendar widget
      Create CalendarDay component
      Update Calendar widget to start using the Day component and calendar helper
      Make the calendar helper available to the calendar widget
      Check for wrong values in set(Day/Month/Year) in Calendar Helper
      Improves and bug-fixes on calendar helper
      Create one more row and fix the layout
      Create proper states for CalendarDay
      We don't need slots here
      Register the type instead of exporting the object
      Avoid using the helper inside calendar's day
      Use the CalendarHelper
      i18n calls on the calendar widget
      Create a dayPos position
      Use a grid and register all the child items
      All the infrastructure needed to properly update the calendar widget
      Reset the state of the days when changing the month
      Property to properly set the model of the selector
      Almost there with the calendar widget
      Provide some feedback on buttons of "type 2"
      Export articles (signals), plugins with parents and KCModules as plugins
      Adding sharemicroblog plugin
      Put the id back to the Button2
      Support for showing the new widgets for calendar and clock
      QML Code to display and hide the new calendar and clock widgets
      Support returning time in hours/minutes/seconds
      Use the angles to properly setup the widget
      Probably Qt bug that prevents us from using currentIndex
      Remove debug messages
      Normal background for CalendarDay is always visible
      clean ups on clockhelper
      Sane startup time for clock helper
      Unselect vertical selectors that dont have the focus
      Fix the "day 0" bug on QML Date Widget
      New function for setting up dynamic models
      Remove debug from the setupModel function
      Remove the fade-in-out items of the vertical selectors
      Remove once for all the Fade selector
      Fix the build
      Default value to "value" property so we can select "0"
      Load FilterConfigDialog dinamically to save some memory
      Workaround for vertical selectors
      Make date and time selectors set proper values
      Properly setup the initial values of widgets
      AttachmentList needs a proper size when previewing images
      Use the whole screen while displaying attachments
      A little polish on Attachment's UI

Aurlien Gteau (28):
      Removed calls to KNComposer::KNEditor::processedText().
      Use a fixed font.
      Do not return 0 if a KMMainWin is found
      notification -> status notifier
      Do not crash if called when acctMgr has not been initialized.
      Started to implement support for indicators.
      Configuration option to enable/disable indicators
      Switch to KMail plugin when running within Kontact.
      Fix crash on startup when user has search folders.
      Coding style fixes
      Moved main window toggling code from KMSystemTray to KMKernel
      Ported to KStatusNotifierItem
      Use an overlay to display message count
      No need to repeat "KMail" in the tooltip subtitle
      Ported to KStatusNotifierItem
      Do not change label for show/hide toggle actions
      Removed show/hide actions which were not reachable from the UI
      No double margins
      Use a warning dialog with an appropriate button text instead of yes/no
      Use standard cancel KGuiItem
      Deleting a calendar is dangerous enough to be a "warning" message box
      Show event indicators over agenda instead of in their own lines
      Use full width of column and align time to the right
      Use variations of the WindowText color for the time labels
      Save some space with document mode
      Increase default height so that one can read 25 lines of text (more or less)
      More usable column widths:
      Nicer subscription list columns

Aurélien Gâteau (42):
      Reduce margins
      Define icon for attachmentMenu action
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      kmail search: Unbreak Stop button
      kmail search: remove unused mTimer
      Add a "Copy" context menu entry to dbconsole result view
      Define Search Window UI with Designer
      Merge Search and Stop buttons, move the Search/Stop button to the bottom
      Replace KStatusBar with a QLabel
      Move status label to the left of the dialog buttons
      Merge branch 'wip/kmail-search-improve'
      Set size policy and remove margins
      Simplify layout
      Do not show tree decoration on list
      Merge branch 'wip/kmail-search-improve2'
      kmail search window: trigger search when pressing return from search field
      KMail search window: do not disable widgets when starting search
      Merge branch 'wip/kmail-search-enter-start-search'
      Use QFrame::StyledPanel instead of QFrame::Panel
      Make sure cursor is on its own line in replies
      Text adjustments for Rich Text action
      Fix capitalization to be HIG compliant
      Fix capitalization
      Take advantage of kuit to avoid hardcoded font size
      Hide "Enable spell checking by default" checkbox
      Improve MessageViewer::ConfigureWidget
      CustomHeaderSettingWidget: Remove outer margin
      composer config page: Move external editor group to its own tab
      Move configuration of custom headers to a dialog
      Move MDN group to its own tab
      SimpleStringListEditor: Set a size policy and define sizeHint()
      Fix "jump to folder" sometimes not unselecting previously selected folder
      Fix FolderSelectionDialog not always selecting matching folders
      Use QPointer to store move|copy and selectfolder dialogs
      Scroll folder tree to selected folder at startup
      Scroll folder tree to selected folder at startup
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.10'
      akregator: when a Frame is not current, disable the GUI of its KPart
      Replace use of 'whatsthis:' url with a QLabel-based implementation

Bar Metin (2):
      Use locale-independent kascistricmp while querying imapCapabilities.
      Fix more case-conversion problems in tr_TR (ISO) locale.

Ben Cooksley (1):
      KMail depends on Akonadi now

Ben Lamb (1):
      Modifying the "hour size" preference did not enable the Apply button.

Benjamin K. Stuhl (1):
      compilation fix

Benjamin Meyer (21):
      Changed dialog name from "Preferences" to "Configure" to match the Settings/Configure KNode.
      Changed caption options -> Configure to match Settings/Configure Korn
      KMainWindow can now handle the statusbar and toolbar, removed unnecessary
      KMainWindow can now handle the statusbar and toolbar, removed unnecessary
      Added ifdefs so it works on 3.1
      Remove depreciated items: miniicon and terminaloptions and binarypattern
      Remove depreciated items: miniicon and terminaloptions and binarypattern
      Move QCString::length() call outside for loops sense it calls strlng every
      Move QCString::length call outside of for() as it is expensive
      move QCString::length() out of for() as it is expensive
      modify comment to not show up in automated test scripts
      .desktop file cleanup
      Making it a valid xml file :)
      change QString::null comparisions to use QString.isNull() call
      header update
      Convert kcfg files from dtd to schema so that they can be validated
      Convert kcfg file to use schema
      change to use built in empty function
      KDE_NO_COMPAT fixes
      KDE_NO_COMPAT compile fixes
      Convert plain text box from KEdit -> KTextEdit

Benjamin Reed (29):
      mac os x fixes
      macosx fixes (well, don't link against modules, mostly)
      don't assume UNIX == X11, check if Qt is X11-based instead
      missing some symbols
      missing some symbols
      needed for linking on osx
      execinfo is glibc-specific
      mmm, duplicate code  :)   fix it for non-glibc here too
      fix for local type error:
      suggested by thiago
      missing KApplication
      pacify apple's gcc 4.0.1
      make akonadiconsole a QCoreApplication; not sure how to do so for kabcclient tho, so linking kdeui for now
      libkio needed for "KFileDialog::getOpenFileName(KUrl const&, QString const&, QWidget*, QString const&)"
      osx linker doesn't like 5 -lkio's on the command-line, it ends up running out of memory, this shrinks it a bit  :P
      needs boost headers
      CMake does not remove duplicate linker entries (ie, when I build on osx, I end up with
      find gpg* headers in non-default search path
      pulls in boost includes
      work around macosx linker issues by not repeating some libraries
      more mac linker workarounds -- reduce the number of duplicate libraries specified on the linker line
      more mac linker workarounds -- reduce the number of duplicate libraries specified on the linker line
      link libcrypt and libnsl only if they exist (they are glibc-specific)
      ah, weird magic for cmake to not complain if it is empty :)
      work around an OSX linker bug -- cmake ends up putting these libs on the link line many times because of dependencies
      work around Mac OS X linker bug in a more generic way (a target_link_libraries wrapper)
      more OSX linker workarounds
      this icon does not exist at build time, causes an error on osx
      merge 1099548 from 4.4: missing strigi include

Benoit Walter (2):
      Do not save a wrong height for the header pane when the widget is hidden
      Make Zack happy

Bernd Gehrmann (1):
      KGlobal <-> KGlobalSettings <-> KApplication & KButtonBox cleanup

Bernd Wuebben (37):
      Bernd -- KNotes will now save themselves automatically if the X server
      Bernd -- fixed the dirent.h placement
      Bernd: colorscheme related changes
      Bernd: fixes and improvements
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Bernd: enhancements ... They are getting better and better ...
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Bernd: Further improvements ..
      Bernd: more fixes
      Bernd: further improvements ...
      *** empty log message ***
      Bernd: immunized knotes against colorscheme changes ..
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Bernd: removed some debugging code that I forgot to remove on my last
      Bernd: fixed up knotes and implemented docking. Knotes should finally
      *** empty log message ***
      bernd: knotes now recognizes urls
      *** empty log message ***
      simply layout change
      *** empty log message ***
      Bernd: fixed segfault problem with 'insert Calendar'
      Bernd: correct xpm path
      *** empty log message ***
      Bernd: trying to get the config dialog to work
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Bernd: removed the if(!t.eof()) occurances. I know there was a reason

Bernhard Herzog (12):
      Comment out parts of a makefile rule differently to make automake happy
      add missing closing parenthesis in enterprise version number
      Make the qemu image with the courier imap server available to the imap
      Handle user creation for the courier qemu image as well.
      Automatically translate mailbox to the local hierarchy delimiter used by
      Prepare for separate tests for each of the qemu VMs by introducing one
      Include the VM name (only kolab for now) in the filenames of the XML
      Add imaptest for the dovecot VM.
      Use a more robust way to determine if data is available for reading when
      Provide a way for test scripts to refer to files with filenames relative
      Revert kmail/globalsettings.h in kmail to its state from before it was

Bernhard Loos (2):
      adapt to the KLocale changes
      fix build

Bernhard Reiter (31):
      Better care of version numbers for the proko2 branch/releases.
      Better care of version numbers for the proko2 branch/releases.
      Changed version number to reflect development branch state after release.
      Changed version number to reflect development branch state after release.
      Fixing docbook syntax for hidden options.
      Added that issue1228 has been fixed for 2.1.1 release.
      Added all old release notes to have the information consolidated in one file
      Improved the description of the kpilot kolab/issue1134 fix for locations,
      Bumped version number to post release proko2 branch after 2.1.2.
      minor corrections
      Added documentation of how to sync locations of appointments.
      Corrected build-in -> built-in. BE specialised -> AE specialized. Thanks to David Faure.
      bumping version number to (proko2 branch after 2.1.4).
      * Added a description of the solved issues for the last two dates.  This makes the list more useful
      "functions" -> "functionality" is the better term I think.
      Better message-text in case of overquota and ready-only folder.
      Change selection string about groupware _storage_ format
      Improving texts how to configure freebusy information on Kolab Server.
      Better use Book Title Capitalization in the combo box.
      Improved the birthdays resource hint:
      Allen Winter wrote: I think [..] or "display" is better.
      Fixed Umlaut in German translation of Summary View Items.
      Made the crl importing selection filefilter hint more explicit,
      (forward ported from r1074457)
      Adding a missing \n in the kdDebug output of OADDRESSEESADDR to fix an assert.
      Changing "Index file is inconsistent with folder file" output to kdWarning()
      Changing "Message locally missing but not deleted in folder" to kdWarning()
      Changing the user visible application names to "Kontact Touch X".
      Reworked the AboutDialog a bit.
      Added translation contexts for 'Scrummish' and 'Productly'.
      Removed -ish and -ly endings for Scrum again, they did not work.

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer (38):
      ktopwidget.h stuff
      Fix compilation
      Fix build with gcc 2.9*
      Fix compilation with gcc 2.96
      Fix build
      Fix up building in non-standard directories
      Add specfile
      Fix ISO compliance
      Fix build with -DNDEBUG
      Don't #define DEBUG unconditionally
      Fix build with -DNDEBUG
      Fix build with gcc 2.9[67]
      Fix build
      Fix build
      Add missing Entity_generated.h
      Fix build (add missing include)
      Link with qt-mt to get rid of unresolved symbols
      Fix build.
      Fix build
      - Fix exit status
      Add missing space - executing /usr/bin/ical2vcal/tmp/fileXXXXXX rather
      Fix build if Qt is compiled with the CDE style as a plugin
      Fix build with gcc 3.1
      Fix build with gcc 3.1
      Fix build.
      Fix build with -DNDEBUG
      Fix build without a previous kdepim (libkcal) installation
      Fix build
      Fix build
      Fix build with current kdelibs
      Adapt to latest kdelibs API changes
      Adapt to recent kdelibs API changes
      Fix build with standards-enforcing compilers
      Fix build with --enable-final:
      Remove unnecessary bit of enable-final fix
      Make sure we link to the just built libkcal instead of an older version
      Fix typo (slotRreload -> slotReload)

Bertjan Broeksema (1213):
      Made a more generic ItemModel which serves as base for classes
      Added some methods to retrieve the items from the baseclass.
      - Remove itemCount, we haven an rowcount already.
      A first attempt for the hotsync flow.
      First writing for the other flows.
      Modified the main flow after discussion with vanRijn and [ade]
      - Introduced business rules
      - Modified the full syn to reflect the changes with the business rules
      Filled in the first sync flow.
      The great make over. Redid the styling and added some additional information
      Added the CUD counter stuff.
      Added a bunch of stuff, see revision history.
      Some small textual updates
      Started working on the class and sequence diagrams.
      Added a nice picture for vanRijn.
      Added Proxy database information to the flows.
      Updated the HotSync seqeunce diagram so that the Proxies as discussed with
      Added the first sync flow.
      Refined the HotSync flow.
      Refined the First Sync diagram.
      - Added full sync diagrams.
      Added SQD for copy HH to pc.
      Added the Copy PC to HH SQD
      Added the test mode SQD.
      - Updated the hotsync SQD, all methods have signature now.
      - Updated First Sync SQD
      Updated full sync SQD.
      Started work on detailed sqds.
      Err. forgot to add the detailed diagrams.
      Moved common parts of diagrams into seperate diagrams.
      Added the implemting classes to the classdiagram.
      Generated code from diagrams.
      Unbreak build.
      - Rename of most files
      - Modified the SQDs, data proxies are initialized by the class implementing RecordConduit
      Small fix in record sync table.
      - Fixed a couple of things after comments of Jason.
      - Set copyright to vanRijn on all files
      - Removed the CUDCounter from pluging.{h|cc}
      - Moved isOpen() from pcdataproxy.h to dataproxy.h so that we can work with
      - Implemented IDMapping
      - Removed RecordConduit::askConfirmation() intended functionality handled
      - More complete implementation of RecordConduit::solveConflict()
      First work on testing.
      Small changes to test code.
      - Added KPILOT_EXPORT to some classes, not all yet. Note to self:
      - Made IDMapping::isValid() a bit smarter, now checks if all ids are pc ids or hh ids.
      - Initialize members
      DataProxy did not resets it's iterator after creates/updates/deletes, but this
      - Fixed some copyright statements.. i didn't start work on this in 2004 =:)
      - Fixed some copyright statements.. i didn't start work on this in 2004
      SVN_SILENT: Small fixes. Still not able to commit all changes at once.
      Added tests for the dataproxy.
      Start working on the recordconduit tests.
      Don't try first() on an empty list. Also set a sane default
      Added tests for the solveConflict() method and the syncFields() method of RecordConduit.
      * There are now test cases for all cases when doing a hotsyn and
      SVN_SILENT: whoops, don't do ctrl-c while committing next time.
      Added support for archiving handheld records.
      * Made Record abstract again.
      * Started working on commit/rollback algorithm in DataProxy.
      More work on the commit/rollback algorithm.
      More work on the commit/rollback algorithm.
      SVN_SILENT: ebn fixes
      Enabled the next conduits and made them compile:
      After a commit of a dataproxy it might happen that ids of records have changed.
      Look up the username from KPilotSettings
      * Started implementation of firstSync() algorithm. Needs to be tested.
      * Removed unesessary methods from Record.
      * Made tests for the first sync algorithm
      Implemented copyHHToPC algorithm. Needs testing.
      Added tests for the copy handheld to pc flow.
      * Added the copy pc to hh algorithm
      Whoops don't mess up things bbroeksema!
      SVN_SILENT: ebn fixes.
      Added tests to full and hotsync tests to check whether or not the
      * Added method to get DBInfo struct from pilotDatabase.
      == Base ==
      Started implementation of decryption. It's very basic right now
      Do using QCA the right way. credits for winterz!
      * Added accessors for the other fields in KeyringHHRecord.
      Make vanRijn happy! Memofile conduit doesn't crash kpilot anymore
      SVN_SILENT: Fix build.
      Disable the test, it linked to a lib but that have become a plugin
      * Made the config dialot a bit more usefull. A database to sync
      * Add password options to the ui file.
      Passwords get stored in the wallet now.
      == conduits/base/ ==
      Make constructor less ambigious. Solves compile problem in
      Creating a new database now almost works as expected. A categorieblock
      == lib/ ==
      SVN_SILENT: compile++ Probably a header file which was still in your
      More work to get the keyring conduit working as expected.
      Make the localdatabase generate a new id for records that are added
      Record syncing of the keyring conduit seems to work. Needed to
      Remove old recordConduit stuff.
      EBN Fixes
      EBN Fixes
      EBN Fixes
      EBN Fixes. Krazy is happy about lib/ now. Except for one known issue in
      EBN Fixes. kpilot/kpilot and kpilot/lib are now clean. A lot of issues
      Delete pcdataproxy. It isn't used as was planned in the early ages of
      Started working on the synchronisation of categories:
      Ported config_page_device.ui to version 4. It still contains:
      Syncing of categories now works.
      Port config_page_startup.ui to ui4 file.
      Ported config_page_backup.ui to ui4 format.
      Ported config_dialog_dbselection_base.ui to ui4 format.
      Porting Qt3 deprecated insertItem to Qt4 actions.
      Remove more insertItem() calls in
      Removal of deprecated calls.
      Removing deprecated call.
      Ported dbFlagsEditor_base.ui to ui4 format.
      Removal of deprecated calls.
      * Removal of deprecated calls
      Removed deprecated calls.
      Removed deprecated calls.
      Removed deprecated calls.
      Remove Qt3 support from lib. Lib is totaly clean from Qt3 stuff now
      First work to get rid of Qt3/kde3 support code in kpilot/kpilot.
      More work to get rid of Qt3/kde3 support code in kpilot/kpilot.
      Make sure that the queue not is empty when dequeueing an item.
      More work to get rid of Qt3/kde3 support code in kpilot/kpilot.
      As part of the cleanup I started working on a rewrite of the viewer code.
      The categoriy combobox shows some items again.
      And we have records in our list again. This is a first try to but i'm
      Slightly different approach. No custom list model, but list widget items.
      * Remove unused method getListHeader.
      * Show info of the selected record. The todoviewer is as good
      * "Fix" warning
      And we have an addressviewer again.
      Last but not least, vanRijns beloved memoviewer. All viewers are back
      Header cleanup.
      - Make the tests for the base conduit compile
      SyncMode wasn't correctly parsed from the args. Fixed now, this also fixes
      Fix idmappingxmlsourcetest. vanRijn changed "~" suffix of backup file to
      Fixed idmappingtest. "~" suffix -> "-backup" suffix.
      - Fixed typo in component_page_base.h
      I Hope this commit fixes the problems we had with the keyring conduit. I think
      Added two tests to make sure that the problems vanRijn encounterd, namely
      Added two tests to make sure that id's get remapped if an id gets mapped for the
      Start making things clear about the problems we have to solve.
      More Qt3 support cleanup in kpilot/kpilot. Mostly reorganization of
      Removed all Qt3 and KDE3 support code from the code. Also fixed some
      Fix behavior of the Viewmode for the addres viewer in the config dialog.
      Updated TODO file for the CAtegory issue to solve.
      Introduce a Category class.
      Add description of testcase to test category syncing functionality.
      Add reverse engineered uml model of the base conduit for umbrello.
      First work since ages on the category syncing problem again.
      Several changes regarding category syncing
      Set the right category object to the HHRecord when copying the category
      Lets get vanRijn back to work (cough cough). First work on a set of testcases
      Baby steps... Start working on new test cases. However this triggered
      Start working on a bit more generic api regarding Categories. The Categorie
      Get rid of categories at dataproxy level. For pc side we will only deal on
      Add the more generic Category class.
      Make Category the baseclass of HHCategory.
      Get rid of the QStringLists which represented lists of Categories. The
      Whoops lets actually add the Category class files.
      * Added a method to check wether or not a record supports multiple categories.
      Fix KeyringConduit build
      Another testcase for category syncing.
      Fixed opening of backup database files. Thanks and credits to Karolina Lindqvist.
      Trunk fix for bug 161694. Thanks Karolina Lindqvist for reporting and the patch.
      Added a missing include.
      SVN_SILENT: Adding missing include.
      SVN_SILENT: And another missing include.
      SVN_SILENT: Added missing class definition.
      First SoC - 2008 work, yay! This is a first attempt to document what should
      Remove all old category code that whas in there. Let's start this SoC with a clean
      First code for category syncing. Implemented the HHCategoryToPC method in
      Fix and enable test cases.
      Disable the category test for now.
      Implemented store category in IDMapping.
      HHCategory is actually saved to the mapping file now. Added test for it.
      PC categories are now also saved in the mapping files.
      Most of the category sync code is in place now. Although some work at the lower
      * Removed some old code regarding category syncing.
      Return wheter or not a category is known by the PilotDatabase.
      Make sure that conduits must implement a function that stores the appinfo
      Let HHDataProxy handle setting a category on a handheld record. This should be
      Implemented HHDataProxy::addGlobalCategory( const QString& ).
      Unlock the mutex before you return =:).
      Pimp up the viewer a bit. It can become handy when testing syncing. I'm working
      Make hhrecord a bit less verbose.
      * Remove some old category code from the keyring conduit.
      Free up some memory when the dataproxy gets deleted.
      * Make sure that the database gets saved on close.
      Make it possible to leave the application via the menu.
      Various small code clean ups which Marc Mutz pointed to me. Thanks for keeping
      We can now change (and actually save that change) the name of a keyring record
      Account and password of records can be changed also now by the viewer.
      As I had to add more methods to the KeyrginHHDataProxy I thought it might still
      Implemented add/delete records in the viewer.
      * Fixed a crash when deleting all records.
      Create a pilotRecord in the the TestHHRecord to avoid seg faults when the
      w00t first test working. So we now have actually the first sign that the
      Added another test for category syncing.
      Initialize and delete the mapping on creation/deletion of RecordConduit.
      Initial work to for "real life" category syncing tests. The testcase is set up
      First category sync test between two local keyring proxies. Nothing shocking
      Make sure that the sync changes get actually saved. Now we can check after
      DataProxy: Give implementing classes the change to do thing on commit and
      Added a test to see if a category gets stored correctly.
      Fix previous introduced crash in tests:
      Added a test to check that a handheld record gets set to unfiled when there is
      Don't use the this argument when creating QTimer objects in the DeviceCommWorkerClass. For some reason I get a qFatal when the timers are deleted.
      Use a shorter category name.
      Check if a category is already there before adding it to the handheld database.
      Added a template for new conduits based on the baseconduit framework.
      First work on the new contacts conduit. This is just an empty framework.
      Baby steps. First akonadi code for the contacts conduit. This should load the
      Use the right conduit name so that we not read the mapping file from another
      Do not forget to initialize the backup database.
      - Move ItemFetch code to the akonadi data proxy.
      Initialize all pointer types to 0L to make sure that we don't get weird crashes
      Implemented the methods of Added some methods to hhcontact and
      Implemented most of the HHData proxy. The only thing not yet implemented is the
      - Link to KABC_LIBS for KABC::Addressee
      Implemented most of AkonadiContact. isModified is not yet implemented because we need to be able to retrieve the lastModified DateTime stamp from Akonadi, which is not yet supported.
      The Record class had an equal method which was used by the RecordConduit class.
      Implemented most of the contacts conduit now. Reused as much as possible old code from the old addressbook conduit.
      - When copying a Record to a HHRecord, update the HHRecord with the new
      Make it possible to retrieve the last time that there was a sync from the mapping file.
      Now we have modification time support in Akonadi::Item it was possible to
      - Reenabled most of the settings dialog. This still needs some work.
      - Add support to change the current collection in the CollectionComboBox.
      SVN_SILENT: Fix typo
      Added bestMatchCategory, needed for the contacts conduit, but handy for other conduits that support more categories on the pc side as wel.
      Remove dependency on PilotAddressInfo of Contacts by moving some code to ContactsHHDataproxy.
      Initialize the mapping before the dataproxies are initialized. This way the data proxies can make use of it when that is needed.
      - Comments++
      SVN_SILENT: we're not interesting in entering the id() method.
      SVN_SILENT: be a bit less verbose.
      - Don't forget to load the records after the initalization of the dataproxies.
      Using negative temporary id's and then use QString::toULongLong() gives always
      Remove some faulty debug output.
      Remove some old code:
      SVN_SILENT: Remove directories from the CMakeLists.txt file
      Some bug fixes:
      Various code cleanups and fixes:
      Show the last modification time of items.
      Avoid time-skew. Akonadi stores the modification time of items in UTC time.
      Use KPILOT_DELETE in stead of delete.
      Use the mapping to see if an AkonadiContact is removed from the resource. Now a contact is removed from the handheld when it is removed from the Akonadi resource.
      Don't try to look up ids in an empty list.
      - Set some default values when creating a new KeyringHHRecord.
      SVN_SILENT: Update some debug messages.
      SVN_SILENT: Debug info update.
      Fixed some faulty behavior of the Mapping::isValid() check and added tests for
      Add an extra check to setCategory in HHDataProxy. On the pc side we assume that
      Add the web category, the removed comment is not valid with the current
      After reading some interesting replies on this blogpost
      Set the start count after reading the deleted records and not before.
      Added some abstracted code as a library that can be used by conduits that are
      Cleaned the AkonadiWidget a bit while working on the new todo configuration
      First work on the rewrite/"port to base & akonadi" of the todo conduit. Only
      Fetch full payload and save settings.
      Short version: Lots of changes. Cleanup in base, some fixes and cleanup in
      Make it possible to print a QStringList with DEBUGKPILOT.
      - Implement the copy constructor of IDMappingXmlSourcePrivate, this fixes the
      Don't forget to load the records of the backup dataproxy.
      Don't initialize the Handheld dataproxy with the local backup database.
      Remove completion on pc side when done on hh side.
      Make sure that the settings are stored and loaded.
      Started working on the calendar conduit. Now it's not much more than a
      Finish renaming. Next step: Make it actually a calendar conduit =:).
      Added an extra export define KPILOT_TEST_EXPORT which only exports the symbols
      Start KPilot when clicking the tray icon.
      Beautify the tray icon click behavior a bit more. If KPilot is not started it
      Implemented calendarhhrecord. Needs testing but should be quite okay already.
      Implemented CalendarAkonadiRecord.
      Implemented CalendarAkonadiProxy.
      Implemented the equal method and the _copy methods of the CalendarConduit. Next
      Let the CalendarHHRecord show a bit more usefull information when toString() is
      Lets not only report "non-matches" but also when a match is found
      Rewrote the contacts conduit, it's based now on the code in akonadibase. The
      The new code for the contacts conduit.
      Lets get rid of this uggly piece of code I once put in.
      Fix the time skew so that Akonadirecords don't show up as modified when they
      Use QDebug in stead of std::cerr. Patch by Andre Wobbeking (thanks Andre!).
      Do not try to do nasty things when the eOther field on the handheld is
      Disable the autodetect button as autodetection is terribly broken.
      Remove Qt3 support usage in lib.
      Start of removing the viewers, removed the todoviewer.
      More removal of the viewers: removed address viewer related code.
      Removal of the memo viewer.
      Removal of the last viewer parts that remained. KPilot now is official a sync
      * Fix layout issue with AkonadiWidget
      Enable some of the conduits only when the test suite is enabled:
      When a record is actually committed to a datastore (an akanadi collection for
      Remove all storeAppInfo() code. The implementing libraries have to create their
      Make the vcard resource a bit more robuust by adding a (configurable) autosave
      SVN_SILENT: Fix wrong conduit name.
      Make the config dialog for Akonadi conduits a bit more bullit proof by adding a
      EBN errors--
      EBN fixes++
      EBN Fixes++ - For File Type kconfigxt
      EBN Fixes++ - For File Type desktop
      EBN Fixes++ - single-char QString operations.
      EBN Fixes++ - C++ ctors that should be declared 'explicit'
      EBN Fixes++ - proper include directives
      Show an existing icon in the tray menu.
      EBN Fixes++ - explicit constructors.
      SVN_SILENT: EBN Fix++ contraction.
      EBN Fixes++ - QString::null issues.
      Fix copyright issues in contacts and calendar conduit.
      EBN Fixes++ - Qt classes that should not be used
      EBN Fixes++ - Qt classes that should not be used
      Added a config dialog, which enables the user not only to select the vcard file
      Added some todo notes, to make the resource asynchronous and network transparant.
      Make sure that when the resource is reconfigured the current list of addressees
      EBN Fixes++ - Fix license issues. Add email addresses to copyright lines. I
      EBN Fixes++ - Validity of i18n calls in c++ files.
      I moved the code for the tray icon to separate files and also separeted gui
      EBN fix: Add include guard.
      EBN Fixes: Fix spelling errors.
      Don't let krazy check the conduits which are disabled anyways.
      SVN_SILENT: Gah forgot to add newline.
      SVN_SILENT: Don't check sysinfoconduit which is currently disabled.
      EBN FIXES: Replace Q* with K* widgets.
      Build, but don't install these conduits as they are currently not supported and
      EBN Fix: contractions in strings.
      EBN Fixes: single-char QString operations for efficiency.
      EBN Fixes: QString compares to ""
      EBN Fix: C++ ctors that should be declared 'explicit'.
      - EBN Fixes: foreach loop issues.
      EBN Fixes: proper include directives.
      EBN Fixes: assignments to QString::null.
      EBN Fixes: Qt classes that should not be used.
      - EBN Fixes: validity of i18n calls...
      EBN Fix: foreach issue.
      - EBN Fixes: port qclasses to kclasses in ui files.
      EBN Fixes: single-char QString operations.
      EBN Fixes: C++ ctors that should be declared 'explicit'
      EBN Fixes: foreach loop issues.
      Clean up headers.
      Clean up of headers.
      EBN Fixes: Qt classes that should not be used
      KTabWidget seems to add '&' to tabs itself so no need to do that manually.
      Remove more KTabWidget '&' issues.
      EBN Fixes: proper include directives
      EBN Fix: deprecated use of QMAX.
      EBN Fix: Validates kpartgui files using 'xmllint'
      EBN Fixes: spelling errors.
      EBN Fix: include own header first.
      While testing the new postfixop check of krazy I found this test code which
      EBN Fixes: postfix usage of ++ and --
      EBN Fixes: QTabWidget -> KTabWidget
      EBN Fix: Include own header first.
      EBN Fixes: validity of i18n calls. (baby steps)
      EBN Fixes: validity of i18n calls.
      EBN Fixes: validity of i18n calls.
      EBN Fixes: validity of i18n calls.
      EBN Fixes: validity of i18n calls.
      Use context in stead of comment. Makes xmllint happy again.
      EBN Fixes: validity of i18n calls.
      EBN Fixes: validity of i18n calls.
      EBN Fixes: validity of i18n calls
      - EBN Fixes: postfix uses of ++/-- on iterators in for loops.
      EBN Fixes: Last postfixop issue.
      EBN Fixes: Qt classes that should not be used.
      Add support for remote files in the SingleFileRecourse based resources.
      Some polishing:
      Remove the KIO message dialogs. Also when a remote file could not be retrieved
      Akonadi provides some cool overlay widget which can be used to disable
      Let AgentBase know if network is needed for the configured path.
      krazy fix: single-char QString operations for efficiency.
      krazy fix: C++ ctors that should be declared 'explicit'
      krazy fixes: proper include directives
      krazy fixes: postfix usage of ++ and --
      krazy fixes: validity of i18n calls
      krazy fixes: proper include directives
      krazy fixes: spelling errors
      - krazy fixes: QDialog -> KDialog
      krazy fixes: QDialog -> KDialog
      krazy fixes: QDialog -> KDialog
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used.
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used.
      krazy fixes: spelling errors
      krazy fixes: Check for Qt classes that should not be used.
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used.
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used
      krazy fixes: spelling errors
      Whoops don't break designer. Thanks Laurent for pointing out.
      krazy fixes: proper include directives.
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives.
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      - krazy fixes: proper include directives
      Krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used.
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used.
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used
      krazy fixes: Qt classes that should not be used
      On a first sync we have to take into account the posibility that there might
      krazy fixes: validity of i18n calls.
      krazy fixes: validity of i18n calls
      krazy fixes: validity of i18n calls
      Fix another threading issue.
      Revert the conduit part of r912176, I didn't ment to commit that yet.
      Don't just set the time spec but convert the time actually to UTC.
      Hmmz, my palm doesn't seem to support categories for Datebook. So add an
      Finally tracked down why items didn't get deleted on the palm when deleted from
      Fix copyright.
      This fixes a crash when an event on the pc ends at midnight. In this case a
      Skeleton code for the mbox resource.
      Let the config dialog check which locking methods are available.
      - Remove the collectionAdded slot from the resource as this doesn't make much
      Start implementing the mbox lib: lock, unlock, open, close, additional check
      Add tests for the isValid() method and the procmail lock method. Also fix some
      Finish the MBox::open() method and modify the procmail_lock test to ensure that
      SVN_SILENT: "== QString()" => "isEmpty()"
      - Remove the collection methods.
      In order to only load the emails from the mbox file which are not deleted we
      - Use QByteArray in stead of QStringList.
      Polish the mbox api a bit. We don't want to return the complete payload of all
      Use higher level api's for locking and unlocking.
      The train seems to a good place to finish work =:) This commit contains the
      Add the unescapeFrom method.
      Make sure that old values of namespace delimiters in the configuration get
      SVN_SILENT: Fix new line at end of file.
      Speed up the first sync algorithm by looking up records by description for
      Give the user a hint in the configuration dialog when an Akonadi resource is
      A patch which I had still lying around from the Akonadi meeting.
      Add the collection id to the remote id of items. Needed for deletion of items.
      Implement deletion of items. Currently only ids of deleted items are stored in
      - Don't add the mbox seperator line to message when reading entries.
      Repeat me: Don't try to get attribute values from the Collection object you
      Implement itemChanged. Done by marking the old version of the message as
      Add the possibility to add custom pages to the config dialog of single file
      First work on porting the mbox resource to the SingleFileResource code.
      More work on port to SingleFileResource.
      More work on porting to the SingleFileResource
      - Remove the isValid method and move the lock checks into setLockFile.
      Make sure that an MBox cannot be locked if not file is loaded.
      Reenable the Procmail lock method test.
      Change the default lock method to none because KDELockFile is not implemented yet.
      - Make sure that entries are only added when a file is loaded.
      Add some first tests for loading and saving. Make those tests actually work.
      Add missing file.
      Reenable the test now I added the missing files. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Add some tests wrt trailing blank lines.
      Urls from the SingleFileResource can contain a ':' so change the rid seperator
      Add some tests for the entryList method.
      Disable the KDE Lockfile method from the config page as it is not yet
      First try on the purge method. Needs testing, so don't use it yet.
      - Greatly simplify the purge method.
      SVN_SILENT: Remove copyright of vkrause (got in there by copy/paste of license).
      Add a page to configure compacting of mbox files. Doesn't do much yet.
      - Fix off-by-one
      Implement compact feature in the configure dialog.
      Jobs delete themselves, so no need to call deleteLater().
      Make the manager aware of the added page.
      Backport of r988308
      Actually save/load the settings from the compact page.
      SVN_SILENT: Fix typo.
      Check if the job has finished correctly and notify the user if it didn't.
      Add some methods for convenience.
      - Okay, I won't provide KDELockFile method. Mutt and procmail should be more
      SVN_SILENT: Unify coding style.
      Fix remaining krazy issues.
      Don't forget to initialize the initial mbox file size.
      Mark the file as dirty and write changes when the resource is about to quit to
      Prevent an unneeded warning message dialog that pops up for single file
      Krazy fixes: Use const references instead of const values in Q_FOREACH.
      Krazy fixes: null string assign -> clear()
      SVN_SILENT: fix two small spelling errors in comments.
      Fix krazy issues: QLatin1String
      Krazy fixes: proper include directives.
      Krazy fixes: proper include directives.
      Krazy fixes: proper include directives.
      Revert part of r993495 because Protocol is an enum. Let krazy ignore these lines.
      Reduce reloads of resources based on the SingleFileResource by using hashes of
      Fix krazy issues: Proper include directives.
      Krazy fix: single-char QString operations
      Krazy fix: C++ ctors that should be declared 'explicit'
      Krazy fixes: validity of i18n calls.
      Krazy fix: [foreach[ This is not a call to keys of a map or set, but to a
      Enable the backup/restore actions again. These are still working fine, so no
      Replace the combobox widget with a treeview in the settings pages of akonadi
      Makes sure that the hash of a file gets saved after a write in a config file.
      Notify the user that when the hash was changed, not purged deleted messages will
      Emit progress when loading an mbox file.
      Make sure that before retrieving items for a file cached changes
      Undo most of the changes of r1036645. In stead of calling writeFile()
      Add a comment about how appendEntry works.
      Add performance benchmarks for no lock and procfile lock. Next: make them
      Fix two small issues:
      Change the lock semantics a bit by adding the possibility to have
      * Move private methods of MBox to MBoxPrivate.
      Small api doc clean ups and code clean ups.
      Move the benchmark into a seperate test class.
      Warnings-- the line shouldn't have been there anyway.
      We don't use the autosave timer anymore but schedule a write after
      Add "Mark as important" and "Mark as action" to the readerwin toolbar as
      Remove the tuning tab now we don't support autosave for
      Remove the "autosave after x min" option from the configurations. A save
      Only emit a message that the file has changed when it really was changed
      Fix one of the tests. Appending entries when no file is loaded asserts
      Implement saving an mbox to a different file than from which it was
      Add a benchmark which calculates the MD5 hash to see how it performs
      Default too no locking method, it is faster and is probably good enough for
      Make selecting the right collection work for the following cases:
      Fix some signal slot connections.
      Quick fix for broken signing/encryption of emails. See the comment in
      For editting a draft the parent collection is also needed.
      Replace all usage of KMime::Message* with KMime::Message::Ptr and use
      - Remove the KMime::Message::Ptr argument from MessageHelper::createRedirect()
      Remove unused include.
      More getting rid off akonadi/private/collectionutils_p.h
      And another occurence of collectionutils_p.h. Not used, luckily.
      get rid of last uses of akonadi/private/collectionutils_p.h
      Do some custom mouse event handling. Dragging the mouse up and down now
      Implement some simple heuristics to sort of support left and right swipes.
      Set the correct delegate.
      Start integrating the components to a mobile mail application
      - Add a Button Item and add it to the mail app for deleting mails.
      - Make the delete button twice as big
      Clean up a bit and also allow text.
      Add dummy buttons to the action panel.
      - Use the enterprise headerstyle in qml
      Add a placeholder to prevent mailviewers partly showing up behind the tabs.
      Add a headerstyle for kmail-mobile
      Various small fixes:
      SVN_SILENT: debug--
      - Remove the placeholder now the headerstyle is fixed.
      - Make the buttons transparent.
      - qDebug() -> kDebug()
      Factor out creating the date string and actually use this method.
      Fix hardcoded img path. Shiny kmail-mobile for Volker too now
      When creating a display name for emails using DisplayNameOnly, fall back
      Small css fix
      Return the current message item id
      Fix direction
      - Add nextMessage() and previousMessage() to the headerView
      Clean up a bit. The messageTreeModel can now directly be retrieved from the
      Do a bit more advanced event handling. We use a timer to determine wether a
      Handle most standard urls in the viewer using KRun.
      Remove protocol handling for protocols that are already handled by the viewer
      Make the horizontal swipe lenght configurable. Currently set to 20%, meaning
      Make it possible to scroll the viewer by a non-default amount of pixels too.
      Don't act on hover events but press and release events. This should fix the
      Make the whitespace obove the blue area of the mobile header style
      Remove unused forward declarations.
      Remove last hover relict.
      Disable scrollbars in the mailviewer for the mobile ui
      Framework for the mobile tasks application
      SVN_SILENT: Fix copyright
      Minimal tasks app framework is there now. Next: factor out code that
      Start factoring out some mainview code that is shared with kmail-mobile
      SVN_SILENT: Compile++
      Factor out all code of kmail-mobile that is not kmail mobile specific.
      Fix license headers
      Export the ListProxy class
      Add a unfinished TaskListProxy class.
      Use the TaskListProxy in the mainview.
      Enable the bread crumb view for the task application.
      Start working on a more generic Akonadi ItemListview. For now it resides in
      Small cleanup. Most important: don't forget to only load headers for
      Only set the qml file when everything is initialized. Saves a bunch of
      Use the same license header as in the other files.
      Implement the remainings of the TaskListProxy and fix license headers.
      Factor out the ItemListView and the ItemListView delegate. These should
      SVN_SILENT: --debug
      Move ItemListView and ItemListViewDelegate to lib and fix some bugs
      Enable action buttons and make the next and previous action work.
      No need to check for boundaries, that's done in the next and prev
      First steps on a qml wrapper for the incidence viewer
      Factor out the event handling code from the QML MessageViewer.
      Adjust the api a bit which looked strange when porting message viewer
      Port message viewer to DeclarativeAkonadiItemPrivate.
      Latest version of Qt 4.7 is more strict on import handling. Cope with that.
      Disable the transitions in the ItemListViewDelegate.
      Add a date edit to korganizer mobile.
      Dummy implementation of the calendar start page
      Add an application slide out panel to task and use the StartCanvas there too.
      Also add the application tab to korganizer mobile
      Come up with a somewhat reasonable layout for the startpage
      Add some api to show date ranges
      - Make date range selection work in korganizer-mobile.
      React properly on canceled() from the favorites page
      Add default buttons to the start page of korganizer
      Add favorites button to kmail-mobile
      Minor cleanup to make code similar as in korganizer-mobile
      Add favorites to addressbook too. Note, we've four actions so the favorites one is not visible by default
      Fix scrolling behavior in korganizer mobile
      Make the KTimeZoneComboBox available in Qt Designer
      Start extracting ui code into ui files.
      Add Q_OBJECT macro.
      Use KPIM::KTimeZoneComboBox instead of KComboBox.
      Add the time zones to the combo boxes.
      - Hide start and end label for todo
      Make enabling of time editors work
      - Add the rich text tool bar again
      Reenable the alarm related ui/code in the new main page.
      Fix part of the incidence loading in the new general page
      Fix most of todo loading and the recurrence label
      - Fix the completed combo of the todo editor
      Say hi to IncidenceEditor Next Generation.
      Extract the various candidate IncidenceEditor in ui files.
      Add the richt text check to the ui file
      Disable the first refactoring attempt.
      Add a slot which checks if an IncidenceEditor is dirty and emits the
      Ui fixes:
      The first real InicidenceEditor: IncidenceGeneralEditor.
      Namespace the new code as a first step to fix nameclashes
      Another stab at solving name conflicts:
      Start a new general page based on IncidenceEditorsNG.
      Implement load and save on CombinedIncidenceEditor.
      Remove unneeded code
      Add the new general page to dialog
      Add a label which shows the dirty status for testing
      Fix dirty status behavior. The IncidenceGeneralEditor works correctly now
      Include moc files
      Fix faulty dirty behavior during loading of an incidence.
      Add an editor for incidence descriptions
      Fix margins
      First work on the attachment editor.
      Add the attachment edit dialog to the IncidenceAttachmentEditor
      SVN_SILENT: Enable code that shouldn't be disabled
      Make the mimeData() function public for later use
      Fix layout
      - Initialize field values properly
      Update the dirty status for the attachment editor when needed
      First work on the IncidenceDateTimeEditor.
      - Implement isDirty for todos.
      Update the dirty status when one of the start date/time fields change
      Disable some of the labels in the todo case
      Load correct icon for the recurrence button
      Disable code which looks superfluous currently
      - Enable end date/time edits when the check is enabled
      Set the alarm bell icon
      Update dirty status when the end date/time has changed
      En/disable time edits when the has time checkbox is toggled
      First work on ui-fying of recurrence dialog
      First work on a mobile version of the incidence editor
      Various small fixes to support use in the mobile case.
      Generalize mobile/mail/declarativecomposerwidgetbase
      React on all day changed when an Event is loaded in the DateTimeEditor
      Enable alarm offset edit widgets when the alarm check is checked.
      Set a sane default width and height
      SVN_SILENT: Fix license header.
      Extract KOrganizerEditorConfig so that we can reuse it in the mobile app.
      Don't pass a parent, that messes up rendering when being embedded in a QVG
      I said, let there be a mobile event editor..... and there is.
      Beginning of validaiton in editors.
      Check if the editor is valid on save
      Save the events when the save button is clicked.
      More work on the date/time editor in order to integrate some of the Event
      React properly on date/time changes for events
      SVN_SILENT: remove debug statement
      Create a slimmed down incidenceeditors lib for mobile
      Use a different ui file for the mobile general editor.
      Add a different ui for mobile date/time editor
      Place the editors in a flickable to cope with limited space on mobile device
      Add a different ui for mobile date/time editor
      Disable IncidenceEditor-ng code in trunk for now
      Call the correct save methods for todos and events
      Move the collection combo next to the ok/cancel buttons
      Set a transparant background on the widgets that are used in QML
      - Disable timezone combos for now on mobile.
      I did seem to have broken the swiping after all, oh well lets fix it than.
      Add active date property which is used in case of recurring events.
      Also propagate the item and the active date of the item when one is
      Also set the active date on the IncidenceViewer.
      Expose the activeDate in incidence viewer.
      Add an activeDate property to KCalItemBrowserItem.
      Expose the item as a property too
      First support for editting existing events
      Clear the selection after an incidence was selected and shown in the readonly dialog
      Set the current week as default range shown at startup
      Set a transparant background on the calendar view
      Fix: readonly incidence viewer showing when going to next/prev week
      Use a hardcoded value for the background color for now
      Use the correct palette.
      Overloading doesn't work very well in java scripts. Rename methods to workaround
      Disable isDirty so that we at least can create a new event at the demo
      Return the correct current start time
      - Create a seperate CMake file for IncidenceEditorsNG
      Compile++ in desktop mode.
      - Add the general page to the desktop variant of the event/todo dialog
      - Make the test app a bit smarter. It can now create a new todo, a new event
      Fetch the parent of the item too when loading an existing item and
      Hide implementation
      Initialize mActive{Start|End}DT after the event/todo specific load calls to
      Update the duration label and check the dirty status when the time check box
      Fix isDirty for event date/time
      Enable ok and apply buttons based on dirty status
      Load a config so that the app doesn't crash on category selection
      Give the eventeditor test app a proper name and install it for easy testing
      Add secrecy combo to general editor
      Implement loading and saving of secrecy in the general editor
      Move the KCheckComboBox to libkdepim for reuse.
      How useful is a KCheckComboBox when the user has to set the items to
      Add the possibility to squeeze the text when it doesn't fit in the line edit.
      - Make the secrecy combo work on mobile too.
      Some desktop ui fixes:
      Show the dialog in a more reasonable size
      Set the timezone of the initial start/end DT to local zone if needed
      Update duration correctly
      More duration fixes. Now also works for todos.
      Let the category editor take the full available width
      Use the korganizer icon
      Use the korganizer icon
      Argh, get myself out of sleep mode. This comments goes for
      Make the hide time zones 'link' translatable and don't use a string as arugment, just toggle
      Ui clutter--
      - Fix loading, esp. time zones.
      Implement saving and loading of the current item.
      Fix crashes:
      Don't reload the editors on save. This keeps the current status of the editor
      Act properly when the incidence was changed outside of the editor.
      Add a combo with default recurrence options
      Enable the recurrence button when the value in the combo > 0, i.e. when
      Add loading and saving logic for recurrence
      Comnbine the recurrence editor with the date/time editor. Loading and
      svn path=/branches/work/komo/kdepim/; revision=1133295
      Cast, until support for retrieving const payload is available in Akonadi::Item
      Various small ui fixes.
      - Ui fixes for mobile.
      Use a dialog for category selection on mobile.
      Fix button layout in action panel
      Use icons instead of text on the tabs in the incidence editor and remove the more tab for now
      Place the categories button on the same line as the access combo to reserve more space for showing selected categories
      Remove unneeded forward declaration
      Extract item logic (e.g. creation, modification and moving) from EventEditorfor reuse in mobile
      Implement some missing slots, fix compile errors
      - Export symbols.
      - Use the same idiom for q_ptr as for d_ptr
      Inherit from EditorItemManager and use that for item management.
      - Don't expect an item to be valid. New items are not valid yet.
      Hide the advanced alarm edit button in mobile. Doesn't do anything yet
      Validation is checked for in the EditorItemManager
      Remove unused file
      Urhg, also remove the file from CMakeLists.txt
      Switch the behavior of the previous and next button in the action panel
      Use more space for the handles now we use images
      Fix crash when editing existing incidences.
      Introduce a similar start page as we have in kmail-mobile.
      Add the favorites page to the new main view
      Fix the mobile header-style
      Small ui fixes for mobile: Use same date format as in MainView of korg-mobile. Move time check down
      Actually use the okay button. There's no way to save the categories on close it seems/.
      - Move the action tabs to the lower half of the screen
      Implement presets for recurrency.
      Add items for the mMonthlyByPosCountCombo.
      Use the current start time for start, not the end time.
      Various fixes:
      Make sure initial values are correct.
      Don't add space at the top of the dialog on resizing
      Set the correct values for the yearly pos by day combo
      Fill the remaining combos with correct day/month names
      Give the exception widget same names as in the old code.
      Implement adding/changing/removing of exceptions.
      Some attachment handling improvements on the desktop
      SVN_SILENT: Remove debug message
      Use a similar ui for the recurrence dialog as in the usability study of Erin
      Make the recurrence dialog a real modal dialog.
      - No need any longer to let IncidenceDateTimeEditor inherit from
      First attempt on actually saving changes made to a recurrence
      Add a function to RecurrencePresets to  determine if and which preset is used
      Make the recurrence part of incidence loading work, including selecting the
      First ui bits and pieces for preset based reminders.
      Fix licence
      Fix licence
      Don't use the class name twice
      Make less widget jump around when the timezone combos are displayed
      Implement reminder presets and fill the alarm combo with the available presets.
      Be consistent with Incidence terminology: Reminder -> Alarm
      - Fix warning: use setIcon instead of setPixmap
      Implement loading of alarms
      Clear the list of alarms and store a copy of the list of alarms of the loaded
      First implementation if isDirty() for alarms.
      Implement save for alarms
      Use the mLastAlarms list instead of a local list
      - Implement updateAlarmPreset
      Use negative values, to make the preset alarms actually ring *before* an event starts
      Make sure that the preset alarms are enabled
      Doh, don't update recurrence widgets when dealing with alarms.
      Remove the dirty status label from the general page
      No wonder I got the desktop variant of the ui on mobile.
      Enable most of the alarm and recurrence code for mobile too
      Rename itemeditor.{h,cpp} to editoritemmanager.{h,cpp} to match with the
      Make the contact editor somewhat work
      Invert the logic of the time associated check to "whole day". Also hide the
      Get rid of the duration label. Small reorganization of the datetime editor.
      Make the incidence method public
      After some discussion with Bjoern Balazs we came up with some more changes
      Add a concept for attendees editting. This is just a concept, in the end
      Pass an ui to the general editor in stead of letting it create its own ui.
      Make the dialog slightly higher
      Add a comment that we should get rid of the widget inheritance
      Pass a ui to the date time editor as well.
      Crappy sollution to fix build problems in mobile.
      Pass a ui to the description editor as well.
      SVN_SILENT: Remove useless debug statement
      Remove obsolute ui files.
      Fix a typo and rename the ui file to match the classname.
      SVN_SILENT: Remove debug statements
      There is no "no alarm" item in the combo anymor, so change the insertion
      Also pass a ui to the attachment editor. Now we have most logic back
      Remove alarm related code, this will move into a separate editor
      Implement the new alarm tab. Mostly finished, only alarm editting left.
      Implement creating new custom alarms and configuration of existing alarms.
      Cosmetic fixes:
      Also remove the Editor postfix from the description class name.
      Make krake happy again: keep mobile in sync with the changes in incidenceeditor-ng
      Remove unneeded connect
      First work on the new recurrence concept.
      Remove recurrence related code from IncidenceDateTime
      - Fall back on the display role if no user data is set.
      Comment out two files no longer needed related to recurrence. This
      - Fill the weekdays combo using the calendar system
      Allow outsiders to retrieve the startDate, needed for recurrence.
      Only enable the add exception button when the exception date is on or after
      - Implement exception adding/deletion logic.
      First code for filling the combos with the correct options. The logic sort
      - Make slot names more slot-name-like
      Rename the first tab to general.
      Update the recurrence combos when the start date changed
      Also update the exception date edit when the start date changed
      Some small ui changes wrt whole day and free/busy
      Add the mobile main screen ui
      Resurrect part of the loading logic for recurrence, adjusted to our new
      Small clean up, remove default ctor argument, as the ui is required.
      Split out the categories from general.
      SVN_SILENT: Fix license headers/copyright
      Remove categories related code from general editor
      Move the secrecy code out of the general as well
      Delete all editors that are combined in a CombinedIncidenceEditor as well
      Don't setup the ui on an editor, the ui is intended to be setup on a seperate widget
      Change the superclass of IncidenceEditor from QWidget to QObject. It really
      SVN_SILENT: --debug
      Rename IncidenceGeneral to IncidenceWhereWhat
      First setup for the additional tabs of event/todo editors in the
      Revert the behavior of the whole day check for new events.
      Small layout fixes, allign labels right
      Finish recurrence load logic (still untested though)
      - Implement save logic for recurrence
      - i18n fix for frequency label.
      Remove some obsolete recurrence code
      The "two occasions of mUi->mEndDateEdit which are not usable" from r1142360
      Use some of nuno's new icons (you need oxygen trunk for that).
      Various fixes for the recurrence editor:
      - Sane default behavior++.
      All icons are in oxygen-trunk now, so use them.
      SVN_SILENT: --debug
      - Implement most of the isDirty() logic for the new recurrence editor
      Some layout optimization
      - Add a non-editable combo to the ui file for the organizer
      Solve half of volkers problems =:P
      SVN_SILENT: Add a little note about the naming
      Restore the dialog code we had for selecting categories on mobile
      Don't hide the labels any longer. The ui has changed a bit which makes this unnecessary
      - Don't set a parent on dialogs for mobile
      - Move some calendar code to lib for reuse in tasks.
      Remove some obsolete ui files.
      Some ui improvements to the mobile task editor
      Clean up some cruft
      Add a hack to make the incidence general widget resize properly. This
      Layout fixes
      Move task related widget up, directly after title and location
      Change string a bit so that the event editor also fits after our hack resize
      Use the same check as in the desktop variant for free/busy
      Move the handle down
      Make the toolbutton combo look a bit nicer on mobile
      Use bigger icons on mobile
      Readd saving support for the event / todo desktop dialogs.
      - Add a method to retrieve the last saved item.
      Reload the saved item in the editors so that the dirty status is set correct after save
      Remove unneeded defines
      Show general tab by default
      - Fix description saving for event/todo on mobile
      - Add the secrecy editor to mobile as well
      Remove obsolete recurrence preset classes
      Incidence::Ptr, not plain Incidence
      Revert r1144154, that was just plain wrong
      Fix some recurrence related issues:
      SVN_SILENT: Add new lines.
      Don't show two separators on the desktop for events (due to no task widgets shown)
      Remove more obsolete code and rename eventortodoialogng to eventortododialog
      Rename the class EventOrTodoDialogNG as well
      Both arguments are requiered, don't set default values
      Use const ref in foreach
      Some i18n fixes, pointed out by krazy2
      Fix an include guard and remove a duplicate include
      Bunch of spelling fixes
      Fix QString issues reported by krazy
      Try to fix the build on sun os reported at:
      Update the attachment count on the tab label when the number of attachments changes
      Set an icon on the recurrence tab when the event recurs
      Set an icon on the alarm tab as well when there are one or more active alarms.
      Remove alarm presets from the ui file to prevent duplicate items in the combo
      Remove the alarm preset items from the mobile versions as well
      Add a togglebutton to enable/disable alarms.
      Set the text of the current selected item as tooltip.
      Add a label for the cases that an event recurs *on* a day/month/year
      When an incidence is an event, don't show the In process and Completed actions
      Disallow deselection of the day on which an event occurs for weekly recurring events
      Don't react on the activated signal when the mouse click event was received by the line edit
      Do not allow deselection of the event weekday for weekly recurring events.
      Add a type method, returning a string representation of the currently loaded type
      Re-add the template management dialog, actual loading/saving not implemented yet
      Add the ui file for the dialog to the build.
      Add template loading.
      Only add the templatemanagementdialog to the desktop target, should fix the build for bricks
      Use the correct types in the template
      Store the loaded incidence so that type() also works on combined incidence editors
      doh, remove the unneeded headers as well
      Readd storing templates in the config file
      Last step in bringin templates back, save current values as a template.
      Don't show an icon when a recurrence is set, but append the first letter of
      Fix nameing of variables
      Show the number of enabled alarms in the tab title in stead of an icon
      Use a slider in stead of a combo for task progress.
      Fix a typo spotted by winterz
      Make sure the completion editor is not dirty after loading an event
      Read default alarm settings from config
      Merge part of r1147611:
      Finalize merge of r1147611
      Make debugging of the isDirty() assert on load slightly more convenient
      Disable IncidenceAttendee isDirty code. Probably it doesn't get initialized
      Don't use a scoped pointer or the dialog won't show up very long.
      Merge r1136797.
      Use an icon for request response
      Update the reminder list when an reminder got removed
      Add a const overload for the incidence cast function
      Use task instead of event for reminder strings
      Merge some of the defaults from the enterprise branch.
      Use different presets for todos. i.e. todo presets are x minutes before due.
      Merge r1088947
      Check the dirty status when a new alarm is added.
      Add some missing possibilities to the reminder string generation
      SVN_SILENT: debug--
      Add -Werror=return-type flag to build and fix a build error found by that.
      Fix dialogs, don't use scoped pointers for them, create them on heap and setQt:WA_DeleteOnClose attribute
      Another stab at fixing the dialogs. Qt::WA_DeleteOnClose doesn't work well
      One last stab at the dialogs. Make sure that we use QWeakPointer in the right
      Make group expansion work when using the attendee select dialog. There is a
      Change the signal signatures of MulplyingLine signals to let them have fuly
      Pass around the MultiPlyingLine on return pressed
      SVN_SILENT: using namespace IncidenceEditorsNG to make the code slightly less
      Make group expansion also work when a group is entered in the AttendeeLineEdit.
      Slightly more generic version of r1149452. Group expansion is now also done
      Build++, quick and dirty approach though
      Compile with kdelibs 4.5.
      First step in factoring out and creating a nicer API for invitation handling,
      Fix build
      * Refactor Groupware::handleInvitation into InvitationHandler::receiveInvitation
      - Action -> SendStatus.
      Fix some warnings regarding to not returning a value in non-void functions
      Factor out the messagebox calls to make the code less cluttered.
      - for -> foreach
      - sendCounterProposal returns a SendStatus as well now.
      The iTIPMethod is not really a class state thing, but a per function call
      Rename the file to match the class name
      When we create a new incidence, than the iTIP Request method must be used
      Revert the last commit, not completely sure about the correctness of it
      - Deal with the case that saving an item to the calendar failed.
      pedantic: Reoranize headers
      pedantic: reorganizer headers:
      The header says mWeekdays[0] == monday.....
      SVN_SILENT: pedantic: coding style
      First step in getting grip on the FreeBusy handling code. Move the FreeBusy
      Move implementation details to private class
      - Get rid of the freebusy manager dependency in the freebusy download job by
      The FreeBusyManager was already using KCalPrefs to retrieve the push url. So,
      SVN_SILENT: Rename function to unify code
      - Why must an external class tell the free busy manager that it has to listen
      Don't upload empty free/busy info when no calendar is set
      - Add appropriate API docs.
      I've a email now, I'll use that one from now on
      Make the FreeBusyManager a singleton.
      Finish the separation of GroupWare and FreeBusyManager. The latter can be and
      Let FreeBusyDownloadJob inherit from KJob to provide a more consistent API.
      Fix a signal/slot connection and actually start the job. Free busy retrieval
      For invitation handling we need to know exactly *what* happened. So, as a first
      Remove the no longer needed GroupWareIntegration
      Export the class and the API is cleanup now, so remove the comment.
      Having no internet is fun.... A whole bunch of changes:
      - Start implementing EditorItemManager::revertLastSave()
      Implement remaning part of revertLastSave(). Untested.
      Fix loading of existing items (don't have payload yet) and update api doc
      Don't introduce an variable for something that's already there
      - Check the dirty status when the organizer changed
      Fix the group expansion.
      Add a accept/decline bar to the editor, the actual actions are not implemented though
      SVN_SILENT: coding style
      Clear the attendee edditor on load, to make sure that isDirty() doensn't fail
      Fix signal/slot connection
      Don't start another job when one is already in progress for a given url
      Disable the solve button again when no conflicts are detected
      Compare values not pointers.
      Simplify and optimize a bit.
      Aha, using the wrong role explains things.
      Another faulty role. Now we have actually working conflict detection in the
      Merged revisions 1155916,1155932-1155933 via svnmerge from
      Move KTimeZoneComboBox to incidince editors.
      Don't require a calendar. It's an uggly hack to make-things-work (tm)
      SVN_SILENT: constify
      Make invitation sending from the incidenceeditors-ng dialog work.
      Rename the file incidencegeneral to incidencewhatwhere to match the class name.
      Introduce a IncidenceDefaults that fills an incidence with sane defaults.
      Don't assert when the start isn't before the end. This can happen due to user
      Disable the Akregator feeds that are added for a default installation. That is
      Don't call data on shared pointers when this is not really needed. Looks confusing
      Don't listen and connect to a signal uppon which nothing is done.
      - Implement most of the default values code for events.
      Implement selecting a default organizer. If groupware is configured it tries to
      We want to make sure that after a call to MultiplyingLineEditor::clear() all
      Add a ui for the mobile conflict resolution dialog.
      Merged revisions 1158228 via svnmerge from
      SVN_SILENT: krazy2 - make sure all files end with a newline
      SVN_SILENT: krazy2 - Explicit ctors
      SVN_SILENT: krazy2 - Use const & in foreach loops.
      SVN_SILENT: krazy2 - fix include directives and guards
      SVN_SILENT: krazy2 - Spelling fixes
      Use the tmp period consistently.
      krazy2 - Use KClass in stead of QClass where appropriate.
      krazy2 - i18n fixes
      krazy2 - i18n fixes in ui files
      krazy2 - i18n fixes
      Fix a bunch of compile warnings. The ones left require additional porting/implementation
      Merge r1130254:
      Merge r1130278
      Give the EventOrTodoDialog ctor the same arguments as KDialog
      Properly namespace IncidenceDefaults (for now in IncidenceEditorsNG)
      Implement set(Start|End)Dt and take it in account when setting defautls of events
      - Allow external users to change the default selected collection
      - Make sure that the tabwidget current page is the general page
      Add support for default attendees and attachments as well
      Add type ahead receiver, needed by korg
      First stab at getting the new Event/Todo editor into korg trunk.
      First steps at generalizing the dialogs a bit more. Working towards an
      - Add the factory to CMakeLists.txt
      properly implement a namespaced free function
      Don't add dependencies on a specific dialog. There is now a better
      - Add activeDate to the IncidenceDialog load() call
      Use the new incidence editors for editting events as well
      Implement setting defaults for todos
      Show the dialog when the Akonadi::Item already has a valid payload
      Sane fallback behavior for selectCollection()
      Add defaults when a related incidence is available
      Port the todo dialogs also to IncidenceEditorsNG.
      Remove the isTask parameter here as well
      Make IncidenceDefaults copyable and assignable
      Set full emails and groupware domain of IncidenceDefaults to appropriate values
      Properly handle saving. When the incidence in the editor is a todo then
      Set the all-day option to events when appropriate
      We don't do default values handling in the editors anymore. Remove this
      If a valid start date is set, adhere to that for todos as well.
      Fix initial todo start/end date/times for new todos
      Remove some code dupplication and add missing inivitation bar visibility check
      For now disable the calendar selector for valid items.
      Implement the accepted and declined button actions. We don't send an email
      - Add signals to flag that start/end time have been en/disabled.
      Don't try to check the dirty status when no incidence is loaded
      Add the possibility to disable creation of reminders based on end/due
      Add some date/time enabled logic to reminders and recurrence.
      Make the reminder logic more complete. Don't know I got all cases, please test.
      The order in which items are added to QML scene is unpredictable. However,
      Make more room for my "insanely long name"
      Remove redundant Event label
      Improve default reminder string
      string fix: A task is due, it doesn't have an end
      Remember the visibility of the time zone combos when toggling between
      Use Ok in stead of Save to be in line with the rest of KDE
      Fix isDirty() for todo progress
      Start the big cleaning, but small steps at a time. I don't think we need this
      Add dtor to fix linking with gold
      Remove some of the old IncidenceEditors code.
      Move KTimeZoneCombobox to incidenceeditor-ng as that is the only place
      Fix build
      Add a method to tell the IncidenceDialog that it is dealing with a counter proposal
      Tell the dialog when it should deal with a counter proposal
      Simplify the code a bit
      Aaha, there it is. Don't initialize mItem to an event, it should be set
      Always enable the Ok button, just close the window when there are no changeS
      Use less space on the task line for mobile
      Setting the categories, the right way
      Remove the task label from the completion line, replace it by Completion
      Also update the dirty status when toggling free/busy
      When clicking apply, we disable the Ok button to avoid quick consecutive
      Don't fix already fixed issues =:)
      Fix date formatting on mobile. For whatever reason the comments seem to influence the formatting
      Remove obsolete header, should fix the build for Sput
      Add the ui file to the ng target as well. Should fix the build when ng is build before the old incidenceeditors
      No longer link against KCal
      - Port to KCalCore
      This message is not only for events, remove the the if statement.
      Don't set a default arugment for the ui parameter in the IncidenceEditors.
      Reorganize the calendarviews code in accordance to the todo and as
      Extract some holidays related settings from KOrganizer. Needed
      Extract another helper function from korganizer. Needed for the MonthView.
      Add a bunch of preferences used by the monthview.
      Remove most of the CalendarSearch code from EventView. This moves to
      Finally, there it is. The MonthView extracted from korganizer. The
      Extract the EventView::Private class into a separate file so that
      Move private function to private class
      In order to be able to subclass the Private class of EventView it
      MonthView has its own private class now that extends EventViewPrivate. The last
      Remove unused friend declaration
      Move private functions to the MonthViewPrivate class
      Move private members to MonthViewPrivate as well.
      Remove unused method
      Export the MonthView class.
      Add code to test the MonthView.
      Fix initialization order. The MonthView now actually seems to work.
      Prevent double deletion
      Add a MonthView to korganizer-mobile. Currently it doesn't show any data
      - Fix signal emission
      Call reload incidences on date change. Now we at least actually get a month
      Remove the month enum from agenda view. We'll use the MonthView for
      Add a method to change the month shown in the MonthView, given a date.
      This is definitely not the way to do things. Remove wrong model
      Add model initialization code in mainview. This doesn't work yet though
      Set the correct month on the monthview before it is shown.
      Make the month view work in mobile. Will clean up the code tomorrow.
      Remove the Private class inheritance introduced in [Event|Month]View.
      Simplify, remove Q_DECLARE_PRIVATE and Q_D macros from MonthView.
      Add the posibility to create a month view without navigations.
      Adhere to RAII to make code slightly better readable.
      Open the AgendaView when a day is double clicked in the MonthView
      - Make the slots that move the MonthView back and forth public.
      Show next/prev month in korg-mobile month view when the user
      Show the Incidence viewer when an event is clicked in the month view.
      Add a getter for the selection model. Needed in order to replace
      Add a proxy model to make it possible to only show certain columns
      Get rid of the deprecated CollectionSelectionProxyModel from CalendarSupport.
      Fix the todo completed maximum in the editor.
      Protect against opening multiple editors for the same task.
      Protect against multiple editors for the same item (event, contact) as
      Set the correct swipelength for all Declarative items.
      We'll need more custom actions for the tasks application. Therefore, add
      Add an action for adding sub todo's
      SVN_SILENT: debug--
      Implement "make_subtask_independent" action.
      Remove bogus
      Validate before saving to avoid bogus messages.
      Make sure that the slider keeps the same with when the progress
      Change label text "Task" to "Progress".
      Show the new alarm dialog also in korganizer-mobile.
      - Make the configure button work in korganizer-mobile
      Fix duration formatting in the listview of the calendar app. Take in account
      Add the possibility to disable date range selection in the EventViews.
      Disable range selection in the AgendaView
      Use the durationString method from KCalUtils::IncidenceFormatter
      Start extracting some code from korganizer/calenderview.* so that it can be
      Export CalendarUtils class.
      Add a getter for the Calendar to CalendarUtils.
      Implement the make_all_subtasks_independent action, using the
      Make the CalendarUtils class more fail save. However, this feels like redoing
      Reuse CalendarUtils::makeIndependent and adapt to changes
      Groundwork for purge completed tasks
      It can take a while before the ETM is updated after a change (e.g. unsub
      Store the StandardActionManager as a member variable, because we'll
      Add implementaiton for setDialogParent.
      Add implementation purgin todos. This somewhat works, but some changes
      Don't show "purge completed tasks" in the home menu as there are no collections
      Fix date format, though this should become configurable at some point I guess.
      Small cleanup, localize variable better and make it const.
      Add the possibility to skip the question if a message must be send to
      The default action was not meant for all questions. Add the ability to
      SVN_SILENT: compile fix.
      Fix a warning due to same name
      Port IncidenceChanger from GroupWare to InvitationHandler.
      SVN_SILENT: krazy issues, remove endl in kWarning() lines
      --deprecation: Jobs are scheduled automatically
      Remove deprecated class. A clean build doesn't give any errors. Let me
      Give pages of stackwidget unique and meaning full names.
      Mark arguments as unused to fix warnings in non-mobile case
      SVN_SILENT: don't call Q_Q when q isn't needed
      Display the name + email address.
      - Make sure the combobox doesn't take full width (i.e. underflow the
      Don't plainly disable scrollbars when building kdepim with KDEPIM_MOBILE_UI.
      Add a cancel button to the group editor.
      Use icon only for cancel save in the contact group edit dialog

Bjoern Ricks (95):
      desktop file should start notes-mobile and not tasks-mobile
      use shell scripts to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for qt 4.7 and run mobile applications on maemo
      qt path must be /opt/qt4-maemo5/lib
      set MOBILE_UI to false by default
      Fix for ARM builds
      reverted changes from r1137883
      please make sure that mobile apps start on maemo!!!
      small bugfix
      hide akonadi nepomuk feeder and maildispatcher from mac os dock
      add KDEPIM_BUILD_DESKTOP cmake option to switch of desktop application builds for mobile
      only build kjots if KDEPIM_BUILD_DESKTOP is enabled
      include kcalmodel.cpp only once
      don't use svn revision and date if not available
      set kdepim version via cmake
      move comment about kde version from header into cmake file
      increment height of AboutDialog to show all content
      add Björn Balasz to About Dialog
      add calendersupport catalog for archive dialog
      add kmail catalog for the identity dialog translations
      fix typo
      user iconText for action labels
      use ShellExecuteEx function to open attachments on wince
      call openAttachment for the manual to open the correct application on wince
      localize date format
      string is to long for button label. just use timeline
      add debug output while opening an attachment
      add some debug output
      update sorting text
      add libksieve catalog
      frontend name should be Contacts
      add catalog for status indicator translation
      fix to long label in identitydialog especially in translations
      include libincidenceeditors l10n catalog for all mobile frontends. it's necessary for category dialog translation
      don't use iconText for labels anymore
      replace shortcut markers for mobile mark as actions
      CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR doesn't exist with cmake 2.6 use find_package instead
      Merge branch 'master' of
      fit menu entries to screen size
      remove report wish or bug menu from kontact touch
      consistent menu entry title for first steps document
      install first steps document in data dir because files in /usr/share/doc
      run browser via KProcess on maemo5 because desktop file to open html
      use kontact touch userbase link instead of mobile one
      Merge branch 'master' of
      shorten action titles for multi selection dialog
      don't inherit css font properties
      revert unintentionally committed change
      add german translation of template docu
      add missing i18n
      add #include <KProcess> to fix build on maemo
      shorten the scheduling conflict labels for mobile incidence editor
      add libkldap l10n catalog for ldap server settings translation
      shorten snippetgroup buttons label to fit in view
      add feedback link to kde userbase in kontact touch
      use same name pattern for all companies in kontact touch about dialog
      fix i18n string extraction for qml
      add libkcalutils catalog also to mail for invitation handling emails
      add libkleopatra i18n catalog for crypt settings translations
      add libkpimidentities i18n catalog for signature settings in identity
      add calendarsupport i18n catalog for categoies translation
      extract strings in qml for message translation
      use xgettext instead of extractqml script to extract translation strings
      use multiline i18n statements in about dialog
      correct button label
      deactivate upload keys for mobile kleo
      deativate upload of keys to server in flaps menu
      fix qml multiline message extraction by using xgettext with language
      add missing i18n for categorydialog
      add akonadi_serializer_plugins dialog for conflict handling translations
      add a query string for cancel case
      remove redundant word in kontact touch about dialog
      add calendarsupport catalog for kontact touch mail
      run kaddressbook-mobile without helper script
      run kmail-mobile without helper script
      run notes-mobile without helper script
      run tasks-mobile without helper script
      Merge branch 'work'
      run korganizer-mobile without helper scripts
      delete the correct line
      rename KDE Calendar to Kontact Touch Calendar
      rename KDE Tasks to Kontact Touch Tasks
      rename KDE Notes to Kontact Touch Notes
      rename KDE Mail to Kontact Touch Mail
      rename KDE Calendar to Kontact Touch Calendar
      rename KDE Contacts to Kontact Touch Contacts
      add license as html file to open it in a browser on maemo
      run kaddressbook-mobile without helper script
      run kmail-mobile without helper script
      run notes-mobile without helper script
      run tasks-mobile without helper script
      run korganizer-mobile without helper scripts
      delete the correct line
      open license html file in browser directly on maemo 5 because
      rename Kontact Mobile to Kontact Touch in licenses file
      Merge branch 'htmllicense' into komo3

Bo Thorsen (482):
      Importing the full KDAB gantt widget from kroupware_branch
      Disconnected IMAP mode
      Don't have a location on the account; it doesn't make sense
      Kroupware merge
      Kroupware merge to HEAD. 3.1 will follow when the issues with the patch have been worked out.
      Merge from kroupware (operator== stuff)
      Merge from kroupware (operator== stuff and a const method)
      Merge from kroupware (operator== stuff)
      Merge from kroupware (operator== stuff)
      Merge from kroupware (operator== stuff)
      Kroupware merge
      Calendar now implements the Observer interface. This is just an empty implementation of the listener
      Move alarmd handling to a separate file.
      Don't just use an argument when the default is a nullpointer
      Move folder type info to a separate header
      Add two booleans mNeverSign and mNeverEncrypt for sending mails without any user interaction
      Make folders tell their type
      Add an unknown folder type
      Fix includes
      Add automatic resource handling and imap folder invalidation
      Hold on to the groupware functionality until it's in HEAD
      Kroupware merge: This is basically most of the kroupware branch changes. There is stuff in the kmgroupware*.* that is only kept for debugging purposes - it will go away when kaplan is more finished.
      Fix disconnected IMAP. Now we can even have normal IMAP and disconnected IMAP accounts in the same kmail.
      The groupware folder pixmaps
      Imap fixes
      Use the right wizard-protected configuration reader
      Disconnected IMAP fixes
      This is a small wizard that can run on kmail startup. Atm I believe it's too kroupware centred, but it's at least a starting point. The patch also fixes the compile problem Marc committed a temporary workaround for
      These files should also be removed
      The variable c is used later for error message so don't overwrite it when incidence has been set
      New convenience method bodyToUnicode that returns a unicode QString with the message body.
      After we have received a reply, rsvp is false
      Wow, I forgot about this for quite some time! The Show Free Time As option is so far unimplemented, so don't have an enabled combobox with it. This is something of a workaround, but we agreed on the mailing list that there was no reason not to check it in until a better solution could be made.
      Implement event transparency
      Fix compilation with the new transparency
      What is this? There is no opie and no qtopia subdir here, so make -f Makefile.cvs complains and dies. This at least let me go on compiling. To be fixed properly by someone who knows what was intended.
      Fix relations between incidences when un- and re-loading parts of the calendar
      Fix compilation
      No need for extern C here
      This patch
      Fix vCal handling sender/receiver issues
      kroupware_branch merge
      - Lots of string encoding fixes
      Make findMessageByUid only find - not delete - a msg
      Silence the IMAP resource
      Remove unused old style IMAP resource function
      Get rid of old style refreshEverything signals and make the IMAP resource listen to them
      Get rid of old style refreshEverything signals and make the IMAP resource listen to them
      Add the refresh signal to the icaliface interface
      More IMAP resource wiring fixes
      Fix layout
      Fix memory leak introduced with the layout fix
      Fix copyright headers for some of the kroupware stuff
      Rename KMGroupwareWizard to StartupWizard
      Rewrite the IMAP resource to do automatic connection to KMail and to use a stub instead of the direct dcop calls
      Kroupware merge patch: This signal is needed so the IMAP resource can be told about all files disappearing
      Kroupware merge: Add groupware specific files. For now no functionality is enabled
      Fix loading of KMail resource backend. Remove old style connections. Fix copyright holder lists. And a bit of cleanup.
      Urgh - returning a pointer to an object on death row is a bad idea.
      Add deleteAll* for the incidence types and use these methods in the destructor. For some unknown reason there was a bug in the deletion of journals in the destructor (setAutodelete(false); delete-all-journals(); setAutoDelete(false) - note the first false). I hope that's a bug that I fixed.
      Last big overhaul of the IMAP resource. It basically works now :-)
      Workaround until there are working journals folders for the IMAP resource
      This is a quite restructuring of the kdepim IMAP resource code.
      Forgot this with the big commit to kmail
      Remove incidenceAdded and incidenceDeleted detour over KMGroupware
      Code style fixes
      Make it compile
      Load the right icons for IMAP resource folders
      Go away
      Set up groupware stuff after configuring it
      Workaround to just make it show something
      Begin getting rid of mUseGroupware in KMReaderWin. That variable should never have been added.
      A static method that as arguments take some of the internal state of the singleton object? Typical kroupware_branch crap. Unstatify those methods
      Use the now non-static groupware methods. And get rid of some html code that is handled elsewhere.
      - Use DCOP to call KOrganizer (this is a work in progress)
      Reimplement incomingEventRequest so it works with the new DCOP connections
      Add actions to handle incoming requests from KMail
      Add a DCOP method for handling incoming iCalendar requests. This should perhaps be moved to a separate DCOP object later
      Implement the DCOP iCalendar method and create the groupware object
      Get rid of the bogus mUseGroupware attribute in KMReaderWin
      Missed this one
      French and Dutch folder settings
      IMAP resource setup + French and Dutch folder names
      Patch from Marc Taieb
      Fix a bunch of layout problems, and - more seriously - imap resource options were saved the wrong place, and the imap resource was not told to read the new options
      Fix most disconnected IMAP problems and pre-introduce some code for future features
      Merging some kroupware stuff. All this is necessary for the next step. I'm just checking it in without sending the patch to the list first, since the code is not currently used anyway and korg runs with it installed
      Kroupware_branch merge. This method is needed.
      Fix to the new login scheme in the Kolab server
      Fix groupware stuff
      As it says in the comment, it was crap. Now it's bitdust. Functionality is implemented in korganizer in my as of yet unsent patch
      No wonder it didn't work well :-)
      Fix parsing a groupware reply
      Use the mailscheduler for the transaction handling. I'm checking this in now because it doesn't hurt anyone and I need it for some changes I'm doing in KMail. It's not really part of the merge patch I'm brewing on
      Implement handing groupware replies over to KOrganizer
      Fix receiving invitation replies by making it a dcop call like the requests. Again, this patch does not do much, since the stuff isn't used yet, but it's necessary for KMail.
      Remove a lot of old crap from kmgroupware*. And hold a pointer to the main widget instead of to the mainwindow.
      Fix two bugs reported by till: Old signalRefresh connect was still there. And fix a crash in startup of imap resource
      Move dIMAP to a new folder manager. One bug is still there: It doesn't show up in the folder tree!
      Don't crash on startup when loading dIMAP folders
      No contents in the root dimap folder
      Finally! Here is the groupware patch. It's still not activated unless you know how, but at least the code is in. And that means korganizer compiles again.
      Oops - one should always compile cleanly every once in a while
      Crash guard: Don't try to access the main widget if we don't have a pointer
      This fixes using dIMAP folders as filter targets. Looks like I forgot this place when I added the new dIMAP foldermgr - now I wonder if there are other places
      Another filtering bugfix - now filters work on incoming mails and not just manually
      Whitespace, untabify and make lines be less than 80 chars. No change in functionality
      Bugfix: Finally the messages are not filtered in one big go at the end of the download (during this time KMail would appear completely frozen). Now the mails are processed as they are downloaded.
      Fix foldername, when possible. (bug 67081)
      Don't crash just because you see a task
      Unfiltered IMAP messages doesn't go to the account folder, they go to where they came from. I'm fairly sure there's a better way to do this, but it solves the problem that everything to the INBOX ended up in the account folder. I have no clue why this did not previously happen :-(
      When an IMAP resource tells KMail to store or delete a file, don't tell
      When changing an item in an IMAP resource, don't move it to the Journals folder. Reviewed by Cornelius
      Crash guard. Reviewed by Cornelius.
      Fairly big stability patch for dIMAP:
      Fix dIMAP bug 71734: Mails were instantly stripped of the X-UID header, causing it to be seen as a new mail on every sync.
      Fix bug 56792: DIMAP marked all messages as read
      Fix bug 71766: I absolutely hate returning ints for errors
      Make this compile with empty methods
      Merge the addrbook IMAP resource fixes from osnabrueck_branch
      Builddir != srcdir compile fix
      Merge the KAddressBook IMAP resource from osnabrueck_branch. This is now complete, tested and functional
      Merge bugfixes from osnabrueck_branch and remove all debug output
      KOrganizer will call this method sometimes with a 0 pointer
      Don't try to clone a 0 pointer
      There are of course no differences between the different libkcal items here
      Child folders are related to folders, not to storage. So this patch moves the child stuff to KMFolder from FolderStorage
      Move subdirLocation to KMFolder. This move suggests that the rename method should be split in KMFolder and FolderStorage code, where the first would handle the subdirs and the current folder, and the latter would handle moving the internal storage
      Two parts to this patch: First, I have introduced a readConfig and writeConfig in KMFolder that takes a config pointer and writes to it. This one is called by the storage config methods, so the folder code doesn't have to have the code to also get the config group name of the folder. Second, I've moved the custom icons stuff to KMFolder as it's storage independent
      Moving the expiration code to kmfolder. It's possible the expiration jobs should be escalated from mboxjob and maildirjob to folderjob.
      Fairly big change here: Move the imap resources to all be in subdirs in imap. Make a shared static lib with all the KMail connectivity stuff hidden in and shared between all imap resources. And begin a KNotes IMAP resource.
      Fix mem leak. This is a branch candidate.
      Make KNotes use the resource framework. TODOS: Use locking and make it configurable wether to ask the user for the resource or use the standard for saving new notes.
      The KNotes IMAP resource needs KNotes compiled before it
      Remove unused updateNote method from the resource interface. Implement the observer interface instead, if necessary
      CVS_SILENT Don't install the headers
      The resource now compiles and links. Skeleton methods only though
      Implement load and a parse method
      Fix header. Missed this decl
      Implement the addNote method and use it in loading
      Implement the remaining methods
      The KNotes IMAP resource now compiles and runs, but it doesn't really work.
      From aegypten_branch: Plug a memleak. This is a candidate for the branch also
      Remove a couple of unused local vars - I'm surprised gcc didn't bitch about them. And don't introduce the bOk flag so soon, just return false instead. At least up until the point where behaviour would be different.
      Fix compilation
      The last commit to KNotes broke the IMAP resource compilation. People,
      As noted in the kmcommands comment, this can't work. So don't try at all. Remving the messageQueuedOrDrafted signal
      Hopefully this fixes the creation of IMAP folders in the IMAP resource. Doesn't fix the bigger bug that files are not read correctly by the resource
      Fix debug numbers
      Fix all known issues with the KNotes IMAP resource
      We don't want any includefiles installed from kdgantt
      Really, do not install any files at all from this dir. I checked that this doesn't break compilation of KOrganizer and KPlato, which are the only two projects that use it
      Fix includes
      This is not needed for compilation
      Add the two new files for easier review. Not compiled yet
      Don't crash if the user decides to kill korganizer during the startup. Fail instead
      Fix uploading new folders to the server - yet another folderstorage split regression. Also, the uidmap file should be saved even if there are no files in the folder. And remove some debug stuff
      remove bogus comment
      Don't quiet the manager when it's not necessary
      Write the uidcache file for new and empty folders also. And ditch one more isA comparison
      Revert these changes, since they're still pending review on the kmail list. Sorry, if anyone picked them up - even though they should work of course
      Split the message composing to a seperate class so we can do asynchronous crypto stuff
      Remove the uidmap from disconnected imap
      Introduce a new method to return a specially set trash folder. This will make it possible to get rid of a if(imap)...else if(dimap)... in kmcommands. Default implementation just returns nothing
      Implement the trashFolder method for imap and dimap
      Fix compilation
      Don't fail here. Since the KMail folders are uptodate, saving can't fail
      Reactivating vacation setup
      Don't write a dead letter if message composing is already running
      If the search lineedit is empty, return a search for everything.
      The last patch from Gyorgy broke the searches. I got a 0 char after every
      This seems to fix all issues here, and it works for both Tobias and I.
      mStorage should never be 0, but nevertheless...
      Cleanup job: the protocol() method is now removed. It was by now only used in a single debug statement in kmcommands.cpp
      Moving mailing list info from folderstorage to folder
      Moving identity and whofield to kmfolder
      Fix compilation. Hopefully
      Move the readConfig call from FolderContents constructor to KMFolder
      Split into smaller files and start a kmail page. Completely non-functional so far
      Implement hiding the IMAP resource folders from the foldertree. This was
      Add tooltips and whatsthis to all groupware and imap resource settings. And fix the layout of the resource folder options.
      Remove all traces of the automatic resource handling. It never really worked anyway
      Move the idString method from FolderStorage to KMFolder. And fix some FolderStorage derived constructors
      Fix timezone problem for the mail text
      This comment is the only thing that makes kdepim require 3.2.x (x > 0) because of a bug in the kconfig compiler. That doesn't make sense. So I'm removing the comment. It can be put back in when the requirements is higher of course. KPilot people, I hope you are not too attached to this comment
      Save the kconfigxt configuration along with the rest of the config. Otherwise these configurations were not saved in Kontact at all
      And revert stuff that was not supposed to go in yet
      Bah - don't try to write settings to disk before reading them from the gui
      Beginning the process of having multiple sub resources. Especially necessary for several calendar folders in the IMAP resource. Discussed way back in the Osnabrueck meeting but never implemented - now I'm finally getting to it
      Only one ID necessary
      Fix URLs and their description. Next up is to make them do something.
      Don't pretend we can actually do this
      Begin correct handling of accepting and declining and invitation
      Give url handlers some possibilities to get back to KMail for identity handling, mailing, etc.
      Fix compilation with the changed UrlHandler::handleClick method
      Get the correct receiver email address from the email
      Start using the callback. This means we can now strip reply icals of other people and find only the one attendee that is myself and work on him
      Only ask the user once for the right receiver
      Be able to mark folders as having groupware contents. And check in the icalIface stuff to match up the imap resource again
      Now accepting and declining an invitation works
      Handle replies and cancelations also. And don't advertise the ability to check the calendar when we can't
      Small cleanups
      If the dir doesn't exist, make it
      Somone made a copy-paste error here
      Implement picking up the invitations dropped by the KMail iCal plugin. This means invitation handling is working again
      Don't shout
      - Convert a couple more emitDCOPSignal calls to the typesafe skel version
      Fix the resources in kontact - we need to listen on both the kmail and kontact objects for this. And some debug output stuff
      Support fetching multiple IMAP resource folders
      Load multiple resources in the calendar
      Add quick implementations of listening to changes in folder contents in KMail
      Support loading multiple contacts folders
      Support loading multiple notes folders
      Compile fix
      CVS_SILENT: Indentation
      Support saving in multiple folders for events
      Getting closer towards full multifolder support. And now there are no more warnings
      Make sure to use the correct folder for updating
      Const correctness
      Return the resources
      Support subresources fully in korganizer
      CVS_SILENT: Minor nitpickings from an avid cvs mail observer :)
      Now we can enable and disable subresources with the rc file. The gui isn't connected to this yet, though
      Read the same config file as we're saving in
      Still bad, but the code makes more sense to me
      Support updating tasks and the journal in the multiple folders
      Get rid of the mCurrentUID thing that guards against KMail retransmitting changes in the IMAP resource. Should be done correctly in KMail. Also, stackify the mSilent setting and mark temp vars const when appropriate
      Do a proper coding of KMail adding or removing the extra IMAP resource folders
      Moving the mSilent attribute to the shared baseclass
      Support KMail notification with subresource
      Wire the KOrganizer resource view to the sub resources.
      Only update the view once - it is also done in the constructor
      Workaround: KOrganizer wants to know which items are active and which are not - this is done in the doOpen() method, so call that
      Don't make any more mistakes from loading or saving wrong config files.
      Implement listening to KMail adding and removing folders
      Implement listening to KMail adding and removing folders
      There are two constructors. It's probably a good idea to initialize a var in both of them
      When moving a var to the baseclass, it's better not to keep it
      When making a new entry, figure out what folder this should go into. It looks through the list of folders, and asks KMail if they're writable. If more than one is possible, it asks the user.
      Split findWritableResource into two methods so the abc resource can ask with a QStringList
      The shared part of the resource connection is now implemented.
      Don't try compiling what does not yet exist
      No ordering on subsubdirs
      No ordering on subsubdirs
      At some point we should have real regression tests for these
      Importing files I had lying in my kdepim tree so I don't cvs-clean them out
      No changes necessary, so remove the if 0's
      Fix too unexpressive names. Caused too many clashes with similarly named files
      Set the same license everywhere
      Helps compile other files
      Changing the namespace to Kolab
      Get rid of the todos now that they have been implemented
      Getting closer to a quick implementation of the notes
      Change reading and writing of dates and color to the new (and standard) formats
      Fix wrong dependency on installed libkcal
      Fix the fix
      Misc small stuff
      The messagecomposer should not destroy the content-type information on the original mail, if possible.
      Revert unintended commit
      Fix finding the receiver of the original mail. And fix Outlook compatibility of the reply
      Fix compilation
      This workaround was reinstated in another part of the code
      Disabling the kolab wizard, since it is not complete enough to be usable.
      Importing this
      Use the Kolab namespace and compile it
      Don't compare email addresses case sensitive. At least Outlook will answer in the casing the user set when answering an invitation, and this patch fixes registering the replies from it.
      Make a legacy option for sending invitations to Outlook users.
      From HEAD: Make a legacy option for sending invitations to Outlook user.
      Adding something for a QMap of subresources
      When registering a new subresource, find out if it's writable or not
      Use the shared subresource class instead of the private one
      Make a single method to find a writable resource
      Use the new findWritableResource method
      Almost implement the resource part of the notes
      Compile the first two resources
      Tell the sernum for quicker access
      Update to the new kmail addIncidence signal
      Connect to the renamed methods instead of the old ones
      Add a uidmap
      Use the shared UID map
      Return the serial number instead of just a bool
      Update the serial number on all writes
      Add so far unimplemented formatting methods
      Implement some of the loading and saving
      Almost there with the notes resource now.
      Implementing the remaining parts of the resource code.
      Small fixes
      Implement journal to xml conversion
      Add a method to locate the xml folder. This list of methods to locate folders needs cleaning up
      findMessageBySerNum complains when asking with a nonexisting serialnumber. So don't even try, when we know it's wrong
      Less dense but more readable code. Only cosmetic
      Fix returning the serial number
      Fix the fix: Returning the serial number. I hate int returns for error stuff :-(
      The peak of todays coding - implementing the getter and setter methods of all the contact fields
      Implement constructor. And fix the Address to not be a reference
      Implement most of the XML loading, and put in a bunch of nyi methods
      Change names like the base class
      Fix error message to show the right lowercase tag
      Implement the static conversion methods and the xml loading and saving
      Use kdDebug instead of qDebug
      Add remaining XML reading
      Implement xml writing and fix freeBusyUrl() method name
      Implement loading and saving the baseclass from an addressee
      First parts of a setFields implementation. Many TODOs in here
      Now some of the fields are saved and read back. Should be sufficient for initial testing
      More precise todo list
      After Cornelius asked if FB retrieval worked with Kolab, I thought I'd better double check. I found some old code that could just be removed - which I did; and that automatic retrieval was always tried - added a test against this; and there was a wrong test to only download fb lists from the same server-domain as the email has, which is wrong in multilocation setups - check removed
      Starting the kcal resource
      Switch to Cornelius' new load and save scheme, remove some old code and add more functions
      Implement one method and add skeletons for the rest. Now the thing at least compiles and links
      Support Kolab 2 URL downloads. Patch accepted by Cornelius
      Object classes added
      Implement the event resource
      Implement the todo resource
      Get the journal up to the level of the other types. Still not completely implemented
      Implement the journal resource
      Implement remaining kmail communication functions
      Implement remaining resource methods
      Looks like the kolab wizard will include all these files, so don't guard them with the same defines
      Refactoring: Move the Email struct to the baseclass
      Control the tagname instead of hardcoding it
      Implement most of the base class of events and tasks. Only the recurrence settings are not done
      Most of the event implementation. Only saving to a kcal event is missing
      Moving the getNameAndMail method from addresseelineedit to email where it belongs. And do the three places that depend on this. The reason for this was that there was three places to split email addresses. Now it's at least down to two. It could be argued that the method in kmail/kmmessage should be moved here also, so you have all three in the same place. Patch approved by dfaure
      Implement the remaining parts of events and incidences. Only the recurrence is now missing
      Implement tasks
      Implement journals
      From HEAD:
      From HEAD - Carstens three fixes
      Load the translations
      Not necessary - done in base class
      Remove the bogus config dialog from the KCAL IMAP resource. Patch
      Fix Kolab bug 280: Attendees were not in <attendee> tags, but the tags were written directly in the body
      If you run the iCal resource with one of the translated namings, you
      Handle creation and modification datetimes correctly in contacts
      Only write tags that actually have something in them
      Backport from proko2_branch: Check for the folders with the right foldername.
      Backport from proko2_branch: Check for the folders with the right foldername.
      Workaround for multidomain servers. This needs to be fixed correctly later.
      Fix the username and email setup of the kolab server
      Typo in my last fix. Now it works
      Specify that this is the proko2 branched versions of these applications.
      Fix Qt XML not honoring the encoding of the XML string
      Fix the workaround to work with other locales
      Fix timezone of the stored incidences
      Whoops! Don't save what does not exist
      Small change: Don't set an alarm when there is no alarm. Big change: Support floating events
      Fix compilation
      No need to set a non-kolab related setting to anything other than the default in KMail
      Implement a producer-id tag
      Fix figuring out the receiver
      Don't send mail to ourselves
      Don't send mail to ourselves
      Fix figuring out the receiver
      When accepting an event, the attendee status was not updated in the saved event. Fixed here
      From HEAD: When accepting an event, the attendee status was not updated in the saved event. Fixed here
      Fix use of locateLocal, and avoid a potential tempfile attack on the saved file. And make the code more 'KDE-like'
      From HEAD: Fix use of locateLocal, and avoid a potential tempfile attack on the saved file
      Fix notifications of invitation scheduling files from KMail
      From HEAD: Fix notifications of invitation scheduling files from KMail
      fix compilation
      When an attendee is updated because of accepting a scheduling transaction, the event or todo needs to know it's been updated
      From HEAD: When an attendee is updated because of accepting a scheduling transaction, the event or todo needs to know it's been updated
      Remove the addressbook button since it does not work in kontact and offers no needed functionality. Patch suggested by Cornelius, implemented by me, and approved by Ingo
      From HEAD: Remove the addressbook button since it does not work in kontact and offers no needed functionality. Patch suggested by Cornelius, implemented by me, and approved by Ingo
      Fix setting the producer tag for notes
      If the user types in a server hostname that is different from the domain of the email address, use the email address domain for the ldap basedn
      Fix FB list creation of floating events
      Revert unwanted checkins
      Revert unwanted checkins
      Fix FB list creation of floating events
      Fix compilation
      Fix compilation
      Birthday events should be marked as time free
      Birthday events should be marked as time free
      Fix the kontact knotes plugin by backporting from HEAD. The old 3.3 branch did not work at all. Requested and accepted by Michael Brade and reviewed by Tobias Koenig
      Patch by Till.
      Changes to this should give a heads up to the dialog
      From HEAD - Changes to this should give a heads up to the dialog
      Fix organizer label issues. Proko2 bugs 146 and 152
      From the branch: Fix organizer label issues. Proko2 bugs 146 and 152
      Fix proko2 issue 371: Alarms are wrong. And since the spec says ints, I changed to this
      Fix proko2 issue 322: Use email address, not uid
      Some would think this more readable. I disagree, but bow to the mob
      Set the added resource to be standard
      Don't set a non-existing name on the organizer
      Fix the organizer combobox to work nicely together with operator== in Event
      Fix the organizer combobox to work nicely together with operator== in Event
      Fix a potential crash with quitting kontact while mail check is running
      Revert last unintended commit
      From the branch: Fix potential crash
      Fix building with srcdir != builddir
      Listen to the return value of adding an incidence to a resource. This is necessary for subresource selection to work.
      Listen to the return value of adding an incidence to a resource. This is necessary for subresource selection to work.
      Fix one type of yearly recurrences
      Fix compilation for me
      Fix compilation
      Move the email functions to libemailfunctions as discussed (leaving kfileio.* in libkdepim) and update all includes and linking to this. And fix the event viewer dialog that spawned the whole thing
      Fix the event viewer. This is a backport of the code in HEAD, just in another place and without the file moving
      Backport of Tobias patch: Update summary view on changes in the part.
      Backport of Reinholds patch: Don't add a spacer at the bottom, which will just lead to an ugly empty space. Instead the spacer will be at the bottom of the summary view column. Plus, we need to show the labels, it's not done automatically.
      Fix wrong constructor chain order, and mMainLayout is initialized as the first line anyway.
      Forward port: Fix wrong constructor chain order, and mMainLayout is initialized as the first line anyway
      Backport Reinholds 'mail cancelled attendees patch'
      Taipin eror
      Taipin eror
      First part of making the automatic sending known to the user. The checkbox doesn't work yet, it needs a kmkernel.cpp patch that will be checked in once I know if it should be branched or not
      Fix compilation
      Last part of the proko2 change to make the automatic sending user settable. Accepted for the branch by Ingo.
      From proko2: Make the automatic invitation sending settable
      Plugging two memleaks - the message was never deleted, and the composewin was not deleted when using automatic sending
      From the branch: Plugging two memleaks - the message was never deleted, and the composewin was not deleted when using automatic sending
      Allow FB fetching from subdomains
      Backport: Allow FB fetching from subdomains
      Make the diff to HEAD smaller
      Fix the case where no writable folders are present, or the user cancelling the subresource chooser
      Fix the case where no writable folders are present, or the user cancelling the subresource chooser
      Now that knotes have the new custom tags, use these for the xml file format
      No longer a todo
      Remove all traces of kroupware stuff. It was never supposed to go here in the first place, yet remained here for 1½ years
      From the branch: Remove all traces of kroupware stuff. It was never supposed to go here in the first place, yet remained here for 1½ years
      This would appear to be a very big change, but in fact it does absolutely nothing. It just removes an obscene amount of old kroupware code that is no longer used. There are no changes in this patch.
      This would appear to be a very big change, but in fact it does absolutely nothing. It just removes an obscene amount of old kroupware code that is no longer used. There are no changes in this patch.
      From the branch: This would appear to be a very big change, but in fact it does absolutely nothing. It just removes an obscene amount of old kroupware code that is no longer used. There are no changes in this patch.
      Fix compilation. I didn't notice that actionmanager.cpp was branched for proko2, and the cvs mail didn't tell that. Sorry
      Don't use dcop to call a library method
      Backport: Don't use dcop to call a library method
      Backport: Don't use dcop to call a library method
      Ported the proko2 changes of my last commit
      No need to have it twice
      No need to have it twice
      No longer used
      Remove more old and unused code
      Remove more old and unused code
      Put in a working email address
      Put in a working email address
      Put in a working email address
      Put in a working email address
      Put in a working email address
      Support the KPilot sync fields. This should take care of notes, journals, events and tasks. I'm so far not sure how this is done in contacts
      From proko2: Support the KPilot sync fields. This should take care of notes, journals, events and tasks. Contacts will come tomorrow
      Remove unused code
      From branch: Remove unused code
      This fixes multiple problems with the freebusy code:
      From the branch:
      Let the expunged signal say where it came from. Required for my upcoming bugfix
      From the branch: Use the new expunged signal
      From the branch: Let the expunged signal say where it came from. Required for my upcoming bugfix
      Expunge did not tell the resources that something had changed. This is fixed now, and the slots have been put into one generic slot
      From HEAD: Expunge did not tell the resources that something had changed. This is fixed now, and the slots have been put into one generic slot
      From HEAD: Expunge did not tell the resources that something had changed. This is fixed now, and the slots have been put into one generic slot
      Delay scheduling for one minute to allow resources to be done loading. This is a bad workaround - the scheduling should be started when the resources are done loading
      The new scheduling ID approach for with support for shared folders containing the same event
      Support the scheduling ID scheme
      Don't reset rsvp on mail scheduling
      From proko2: Don't reset rsvp on mail scheduling
      Backport from proko2: Don't reset the rsvp flag
      From proko2: Split UID into UID and SID
      While trying to improve the resource selection dialog, I thought it would be helpful to get to the CalendarResources object instead of the calendar. And then it turned out that this was actually the kind of object I got, it was just not typed to the base class
      From HEAD: Use the base class
      From proko2: Save the iCalendar revision
      Fix Kontact issues with modal dialogs blocking all of Kontact by using the WGroupLeader widget flag
      From proko2: Mangle headers option
      Fix crash by shuffling code around in the mouse handler
      From proko2: Fix crash by shuffling code around in the mouse handler
      Remove unintended commit
      Add a warning notice
      Backport from HEAD: Fix modal dialogs blocking other parts of kontact
      From HEAD: Fix modal dialogs blocking other parts of kontact. This file is the only one from the 3.3 branch commit that was branched
      Reduce diff to HEAD
      Remove awful hack and see if we really have a problem or not
      Write some text in the resource chooser dialog
      Write some text in the resource chooser dialog

Brad Hards (41):
      Add DCOP interface to expire articles in all groups.
      Add WhatsThis entries for some checkboxes that don't have any.
      Add some extra QWhatsThis entries
      Remove broken link to kmailcvt page.
      Update to the WhatsThis entry for keeping PGP passphrase in memory,
      Add extra (KMail specific) limitations, as required by Ingo Klöcker.
      Fix typo in apidox
      Add class entry to make apidox build work.
      Make declarations and definitions match for apidox sanity.
      Minor Doxygen cleanups.
      Move brief description up in apidox header. Fix apidox typos.
      Fix apidox - missing parameters, enum entries, brief description position.
      various apidox cleanups.
      Minor apidox cleanups.
      Add missing parameter description to apidox
      Fix parameter label for apidox.
      Add a missing parameter description to apidox
      Add parameter to make apidox happy.
      Various apidox cleanups.
      Change @var to @param, fixing lots of Doxygen errors.
      Make make -f Makefile.cvs work; it barfed on trailing continuation before
      Minor updates to the filter section, based on text drafted by
      Add a "Post to Mailing-List..." selection to RMB menu for mailing list
      typo fix.
      Initial checkin of the openchange resource. This will
      Remove the worst of my hard-coded paths.
      API documentation tweaks.
      Update to current working version.
      General update - add infrastructure to handle various
      Big update of the OpenChange akonadi resource.
      Add license, to help the GPLV3 zealots.
      Make it build with the latest openchange and akonadi
      Try to make it build.
      Minor typo fixes (from EBN suggestions).
      Rearrange headers to avoid conflicts between Qt
      Fix broken porting to pkg_check_modules.
      Some "make it build" type fixes for the OpenChange
      Didn't mean to commit this part yet.
      Typo fix.
      Add include patch for kleo headers.
      remove openchange references.

Bram Schoenmakers (279):
      Added a tip
      Added some more tips and fixed a spelling mistake.
      It's possible to move and copy todo's to other dates with the popupmenu now.
      I forgot some capitals last commit, and I've removed some obsolete
      Fix for bug #76548. It reminds the old y-position of the scrollview
      Bugfix. Refresh todolist when moving a todo in a agendaview.
      Closes bug #73854 again. The Marcus Bains-line won't exceed the left
      Addition fix for bug #78170. The former patch by Reinhold prevents a crash when
      Fix for bug 76541: when pasting a todo while another todo is already
      Tip added, pointing to the possibility to craete subtodo's when pasting.
      Additional fix for wish #76541. The fullscreen todoview's selection will be
      Newly created subtodos will inherit properties like category and
      Quite a big patch for KOrganizer:
      Implemented KOrganizer's most wanted feature: recurring todo's (#57921)
      Finishing touch for recurrent todo's (#57921).
      Display recurrence-symbol in front of recurrent todo.
      Show whether todo recurs or has an alarm in the listview.
      KOListView and KOTodoView have been updated.
      KOTodoView: Popups fixed, everything is at the right column now.
      KOTodoView: Made sorting on recurrence possible.
      o KOTodoView: Merged due date and due time. Who wants to merge todo's
      Replaced (dangerous) QString::sprintf() to QDateTime::toString().
      KOTodoView: Left align date/time
      Update todo's startdate too when recurring.
      Todoeditor: Recurrence-tab shows start and due date now. Also removed an
      Show recurring symbol in monthview for todo's.
      Some clean up in calendar filters. All functionality of filterEvent() and
      See my previous commit, forgot to include this file.
      Connection added, overloaded signal of incidenceChanged().
      Connected to wrong signal.
      A patch which contains:
      Brought showNewEventPopup() back to one central place: KOEventViewer.
      KOEventViewer: Mention recurrent todo's.
      Handle weekly recurring events properly (prevents some inf. loops in
      Add "New Todo" to contextmenu eventview. I couldn't find a proper way
      Monthview: Distinguish done and undone todo's.
      Set right date when calling todo-editor from an eventview. Calling from
      Credit added
      Didn't notice the list was alphabetically sorted :)
      Todo's: Move instead of copy on recurrence. Later on, I'll change the
      Removed some connections, since they are already connected in
      Some API-docs added to KOMonthView and MonthViewCell.
      Todo's in Agendaview: Wrong pixmaps were drawn, fixed.
      o KOAgendaView and KOMonthView adapted for recurring todo's.
      Apply "Show todo's in all day view" to monthview. Of course, other
      Removed some dead code which was in the way. Todo's do recur properly
      Changes to KOListView:
      o Don't touch duration (fix for #79854)
      Move "Archive Old Entries..." menu-item down, so Import and Export are
      Changes in KOAgendaView:
      Bug #41299 seemed to be alife again. Fixed now (I hope for good).
      Great. Broke recurrence for todo's when they recur infinite. Should be
      I guess this is what you meant David? :)
      Disable recurrence-widget when opening a new todo-editor. Only enable it
      Typo fixed.
      The alarm-daemon has a Edit-button now which loads KOrganizer (if
      Use KFileDialog instead of unfriendly KInputDialog
      Made sorting on alarm and recurrence possible in listview.
      Use getOpenURL instead of getOpenFile, which makes it possible to attach
      Use KURLRequesterDlg when assigning attachments to an incidence. This
      Minor cleanup.
      Extension of the KDatePickerPopup.
      Make todolist (on the left) communicate better with the day/week-view.
      Removing unwanted signal introduced a couple of hours ago. This patch
      Accelerators added.
      Fix, one backslash too much
      Improved drag 'n drop-traffic from and inside KOAgendaView. Also adding
      Some updates on KOrganizer's listview:
      Redundant spaces and variable removed.
      Respect settings when adding a todo with changeIncidenceDisplay().
      Removed some spaces (thanks to Nicolas Goutte)
      Make it compile
      Updates on KDatePickerPopup:
      CVS SILENT Space removed.
      Be a bit more descriptive in the eventviewer. Show when the next
      o Set percentage complete to 0 when completing recur.todo.
      CVS_SILENT Periods added.
      Replaced a worthless loop. Removing comments does work properly now.
      o Some What's this added to configuredialog.
      Fix #83928 ("Mess with events no time associated").
      CVS_SILENT Strange I didn't finish that sentence.
      Removed some unused vars.
      CVS_SILENT Typo fixed.
      KOrganizer tried to call the protected slot reload(). Made it public, so
      Annoying debugmessage commented.
      CVS_SILENT Type fixed
      CVS_SILENT This space too much caused a duplicate entry in the *.po
      Made this WhatsThis more readable.
      This is a resque-check for a nasty bug in libkcal. libkcal returns invalid datesif the recurrence-frequence is higher than 1. This causes a lockup in
      Fix for bug 84885: double click in month view: new appointment doesn't
      Fixed a bug which made KOrganizer hang when the frequency of a
      Bugfix: Creating subtodo's of a dateless todo didnt't work properly.
      Some changes in the implementation of recurring todo's. The problem
      Fix crash in KAlarm when adding/editing alarm with weekly recurrence.
      Make translations available.
      So this should do it.
      Make translations available for these wizards.
      CVS_SILENT Typo
      CVS_SILENT Style
      Made fallback if Recurrence ID is invalid. Return due date instead.
      Todolist: Secundary sort on priority, if the due date is the same.
      Fix for bug #74180. Export to HTML on each save when this setting is
      Forgot to commit this file. Thanks, Till.
      Prevent that translations in kcmconfigs are both in kaddressbook.pot and
      Since the KOAgendaView::changeIncidenceDisplay was reimplemented,
      Only write Recurrence-ID if todo recurs.
      Only write Recurrence-ID if todo recurs.
      Argument should be const.
      New KFile plugin for ICS Calendars:
      Compile fix. Thanks for mentioning, Jure.
      Regexp-editor available for setting up scoring filters.
      Some dialogs say "New", some dialogs say "Add". Making this more consistent.
      o Better accelerators in printing dialog
      This is a neater layout for the Edit button.
      To-Do  -->  To-do
      Wordwrap in month cells when printing the month view and Filofax mode.
      Improvements on printing Filofaxes and month prints:
      Sort categories.
      Fixes regarding recurring todos:
      CVS_SILENT Forgot to remove a Dutch comment.
      A backport which fixes the bug I solved a couple of days ago in CVS:
      Implemented wish #72896 (Filtering of ToDo-List: Don't show tasks with a start
      Forgot to commit this file. I removed this signal in the cpp a couple of days ago.
      2 new features for KOrganizer
      More fixes from Mario:
      Some finetuning, this looks better IMO. The colorpixmap is smaller now.
      Update datenavigator when zooming. Patch by Mario.
      CVS_SILENT It's to-do, not todo
      Tooltips added. I'm leaving out the todo dialog for now since Allen reported some problems with it.
      Save fore- and background colors in ICS. That way, the colors are restored again.
      FEATURE: Record each completed todo in the journal of the completion date.
      These files belong to the record-todo-in-journal feature I've committed a few hours ago.
      New desktop file for the KNotes Resource family
      New desktop file for the KCal Resource family
      New desktop file for the Konnector Resource family
      Bugfix: Distinct creating and editing todos in editor's caption.
      CVS_SILENT: Typo
      Kate broke it (automatically removed tabs on save). Revert and fix typo again.
      CVS_SILENT: Style fix
      CVS_SILENT: Style fix
      CVS_SILENT: Another style fix.
      CVS_SILENT: Period between <qt></qt> too.
      CVS_SILENT: And this one too of course.
      CVS_SILENT: Made this string more translatorfriendly.
      CVS_SILENT: Style fix.
      CVS_SILENT: Style fix
      CVS_SILENT: Style fix
      This was not meant to be committed. Reverting
      There were errors with %1 in some strings.
      CVS_SILENT: Style fix
      CVS_SILENT: Style fix
      Some fixes for Pentecost (in several languages)
      weekned -> weekend
      New method: bool isOverdue(). Makes the code in KOrganizer somewhat cleaner.
      Use Todo::isOverdue()
      o Bug #94007 fixed, which actually contained two bugs:
      Give navigator bar of KDateNavigator the right height.
      Add const
      As promised: WhatsThisses added.
      Fix UI
      Filter dialog:
      Show right entry.
      CVS_SILENT: Typo
      *** empty log message ***
      New method added: validate()
      Some work on the egroupwarewizard:
      CVS_SILENT: Style fix
      One accelerator is enough.
      Hide some developer notes from the user.
      One anglebracket too much in some strings.
      Validate in other wizards as well.
      setDate() implemented.
      Use KDatePicker as default item, not the "No Date" entry.
      o When you drop a file on a agenda item, create an attachment instead of adding an attendee.
      Once again, I committed far too much :/
      Oh, cleaning up my revert... I'd better commit stuff with Cervisia next time.
      Revert these files too. Hey, I think I'm gonna commit something useful next time ;)
      Sort todo view when after adding/editing todo item.
      I reverted headers instead of source files. Bram, you're such a #########
      Backport: Sort todo-list after some change in the todolist.
      CVS_SILENT: Fix comment, nothing special really.
      eGroupWare: Make it possible to update and delete contacts.
      Backport: eGroupWare: Make it possible to update and delete contacts.
      Use KDatePickerPopup instead of custom frame with KDatePicker.
      Addressing some issues in monthview:
      Don't just spit out the server queries. Unmasked passwords show up in here.
      Fix this popup. KOrganizer (and other apps) crashed everytime when closing a dialog containing this widget.
      o Add attachment to item when dropping file on it.
      The structure of this code was messed up:
      o Set the right frame width on day change.
      SVN_SILENT: Typo in docs
      Fix for bug 107005: Don't allow the user to disable standard resources.
      Extract messages from *.ui, *.rc and *.kcfg
      Update Danish holiday file, as suggested in bug #101998
      When the user specifies an empty URL for the calendar resource, autogenerate one and notify the user about that.
      o Always align text on top. The argument for hand-written comments in 89317 does make much sense to me.
      Handle recording completed todos in the calendar view, not in the todo list. Users can mark tasks as complete with the incidence editor.
      Fix bug 112595. In the monthview all holidays were shown in red. Now it shows holidays in black when the working hours still apply on that date (e.g. the holiday was not marked as "weekend" in the holiday file).
      Forward port of bugfix 112595.
      Make [ade] happy. Apidox.
      Attempt to make [ade] happier.
      Today's lesson: @p != @param.
      Forward some apidox cruft.
      Avoid confusion by adding a comment to this i18n() call.
      Copy paste error in i18n.
      Forward port: fixtags
      Don't let the user choose between "Delete" and "Cancel".
      Forwardport bugfix for #113535
      SVN_SILENT: fixuifiles
      Typo: assoicated --> associated
      Fix bug 117118: composer kaddressbook no adresses at first launch
      Do load and save settings when printing. This will set sane initial values, fixing bug 116893 for example.
      Fix APIDOX
      ; is not a separator, but \n is.
      Retrieve events per day instead of events in a certain time interval.
      Create valid XHTML. Patch by Tais M. Hansen, thanks!
      SVN_SILENT: Some krazy reports fixed (stolen from the KDE4 check, actually)
      Initialize extra calendars upon resize (thanks to Reinhold for redirecting me into the right direction).
      o Fix for bug 125496: don't show event ending at 0:00 on the next day, since it's non including (see also bug #107149)
      More work on the month view:
      o Don't make date unnecessary date headers (bug 126390)
      Always update summary in sidebar when clicking incidences.
      Extra guard to prevent crash.
      Thanks, Allen!
      Bad news for really busy people: a day cannot have more than 24 hours anymore.
      Fix painting in extra KODayMatrixes: draw background correctly when the date selection started somewhere in the middle of the previous month.
      Put space behind location. This should be "Location: %1" in trunk.
      Show categories in list view. Patch by Aurelien Gateau.
      SVN_SILENT: Version bump
      Patch from John Tseng, fixing bug 127859
      Fix memory leaks
      Prevent infinite loops with some cases of recurring todos.
      Fix commit 429762 by djarvie: do not write bogus data as DTEND value, but skip the property altogether.
      Bugfix: with the Copy To submenu, a todo does have a due date set. This didn't work in case the source todo had no due date set.
      Indeed, that was crappy.
      Check for duration
      Fix commit 587417 by winterz to handle recurring events properly in the summary widget.
      Merge rev. 587417:601750
      o Make calendars in the left sidebar respect the First Day Of Week setting, defined in the control center
      Merge rev. 602340
      Make the reminder dialog somewhat more usable when working with they keyboard. No strange focus switching with up-down arrows in the spin box for example. And added an accelerator for the interval spin box.
      Backport 607009: dodge crashes when the *.rc file is not found
      Forward port 607009: dodge case when *.rc does not exist
      SVN_SILENT: fixuifiles
      SVN_SILENT: fixuifiles
      Wrong usage of plurals fixed.
      Grammar and style fixes
      Can't -> Cannot
      Please keep it English.
      It looks like Scripty does not like %1 in comments. Strings turned fuzzy after scripty has touched them.
      Fix icon (don't know why there's a 1 in the name, but oh well...)
      Do not use a static KOrg::AboutData, it makes KOrganizer behave funky (read: prepare to crash) when you embed it inside Konqueror.
      Forward 615849 (prevent crashes when KOrg is embedded inside Konq)
      SVN_SILENT: Version bump
      Record completion of recurring todos in journals.
      Unfortunately there was an error in the explaining texts about templates. Thanks Dmitri for the quick response.
      This should be the global iconloader anyway.
      fixuifiles didn't catch this one so I removed these lines manually.
      o Explicit constructors
      Use the shortfmt options.
      Update these nice hardcoded URL's according to Eckhart Woerner. Thanks.
      Forward 622755
      Fix encoding for Japanese holidays, thanks to reporter of bug 140060.
      Backport r642249, fixing a typo.
      Fix typo.
      "Goede Vrijdag" was defined twice.
      Forward r650943
      Authentification -> Authentication
      This is already covered by ../

Brian Jones (4):
      Added enhanced checks for libpisock and headers; set
      Changed all include definitions for libpisock headers
      Modified to use include path variable LIBPISOCK_PATH
      Fixed bug where variable "id" was renamed to "options_id" but

Bruno Bigras (9):
      Only activate the "Refresh Local IMAP Cache" action in the File menu when at least one "Disconnected IMAP" account exist.
      workaround : without showProgressInfo=false, the kiojob remain open forever with https link
      Add support to filter outgoing message before they are sent
      New "add to address book" filter type. Based on a commit from
      Show only default addresses in 'Select recipient' dialog. Based on a
      Revert "workaround : without showProgressInfo=false, the kiojob remain open forever with https link"
      Fix the build
      AgentInstance::abort -> AgentInstance::abortCurrentTask
      Fix messageviewer build with --as-needed.

Bruno Virlet (126):
      Change mimetypes to use QString instead of QByteArray for consistency with KDE api.
      Now, Akonadi::CollectionModel and Akonadi::MessageCollectionModel pass modeltest successfully.
      Adds Akonadi::CollectionFilterProxyModel. With this proxy model, you can show only collections supporting specific mimetypes (eg. only supporting message/rfc822)
      Unbreak compilation.
      Unbreak compilation (Session::Private was not friend of Job)
      Improve Drag and Drop
      Better drag and drop.
      dropMimeData now refuses dropping an item on one of its children.
      Much better check in dragMoveEvent.
      Make sure asynchronous jobs correctly end.
      Lot less dirty solution for asynchronous jobs.
      I need some rest :)
      Basic operations for akonadi ioslave.
      Don't fetch unused part.
      Correction for the auto-updating of the model on move.
      Remove unused data member.
      Introduces knowledge of akonadi:/ urls for Collection and Item.
      Correction to follow kioslave recommandations
      Use the url helper methods.
      Use the name for copying.
      Keep selection on item update.
      Initial generic agent support.
      Mailthreader agent base.
      Use the new powerful fromUrl() here too.
      Agents now monitor everything happening in Akonadi.
      Also add References and In-Reply-To to Nepomuk
      Er, in fact it's not for Nepomuk, just for strigi :)
      Working proof-of-concept of findParent (by id, reference or subject) using Strigi. To test it just add Message-ID: <id at>, In-Reply-To: <id at> or Re: subject to some mails using the new Save button in akonadi browser :)
      Remove unnecessary fetches
      Try to use the new multipart thing for mail threading.
      More work on the mailthreader agent, untested.
      Fix typo
      Add the MessageThreaderProxyModel skeleton
      Multiple selection works, why not enable it ? ;)
      Move itemFrom index from protected to public.
      Threading proxy model which theorically should work.
      More work.
      Fix crashes during drag&drop of imap folders
      Remove these signal emissions already done in the subwidget.
      Fixes in ItemModel and MessageModel
      New store command for akonadi command line client to store a part in an item
      Various modifications and improvements
      A working mailthreader proxy model !
      Introducing akonamail, a mailclient using Akonadi.
      Fix various free/busy upload and download bugs, fixes a crash.
      Forward port revision 689897
      Kill the timer.
      Forward port revisions 691427 and 691445
      qt should be case insensitive :p
      Only show the message on the first time the Url is found to be invalid.
      Forward port some fixes.
      Add an itemMoved notification providing source and destination collection.
      More work on the threading proxy.
      Remove unused residue of old code.
      Fix for ItemMoved notification
      Many fixes. If AkonadiMailThreaderAgentParent parts are present, the threading works, and new item insertion works.
      Fix drag from proxy models.
      Messagethreaderproxymodel fixes.
      Mailthreader improvements:
      Make ItemModel, MessageModel and MessageThreaderProxyModel pass the model test.
      This can not harm !
      Fix a crash when moving recurring multidays events.
      Fix a crash (check that qlist is not empty before acceding first())
      Ability to choose a timezone for an event.
      Optimization of rowForItem (and thus indexForItem)
      Dropping multi-items work.
      Possibility to add timelines for different timezones.
      Fix crash when accessing to consecutive times to the print dialog.
      Fix crash on remove.
      Sidebar improvements: remove bevels, same margins everywhere, remove unused stuff taking place.
      Beautify configure dialog.
      Rounded corners for events. You can click in the corner to add an event at the same time.
      SVN_SILENT Unnecessary parameter.
      Now you can plan your flight by choosing a different timezone for start and end times.
      Why not store bookmarks in Akonadi ?
      New view for KOrganizer. Allows to see where time is spent.
      SVN_SILENT Fix copyright header
      Fixes event loop bug. Credit goes to Dirk.
      Forward port r699554 (autoSaveMessage bug fix).
      Yet another event loop fix.
      Correctly handle floating events (timezones).
      Timezone fix when events are floating (all-day events)
      Follow RFC concerning ORG property.
      A combobox loading timezones and providing selection facilities.
      Further timezone support. Use of KPIM::KTimeZoneComboBox.
      Todos and timezones.
      Check for not null.
      Always encrypt to self function was always on.
      Port r705205 to enterprise branch.
      Forward port r705215 to trunk.
      Correct fix for
      Port r705221 to enterprise.
      Unbreak compilation (r705225). I hate merging patches.
      Fix precommand: KProcess in the stack is bad.
      Fix precommand. Fix local Mailbox and Maildir accounts.
      Fix crash on retrieving pop mail.
      Fix crash on pop fetching (r706425 in 3.5 branch).
      Make KAddressbook store department in the org field, following rfc.
      Forward port r706174 and r706425
      Optimization: Amort.O(1) better than O(ln n)
      Many fixes and improvments.
      Revert changes which most probably are the reasons of the bugs in kmail.
      Revert changes which most probably are the reasons of the bugs in kmail.
      Make use of the new API.
      BUG 154541
      introducing kcal model.
      This has been done for some time now (see CollectionFilterProxyModel)
      Add icons to the model and columns names.
      KCalItemBrowser to display incidences.
      Special parts prefixed by "akonadi-" will never be fetched in the
      Akonalendar, a small app to demonstrate akonadi kcal models.
      Introducing new month view.
      toTimeSpec helper function
      Possibility to force to-dos to use category colors.
      Monthview :
      MonthView : Prepend month name to the day number for the first and last day of each
      - Better journal support (move).
      Fix resizability of items.
      Unnecessary operations. Already done in retrieveItems().
      Add the ability to configure calendar resources using the kcm.
      Adapt to API change changesCommitted->changeCommitted
      This commit makes "New Month View" the default one.
      Better looking events. Scroll indicators are bigger and you can click on them. It's probably more natural.
      Don't clutter the view with two much gradients (the ones for events spanning on multiple rows). It's better looking not to draw the border for these ones.
      Tooltips in month view.

Burkhard Lck (147):
      fixed a lot of errors in the menu description, still some missing
      fixed a lot of errors in the menu description, still some missing
      documentation backport from trunk
      incredible, untranslatable strings in documentation! fix to make the menuitems translatable
      hopefully fix for language docbook generation, changed single to double quote around simul
      backport from trunk: fix to make the menuitems translatable 18 fuzzy 26 untranslatable
      fixed errors found while translating
      fixed wrong menu items
      added missing messages targets to make kitchensync fully translatable
      consistent title for this doc
      delete obsolete entities, the associated docbooks have been removed with r454821 18 months ago
      delete obsolete entities, the associated docbooks have been removed with r454821 18 months ago
      documentation update by Michael Skiba
      added forgotten markup
      screenshots taken by Michael Skiba, thanks a lot
      fixed outdated kmail homepage url
      typo fix, removed a double-slash. Thanks to Marc Mutz for noticing this
      using entities make life for translators much easier
      fix wrong markup
      using entities makes translators life easier
      documentation backport fron trunk
      fix typo reported by Yuri Chornoivan, thanks
      typos reported by Yuri Chornoivan
      crypto tab is back, uncommented my ???, needs a complete rewrite :-(
      documentation backport for 4.1.3 from trunk
      updated documentation
      small doc update
      typo fix reported by Andrea Di Menna, thanks
      removed the content from template.docbook, which is completly unrelated to kmobiletools
      fix wrong guilabel string
      fix wrong guilabel string and wring markup
      reorganize the kioslave documentation #2
      make gettext work, there are no *.h files
      add missing i18n call
      fix errors found while translating
      make the kabcclient man page translatable, approved by the i18n coordinator
      make the kabcclient man page translatable, approved by the i18n coordinator
      fix wrong translators roles (xml2pot is really pedantic)
      fix wrong menu description
      snippets are on the right side
      extract missing strings from ui/rc/kcfg files, makes 320 new messages
      extract missing strings from ui/rc/kcfg files, makes 320 new messages
      fix wring description of enabling/disabling kalarm
      fix wrong description of shortcut and renaming with double click
      remove outdate description, approved by David Jarvie
      fixed inacuracies foung while proofreading
      removed all outdated stuff from kleopatra and updated some parts, not finished
      doc backport from trunk
      add missing para
      backport from trunk
      typo + markup fix
      fix wrong whatsThis text
      there are only 4 items
      backport of kpilot's documentation from trunk
      backport of kpilot's documentation from trunk
      fix wrong about data for contacts conduit
      docs update, needs proofreading
      change the strange and unintended shortcut Key_BassUp to the proper one 'Alt+Q'
      pull in the translations for the akonadi self test
      fix i18n bug, use proper way to set the main catalog
      use proper icons for kpilot daemon, set daemon doc path to kpilot docs, use translations from catalog kpilot
      extract messages for kcal_akonadi plugin
      typo fix
      typo fix
      rm trailing space to make scripty happy
      create new catalog for akonadi kcalresource and kabcresource
      fix i18n bug: create new catalog for akonadi kcalresource and kabcresource
      fixed typo not found by Yuri
      add missing X-DocPath
      needs double ampersand to be displayed as single one
      forward port from branch r1001956: fix i18n bug ande translated names in the template dialog
      fix broken i18n call
      port from 4.3 r1007439 to make the Serverside Subscription dialog translated
      insert these catalogs to the new kaddressbook to make it more translated
      needs this translation catalog too
      needs this translation catalog too for group dialogs
      fixed some broken/dead links reported by James Spahlinger, thanks
      fix wrong context marker
      doc fixes found while translating kdepim
      add a desktop file for kontact-admin documentation to make it visible in khelpcenters navigation tree
      commit the blogilo documentation by Mehrdad Momeny
      ebn check, added some markup
      typo fix
      load catalog with translations for kdatepickerpopup
      load catalog with translations for kdatepickerpopup
      Karm was renamed to KTimeTracker
      doc update
      Control Center -> System Settings
      add files for message extraction, more to come soon...
      ad missing translation catalog call
      extract messages + load the catalog
      open documentation from configuration dialog pages
      open korganizer documentation from configuration dialog pages
      typo, rm duplicate period
      doc update by Jay Woods
      fix wrong capitalization of X-DocPath
      fix wrong capitalization of X-DocPath and build the news ioslave documentation, backport from trunk r1074228
      build the doc kwatchgnupg togeter with kleopatra, backport from trunk r1074728
      small doc fixes and new screenshots
      remove unused and add a new screenshots
      Planner was moved to
      fix minimum value of spinbox, default should be zero
      fix minimum value of spinbox, default should be zero. backport from trunk r1080059, ack'ed by David Jarvie
      build the handbook
      doc update
      build the handbook
      fix broken markup, see
      fix broken extraction script
      quick + dirty doc update
      Control Center is dead since ages
      update screenshot
      add a new doc draft for kaddressbook
      fix commit to wrong branch
      replace kcontrol with systemsettings
      adapt doc to new systemsettings categories and wording
      typo fix spotted by Freek de Kruijf
      typo fix
      update and removal of needless command reference
      doc update
      backport of screenshots update for 4.5
      remove kcontrolcenter
      small fixes+corrections / gui markup in sect1 title removed, looks really ugly in the header displayed in khelpcenter
      fix wrong gui string
      doc backbort for 4.5.1
      backport of typo fix
      typo fix
      backport fixes from trunk
      fix wrong gui string
      explain more detailed where to find the option
      kontact doc update, new screenshots,
      update korganizer docs, not finished
      revert r 1167149
      take back all the pngs accidentally removed
      remove from khelpcenter navigation tree
      backport from trun: remove from khelpcenter navigation tree
      doc backport for 4.5.2
      typo fix
      backport typo fix
      typo fix
      doc update, chapter 3 section Calendar Resources + chapter 6. Group Scheduling need proofreading and adaption to 4.5
      fix wrong option string in whatsThis text
      change gui strings from ktts to Jovie
      change KTTSD to Jovie
      rename the desktop file to KMail2 to launch the documentation named kmail properly. ack'ed by
      fix wrong menu name
      fix wrong menu items names
      screenshot fix

Burkhard Lück (123):
      fix wrong menu item
      load translation catalog for kmail plugin used in kontact
      add missing I18N_NOOP() to make KMail Introduction page fully translatable
      add *.kcfg file for extraction, the file has user visible strings
      fix help anchor for Help button in filter dialog to launch the appropriate doc chapter
      add missing i18n() call
      add help action to kleopatra's Certificate Details dialog
      Load translation catalog for library incidenceeditorsng
      one entry for korganizer in khelpcenters navigation tree is enough
      one entry for korganizer in khelpcenters navigation tree is enough
      Make Time Labels used e.g in KOrganizer translatable
      Make Time Labels used e.g in KOrganizer translatable
      korganizer documentation update for 4.7
      fix tips
      fix errors in message about custom templates
      fix wrong whatsthis text
      rm superflous whitespace and fix typos
      kmail doc update to 4.7
      fix markup reported by Freek de Kruijf on kde-doc-english
      Clear Cached Images action was removed from the code
      add missing legalnotice for frontpage
      Clear Cached Images action was removed from the code
      merge documentation fixes for kleopatra from master to 4.7
      add missing legalnotice for frontpage
      merge documentation update for kmail from master to 4.7
      merge documentation update for korganizer from master to 4.7
      replace kcontrolcenter with systemsettings
      fix wrong guimenu item (Folder->File)
      documentation update for knode
      doc fixes found while translating
      move id to qandaentry markup in faq
      doc fixes found while translating
      fix broken help links, add about Dictionary drop down box
      it is top left, not bottom left
      fix errors found while translating
      doc update to 4.7
      add i18n() call to make message translatable
      i18n is already QString
      typo fix
      groupwise+groupware wizard in kresource have been removed
      explain why the item Address Book may be enabled, rm dead link
      add info about migration/troubleshooting exported from userbase
      typos fixes
      fix wrong X-DocPath entries in akregator config desktop files
      Doc fix:'Settings -> Configure Summary View...' is replaced by the Summaries page in Kontacts settings dialog
      Replace groupwarewizard with accountwizard in link
      Store Password option was removed in 4.8
      load catalogs to make dialogs translated
      load catalogs to make dialogs translated
      extract missing messages (lang list) from translatorutil.h
      extract missing messages (lang list) from translatorutil.h
      add missing 'be' - reported by Freek de Kruijf on kde-i18n-doc
      konqueror addons are in baseapps now
      typo fix reported on kde-i18n-doc
      Blogilo is in kdepim and not in playground/pim
      Blogilo is in kdepim and not in playground/pim
      remove consecutive duplicate word >with<
      remove consecutive duplicate word >in<
      fix typo noticed by Freek de Kruijf
      open handbook at appropriate chapter
      akregator doc update to 4.11, crosing fingers that yourchor does not find a typo ;-)
      proofreading, bump date+releaseinfo, replace part of menu chapter with link to fundamentals
      proofreading, bump date+releaseinfo
      doc update to 4.11, Resource chapter removed, Knotes does not use akonadi framework
      doc update to 4.11
      use correct names for gui elements, ebn check fixes, use <quote> to ease translators work
      doc update kjots to 4.11
      add smile.png for Scarlett
      proofread + bump version to 4.11
      add info how to reate a revocation certificate, update to 4.11
      improve explanation of the export process as suggested by Philip Jackson
      remove superfluous 'and'
      add missing filename extension markup
      add missing filename extension markup again
      improve explanation of the export process as suggested by Philip Jackson
      remove superfluous 'and'
      add missing filename extension markup
      add missing filename extension markup again
      fix wrong positions of menu items (master already != 4.11)
      fix wrong guimenitem string
      split message into several paras and fix file extension markup
      fix wrong menu string (master!=4.11)
      consistent spelling of KMailCVT, add missing word 'button'
      fix wrong guimenuitem string
      fix spelling of KMailCVT, remove gui* markup in title
      fix wrong guimenuitem string, add some comments
      4.12, do not backport
      Update Dokumentation for Send Later Agent
      Update Dokumentation for Send Later Agent
      consistent spelling of KMailCVT, add missing word 'button'
      fix wrong guimenuitem string
      fix spelling of KMailCVT, remove gui* markup in title
      fix wrong guimenuitem string, add some comments
      split message into several paras and fix file extension markup
      build agent docs with the code
      Dokumentation update for Archiv Mail Agent
      Dokumentation update for Archiv Mail Agent
      fix WhatsThis spotted by Antoni Bella Pérez,
      Dokumentation update for Import Wizard
      Add Help call to launch KHelpcenter with KMailCVT
      Add Help call to launch KHelpcenter with KMailCVT
      Dokumentation update for Import Wizard
      typo fix reported by Javier Viñal on kde-i18n-doc
      kmail2 faq update (remove attachments, correct name of link target importing, translation in composer window and message preview
      add missing screenshot for importwizard
      KMail FAQ update
      add kde version to prevent unintended backport
      kmail2 faq update (remove attachments, correct name of link target importing, translation in composer window and message preview
      KMail FAQ update
      add missing screenshot for importwizard
      add kde version to prevent unintended backport
      add missing screenshot from u.k.o
      add missing screenshot from u.k.o
      dokumentation of folderarchive_agent was merged into kmail
      add setHelp() call with correct anchor
      typo fix (no -> not) reported by Vit Pelcak on kde-i18n-doc
      use lang="&language;" so "umlauts" are properly displayed
      Remove &Windows;, this not only about the Windows task manager
      fix wrong releaseinfo
      fix wrong releaseinfo
      use lang="&language;" so "umlauts" are properly displayed
      Remove &Windows;, this not only about the Windows task manager
      remove duplicated dot

CP Hennessy (4):
      fix for infinite loop. fixes bug:34383 and all it's duplicates.
      updated version and copyright date as suggested by Reto Hotz.
      correct behaviour for timeouts so that read article counts are
      Column and line numbers should start at 1 not 0.

Caleb Tennis (1):
      Major patches for KDE autoconf scripts.

Carlo Segato (4):
      remove extra ;
      missing include
      grp* are already defined on windows, so let's use another name
      include boost dir too

Carlos Leonhard Woelz (45):
      Updating the toolbar icons to the latest version
      Add wizard section
      Screenshots generated following the i18n screenshot guide:
      Update the docs: not near ready yet, but some progress.
      Now the general setup structure is complete, and the text more or less filled.
      General setup and wizard up to date (doc section and screenshots).
      Forgot this small addition.
      Adding some kpilot daemon functionality, finally.
      Make the HotSync, FullSync and FastSync labels on the config dialog consistent with the main kpilot application, daemon and doc labels
      sync.docbook is now complete. Now let's start writing / reviewing the conduits configuration and usage.
      Another update, now focused on the main window interface. This is starting to look like documentation again :)
      Big update:
      Viewer apps done.
      General fixes resulting from a critical review done by me.
      Conduits configuration update
      Huge update for the conduits configuration. Added MAL, Palm DOC, Address, Todo, and rewrote everything else. Updated and added screenshots. This handbook is ready, pending small corrections.
      Random fixes, plus the system information conduit I forgot to commit. The screenshot was already in.
      Improve HotSync and FullSync definitions.
      Correct small errors I found while writing whatsThis.
      Nitpick: since Adriaan changed the same wording to a more clear one in another part of the doc, let's change it here too.
      Changing the location of "here" in the sentence
      Correcting the location of "here" in the whatsthis sentences, as pointed out by ade
      Update screenshots
      Updated splash-screen, by arcisz. The old one had (untranslateble) english text, and was outdated.
      Fix missing sync icons, update the existing ones to match. OK'ed by ade. Will forward port.
      Update KPilot sync icons, and add missing ones. The recycled icon is finally gone.
      Add missing whatsthis to KOrganizer config dialog,
      Do not write two times when you can write only once.
      Add whatsthis to the sidebar components: event viewer, resources, and date
      Fix small whatsthis issues raised by Reinhold.
      Some string changes:
      Some more simple string fixes...
      Some more simple string fixes...
      Incident -> Item fixes.
      Update KOrganizer documentation:
      More incidence -> item (or event + to-do, depends)
      Add nitpicks from the docbook sanitizer,
      Heh, I wish could use your website now. This way I could
      Make the resources section a bit more acurate...
      Update screenshots, random fixes from the check docbook scripts,
      Comment out MS Exchange info.
      Forward port korg doc changes in the 3.5 branch (since 455551)
      Forward port kpilot doc changes from the 3.5 branch (455551:458168)
      Kontact docs update
      Update screenshots.

Carlos Moro (4):
      Fixed week number
      KCalSys support
      Removed duplicated and commented line
      Ported to recent change in calendar system monthName

Carsten Burghardt (471):
      cb: Added imap to the refresh signal
      Groupboxes that are not available for imap (folder type, expire) are deactivated if an imap-folder is selected
      imap-flag is passed to create-folder
      Adds configurable sender/receiver to each folder
      Support for configurable Sender/Receiver is now better
      Changed stage == Head
      Added support for sets to the setStatus-method for imap-folders.
      Added support for imap-sets to addMsg, removeMsg, copyMsg and take
      Call slotFolderExpanded on startup to make sure the folder-settings are fully read.
      - When the destination folder of an account is deleted, the destination is restored to the inbox.
      Fixed Bug #36958
      Reverted change from fancy headers since that broke some imap-stuff
      Send the bounced message according to the config-entry "sendImmediate"
      Added a newline before the start of the signature
      Moved the updateReaderWinTimer to avoid calling the updateReaderWin twice
      fix a memory leak
      Activated the new-mail-notification for imap. The last count is cached so that a notification is only emitted when the unread-count has increased.
      Fixes Bug#39328: moving imap mail between different imap-accounts
      Raises the progressbar only when it's visible.
      Finally we got unread and total columns for the foldertree.
      The eventFilter unfortunately also influenced the folder-contextmenu. I disable the columns-popup for the moment to investigate that further.
      open each folder when the total-count is activated via the menu
      Re-enable multiple-imap forwarding
      - all columns resize equally
      Rather heavy rework of the foldertree. It's now based on a new widget "KFolderTree" in libkdenetwork.
      Fix Bug#44696: Saving multiple files saves only headers
      Make sure the sent-mail folder still exists. Otherwise take the default.
      - reflect changes in kfoldertree
      Save the open/close state of a node when it is expanded
      Fix sorting and make it independant from i18n
      Fix bug# 40202 (imap errors flood your screen)
      Not fti->folder->parent but fti->parent
      Fix bug# 45873
      Fix bug # 39164
      Add full path to caption
      Remove the KMFolderTreeItem parameter from KMFolderImap as the folder should not mess with the view
      do not scroll the currently displayed imap-message to top if new mail arrives
      errorText is what we want and not errorString, this fixes those strange duplicate error messages
      Close filehandle after operation to avoid problems when opening large imap-accounts.Checked by Ronen Tzur
      use errorText instead of errorString
      fix bug #43417 by reloading the folderlist when the folder was deleted on the server. Checked by Michael
      get rid of old countUnreadRecursive code
      re-enable delete key in the trash-folder
      Dont block new-mail-checks when the kioslaves are killed. Approved by Michael
      Include a copyright notice. BTW: what name should I include?
      Fix multiple undos, fix threading after undo, make undo a KMMoveCommand, make the undostack a QObject and make it emit signals on changes. Correct the default sizes of kmmainwin. Reviewed by Ingo.
      Make undo actually work for imap. You also need to upgrade your kioslave. Reviewed by Michael.
      Add the possibility to select the startup-folder. This is a hidden feature and is only necessary for people who use only imap and get confused by the local folders. Reviewed (and requested ;-)) by Ingo.
      Add the possibility to select the startup-folder. This is a hidden feature and is only necessary for people who use only imap and get confused by the local folders. Reviewed by Ingo.
      make QCString::contains faster
      Make sure that the closing of errorboxes also works if you have only a composer. The temporary creation of a kmmainwin should be improved after 3.1
      Fix a crash when the content of a folder is deleted and afterwards the account is deleted (check if mAccount is null). Reviewed by Michael.
      Fix undo: do not pass kmheaders to the move-command and therefore leave the current selection
      Fix Bug 44014 (Kmail Status Line Unread Count incorrect) by connecting the numUnreadMsgsChanged-signal to setFolderInfoStatus. Reviewed by Ingo.
      Add the kmail-specific subscription classes. They're not activated yet.
      move to namespace KMail
      Fix bug# 51601 and make sure the scrolling-bug stays fixed
      rename subscription to subscriptiondialog
      Some small bugfixes and the migration to imapaccountbase
      Yes, the subscription dialog is in.
      Select the startup folder
      Add the startup feature to the introduction
      Fix bug 52333
      Fix bug 53304 (click on local folders selects cachedimap) and make sure you can select a folder after the about page was displayed. Poa, enough bug-fixing for today.
      Fix bug 51981
      Fix imap notification and select notification on a per-folder basis.
      Fix bug 53521 (Blurry font in unread column)
      Fix bug 55252. Someone forgot disconnected imap.
      Clean up the new-mail-check, queue new checks, don t block or return silently.
      Old fix from 3_1_BRANCH to make sure the toggles for unread and total column have the correct state
      Make the new mailcheck structure actually work ;-)
      Fix bug 55466
      Remove the Sending still in progress message
      Fix some bugs concerning the new-mail-checks. The status messages should work correctly again. Reviewed by Ingo.
      Just to make sure we have no dangling pointer
      Include the cachedimap folders in the foldertree-hierarchy. Order is local-cachedimap-imap-news-other.
      According to rfc2060 "the case-insensitive mailbox name INBOX is a special name..."
      More intuitive switches for the unread count
      Do not crash when the creation of a folder fails
      Fix bug 55639.
      I simply overlooked that part.
      Do not crash in kroupware wizard when some error occurs
      Fix a crash when the imap headers are downloaded/generated on startup
      Checkin of files needed for load-attachments-on-demand
      Add a copyright notice
      Remember the open/closed state of the local root again
      Move to isubject and iobserver
      Make sure we return the correct unread count
      Changes needed for load-on-demand:
      Load imap attachments on demand and load the messages itself progressively. Cool ;-)
      One CR is enough. That fixes the strange bug with broken signatures in the sent-mail-folder.
      Fix loop with courier and personal namespace.
      Set a composed message as complete, this fixes bug 60003 (thanks for the hint Till :-))
      Nice thing on top: do not crash
      Make sure that multipart/alternative messages with an empty textpart are displayed correctly
      QPtrList.remove modifies it.current() so this was not correct. And as we want to delete all concerning jobs do not break
      - Fix bug 62943
      - display attachment-contextmenu (right-click) in readerwin before loading the part so that you immediately get feedback
      Delete non-existent messages
      Reload the folder if the mailbox size has changed. This way we can delete messages that were deleted (expunged) by other clients
      When uidvalidity changes:
      Do not show menu entries that do not work. And refresh does nothing in this case.
      Load signed emails in the traditional, complete way as it is much faster than loading each and every part.
      As nobody objected I commit the already posted patch to first show the attachment menu before loading the part.
      Reload the folderlisting after the subscription dialog was confirmed
      The INBOX disappeared after a second listDirectory which is not very nice. Behave better.
      Do not display an error message when creating an imap folder. Independent from this the folder settings are currentyl not saved correctly.
      My heart always stops beating for a second when I see the log message "Removing folder". Change it to something less stressing.
      Do not connect to imap servers during startup that are excluded from checks.
      Leave the decision whether to load the mime header or not to the bodyvisitor
      Make sure that we get no crash from that thingy
      Do not crash on exit when the connection to the imap server failed
      Make the first columns full width according to wish #67036. The rest has to be done after the feature freeze.
      Do not delete the INBOX during the folderlisting when you create a new folder for an UW imap server. This folderlisting code is way too complicated...I will have to clean it up after 3.2 I think.
      Parts in encapsulated multipart messages were not found correctly. I rewrote this function because it was simply buggy and ugly.
      Fix bug #67037. Remove the workaround to temporarily set the dialog in load-mode.
      Fix imap attachment handling - size IS actually 0 if you habe load-on-demand
      Not needed here as slotSlaveError already does this
      Remove broken imap folders with an empty imappath because they block the new-mail check and therefore the retrieval of headers.
      Check for the correct return code
      As listDirectory is called during startup the Connecting state is acceptable
      First step to reduce flicker with load-on-demand: update the readerwin only when it is necessary
      We only need the MIME header from attachments and multipart-definitions
      KDE_DEPRECATED: setActiveWindow -> activateWindow
      Do not show the header of the msg immediately (load-on-demand) but wait for the first part.
      Well, KMFolderImap::getMsg is called around 10 times on each msg and that sets the msg to incomplete.
      Do not mark messages that are already complete as incomplete
      This should fix 69004, 69157, 68992
      A little more security, this should also fix the very latest crash of #69004 and get germany 1 point back.
      Fix some nasty load-on-demand bugs:
      Make sure the ConnectionState is handled correctly
      When an imap msg is loaded the first time the signature state is unknown.
      Yet Another Extra Check
      Fix bug 69127 and make the listing code at least a bit more logical.
      The debug should not go in there
      Messages were sometimes not displayed when you selected a folder from a different account because the slave was not connected yet.
      It does not make sense to load the message on demand when the AttachmentStrategy is inline
      I still can not reproduce bug 70589 but this safety check should fix it.
      Revert because Ingo convinced me that not all attachments are display inline
      dIMAP is obviously a bit slow with the connection.
      First assemble and cleanup the message before we display it.
      Fix bug 70377 (UW-imap with prefix #mh), confirmed by Dag (thanks for the testaccount).
      Set whoField for local folders correctly, patch by Severin Greimel
      The check if the folder does actually exist is also needed for dIMAP.
      Workaround to update the readerwin when a message with no body and only an attachment is shown.
      Do not create the message for inlined messages (iconic view) from string but from the DwMessage.
      Similar to 70169: do not construct the new message for the separate readerwin from string.
      Load imap messages that are smaller than 5KB in one go even if lod is activated.
      Fix copying/moving of imap messages to different accounts.
      ms-tnef attachments resulted in an error from kmgroupware about a missing file /tmp/bla
      Do not crash
      Do not crash when a folder is removed on the imap server behind kmails back.
      License update
      Overriding the msgSize is no good for mbox. The msg was unGetted, the new msgbase inherits the msgsize and the next read
      Redo msgLength fix, was obviously overwritten by the merge
      Fix i18n regression of INBOX
      Better progress info for IMAP
      Correct the sizes shown in the mtv for imap messages. Parts sum up the size of their children and compare this to their own.
      Forward from BRANCH
      Add a constructor from Entity - this is needed to fix LOD
      Fix LOD by creating the partNode from the already existing object and not from string
      Add the UID the msgSize on server to the index.
      Prepare the imapjob for progress updates from put-operations.
      Forward port from the BRANCH: make only items checkable that can hold content
      Do not crash on startup. Took me half an hour to find out that mStorage might be not initialized yet, grrr.
      Add an attachment icon to the status icons.
      Script to update account names with ID, patch will follow
      Some fixes, this script should work now
      Refactor resend message as command.
      Fix attachment icon for dimap
      Read/Write our config
      More ++ for the C. And make the group optional
      Set/Reset group, thanks David
      constness and include disconnected imap (just in case we want to use this)
      Add an Id to the account so that (d)imap accounts can be renamed without data loss.
      Display subscriptions correctly even if the INBOX is not subscribed
      This comment was not correct
      Do not crash and use i18n everywhere (now really needed because otherwise the accountid is shown)
      The get-rid-of-old-things patch.
      Fix recursive deletion of folders for imap. Works also for dimap (of course ;-))
      Include the dimap accounts in the popup for copy/move
      Fix Empty Trash. It works also with imap.
      well, aeh, yes, hmm, you know, ...
      Cleanup the folder dialog logic a bit, please give it a try if the presets are all ok
      The dimap folder listing now works with prefix. It uses the same logic as online imap.
      Do not reload the complete foldertree if the account is synced
      Get rid of unneeded listDir and fix potential crash
      That should reduce the cpu load a bit
      I would say f**
      Not needed anymore and broken anyway
      Minor cleanups
      Do not suppress public INBOXes
      Fix renaming of (d)imap accounts. Correctly assign the id and the folder.
      This was wrong. How do we do that for dimap?
      Some fixes for the attachment icon. Dedicated to the fearless Cebit fighter Michael Brade ;-)
      Kill pending jobs when the subscription dialog is closed
      message/rfc822 is correct, kmail can handle this and konqueror then detects it also correctly
      Make the protocol more consistent with the capabilities
      Change return type for konq integration, kmail does not care anyway
      Speedup the subscription dialog and add a new list type LSUBNOCHECK.
      Not needed
      Support parsing a MIME header from an attachment. Just in case somebody needs it ;-)
      Remove unneeded internal mimetype function.
      Controller is deprecated and setInfo should do a bit more.
      This is not correct anymore as we get full listings for the subscription dialog
      Remember the description column
      Speedup for the subscription dialog.
      Emit processedSize
      Add progress info for put
      That can not work
      Make the retrieval of attachments from konq work. Next step is to tell kmail to use this
      Show a different label when loading
      Great speedup for the subscription dialog.
      Disable DND for IMAP with load-on-demand until I have a better solution.
      Use KIO::NetAccess for saving attachments to remote urls.
      2nd try to save attachments via network.
      Check if we definitely know the message before deleting it.
      We do not really need a busy ptr for the properies dialog of an attachment.
      Accept connecting state for accounts, otherwise the first mailcheck with a collapsed account is ignored
      I do not know why we special case the system folders here but the imap inbox should not be affected.
      Centralize attribute parsing and transfer the original attributes via UDS_EXTRA
      Add the "list only open folders" feature.
      Proposal for an (d)imap list job.
      At least compile the job
      Add the ListJob for imap, dimap and subscription.
      Correctly set the selected folder when the parent changes
      Reselect all messages as otherwise the selection is lost when new mail arrives.
      Seems like I reverted Ingos changes, sorry for that
      Add a crashguard. Hope this helps.
      This utf8 check does not really work and as you can encode virtually anything in utf8 I do not see a problem
      Do not show inbox as expandable when it was created
      Fix the crash.
      Got you finally. That is a corner case: open a folder, an unread msg is selected,
      Add new feature
      Better icons and deactivate Refresh folder list for dimap
      Send a noop every 60 sec. Pretty basic solution but should work.
      Give the account more time to check for new mail.
      Display summary only if all accounts are checked.
      Make the new-mail check for online imap wait for a connection. This didn't work when the
      Wait for a connection.
      Change kdWarning to kdDebug as proposed by Ingo
      Add a progress info to the imap listDir. The account handles the parent progressitem
      Only create the progressitem if a parent is given
      Update the folderlist when folder are included/excluded from new-mail-check
      Fix connection
      More status information for message retrieval
      - Fix the pretty broken JumpToUnread logic
      Change 'setAlreadyRemoved' to work recursive as subfolders are also deleted when the parent disappears.
      Display patches correctly when the attachment style is inlined
      Do not crash when the folder creation failed
      Support the creation of #driver.mbx style folders. Actually this is a bugfix as it is not
      Display error messages when we get some from the Server check.
      (Hopefully) finally fix all jumpToUnread cases for online imap. Local and imap
      Correct expanded state for new folders
      Crash guard
      Online IMAP with search folders fixes - part 1
      Copying to a folder that also contains folders should be ok
      The rest of the search folder fixes.
      Correctly finish progress items when the user canceled the password dialog
      Terminate the progress correctly
      Add QWhatsthis for load-on-demand and list-only-open-folders
      Do not rely on ";" alone to find the parameters but use "/;" instead.
      Account root is always expandable
      All operations should be cancelable
      That was a nice one: ExpireJob deletes messages - when you select the folder the serial number is used -
      Save the current state when the session is saved
      Close imap folders
      Crash guard
      Mailboxes can only be renamed if they are closed so do this. At least it works now for cyrus servers,
      Get the delimiter very early so that we do not run into problems
      Fix creation of toplevel imap folders.
      If the user is not allowed to create folders under INBOX do not give him the chance
      Fix renaming of folders. No, the dot is not the only possible separator.
      Second part of the fix: also rename the mbox correctly
      Do not check the root folder of the account - you will get an error that the box does not exist.
      Do not report ssl connection errors.
      Seems something broke redrawing of the email so I have to live with a bit more flickering
      Some IMAP folder renaming fixes:
      Compare capabilities case-insensitive.
      Do not overwrite a valid id. New folders now get and stick to their id
      Do not crash during startup. This patch is rather intrusive but I do not see a chance to fix it without
      Make sure the selected message is visible. finalizeMove should do that but it obviously does not work
      Do not remove white spaces from the subject. This is the fix for the kioslave,
      Give the user the choice what action to execute when a folder is entered:
      Fix compiling
      Crash guard
      Crash guard
      Terminate when connection times out
      Backport: make sure the selected msg is visible
      Fix whitespace removal from subject comment.
      Fix imap dnd
      Fix view messages source and imap
      Also update the progressbar from the popup.
      Finally fix the servertest. Introduce an error count that fires only if both connections fail.
      From branch: Fix dnd with imap
      From branch: update the progress bar.
      From branch: Fix servertest
      Quote email adresses and thus display the sender/receiver correctly in kmail.
      kioslave part of imap search
      Support IMAP body search
      Can somebody please backport this?
      Change the popup menus for copy and move so that the folders are arranged according to the foldertree.
      This should hopefully fix the problem with disappearing dimap folders
      Better imap support for the search.
      Several fixes:
      Hopefully fix Tills imap search crashes
      Show normaler folder status info in broadcastbar when an imap folder is selected. The information that the account was checked for new mails is not really helpful
      Cache the delimiter in stat so that new-mail-checks are faster
      I love the string match of QObjects connect
      Seems like it was no good idea to use the same signal for new searches and for the update
      Make sure writeConfig is written after all changes.
      Backport: Make sure writeConfig is written after all changes.
      Correctly end new-mail-check when a folder reports an error.
      Debug namespace
      Forward port 92416
      Do not include search folders in the copy/move menu
      Refactor imap search to a job
      Add searchjob
      Better progress feedback when an imap folder is selected
      Fix X-Count parsing
      Init the QDict.
      Better folder selection.
      And the files
      More FolderRequesters
      A job to rename or move imap folders
      Multipart fix no.1: delete the old parts when we create new ones
      Add the feature to move folders to any other location. Non local folders
      Less noise
      Do not relay the header as this is done by imap4::get. Fixes duplicate headers
      .MIME and .HEADER are not attachments
      Fix multipart digest messages with imap and lod.
      If more than 50% of the email has to be downloaded fall back to classic imap
      Backport fix for 93310
      Fix imap lod bug: after viewing the msg source notify the observers (in this case the readerwin)
      Add related as subtype.
      Do not display broken images when they are loaded by demand and have content disposition inline
      NAMESPACE support for the kioslave
      The Local Folders-virtual folder is always nice to handle. Anyway - cope with it.
      A new msg has no serial number and therefore transferInProgress is pretty useless. Result is a great speedup for imap->local copies
      Close the destination folder only if all messages have been added.
      Fix for the optimisation including an optimisation
      Also check the name attribute of the content-type for the attachment icon.
      Make searching non-blocking again.
      Fix the preview of encapsulated messages with imap and lod. Finally :-)
      Seems like new does not necessarily mean unread. Strange.
      Probably not a bad idea to calculate the attachment state after the message
      Do not display a pgp signature as attachment.
      Refactor the attachment handling into it's own command.
      It is indeed nicer to check for the ContentType
      Load also the mimeheader for other parts to get the encoding correctly.
      Whatever that meant to be...
      Do not list folder with \Noinferiors
      To copy mails from local to an imap folder took ages because the imap
      FolderRequester for the filter dialog. I think it should still work but I have
      And the next step from the Usability study: kick the "Belongs To" off the properties
      Revert my fix for NoInferiors folders until I know a better way. Darn.
      Do not crash when moving an imap folder. The headers reacted on the msgRemoved signal and tried to get the next message which was just being moved...BOOM. Also make sure that any message are moved back when something went wrong.
      Fix the creation of dimap toplevel folders
      As requested some time ago: open the folderrequester with the space key
      Manage the connections better
      Cleanup: do not call finished after error and return immediately.
      Show an accurate progress dialog at least when 1 message is uploaded.
      Show a summary when a single folder is checked and the new message count did not change
      Remove comment
      Detect folders that can not be selected (e.g. write-only).
      Do not show an error message if a write-only folder is selected. This should be ok as
      Show submenu also for the account root folders
      A single line that fixes quite a lot :-)
      Check if the message is valid. George, can you test this?
      - small cleanups
      Backport: hopefully fix the dimap cache eater
      Fix attachment issues.
      Backport of:
      Do not set the message as complete but do not pass it to the parent command.
      makeConnection did not notice that the slave had no connection.
      IMAP Search changes:
      Do not crash (and change indentation so that it matches the rest of the file)
      Use correct action.
      Complete the move command only when it is really done. Solves the crash when you move dimap folders.
      Change the namespace support a bit and fix some problems with it.
      Add namespace support to kmail.
      Handle shift-click ourself and load the attachment if necessary. Thanks to David for the QScrollView help.
      Do not fold after the "key: " part as this adds a blank before the subject line.
      Backport of:
      Backport of:
      Backport of:
      Only use a cleaned up prefix (without delimiter) to match.
      Backport of:
      Backport of:
      Backport of:
      Make sure we have at least one personal namespace even when the server does not send one.
      Do not bounce.
      Remove unused code.
      Make the namespace dialog in the account settings (hopefully) more userfriendly.
      Do not delete folders of other namespaces when one namespace is listed.
      Use the global timeout.
      Reset all vars when a new listing is started.
      Be verbose and write a debug message when an error occurs.
      Use the method when it is there, Luke.
      Ouch. No idea how that crept in but calling KMFolderIndex::take instead of KMFolderMaildir is simply wrong.
      Always send a messageRetrieved signal and make sure the filter can handle it.
      Handle out-of-order UIDs.
      Try to migrate an old prefix as best as we can.
      Minor cleanup.
      Show the splash only for folders that can have content.
      Include the namespace with the listjob and use this one to see if the to-be-deleted folders
      - Save the correct serial number in the metadata map and not always the same.
      Increase the splash timeout to 1 sec to reduce flicker.
      Optimization: if we do not find the pattern in the complete string we will not find it in a substring.
      - remove unused code
      Sync todo icon with kmheaders
      - merge uidmap and metadata map
      Add a comment, disable a duplicate update check and fix indent. Nothing fancy ;-)
      Fix the comment: there is no asByteArray function (unfortunately)
      s/0L/0/ and several performance improvements:
      Fix Tills fix for the search updates: block signals while the message has no UID.
      Use the kfoldertree as parent class for the folder selection dialog.
      Set the tree to Single selection mode.
      The folder is not needed here. And add an additional check so that we do not pass any invalid uids around.
      Add Whatsthis help to the namespace.
      Make getFolder handle it's own open/close sequence. That should fix current imap crashes.
      Upon user request: restore the old behaviour to open all folders.
      One is enough is enough is enough.
      Do not send empty searches to the imap server.
      My last commit included another detail and this commit is the missing part for it:
      Add the option to preselect the type of folder and not to ask the user.
      Use DwString also to set the ID
      Compare the IDs correctly with kasciistricmp.
      I see no reason to check for lostboys here.
      Do not overwrite namespace changes by the user.
      Some changes to make the mkdir code simpler: the kioslave now relies on the client to
      Now that kmail also knows the correct delimiter (from the namespace code) use it
      Use the correct delimiter for disconnected imap. Refactor this stuff a bit to make the creation of
      Safety: when the imapPath is empty delete the folder only locally and not on the server.
      Make sure no empty imap path is set/saved and issue a warning in this case.
      I did not see this part where the path for disconnected imap folders is build.
      Delete folders only local when the account was deleted.
      Remove backtrace.
      Empty strings are read from the config as empty strings and not
      Set the imapPath also when no namespace combo was available
      Fix UI bug as reported by Casey Allen Shobe: when you click OK on the
      Mimelib creates empty header fields when you ask for them and they do not
      It is always nice to initialize variables. This one might help with bugs
      Always construct valid searches
      Do not try to update an attachment when the source should be viewed.
      Only remove the / when it is not quoted - fixes wrong searches.
      Make sure the client can rely on uppercase /INBOX/ path.
      Do not create wrong folder paths.
      Do not close a selected folder, this is a hotfix for the messagelist corruption.
      Init variable, as posted on kde-pim
      Small fixes from kde-pim
      This is better as 0 does not make sense
      At least do not crash when getMsg returns 0. BUGS: 126060
      If the server does not tell us the default delimiter with either the
      Check for cache != null
      There was an open missing which lead to the famous chain of horror: the parent
      It is too risky to delete the new folder in case the undo did not work
      When you move messages from an imap to a local folder you get the
      This should help a bit with duplicated messages
      Revert Till's fix as it breaks the detection of read messages.
      Do not crash if we have no prefixes

Carsten Duvenhorst (1):
      use <kcolorbutton.h> from now on ...

Carsten Pfeiffer (62):
      * added standard accelerator keys (new, print, save, help, close, quit)
      added a "-" for dereferencing a pointer (->)
      make it compile
      don't crash when pressing the Delete button and there is no current item
      cursor fix
      whew :)
      use KTextBrowser to get the right hand-cursor
      -      labelDialog->setIcon(kapp->miniIcon());
      needs -ooutputfile to compile
      speedup regular checking (return immediately when the mbox is of 0 size)
      completion for email-addresses
      - buttons opening a new window must have "..." appended to their text
      recent email addresses (in completion and the addressbook viewer)
      a few small fixes:
      - internal addressbook based on QStringList now
      - speed up generate_key() a bit, by doing the date stuff only when needed
      don't create the same QStrings over and over again, there is a
      no thanks, Waldo. Let's see if the beta testers complain, and we can
      Cristian said, the oldstyle address completion didn't work for him.
      no respone so far, so here it is:
      +  mListBox->sort();
      making completion case insensitive. You need current kdelibs for that
      add some tooltips for the addressbook buttons
      fix completion for David
      centralize the ugly exit(1)s, show a messagebox via KNotify and use
      use the kstdaccel instead of hardcoded Ctrl-T
      it's incredible how much a bunch of dots can do to usability
      make the composer usable
      compile + set fixed/proportional font toggle-shortcut to 0
      - scroll to top when showing the next article
      some completion improvements
      port to KDialogBase
      -  // FIXME: these should be actions instead of hard-coded accels,
      prefer KDE classes
      some little optimizations and a fix
      use KMKernel::self()->emergencyExit() instead of exit()!
      show descriptive names instead of mimetypes
      use a KTextBrowser instead of a read-only QMultiLineEdit
      fix Ctr-T completion with just one match
      fix typo
      added QString prettyMimeType( const QString& type ) and used it to show
      don't wait forever on dead lockfiles:
      some cleanup + potential crash fix
      fix warning
      - centralize CryptPlugWrapperList in KMKernel to fix ownership problems
      - use findRef() instead of find() if you reimplement compareItems() in a
      there hasn't been any argument against committing this, so here it is:
      void KMComposeWin::addAttach(const KURL aUrl)
      better tab-order
      lineedit should have initial focus
      show the filters in the combo on startup, not only after editing them
      I don't see why this needs to connect() and disconnect() to the same
      - rename "Personal Address Book" to "Other Addresses" and only show
      notify KABC about config changes
      make it static if it doesn't access any members

Carsten Wolff (3):
      Make the created certifcates work with 509-1 CAs
      use a different separator for the acl list, as discussed in:
      use a different separator for the acl list, as discussed in:

Casey Link (196):
      Use proper DBUS_INTERFACE install directory. KDE4_DBUS_INTERFACE_DIR is for reading, DBUS_INTERFACES_INSTALL_DIR is for installing. Now kdepim can be installed in a separate prefix than kdelibs.
      initial commit to port recipients editor to Akonadi API. Implements the async ContactSearchJob API. Virtuoso doesn't allow partial matches with strings < 4 characters in length, so auto completion will not return a match until 4 characters have been typed.
      Remove KResources from addresseelineedit, and add a source label for Akonadi.
      Complete akonadi port of addresseelineedit. Removed KResource cruft, cleaned up my style, and, most importantly, contacts will now appear in the list under the heading of their akonadi collection. Weighting akonadi contacts still needs to be done, but I'm not sure how (is it even needed?).
      Forgot to commit this. Remove stale code after KResource purge.
      properly set the fetch scope when getching contacts so parent collections are retrieved
      the viewer/urlhandlermanager expects that the message (mMessage) it is
      add a missing assemble after removing an attachment from the mime tree.
      Add a TagListMonitor class to inform interested parties when the list of
      Make the TagActionManager be a client of TagListMonitor instead of being
      Refactor the load() method into a slot, because SecurityPageSMimeTab
      Refactor the snippet widget to take an editor of type of the subclass
      Trivial signal/slot connection fix. Doesn't look like this code is even
      kmail: add a delegate for listing resources with a kmail specific option button.
      configure dialog: use the previously committed delegate to add retrieval options
      configure dialog: add missing i18ns
      configure dialog: retrieval options setting now follows the make changes -> emit changed -> save on apply/ok model
      cleanup.. not sure how this happened
      agent delegate: fix the width of the items in the delegat
      config dialog: remove the check on startup option from the retreival options menu
      configure dialog: remove the original generic checkmail on startup button
      configure dialog: make selecting accounts work again
      kmail: show akonadi agents' progress in kmail
      kmail: only create progressitems for rfc822 agents
      kmail: don't hardcode the mimetype, thanks kevin k
      configure dialog: use a QSharedPointer
      be less chatty.
      refactor the recipients editor in kmail such that it subclasses a
      fix some comments
      remove setEditFont, because as thomas said: Changing the font should be done in the system settings, for all line edits, but not by individual applications.
      make method const
      rename file to match the internal class name
      Add the recipient data calss to the MessageComposer namespace
      fix MultiplyingLineView's constructor
      const correctness++
      clean up the interface, improve comments, add parameter names
      remove warnings
      add parameter names, remove unnecessary destructor
      more polishing, use kpushbutton instead of qpushbutton, fix constructor
      restrict scope of loop var
      implement method body, fix constructor
      the initial attendee editor for the new incidenceeditors ng
      integrate the new attendee editor, replacing the hardcoded non functional proof of concept.
      fix enter/return pressed behavior
      make string shorter
      insert the attendee line editor into the correct grid position
      add the ability to change the style of the multiplyinglineeditor's view, and set the default attendeeeditor's frame to be styled & sunken
      remove old classes
      cleanup remnants of the old recipients editor, and remove the -ng tag from the new shiny one.
      fix typo
      attendee editor: move the line editor cursor to the beginning when editing finishes.
      attendee editor: prettify the layout, right align some labels
      attendee editor: disable the solve button by default
      attendee editor: populate the organizer combo with the list of identities
      attendee editor: add public method to retrieve attendees from the multiplying line editor
      attendee editor: rudimentary implementation of save()
      attendee editor: add method to add attendees to the muliplying line editor
      attendee editor: track the uid, and clear the line properly
      attendee editor: save the organizer
      attendee editor: handle the identity combo internally (rather than in the ui file)
      attendee editor: implement load()
      add copyrights from the old editor which i've copied some code from.
      attendee editor: debug--
      attendee editor: add missing signal
      attendee editor: qcombobox wasn't extensible enough, so add this new widget that acts like a combobox but looks like a qtoolbutton.
      remove unnecessary include
      attendee editor: make the select attendee button work.
      use qscopedpointer instead of qpointer
      attendee editor: change text of the select attendees button, and add tooltip+whatsthis
      attendee editor: prevent empty strings from ending up in the organizer combo
      update the attendee status icons
      improve the alarm dialog by fixing some labels
      adjust the size of the recurrence combos to the size of their contents
      Add some i18n support to the recurrence incidence editor, based on the helpful email from Chusslove.
      name all the tabs in the incidence editor
      update the attendee tab label with the number of attendees
      push kgantt2 patch by Andras.
      Properly set the modified flag in the recipients editor.
      first commit of freebusy port. copies exisiting editor + andras's kdgantt2 changes + comment out a bunch of stuff to make it compile
      Update the sieve script util function to use the MailTransport enum.
      Fix regression. Recipients picked in the recipients picker will now be picked with the correct type as picked in the recipients picker. :)
      remove cruft and remove debug statements
      Don't override the isValid method, as it doesn't really apply to the attendee editor. Herm, perhaps if there are time conflicts it should report as invalid? I'm not really sure what constitutes an invalid incidenceeditor.
      Fix regression caused by commit r1148048
      set the modified flag when appropriate
      more dirty checking.
      return a temp value in the meantime.
      more temp patching, to fix windows build.
      Correctly implement isDirty. Simply verify that the original incidence's attendees match the list of attendees currently in the widget. Perhaps keeping a copy of the original incidence around is too much? Not sure how to test this method since as far as I can tell load() is never called.
      More freebusy porting, use AttendeeData::Ptrs, and correct the namespaces.
      Port groupwareintegration, and activate it in main.cpp. Also add a EditorFreeBusy member to incidenceattendee.
      make the solve button launch the free busy dialog.
      remove unecessary cruft from pre-ng eras.
      alert free busy dialog when the organizer changes.
      Emit a signal in incidencedatetime when the start end dates are changed, and connect that up to the free busy editor so it can adjust the gantview.
      fetch the organizer's free busy data
      Robustly handle the connection to Akonadi's Groupware FreeBusyManager. Cannot assume the FreeBusyManager is initialized in the EditorFreeBusy constructor. Though it would be nice if we could. This is a workaround in the meantime.
      Remove stale code.
      Add Conflict Resolver and Free Busy item. Both come from editorfreebusy, but have been refactpred to not make any assumptions about the presentation of Free Busy data. This greatly simplifies things as it provides a nice seperation between the stringy and complicater KDGantt code, and the code that actually calculates scheduling conflicts.
      Track whether the freebusy manager connection has been made, and ensure attendees added before the connection is made are reloaded.
      Whenever FB data is updated, re-calculate conflicts and emit the number of conflicts found.
      Add a contains attendee method to the conflict resolver.
      Integrate the conflict resolver into the Attendee Incidence, and connect some plumbing to insert new Attendees and update the conflict label. Doesn't quite work as expected yet, because the attendee objects are all shated pointers, so the name/email of the attendee that the conflict resolver fetches the freebusy data from akonadi for is the first character the user types into the edit. Example: "J" if the user started typing "Joe <joe at>".
      don't update everytime the user presses a key, rather only update when the editingfinished signal is emitted.
      Add a method to retrieve a copy of the KCal::Attendee data stored in the AttendeeData object.
      AttendeeData wasn't designed to be used outside of the multiplying line editor, so when passing off the data to other objects pass a copy of the KCal::Attendee data.
      Fix typo. This line was flat out wrong.
      Emit conflicts changed signal even when there are 0 conflicts. Let the consumer decide how to handle it.
      recalculate conflicts when the start end times are changed
      Request Response should be checked by default
      explain constructor parameters
      Fix one linking error for mobile build.
      move groupwareintegration.cpp to the incidenceeditors_ng_desktop library, as there doesn't exist a groupware delegate for the mobile version yet. this will cause undefined behavior in the free busy stuff in the mobile app.
      Emit a signal when an item is completed in the addressee line edit.
      Change the internal event handling of the attendee line editor such that a signal is emitted when the attendee data changes, that contains the previous attendee and the new one.
      Take advantage of the new attendee editor signal, and dynamically update the conflict resolver as attendees are added by the user.
      Add an aboutToBeDeleted() function to the MultiplyingLine interface that is called right before the line is deleted.
      Implement the aboutToBeDeleted method in the attendee line, and emit a changed attendee signal.
      Fix change handling logic to correctly remove attendees from the conflict resolver as they are deleted from the attendee editor.
      Turns out akonadi expects the KCal::Attendee's email() field to contain the simple email address. So parse out the required parts and set them.
      Emit the datetimes changed signal whenever the datetimes are changed, whether that be the result of the user or programmtic change.
      Re-calculate conflicts after removing an attendee.
      Add the scheduling dialog.
      Instead of using a dateTimesChanged() signal, break it up into separate signals.
      Add some start/end date/time accessors to the date time incidence.
      Set current date times on the conflict resolver.
      while using a uint is logically correct, it causes compiler warnings, and a cast is overkill. so we'll just use an int like everyone else.
      Refactor the weekday check combo box used in the recurrence incidence editor into a standalone widget, and place it in libkdepim. It will be re-used in the scheduling conflicts dialog.
      Use the new KWeekdayCheckCombo in the recurrence incidence editor.
      Add constraint setters to the conflict resolver. This will enable the resolver to match free time slots absed on a set of constraints. Currently these constraints are min/max timeframe to search, allowed weekdays, and mandatory roles. Hopefully the documentation is sufficient.
      Flesh out the Scheduling dialog, which will be the front end to the conflict resolver. Only the desktop version is supported for the moment, so it is #ifdefed in the attendee incidence editor, and not included in the mobile ie-ng shared sources.
      Change the resolver interface. A bit array makes more sense, and matches the api of the other places in kpim where weekdays are passed around.
      Notify the conflict resolver, when the constraints change.
      Make the datetime accessor methods public. Bertjan, this makes my life a thousand times easier when reacting to changes in the conflict resolver, I'll flag you in the commits so you can see the usage.
      Rename methods. Now they're shorter and less redundant.
      Some work on the conflict resolver. Flesh out the interface a bit, and work some on the finding all free slots algorithm. I'm way to tired to finish this now, gonna tackle it in the morning when I'm fresh.
      Handle the event duration change for the resolver. Bertjan, this is what I was talking about.. those convenience methods are super nice :)
      Export ConflictResolver
      GroupwareIntegration belongs in -NG now
      Working implementation of the scheduling conflict resolver, with several unit tests. See conflictresolver.cpp for algorithm specifics. There are still some optmizations to be made, but it is already plenty fast for normal workloads.
      Bunch of little fixes to make the organizer show up as an attendee with RSVP unchecked, and default status as Accepted. This matches pre-NG behavior.
      fix oversight that prevented the RSVP checkbox from being set correctly on data load.
      renable the behind the scenes conflict checker. at the moment it still uses the olde code, which is fine as all we want here is the number of conflicts.
      change the label on the conflict solving button to something that won't scare away those who don't like math, and add a tooltip+whatsthis.
      More usability fixes. All the form elements in the desktop ui's attendee editor now have tooltips and whatsthis'
      Misc grouped changes:
      Misc scheduling dialog improvements
      ensure the organzer is inserteed into the conflict resolver.
      rather than assert, return an invalid value
      Emit date times changed, this was missing and was prevent the conflict resolver from receiving the dates on initial load.
      by default check mon-friday
      Add a data model for the free periods
      Initial refactor of the gantt view into a standalone widget.
      Remove stale code. No longer needed thanks to bertjan's major groupware refactorings.
      Add FreeBusyItem Model, a model that is responsible for fetching and exposing access to a list of freebusyitems. Includes extensive tests.
      add missing typedef
      Forgot to commit this modeltest
      this is a work in progress. pushing to prevent future conflicts. it compiles, but breaks prety much all functionality (not that there was much before)
      Add the organizer as an attendee by default. This behavior worked last week, not sure what happened.
      filter out null FB items before locating free slots
      Prevent double insertion of the organizer attendee into the resolver.
      remove stale code
      port freeperiodmodel to kcalcore
      Flesh out the free period model for the free time slot search text ui. Includes tests.
      Inform the period model when new free slots are found.
      Fix some corner cases in the conflict resolver. Add appropriate tests.
      Fix another corner case, and add another test case.
      Signal the resolver when the free busy item model changes.
      Pass the event start datetimes to the scheduling dialog, so it can properly set the free time slot search range (default is 7 days).
      Use i18n properly. Fixes ARGUMENT_MISSING errors.
      remove duplicates from the free period list, and then sort the list in ascending order.
      Clear the available slots list when doing another calculation.
      Reset the freeperiodmodel properly.
      Properly apply the allowed weekdays constraint.
      when splitting periods, ensure tiny leftover periods are ignored if they are below the resolution threshold.
      By default check the all roles in the scheduling dialog, also update the resolver when the weekdays combo is changed.
      Change the free period list to a table, but hide the headers so it still appears like a list. This adds some alignment and such. Also fix the width of the role and weekday combos.
      Oops, a copy/paste gone awry. Fix build.
      be less verbose
      Fix removal of attendees from the fbitem model.
      temp commit
      Revert "temp commit"
      Use an email validator on the email edit in the identity editor.
      Some i18n fixes, and alignment fixes.
      Add some documentation.
      Refactor the FreeBusyGanttProxyModel into its own file for testing purposes. Add a unit test.
      Reduce free slot calculation delay to zero.
      Show the AM/PM in the free period list if the locale uses it.
      Add the "Move appointment to" section of the scheduling dialog. This allows the user to select a free time slot from the list view, and move the appointment to a slot that is a subset of the larger slot and lasts for the duration of the appointment.
      Add startDate and startTime setters.
      Selecting a new time in the scheduling dialog, and accepting the dialog will now update the incidencedatetime as expected.
      Fix some bugs in the FreeBusyGanttProxyModel, and flesh out the unit tests.
      Major fixes for the freebusyganttproxymodel, now that I have a better understanding for how KDGantt actually works with respect to multiple items on one line.
      pass the incidence start end date times to the gantt widget, so the current time can be centered on

Casper Boemann (4):
      Change various frames to make a nicer visual appearence
      less empty space around "applications" when viewed in kontact
      Make sure the right end of quicksearchbar is not cut off.
      Fix searchbar from visually cutting off widgets

Cedric Bellegarde (1):
      Add autocompletion to kmail composer when nepomuk is disabled

Charles Connell (1):
      Install libkleo/ui headers so Kopete can use them

Charles Samuels (13):
      Fix of and KAboutData thingy
      KPilot is somewhat broken, but these are supposed to be KAboutData edits.
      KAboutData stuff!
      KAboutData stuff. More to come in kdeutils..
      This is my daily huge commit for KAboutData.  There are also patches for
      Just a readme for compiling the test file.
      We've now got a nice little test proggy for our Base64 encoder.
      Just some more documentation :)
      Showing off some of my base64 code :)
      puts together a content-disposition message.  This code is about as boring
      And there's a token
      Gahh! I say to rikkus. Gahh! :)
      spell lose correctly but don't cause a fuzzy

Chris Cheney (4):
      AUTO is case sensitive and was installing into dir auto not kalarm
      added extra includes for glib/gtk, however it appears kdepim ignores them,
      test -z "$pisock_path" is true when there is no path set, which is the opposite
      debian packaging update for kdepim 3.2.0-0pre1v1

Chris Howells (19):
      Modify the pgp status strings to make the meaning clearer
      Invalidating the data
      Don't use P accelerator for two menu options
      Trivial UI fix -- the labels should be disabled as well as the buttons if "use custom icons" isn't checked":
      Remove accidentally introduced blank line
      Language cleanup, as discussed on kde-cvs
      At least if we're going to have damn annoying features that rival Microsoft Word in trying to make the computer pretend it's intelligent, allow the user to turn it off easily (the feature which prompts you to add an attachment if you used the word 'patch' in a completely irrelevent context somewhere in your mail)
      Checking for a duplicate subject is completely broken. Why should it care if there is a duplicate
      This is an import filter from OS X It works apart from the progress indicator, which I'll
      Stolen the graphic from kpersonalizer because it looks slightly less crap
      Fix sasl detection on FreeBSD/amd64
      Backport Ade's FreeBSD build fixes from HEAD
      no such class as KOWeekView
      Fix some typographical errors
      Fix a (potentially considerable) memory leak, ipath got created with new each updateView() got called but was never delete'd
      Add Cut & Copy to the context menu when right clicking on an incidence in KOrganizer and add Paste to the context menu when clicking on a blank space. This makes it easier to Cut/Copy/Paste events and therefore should make it more obvious how to transfer events between calendars
      Use an icon for events just like todos and journals etc
      Remove checks for obsolete versions of Qt

Christian Ehrlicher (42):
      fix exports/win32 compile
      small fix
      small win32 compile++
      msvc compile++
      add dummy operator for msvc
      move export macro to the front
      need KDE_EXPORT here
      win32 compile++
      libkgpg is not compilable on win32 - use k/qprocess if you want to make it portable
      win32 compile/link
      fix export
      I know it's an external lib, but otherwise it's uncompilable on win32
      remove var name like discussed -> fix compile error
      win32 compile/link
      this should fix kontact compile
      msvc compile++
      small win32 fixes
      fix export macro (win32)
      uninline some functions to fix compile problems with msvc
      win32/msvc warnings & errors--
      msvc compile++ (it needs the DwBinhex dtor as it's a virtual one)
      exporting Akregator::Storage::Storage is not needed (and breaks msvc compilation) - it's a pure virtual interface
      msvc warning--
      fix export (akregator executable needs this)
      (msvc) compile++
      fix exports
      msvc compile++
      msvc warnings--
      undef ERROR (it's a macro on win32)
      win32 compile++
      getline() is defined in <string>
      win32 compile/warnings--
      win32 compile/wanrings--
      startup check
      msvc errors/warnings--
      define KDGNATT_EXPORT to nothing when compiling static
      win32 cmake++
      remove find_package(kdewin)
      remove find_package(kdewin)
      windows compile++

Christian Esken (4):
      Fixes to let it compile again. But please take a look at "Fixme"
      encryptStr(const QString aStr) uses ASCII representation.
      Reverting my earlier patch (this looks more tricky than atr the first look)
      #inlcude kconfig and klocale issues

Christian Gebauer (489):
      XML-GUI conversion
      obsolete with XML-GUI
      * converted icons to png. (we still need new highcolor icons)
      xpms are obsolete
      Edit/Copy and Edit/Find actually work now.
      Setting/Sort submenu works now
      * filter selection menu work again
      fixing KAboutData...
      * introduced KNODE_VERSION
      * XML GUI bugfixing
      replaced two custom icons with standard ones
      XML-GUI-conversion stage 2
      I hope that I am still allowed to commit...
      * simplifing KNodeApp by moving nearly all the actions into the
      printing actually works now ;-)
      ok, Simon, I have read your mail again...
      small glitch :-/
      I think we should have Followup-To in the default header
      merged into knsavedarticle.*
      I forgot one action (mark thread read)
      full cancel & supersede support
      make it compile again
      small credits update
      settings menu for the article window
      even more XML-GUI porting (composer window)
      small bugfix (header listview)
      trying to reduce compile time...
      bug fixes: local file saving, display of plain text attachments
      * filehandling with QFile&QDir instead of system("shell command")
      implemented file insertion in the composer
      implemented spellchecking (configuration is still missing)
      new composer feature: optional use of an external editor
      * close all composer & reader windows on shutdown
      minor fixes
      the settings dialog is now non-modal
      revised user/identity configuration tab
      some *prelimiary* icons for the settings dialog
      revised news & mail server configuration:
      removed unnecessary dependancies between account manager and
      * ok, shutdown behaviour was still badly broken (File/Quit did no
      christian forgot to increment the version number
      make it compile (type fixes)
      fixed typo and stupid bug in error reporting code
      better not delete pointers we want to access later on...
      make it compile
      deactivated broken eventFilter
      added missing i18n()
      ok, no way to hide it, this one includes two
      config file related code cleanup (storage of date values)
      "port" to KMainWindow
      * the other main windows are now KMainWindows, too
      * resolved several menu-option name & accelerator clashes
      * sorting in the account list view
      Big update to the config dialog...
      * fixing charset handling for article display
      ok, the *very last* breakage of the message freeze.
      * spellcheck configuration and font selection for the composer work now
      removed more or less useless quote-sign configure option,
      unplug one of the actions (KActionMenu clone) before deletion,
      still cleaning up after my config dialog commit:
      argh, cut&paste is evil
      switching between short/long group view works now
      some changes on the listview...
      * removed the obsolete conversion/upgrade code (doesn't work for 0.2, we have
      qDebug() -> kdDebug()
      fixed buglet in the progress bar
      remeber where we saved something the
      * the the new count was not update when marking all articles
      fixed crash in the subscribe dialog
      micro fix in KNListView
      fixing "set all read" again, *now* it should really work
      whoops, posting of quoted-printable encoded articles was really
      fixing the broken "show threads" toggle
      fixing translation of headers and standard filters, should
      fixed the message that confused KBabel
      some small fixes and cleanups after Christian's commit
      altered the strategy used to translate standard headers
      fix for #8137:
      fix for #8134
      * struggling with the evil processEvents()...
      +Comment=News Reader
      * proper enabling/disabling of all actions
      new icons here, too.
      restructured the menus a bit, should me more logical now.
      Thomas Diehl says: "Please activate them."
      -  actPostReply = new KAction(i18n("Post &reply"),"reply", Key_R , this, SLOT(slotArtReply()),
      readding them until tackat commits new ones
      <nitpick mode>
      -#include <khtml_part.h>
      commiting several fixes, nobody complained
      make the search dialog use the application icon. (the search dialog
      patch for the segfault in the subscribe dialog,
      increasing the version number to 0.3
      "send later" has now a icon (standard icon "queue"),
      fix for text format/highlighting, as posted on core-devel
      patches, as posted on core-devel (sorry for commiting them so fast,
      as posted on core-devel:
      added calls to KDialogBase::setHelp() for some dialogs
      fix for leafnode bug, as posted
      -  new KAction(i18n("&Send Now"),"mail_send", 0 , this, SLOT(slotSendNow()),
      format the "unknown charset" warning in the same way as the references line
      don't crash when the .rc-file is corrupted
      fix for #9647 (broken font for unknown charsets),
      cosmetic fix:
      I forgot some ISO-8859 charsets.
      ok, not exactly a one-liner, but pretty obvious...
      arghhh, my fault, I comitted this in june.
      -  editBtn=new QPushButton(i18n("&Edit"), this);
      replaced send(2) with write(2), the MSG_NOSIGNAL flag
      as posted on core-devel:
      removed obsolete workaround for a KCharsets bug.
      -      received = recv(tcpSocket, inputEnd, inputSize-(inputEnd-input)-1, MSG_NOSIGNAL);
      fix for -pedantic warning:
      -#define KNODE_VERSION "0.3"
      -#define KNODE_VERSION "0.31"
      I am so stupid...
      replaced all occurences of QSpinBox with KIntSpinBox to
      low color icon
      away with the old stuff, thanks tackat!
      s/warp/wrap everywhere ;-)
      micro fix
      * keep the search dialog open when switching to another group
      fixed icon loading for the filter action
      everybody loves icons
      icons !!!
      use the settings dialog as parent of the subscribe dialog
      the middle mouse button should do the same as the
      fix for #10846, we confused KNGroup::name() and KNGroup::groupname()
      easy fix for #11031 (the sort order the header lines
      fix for broken from-headers when the user name consists of two words
      fix for #10865 as posted. (close external windows for deleted
      fix for small drawing error
      support for news-urls
      -  actShowToolbar->setChecked(!statusBar()->isHidden());
      -<ToolBar noMerge="1" name="mainToolBar">
      forgot to update the version numbers
      if (startDt > endDt) {
      -  <ToolBar name="mainToolBar"><text>Main</text>
      if (startDt > endDt) {
      reverting, sorry Cornelius, it was a stupid idea.
      propagating the i18n-fix in ui_standards.rc ...
      propagating the i18n-fix in ui_standards.rc ...
      0.3.1 -> 0.3.2
      fix for #11799 & #11800
      #ifndef NDEBUG
      visual fix
      old icons...
      as posted on core-devel:
      removed the buggy KActionMenu clone, its obsolete because KActionMenu::setDelayed()
      small fix for #12137
      small fix for the rewrap algorithm
      diff -u -3 -p -r1.1 knapplication.h
      superseding works again.
      missing i18n_noop
      fixing the default window sizes and the default mail
      compiler warning
      getting rid of settings-->save options
      removing the references to "save options"
      ask before we overwrite a file (#8663), correct dialog title
      we now use the global date format in the header list
      some tuning for the appearance-tab (#11713)
      "Mail Server" -> "Mail Server (smtp)" (#13836)
      "<>" around email address when talking to the smtp server
      stuff from KDE_2_0_BRANCH..
      + fixed icons in the configuration dialog
      nicer implementation of KNServerInfo
      replaced strange hex characters
      the attribution line works again, some QString related cleanups
      GUI: word wrap is now optional in the composer
      the automatic adaption to the global color/font scheme works again
      GUI: * removed the stupid checkboxes from the composer,
      new copyright headers, as discussed with Christian T.
      removed debug code.
      composer: it's now possible to get the original text if
      GUI: * we now detect and display the moderation status of newsgroups
      fixed supersede
      thnx for the new icons, tackat...
      GUI: implemented ROT-13
      GUI: * the interpretation of text format tags can now be disabled
      use the user-selected font for all lineedits in the composer
      * fixed an evil crash in the group selector
      implemented a lot of sanity checks (cross-posting, quoted text, signatures)
      grrr, the address validation got lost...
      fixed forwarding of local articles
      GUI: renamed the actions for sending an article ("Post to newsgroup",
      i18n fixes
      fix for the fix ;-)
      remove the "<posted & mailed>" statement when we
      GUI: we now quote only the selected text when the user
      make use of the "news_unsubscribe" icon
      *** empty log message ***
      * finally figured out how to combine our special way of multiselection
      remember which servers where opened and reopen them on the next start
      implemented section moving in the listview,
      fix for #12564, its now possible to switch to a different newsserver
      major update for the charset/encoding handling,
      removed debug output
      patch from Mathias Waack <mathias at>
      small listview focus fixes, active the first item in the collection
      GUI: some updates for the composer
      some icon fixes, less flicker in the composer status bar
      patch from Mathias Waack <mathias at>:
      GUI: various changes
      gui fixes for the attachment properties dialog
      GUI: merged the charset option into the first tab, a tab
      fixed the listview icons (again)
      GUI: various changes
      * fixed a large number of keyboard problems:
      de-tabified the source code again.
      GUI: last new feature for now: server specific identities
      fix for #15807
      I think we can name this beta3 now...
      don't open two external viewers for the same article, raise the old
      don't hang when parsing an address header with multiple mail addresses
      networking fix for solaris: non-blocking connect should work now
      update the date header after reediting an article.
      improved feedback while sorting new headers and loading/saving
      * don't crash after unsubscribing from a group...
      RFC and GNKSA compilant "References:" header
      fix for #16887
      tiny charset fix
      fixed KNHeaders::To::asUnicodeString()
      small fun hack - made the color of the listview icons
      GUI: added one option to the font configuration:
      i18n fix
      small fix - don't remove empty lines when quoting the current selection
      patch from Mathias Waack <mathias at>
      save vertical space in the group list by using regular 16x16 icons,
      small fix
      new nntp jobs (except header download and posting) are now prepended,
      two small fixes for the detection of uuencoded binaries
      decode group descriptions with the codec for the default charset
      making Stephan Johach happy :-)
      nicer caption
      use "B" encoding for non-iso8859-charsets
      return something usefull in bool KNPgpBase::setMessage()
      fix for #17736
      custom folders aren't implemented in 2.1, no need to have
      fix for #17998
      fix for #18915
      fixed a parsing problem with articles that include MIME headers but
      fix for #19052 and a small improvement for the uuencode-parser, it now handles
      simple fix for #19632
      adapted the identity-defaults to the new kcontrol email-module
      fix for session-managment (#19647), as posted on knode-devel
      * gotcha - removed evil,evil,evil,evil,evil charset bug
      * make use of findCompserCharset() in the article factory
      fix for "collapse all threads"
      cleaned & fixed the multiselection stuff in KNodeView
      this is verboten (and unlogical, too..)
      * fixed default sort column
      * fixed parsing of empty headers. (=> saving an article as draft with
      don't unhide hidden toolbars after KEditToolbar is used
      found the source of the duplicated toolbars:
      fixed compilation with HEAD (clash with then new saveWindowSize and restoreWindowSize
      ok, the commit that activated the line count by default was
      -    l_og->append(i18n("nothing do be done for folder \"Sent\""));
      using perror() instead of herror() is pointless, lets remove the call,
      workaround for nntpds which return null characters. (
      -#define KNODE_VERSION "0.4beta4"
      fix for #20563, okayed by Dirk
      bumping version number for HEAD
      for file in * ; do (rm -f $file; sed s/1999-2000/1999-2001/ > $file) < $file; done
      enhanced dupe protection, utilizing the "recommened id" feature
      remember the size of the "Fetch Article with ID" dialog
      show a password-dialog when the server requests authentication (requested
      highlight all email-addresses and msgids (and ask the user if its
      GUI: Kmail integration
      improved url-highlighting in the headers, too.
      hmm, unintialized variables are not nice...
      GUI: support for dynamically generated signatures
      removed some hacks, don't rewarp text (#12300)
      added "view source" to the rmb-menu
      fixed saving of attachments, and a problem with plain text attachments
      GUI: it is now configurable what characters are recognized as quote signs
      fix for #19940 - "Not retrievable articles remain unread"
      saner mouse click handling: the external viewer can now be opened with the
      don't put files in /tmp for inline viewing, now we use a QMimeSource to
      fix for the color problem reported on kde-devel, fixed a warning
      exactly the same bug over here ;-)
      allow to filter line number > 999
      readded the   hack to avoid some render problems
      i18n modification requested by Francois-Xavier DURANCEAU
      fixed copy&paste in the source view window. (stupid qtextbrowser...)
      fixed some potential problems with special characters
      fixed duplicated shortcut (CTRL-S)
      kfile/kurl doesn't like ":" in filenames...
      don't append " <>" to a address header if the email-address is
      enhanced error messages (#22720)
      fixed two warnings
      GUI: real scoring in KNode ;-)
      we now fetch articles via article number instead of article-id.
      restructured a bit...
      convenient mbox-folder import/export and many bugfixes
      untabifyed the sources again...
      * normalized capitalization in the menu options
      reordered scoring menu
      don't try to save configuration data in destructors, they
      use the getSelectedArticles() method in all places
      and even more new features:
      I don't think that we have to write the score file here.
      * marking crossposted articles as read really works now
      real regular expressions ;-)
      improved the filter stuff:
      extended the range filter a bit:
      some changes to the scoring system, as discussed on knode-devel.
      don't reorganize groups, just rescore them
      the default score for ignored/watched threads is now configurable
      initialize the newsgroups header if fup2poster is requested
      adapted the watched-filter to suit the new scoring system
      some changes to the cleanup-configuration
      don't drop the connection when an article is not available
      fix for #21462, using a sticky window without decorations
      allow values < 0 for the score filter
      don't eat 210 MB ram while expiring...
      * make use of KExtendedSocked & KSocks
      fixed typos
      fixed some bugs in the identity handling
      fix for #24912, don't add a To-header to news articles.
      fix for #24713, actually this was a combination of two bugs, tricky to
      fix for the uuencode-parser + a workaround for broken software
      show the hint when fetching article
      show newsgroups and to headers of saved articles
      some changes to the cache manager stuff:
      fix for the strange effect that the internal article widget showed
      * fix for #25292 (kmail wasn't used for forwarded articles), resolved
      fix for #24531, don't abort when the newsserver is unable to
      fixes for mbox im-/export and folder unloading
      fixed the layout of the account properties dialog
      fix for #24488 (KNode repeats errormessage "Server refused the connection")
      ok, support all external mail programs (via kapp->invokeMailer),
      small hack: allow saving of articles with uuencoded binaries
      bugfix: correct progress counter values when loading the source of
      ... and fetch the source code by article number ...
      bugfix: the middle mouse button works correctly again
      annother MMB related bugfix
      GUI: new feature - strip trailing empty lines from incoming
      GUI: implemented wishlist item #25406 (placeholder for the group name
      GUI: added option to place the cursor below the attribution line,
      * cleaned up the includes again
      -  <Menu name="go_news"><text>&Go</text>
      GUI: big look&feel patch
      fulfilled wishlist item #24914 - implemented "smart" scrolling
      # GUI: implemented support for the "Mail-Copies-To" header
      two fixes for the rfc2047-parser
      fix for #25435
      * two optimizations that reduce the memory fragmentation <=> ~10 MB saved
      ...ready for the Beta...
      restructured the changelog
      fixed stupied bug in the KMail integration code
      don't report an error if the server has no overview data
      grmbll... one line fix for an stupid bug: KNode used CRCRLF
      File->Save now saves the complete encoded article, IMHO this
      whoops, I broke KNode....
      ... no comment ...
      GUI: some changes to the group browser dialog
      oh, i accidently made a checkbox invisible
      some fixes for the "one additional newline problem"
      -  QLabel *l=new QLabel(filterEdit,i18n("&Filter:"), page);
      reverting the "supersede" -> "supercede" changes.
      * ported to KCodecs/KRFCDate => no dependencies on mimelib
      fixed a broken hack in KNSaveHelper
      GUI: new feature - its now possible to switch from a proportional
      normalized the config handling by moving some settings
      GUI: renamed option:
      added spacing in the scoring tab
      fixed KScoringManager::configure()
      don't crash
      parent for note message box
      we can't score on "Newsgroups" but we can score on
      don't ask the "message-id or address" question if the
      implemented search in folders
      GUI: added a new option "Default to expanded headers" in Read News->General,
      ok, time for some new goodies >;->
      GUI: ported to KDockWidget
      * the KMail emulation works now - I still don't like it.
      uhh, expire was completely busted :-(
      ...sanity check...
      fix for #26612
      fix for #26997 (parse news urls correctly)
      more fixes for news urls
      ...and another one...
      decode rfc2047 headers when showing all headers, too.
      made the references header work again
      always reparse subject, from, etc. headers when we load & parse
      critical bugfix: I accidently used translated object names for the
      small speed improvement:
      found a way to include Kurt's patch - its no possible
      + over a backup to users of KNode 0.4, the data format has changed.
      make it compile. Mathias, please verify the fix!
      bugfix for <9ga99g$7qpqb$1 at>
      handle uuencoded text correctly in KNMimeContent::decodeText()
      fixed KNComposer::slotSignArticle(), mangling unicode strings
      fixed a warning about a unused variable:
      removed the unneeded call of stripCRLF() in KNMimeContent::setContent().
      -  KNHelper::restoreWindowSize("settingsDlg", this, QSize(508,424));
      -    // job handling
      fixed warning
      avoid infinite loops in KNGroup::updateThreadInfo(), fixes a lookup
      fix for #28542
      potential fix for #25895, I am still waiting on the
      fix for #28657 and #25857 - handle multiple 220 xxx lines
      /me being stupid...
      changing my email address, I will use gebauer at for
      simply white space in the content-type and content-encoding
      fix for #28501 - perhaps there is a bug in kdockwidget, i am not
      fixed a bug in KNMainWindow::eventFilter(), its now possible
      a fix for the problem that scoring rules that show a notifications
      case insensitive search in KNMimeBase::extractHeader(), solves
      * some important fixes for attachment handling, mostly QByteArray vs. QCString bugs
      * don't loose the current article when changing the filter
      potential fix for #28484 & #29351
      initializing member variables is a good idea...
      don't jump to the next unread article after toggleIgnored() if
      fixed saving of the displayed headers settings
      -#define KNODE_VERSION "0.5.6"
      two bugfixes for the external editors:
      fix for #30292
      HEAD is now version 0.7.0
      fix for #30883
      fixed a warning
      arghh, knode had a one billion seconds bug...
      fixed compilation with KDE_NO_COMPAT (kapplication.h, kcolordialog.h)
      fixed compilation with KDE_NO_COMPAT
      fixed compilation with *NO_COMPAT, removed unecessary includes,
      large last minute patch, reviewed by Dirk Mueller:
      fix for #36638:
      real fix for #37479, the "use external mail program" option was
      fix for #37952 and #34001, as posted
      fix for #39564, caused by the bugfix for #34001
      fix for #39380
      the default value for "Mark article as read after" is now 0 instead of 5
      fixed the link color setting
      looks better with the new linespacing behaviour of Qt
      uh, obviously this code crashes. I introduced the bug in
      I deleted one line too much in 1.58... :-(
      keyboard fix from kde30-branch...
      valgrind fix from dirk
      fix from Matthew Sutton for #39157 and #41717
      * fix for #47179, revered cp hennessy's last commit, because it
      Solution for the circular references problem.
      * fix for #31992: partial articles are now marked as read like normal
      fixing a commit by maragato (1.137), which added
      fix for #44319, unsent articels were lost if the user
      fix for #44819, the kpgp code aborted KNComposer::applyChanges() if the
      fix for #49066, using KUrlCompletion
      fix for #41805
      We are now using QThread for thread handling.
      fix for #41684, #43519 and #42576
      ok, the setText(QString::null) workaround wasn't really obsolete... :-(
      more icon tuning
      * more icon tuning
      updated mainwindow screenshots
      stating the obvious, Christian actually asked me last year
      syncing credit entries...
      patch from Matthew Sutton <matthew at>:
      fix for 52415, knode will still build, because pthread is linked
      fix for #52553, as suggested by the reporter
      higher version number for HEAD
      fix for #52163:
      * fix for #51558 (alternative list background color didn't work)
      * the alternate background color is now configurable
      fix for #51856 and part of #52255
      avoid double url-decoding => news-urls that contain '%' are handled correctly
      added approviate messages which tell the user that his
      updated the version number, this was forgotten some months ago
      removed unused method KNServerInfo::clear()
      interval news checking (wishlist items 41313 and 30808),
      load browser config value correctly
      patch from Matthew Sutton <matthew at>:
      speedup for header sorting (#56149)
      speedup for sorting, 2. part...

Christian Loose (1):
      Fix BR #78289:

Christian Mollekopf (105):
      First working version of the emailfeeder plugin (replacing the old feederagent)
      The plugin should now compile and ignore the undefined references
      don't use the deprecated NepomukFast classes anymore
      use akonadi_nepomuk_email_feeder instead of only mailfeeder
      adjust include paths to dms-copy
      removed nepomuk_email_feeder (moved to kdepim-runtime)
      Quote search patterns.
      Show correct parent collection in searchview
      Fix displaying of contacts found in the addressbook.
      Since we're using bif:contains which needs at least 4 characters to work, we limit the search to long enough patterns only.
      Also query for middle name and nickname.
      Search through attendees.
      Set IMAP Acl's to None if there is no value (instead of something random), and test the deserialize result.
      Don't disconnect the ETM from the Monitor when closing the mainwindow.
      Made calendarviews exception aware.
      Simplify the creation of exceptions, now that we don't need to modify the main incidence anymore.
      Use the occurrenceiterator for recurrences.
      Until we have an icon for exceptions, we just use the recurrence icon.
      If an exception changes, we have to reevaluate the whole incidence again.
      Switching this makes it a bit shorter, potentially more efficient, and overall easier to read.
      Filter journals and todos based on config.
      The occurrence iterator takes now care of this.
      The itemDate is really the occurrenceDate and that is a dateTime.
      Ensure we don't turn date only values into date-times.
      Check pointers before accessing them.
      Always convert to the right timespec, only do so once.
      setHasDue date doesn't solve anything and is pointless if we just set the dueDate.
      Don't leak HTMLExportSettings.
      Support for recurrenceId and thisAndFuture in the incidenceeditor.
      Todo recurrences are no longer calculated based dtDue, but on dtStart (as they should be).
      Document why we don't use hasPayload<type>
      Don't show "On: " label for daily recurrences.
      Cleanup according to Allens comments.
      Remove EventViews::EventView::removeFilteredOccurrences
      Fix Bug 321815 - Access Control is not editable anywhere but in kmail
      Revert "Create kolab event folders instead of contact folders."
      Fixed collectionannotationsattribute.
      Support new kolab types (configuration, freebusy, file)
      Adapt collectiongeneralpage to changes in imap resource.
      SearchWindow fixes.
      SearchPatter: set the or operator
      Porting away from Nepomuk and to Akonadi::Tag.
      Merge branch 'tagssquashed'
      Use Akonadi::TagWidget in IncidenceEditor for categories.
      Use tags instead of categories everywhere (almost).
      Use the X-KDE-Sieve category instead of just Sieve for the .desktop file.
      Disabled remote search.
      Skip virtual collections to avoid accidentaly loading a search collection.
      Allow filtering of virtual collections (search).
      Droped kdelibs requirement to 4.11.3
      Appended kolab version.
      New calendar selection, still work in progress.
      CollectionView: fixed referencing of person folders.
      Enabled synchronize collection tree action.
      Workaround to filter Other Users.
      ReparentingModel: Fixed iterator
      ReparentingModel: allow the nodemanager to add/remove nodes based on sourcenodes.
      CalendarSelection: only show tool buttons on hover and display multiple tool buttons.
      CalendarDelegate: cleanup, uniform size
      Moved actions to the appropriate place
      AkonadiCollectionView: Reorder search model stack
      Recursive actions for person nodes + some refactoring and cleanup.
      ReparentingModel: Catch another corner case that ends up readding person nodes.
      Don't show remove button for person subfolders, properly enable person collections.
      AkonadiCollectionView: Fixed sorting
      Recursive checkbox for person nodes.
      ReparentingModel: No longer reset if a new proxy node is inserted.
      ReparentingModel: Fixed warnings.
      MonthView: Generate the tooltip-text on demand.
      IncidenceEditorNG: Fixed tests build.
      Revert "Korganizer: Add quickview for person collections"
      Korganizer: Add quickview for person collections
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kolab/kolab/integration/4.13.0' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      ReparentingModel: Simplified and clearer update mechanism.
      CollectionFilter: QModelIndex::child doesn't work on an invalid index
      ReparentingModel: Fixed filtering in model
      CalendarSelection: Sort search folders at the end.
      CalendarSelection: Only show the quickview button on the search collections.
      Proper name for invitation folders.
      Declined/OpenInvitations calendars: Avoid remote searches
      CalendarSupport/KCalPrefs: Store category colors in tags.
      IncidenceEditor: replaced categories with Akonadi::Tags
      IncidenceEditor-Ng: Fixed crash
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kolab/dev/personnode_collapse' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kolab/dev/accountwizard_edit' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      IncidenceEditor: only modify categories if they actually changed.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kolab/feature/notes_on_emails' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      MessageViewer: Don't crash without mCreateNoteAction
      Moved CollectionSearchJob to separate file.
      Merge branch 'tilladam-kolab/integration/4.13.0' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      some forgotten fixes for clashes with the MS API
      Fixed Wid reinterpret_cast.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kolab/kolab/integration/4.13.0' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kolab/dev/autoconfig_nxdomain' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      "send email" in invitation window should not be visible as default
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kolab/dev/disable_todoview' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      If we only use one result that should be the limit for the query.
      Move PersonSearchJob to separate file.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kolab/dev/fix_quickview' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kolab/dev/disable_notifications' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kolab/dev/ubuntu_12.04' into kolab/integration/4.13.0
      Made journal plugin optional.
      Disable unsupported views.
      Search for search collections without etm.

Christian Muehlhaeuser (2):
      Fixes compilation, when src-dir != build-dir.
      Sorry, commited wrong, reverting it.

Christian Schaarschmidt (28):
      forward port of revision 603070
      forward port of revision 601947
      forward port or revision 603074
      port of revision 603070
      port of revision 601947
      port of revsion 603074, 605966
      fix broken build
      port of revision 609473.
      fix lineedit context menu.
      list preferred email first
      - fix broken ldapSearch
      set focus to bottom (= empty line)
      port of rev:  630959, 647586
      port of rev: 636670, 647591
      port of rev: 633315,647900
      port 630582
      use HBoxLayout around paramWidget to fix height.
      undo changes from r657315.
      port 630582
      - update README
      port r663553
      port r663553
      delay DBus call until resouces has delivered item.
      move info from storage/README into doxy-files.
      move README information into doxy class comment.
      - some documentation refactoring
      move concepts.txt into Mainpage.dox
      create todo page in akonadi doxy-docs

Christian Thurner (87):
      revised the article-classes, fixed some bugs
      added include-statements for all moc-files.
      check for locked groups before
      fixed a little bug concerning uuencoded binaries
      removed kngrouplistwidget.h/cpp added kngroupbrowser.h/cpp
      added for new groupdialogs
      new dialogs added for selecting and subscribing groups, some things still missing
      made groupdialogs remember their size
      fixed a bug in KNFile that caused a crash in KNGroup::loadHeaders()
      fixed KNFetchArticleManager::setAllRead()
      treeview displays now the whole hierarchy of groups
      grouplist is now sorted after retrieval
      * fixed some bugs
      fixed a bug in setTimeT()
      improved the article list: the child-items of a thread are not created until it is expanded
      * implemented ability to post multipart-messages
      improved handling of html-contents
      a small bugfix
      improved handling of uuencoded contents, some other minor tweaks
      -lkhtml is no longer needed
      * ported KNArticleWidget to QTextBrowser, which improves
      enabled action 'select all'
      * use standard icons
      new icon for 'append signature'
      new icons for the composer-toolbar
      signature.png is obsolete
      fix for #8750 as posted on kde-core-devel
      Fix for #11291
      mega-commit part 1: new files
      mega-commit part2:
      mega-commit part3: make it compile again ;-)
      * expire works again - compacting is still broken
      2 small fixes
      compacting of folders works again
      renamed KNViewHeader to KNDisplayedHeader
      added '<>' around the message-id
      * fixed too long lines in outgoing postings
      * unicode-support step 2
      forgot to increment the version-number
      smtp-mail works again
      fix for #14585
      * cancel and supersede work again
      removed obsolete files
      attaching of files fixed
      fixed segfault with message\partial
      append \n to auto-wrapped lines
      merged redundant if-conditions in KNMimeBase::decodeRFC2047String
      * fixed KNMimeBase::decode2047String() again ;-)
      fixed wrong line-count for multipart/*
      'show Threads' and 'show full Headers' are automatically saved again
      fix for #12274
      fixed problem with sending after a restart
      enabled multiselection in the group- and articlelist
      fixed attachment handling
      don't loose the current article when changing the filter
      * fixed crash when deleteing multiple articles
      some attachment-related fixes
      fix for #16399
      fix for #16385
      0.4beta333 => 0.4beta3
      don't loose old headers on (re-)assembling
      improved mime-parsing
      proper color-names in the config-dialog
      KNMimeBase::UUParser : don't get tricked by
      improved error-messages
      * KNode can now use/convert the folder-files of version 0.3.*
      forgot something ;-)
      small folder-related fix
      fixed handling of the reference-links in the article-view:
      fix: don't loose headers for html-postings
      * fix for #18229
      fix for #18264
      * fix for #18146 : now we store the charset of a header in a string
      two small fixes
      use default charset for non-mime bodies
      support for custom folders and DnD
      don't get tricked by broken From-headers
      * KNArticleCollection: added an index to speed up searching by message-id
      small usability hack concerning dnd
      *  Introduced a caching-mechanism that allows one to
      * improved threading-mechanism : we now try to keep the threads
      implemented wishlist-item #23834
      * don't keep articles from deleted/emptied folders
      better DnD-handling with multiple selections
      * new caching-system : now we keep also track of all

Christian Weilbach (1):
      Fix bug 225124 and cleanups.

Christian Zangl (1):
      Adds an "Edit" menu to the reader window:

Christoph Cullmann (1):
      move libtool library to LIBADD from LDFLAGS, like unsermake says

Christoph Feck (12):
      Fix color role of time labels and first hour line in agendaview
      backport 941636
      SVN_SILENT Cleanup .ui files
      Use QPixmap for rendering the tray icon
      Fix crash due to accessing plugin icons in sidePane model
      Layout fixes
      Fix layout
      Do not use add_subdirectory() when there is no CMakeLists.txt
      Fix crash in Folder destructor
      Only remove first child
      compile GIT_SILENT
      Fix disabled "To Desktop" menu

Christoph Neerfeld (2):
      - added lots of keyboard shortcuts (should be usable without touching the mouse)
      updated documentation

Christophe Giboudeaux (551):
      Typo + add a missing tag
      Comment the kitchensync related messages
      Grammar fix: addressbook -> address book
      Center the application summary on the introduction page
      Backport commit 914553 :
      Add a missing include
      Use $KDEHOME instead of a harcoded path.
      Revert r918688. changing back to hardcoded path for the moment
      Backport rev. 919110: install the holiday_sk file
      Fix build
      Delete duplicate includes
      Minor and harmless copyright changes.
      Partially revert r809042 until we get some clarifications
      KOrganizer uses CamelCase headers. We have to include KDEPIMLIBS_INCLUDE_DIRS instead of KDEPIMLIBS_INCLUDE_DIR
      Oops, comment kcontactmanager again
      Use a "cancel" button instead of a "close" one
      Remove an unused definition
      Korn has been moved to unmaintained
      Remove some debug messages
      featureplan is not usable actually
      Gnokii is only used by kaddressbook/xxport. Let's move the Gnokii check to a better place.
      Comment Kode
      Remove KMobiletools
      KDEPIM_NEW_DISTRLISTS was removed in rev. 883931
      Many changes in KDEPIM's CMakeLists.txt.
      Remove another unuseful message
      Fix CMakeLists issues:
      - Built the Ktimetracker plugin again
      Add the subdir only if the app will be compiled/installed. Also commented kwatchgnupg
      Do not use the same shortcut for File and Feed
      Do not use the same shortcut for Edit and Feed
      better formatting
      Remove the View/View mode menu. The options are now available in the View menu.
      svn backport r938035
      kcal is already included
      Explicitely look for KdepimLibs 4.3.0.
      Move FindKode.cmake to playground/pim/kode
      Move KodeMacros.cmake to playground/pim/kode
      FindKode and KodeMacros are in playground/pim
      We don't need to define KDE4_MICROBLOG_LIBS
      kdepim requires kdepimlibs from trunk, we don't need this compatibility hack anymore
      Removing the 'what's this' icon from the main toolbar
      Remove cut/copy/paste/undo/redo from the main toolbar. 5 icons less and ~250px saved
      Add an option to build KcontactManager (default: disabled)
      KcontactManager is now optional and will replace KAddressBook in 4.4
      The unfinished library from extragear is not 'required' anymore but korganizer won't be built without it.
      Only korgac won't be build if the extragear library isn't found
      must be included...
      Don't forget to include KNOTIFICATIONITEM_INCLUDE_DIR
      Fix linking
      Fix include
      Akonaditray was ported, the experimental lib. can't be optional anymore.
      The kdepimlibs version was downgraded, let's change the required version.
      Don't harcode the KDE home dir.
      We don't need to link against KDE4_KNOTIFYCONFIG_LIBS anymore
      Remove unused includes and don't link against 'kdepim'
      Remove some unnecessary lines :)
      Even if it's working, using KDE4_ as a prefix for the kdepimlibs libraries shouldn't be used
      Add a missing include
      We don't need a CMakeLists here.
      Also remove this CMakeLists.
      Don't add the cmake dir.
      kcal is not in kdepim anymore
      Remove some old includes.
      This patch wasn't supposed to be pushed yet. revert
      Backport rev. 969626 and 969629 from trunk to 4.2:
      The 'REQUIRED' keyword is not needed.
      Revert r970114 and r970119.
      display a fatal error if KNOTIFICATIONITEM-1_INCLUDE_DIR is cached.
      Using the same name for the cmake file creates too many problems.
      Bump the kdepimlibs version required. This way, we're sure noone will use the old cmake dir.
      Don't try to install kolab.kcfg twice
      small cleanup
      Remove an old include
      This dir will be needed for kdepim-runtime
      the directories in this .krazy file don't exist anymore
      Don't add an extra margin in kontact
      kdepim-runtime will need this file
      Introduce kdepim-runtime :
      XSLTPROC_EXECUTABLE is not optional
      We don't need to look for xsltproc twice
      The kcfg_generate_dbus_interface macro is already created in the top CMakeLists.txt
      Partially revert r976979 and install the cmake file in the appropriate directory.
      Don't look for FindAkonadi.cmake
      Copy libkdepim in kdepim-runtime until we get rid of all the dependencies from this directory
      Copy kdepim-version.h to kdepim-runtime
      Add libkdepim-copy
      Use libkdepim-copy. the previous 'kdepim' link target was renamed kdepim-copy and the korganizer/version.h include was replaced
      Fix include
      Fix include
      Don't extract messages
      Display the Soprano URL if it can't be found
      Don't try to include kdepim/akonadi if it doesn't exist
      Missing include
      Don't try to build kcontactmanager if the akonadi subdir doesn't exist
      Fix includes
      Change categories. Network -> Utility
      Add the minimum boost version
      Boost_MINIMUM_VERSION isn't a valid keyword anymore (it doesn't exist in the CMake's FindBoost.cmake). Let's add the minimum version to the find_package command instead.
      Move akonadiconsole to kdepim-runtime
      Remove akonadiconsole
      SVN_SILENT Cosmetic.
      Don't look for shared-mime-info twice
      Small cleanup
      Bump versions for KDE 4.4
      Add a .desktop file for Kleopatra.
      Fix include
      KDE4_ -> KDEPIMLIBS_
      SVN_SILENT warning--
      Add the kontact subdir after ktimetracker. Otherwise, BUILD_ktimetracker will always be false when building kontact/plugins.
      Backport r992174 from trunk to 4.3 :
      bump version
      SVN_SILENT Use lowercase.
      SVN_SILENT Cleanup
      Partially revert of r967753. Only kresources and plugins must be built after the optional applications.
      SVN_SILENT Cleanup
      SVN_SILENT Remove the extra comma
      Fix include
      Fix include here too
      Fix includes
      Fix includes (more to come soon)
      Fix include.
      Don't return the korganizer version but the akonadi one.
      Add a copyright
      KDE4_ -> KDEPIMLIBS_ (see
      Don't set an icon for the bookmark menu or the text will be replaced with any theme != oxygen
      The ParentApp is kjots, not knotes
      Add an icon
      Fix build.
      Don't forget the konsolekalendar and kabcclient doc.
      replyphrases.kcfg doesn't exist anymore
      Fix a linker error.
      Fix include
      Fix includes.
      Fix include
      Fix include
      KDE4_ -> KDEPIMLIBS_ (see
      Fix build
      Fix includes
      Don't install headers
      Don't install headers.
      Fix build: include the akonadi subdir if available.
      Don't install headers.
      Don't install headers.
      There's no need to include the interfaces directory now.
      Don't build kpilot if kdepim/akonadi doesn't exist or won't be built.
      Add a copy of the kcfg_generate_dbus_interface macro. Should fix the kalarm compilation.
      Kalarm won't build for packagers due to some kdepim-runtime deps. Disable the compilation in this case.
      the contact subdir no longer exists.
      Use KDEPIMLIBS_AKONADI_CONTACT_LIBS instead of akonadi-contact. Requires kdepimlibs 4.3.64.
      We need kdepimlibs 4.3.64
      Also remove libknotificationitem-1 from the kdepim module.
      Link correctly
      Change the log message for akonadi
      Oops, give the URL only once
      Disable nie. Nothing uses it.
      Remove an obsolete check.
      Goodbye nie.
      We don't have to install these headers anymore.
      Fix include.
      KDE4_ -> KDEPIMLIBS_
      Add a .desktop
      Bump require.
      revert 1025669. the .desktop was added in 1025664 :-)
      Fix categories
      include SopranoAddOntology (req. by nie_fast)
      kdepim-runtime can use Soprano. Let's look for it
      KdepimLibs 4.3.66 is required.
      Build Blogilo
      Build blogilo's doc
      config file for CTest.
      Link with gold
      Fix build.
      Fix build.
      More build fixes
      Fix build.
      kpilot doesn't need akonadi_next anymore
      KPilot can be built again by packagers.
      kabc doesn't have to link against akonadi_next anymore.
      Fix -Wmissing-include-dirs warnings when building kdepim without kdepim-runtime
      Cleanup. Remove unnecessary includes.(is boost really needed?)
      Add the KMAIL_SUPPORTED definition only if KMail is compiled.
      The definition is now set in the main CMakeLists.txt
      Fix includes.
      the mailreader subdir needs kdepim-runtime.
      Looks like it wasn't enough. build the mailreader subdir *only* if BUILD_akonadi is true
      KDE4_ -> KDEPIMLIBS_
      nepomukfeederagentbase.cpp needs some strigi includes. we must look for it.
      -DWITH_Nepomuk now also works for kdepim-runtime.
      Better solution for the dependency issue in Kalarm:
      Add an option to explicitely disable the new KMail indicator if needed.
      kdepim-runtime needs SopranoAddOntology.cmake
      Don't install headers.
      If we include SOPRANO_INCLUDE_DIR in agents/ontologies, we must first look for Soprano.
      We now require Boost 1.34.0
      Grantlee_INCLUDE_DIR is required.
      Fix link.
      SVN_SILENT typo.
      Move kpilot to tags/unmaintained/4
      Kpilot moved to unmaintained
      Move Kitchensync to playground/pim
      Move the kpilot doc to its new location.
      Remove kpilot
      Move tvanytime to playground/pim
      Require sharedDesktopOntologies in kdepim too.
      Only use sharedDesktopOntologies files.
      Bye bye *.rdfs
      akonadi was renamed.
      No need to include this directory twice.
      akonadi -> runtime
      Comment akonalendar. kcalmodel.h doesn't seem to exist in trunk.
      Comment for now.
      SVN_SILENT Disambiguate the macro_log_message.
      Comment for the moment.
      Fix the nepomuk_email_feeder compilation
      enable akonadi, akonadiconsole and akonalendar again.
      SVN_SILENT not necessary in this directory.
      SVN_SILENT more unneeded files removed.
      The mailreader test app. doesn't need kdepim-runtime to build.
      Add a new option KDEPIM_BUILD_EXAMPLES. default = disabled.
      Add a new option for KDE 4.4: KDEPIM_BUILD_NEPOMUK_AGENTS. It is enabled by default.
      As announced on the buildsystem ML, Nepomuk, Soprano and S.D.O are finally required by kdepim and kdepim-runtime.
      Fix link
      look for kdelibs only if this is directory is built standalone (is this really needed, anyway?)
      Remove non-existing include.
      Fix link.
      prepare for RC1
      Don't install these headers anymore.
      More headers that shouldn't be installed
      Build the ontologies subdir before anything else.
      One 'QT_QT3SUPPORT_LIBRARY' is enough
      Don't try to include SopranoAddOntology if soprano wasn't found
      Can't find anything that uses the old 'about' page. Don't install these files anymore.
      Remove the obsolete about page and some old and unused icons.
      We don't need Gnokii anymore.
      SVN_SILENT cleanup
      SVN_SILENT minor cleanup
      Update the comment for 4.5
      Fix link.
      Change the comment to 'Default KDE Kontact Component'.
      svn backport r1070773 & r1070875 from trunk to 4.4:
      the kcfg_generate_dbus_interface macro will work much better if we look for xsltproc first.
      SVN_SILENT improve the macro_log_message
      include the runtime subdir before KMail. Temporary fix for the imapresource.kcfg error.
      kdepim-compat.h isn't used anymore.
      Don't look for kdelibs unconditionally
      Include SopranoAddOntology before including the subdirectories. Solves a configure error when parsing messagelist/CMakeLists.txt
      mmh, svnrevertlast. There are more things to clean
      Don't install headers
      Fix install.
      Change the cache entries to options and give them explicit names.
      Don't abuse of BEFORE SYSTEM when you want to include directories from you own project
      Remove useless includes.
      Since noone remembers why kwatchgnupg was commented, build the docbook if kleo is also built.
      Blogilo is GPLv2+ since r1025643. change KAboutData::License_GPL_V3 to V2
      Add a CTestCustom.cmake file which contains specific settings for kdepim.
      Add a soversion to libstickynotes.
      linindicate-qt is not needed anymore.
      KMail links just fine without korg_incidenceeditor
      Skip the wizards subdir, it won't compile.
      prepare for RC2
      bump version.
      kontactinterfaces doesn't exist.
      Restore the string context.
      Backport r.1079151 from trunk to 4.4:
      prepare for KDE 4.4
      SVN_SILENT Fix typo reported on EBN.
      SVN_SILENT typo
      the quotes are not needed
      textutils.h is not in 4.4. Change the minimum kdepimlibs version when kjots is built standalone.
      Set the default test timeout to 5 minutes for kdepimlibs, kdepim and kdepim-runtime (vs. 25min by default).
      Fix include.
      Fix include.
      Fix the standalone build.
      KDE4_ -> KDEPIMLIBS_
      Grantlee 0.1 uses _DIRS.
      Fix build with Qt 4.7 when KDEPIM_MOBILE_UI is not enabled.
      Better fix than r1113283
      Fix include.
      "Fix the icons and shortcuts with RTL.
      Unused include. Also fix the kcfg path
      Fix include.
      Revert r1141720. Nonsensical commit. If Grantlee_FOUND is false, BUILD_kjots isn't defined at all.
      Fix the build error reported on CDash.
      Include the directories before doing anything else.
      Bump version.
      Bump version. Trunk is now 4.6 pre
      Bump version.
      Fix includes.
      Both kdepim and kdepim-runtime require kdepimlibs 4.5.60 (changes in kpimidentities)
      Fix a build error reported on CDash.
      Move or copy the icons used in messagelist.
      The daily soprano missing include.
      No need to complain if GrantleeConfig.cmake cannot be found.
      SVN_SILENT ignore 'Resource is deprecated'
      Fix build with kdelibs 4.4
      Raise the maximum number of warnings.
      Don't use exotic and deprecated syntax when linking to kdepimlibs. KDE4_ -> KDEPIMLIBS_ // _LIBRARY -> _LIBS
      Revert what doesn't belong to r1163162
      Link with Gold.
      Move the mobile option above everything else and disable it when ONLY_KLEO is enabled.
      SVN_SILENT Change the comment.
      Make the packagers life easier and create a KDEPIM_BUILD_MOBILE option (Default: enabled).
      Fix link.
      As long as Kalarm will need files from kdepim-runtime, KALARM_USE_AKONADI must remain false.
      Better fix for the kalarm build error.
      Remove HorizontalFadeSelector.qml, HorizontalSelector.qml. Add VerticalFadeSelector.qml
      Fix build.
      Fix link.
      CMake is stubborn and doesn't allow setting a custom timeout for unit tests.
      Fix build.
      Link with gold.
      (try to) disable the kdepimlibs/kresources warnings.
      Let the search filter look for authors.
      Second attempt. Try to lower the deprecated warning from vkpc7
      Set the focus on the feed url when adding a feed
      Bump the required kdepimlibs version.
      Revert r1204307. BUILD_kjots cannot be true on a clean build if grantlee is not installed and BUILD_DESKTOP is false.
      KDEPIM_BUILD_MOBILE and KDEPIM_BUILD_EVERYTHING can live together.KNode is now built again when KDEPIM_MOBILE_UI is true
      Make sure that the archive exists before calling markAsFetchNow.
      Replace the svn revision and date by the git ones.
      Ignore a few files that shouldn't be commited.
      kdepim/runtime doesn't exist anymore.
      Copy FindGit from cmake 2.8
      Remove the extra margin.
      build with -DQT_STRICT_ITERATORS
      Fix the regex.
      Revert "Fix the regex."
      Really fix the regex now.
      Bump the Minimum Akonadi version and get rid of one option.
      Replace all the *_NO_WEBKIT options with a single one.
      Hopefully fix the kdepim 4.6 beta 4 build.
      There's no CMakeLists.txt in common/. Don't include it
      Update the README file now that -runtime has its own module.
      Prevent Kontact from crashing when the backends list is not populated yet.
      Bump version.
      Fix the kaddressbook icon for users who don't have Oxygen installed.
      Copy the korgac icons from oxygen and install them in the hicolor namespace.
      Copy the Akregator icons from Oxygen and install them in the hicolor namespace.
      Copy the Akonadi icons from Oxygen and install them in the hicolor namespace.
      Copy the Kontact icons from Oxygen and install them in the hicolor namespace. Delete the (very) old ones.
      Copy the knotes icons from Oxygen and install them in the hicolor namespace.
      Remove old icons. Load the new one in kontact.
      Copy the view-pim-news icons from Oxygen and install them in the hicolor namespace.
      Fix the icon name.
      Add 64 and 128 icons
      Add icons for the todo and journal views (used in Kontact)
      Use the right icons.
      Fix the icon name.
      Install the app icon in the hicolor namespace.
      Missing i18n.
      Fix link.
      Fix build. If KALARM_USE_AKONADI is false, org.kde.Akonadi.KAlarmDir.Settings.xml doesn't exist.
      Typo: colour -> color
      Do not translate TextLabel
      One more string that shouldn't be extracted.
      Replace the 12x12 icons with 16x16. The fancy status icons look less blurry now
      Compat build fix for strigi < 0.7.3
      Ignore *.kate-swp
      Use the same version as korganizer
      Add planet kdepim to the default feeds
      Revert "Maintain sort order when new articles are added"
      Merge branch '4.6'
      coisceim cannot build standalone, remove unnecessary lines
      install coisceim_widget
      Remove the unneeded linked libraries (gold doesn't complain)
      Add larger icons for mail-distribution-list. Makes kaddressbook nicer.
      Remove empty dir.
      Remove NoDisplay=true and the Exec line from kontactconfig.desktop
      Remove NoDisplay=true and the Exec line from kontactconfig.desktop
      Use kdepim_version in kmail
      Use KDEPIM_VERSION in KNotes.
      Use KDEPIM_VERSION in KNotes
      Show an icon in the tooltip
      Change appName to kmail2.
      Change appName to kmail2.
      Ignore the deprecated warnings. This should drastically reduce the amount of warning on CDash
      Ignore the deprecated warnings. This should drastically reduce the amount of warning on CDash
      Fix warning
      Use kdepim_version in kmail
      Use KDEPIM_VERSION in KNotes.
      Use KDEPIM_VERSION in KNotes
      Fix warning
      ignore *.orig
      Fix the version for released branches
      Fix the version for released branches
      ignore *.orig
      Fix the version for released branches
      add a commit template
      fix string
      Link with Gold
      Disable the test until it links
      Fix build
      Reenable the test. The linker error was fixed by 1b54d65
      Cleanup, fix warning.
      Include soprano
      include soprano in a few more places
      Fix order
      Fix build. kdatecombobox.cpp & kcombobox.cpp don't exist.
      Apply dfd8e9d to kontact (workaround from broken empty div with webkit)
      Link with Gold
      Get rid of the FindGit.cmake copy.
      the feeder is now in kdepim-runtime
      Fix version
      Build without Qt Accessibility support.
      Fix build
      Build with clang. 'linux' is a reserved keyword
      Include the correct dir
      Revert for the moment. This whole check is ugly and doesn't work at all.
      Use the value set in KdepimLibsConfig.cmake. Requires commit 5a929d9
      bump the minimum kdepimlibs version
      Fix includes
      Fix includes
      Cleanup. Merge all those BUILD_DESKTOP conditions
      kleo is not optional if KDEPIM_ONLY_KLEO is on
      Fix includes
      extra bracket detected by
      Fix hanging test
      Fix includes
      Fix includes
      Fix includes
      Improve the quick search lock tooltip
      Prepare for 4.9.3
      Use prettier icons for the fullscreen button
      Allow sending by mail directly from the context menu
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.9'
      Prepare for beta2
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.9'
      Fix version
      Fix link
      Use FindGit
      Use the non-compat ZLIB variables
      Port away from macro_log_feature
      minor cleanup
      one less macro_log_feature
      Strigi is not needed unless Akonadi is built with AKONADI_USE_STRIGI_SEARCH
      change nepomuk-widgets from required to recommended.
      Move the xsltproc macro to its own module
      Port away from macro_log_feature
      Port away from macro_log_feature
      Port away from macro_log_feature
      Port away from cmake_log_feature
      Port away from cmake_log_feature
      CMAKE_ALLOW_LOOSE_LOOP_CONSTRUCTS is useless since cmake 2.6.0
      Make sure we require cmake >= 2.8.6
      Bump the kdelibs requirement.
      Prepare for RC2
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.10'
      Get rid of FindKdeSubversion.cmake
      Remove usage of macro_ensure_version
      Remove usage of macro_optional_find_package.
      Clean else/endif/endmacro
      Bump version for RC3
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.10'
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.10'
      Prepare for 4.10
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.10'
      Fix version.
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.10'
      We depend on kdelibs 4.10 now.
      Bump the Akonadi & kdepimlibs minimum versions
      Applications must install their icons in the hicolor namespace.
      Prepare for 4.10.2
      Don't use macro_optional_find_package.
      Use set_package_properties
      Use the correct variables
      Bump version for 4.10.4
      Fix application icon under Windows
      Fix application icon under Windows
      Fix build
      Fix build (again)
      bump version for 4.10.5
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10'
      bump version for 4.11beta2
      Also list packages searched with the QUIET keyword
      Add doc
      Add copyright
      FindOpenSync.cmake wasn't used since years
      Bump version for RC1
      Bump version to 4.12 pre
      Prepare 4.11 release
      Bump version
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.11'
      Bump version & requirements for 4.12b2
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.12'
      Fix tests.
      Bump version
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.11' into KDE/4.12
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.12'
      There's no strigi-analyzers in master
      Fix includes
      Prepare 4.12.2
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.12'
      Revert "includemoc"
      Revert "includemoc"
      Revert "include moc"
      Revert "includemocs"
      Fix includes

Christophe Prud'homme (9):
      make it compile
      make it compile[remove the warning]
      implicit typename is deprecated: only explicit typename(that is to
      port to latest qt-copy
      I got tired of the crashes while filtering IMAP folders
      reverted my fix for crash while filetring and add a kddebug for now to track down
      show only debug output when mTransferInProgress <0 or > 1
      make it compile
      make it compile

Christopher E. Hyde (2):

Christopher Molnar (20):
      make it compile
      Added Cc: to the quoted forwarded message. This information was being
      CJM - Added browse button on csv export tab.
      CJM - now it saves a csv file to the path in kpilotrc if
      added date to csv output
      all data now written to csv file and formatted.
      File contains the expected databse fields (in sql dump format) of the --> some fixes
      start of db work
      Added connect code for postgres and mysql. Just wondering if anyone
      Now it actually writes to a postrgres db. (Not the right way yet but that is still in progress).
      clean up some debug
      more cleanup
      more cleanup and commit before I rebuild all.
      remove kdb dependencies.
      Slight correction "Mark all Mails as Read" --> "Mark all Mail as Read"
      include <qpushbutton.h>
      You're right .... capitalize all words
      final change (that's what I get for making a small correct - 2 letters, 2 files
      fixed header display. There was an extra <td> that was shifting all headers over to the

Christopher TenHarmsel (1):
      Include path should be in the source dir, not in the build dir, I think

Chusslove Illich (38):
      Conversion to new i18n API (see KDE4PORTING.html->I18N->i18n calls).
      Conversion to new i18n API (see KDE4PORTING.html->I18N->i18n calls).
      i18n fixes.
      i18n fixes.
      i18n fixes.
      i18n fixes.
      i18n fixes.
      i18n fixes.
      i18n fix (snapped my own tripwire).
      i18n fixes.
      n i18n plural calls, special %n placeholder is no longer used; all placeholders are ordinary numbered ones, and the first integer-valued substitution decides plural form.
      n i18n plural calls, special %n placeholder is no longer used; all placeholders are ordinary numbered ones, and the first integer-valued substitution decides plural form.
      i18n fixes. Note: %n is no longer used in plural strings.
      i18n fixes.
      i18n fixes.
      Tell xgettext that some strings are not c-format.
      i18n fixes.
      Replace KLocale *twoAlpha* methods, they were source of lurking i18n bugs.
      What are tr2i18n() calls doing in manual code?
      Auto-conversion to new KCmdLineArgs/KAboutData/KComponentData API (trunk/KDE). Watch for the few remaining QString to QByteArray assignments that will not compile without extra specification (typically needs .toLocal8Bit() or .toUtf8()).
      Auto-conversion to new KCmdLineArgs/KAboutData/KComponentData API (trunk/KDE). Watch for the few remaining QString to QByteArray assignments that will not compile without extra specification (typically needs .toLocal8Bit() or .toUtf8()).
      Rename kdelibs message catalogs conflicting with KDE3 kdelibs.
      Compile fix: ki18n -> ki18nc
      i18n fixes.
      Close <br> tags in place (proper XML).
      Complete the switch from QFontComboBox to KFontComboBox.
      i18n fixes.
      Added remaining contexts moved from
      i18n fixes, after translator reports:
      i18n fixes: markup
      i18n fixes: contexts to link what is substituted where.
      i18n fixes: typo.
      i18n: disambiguation contexts.
      i18n: disambiguation contexts.
      i18n fixes: reworded strange sentence.
      i18n fix: context markers (cf. bug 188820).
      i18n fix: context markers (cf. bug 188820). (bport: 955897)
      Removing older

Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић) (4):
      i18n: disambiguation, was interpreted as 'owner of the contact' by some.
      i18n: Fixed inverted context and text.
      i18n: some context markers.
      i18n: Disambiguate "Search" in title contexts.

Claudiu Costin (4):
      Fixed <CR><LF>.<CR><LF> issue which make qMail unhappy
      Fixed Romanian holidays: typos & syntax errors
      Fixed the National Day. Thanks to Valentin Ungureanu
      Fixed the National Day. Thanks to Valentin Ungureanu

Constantin Berzan (64):
      Make the resource save its settings on exit.
      Move outboxinterface, maildispatcheragent, mailtransport_dummy_interface from playground/pim to the SOC branch.  They don't compile against trunk anymore.
      SVN_SILENT fix build after stuff was moved
      Don't set kcfgfile, Akonadi does that for us. SVN_SILENT
      add test for duplicate messages getting sent out
      Fix some corner cases when the MDA might send duplicate messages, and harden the test.
      * proper status() signals emitted
      SentCollectionAttribute -> SendBehaviourAttribute plus added support for deleting messages from outbox after they are sent. Moving to sent-mail is still disabled.
      Connect to abortRequested(), and disable the now unnecessary MDA adaptor.
      Improve status messages displayed to the user (e.g. don't display 'ready' immediately after an abort)
      add AgentProgressMonitor class, as well as overloaded ProgressManager::createProgressItem for Akonadi agents
      Make KMail use MDA-based sending instead of KMSender.  Plenty of issues are still left to sort out, but basic sending / status reporting / aborting works.
      checkTransport->promptCreateTransportIfNoneExists after recent changes to MailTransport.
      Use ResourceBase::Transport.
      attribute registration is now done automatically in outboxinterface. SVN_SILENT
      SVN_SILENT follow new location of AddressAttribute
      Follow changes in Akonadi: ResourceBase::Transport -> TransportResourceBase
      OutboxInterface is now MailTransport
      Commit initial version of what will be the new message composer lib.  It only handles plain text so far.
      * AkonadiSender:  follow OutboxInterface move to MailTransport
      Add a small test that synchronizes the resource over and over.
      * complete the MainTextJobTest
      add ContentJob::contentDisposition (will be useful when we deal with attachments)
      catch some potential word wrapping errors
      support for Content-Transfer-Encoding
      Do not build the new composer by default, as that breaks the build on a clean build dir.  (Sorry!)
      Do not call assemble() when serializing a KMime::Message (it must be assembled beforehand).  Add a test for message integrity in the serializer.
      Lots of new stuff; changed the job design a bit; removed the nasty Behaviour class; jobs for attachments; etc.
      Move the messagecomposer from kdepimlibs to kdepim.
      SVN_SILENT fix a typo and add a TODO
      Fix the messagecomposer build and some bits in AttachmentFromMimeContentJob
      * handle file names in the attachment compress job
      SVN_SILENT convenience method to add many attachments at once
      Move the AttachmentPart class and some related jobs from the messagecomposer to libkdepim.
      encodingsForData() moved to kmime_util (used here and in libkdepim/attachmentfromurljob.cpp)
      Moved the AttachmentPart and related jobs into libkdepim.
      Add a qHash( AttachmentPart::Ptr ) function so that this class may be used in QHashes.
      Add AttachmentPropertiesDialog (based on KMail's KMMsgPartDialog).
      Move the AttachmentFromPublicKeyJob to KMail. It needs to be GPL.
      Clean up Composer.  Crypto will be done by a separate library, not here.
      We no longer need the FinalMessage class. The result of the non-crypto composer is a single KMime::Message::Ptr.
      SVN_SILENT correctly display type of multipart content created
      Add the AttachmentJob.  The composer can now handle attachments.
      Add a charset property to AttachmentParts.  KEncodingProber is unreliable, so it is preferrable that the charset is chosen by the user (see r888149).  In particular, AttachmentFromUrlJob sets the charset based on the charset= parameter of the url.
      * Add a test for the AttachmentJob.
      Lots of new stuff in the new composer:
      Build the new composer instead of the old one.
      Remove kmmsgpartdlg.{h,cpp}. Its functionality is entirely replaced by AttachmentPropertiesDialog now.
      Remove kmatmlistview.{h,cpp}. It used to provide the KMAtmListViewItem class, but now items in the attachment model are AttachmentPart::Ptrs.
      Fix an unconditional jump that made me unable to start akonadiconsole. (hail valgrind)
      * allow multiple attachments to be selected at once
      * enable sorting by column in the attachment view
      * fix auto-hiding/showing of the attachment view
      Make drag & drop work with the new attachment model/view.
      Open/edit the correct attachment from the context menu.  The view uses a sort proxy model, so we have to map the selected rows to the source model.
      * some resizing tricks to make the columns of the attachment view behave properly...
      * Remove attachmentlistview.{h,cpp}. All their functionality is now offered by the attachment view.
      port paste-as-attachment
      Q_DECLARE_METATYPE( AttachmentPart::Ptr ) to enable using it in QVariants
      apparently Q_DECLARE_METATYPE wants the full type, so we have to include boost/shared_ptr
      Use QAbstractItemModel's API whenever possible, and avoid methods in AttachmentModel that take QModelIndexes as arguments.  This makes the sorting proxy in AttachmentView transparent, removing the need to convert proxy indexes to source model indexes.
      Don't forget to call changeProcessed(), even in an error case.
      Adapt to new LocalFolders API.
      Document this for those who might delve into it in the future.

Cornelius Schumacher (1850):
      Replaced KTopLevelWidget by KTMainWindow in the event editors
      Fixed two compiler warnings.
      Added romanian holidays.
      Fixed saving/restoring current view information. With this step the
      Added remaining files from old module.
      Fixed compile problem of abbrowser. The fix is probably no solution.
      New KOrganizer feature: HTML export
      Fixed closing.
      Fixed reloading of last opened calendar.
      Implemented event HTML export.
      Fixed bug #2129
      Replaced KStartParams by KCmdLineArgs in kab2-server.
      Reverted SUBDIRS path changes.
      Converted KOrganizer to a KPart. Topwidget is now replaced by KOrganizer and
      KOrganizer compiles again.
      Fixed color problem of date navigator. Configuration of colors still has to be
      Added missing toolbar buttons.
      Implemented network transparent loading/saving. This needs more testing. Use
      Alarmdaemon still used KIconLoader::Small. Fixed now.
      Most important dialogs of KOrganizer now use KDialogBase and respect margin and
      Improved time labels for agenda view. Patches by Richard Apodaca
      Bug fixes. The holidays are back.
      Made time bar font configurable again.
      Fixed redraw and config update bug of aganeda view time labels. Included patch
      Implemented Drag and Drop for Todos.
      Preferences are now stored in a binary object and the config file is only
      Attendees are now correctly saved, restored and exported to HTML.
      User defined categories are now saved.
      Fixed alarm daemon. DCOP is fun :-)
      Removed x-vcalendar.desktop from kdepim/korganizer because it is already
      Fixed startup crash problem on Solaris. Patch by Nick Thompson
      Categories now have user-configurable colors associated, which are used in the
      Implemented suspend mode for alarm daemon. Alarm daemon now uses the event
      Fixed display of filename in title bar for remote files.
      Fixed command line of KOrganizer.
      Bug fixes.
      TodoView now shows decoration also for sub items.
      Added option for hiding weekly recurrring events in date navigator.
      Print output localisation and code cleanup. Patch by Barry Benowitz
      Fixed handling of active calendar.
      Bug fixes.
      Moved event context menu stuff to KOBaseView. This means that all event views
      Implemented indication for events scrolled off the visible area of the agenda
      Implemented indication for due todos in event list and month view.
      Implemented drag and drop for events in agenda view and date navigator.
      Removed obsolete files.
      Updated README and other text files for Kleopatra.
      Complete localization. KOrganizer now uses the users global settings for time
      Some more cleanups regarding l10n.
      Bug fixes (including fixes for bugs 4969, 5322, 5412, 4963, 5230, 5231, 5232)
      Minor bug fixes.
      Added remaining fields to event viewer and web export.
      Fixed layout of date navigator.
      Removed obsolete class KPButton
      Removed non-functional features from preferences dialog, export web dialog and
      Cleaned up event editor dialogs.
      Bug fix. Default duration wasn't saved.
      Reenabled mailing of events.
      Changed base class of archive and search dialog to KDialogBase.
      Implemented archive functionality.
      Fixed bugs #5321, #6301 and #5234.
      Fixed crash, which occured when closing calnedar with multi-day events.
      Fixed bug 2097.
      Fixed bug #4964
      Fixed bugs #5772 and #5773
      Fixed bug #5876
      Fixed bugs #6007, #6109 and #6171.
      Fixed bug #6303.
      Bug fixes (including fix for bug #7258)
      Various bug fixes:
      Fixed archiving of events.
      Fixed bug #7559
      Bug fixes.
      Bug fixes #6304, #7791, #6307
      Fixed bug #7751
      Fixed icon loading problems. Hope I did it right, because I don't really
      Tried to fix the bugs introduced by the commit of 2000-08-09 21:16:37. Don't
      Fixed bug #9197 (KOrganizer app icon was not installed)
      Application icons were moved to src directory.
      Adding a simple check, which fixes bugs #8665, #9567, #9619 and #9861.
      Fix of bug #8504, #9718 and #9719.
      Fixed small error reported by Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida <moitinho at>
      Added New-Zealand holidays provided by Miles Leonard-Taylor <m.leonardtaylor at>
      Patch by Christian Gebauer <gebauer at> fixing various problems:
      Fix for bug #8821 (Session management)
      Added KStdAction::saveOptions() and KStdAction::keyBindings()
      Fixed Copy & Paste.
      Fixed icon loading problems of KOrganizer KPart.
      Incrementing version number.
      Adding mexican holidays contributed by edscott <edscott at>
      Updating URL of KOrganizer homepage from to
      Fix for bug #12332
      Fix of small i18n problem.
      I have checked in some changes, which accumulated on my harddisk over
      Resuming commit after network breakdown.
      Separating category dialog in a select and an edit dialog.
      Updating to libical-0.20d
      Updating README with ftp address of libical.
      Added status bar.
      Fixed some compile problems.
      Added option to filter events to be displayed based on some attributes.
      Removing uic-generated files from CVS.
      Fixed bug preventing display of recurrences of all-day events.
      Converted abbrowser to a KUniqueApplication.
      The abbrowser window is now brought to front, even if it is on another desktop.
      Added DCOP interface to abbrowser.
      Adding libical to kdepim.
      Adding missing files.
      Integrating libical in kdepim build scripts.
      Adding README about libical.
      Make KOrganizer use libical from kdepim.
      Fixed C++ compile problem.
      Added configuration option for enabling/disabling experimental group scheduling
      Reenabled holidays once again.
      Adding Gantt view for todo items. This is an experimental feature. It is based
      Fixed bugs #15073 and #15225.
      Fixed message (bug #16251)
      Updating libical to version 0.21b
      Fixes for non-latin1 users.
      New version number.
      Fix for printing of month view. Patch by Niklaus Giger <ngiger at>.
      Added basic DCOP interface.
      Added indication of "today" in agenda view.
      libical does not have to be installed.
      Increasing version number.
      Parse errors shouldn't abort the program.
      Fixed bug crashing KOrganizer when loading a non-vCalendar file.
      Fixed crash, which occured when deleting and entry while no one is selected.
      Fixed bug 20031.
      Fix for bug 19922
      Fix for printing problem. Patch by Barry Benowitz <b.benowitz at>.
      Updated version number.
      Removed generated files from CVS.
      Added DCOP call for deleting an event (for KPilot).
      Major reorganisation in progress.
      Added editor for filter configurations. This still has to be connected to
      Fixed bug in the todo editor, associated with the no time check box. Patch
      Implemented rest of filter framework. It now works with multiple filters. The
      Added IncidenceVisitor.
      Cleaning up.
      New event classes. There is now a hierarchy of classes with the base class
      Removed obsolete KOEvent class.
      Date picker cleanups. Datenavigator now shows holidays as tooltip. Patch by
      Changed relationship of Incidence to KOAlarm and KORecurrence from inheritance
      Removed old KOEvent::getBlah() functions.
      Added support for completion date of todos.
      Adding kgantt module by Jochen Hanff <jochen at>.
      Removing Gannt module sources from korganizer. The KGantt module is now a
      GUI: Added selection for access classes. in event and todo editor.
      Updating libical to version 0.23
      Small fix.
      Adding missing files.
      GUI: Adding JournalView
      Adding missing file.
      Removing generated files.
      First attempt of saving recurrences to iCalendar.
      Writing and reading recurrence rules to/from iCalendar files now works for some
      Compile fix.
      Adding controls for setting the default file format.
      Compile fixes.
      Make "make -f Makefile.cvs" happy.
      Implemented loading and saving of journals.
      Fix for broken parameter definitions.
      Fixed some iCalendar loading problems.
      Adding some const definition to get rid of some compiler warnings.
      Spearated code to create HTML page from dialog.
      Added month view HTML export.
      Renamed class CalObject to Calendar
      Delayed creation for many widgets. This improves startup time.
      Check if alarm daemon already runs. Speeds up startup.
      Adding string item to preferences classes.
      Added CSV export.
      Adding Kandy to kdepim. Kandy is an application for communicating with mobile
      Working around a crash that occurs when calling a DCOP function as slot.
      Fix compilation.
      Fixing restoration of view.
      Fixes for iCalendar alarm, exdates and recurrence.
      Updated libical to fix the DATETIME TIME bug.
      Fix for all-day events in iCalendar
      Adding first documentation for Kandy.
      Fixing the startup crash, which occured when document had zero length, and
      Updated version number.
      Disabling enable setting for group scheduling. This feature isn't ready for the public.
      Fixed bugs 20438, 20932, 21294, 23563, 23948, 15000
      KOOptionsDialog has been replaced by KOPrefsDialog. Deleting the obsolete files.
      Moving the lower level calendaring code to its own library.
      Fix compile problem.
      Removed generated files.
      Updating libical with fix for generation of recurrence rules
      Cleaned up libkcal documentation.
      Fixed bug 24804.
      Removed dependency of KOrganizer on libical header files.
      Cleaned up creation of event and todo editors.
      Adding missing files.
      Common base class for event and todo editor dialogs.
      Fixed event editor crash.
      Kandy now synchronizes the phonebook of a mobile phone with GSM compatible modem
      Fixed crash.
      Show linebreaks in event viewer. Patch by Laurent Montel <lmontel at>.
      Adding home page to about data.
      Cleaned up file loading/saving.
      Adding support for sending mails via KMails DCOP interface.
      Added iCalendar to list of supported mime types.
      Fixed crash related to hierarchical todos.
      Activated zoom buttons for project view.
      Tested replacing QTextView by KHTMLPart. Slows down startup. Back to QTextView
      Updated README.
      Using autostart folder for starting alarm daemon.
      Correcting typo.
      Corrections to the polish holiday file by Piotr Kowalczyk <pkowalcz at>
      Get rid of download error message, when no calendar is active.
      Show details in WhatsNextView.
      Making iCalendar default file format.
      Added tip of the day dialog.
      Cleaned up saving and restoring of widget geometry.
      Correcting typo. Updating version number.
      Implemented PercentComplete property for todos.
      Don't show completed todos.
      Fixed crash, which occured when loading an iCalendar file with .vcs extension.
      Removing debug output.
      Added column for percent complete value to todoview.
      Bug fixes.
      Removed obsolete line.
      Fixed bug 25540.
      Bug fixes.
      Documentation fixes.
      Start alarm daemon on login by default.
      Fixed editing of categories when called from todoeditor.
      Fixes for handling of non-ascii characters in iCalendar.
      Fixed bug 26307.
      Fixing a crash.
      Adding categories column to todoview.
      l10n fix.
      Adding categories to list view.
      Hide QListView headers in category dialogs.
      bug fixes
      Fixed date problem with HTML export of recurring events.
      Fixed print preview.
      Fixed filter problems.
      Use KPrinter setup dialog.
      Quotes got quoted when written, but not unquoted when read.
      Added prefix option to lex/yacc calls.
      Minor fixes reviewed on the mailing list.
      Minor correction for bison options. Might be paranoid.
      Fixed todo and datebook conduits to cope with KOrganizers iCalendar format.
      Fixed memory leak.
      Fixed bug 27012. Patch by Larry Wright <larry.tami at>.
      Fix for bug 9896.
      Fixed handling of line breaks in exported HTML.
      Show due date also when it has no time. Trivial fix.
      Fixed bug 18649. Trivial fix.
      Fixed #27174
      Fix for alarm property. Patch by David Jarvie <djarvie at>. Reviewed
      Little fix.
      Adding icon for what's next view. I hope the artists will not kill me :-).
      Fix for bug 12362. Patch by Larry Wright <larry.tami at>, reviewed by
      Fixed handling of TRIGGER properties with DURATION values.
      Fixed bug 27843
      Fix for sending RFC2447 attachments via DCOP interface.
      Fixed bug 7934. Patch by Larry Wright.
      - Added explicitDomainName text widget to setup dialog
      Don't show events that do not recur on current date in whatsnextview.
      Updated version number.
      Fix for bug 29555.
      Added clone function to incidence classes.
      Added revert action.
      Added alarms for todos. Patch by Scott R.Little <little at>.
      Preferences cleanup.
      Cleanups and documentation.
      Added KSync and libksync. libksync provides a generic interface for data
      Small addressbook conduit patches.
      Removing fCloseIfAbBrowser.
      Support for DURATION property.
      Adding kalarm to kdepim.
      Moved alarm daemon to its own directory and renamed it to kalarmd. It is
      Added kalarm documentation.
      Reordered some functions.
      Fixed time zone handling.
      Fix for bug 30847.
      Fixed loading and saving attendee information.
      Added plugin interface for KOrganizer.
      Disabling compilation of webexport plugin.
      Link libical statically to avoid conflicts with other libical versions.
      Copied koeventviewer.h. This is a temporary solution, until we implement it
      Mmpf. Reenabled compilation of libicalvcal.
      Fixing webexport plugin.
      Relax type constraints.
      Part interface fixes.
      Enabled group scheduling.
      Make KPilot compile.
      Fix for GUI creation.
      Disabled read-only events.
      qt3 include fix
      Removing obsolete files.
      Updating version.
      Correcting typos.
      Fixed typo.
      Applied Marcus Bain line patch by Ali Rahimi <ali at>.
      Fix saving of state of marcus bains line.
      Fix eventFilter problem in agenda view.
      Moved Visitor class into Incidence class.
      Adapted code to new location of incidence visitor class.
      Adapted search dialog to qt3 QRegExp.
      Disabled compilation of kpilot because it's broken.
      libkcal header file cleanup
      Moved project view to own plugin.
      Added some missing functions to interfaces.
      Adding some magic.
      Implemented automatic passing of calendar messages from KMail to KOrganizer.
      Perl path now is determined by configure.
      Added licence headers.
      Added licence headers.
      Added licence headers.
      Moved common functionality to common base class.
      Addressbook API.
      Compile fixes.
      Make it compile with Qt3.
      Small layout change.
      Added AddressBook::Iterators.
      Fixed some bugs and made the test programs work.
      Removed default argument from function definition.
      Added vCard backend.
      Added holidays for Paraguay.
      Enable compilation.
      Fixed copy constructor and assignment operator.
      More fields.
      Fixed paramter handling for Param class.
      Implemented addresses.
      Full implementation of addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
      kde3 compile fixes.
      kab to kabc converter now remembers the unique ids. That means you can
      Implemented custom categories.
      Compile fixes.
      Fixed parsing of NOTE type.
      Fixed address book change notification.
      Compile fixes.
      Added dialog for selecting an entry from the address book.
      Added basic documentation.
      Added README.
      Minor changes.
      Added findByCategory function.
      Show real name.
      Added support for distribution lists to new address book API.
      Added holidays for guatemala.
      Cleaning up.
      Make navigation functions public.
      Make it compile.
      Removing obsolete target.
      Install header.
      Making stupid compilers happy.
      Compile fixes.
      Moved kabc to kdelibs. The GUI client remains in kdepim.
      Moved vCard to kdelibs/kabc/vcard.
      vCard is now in kdelibs/kabc/vcard.
      Removed generated files.
      Implemented saving of open state of todos.
      Reverting accidental commit.
      Ported Kandy to kabc.
      Compile fix.
      Disable kalarm until it compiles again.
      Removed user guessing code. If we need something like that, it should be
      Added option to hide private and/or confidential entries in html export.
      Show range of week not range of selection on week printout.
      Cleaning up.
      Ported KOrganizer to kabc.
      Don't use
      Renamed koarchivedlg.{h,cpp} to archivedialog.{h,cpp}.
      Improved incoming and outgoing dialogs. Patch by Guenter Schwann <vogel at>.
      More group scheduling improvements by Guenter Schwann (new publishdialog and
      Added deleteTransaction() method.
      Another great patch by Guenter. Adds list of receivers to event viewer and
      Added time line to time span view.
      Disable compilation of ksync, because it requires libkonq from kdebase.
      KDE_VERSION is not yet 300.
      Seöection of multiple addresses from address book.
      I'm coming back to my roots as a KDE developer. My first patch was a fix
      Cleaning up.
      Moving some functionality of the calendarview into its own classes.
      Moved some more dialogs to KODialogManager.
      Removed some obsolete functions.
      Show real events from calendar in timespan view, added zoom and center buttons.
      Implemented Reply in Scheduler (Patch by Guenter).
      "Reply" implementation (Patch by Guenter).
      Added missing files.
      Added FreeBusy class.
      Make it compile.
      Bug fixes.
      Compile fixes.
      Added new files.
      Make it compile.
      Accept cancel transactions.
      A failed experiment.
      Make it compile.
      Use own debug area.
      Added DCOP call for debug purposes.
      Enable kalarm. It should now compile fine.
      Added box around "What's next" title.
      Some more cooding style guidelines.
      see libkcal/HACKING.
      Added a reference.
      Added debug output.
      Fixed hyperlink crash of whatsnext view.
      Renamed daemongui.{h,cpp} to alarmgui.{h,cpp}, so that the filename matches
      Added missing files.
      Use correct char.
      Alarm fixes.
      Alarm fixes.
      Make it compile.
      Created library for DCOP stubs.
      Added support for relative alarms.
      More alarm code fixes.
      Compile fix.
      Compile fix.
      Make it compile.
      Added control module for alarm daemon.
      Disabel alarm, when there is no due date.
      Disabled compilation of unused libraries.
      Updated version number.
      New widget KODayMatrix replaces all the day widgets in the date navigator.
      Make it compile.
      #include fix.
      Compile fixes.
      Sime simple fixes.
      KOrganizer alarm notification now works again. Needs some more fixes, though.
      Separating drag-and-drop code.
      Getting rid of dependency on rtti.
      Cleaning up.
      Some more polishing.
      Added Israeli holidays for 2002 and 2003.
      Small modification to KOrganizer licence, which allows to link against
      Cleaning up Calendar plugin interface.
      Added check for attendees for the group scheduling actions.
      Replaced IncidenceBase::setVUID()/VUID() by IncidencBase::setUid()/uid().
      Added observer to Calendar.
      Adding another contributor.
      Removed "Save Settings" action.
      Updated version number.
      Added desktop file for automatic startup of KOrganizer alarm daemon client
      Start alarm client, when KOrganizer is started.
      Added icons for web export.
      Port KNode to kabc.
      Fixed ambigous text.
      Some trivial fixes.
      Remove obsolete setting. [Bug 38363]
      IRIX compile fix.
      Fixed writing of alarm attachements for audio and program alarm.
      Make audio and procedure alarms work.
      Added test program for alarm dialog.
      There can currently be onlz one of audio and program notification.
      Ported kmailcvt to libkabc.
      Remove libkab dependencies from KMail.
      Clarifying documentation.
      Adding some more API documentation.
      IRIX compile fixes.
      Fixed vCalendar loading.
      Don't read events with invalid dates.
      Fixed layout.
      Use KProcess to call ical2vcal.
      Fix sorting of due dates.
      Added command line tool for showing calendar files.
      Compile fix.
      Compile fixes.
      Disable time span view, because it is not ready to be released.
      Fix return value bug.
      Fix indentation.
      Compile fix.
      Updating version information.
      Updating version info.
      Adding missing icons from iKon set.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Create new Parts for each main window.
      Fixed crash which occured when adding a new filter.
      Don't duplicate categories, when changing filters.
      Set timezone correctly.
      Fix some memory leaks.
      Prevent a crash, when a plugin can't be loaded.
      - Moved .is_neg=0 to correct function.
      Small API doc fix.
      Remove obsolete tip.
      Fix saving of preferences.
      Remove obsolete setting. Holidays are now configured in the plugin.
      Use correct message catalogue.
      Put correct version number in product id string in calendar files.
      Applying Davids patch preventing multiple notification of the same alarm.
      Mini fixes.
      Get rid of dynamic_cast.
      Fixed formatting of source code.
      Corrections submitted by Mika Korhonen <mikak at>.
      Fix compilation.
      Use local8Bit for output of strings to shell.
      Rewrite of month view.
      Removed obsolete files.
      Add info to ambigous string.
      Initial import of kaplan.
      Make it compile.
      Cleaning up.
      Implemented creation of an event by selecting a time range in the agenda
      Autoscroll if cursor reaches end of scrollview.
      Start event editor by clicking on a cell of the month view.
      Reenable double click on items.
      Fixing date picker includes.
      Make sure the date picker fits on the screen.
      Compile fixes.
      Make dialogs fit on small screens.
      Added functions for deleting a selected incidence and creating a subtodo.
      Make it compile.
      Cleaning up.
      Include Todo view in state saving of selected view.
      Move selection notification from eventsSelected(bool) to
      Finished fixing selection handling.
      Move purgeCompleted() from KOTodoView to CalendarView.
      Fix crash when movin event in agenda view.
      Set parent of incidence editors correctly.
      Make layout more compact.
      1 == true
      Added test program for checking time zone problems. Doesn't do anything
      Added action to open standard address book.
      Removed obsolete default config file.
      Fix "unitialised value" problem reported by valgrid.
      Fix memory leaks.
      Make valgrind happy.
      Shows scrollbars only in selected cell.
      Replaced custom QListViewItem by template class.
      Added first code for supporting non-gregorian calendar systems.
      Enable compilation of ksync.
      Use template listview item class in kolistview.
      Added time table view for printing. Patch by Paul Pak <paulpak at>.
      Added icon for "Next X Days" view.
      Added action to directly add email addresses into the addressbook without
      Added some new stuff.
      Updated version number.
      Fixed supression of private and confidential events in HTML export.
      Renamed file to name of the class it contains.
      Fix compilation.
      Added address book syncing.
      Removed dialogs from CalFormat.
      Don't require to pass a Calendar to CalFormat.
      Added function to convert a single incidence to an iCalendar string.
      Test for cloning incidences.
      Made Recurrence member variables private.
      Fix spelling error.
      Don't crash when CalendarLocal::save is called before CalendarLocal::load.
      Remove obsolete call.
      Removed non-holidays.
      Fixed bug #42476.
      Display warning if kaddressbook wasn't found.
      Added "hot new stuff button" to KOrganizer.
      Disable kabcfrontend compilation because it dependes on parts of libkabc
      Check pointer before using it.
      Make HTML export conformant to XHTML 1.0 standard.
      Applied patch by Carlos Moro.
      Applied patch by Carlos Moro.
      Renamed kdatenav.{h,cpp} to kdatenavigator.{h,cpp}, so that the file name
      Get rid of warning.
      Make it compile.
      Moving KPrefs* classes to common library.
      Moving category select and edit dialogs of kaddressbook and korganizer to
      Move kdateedit to libkdepim.
      Sync is Save.
      Print time zone information.
      Add context menus to todo view for directly changing priority, completed
      KCalendarSystem bug fixes.
      Handle invalid dates in date picker. Patch by Marco Zühlke <mzuehlke at>.
      Moved KImportDialog from kaddressbook to libkdepim.
      Use KABC::ResourceSelectDialog.
      Alarms for todos.
      Fix compile order.
      Use correct debug area.
      Implemented templates for events and todos.
      Removed Id tags, because they cause unnecessary recompiles and conflicts
      Removed Id tag, because it causes unnecessary recompiles and problems when
      Removed obsolete files.
      Renamed functions returning unfiltered events to rawEvents*.
      Renamed Calendar::journalList() to Calendar::journals().
      Renamed Calendar::getTodoList() to Calendar::todos().
      Renamed Calendar::getAllEvents() to Calendar::events().
      Putting CategoryEditDialog and CategorySelectDialog in the KPIM namespace.
      Create meta info before uploading payload.
      Use providers.xml URL from config file, if there is an ProvidersUrl entry.
      Added examples for the files used by knewstuff.
      Fixed test program.
      Option to disable upload and show a web page or a dialog instead.
      Check for valid name.
      More flexible upload handling now supports automatical uploading, manual
      CalendarSystem cleanup.
      Export web pages in utf8 encoding.
      Use Incidence instead of subclasses where possible.
      Updated README with information about kdenonbeta/kdepim.
      Disabled DummyScheduler setting.
      Clear phone numbers when switching entries in quick edit.
      Move file loading/saving code from CalendarLocal to own class.
      Removed CalFormat pointers and functions from Calendar class.
      Use QListView::contextMenuRequested() instead of rightClicked(). This seems
      Added logging patch by Tomas.
      Removed obsolete include.
      Use DistributionListDialog.
      Updated version number.
      Updated version number.
      Make it compile.
      Editor fixes.
      Mouse wheel navigation for kdatenavigator.
      Different calendar system support in month view.
      Remove abundant quote.
      Add support for custom style sheets.
      We don't need libkonq anymore.
      Split addresseeeditorsupportwidgets in separate files.
      Add some margin around incremental search widget.
      Make it compile with non-HEAD.
      First part of phone combo fix. Multiple numbers of the same types still
      Update phone number combo boxes, if new type was added.
      Create unique label for duplicated types.
      Remeber current item.
      Preserve order of default types.
      Moving type insertion funcions into typecombo class.
      Made TypeCombo a template class.
      Small layout adjustments.
      (Optionally) show category colors in month view. Patch by Karsten Schulz
      Make kdateedit a combobox which opens the date picker instead of a listbox.
      Independent buttons in filter edit dialog should be check boxes not radio
      Remove message box shown for invalid dates. It's better, if the user code
      Make it compile.
      Make it compile.
      Fix warning.
      Make it compile.
      Make it compile by commenting out the kmail DCOP stub.
      The main window is not a dialog, so it doesn't have a dialog margin.
      Compile fixes.
      Some day/month name fixes.
      Fixed next/previous actions in monthview.
      We currently only use yearly "bymonth" recurrence. Reflect that in the GUI.
      Fix message to be translatable.
      Removed obsolete file.
      Added KAddressBook.
      Use right save call. This still isn't optimal, because the conduit should
      Don't copy observer in copy constructor. An IncidenceBase object which is
      Use iCalendar for Copy&Paste.
      Use iCalendar for Drag&Drop. Fixes bug #47667.
      Write DTSTART for journal entries. Fixes bug #43987.
      Update version number.
      Write utf8 encoded iCalendar.
      Disable sort id. Fixes bug #46345.
      Set reasonable end time, if item is moved below bottom of agenda view.
      Update editors when incidences have been manipulated directly in the view.
      Set end date in case of end date being moved to next day by changing the
      Offer end of day in time edit.
      Recurring events can't be moved with the mouse in the agenda view, because
      Don't accept vCalendar or iCalendar drags on agenda view items.
      Added note to fix bug 46533.
      Only start drag, if in move mode. Fixes bug 48044.
      Add support for webcal URLs. See e.g.
      DTSTART is optional in VTODO.
      Fixed opening of relative urls from the command line.
      Don't show unreadable fonts in the details view per default.
      Document versioning scheme.
      Made DTEND property written compliant to RFC 2445.
      Replace janus widget of feature bar by KSelectAction.
      Remove layout hacks from detailsviewconatiner.
      Removed obsolete file.
      Don't open editor dialog, if there is already a quick edit shown.
      Actually show the edit dialog, if quick edit isn't shown.
      Added remove buton to filter edit dialog. (Bug #33244)
      Adding release information for 3.0.2 and 3.0.3.
      Select dates after their values have been calculated. Fixes Bug #48577.
      Don't open editor dialog, when quick edit is active.
      Added new features.
      Reverting commit which broke compilation.
      Fixed date navigation.
      Adding icon for journal view.
      Don't include separating whitespace in version number.
      Fix date navigation for week starting on Sunday.
      Layout fixes in editor dialogs.
      Fix encoding issues with vCard drag&drop.
      Update version number.
      Don't duplicate exception dates when reopening the event editor.
      Don't write durations with weeks mixed with days/hours etc. This doesn't
      Don't show duplicate entries in list view.
      Applied patch to get correct timezone on solaris (see bug report #40541).
      Use correct time format.
      Removed newAddresseeResource() function.
      Incremented version number to "3.1".
      Fixed infinite loop when end date for HTML export of month view was in
      dynamic_cast doesn't seem to work reliably. Replaced by static_cast and
      Correctly identify version number.
      Major refactoring of recurrence editor.
      Removed generated file.
      Replaced some 0Ls by 0s.
      Get rid of KConfig::hasKey().
      Fixed includes.
      Don't include kocore when KORG_NOPLUGINS is set.
      Added KInputDialog. This currently just is a wrapper.
      Fixed includes.
      Moved calendarSystem() function from KOCore to KOGlobals.
      Use correct type.
      Compile fixes.
      Compile fix.
      Call CustomProperties copy constructor.
      Make it compile with Qt/Embedded.
      Fix indentation.
      Added compact versions of recurrence type chooser and excpetions editor.
      Fix warning.
      Removed redundant margins.
      More compactisation.
      Compile fixes.
      Give more reasonable error messages.
      Load holiday plugin only once. Fixes bug #51721.
      Make AlarmClient abstract to support different alarm daemons.
      Added simple alarm daemon.
      Fix compilation for srcdir != builddir.
      Make KAddressBook compile with KDE_3_1_BRANCH kdelibs.
      Added my thoughts.
      Don't crash, when holiday plugin is deselected.
      Use AlarmCient.
      Make use of the ActionManager.
      The framework has been moved to kdelibs/kresources.
      Make it compile.
      Make it compile.
      Removed redundant signal declarations.
      Make it compile.
      No need to create local CalendarLocal objects with new.
      Moved calendar resource stuff from libkdepim/resources/calendar to libkcal.
      Moved calendar resource from libkdepim/resources/calendar to libkcal.
      Make it compile.
      Added missing feature.
      Updated README.
      Added sync function to Calendar which saves data if necessary.
      Make it compile.
      Ported KOrganizer to new resource framework. This is an important step. The
      Use ResourceManager::Iterator.
      Added CalendarResourceManager typedef.
      Fixed standard resource.
      Install local.desktop to correct directory.
      Provide a setTitle slot in ActionManager.
      Added consts so that functions really overload the base class ones.
      If no calendar resource has been configured use active calendar, if one
      Added view of calendar resources to main calendar view.
      Access only active calendar resources.
      Show active state.
      Remember open state.
      Update calendar view when resources are activated/deactivated.
      Inititalize mTypeCombo also for non-compact mode.
      writeConfig isn't const.
      Initialize ExecptionsButton pointer also in non-compact mode.
      Make it compile.
      Load resources.
      More thoughts and some formatting.
      Added load() function to the ResourceCalendar interface.
      Update view, when Resource data has changed.
      Make it compile.
      Make it compile.
      Make it compile.
      Added KMail/KNode etc. information.
      Added incidences() and rawIncidences() methods to get all incidences of a
      Use the same config file in the control module and the calendar class using
      Move setting of the type down to specialized class.
      Added resource storing its data one incidence a file in a local directory.
      Create a statusbarextension instance.
      Actually show status bar widget. Disabling when the part gets deactivated
      Added remote calendar resource.
      Remember size of resource view.
      Replace printf by cout.
      Put out error output to stderr.
      Renamed ResourceCalendar::sync() to save(). This is more consistent with
      Add Id tag, so that the copy on the webserver can be identified.
      Let Calendar notify when saving is in progress and when it has finished.
      Make saving to remote resources actually work. This is fun. You can now
      Make it compile.
      Updated coding guidelines.
      Changed the return value of the add* functions to bool to make it possible
      Return error, when no valid resource was given.
      Added addIncidence function to ResourceCalendar.
      add* return bool now.
      Implement AskDestinationPolicy.
      Remove resourceList. Resources should accessed by their ResourceManager and
      Remove the ugly code for letting the user select a resource. This is now
      Make string translatable.
      Disable kalarmd for KOrganizer/Embedded.
      Include fixes.
      KNotes now also needs libkcal.
      Replaced AddIncidenceVisitor classes by a common template class
      Include fixes.
      Added (optional) compact version of recurrence range editor.
      Extract NavigatorBar from KDateNavigator.
      Make it compile.
      Disable excessive debug output.
      Show navigator bar in full window month view.
      Fixed formatting.
      Add NavigatorBar in full-window month view for compact mode.
      Disable template GUI in compact mode because it doesn't fit on the screen
      More compactisation.
      Add parent() function.
      Added doesRecur() which just forwards the request to the Recurrence object.
      Disable some very verbose debug output.
      Replaced the ancient code for internal storage of calendar entries by
      Make it compile.
      Removed obsolete function Calendar::numEvents().
      Removed Calendar::numEvents().
      Added reader for Qtopia calendar format. Still has some problems with
      Make it compile.
      Disable debug output.
      Don't duplicate entries on multiple import.
      Added slot importQtopia().
      Moved main function of simplekalarmd to own file.
      Renamed SimpleKalarmd to SimpleAlarmDaemon.
      Implemented SimpleAlarmClient.
      Error checking.
      Make it compile with Qt/Embedded 2.3.2.
      Parent widget for alarm daemon.
      Removed obsolete variables.
      Read categories and alarms.
      More concise formatting of iCalendar string output.
      Read Qtopia todo list.
      Parse and translate categories.
      Use Transparency type.
      Fit category dialogs to screen.
      Use correct default duration for events crossing a day boundary (#53477).
      - Correctly save category colors (#54913).
      - Don't show todos more than once in what's next view.
      Include todos in print output of month view (#53291)
      Show todo items in agenda view. Patch by Martin Koller <m.koller at>.
      - Don't restrict maximum size of search dialog (#54912).
      Make cancel button of template selection dialog work (#54852)
      Don't break sorting when changing todos by context menu (#53680).
      Update views on changes of todos directly in the todo list (#43162).
      Correctly save days of weekly recurrence.
      Make it compile.
      Get rid of unnecessary "if(mResourceManager)" and some code duplication.
      Add function for debug output.
      Added "document" parameter to main window base class.
      Fix compilation of KOrganizer/Embedded.
      Added config file option to disable quick todo adder.
      Make it compile.
      Implemented Simons suggestion to use a template KPrefsItem class.
      Use reference instead of pointer as suggested by Simon.
      Remove Id symbols.
      Save only values which have been changed.
      Show graphical representation of completion state of todos in todo view.
      Fix sorting of by priority of completed todos.
      Change licence to LGPL.
      Change licence to LGPL.
      Adapt to kresources changes.
      Fix position of completion state tooltip.
      Adapt to kresources changes.
      Adapt to kresources changes.
      Adapt to kresources changes.
      Compile fix.
      Use libkdepim headers from srcdir instead of installed ones.
      Make error message translatable.
      Removed obsolete code. Calendar systems are now handled by kdecore.
      Make use of the template KRES::PluginFactory.
      Fix name of init function.
      Removed dependency on ResourceManager from CalendarView.
      Coding style cleanups.
      Rename KonnectorPlugin to Konnector.
      Removed redundant "ksync_" prefix.
      Removed generated file.
      Directly use Konnector object instead of UDI.
      Added dummy Konnector for testing purposes. Does nothing yet.
      Argl. Revert "check dynamic_cast for 0" change to make KMail compile again.
      Reverting changes which broke compilation. Is is so difficult to type
      Fix warning.
      Fix creation and editing of Konnectors which don't have a config widget.
      Fix warning.
      Added ResourceCached eliminating code duplication in resources for
      Welcome back old navigator widget.
      Group KDE header include with other KDE header includes.
      Added border.
      KCMultiDialog has a nasty bug which has to be fixed.
      Fix warning.
      - Added KPrefsModule for KPrefs based confguration dialogs similar to
      - Added general Kontact configuration dialog.
      Don't show header bar in icon mode.
      Adding border.
      First try of dynamic configuration of sidepane without need to restart
      Fix formatting.
      Documentation and formatting cleanups.
      Added function Kontact::Plugin::weight() to make it possible to define
      Added common about dialog for all Kontact components.
      - Added Kontact::Summary as base class for summary widgets.
      Don't abuse libkorganizer as module as KPart and as app at once. The KPart
      Cleaning up.
      Fix library name.
      Remove code for handling stand-alone app korganizer from part.
      Don't directly use KOrganizer class in ActionManager.
      Make it compile.
      Fix library and class name.
      Add proper licence headers.
      Fix licence headers.
      Moving the Core API to own class.
      Renamed Core::konnectorProfile() to Core::currentKonnectorProfile().
      Show list of Konnectors in debugger.
      Adding proper licence headers.
      Rename lib in kdepim/kitchensync/lib from libksync to libksync2 to avoid
      Added log view and configure button to debugger.
      Show config widget in dialog.
      Added DCOP function to open an event editor.
      Add functions to handle drag and drop.
      Make sidepane accept drops on icons.
      Handle text drags on sidepane in KOrganizer part.
      Added function Calendar::deleteIncidence().
      Return derived class.
      Implemented Undo/Redo in KOrganizer.
      Add Undo and Redo actions to the KOrganizer part used in Kontact.
      Give part a parent before calling PartManager::addPart().
      Adding some API documentation.
      Removed unused class.
      Removed obsolete files.
      Cleaning up.
      Removed Syncee and SyncEntry classes from syncer files and put it in own
      Remove overview files. These are out of date or inaccurate or empty. They
      Let dummy Konnector provide some dummy data.
      Added button to read Syncees.
      Added Konnector for PIM data on local desktop.
      Added config widget for local konnector.
      Added "Write Syncee" button to debugger.
      Added new class SynceeList for passing Syncees around.
      Fix creation of Konnectors in Debugger.
      Make it compile.
      Remove conflicting signal declaration.
      Use common createDrag function for todos and events.
      Fix drag&drop.
      Disable "active calendar" code.
      Added SyncerPart.
      Make it compile. That's not the real fix, though.
      Added generic "hot new stuff" downloader.
      Include moc file.
      Make sure the data gotten from the kioslave is null-terminated.
      Small optimization.
      - Ported Konnectors to KResources framework. This isn't finished yet. The
      It's not the responsibility of the Syncee to load and save the data.
      Trying to understand the code by fixing its formatting.
      Adding some debug output for syncing. Syncing actually seems to work.
      Add DCOP calls for switching between todo and event view.
      - Let Core create the KParts, so that multiple plugins can share the same KPart.
      Call Plugin::select() when plugin is selected.
      - Added Todo List plugin.
      Remember last event view.
      Make current group a member variable of KPrefs.
      Changed list return values of libkcal from QPtrList to QValueList.
      Add missing file.
      Fix crash.
      Make danimo happy.
      Make gcc 2.95 happy.
      FIx compile.
      Update version number.
      Enable/Disable all widgets on the recurrence tab.
      Don't copy the autodelete attribute.
      - Read default values from global config file.
      Read back config file after writing in order to account for immutable
      Read back configuration after writing in order to account for immutable
      Remove obsolete widgets.
      Remove obsolete code.
      Remove obsolete code.
      Make KPimPrefs non-abstract.
      Generate KOPrefs from XML description of configuration options.
      Make it compile.
      Fix warning.
      Expose some more data in public KPrefs API.
      - Made specialized KPrefsItems public.
      Adding KPrefsWidInt.
      Add support for automatically generating KPrefsWidRadios.
      Add support for string list default values.
      Enable HTML export plugin by default.
      Fix actions in search dialog. Patch by Martin Koller.
      Clarify API docs.
      Added KAutoConfig example equivalent to cfgc/KPrefsDialog example.
      Added KPrefsItem::isImmutable().
      Disable immutable widgets in auto-created KPrefsDialog.
      Added KPrefsItem::setValue().
      Disable KAlarm as it doesn't compile.
      Don't delete item inremoveRef if autoDelete isn't set. This fixes the crash
      Remove signal conflict.
      Open editors for selected item in list and todo view when pressing return.
      Provide menu to select month when clicking on the title of the date
      Disable addressbook and organizer manipulator parts. Their functionality
      Remove obsolete Konnector loaded code.
      Random cleanups.
      Added template for backup/restore manipulator part. This replaces the
      Separate Core, main view (KitchenSync) and MainWindow.
      Added error message when Plugin can't load Part.
      MainWindow is alredy deleted.
      Provide a KitchenSync KPart.
      Added KitchenSync plugin to Kontact.
      Fix initialisation of actions by fixing the instance name.
      Remember geometry.
      Implement backup and GUI for restore.
      Read name of library containing KPart from the plugin desktop file.
      Load name of KOrganizer Part library from plugin desktop file.
      Load aboutdata without loading the part. Thanks to busy Simon for the
      Put authors information in text view with scrollbar so that about dialog
      Put KitchenSync plugin at end of list.
      Move about data to own class.
      Use KGenericFactory.
      Move about data to own file.
      Use KGenericFactory.
      Add about data for SummaryView.
      Mini cleanups.
      Fix email address.
      David did it again ;-)
      Layout fixes.
      Fix line breaks.
      Add some margin.
      Don't need AboutDataExtension anymore.
      Remove obsolete AboutDataExtension.
      Add missing change notification in KPrefsModule.
      Move KOrganizer configuration dialog to KCModules.
      Adding desktop files for KOrganizer config dialog.
      A new module isn't changed.
      Set changed state on loading the configuration.
      Fix change notification for cstom widgets in preferences dialog.
      Fix button text.
      Added "Delete Backup" button.
      Remember selected part.
      Implement restore.
      - Removed backup and restore functions from Konnector. This is now handled
      Rename libkonnector2/konnectorplugin.{h,cpp} to libkonnector2/konnector.{h,cpp}.
      Renamed konnector.{h,cpp} to threadedkonnector.{h,cpp}.
      Make Qtopia Konnector compile again. Doesn't work yet, though.
      Fix quit action.
      Adding event filter for keys. Currently does nothing.
      The ususal compile fix.
      Initialize pointer before using it.
      Rename ManipulatorPart::partIsVisible() to hasGui().
      - Creating events by selecting a time span and then simply start typing
      Unbreak some keyboard shortcuts.
      - Remove all the code obsoleted by moving Konnectors to the KResources framework.
      Fix loading of Kontact config module.
      Fix layout of printing dialog.
      Trying to understand the code by cleaning up the formatting.
      - Added option to automatically start event editor when mouse is released
      Fix docbook.
      Give parent widget to error dialog for locked addressbook and show only one
      Understanding code by cleaning up the formatting, take two.
      Add some API docs.
      - Fixed loading and saving of printing configurations (Calling virtual methods
      Preselect printing type corresponsing to current view type.
      Cleaning up formatting.
      Add CalendarNull class.
      Cleaning up.
      - Factored out code for placement of overlapping events from the agenda view.
      Adding missing Qt exception.
      Enable hebrew plugin.
      Add versioning to plugin interfaces.
      Make calendar member variable private in view base class.
      Cosmetic changes.
      Remove Calendar parameter from CalendarView constructor.
      Take recurring events into acount when calculating which events overlap
      Fix crash.
      Fix category editing from filtereditdialog.
      Cosmetic changes.
      Fix warnings.
      Fix session management by moving creation of the Calendar object from the
      Removed debug statement.
      Remove layout warning.
      Move creation of Calendar objects to ActionManager. This removes some redundancies.
      Remove "list" and "show" command line options from KOrganizer. This
      Port kdepim to KConfigSkeleton.
      KLineEditDlg -> KInputDialog
      Add columbian holidays. Thanks to Juan David Botero <jbotero at>
      Fix typo.
      Fix the bug in the KOrganizer preferences dialog that the default settings
      Fix month view font and event color options.
      Port kcfg to new type names.
      Adapt kcfg to new type names.
      Use kcfg.
      Remove duplicate and empty parameters.
      values -> choices
      Get labels of radio buttons from KConfigSkeletonItem.
      Porting example for autogenerated config dialog to kconfig_compiler.
      This is libkcal.
      Minor fixes.
      Fix warnings.
      We don't seem to need the updateConfigCheck anymore. Now the KMail KPart
      Dark is too dark.
      Fix warnings.
      KPrefs has been moved to kdelibs/kdecore and renamed to KConfigSkeleton.
      Cleaning up.
      Rename function to better reflect what it actually does.
      Fix warning.
      - Added dialog for importing a new calendar resource.
      Fix and simplify alarm handling. Now korgac does not only the system tray
      Disable kalarmd by default.
      Reduce debug output.
      Be less restrictive what kind of class canDecode accepts.
      Add support for "x-kmail-drag/message-list" drops.
      - Added Attachment tab to event editor.
      Use DCOP call taking an attachment.
      - Moved attachment editor code to own class.
      Add missing function.
      Fixing debug areas.
      Add support for todo attachments.
      Adding support for todo attachments.
      Normalize Attachment API.
      Fix API docs.
      Remove duplicated code.
      Fix "make check".
      Remove simplealarmdaemon. The regular KOrganizer alarm daemon is now simple enough.
      Use own debug area.
      Make the plugins real plugins and put the library code into the library.
      Fix duplicaton of accelerators.
      Properly install kcfg files.
      Crash handler isn't needed anymore.
      Added locking for calendar resources.
      Adapt to libkcal changes.
      Added support for locking of calendar resources when changing events.
      Lock calendar resource when editing incidences.
      Add DCOP calls for creating todos from text or mail information.
      Support drop of mails on todo list.
      Add configuration for reloading of remote resource.
      Disable broken sidepane type.
      Fix KAddressBook plugin. It didn't even load.
      Fix notification of changes in calendar resource configuration.
      Disable KitchenSync.
      Replace empty configuration dialog by plugin selection dialog.
      Reinstantiate KOrganizer config dialog in Kontact.
      Don't crash when there is no mainGuiFactory.
      - Create part when needed.
      Don't try to activate part on drop.
      Better default value.
      Fix View->Update action.
      Disabled filters can't filter anything.
      Apply filter to new events before showing them.
      Correctly set hasDocument status in part. That fixes the "Save" action
      Disable actions which need a KOrganizer main window in the part. This fixes
      Disable Exchange resource. This is highly experimental code which shouldn't
      Show alarm notification dialog on top of all other windows. This should now
      Give access to summary view configuration modules again.
      Remote resource takes a filename, not a directory.
      Fix iTIP PublishUpdate. Patch by Tais M. Hansen. The new error strings we
      Correctly pass iCalendar attachments to KOrganizer. This replaces the
      Update version number.
      Added Kontact manual.
      Fix 'make check'.
      Update version number.
      Forward error message.
      Add testsuite for calendar file parsing.
      Add list of maintainers of the various kdepim components.
      Adding more tests.
      Read TZID parameters.
      Remove dubious friend declarations and make class-like structs real classes.
      - Added and improved API docs
      Next try to get rid of the friend declarations.
      Correctly write UNTIL parameter of RRULE property if it is a date without
      Adapt test to corrected UNTIL parameter.
      Added holidays for "Suedtirol". Thanks to Roland Reiterer.
      Fix widht of month label. Patch by Martin Koller.
      Faster saving. Patch by David Faure.
      Clarify API docs.
      Next version is 3.2.
      Make new default agenda view colors available to everyone.
      Show translated descriptions as in kcmkresources.
      Update version number.
      The timezone has to be set before loading the calendar.
      Fix attachment bugs. Patch by Martin Koller.
      Fix autosaving for resource-based calendar.
      Enable autosave by default.
      Adding licence headers.
      Adding licence header.
      Adding licence headers.
      Adding licence headers.
      Adding licence headers.
      Fix "accept" and "reject" buttons.
      Add licence headers.
      Fix typo.
      Merged osnabrueck_branch to HEAD.
      Merged back osnabrueck_branch to HEAD.
      Rename koeditorgantt.{h,cpp} to koeditorfreebusy.{h,cpp}.
      Factor out code for caching freebusy information.
      Put code for storing freebusy information in FreeBusyManager.
      Clarify licenses.
      Cache freebusy data.
      Normalize interface.
      Use correct function name.
      Implement reload() function.
      Add template for freebusyurl configuration.
      Implement configuration of non-Kolab free/busy URLs.
      - Don't reload calendar if it hasn't changed.
      Less debug output.
      Get kcfg file from the correct location.
      Add support for hidden values (e.g. passwords).
      New Kolab configuration wizard.
      Remove Kolab specific code to handle free/busy upload. This is now handled
      Take obscurity into account when checking for changed values.
      Remove Kolab specific handling of Free/Busy retrieval. This is now handled
      Add support for configuration of Free/Busy retrieval.
      Debug output.
      Return actual return code.
      Add support for custom Changes.
      Added template for creating the IMAP resource.
      - Correctly set type of IMAP resource.
      Create KOrganizer IMAP resource, when needed.
      Clarify API docs.
      Reenable KitchenSync. Let's finally get this done.
      Remove obsolete and unmaintained code.
      Create freebusy manager on demand.
      Create the KOGroupWare object also if KOrganizer is started with a
      Handle errors for addIncidence functions.
      If we can't save don't silently exit and lose the data but give users
      Fix compilation for 'make check'.
      Remove obsolete writeLog function.
      Use correct function.
      Add "dontSync" flag.
      Reuse SyncEntry objects if we have seen the incidence before.
      Add support for not syncing entries.
      Add testsuite.
      Remove ancient file. This is obsolete for years now.
      Move BookmarkSyncee from ksync/lib to libksync.
      Implemented addressbook support for local Konnector.
      Cleaning up profile management dialog.
      Simplify profile configuration.
      Add DCOP functions goDate() to select a specific data in the view. Patch
      Add include guards. This hopefully fixes enable-final.
      - Temporarily disable server notification and progress.
      Handle authentification errors.
      Don't crash on second load.
      Irrelevant cleanups.
      Make it work with OpenGroupware.
      Make changing events on OpenGroupware server work.
      Add ResourceCalendar::changeEvent().
      Remove obsolete file.
      Clean up event viewer classes and put the event viewer dialog into the
      Add null resource for KABC::AddressBook.
      Use null resource instead of dummy file resource.
      Don't allow to create profiles with empty name.
      Make it possible to select files from existing resources.
      Don't fail if a file name is empty.
      Remove milli seconds, so that modification dates get comparable again.
      Remove debug output.
      Don't show ampersands in the GUI.
      Completely irrelevant minor mini-cleanup.
      Add fileName function.
      Make it possible to hide search line edit.
      Implement "--document" option which makes it possible to let KAddressBook
      Add todo support to CalendarSyncee.
      Disconnect after backup.
      Fix compilation.
      Coding style cleanups.
      More meaningful name for default calendar.
      Remove unused code.
      Don't set modified to false if save of addressbook fails.
      Fix saving of non-StdAddressBook.
      Actually use SyncUI.
      Fix repeated syncs.
      Fix compilation. This certainly is the wrong fix, so somebody with more
      Generate files before using them.
      Fix typo.
      Port eGroupware wizard to KConfigWizard.
      Add missing bits for wizards.
      Support for propagators without config file and setting propagator in
      Fix URL.
      Add split week print view.
      BaseView::showEvents() isn't sufficient.
      Fix typo.
      Add iCalendar plugin.
      Disable hard-coded iCalendar handling. Will be done by the plugin now.
      plugins need the plugin interface from kmail and libkdepim and libkcal
      Actually show the data from the iCalendar attachments.
      Disable the groupware URL handler.
      Add UrlHandler for URLs from iCalendar attachments.
      Don't eat iCalendar attachments which are no iMIP messages.
      Make the links in the iCalendar body part plugin work. This uses the
      Make it possible to open view for not-yet-existing local calendar file
      Changed the KitchenSync part concept: A part now represents an action,
      Add remote Konnector.
      Fix warnings.
      Update agenda item when edited via editor.
      non-member variables shouldn't start with m.
      - Notify about errors when loading resources.
      - Handle errors from loading resources.
      Deactivate resource if it couldn't be loaded.
      Update resource view on active state changes of resources.
      Add function for unregistering observers.
      Unregister calendar observer on destruction.
      - Show multiple months in date navigator when there is enough space.
      Coding style cleanup.
      - Show cells belonging to different months with different background colors.
      Show work days in month view.
      Adding comment.
      Manually layout widgets in datenavigatorcontainer, so that it can be made
      Don't endlessly try to layout zero widgets.
      Less debug output.
      Show tooltips by default.
      Add resource for accessing SUSE LINUX Openexchange Server.
      Add wizard for setting up the SLOX resources.
      Handle addressbooks with more than 100 entries.
      Fix addressbook data problems.
      Don't show buttons in navigator views more than once.
      Clenaup formatiing.
      Fix warning.
      Coding style cleanup.
      Give access to the time zone.
      Add function to convert UTC time to local time.
      Fix parsing of event attributes.
      Oops, copy and paste error.
      Less debug output.
      Make it more const.
      Add signals for indicating progress.
      Show resource loading progress in status bar.
      Report progress to KOrganizer main window instead of opening own dialogs.
      Less debug output.
      Use http:// by default.
      SLOX uses milliseconds time, not seconds.
      The button doesn't cancel anything.
      Move options to KConfigXT.
      Add function to find Attendee by unique id.
      Use correct Attendee attributes.
      Fix docbook.
      Make it more const.
      Prevent overlapping multiple loads.
      Enable retriveal of free/busy information.
      Don't try to retrieve free/busy info from invalid urls.
      Fix crash.
      Disable misleading debug output.
      Add dedicated function for parsing free/busy information.
      - Use dedicated function for parsing free/busy information.
      Add static deleter.
      Add class for storing free/busy urls at a central place.
      Use FreeBusyUrlStore.
      Don't download free/busy info for all attendees in parallel, but do it
      Correctly create urls to free/busy info.
      Clean up formatting.
      Cleanup formatting.
      Delay loading of free/busy information to make the event editor faster
      Reinhold in France patch 1:
      Reinhold in France patch 2:
      Reinhold in France patch 3:
      Mini cleanup.
      Reinhold in France patch 4:
      Reinhold in France patch 5:
      Reinhold in France patch 7:
      Reinhold in France patch 8:
      Reinhold in France patch 9:
      Reinhold in France patch 10:
      Reinhold in France patch 11:
      Reinhold in France patch 12:
      Make use of KPIM::ProgressManager and friends and get rid of home-brewn
      Use KPIM::ProgressManager.
      Get rid of obsolete signals.
      Remove connect to non-existing signal.
      Filter journals.
      Moved KCal::ResourceRemote from libkcal to kresources/remote so that it
      Compile remote resource.
      Use consistent naming.
      Fix calendar import.
      Add context menu to resource view and option to hide the buttons. This
      Show remote URL.
      Use KConfig XT in kabc resource.
      Cope with existing resources.
      Designer sucks.
      Add menu entry for manual reload of a resource.
      Add save action to context menu.
      Be more explicit.
      "Premature optimization is the root of all evil."
      Add function to convert local time to UTC.
      - Remove ResourceCalendar::changeIncidence() and ResourceCalendar::update().
      Warn when unable to exit.
      Prevent crash.
      Wait until save is finished before closing the resource.
      Emit resourceSaved signal.
      Only close resources which have been deactivated.
      Dix deleting incidences.
      Fix typo.
      Stop watcher when it isn't needed anymore.
      - Correctly retrieve account information from server and use it for attendees.
      Show destination in save confirmation dialog.
      Use KPIM::ProgressManager to show progress.
      Indicate that kabc resource currently is read-only.
      Don't show progress dialog for progress we already handle through ProgressManager.
      Fix crash.
      Update version number.
      Fix crash.
      Fix formatting and warnings.
      Use a default error message instead of not showing the error at all.
      Don't try to load the file if the file doesn't exist yet.
      Move standard calendar to own class.
      Loading the calendar in Kontact once is enough.
      Move reload policy from ResourceRemote to ResourceCached.
      Move loading code to own function and provide error handling slots.
      Use resource loading function from CalendarResources.
      Fix error handling.
      Deactivate resource on load error.
      Let errors be shown by KOrganizer not the resource.
      Fix infrastructure for automatic reloads and saves.
      Use common configuration widgets.
      Added FIXME comment.
      Implement the load() and save() functions in ResourceCalendar and let them
      Add option to use https.
      Add direct access to component selection.
      Move resource info text generation to resources. Show last load and save
      Add warning about running applications when running the wizard for the
      Buttons are book title capitalisation.
      Fix crash.
      If deleted event isn't on the server don't try to delete it there again but
      This is beta 2.
      Kill tab.
      Only try to fetch free/busy data from the default server if the user
      Fix docbook.
      Prevent opening of more than one main window showing the standard
      Correct nonsense message.
      Show imported resources in resource view.
      Fix misleading debug output.
      Save resource configuration not only in stand-alone app but also in Kontact.
      Fix writing of floating events.
      If a slox id is added as result of a save, we have to update the cache.
      Actually load and save settings for the automatic saving.
      Load and save interval settings.
      Correctly setup load/save timers on startup.
      Update version number.
      Update version number.
      Fix handling of super class options.
      Fix time zone conversion.
      Correctly convert time zones.
      Fix "save delayed" and "save always".
      Automatically load and save by default.
      Only save when necessary.
      Add missing function.
      Fix crash when moving todos. Patch by Reinhold.
      Prevent crash when clicking in empty space of resource list. Patch by Tobias.
      Revert change by lukas which broke non-latin1 texts (you should better make
      Cleaning up behind danimo.
      Cleaning up behind danimo.
      This is a tool for debuging.
      Add wizard for configuration of Novell Groupwise client.
      Import calendar by clicking on an iCalendar URL.
      Initial import of libkode (including kxml_compiler).
      Initial import of feature plan resource.
      Compile feature plan resource.
      kresources need kode.
      Remove obsolete files.
      Reinhold is new maintainer of KOrganizer.
      Use less button-like event indicators.
      Split up kxml_compiler.
      Replace expand button by "all day" label.
      Fix infinite recursion.
      Implement generation of XML writer code.
      Write XML file.
      Tell the dialog that something has changed.
      - Add option to create XML parser customized for schema.
      - Use parser customized to the schema.
      Fix reading of non-dissociated recurring events.
      Implement generation of a kioslave.
      Read options from commandline.
      Add kioslave for retrieving Groupwise free/busy information.
      Add missing include.
      Create include in header file.
      Create include in header file.
      Compile with not-yet-installed libkcal headers.
      Add functions for retrieving free/busy data.
      free/busy functions.
      Add function for reading free/busy data.
      Instructions how to generate the stubs.
      Helper script for extracting XML files from the SENT and RECV logs.
      email is only required argument.
      Implement retrieval of free/busy information from Groupwise server.
      Move URL construction to preferences class.
      Make it build.
      Test code for free/busy retrieval.
      Remove obsolete file.
      Free/busy configuration for GroupWise.
      Add debug output.
      Don't duplicate new events.
      If the cache file was deleted, don't try to load uid mappings.
      Don't try to access the server without session.
      Handle multi-line files.
      Handle errors when contacting the server.
      CHeck for error.
      Deactivate resources on load error.
      Hint to new URL.
      Add slovak holiday file by Juraj Korec.
      Use sendItem instead of createItem.
      Don't crash.
      Use an own socket for each server.
      Don't crash on SSL read error.
      Fix formatting.
      Add ResourceCalendar::deleteIncidence()
      Add synchronous read functions which actually work with http and https.
      Use synchronous read functions.
      Don't crash when there is no filter.
      Fix configuration.
      Adapt wizard to fixed configuration.
      Set resource.
      Implement reading calendar.
      Less debug output.
      Add support for reading addressbooks.
      Use kioslave to load data.
      Disable gSoap debug output.
      Fix crash when no password was given.
      Debugging addressbook reading.
      Temporarily disable phone number support because of gSoap parsing problems.
      Use kioslave for loading addresses.
      Make it possible to use https.
      Pass info about using https to kioslave.
      Fix crash.
      Implement detailed progress for addressbook downloading.
      Only login when actually needed.
      Apply server settings before reading addressbook list.
      Show status bar progress widget in mainwindow.
      Correct progress for loading of multipe addressbooks.
      Close resource when it is unchecked.
      Fix progress calcaulation.
      Show error only once.
      Correctly map remote uids.
      Make id mapping work.
      Fix formatting.
      Hide implementation details of id mapper.
      Save addressbook lists.
      Read all personal addressbooks by default and set a default for writing back.
      Include custom properties when comparing incidences for equalness.
      Factored out support for designer created custom fields.
      Use generic designer-created custom fields implementation.
      Implement support for designer-created custom fields.
      Add base class for configuration module for designer-created custom fields.
      Make use of generic base class.
      Implement configuration page for designer-created custom fields.
      - Factor out kmail account creation.
      Make SMTP configuration more flexible. It now also works with GroupWise.
      If already a wizard-created GroupWise mail account exists reuse it instead
      Add generic groupware job class.
      Add generic kioslave groupware resource.
      Add ConfirmSaveDialog.
      Use ConfirmSaveDialog from libkcal.
      Add function for getting addressbook.
      Add generic groupware kioslave resource for addressbook.
      Fix includes.
      Connect right slot. Remove hardcoded url.
      Add configuration for folder selection.
      Add option to configure folder used as write destination.
      Use actual server settings for retrieval of folder list.
      Link to libemailfunctions.
      Load all folders.
      Add OpenGroupware addressbook resource.
      Initialize variable.
      Fix typo.
      We can now read contacts from OpenGroupware.
      Evaluate folder type.
      We don't need their properties.
      Remeber active state across folder list updates.
      Less debug.
      Implement add-property option.
      Handle pointers and references and skip function bodies if necessary.
      Add function incidence().
      Putting kio job in kio namespace.
      - Refactoring
      - Show error message when uploading fails.
      Fix slot.
      Don't duplicate incidences when they are created by the client and changed before
      Set read-only state according to write rights on the server.
      Prevent editing of read-only todos.
      Prevent editing of read-only todos.
      More decent text style.
      Read accounts from correct server and use correct protocol.
      Don't crash on 0 pointer.
      Don't store account information in file name.
      Add include for defining KDE_EXPORT.
      Forward port fixes from 3_3_BRANCH.
      Forward port fixes from groupware_backport branch.
      Add gsoap patches we need for the groupwise resource.
      Add kde_socklen_t patch.
      Make it compile.
      Make it compile.
      Don't hardcode feed URL.
      - Add field for blog feed.
      Show image information.
      Show blog feed.
      - Make it possible by setting a switch in the config file to use Tobias new
      Some minor corrections.
      Fix typo.
      Alternative recipients editor and picker. Optional and off by default for now.
      Minor polishing.
      Implement arrow key navigation for new recipients editor, clean up arrow
      Use empty lines before creating new ones.
      Make sure we always see the active line.
      Show correct number of recipients in side widget.
      Set caption in picker and show focus on all columns.
      Use the line edit which does completion in the recipients editor.
      Don't crash recipientseditortest.
      Get rid of redefinition warnings.
      Fix positioning of picker.
      Show photos in recipients picker.
      Go back to QWidget to be more flexible with customizing the window appearance
      - Fix identity combo crash
      Add correct spacing.
      Align line edits.
      Remove label when second last line is removed.
      Fix tab order.
      Allow to navigate with cursor keys between combo box, line edit and select button.
      Don't crash on unitialized variables and retrieve all parts of the free/busy
      Keep aspect ratio of photos.
      - Enable multi-selection in recipients picker.
      Implement alternatively positioning of the recipients picker below the
      Prevent duplicated entries.
      Add buttons for removing recipients.
      Don't overwrite non-empty recipients.
      Add dialog for creation of distribution lists with the new recipients editor.
      First version of tooltip with recipients summary.
      Better formatting of tooltip.
      Fixing multi selection and closing of the picker.
      Set default button according to combo box setting. Doesn't seem to really
      Remember size of folder selection dialog.
      Improve escaping code.
      Implement suggestions of mini usability study "KMail Composer and Select
      Only show welcome page at first startup.
      Add safe-guard to prevent creation of insane number of recipient editor lines.
      Add tool tips.
      Add missing dependencies.
      Fix messages target.
      Minor formatting fix.
      Fix API docs for priority.
      Second recipient line should be CC by default.
      Try to be smart about default type of second recipient line in order to make
      Show categories in recipients picker.
      Forward port recipients editor and picker changes from 3.4 branch
      Try harder to find a name and an email address.
      Try harder to find a name and an email address.
      Better cope with classes with few functions.
      We don't depend on libkdepim.
      Add option to create a main function.
      Create compilable code.
      Cleaner line breaking.
      Make it compile.
      It's RelaxNG, not DTD.
      Take filename as parameter.
      Add XML schema for KDE features file.
      Add some spacing for better overview.
      Implement support for attributeGroup.
      Rename Parser to ParserRelaxng.
      Add missing include to external dom parser.
      Tests for kxml_compiler.
      Use correct library path.
      Make libwsdl compile.
      Move library to own directory.
      Update kode README.
      Add Tobias to kode README.
      Commit missing files.
      Move schema and common libraries out of kwsdl directory.
      Make kwsdl compile.
      Fix librarx path.
      Rename directory lib to libkode.
      Also check output of test program.
      Fix dump of definition map.
      Put RelaxNG parser classes into own namespace.
      Rename namespace "Schema" to "XSD".
      Fix tests.
      Use real appname as generator name.
      Create schema representation in schema format neutral way.
      Correctly handle mixed content.
      Use new abstract schema in Creator.
      Factor out DOM parser creation.
      Factor out custom parser creation.
      Pass generated classes by value.
      Fix creation of custom parser.
      Adapt to new kxml_compiler output.
      Add holiday schema to tests for kxml_compiler.
      Include holiday classes in check.
      Make it compile.
      Add kxforms from kode-x branch.
      Make kxforms compile with Qt4.
      Remove generated file.
      Correctly construct KUrl objects.
      Get rid of Q3Layouts and Q3ValueLists.
      Get rid of Q3TextEdit.
      Use KDialog instead of KDialogBase.
      Make includes consistent.
      Fix license headers.
      Fix indentation.
      Fix indentation.
      Port to model/view framework.
      Minor prettification.
      Implement item labeling in lists.
      Resize label column to fit all data.
      Implement removing items.
      Update model when items got deleted.
      Delete item when it is removed from the model.
      Correctly calculate index of new item.
      Fix creation of new items.
      Replace GuiElement::refElement() by Reference::apply().
      Move common code to reference.
      Show list label.
      Move test data to own directory.
      Extract item label function.
      Create label for new items.
      Use applyString instead of text.
      Make multi-segment references work.
      Support "." paths.
      Make editing of text nodes work.
      Guards for moving up and down.
      Move ListModel to own file.
      Prepare support for different schema types.
      Remove misleading dtd declaration.
      Add ParserXsd class. Does nothing yet.
      Move file parsing code to schema parser.
      Initialize content model.
      Extract method to parse occurrence attributes.
      Add function to get type for an element.
      Correctly resolve occurrences.
      Correctly parse occurrences in choices and sequences.
      Implement generating C++ classes from XML Schema.
      Remove unneeded files.
      Move parser code to own library.
      More const.
      Add tool to create kxforms from schemas.
      Fix FSF address.
      Rename cs() to parseCompositor().
      Parse compositors.
      Extract call to parsing function from function which registers all global
      More sane implementation of parsing of attributes.
      Support choice when generating kxforms.
      Rename main.cpp to schematest.cpp and make it a test program.
      Fix test program.
      Print more information about attributes.
      Add function to lookup simple types.
      Add support for enumerations.
      Create selections for enumerations.
      Add test for kxforms generation.
      Make all easily fixable checks work.
      Default to text area for element's texts.
      Guess decent label for mixed lists.
      Add test for project schema.
      Fix attribute parsing for project schema.
      We know xs:string.
      Create single line edits for normalized strings.
      - Fix tests for everything which can be fixed without external ui generation
      Add parser for UI Generation Hints.
      Add function to return reference for node.
      Make all tests work.
      Implement flat editing mode.
      More decent layout for forms without lists.
      Add option to show developer information.
      Force a decent font, so that the app looks nice without having kdebase compiled.
      Implement support for form labels.
      Implement bread crumb navigator label.
      Experiment with KActiveLabel.
      Implement remote loading and saving.
      Create form directly from schema.
      Fetch schema from location specified in XML file.
      Add option to load hints file.
      Make navigator work.
      Parse actual data without namespace resolution.
      Make kxforms save the same data as it read.
      Add virtual destructor.
      Adapt schema location.
      End form editing with pressing return in a line edit.
      Improve navigator.
      We don't use the status bar right now.
      Implement option to control the orientation of the buttons at lists.
      Let slots called by the result signal know the correct loading state.
      More complete annotation parsing.
      Implement extracting UI Generation Hints from XML Schema annotations.
      Don't escape KXForms tags in hints.
      Add documentation.
      Clean up includes.
      Use simple singleton instead of full KConfigSkeleton object as we don't use
      Make it compile with Qt-only.
      Incomplete attempt to make kdepim compile with latest kdelibs4_snapshot and
      Make KMail, KOrganizer and Akregator compile.
      Make it compile.
      Fix license.
      Make use of dbus bindings from qt-copy.
      Make it compile.
      Make it compile with qt dbus bindings from qt-copy.
      Make it compile with dbus bindings from qt-copy.
      Resolve name conflict between library and executable.
      Fix typo.
      Make it compile.
      Make it compile.
      Add missing include.
      Use correct namespace.
      Fix order of statements.
      Make it compile outside of KDE tree.
      Add page showing all traffic.
      Improve fetch.
      iCalendar is text/calendar.
      Parse mime type from request,
      Correct datetime handling.
      Fix mime type for directory.
      Install files under prefix.
      Rename akonadiserver to akonadiserver.
      Import Akonadi GUI client.
      Import command line client.
      Add decent license headers.
      Use correct variable.
      Allow leading slash in path for messagefetchjob.
      Don't put out double new lines.
      Handle errors in base class.
      Add fetching messages from folders.
      Move libakonadi to akonadi.
      Give error message when collection name is wrong.
      Write actual iCalendar.
      Handle wrong folder name as error.
      Correctly check for wrong folder name.
      Once again, fix the detection of wrong folder names.
      Listing of items.
      Give back mime types per item.
      Add license header.
      Add license header.
      Layout fixes.
      Make parent widget parameter optional.
      Fix layout of time page.
      Make layouts of color selectors consistent.
      Fix layout of views page.
      Repaint the timelabels more properly.
      Add decent spacings.
      Simplify code.
      Don't crash, when plugin configuration is changed.
      Call base class implementation. This works around the problem in kdelibs that
      Remove obsolete default values.
      Remove unused code.
      Remove obsolete tips.
      Update version number.
      Fix configuration of datenum plugin.
      Fix creation and editing of all-day events.
      Fix multi-day events.
      Activate apply button, when plugin config has changed.
      Layout fixes.
      Fix warnings.
      Add new version of CalendarDecoration API as discussed with Loic.
      Read toolbar positions after the toolbars are created. So remembering toolbar
      Fix handling of all day events.
      Move time labels to own file.
      Fix display of event indicators (that's the small arrows which show if there is
      Fix creation of new events from all day part of agenda view.
      Get rid of KORG_NOSPLITTER switch. The code doesn't even compile and makes the
      Make the code slighlty more readable.
      Fix warning.
      Fix option to disable event tooltips.
      Move TimeLabels and TimeScaleConfigDialog classes to own files.
      Fix warning.
      Remove unused libkcal headers.
      Remove unused headers.
      Remove hidden expand button.
      Add header labels for the timezone bars in the agenda view.
      Fix category based coloring of events.
      Install KOrganizer manual.
      Make minimum size of data navigator buttons smaller.
      Use preferred event start time, if no time is specified by a selection or
      Use QTreeWidget and QTreeWidgetItem instead of K3ListView and Q3CheckListItem.
      Make agenda items look much better. Patch by Michael Lentner.
      Use pixmaps instead of drawing them manually in the code. Patch by Michael

Cristian Tibirna (3):
      CT: ldif is no more here (but in pim); broke config
      CT: obvious
      CT: as Don wanted

Dag Andersen (58):
      Fix crash when loading xml files which includes task links.
      Fixing the loading of links crash opened up for another crash, which
      Stop memory leak because tasklinks where not deleted.
      This closes memory leak because KDTimeTableWidget was not deleted.
      Make tasklinkgroups load.
      Adds the ability to link items by dragging the mouse from the 'from item'
      Add tasklink types: None, FinishStart, FinishFinish, StartStart and StartFinish.
      Fix an 'inverting-a-logic-expression' misstake.
      Fix save of tasklink type. Improve positioning of itemtext combined with tasklinks.
      Added check for empty string in item and linkgroup find() to avoid error msg
      Comment out debug statement.
      When linking, improve item selection (of EventItems, especially)
      Add possibility to present progress for each task.
      Add float presentation to task- and event items.
      Make kdgantt aware of week startday.
      Since klocale is already used, this localizes the timescale using
      Forgotten tr() -> i18n()
      Remember zoomToFit view. It's tidious when the zoom chages just because you
      Have the datetime in tooltips localized, too.
      Add signal gvLinkContextMenuRequested to allow for context menus
      Undoing -r 484668, shouldn't have been to branch.
      Patch by David Faure.
      Make sizeHint() and minimumSizeHint() virtual so that subclasses
      Use a singleshot timer for scrollbar update like QScrollView.
      We need to update the horizontal scrollbar ourselves now when
      Limit 'autoscroll' to vertical scrollbar.
      Print listview headers also.
      Horizontal scrollbar was not always updated correctly after scale and zoom,
      Avoid compiler warning.
      Fix printing of task list. QListView::drawContentsOffset() only
      Add slots for zoomToFit and print menu actions.
      Port the tasklink stuff using the new connectors.
      Port presentation of progress and float.
      Prio of float should be less than the items (startShape).
      Avoid undefined endtime for event items.
      Change signature of gvCreateTaskLink to avoid problems with qt3 support classes.
      Enable apidox
      Update kdgantt to version 2.0, kindly provided by KDAB.
      Avoid freeze if day width is set to zero or less.
      Fix scrollbars/resizing of scene.
      Fix update when grid changes (zooms) also when default grid is used.
      Think I cracked the problem with always getting the
      Use maximumViewportSize() also in updateSceneRect().
      Fix crash when collapsing items with constraints (dependencies).
      1) Fix crash when a constraintitem is deleted.
      Enable printing.
      Fix bug if sceneRect().left() != 0.0
      Improve scaleing/zooming.
      Fix tab order when leftview is set.
      Add a zoom dialog.
      Better if zoom in and zoom out steps are equal  ;)
      Delegate tooltip to rhmf the delegate.
      1) Add mapping between screen x position and grid unit (eg x <-> QDateTime).
      Fix painting simmary tasks when width < height.
      Display correct time in tooltip.
      Fix bug: summarytask disapears in chart if it contains an unscheduled task.
      QStyle::CE_Header does not honor clipRegion()

Damian Hofmann (1):
      Wrap words properly when printing a calendar in KOrganizer.

Dan Vrátil (36):
      Add UI for collections VIRTUAL flag to AkonadiConsole
      Provide a visual feedback when removing duplicate emails
      Add 'Add New Tag...' action to 'Message->Mark Message'
      Show KPIM::ProgressItem when retrieving folder properties
      Fix Akonadi instances support in Debug and Notification Monitor tabs
      Some UI improvements in Akonadi Console
      Use cacheOnly fetch schope in AkonadiConsole browser
      Remove inode/directory from MailCommon::FolderCollectionMonitor
      Select Akonadi instance by double-click
      Port Notification Monitor in Akonadi Console to NotificationMessageV2
      Add tab to Akonadi Console for debugging SQL queries executed by server
      Workaround a bug in Qt's QAbstractItemView
      Add 'Monitors' tab to Akonadi Console
      Port filter importer tests to add_isolated_akonadi_test macro
      Support instances in 'Raw Socket' tab
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.11'
      Add Clear button to Raw Socket tab in Akonadi Console
      Fix build
      Port Notification Monitor in Akonadi Console to NotificationMessageV2
      Workaround a bug in Qt's QAbstractItemView
      Restore folder tree view state after Akonadi restart
      Fix logic in a condition in Akonadi Console
      Add 'Close All Tabs' button to Akonadi Console's Debugger tab
      Merge branch 'KDE/4.12'
      Port KMail's messagelist filter and search window to Baloo and SearchQuery
      Bump minimum required kdepimlibs version
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Add missing Q_OBJECT macro
      Bump kdepimlibs dependency
      Port Notification Monitor in Akonadi Console to NotificationMessageV3
      Export Job Tracker and Notification Monitor to text file
      Fix crash in NotesManager when Notes Agent is disabled
      Improve KMail's Create Todo/Event widgets
      KSieveUI: Don't disable Sieve when only Kolab resource is available
      Enable word-wrap in the "no-IMAP resource available" error message in Sieve
      Out of office replies: allow configuring dates when OOO should be active

Daniel Gollub (2):
      Fixed the build of libqopensync.
      Avoid crash of KitchenSync if a plugin of an existing group is missing.

Daniel M. Duley (2):
      Bye bye Programs menu.
      Bye bye Programs menu :)

Daniel Molkentin (573):
      Fixing accel stuff...
      Some more accel fixup, improved Appearance->Addressbook section.
      new pics required for QWhatsThis
      Changed the layout option (long folder) form QCheckBox to a QButtonGroup with
      long folders by default as discussed on kmail ml
      much better. featuring alpha channel shadow :)
      -  (void)new KAction(i18n("Configure &Date & Time..."), 0,
      compile with KDE3
      Fix layout for vcards. Looks a bit better now.
      QuickFix for a compile problem Michael showed me on LWE:
      adding missing accel
      some ui tuning. Hope this doesn't break anything
      "link" clashes with a function from unistd/stdlib
      - xml tags in QTextEdit logwin
      - some cleanups and refactoring in the bar
      CC_MAIL:khz at
      - Got rid of the useless splitter
      - cleaned up xmlgui
      -add actions in the file menu while we are at it
      - Cleaned up UI, added statusbar
      - make the new actions work: KNotes does work, the rest will follow
      whoopsie :)
      the humble rest...
      Added Settings menu
      Make it compile
      - ran includemocs
      should build now...
      ran includemocs
      - added missing guards (aka make it compile)
      Added subs for new cell phone plugin.
      fix margin
      fixed debug areas
      - ran fixincludes
      more cleanup
      Moved the typedefs inside the classes, thats more OO :)
      fix include problem
      -Make Kaplan load load plugin again
      Added highlighting for smb:// (Written by Lubos, reviewed by me)
      source code cleanup, prepararation for further hackery at home
      don't compile kaplan for 3.1
      - Allow an application to have it's own dcop alias to allow a reliable way
      Ported KOrganizer Plugin to the new DCOP mechanism. I need newAppointment()
      Don't leak contextmenus!
      Much more simple config interface using QCheckListItems. Steffen, please
      Applying patch from make_it_cool branch here, too
      also build for people not called mirko
      Merge the Help item at the right place
      No knotes part for now
      args, of couse we want kno_t_es, I wanted to get rid of the (nonexistant)
      Make "test" an actual test entry instead of pretending a KNode part and disable
      Load the first part in start (commonly KMail). Now it looks usable, but
      The filter messages were entirely misleading now that we don't rely on kaddressbook being started. The error is rather caused by some kabc misconfiguration.
      Ldap Search now even shows some more properties of the LDAP core and Outlook extensions
      compile kaplan again, let's get it ready for 3.2
      show quit action again
      Loading Kaplan takes a while. It I think it's sensitive to add a splash here
      - Added some Thoughts, please read and comment
      another one
      Make invoking knotes more robust using KApplication::startServiceByDesktopName()
      add whatsthis for navigator widgets
      Changing the format of my comments, adding "replies" to other ppls thoughts.
      Major changes in the knotes plugin:
      Vacation support for all! (i.e. also for cachedimap :)
      debug areas for HEAD, too
      this one, too
      no stretching here
      don't dublicate changed(bool)
      signal already exists in baseclass
      another one..
      for the sake of making it compile: hint the compiler
      swapping args, update kdelibs/kutils
      - Added API doc
      *mumble* crappy old compilers...
      make plugin interfaces LGPL
      Today is extensions day. This one is too kaplan specific, tho
      upps :)
      Opps, better make it a KUniquApp ;)
      Goodbye old navigator widget, welcome new SidePane
      - sane indention for sidebarextension
      unbreak highlighting of current tab
      s/Kaplan/Kontact to avoid confusion. Clarify on statusbarextension
      Answer some q's
      Don't be picky when the server doesn't return lowercase fiednames
      Muuuch better :)
      Unbreak cardview: Somehow Qt's behaviour seems to have changed wrt *Event()s
      Added a testcase for Outlook Express 5/6
      We can also handle OE 4+6
      use kapp->desktop() to retrieve QDesktopWidget
      - fixed description
      replaced internal base64Decode with the one of KCodecs
      reorder, makes more sense imho
      same version as kmail
      changes as posted on kde-cvs:
      obsolete - remaining code is in mapihd
      - class names are now uppercase
      cleaned up Eudora filter
      Unified authors credits
      major cleanup by malte and me
      - string fixes#
      const refs, baby!
      - getting rid of even more C-ism (obsoletes stuffs such as the manual newline removal)
      don't use reserved macros
      acutally install pics (i.e. the splash)
      down to a resonable interface, the other infos were redundant
      getting rid of some unneeded QRegExps
      continuing the war on the evil axes of regexps
      not sure it does the right thing without those
      s/foo()/setFoo()/ in the Filter baseclass
      Ok, finally committing the API redesign. Executive summary:
      Orange for today overdue looks better
      committed fix on hehalf of don
      show empty sidebar when a part does not provide a sbe
      Ported eudora import filter. Somehow importing of addresses fails (using the
      further improvements: don't create entries if they are null. I wonder if
      compile, dude
      Look better
      sorry, no (semi) political statements in about boxes
      Fix usability issues:
      - Use kdDebug() instead of qDebug() (and shut the hell up, stupid gcc)
      no vertical scrollbar in cardview
      as the scrolling direction is vertical in this view, make the wheel scrolling
      - make quick add of todo's less instrusive
      - Actually care about the default settings for fonts (wich are now taken from KGlobalConfig)
      only write out values that actually have been changed as discussed with cornelius
      - Don't flicker (aka don't try to repaint the background)
      removing noops
      Simplified statusbar handling. Avoids a lot of ugly casting (see Davids note)
      *** empty log message ***
      make KOrganizer provide a SBE
      Don't confuse vim (and potential stupid compilers)
      no tip of the day for the part
      debug areas are really helpful when for debugging parts, so here we go..
      added notes where it might break when used as a part
      make it possible to generate "api"docs from kmail
      New Kontact Developer: Sven Lüppken. Welcome aboard. (And thanks to Frauke for the kick ;)
      yeah, call me pedantic...
      In many cases we don't really have a fallback. If it's null it's null.
      In many cases we don't really have a fallback. If it's null it's null.
      Brown Paperbag #1, add Parts only once
      Return of the brown paperbag: make sure the part is created only once
      Firt draft for abstract MailTransport DCOP Interface
      - satisfy picky icc ("name" was ambigious)
      Initial port from kmgroupware to libkcal,
      fix comment
      - get rid of the homebrewn vcardparser. Instead use kabc's parser
      No pointers to QStringLists and more const parameters where appropriate
      not used anymore
      - Compile (needs QString::fromLatin1() with NO_ASCII_CAST)
      I owe a beer to whoever explains to me why that was building for me...
      "new mail" action supported in "new" dropdown
      better icon
      make the "what's this" action the last possible entry in the main toolbar
      Patch by Sven to allow icons in the infowidget. The kmail part does not
      Warum so bescheiden, wir ham's doch!
      further nitpicking
      appempt to get an overview of what needs to be done. PIM Devels: Add your stuff here.
      show active item in sidebar even if kontact doesn't have the focus
      changed buttons to align pixmap and text to left or right, depending on the orientation
      hack to look better with non-kstyles
      <rant>I don't see what the last commit improved other than breaking compilation.
      don't break compilation, part II. Creating a pointer in a private scope isn't very smart if you need  it later on...
      whoops, that was not meant to go in
      fix indention
      make it build III
      argl, cornelius was faster, but I think this is better nevertheless
      Simplified code, made it so that it is known beforehand what we inherit from using inherits.
      showPart() now knows about the plugin that holds the part. This along
      comment those out for now until I can commit the respective changes in korganizer
      oh dude, what did I rant about changing code without compiling ? ;)
      look a bit better
      further experiments
      minor adjustment
      better use small icons for now
      don't let the selection paint over borders. This still doesn't work with the bold quare lines.
      peinfull :p
      reflect current development
      CVS_SILENT grbml...
      Improved splash by Giovanni Masucci taken from as it's definately better than the old one.
      sanity check
      Forward method
      some improvements. use "Jump to part" feature
      update summary on show
      another bugger
      fix for srcdir != builddir (consitant with the other infoextension includes)
      No qDebug in commits, please
      - More items done (tnx sven and tobias!)
      compile. This is probably not the right fix, but the attempt to return void upsets gcc.
      remove hardcoded background color in summary views
      "a whiter shade of pale" (a.k.a make the summaryview use colorGroup().base())
      - Fixed the output. invalid richtext tags lead it to show only the parts name and version.
      - added license statement for every part
      Some credits shuffeling:
      fix typo to make it compile
      this makes it compile here, but it doesn't really look correct
      Expicitly state that the mbox filter can be used to import Evolution Mails.
      fix new actions
      cosmetics while reading sources
      Reading this week's CVS digest reminded me to change that according to Marc's
      how about doing it a bit more directly? :)
      constant usage of QFile::encodeName() when dealing with files. Boy that was a wild mix before...
      Don't hardcode font names
      fix obvious c&p bug
      Added plugin versioning. Should fix some reported crashes with outdated desktop files.
      It's 'Mail', not 'Mails' acording to native speakers, so there we go...
      kontact now has a tip of the day dialog merged from the tip files of the parts
      Don't show tip dialog when in part mode
      set waitcursor when loading a plugin
      Less wide string
      don't grow ridiculously wide on long notes - wrap instead. Beautifying this is left for an exercise to the reader.
      Janitor usability work:
      RMB on agenda/monthview support. allows to create new events from selection
      implemented a random wishlist item somebody raised: Show name of current plugin in the titlebar
      Take focusEvent
      Stretch column to fill all available space
      fix initial plugins. That one got renamed
      come up with the icon view unil we can come up with either a fixed sidepanebar or something conceptually better.
      better default size. that fits the default setup better
      Tell the user if there are no pending appointments
      - Memvar cleanups.
      This should fix the rmb menu of korg in part mode. Can't test right now.
      bump version
      fix compilation with gcc 3.1.1 (at last on solaris)
      handle case where no anniversaries or birthdays are pending
      CVS_SILENT: hush, hush, before binner sees it :)
      fix i18n, added myself
      vir is right
      show the statusbar again
      - consollidated code duplication of in a convinience methode Summary::createHeader()
      Draw iconpane background in the correct background gray (compare Qt Designer and QScrollView)
      not needed anymore
      We have QString::null for those things..
      From "Danimo's Magic Travels Through the Wonderland of Regexp's":
      Added KMMainWidget::config() which uses KMKernel::config() if the parent
      Newlines get ignored and need to be replaced in richtext mode.
      Make exchange 2000 Plugin work again, now read only access to Exchange 2000 severs
      Keep the default text color. only the active item should be drawn using brightText().
      - first attempt towards statusbar support for summary widgets
      Introduce port settings in case the webserver is not reachable on the default
      Adding new virtual method that informs us wether a plugin thinks it still has
      Fix the "kontact crashes when kmail is still running and I select the kmail part" for good.
      implementation for isApplicationRunning()
      This is much better :)
      Make Cornelius happy and try to be less lame ;)
      - Show message a bit longer
      actually this view only shows new messages
      only show birthdays and anniversarys within the next 30 days. TODO: make this configurable
      - replace hack that probably never really worked with our brand new method :)
      Adjust message
      CVS_SILENT whoopsie
      Bump Version for Beta1. Suggested roadmap:
      To-be-improved patch to fix 66580. I owe a cookie to whoever finds out
      restore old behavior where "open in addressbook" would add a new contact first
      Fix display of folders and switch to kmail part / application on click.
      Last checkin for tonight: Look better
      fix cut-off first letter
      fix up layout
      Move scrollbars to container. It doesn't make sense for every plugin to ship its own
      if you copy code, make sure you adjust it properly ;)
      Require less DCOP. Update still doesn't work since the calendarChanged signal
      polish summary view part
      Preload certain plugins entirely. Currently only kmail does this.
      Fix Aegypten issue #1103.
      fixed up indentation
      Don't execute dirmngr and dump its help to stdout just to figure out
      Backport sanity checks as requested by Marc. Reviewed by Martin Köbele.
      don't stretch title label senseless
      Fix missing i18n's
      Fixed request certificate message to be appropriate for S/MIME.
      Patch by Volker Krause to fix status bar problems with KNode in Kontact.
      Pick correct KInstance for icon loading
      fix #70090: kontact toolbar does not update on pressing "apply" in toolbar config dialog
      Add "New Article" Action here, too. This is critical, as you can't create a new
      don't change this string in HEAD
      Misc fixes for the korg summary view that I have on my disc since ages
      ok, people don't like passed events of the day to disappear, so don't do that
      Ensure constant order of items in the Settings menu in all PIM Apps and
      rc fix for summaryview, too
      Don't carry around potentially dangeling pointer, fixes #70032. Backport
      find pisock includes on SUSE, prefer installs to /usr/local/
      Merge from osnabrueck_branch: all
      Merge from osnabrueck_branch: all
      CVS nirvana is for everyone :)
      add missing files to HEAD
      Are you tired of doing all your work _yourself_?
      Bring back unified config dialog
      At least with Qt 3.3, an unused layout wants to get horizontal space,
      Hmmm... because it's the wrong cursor type? ;)
      Fix crash when importing ldap contacts. I hate when this happens during
      Make it compile again aka revert. GCC 3.3 just can't decide if void is true or
      make the buttons waste less space as discussed in chemnitz
      handle korganizers timezone settings correct. Fixes #77162
      dont dring and code...
      one forgotten i18n
      fix wording
      further wording fixes. I noticed that somehow a new connection is not being added to the list. Tobias?
      factored out the "click here" lineedit in a class of its own, made addresseelineedit inherit the new class
      use factored out widget
      way less side effects through setting the click message, one can now safely use isEmpty() and friends
      more fixes
      adjust to the new need, still quite broken, but that's for after lunch :)
      Improved invitation handling. Now it will give the user a hint, will complete
      Small fix
      - completion order: priorize local addresses over ldap ones
      - more consistant wording in hint text
      - set focus to lineedit after pressing "new"
      avoid immediate deselection of the selection by the user's click by using a singleshot
      Constant recompile and reopening of kontact sucks, hence this little nice test app
      If we have such a nice typedef then go use it everywhere :)
      dispose the parts in the reversed order of loading. The idea is that the
      erm.. :)
      Explain how autocompletion works
      improve wording, less technical
      Fragen über Fragen...
      Many changes to the CustomPages config dialog:
      - Better check wether designer is available and report to the user. I'm not sure
      This patch changes the layout of the KAddressbook MainWindow:
      Quick, quick, get this application an incremential article quick search!
      New Splash by Dariusz Arciszewski. Thanks for the great work!
      - More verbose description as noted in usability report
      Add tooltips according to usability recommendation.
      One thing I wanted to change for long but forgot. The usability report reminded me...
      don't rely on the installed version of kdepim
      Enable Kolab Wizard again - I'll fix the remaining issues today
      allow QTextEdit, use inherits(). Needs further fixes
      including those two caused me quite some pain...
      cleanly split between library and module.
      properly create all resources
      - add new ldap entry
      actually write the values (aka use the right key)
      Finished Kolab Integration. Only some bugs might be left. i18n strings are complete, though.
      opps (yes I know it's still not portable, but that affects other dirs like slox/, too)
      First part of fix for #68313. Don't offer plugins that require non-available dcop services.
      Fixed error message. Before it was not clear which folder caused the error message.
      allow for resizing of the new action if a larger toolbar size is set.
      yes, I did...
      fixes needed to use the resource from kontact
      Neue Icons braucht das Land!
      Switching to new icons for Kontact from David Vignoni
      icons in the summary view, too
      Futher eyecandy, improves preceived startup time.
      initially defaulting to off is fine, but don't try to care for the user if you in fact annoy him.
      don't be strict if we don't have any use for it anymore :)
      sorry translators, discovered this when translating myself, but there is no guarantee
      more polish:
      change icon here, too
      more icon changes
      wrap long todos
      Let's give people who never built kdepim before a chance, too
      andras is right..
      Last polish to icon sidepane:
      Revert of changes to the iconpane, too much flicker. Needs to be reworked after 3.3
      as acknowledged by till
      that was sutpid of course, there could be an rc2
      made --plugin option work again that broke with my delayed init patch
      make kolab wizars button work. Coolo: can you redo the KDEPIM? packages :(
      I have a tendency to stuff that actually does not disturb my icecream
      fix double key events in typeahead.
      backport fix for 81084: fix double key events in typeahead.
      CVS_SILENT opps
      fix cut-off timeline
      backport fix for #78080: fix cut-off timeline
      use KFileDialog directly. Nice catch by the usability guys.
      shot too fast, it actually takes URIs that you can not edit with kfiledialog.
      Two out of two probants on the akademy usability forum say: switch the tabs. Doing so.
      provide a warning
      install part.h in a public place. This allows for 3rd party applications like
      yay for descriptive strings :)
      this is pointless
      -if we click on a mail url: make sure kmail is in foreground / on top and correctly pass serialNumber and messageId.
      don't hang kontact, thanks
      parse decoded date into the appropriate data structure if wanted
      dragging addresses to the mail icon will now open a new mail with the adresses primary mail addresses.
      Patch from magic David which fixes the "parts get raised if they get loaded as a side effect" bug. Yay!
      backport of the "do not raise part as side effect" patch
      s/Network/Accounts. This was another outcome of the usability tests and just confirmed again. Renamed internal classes accordingly (funny enough, some instances of the "network" settings widget were already called "account")
      fix documentation accordingly
      fix inline documentation and anchors
      uppsi :)
      everyone please welcome: the new journaling icon.
      same journal icon here
      fix journal icon also here
      new icon also here
      readding accidentially removed dependencies
      This is impossible... hmm.. at least it's wrong
      excercising further "political correctness" while waiting for gcc
      fix plural form also in branch: \n denotes the plural form seperator
      Distiguish Kolab1 and Kolab2 in Wizard. In case of Kolab2, we only disable
      new summary plugin defaults: kpilot out, kmail in
      kmail on by default here, too
      use entities to avoid encoding problems
      my suggestion. layouting code sucks, though
      remove ANNOTATEMORE support for Cyrus 2.1
      adding missing copyright header
      having 1.0.2 in branch and 1.0 in head looks odd
      we need that, really
      hmm, might still happen, if the resource foler contains empty mails.
      added interface versioning for kaddressbook. Fixes a bug where you could not use
      Allow for changing the sidebars icon size via RMB Menu. This implementation has two issues:
      allow for removing abitratry lines using backspace on empty lineedits
      ok, the last commit was tiny, but still broke compilation...
      Port to KDialogBase, accompanied with code simplifications.
      When asked about indentation, the great CORNELIUS said:  "And the number of the counting shall be 2.  Neither shall you count to 4 or 8 nor shalt you count to 1, unless you thenceforth proceedeth to 2". And the PIM hackers were happy and there was much rejoice..
      improve line removal
      fix more layouting issues
      another one off the feature plan: allow to select a default startup part in the gui.
      save more of the precious vertical screenspace
      CVS_SILENT debug--
      Another one gone for good
      Applying fix by Ronnie Holm: Don't crash when operating on an empty set of notes in the notes part.
      build. thank you
      make sure to iterate over all toolbars in case we need to unplug actions here, too
      hunting the cache eater
      trying to fix alignment problem
      Some adjustments to the picker according to the input from relevantive:
      fix regression introduced by last commit: keep the RecipientType information in the dialog up to date
      do not load akregator in startup, this is way too slow :(
      refrain from annoying the user on first startup
      don't crash due to stale pointer
      disable old and broken sidebar
      opps, that wasn't meant to change
      * Applying slightly adopted patches by Danny Kukawka <dkukawka at>, fixing an averanche of bugs:
      replacing splash screen with an in place introduction screen
      remember: cvs add does not by default work recursively
      adding main.html
      makes more sense that way
      integrate dummy filter, just don't load it
      - make introscreen accessible from help menu
      splash mode works again
      adding exchange wizard skeleton with i18n strings
      that one was missing
      badly needed string + better icon
      resolve conflict
      stress is no good for me
      working as expected now
      factour out code the generates the actual message. now we show a
      tweaks one last set string change that will hopefully improve the situation for translators: Now there should be no reason to translate the actual html, unless your language
      unhide accidentially hidden groupwise button
      geometry fixes
      bump version number
      --nosplash is gone
      trick iconloader into loading pixmaps from actions from the right location.
      no idea where I put my original fix, but this should fix kolab issue #437 for good
      lukas is right, this is better: Second approach to fix "unknown" symbol in the "new" action when calendar, journal or todo view is active
      Hide actions from the toolbar, I need to find a sensible way to remove them from
      this was not meant to go in
      don't ask for username + password at every job
      provide proper 22x22 icons. This way kiconloaders "suboptimal" narrowing algorithm
      move go today between back and forward as discussed
      only show folders that acutually contain new mails.
      bump version number
      Fix previously existing feature: "dragging contact(s) on mail icon creates new email with contacts as recipients". The formerlyy dcop call does not work if the url was empty, so we use two distinct calls now
      Add hover effect to increase felt responsiveness. Also highlight button for a short moment when switching to a part that runs standalone. Another two bite the dust. :)
      Show sizeGrip Widget. Can we please add this to kmainwindow to have it consistant? it doesn't cost a lot screen estate and eases resizing.
      ok, keeping sizeGrip for now. We'll fix it globally. Don't reopen this one however, I won't fix it on application level.
      fix drawing artifact as described by vkrause
      <kpartgui> is deprecated
      Fix bug found by Steve "EagleEye" Binner
      fix regression introduced by yours truely
      ridell forgot this directory :)
      bump version for RC1
      don't let the splitter look ugly on startup
      Fix nonexisitant resource. This dcoprss stuff is utter crap, fixme in 3.5 :(
      new and missing screenies as well as minor additions to the docs
      don't offer that ackwardly broken wizard for now. blessed by coolo
      regression: on vanilla installations, don't hide the sidepane by default.
      add global shortcuts for new actions and make them work.
      less insulting for people that actually don't start it for the first time + rewording.
      lukas is right
      Ich will Spass, ich will Spass...
      Merge code from KO/Pi that actually makes the hourlabel look nice. Big
      add shortcut
      avoid warning
      after tobias changes this is no longer needed, in the best case
      fix regression. the signature of kmail mail uris had changed
      no such directory
      add property for designer
      merge palette fix from amarok
      upps :)
      bump version number, according to binners rant
      remove exchange support, also remove kitchensync, kandy and ksync
      Commit the work of the last couple of hours.
      and the rest :)
      don't loop into infinity
      slightly less worse, but still no white background...
      less pollution
      compile with latest changes from snapshot
      adjustment to changes in kabc from snapshot
      more iterator porting
      less Qt3 classes, disabling about screen for now
      unbreak drag 'n drop of summary part
      removed Q3PtrList
      using sane widgets even fixes the color palette :)
      don't mess up positioning. still hides the label sometimes, but this is most likely not a pure layouting problem, but rather related to the updating algorithm.
      I am stupid
      obsolete include
      wrap label
      missed Q3PtrList
      same game here
      Another one bites the dust
      encore un fois
      for now, it's unbearable with such a long stringfor now, it's unbearable
      remove outdated gpgme convinience copies, now that all major distributions
      certmanager -> kleopatra
      fix drawing
      more kleopatra adjustments
      try to make it compile again
      build even more
      move libkleo out of the kleopatra application directory, since it's
      - say goodbye to libkdenetwork, qgpgme and gpgmepp are now on the module
      looks a lot better now
      adjust mainpage
      wishful thinking
      port (hopefully) correctly, now everything is value-based
      compile again
      not sure if that is correct, but it makes UID store work for me. tokoe?
      Bumping plugin version, so that Kontact won't try to load plugins from KDE 3.5.
      major parts of the endl cleanups.
      major parts of the endl cleanups.
      more stuff, only multiline errors missing now...
      proper sized color roles, make default entry bold
      auto-assign color from the oxygen palette for new resources. be dumb about it for now
      adding redesigned ui for planner config for allens pleasure
      Importing autogenerated calendars from websites may yield long urls.
      remove ugly and space-wasting margin around mainwindow
      Hint compilation with Qt 4.5, where qdbsxml2cpp generates QDBusPendingReplys
      a commit from the "remove code and get nicer a layout for free" dept.:
      better looks. If someone feel like making the lines nice gradients, go for it.
      it's not plasma, but it's a huge difference to yesterday, and even 3.5 branch. all hail stylesheets!

Daniel Naber (252):
      the big update for the next version continues...
      fixed typos; small updates
      removed unnecessary use of entities (got translated to incorrect HTML...)
      removed "what's this" from the help menu, since we don't support it anyway
      send-receipts defaults to "false" in another situation, so should it do here
      default values for "signature" were not consistent, which broke appending
      spelling of "compliant" now correct
      added comment about GnuPG
      fixed a typo in a connect() that could cause a crash when calling the
      -i18n("") isn't legal: changed it to ""
      compact on exit and empty trash on exit have now default "true"
      fixed bug #4057 ("send mail on check" setting not saved)
      only added a comment that we attach signatures "the right way", using "-- "
      -start with focus set to first text field
      -body search
      added const to avoid compiler warning
      -preselect current folder (does not work yet if you left the dialog
      -escape now does the same as the close button
      -preselect current folder now works for subfolders, too
      better markup (still far from perfect...)
      small menu cleanup
      click on attachment asks the user what to do ("really open?").
      -added "Open with..." to attachment RMB menu
      -warning if no subject is set
      open information dialog if attachment->view... doesn't work
      -allow sorting the columns of the result
      New function: Edit->"Find in message...". i.e. look for a string in
      replaced stripWhiteSpace() with simplifyWhiteSpace(), so the
      -changed welcome message's reply-to to kmail at
      Search: sort by date now works; hide last 2 columns; added missing i18n
      default sort order changed, new messages are now on the top
      -recognize https: as URL
      added function to search for regular expression. removed
      Try harder to actually show _something_ if the user selects "View..."
      commented out call to slot that doesn't exist
      Fixed this bug: open a message attachment (e.g. netscape forwards mails as
      -try to open image attachments in a window with the size of the image
      added missing i18n() that destroyed special handling
      "RegExp" -> "regular expr."
      fixing bug #5379 (adding an email to kab includes garbage)
      fixing bug #5457 (first part of email adress was missing
      fixing bug #2166 (crash on startup if ~/Mail/inbox etc.
      Added FAQs (ssh, compact, spellchecking).
      default to "prefer plain text to HTML"
      improved wording of the open attachment dialog
      Patch by Michael Haeckel: treat inbox/outbox/... as special
      FAQ update (PGP/GnuPG support)
      update for 1.1.60: renaming menu entries or moving them around;
      moving and renaming menus
      -better markup
      added "..." to some menu entries
      the "sent mail" folder is now called "sent-mail" everywhere
      don't panic: markup changes only (QAndASet, keycombos)
      show sort indicator for folders, too (fixes bug #3449)
      explicitly changed some write() calls' arguments to
      added small comment about using ssh in the faq
      fix #6885
      some markup (keycap, acronym), added precommand and POP3-SSL,
      filter: "skip rest" removed
      removing "skip rest", it's redundant. ignore the warning you'll
      feedback if encryption fails, patch by Andreas Gungl. Sorry for the new
      small warning about the "filter app" filter action
      I'm reverting my "cleanup the write() calls" commit that I did 10 days ago.
      Andreas Gungl's patch to make PGP/GnuPG work reliable even if
      clicking "cancel" didn't seem to have an effect for the security
      "OK" in the settings dialog now applies the settings from all
      Michael Haeckel's fix for #7217 ("Some Filter rules do not work any longer
      some menus got renamed
      settings->appearance->Profiles->"New"/"Delete" didn't do anything, so I
      composer->attachments->view... window was too small and didn't
      added comment that this file isn't up to date, people
      removing the charset FAQ, seems to be misleading
      Michael Haeckel's patch for better RFC 2047 compliance
      important warning that attachments are not encrypted even if the mail is
      Michael's fix for a special character escape (for his RFC fix)
      explain that PGP/GnuPG must have a certain name; minimal
      just increasing the version number to 1.1.90
      2 new FAQs; minimal markup update; small link change to point *directly*
      authors update (added Michael Haeckel)
      commenting out pop3 SSL, as it will not be in KDE2.0
      patch by Michael Haeckel to fix #9227 and #6419 (spellchecking problems)
      removing strange qDebug() call ;-)
      now using getOpenURLs() so one can attach remote files
      new FAQ about HTML mails only displayed as plain text
      -some menu entries have been moved again
      Use an a-umlaut in Michael's surname. Not sure if
      -coolo's advice: "Haeckel" instead of "Häckel"
      critical fix for #12392: "Always encrypt to self" doesn't work
      no ".." after a menu entry that just has a submenu
      do a selectAll() on the "unnamed" in the Create Folder dialog
      now using the easier-to-remember hompage URL
      added FAQ about file locking
      you can now feed parts of mails to the "execute" filter
      fixed the url to pgp key server, thanks to Max Moritz Sievers
      fetch mail from localhost if tunneling through ssh
      explain why ssh tunneling makes sense: your pop3 password isn't transfered
      -FAQ about procmail/kmail
      procmail: "also see file locking faq item"
      searching "<complete message>" should search in body and header.
      how to fetch mails via IMAP, using fetchmail. thanks to Michael Haeckel.
      search: use an extra "Stop" button instead of changing the search button's
      shortcuts, new filter action, wordwrap option, more fetchmail information
      forgot date update; long click on "check mail" gives list
      files have to be writeable to "import" them, fixes wishlist #16469
      call KHTMLPart::enablePlugins(false) for security reasons. I don't know
      store passwords defaults to false in this place, too
      re-worded the "sending failed" dialog. it's an error dialog
      bug: passwords of deleted accounts never got removed from the
      how to work around a bug in KMail 1.1.99 (PGP/GnuPG + non-english KMail),
      non-english workaround only for PGP, not GnuPG
      disable forwarding with the <meta> tag in HTML pages
      don't tell people to mail bugs directly to the mailing list;
      removing non necessary i18n_noop
      Now there's a "real" listing of authors in the About box
      make the fact that java + javascript is disabled explicit..
      temp file bug solved in KDE2.1 (FAQ)
      better use of KTempFile()
      emphasize the fact that you should test PGP encryption
      add a warning to the config gui that encryption should be
      yet another warning in the gui: attachments are not encrypted
      faq 'How do I install KMail?'
      big update for KDE 2.1 = kmail 1.2
      another update for KDE2.1. moving some FAQ items.
      documentation of Andreas' cool "show ciphered text after
      -some small markup fixes
      -correct markup at the top of the document
      fix for #19062 (remember directory when saving attachments),
      -moving the FAQ section to top (no changes)
      some more words about config -> composer -> charset
      note that plugins in HTML mails don't work.
      fixing small typos
      new version number (because of Michael's IMAP patch)
      -Config: "Prefer HTML to plain text" instead of "Prefer text..."
      quote only selected part should work for "send reply to", too
      the homepage url is now at the correct place in this long
      invokeHTMLHelp() -> invokeHelp()
      finally: jump to the correct page when clicking on "Help"
      FAQ updates
      ask for "save as drafts" if the composer gets closed
      adding "..." to "attach public key" menu item
      Many rather small updates and fixes. Addings comment what has
      updating the welcome text, so we don't forget it again :-)
      "Reply w/o quote" patch by seth at
      prevent crash #22492:
      new option to set an extra font for the date column
      "store-passwd" now defaults to FALSE, just like for POP3
      fix for #14101 ("only one email address of a person in KAB shows up in KMail")
      fixing wish #6335:
      init mMailingListEnabled = false or you'll end up with
      don't show the "could not attach public key" error if the user
      fixing #13334:
      better caption for the move/copy to folder dialog
      better error message if nothing is in the To: field.
      if a mail is found in the sent-mail folder, don't show
      show the welcome page not only on the very first start of
      increase version so people see the nice welcome screen again :-)
      Show a warning if someone wants to activate HTML. If you
      welcome page: mention that the homepage offers import tools
      big update for filter dialog by Marc Mutz;
      markup fixes, thanks to Marc Mutz
      patch by Marc Mutz: update for filter section
      big FAQ update
      menu descriptions are up to date now
      fixing wrong argument for warning box, thanks to Marc Mutz
      use "help:/kmail" as the link in the welcome page. "help:kmail" (i.e. without
      update to the filter section by Marc Mutz; update to
      When skipping the "Re:" etc, skip the colon, too. Fixes sorting by subject.
      fix the link to webcvs
      major part of the 1.2 -> 1.3 update for KDE2.2
      some more updates for KMail 1.3
      moving the "other mailbox files" chapter more to the end.
      fix for headers tab, thanks to Karl-Heinz Zimmer <khz at>
      some small improvements suggested by Don
      really only show the welcoem page once. removing this from
      small updates suggested by Michael
      CVS_SILENT forgot two options. let's see if this cvs silent works :-)
      don't make the address dialog that wide
      use the same default (10MB) for small-trash-size in both places
      "customize" -> "configure"
      clicking on "Help" jumps to the right place now
      -fixes and updates by Ingo Kloecker
      filters: "copy to" doesn't exist yet, thanks to Marc Mutz
      new faq for "broken date" + other very small fixes
      * forgot two small options
      start the list of changes in KMail 1.3 -> 1.x
      FAQ update; other very small changes
      don't render HTML in an attachment's comment. Can someone
      add that IMAP's "Prefix to folders" is relative to the home dir,
      FAQ about special character problem with old Qt versions
      removing change from this branch again :-)
      add FAQ by Marc Mutz, delete outdated FAQ
      change my "job" to "Documentation"
      add TODO for 3.0
      document that get/stripEmailAddress only works on the first
      first big update for KDE3.0: configuration dialog, by Marc Mutz
      fixing two typos
      another filter section update by Marc Mutz
      rename "opportunistic encryption" -> "automatic encryption"
      the attachment dialog doesn't appear automatically anymore
      attachment pane: show focus in all columns
      commenting out the installRBPopup() code, which didn't
      some FAQ updates for KDE3.0
      "ISpell" -> "ISpell/Aspell", as both is supported by KSpell
      updating David's email address
      first part of the major update for KDE3.0
      major update for KDE3.0, but not yet complete
      typo fixes
      part one of the fixes by Ingo
      some more updates from Ingo; give back Ingo and Michael their umlaut;
      last part of Ingo's fixes
      add information about untrusted keys to PGP FAQ
      fixes suggested by Michael
      small PGP update
      word-wrap is a bool config option, so don't read it as a number
      document pop filters (Thorsten Zachmann); fix some fixme's
      adding some FAQs and other updates for KDE 3.0. this was the last
      add "--check" faq, small fixes
      some tab -> page rewordings; fix wrong information about OpenPGP
      some fixes for more consistency
      address book selection has been removed for now
      fix one spelling and one markup typo; headers are left intact
      forward porting changes from 3_0 branch
      filters are case-insensitive
      new pgp/gpg faq entry by marc mutz
      starting the update for KDE 3.1
      more updates for KDE 3.1, but not yet complete
      more 3.1 updates
      more updates for 3.1
      spelling and content fixes
      almost the final update for 3.1: mostly updates and fixes by Ingo Kloecker
      move an faq and fix two things
      some small fixes
      some final fixes
      new substitution feature by Marc Mutz
      show warning in standard text size (instead of smaller); slightly better
      two new xml comments; small fix for "pipe through"
      small improvments for encoding, by Ingo K.
      fix 57661
      update the credits from aboutdata.cpp. the email adresses are
      fix the problem with a wrong/missing suggestion in the context menu
      small faq update
      fix wrong usage of "resp."
      fixes in the spam wizard section; small markup fixes elsewhere
      starting an update; cleanups
      updated by Tom Albers
      CVS_SILENT fix typo
      small fixes
      mention that "bounce" should not be used on messages with a virus (Tom Albers)
      add some of the text suggested in #84532
      new faq entry by Tom Albers: reply quotes only part of message,

Daniel Pilone (18):
      Removing the old kpilot to make room for the KDE 2.0 port.
      Readded the newer files to start the KDE 2.0 port.
      First round of changes to the makefile and removing of stuff no longer needed.
      QLayout fixes..
      First round of KDE 2.0 changes...almost there..
      More changes to make things build...
      Added the .desktop files, removed the .kdelnk files, got the
      KPilot now starts up!  KPilotDaemon docking works now too.
      First merge of the 3.2->4.0 code.
      Ported the conduits.  They build.  Don't know if they work, but they
      KDE 2.0 Cleanup patches.  Start of adding conduits as kpilot
      Updated the change log, removed font specifications from the conduit
      Fixed some bugs with record editing.  Broke conduit setup.  Don't
      Sorta updated...
      More updates
      Fixed dcop method declaration to match implementation declaration.
      I think this is what Adriaan was going for with the configure changes.

Daniel Schepler (15):
      Commit debian packaging from 3.2 to HEAD.
      Commit packaging for kdepim 4:3.2.92-1 so far.  The packages should at
      More Debian packaging changes.
      Add manpages for Debian packages.
      Final version of packaging for kdepim 4:3.2.92+3.3.0-1.
      KDE_3_3_BRANCH was created while I was working on packaging; bring changes
      Add new German debconf translation provided in bug #264825.
      Packaging for 3.3.0-2.
      Packaging updates for 3.3.0-3.
      Commit kdepim 4:3.3.1-1 packaging.
      Whoops, forgot to commit 3.3.1-2 packaging when I was done.  Do that now.
      kdepim 4:3.3.1-3 packaging
      kdepim 4:3.3.2-0pre1 packaging.
      kdepim 4:3.3.2-1 packaging
      kdepim 3.3.2-3 packaging.

Daniel Teske (3):
      The bug is actually a akregator bug. This is the fix.
      Adjusted to kio/bookmark changes.
      KBookmarkManger::managerForFile change.

Danny Allen (25):
      As I have the source of part of this image, I have been able to change the colours to match the rest of the image, and also have a more smooth finish.
      Alter colours to match others in about pages, etc...
      Various improvements to the .ui files...
      Make certain strings more understandable...
      Remove over-zealous :) changes, but keep initial, genuine change...
      Use icon for old messages...
      Use better spam and ham icons...
      Use system attach icon, therefore removing the redundant instance in kmail...
      Use system flag icon, therefore removing the redundant instance in kmail...
      Use system editdelete icon, therefore removing the redundant instance in kmail...
      Move and rename certain suitable (by size) icons to the more correct directory...
      Use some better icons taken from korganizer
      Icon in a larger size...
      Rename some icons...
      Rename an icon...
      New (also with more sizes) ignore icon...
      Use different icon (from within kmail) to ensure display...
      BUG:80298 Use more distinctive 5days icon for korganizer by M G Berberich...
      Bug has been fixed, will close when updates
      improve padding in dialog
      BUG:96466 Fixed bug, and redone all but 3 screenshots - app crashes on those 3 pages, so if someone else can redo those 3 in the default style, and with the same size as the others, that would be good :)
      fix grammar error
      (temporary?) icon for missing kmail menu entry
      reviewing documentation
      reviewing documentation again

Danny Kukawka (96):
      - add dummy-files (with strings) for Outlook Import-filter
      changed filedetection to find e.g. *.pmm and *.PMM files
      - updated the README
      CVS_SILENT: added count_duplicates message to plain-text-filter
      CVS_SILENT: added myself as KMailCVT maintainer
      * Now QDataStream instead of  QTextStream used to read from mbox.
      - added me to authors
      - comment corrections
      * fix to detect incomplete messages/archives and terminate the import
      - add in last patch deleted line
      - move define of MAX_LINE from filters.cxx to filters.hxx
      - removed unneeded defines from filters. MAX_LINE is defined in filters.hxx
      * reorder combobox specific applications entries (now alphabetically)
      * new pic for dialog, this is merged by me from the about screen of kmail
      - removed string "KMailCVT" from pic
      changed filtername and -description
      - workaround for bug in kdelibs. Now a own filedialog is used to ask the user
      - workaround for bug in kdelibs. Now a own filedialog is used to ask the user
      - workaround for bug in kdelibs. Now a own filedialog is used to ask the user
      - workaround for bug in kdelibs. Now a own filedialog is used to ask the user
      - workaround for bug in kdelibs. Now a own filedialog is used to ask the user
      - workaround for bug in kdelibs. Now use a own filedialog to ask the user
      fixed problem with import subfolder for thunderbird and evolution 2.x
      fixed problem with import subfolder for thunderbird and evolution 2.x
      blacklisted aditional file to prevent unrequested import of useless msg
      blacklisted aditional file to prevent unrequested import of useless msg
      removed long paths from the info in the dialog for better view if user
      fixed bug, lost the first line of every message in a mbox (or similar file
      backport of the last 2 commits to HEAD :
      additional fix for problem with import mails from mbox-files (see
      backport from HEAD, additional fix for bug #103112
      - fixed problems with '/' in foldername in dcopAddMessage*(), now return -1
      - backport from HEAD, bugfix for #103205
      - added new feature to dcopAddMessage*(), now we can import messages to
      - updated Evolution and Thunderbird filter with new feature. Now we can
      - fixed wrong moved line from last commit
      - replaced deprecated function (kapp->keyboardModifiers() through
      - undo replacement of deprecated function for compatibility to kdelibs 3.3
      - added new import filter for import from kmail maildir to local folder
      - added kapp->processEvents() call to prevent blocking of import dialog
      - fixed problem with import dialog and updated current status of import
      - added new importfilter for Sylpheed Claws
      - added checks for better interactivity if user clicked on 'Cancel' during
      - added new import filter for mails from The Bat!
      fixed size of filter combobox
      - Fixed problems with Outlook Express 5 and 6 *.dbx files. So far only
      Backported from HEAD:
      - changed name and description of the filter, since this also tested with
      - added comment for problems with QDir::readLine()
      - reformated source of filter files for a consistent format
      - fixed bug #103738:
      fixed problem with current and overall processbar
      - rewritten FilterPMail::importMailFolder() for faster import without use
      backport from HEAD:
      - closed some fd-leaks, if user cancel/abort the import
      - added support for recreating folder structure and import to subfolder in
      - fix, closed fd
      - backport from HEAD to rebuild the folder structure (without import to
      - added support to parse the folder structur from 'Folders.dbx' and import
      backport from HEAD:
      Applying slightly adopted patches by Alfons Hoogervorst:
      Applying slightly adopted patches by Alfons Hoogervorst:
      Applying slightly adopted patches by Alfons Hoogervorst:
      - changed static KMMsgStatus strToStatus() to
      - updated filter info
      - fixed date of the copyright
      - fixed/changed the date in copyright section
      - removed oe6-testfolder.dbx
      - removed pmail-testdata.pmm
      - add a new test mailbox with new mails (*.cnm), folders/boxes (*.pmi and
      - added new test mailbox for Outlook Express 6 with mailboxes (*.dbx) and
      - added test mailbox for 'The Bat!'
      - added new testfiles for Evolution 1.x and 2.x
      - added testfiles for Sylpheed (from Sylpheed Claws)
      * Applying slightly adopted patches by Adriaan de Groot <groot at>,
      - fixed problem with corrupted mbox, which contains binary data
      - cleaned up usage of QString
      - updated aboutData
      - initial import to KDE 3.5 of new filter for 'Lotus Notes
      - changed for import new messages to subfolders
      Added KMailCVT to 'Tools' menu in Kontact and a comment to both rc-files.
      Backport from trunk: Added KMailCVT to 'Tools' menu in Kontact and a comment
      * removed 'import/KMailCVT' entry from the tool menu.
      backported from trunk:
      * fixed import of mboxes from maillinglist archives which contain a
      Added support to read X-Status from mails while import mbox
      fix KMMsgPartDialogCompat to avoid push parent window in the background
      Added support to get the X-Status from KMail mailfiles while
      Fixed documentation.
      Fixed handling if the KFileDialog is canceled by the user and
      If there is a problem with the UIDL command on a POP3 server a message
      forward port SVN commit 596760:
      - fixed bug #143440, return from getMessageFlags() as soon as
      fixed bug #134699: exit on indexing a *.tbb file, if we reach the
      forward port r746095 to fix bug 134699
      - fixed variable names

Daro Andrs Rodrguez (4):
      Move the "Automatic Collapse Level" spinbox+label a row down (intended to show that it's a child option) on the "Appearance"/"Message Window" tab
      Backport to 4.2branch of:
      - The note widget should not be closed by Alt+F4 as that will delete it (causing crashes), we just want to hide it.
      Backport to 4.4 of:

Dave Corrie (7):
      turn message text prefixed with "www." into hyperlinks
      i) turn message text prefixed with "ftp." into hyperlinks.
      Moved KMReaderWin::strToHtml() code into its own class (LinkLocator) so that the email address and URL matching code can be used elsewhere in kmail. Fixed a few bugs in the process:
      fixed inverted logic bug regarding the display of [vCard] in fancy headers
      I'm removing a work-around for a qt bug that was fixed by qt-3.0.2. The workaround was put in place before the release of KDE 3.0, but seeing as KDE 3.0 was released with qt-3.0.2, the work-around is not needed.
      Don't spell check quoted text, urls or email addresses.
      Don't spell check quoted text, urls or email addresses.

David E. Narváez (1):
      Allow Incidence Editor to Handle Additional TimeZones

David Faure (2234):
      Committed fix requested by Stephan Götter <sg17 at>
      Portability improvement : if unsetenv doesn't exist, use putenv
      Reverted changed for unsetenv. Fake function is in kdelibs/kdecore/fakes.cpp
      Ooops, forgot #include <config.h>
      CVS_SILENT Converted colors with s/a0a0a0/a0a0a4/; s/c3c3c3/c0c0c0/;
      Tue Feb 16 09:34:25 1999  David Faure  <faure at>
      Merged Harri changes with mine. We're lucky we didn't fix the same things...
      Die, ksprintf, die ...
      Commented out resize(500,600). This is not necessary, since the dlg
      Use kmimemagic that is in libkio.
      No need for kmimemagic.h here.
      some 0 -> QString::null conversions
      some more QStringing. Now compiles.
      If only fixheaders could also deal with
      getIconLoader is very much used in kde !
      using loadApplicationMiniIcon instead of manual loading.
      kfmclient -> new KRun
      Any good reason to use qimgio instead of kimgio in kmail ?
      KDialogBase fix (it didn't compile), please check.
      empath needs rtti :
      CVS_SILENT removed duplicate headers - difficult one because of #ifdef KRN
      Fixed the "To desktop" menu, using KWin:: and removed empty menu for Stick/UnStick.
      workaround for moc bug (typedef struct)
      GPL -> License_GPL. Note that it would have been a lot simpler to
      test commit - nothing changed
      Added KDE_CHECK_USLEEP, since needs it.
      In fact we don't use usleep nor random in kdepim - reverted my
      easy porting
      Needs signal.h
      Robert: almost. No need to convert a QByteArray to a QCString
      Uses KRun -> needs LIB_KSYCOCA. Yes, even knotes...
      Mai I suggest including parts/ in the compilation (done)
      Added $(top_srcdir)/rmm in the includes - doesn't compile otherwise.
      No more doc/ subdirs and use only once METASOURCES
      KFileOpenWithHandler stuff, using exists(). Then realised krn doesn't compile :)
      Compiles with --enable-final. Some #undef for stupid X headers (are 4.0 headers
      cleaning up
      compiles with current kdelibs
      Fixed many warnings. Don't put default values in .cpp files !
      Usual 'usleep not defined in Tru64' stuff
      include config.h for Tru64
      It's Konqueror, not Konquerer :-)
      Added $(LIBRESOLV) to fix reported linking error on Solaris.
      QIconSet(BarIcon()) removed. Gives better icons now - but KStdAction::preferences
      keyDict -> &keyMap
      Fixes for --enable-final
      Converted to dcopidl so that it compiles
      Don't compile kab2
      inet_aton isn't available everywhere. Added configure check,
      Removed argc,argv from KApp constructor to avoid assert() failing
      test for inet_aton in libnsl. Not sure it defines HAVE_INET_ATON ?
      Another QGuardedPtr assert
      Translate rc file
      Missing i18n() calls found by Tinkl Luka
      Fixed the test for inet_aton in -lnsl as advised by Michael.
      Trivial fix for compiler warning
      Tru64 patch (no C++-style comments in a c file)
      Converted all qDebugs to kdDebugs, with Cornelius's ok and
      Compaq C++ says : if you want it inline, then put it in the headers.
      exit(0) replaced with return 0  (the first one needs stdlib.h but return
      Grrr, don't delete the dialog in the slot for closing, if it's a WDestructiveClose.
      Patch from Wynn Wilkes, reviewed by Michael Brade, approved by Matthias Elter.
      Ah, it's commented out, but let's show the true path to the DnD nirvana here too.
      Use KURL::List properly (no new without delete, so better no new at all,
      Use KURL properly, and don't leak a KFileOpenWithHandler.
      protection against multiple inclusions
      I don't think this should be in CVS...
      Tru64 patches from Thomas Leitner
      Fix for non-latin1 users :
      "AUTO" leads to warnings when there are other icons of other type
      Create src/Makefile before src/blah/Makefile, for people with srcdir!=builddir
      Don't try to build ical.h, it's in CVS. The way it's built doesn't work
      Apparently libical needs to be in CVS, even though
      Don't use __FUNCTION__ !!! It's gcc specific.
      No C++-style comments in C files
      CXX does not allow enums to be used in expressions like "x++" or
      ran includemocs
      +#include <config.h>  for Tru64
      Two config.h for tru64
      Let those two files be generated, into the builddir.
      Good one.. I removed the file that was here in AC_INIT :)
      fopen returns a FILE *, on which one can hardly use "<0". Found by
      Readding $(LIBXSS) to make this compile - Wildfox, if you remember removing
      all: blah is the source of all trouble
      more srcdir!=builddir fixes. This generated header thingie with
      Do we really need the python stuff ? I doubt it. Disabled. It doesn't even
      Use mimelib from ../mimelib
      fix for srcdir!=builddir
      Use a KURL instead of a KURL::List (fixing expected compilation problem)
      Needs -I$(top_srcdir) to compile
      on 2nd though all_includes should be last
      top_srcdir here too
      another srcdir!=builddir fix
      srcdir != builddir
      all_includes last
      all_includes last
      CVS_SILENT fixheaders
      CVS_SILENT fixheaders
      CVS_SILENT fixheaders
      CVS_SILENT fixheaders
      CVS_SILENT fixheaders
      fixed compilation
      At least it doesn't crash anymore, but can someone please check out why this fais ?
      ERROR: kdepim/kalarmd/ contains 'INCLUDES= $(all_includes) -I$(top_srcdir)/libkcal'
      Fixed typo in the initial mail
      fix for enable-final (grmbl X headers)
      Support for multiple --attach on the command line
      Fixed "malformed URL" error message when clicking on a mailto: link.
      kdepim is the worse "all_includes is first instead of last" module.
      CVS_SILENT $(all_includes) moved to last position
      CVS_SILENT all_includes last
      dumped the KFileOpenWithHandler
      KFileOpenWithHandler is no more - now using KRun:displayOpenWithDialog
      -lkfile ? this is forbidden nowadays...
      all_includes last
      s/KDE Desktop Entry/Desktop Entry/
      A good all_includes shall be last in line
      Fix for "QGList::locate: Index 0 out of range" and spurious "want
      Another out-of-bounds access fixed: create backend item before creating
      Don't try to install .desktop files from subdirs, that doesn't work as expected:
      Yet another out-of-bounds access when the list is empty (I have an abort()
      Removed useless dependency (I guess it was missing $(srcdir)?)
      Fix compilation
      gcc-2.96 doesn't let you assign an int to an enum
      Layout (well, fixed size) fix for hour and minute lineedits
      Enable/disable start and stop buttons as appropriate.
      Fixing compilation (the MALSUBDIR stuff wasn't tested at all, I can see)
      GUI: accels and buddies for the "add/edit task" dialog
      $(all_includes) last
      CVS_SILENT $(all_includes) last
      all_includes last
      str += aValue;
      all_includes last
      #ifndef NDEBUG around several lines of code that are only used for a kdDebug.
      Proper use of the toolbar editor
      Wow, KNode has 3 mainwindows with configurable toolbars.
      Standard KEditToolbar stuff. I can't test though, because libkcal fails to compile.
      Mainwindow settings and KEditToolbar fix, as usual. (untested, other than compilation)
      Argl, LIBADD makes no sense for a noinst lib (with undef symbols).
      Find the kde libs from the right place.... (am I the only one with a KDE
      This is the one who needs $(LIB_KHTML)
      GUI: RMB popup menu for tasks.
      Don't leak the dcopclient
      Use the name of the dcopobject - there might be more than one ;)
      Show how a plugin can use the DCOP interface of another part
      New virtual method for plugins, so they can tell whether they implement a given
      Don't use dcopClient() until the part is loaded
      test menu item that is able to find-or-start kaddressbook, by its service type,
      How to do stable and reliable DCOP interaction between kaplan apps, with a
      * Mainwindow settings auto-saved
      Renamed the servicetype to use DCOP/ prefix
      Defined DCOP/AddressBook servicetype, and associated kaddressbook with it
      More notes, based on experiences from further hacking on the DCOP interfaces
      Name clash with kdeui's KTimeWidget!  -> renamed to KArmTimeWidget.
      Don't activate part's GUI in addPart(), only when showing it -> renamed showView
      let's use DCOP/Calendar as a more generic servicetype for calendar functionality
      Associate korganizer with the DCOP/Calendar servicetype - and define it.
      Looked a bit unfinish to the user imho
      See nothing wrong in this? ;)
      Progress info in the main statusbar during a cached-imap sync (similar to
      don't show progress dialog when email checking isn't interactive
      Changing something in kapp is generally not a good idea in a part.
      The very first version of a CalendarInterface, implemented by korganizer's ActionManager.
      typos in docu
      * Proper progress info while sending mail (based on bytes, not on number of msgs)
      Restored with the full history.
      Ok, there had been changes to the file: renaming the class..
      Initialize mJob to 0 in all constructors.
      One more displayProgress() to make sure the progressbar goes to away at the end of the sync.
      Initialize mLocalTime to false to avoid an uninit read.
      "what about serial number ?" well, if you don't know, set it to 0, or valgrind will complain
      Don't display the password in the error dialog box - now using htmlURL()
      Reverse engineering
      I'm sure translators are thrilled to translate that one:
      Kaplan renamed to Kontact.
      interfaces is in kontact/interfaces now
      kaplan -> kontact
      COMPILE_AFTER_ from kdenetwork
      My gcc doesn't really like QString foo = 0 :)
      Support for --query <substring> and for --format {alias|query}, to improve
      From kroupware_branch: validator for the timeedit widget, up/down modify by one minute,
      valgrind says we'd better initialize mCalendarVersion.
      A somewhat big merge of my changes in kroupware_branch.
      all_includes must be after local includes
      Forward port memleak fix and timezone fix
      KOPrefs::instance()->mTimeZoneId is a QString, and Calendar*s take a QString too,
      Fix method-name-is-translated-on-the-wire bug.
      Show translated method name
      Another missing setTimeZone - which fixes the time displayed in the "Check calendar
      valgrind says: initialize your booleans...
      Managed to get a crash while deleting an event - better use QGuardedPtr for
      no i18n here, it's test stuff
      A messages target to create kontact.pot (necessary to even get the korg etc. translations)
      copy-n-paste error
      Don't force end>=start while typing, it prevents e.g. erasing some digits
      How many tries does it take to get a messages: target right? :}
      Fixed statusbar totals when using sub-tasks - they used to contribute twice
      Fixed "reset session times", it's not supposed to change the totals (i.e. to cancel
      No need to register with DCOP. Saves a _lot_ of time when using this tool out of KDE
      Improve dumpAlarm() facility: return the text containing the list of alarms,
      Use proper iterators instead of first/next on a temporary QPtrList (!!)
      just a hint for the author :)
      Fixed another case of iterating-on-temporary-QPtrLists.
      Trying to give all widgets of a QWidgetStack an id of 1 is .... not very useful.
      A tip for a possible optimization
      small optimization
      Removed nonsensical line
      Don't do anything when cancelling the 'save' dialog
      cool typo ;)
      Forward port "Mail vCard..." feature from kroupware_branch.
      Fixed UMR found by valgrind - setHeaderStyleAndStrategy uses mDelayedMarkAsRead,
      Fix crash when sending mail. Argl. Please check, I have no idea how the
      What's ../include? There is none in kdepim either AFAICS.
      Compile even with QT_NO_ASCII_CAST.
      A .h is no source file
      Don't redefine datadir
      all_includes after local includes
      Make file/save actually save the data, not only the preferences (!!!!).
      Implemented TODO: write backup file. You need to update kdecore for this to compile.
      -no-undefined helps debugging problems (yes I know, this will be reverted when
      This showed a slight misunderstanding about what that name is used for...
      When saving multiple items ("selected" or "all"), and the destination already exists,
      Fixed UMR on start (patch sent to Tomas Pospisek)
      Reimplement "reset all times" (I implemented because I need it, removing it
      "to precise" doesn't exist in English
      Fix for kroupware issue #241: when entering a wrong password for an IMAP account,
      Fix autosave feature: Preferences was emitting its signal too early due
      Merge "Save As" and "Save Selected Items", factorize code.
      Fix as suggested by Ingo
      Now it compiles.
      kmmsgbase.cpp:400: warning: cannot declare member function `static const QCString KMMsgBase::statusToStr(unsigned int)' to have static linkage
      "should" - yeah right. Thanks for this crash.
      if you include libkcal/foo.h you need $(top_srcdir) in the -I line
      some info
      Get rid of all the trailing spaces (in the copy-as-text feature).
      Don't tell me twice that I'm missing gnokii, tell me only once, and at the end of configure.
      forgot to add that one.
      What a complex configure check...
      Seems the servicetype got renamed to DCOP/Organizer. So this means
      Use KSaveFile for saving.
      As advised by Waldo, test for close(). And as advised by Cornelius, reuse
      Use non-deprecated method
      Parse emaildefaults only once, not for every task being saved. This is an improved
      Loading an ical file with many many events was really slow, due to linear searches
      CVS_SILENT removed spurious ';'
      In file included from kmfoldermbox.cpp:17:
      Moved from kdelibs/kabc/plugins/imap on the server.
      Keep GUI responsive when stopping a timer, by using a timer (hehe) before saving.
      Ooops. Fixed bug introduced by my porting to QDict - I ported one loop too many.
      ARGL. I'm stupid.
      Improve integration between standalone apps and kontact:
      move cmdline def to header file, but no DCOP-enabled args handling yet.
      Move cmdline handling to DCOP-enabled method, move cmdline def to header file
      Fix lack of copyright.
      kontact integration: make command-line parsing available via DCOP
      Integration with standalone kaddressbook: provide a Kontact::UniqueAppHandler.
      testcases, docu and accessor
      Integration of standalone knode with kontact. Looks like I'm done with this,
      Fixed window activation when calling a running application:
      Activate window the non-deprecated way (it doesn't look as nice as the former
      Fixed window activation not done due to newInstance() reimplementation.
      indentation only - to reduce diff with osnabrueck_branch
      Ensure that saving from the regression test program is always done with ordered events.
      all_includes after local includes
      Don't activate the KMail reader window when only calling kmail --check.
      this is the proper way
      this one too
      Import copies of libgpg-error-0.6 and gpgme-0.4.4, porting Makefile.ams to unsermake
      builddir != srcdir fix
      it was correct
      forgot to link assuan's .la in
      Grabbed all the tests from gpgme, they are needed.
      CVS_SILENT it's generated
      This is really crap.
      lib -> libksync as requested by Cornelius
      works better with cvs add
      Why do people rename things anyway?
      Now I see why. Having ./lib and ../lib is indeed confusing.
      Remove commented out cruft.
      Linking to libs from the same module first, seems to be necessary (unless this is a libtool bug?)
      slightly better debug msg
      Define the DCOP/Mailer service type, for "any mailer that supports the KMailIface DCOP interface"
      Start KMail if not already running before talking to it via DCOP.
      kdab-insert-header doesn't respect Marc's careful #include ordering :)
      Network transparency when saving the certificate. Marc told me it could be very big
      Network transparency when importing certificates and CRLs, using KIO::get
      OK, not done yet, but I dare not think what a harddisk crash or a rm * would mean :)
      Definition of entry class.
      Support for writing configuration.
      Less system() calls, test the C++ API a bit more
      Proper file patterns in file dialogs for importing certificates and CRLs.
      Oops, also close dialog after sending mail (not only after saving to file).
      Enough code duplication, here comes StoredTransferJob, which holds a QByteArray,
      Ah yeah I forgot to do that.
      Finished implemented exporting of certificates and keys:
      Disable 'export certificate' when there's no certificate selected in the listview.
      Don't infinite loop when the certificate chain is infinitely recursive
      CVS_SILENT small mistake :)
      good one :)
      Adapt to changes in gpgme-cvs discussed with Marcus. Support for resetting
      Remove unused signal and unused include.
      First steps of a configuration dialog for kgpgcertmanager, based on
      Remove all emacs modelines from the actual files (neither Marc nor I want c-file-style="gnu" anyway)
      Bring the config object into the configuration dialog
      gpgconf changed:
      Fixed parsing of LDAP "urls"
      Implemented loading/saving/reset-to-defaults in configure dialog,
      Fixed "Reset" and "Default"; fixed saving of url lists.
      Fixed parsing and saving of lists with multiple items (now that gpgconf got fixed too)
      CVS_SILENT forgot to remove the TODO
      Added support for username and password in the LDAP urls.
      Fixed regression in parsing int/uint values. Good thing I wrote a unit test prog...
      This also works now that gpgconf was fixed.
      CVS_SILENT indentation
      Get rid of useless intermediary class ConfigModule.
      New dynamically-generated dialog for configuring everything in gnupg and friends,
      Fixed warnings about doxygen stuff (we don't need it here, right?)
      Fix for unsetting no-arg options
      Doh! Fixed test in destructor (Steffen: it was probably a false positive).
      Fixed uglification of configure output
      Enable/disable 'configure' depending on current item
      Auto accel management in crypto config dialog; improved a warning.
      Don't use a slot that's not in kdelibs-3.2 (branch 2)
      CVS_SILENT typo
      Benjamin Meyer's 'mac koffice patch': -no-undefined is a good idea indeed.
      Fixed lack of updating of the progressbar in the dimap sync dialog
      Don't create more than one KDictSpellCheckingHighlighter (regression introduced
      Added missing dependency, to fix parallel build when gpgme-copy is being used.
      Backport/forward-port/whatever the parsing fix
      kgpgcertmanager renamed to kleopatra as marc wanted (he's the maintainer :)
      Ingo says kmail uses 2-spaces indentation. Let's make this automatic for those
      kgpgcertmanager renamed to kleopatra
      cvslastchange job.cpp | patch   ; simplified #define
      Correct enabling/disabling of actions
      CVS_SILENT xemacs removed trailing whitespaces
      Added "Download Certificate" action for remote certs.
      Now again, in the right branch: fix messages target
      Support for dropping files (e.g. .p7c, .pem, .p12 ...) onto the cert list view
      --enable-final works fine, revert neil's commit.
      Fixed error box when using KMail's configure dialog and gpgconf can't be found
      i18n fix: if you don't display the number (using %n), it's no "plural form" thingie.
      Confirm deletion of certificates (the konq way: showing a list and a dontshowagain checkbox)
      Typo noticed by Harri - thanks!
      Integrated Michel's configuration dialog for "appearance" in kleopatra (I'll finish it)
      Better icons
      minor cleanups
      Implemented loading/saving of key filters.
      backport from ae_g: use KConfig object pointing to libkleopatrarc.
      More default categories
      Use the key filters in the listview's display strategy
      Removed const before pointed returned by instance() - how can I call reload(), otherwise?
      Support for italic/bold/strikeout modifications to the font (as checkboxes)
      Fixed preview (e.g. if full_font + strikeout)
      Give a shortcut (well, two) to "Redisplay" (which should probably be called Reload?)
      Redisplay when the config is changed. Small cleanups.
      Fixed "reset" button
      Install a global libkleopatrarc with the default filters instead of having them
      Defaults moved over to global config file
      Changing the appearance only requires a repaintContents(), not a re-listing.
      ah, uninstall-local
      CVS_SILENT untabify, with Steffen's green light
      Fixed label in imap progress dialog (used to display folder name,
      Fixed more cases where name() was shown to the user, using label() instead.
      Implemented the default key categories defined by Marc.
      Fixed missing repaints and updates after pressing 'default appearance'
      Add new per-contact encryption-preference possibilities.
      Turned the "preferred protocol" combobox into a "allowed protocols" groupbox
      Updated from aegypten_branch to fix compilation of kaddressbook/editors.
      Rename a few menu items to fix singular/plural issues.
      Forward port additions
      Added the missing preference options, <none> in particular.
      Allow multiple keys; can be useful for distribution lists.
      CVS_SILENT remove some unnecessary ';'
      Redesigned KMFolderDia to make it more modular: one class per tab, using
      GUI: Added messagebox for confirmation on 'reset all times'.
      Merge the check_PROGRAMS lines, otherwise automake barfs.
      kresources/egroupware needs kaddressbook/, so this is necessary
      Support for listing/removing/adding/modifying ACLs in the folder properties dialog
      ACLJobs::permissionsToString is a no-NDEBUG-only thing.
      CVS_SILENT fixed confusing comment
      Cert generation dialog: "default to .p10 suffix for saving certificate request to file".
      cached imap: parse X-Access to know when the folder is readonly (code ported from online-imap)
      Fixed crash noticed by danimo
      Add a define to config.h containing the result of (libtool's) check for
      The dirvars.el package on uses something that doesn't exist
      Added radio buttons (on the first page of the wizard) to select between
      Centralize the protocol names using #defines.
      This signal doesn't seem to be used at the moment - but fixed its signature just in case.
      Hotfix for crashes when creating folders. Will look into how to enable the
      Moved the IMAP slave to kdepim, temporarily renaming it to kio_newimap
      imap4 subdir added
      Use kio_newimap instead of kio_imap.
      I didn't want to commit this debug output (when committing ACL support)
      Crash prevention in case account is 0 for any reason.
      Moved the code that makes the list of folders and finds the parent folder,
      Commit 1.123 (not mine!) removed that "else", and that's obviously wrong.
      one ')' too many
      Ooops, test for the correct value
      Fix capitalization
      Fixed broken signal/slot connection, which broke downloading certs from the infowidget.
      Fix for new folder settings not saved (see PATCH mail on kmail-devel).
      Many fixes for the ACL tab:
      The imap slave needs SSL_INCLUDES, so we need to check for SSL at configure time.
      Don't enable the ACL-changing buttons when the user doesn't have authorization to change the ACLs.
      Someone reported this error:
      KRun (and its khtml/konq derivatives) expect kioslaves to emit mimeType() from get()
      OK, that changes nothing, since the last arg defaults to 0 :)
      Actually finish the sync when hitting the "no uidvalidity available for folder..." problem.
      Reimplemented the ACL support completely so that it's really "disconnected"
      Added a "..." pushbutton in the "Add ACL" dialog, which opens the kabc
      Moved expandDistributionList to KAddrBookExternal (libkdenetwork) so that
      Some consts to (possibly) avoid detaching when iterating, QString::null instead of QString()
      QString()->QString::null, some consts, use QValueList::operator+= instead of manually looping
      Fixed parsing of ACL results with {46} at the end (continuation on next line)
      Fixed empty string in to()  (which showed up as a trailing ", ")
      Added toDistributionLists() in order to be able to use it with toAddresses()
      Support for distribution lists, expanded when saving.
      Missing newline
      Don't try to get/set ACLs for noContent folders (like the "user" folder
      Added 3 more config options from gpgconf:
      If the user doesn't have the permissions to edit the ACLs, don't let
      Show [ALERT]s from the server using a message box (SlaveBase::warning())
      Return "unsupported action" when the server doesn't support ACLs.
      Better support for IMAP servers that don't support ACLs.
      This file doesn't exist anymore
      CVS_SILENT whitespace only
      Improved error handling during dimap sync: don't always abort the whole thing.
      Fixed crash (I still don't understand why new imap folders don't get assigned
      For the file dialog, use setFilter(mimetype) instead of setFilter(long description).
      Exit the process when closing the window
      Ah I was looking too low-level. Setting the imap account for the new folder is easily done here.
      Mark ACLs as "modified" when they are for a new folder... they need to be saved then.
      More dimap error handling, this time for failed "creating folder on server".
      More dimap error handling:
      ImapAccountBase::ImapAccountBase already connects to slaveError,
      Rename tListDirectory (currently unused) to tListMessages.
      Cached imap error handling, for a change :)
      CVS_SILENT comment out debug output again
      Now that KIO has StoredTransferJob, let's not mix the two namespaces
      Don't hang during dimap sync if there are no status changes to upload (oops).
      Ported the last two slotSlaveError calls to handleJobError
      Marc is correct, this was wrong. I just hadn't noticed the systray icon :}
      Thanks to valgrind-massif, I found where the memory consumption (and slowness)
      Added missing arg() which was leading to "%1 Folder is read-only" in the statusbar.
      Added tab with a dump of the certificate (needs uptodate gpgsm command with --dump-keys)
      Oh well, show stderr too. It has some debug output here, but it's the only way
      "gpgsm: file not found" was confusing, under the "option unknown" output
      Tools / GnuPG Log Viewer, to start kwatchgnupg
      A better way to show errors when there are errors, without showing debug output in the normal case:
      Don't abuse ERR_NO_CONTENT, use ERR_SLAVE_DEFINED for slave-defined error codes.
      I heard some gcc doesn't like stray semicolons.
      CVS_SILENT there were more
      name the parameters to make the methods easier to understand (esp QString id vs QString message)
      Fix for queued dimap checks, especially after an error that aborts the current one:
      CVS_SILENT no need to do it twice
      Fixed choosing <none> again, it must remove the custom entry in the Addressee object.
      klocale.h for i18n
      Abort running mail checks when closing the last kmail-main-window (KMMainWin)
      Reworked progress calculation for cached imap, to adapt itself to the work
      Your wish is my command
      Make it possible to use the KeyRequesters in Qt designer
      I thought -no-undefined caught this kind of stuff...
      Just in case setAllowedKeys is called multiple times
      Useless \n
      Set the modified bool _before_ emitting the signal. Otherwise the saving (which
      Remove outdated comment - the code below does exactly that
      Better fix for the "selection lost when using the contact editor extension" bug:
      Ask for confirmation before wiping out George's folders. Or mine, for that matter.
      Don't use Q_OBJECT, even in a comment, otherwise our build system tools try
      Added up/down buttons to change the order of the servers in the LDAP list.
      Changing order means emit changed()
      CVS_SILENT compiler warning
      Safer deletion of folders over cached imap, patch sent to kmail-devel.
      Better error handling (and progress messages) when trying to connect to an IMAP
      Save/restore the list of deleted folders, to make it possible to delete folders
      I'm not sure what this changes, but this is obviously more correct, isn't it?
      Proper cleanup of the "deleted folders" list, to finally fix the tricky case of
      Those processNewMail() slots and methods (without args) are completely unused -> remove.
      Fixed interval mail checking for dimap (checkDone wasn't emitted so the timer wasn't restarted!)
      Don't recurse when using "check mail for this folder".
      Eeeek, don't force a mailcheck to happen right now (from "troubleshoot imap cache"),
      Don't offer continue if listing a folder fails. Currently it made the sync hang
      CVS_SILENT for more clarity
      Fixed persistent error message when losing access to someone else's inbox.
      CVS_SILENT cleanup
      Discovered why settings (like noContent) were being reverted: countUnread() has
      Factorize 3 times duplicated expireMessage() code to FolderJob. Should be a no-op.
      0 doesn't make a good QString...
      micro-optimization: path() is recursive, let's call it only once
      Fixed error message and disappearing local folders when creating a folder over online IMAP
      CVS_SILENT and I wondered why my search for ::~ didn't find anything :)
      Fixed crash when automatic-mail-check kicks in while the "network/receiving" page
      Don't return a config object if gpgconf doesn't exist
      Fixed the slotListResult logic better ("This subfolder isn't present on the server" -> what to do?)
      Reworked the "mail expiry" feature to work as a background task (timer-driven)
      When I say "don't commit it", I mean it :)
      ACL fix: a user should always be able to administer his own inbox.
      Forward error message from server when ::put() fails
      Better error message when uploading a message fails, showing the From
      HACKING refers to a kabc/HACKING which says: no tabs, indent 2 spaces, don't indent inside namespaces.
      Make header standalone
      CVS_SILENT fixed compiler warning
      When the storage is readonly (which hopefully won't happen very often now that
      arg(a,b) is a multi-arg only if a and b are strings; if b is a number it's
      removed useless forwarder
      Doh, hidden virtuals
      Fixed crash when starting korganizer and kmail isn't running and when using the imap resource.
      Don't crash when called from cleanupImapFolders()
      New "configure gpgme backend" menuitem
      Following Andre's advice, in case the account name contains %
      Show the date of the guilty message too, for 81309
      Implemented auto-archiving: korganizer can regularly move old events to an archive file
      tExpireMessages doesn't exist anymore :)
      Luká? Luká err I mean Luk=C3=A1=C5=A1 had the final word :)
      I'm not the only one who writes code that crashes in kmfolderdia when creating
      Added a removeMsg() that takes a list of KMMsgBase, like kmcommands do,
      GUI: Implemented "Expire messages by moving them to another folder".
      Let it find pi-version.h so that it compiles
      Bugfix: no error message when changing auto-archiving options and there's
      CVS_SILENT Fixed compiler warning
      Don't load the resource 3 times on startup - it even made korg crash for me,
      CVS_SILENT automatic trailing whitespace removal
      Bugfix: toggled(bool) isn't emitted as often as I thought. Now the proper
      Seems people like 2-spaces indentation here too. Shall I even move it one level
      One ring to rule them all
      Two lost hobbits
      CVS_SILENT untested
      CVS_SILENT ah, finally one which is on the correct side of the fence :)
      Moved KMIdentity to libkdepim (now KPIM::Identity).
      KMIdentity -> KPIM::Identity, fixed lots of #includes to say <libkdepim/foo.h>
      CVS_SILENT includemocs
      Make it possible for the app to customize the default identity
      Allow to select an identity when creating an event, or when editing
      Fixed bug:  move an event which you didn't organize -> "are you sure?" -> no -> the event isn't moved back
      Return list of all emails
      Support for readonly mode, for korganizer. Will post korganizer patch shortly.
      Fixed crash that my last commit reintroduced.
      Ooops, sorry. This was in the patch I sent to kde-pim, so obviously it
      Applied patch from Sean O'Dubhghaill <jd392 at> to fix
      CVS_SILENT forgot to apply the minor nitpick I had
      Improve buttons text in warning msg box
      Small program to test signJob - which failed due to a bug in gpgme, but works ok now.
      Create default identity from the "kcontrol settings" (KEmailSettings) if available,
      As I understand it, if the custom widgets (those not using KPrefsFooBar)
      I swear there was a 'g' there when I compiled it...
      Given that kconf_update has bugs in KDE<=3.2.2, the identity conversion would
      Extend the email comparisons (for "am I the organizer of this event") to
      Implemented DCOP-based notification between IdentityManagers - in the
      CVS_SILENT remove trailing whitespace
      createFolder can return 0, so better check for that before calling ->storage() on it.
      once is enough :)
      "<unknown>" is trouble inside a <qt> msgbox, better escape it
      CVS_SILENT typo fix
      Continue uploading messages after one message can't be uploaded (e.g.
      Ensure that ImapAccountBase::postProcessNewMail calls checkDone as the very last thing,
      CVS_SILENT typo fixing while reading the API
      Ported cached imap to Till's magic progress engine broadcast notification thingie.
      Don't call setComplete more than once
      Nah, he didn't really mean to "delete this" from a slot :)
      Show the progress dialog according to the dimap option (we should make it global I guess)
      Show the new progress dialog embedded into the mainwindow - manually
      Make the overlaywidget a QHBox so that we can see its frame.
      Make it look better (frame, and small close button)
      Fixed the undefined order of the entries in the LDAP completion.
      Added buttons to configure the order of the LDAP servers, okayed by Tobias K.
      proper class fwd
      Use KPIM::AddresseeLineEdit in order to have ordered LDAP completion
      Use KDirWatch to see when kabldaprc is changed (by kaddressbook's config dialog)
      CVS_SILENT remove debugging
      Make the progress-widget auto-grow and auto-shrink vertically, and keep constant width
      Make the embedded progress dialog shrink for real when items are removed.
      One less frame, a bit more spacing.
      dimap progress info: keep label constant, put folder name in status message when != toplevel folder.
      Added static list of KMMainWidgets (with a kstaticdeleter of course).
      Wahhhh initialize mItem!
      Support for cancelling dimap checks.
      Don't resize horizontally all the time (only when too small, or _far_ too big)
      Don't show an empty gray widget for 1 second
      Fixed the toggling of the statusbar's mode when showing the progresswidget from code
      Ported to the new progress-info framework
      Don't try to create the folder twice when OK proceeds half-way and stops on error.
      Don't crash when cancelling an already-completed item
      Fixed last fix (i.e. unbreak creating folders over online imap again).
      Fixed crash when sending mail from my test user - set the action to 0 when not
      Ported to new progress-info framework.
      gnupg's gpgconf was fixed, the max-replies option is now in the LDAP group
      Ensure that the statusbar icon is correctly reset to up after the
      Ask the user if he really wants to shoot him/herself in the foot by removing
      Improved progress-info for pop (upon completion it shows "N new messages [...]"
      Cornelius noted that the tooltip for the open/close button always said "Open..."
      Ingo is right, using mDestFolder for the src folder is pretty confusing.
      Fix crash when recovering dead.letters on startup.
      Show a busy indicator in the statusbar when there's more than one progress item
      KMBroadcastStatus cleanup discussed with Till: move "abortRequested"
      Reworked my 0/1/N items handling, so that the 1s delay is only when adding
      IMHO when people start using 3 lines of ###### to see their debug output, it
      CVS_SILENT oops
      Less debug output. I wonder how many people knew that
      Till was a bit too fast there
      CVS_SILENT less debug output
      Similarly to expiring old mails in the background, this implements compacting
      Finished cleaning up KMBroadcastStatus as discussed with Till.
      Correctly disable the expiry options when creating a new folder, or opening
      Fixed compilation - those slots are protected.
      Empty trash on exit, if configured to do so, on kontact exit and when kmail
      make it compile for Grzegorz Jaskiewicz
      Fixed compaction when we use a symlink to the mbox. It didn't overwrite the
      Fixed "compact all folders" (copy-n-paste error)
      Cleaned up the old account::listDirectory() method, now unused.
      Shaving oneself isn't really required for kmail developers :-P
      The other half of the fix for #81413 : don't listDirectory() when closing
      CVS_SILENT debug--
      Use mIdleTimer again, to send a noop every minute, so that we don't end up with
      For the user, deleting is not moving
      Patch by Nathan Toone to make kontact not exit when closing the window
      Don't lose the "new" status for messages when compacting. This code was probably
      CVS_SILENT all_includes after local includes
      Till forgot i18n
      Don't prevent logging out.
      Added missing i18n (tab title)
      Forgot to commit file that allows importing certs from konqueror
      Prepare ProgressItem/ProgressDialog/StatusbarProgressWidget for being moved
      Disable S/MIME Validation tab (and don't crash) when there is no smime backend.
      Warnings when sending unsigned/unencrypted mails are ok for the aegypten
      Really disable the warnings when sending unsigned/unencrypted.
      Remove distinction between cleanup() and notClosedByUser(), as discussed on kmail-devel.
      CVS_SILENT debug
      Fixed annoyance with background expiry: the currently-selected message was wrong when
      CVS_SILENT ConstIterator
      Fixed error handling for "bad password" errors:
      Allow users to fix the password in kmail's configuration dialog. Without this,
      Going to code that calls foo->name isn't a good idea when foo is 0
      Some performance fixes:
      Moved slotAutoSpellCheckingToggled() to the slots section so that it works.
      &M is already used for "email" in the first tab (a pretty common one to go to...)
      libkpimidentities splitted out of libkdepim so that libkdepim doesn't have to depend on kleo,
      perl -pi -e 's,libkdepim/identity,libkpimidentities/identity,' *
      perl -pi -e 's,libkdepim/identity,libkpimidentities/identity,'
      Recursive invokations work, but look bad in Bo's backtraces :)
      Add distribution lists to the completion object, mkoebele noticed they were missing.
      CVS_SILENT a bit less debug
      No more kleopatra dependency; fixed messages target
      Configurable completion order in AddresseeLineEdit, accessible via RMB/"Edit Completion Order..."
      Applied patch by Mikolaj Machowski to improve the statusbar message after compaction happened.
      It's not really necessary to show a dialog box when a gpgconf option is missing (or has the wrong type),
      Fixed the fix for the fix. Or more clearly: fixed again the "wrong password, ask again" case,
      redundant (the if above tests for !mSlave already)
      Use libkdepim's debug area instead of kmail's or korganizer's
      Make it clearer that libgpgme-copy will be used
      Fixed renaming of IMAP folders - the fix for #70377 broke the check for non-existing folders.
      Added changed() signal to BackendConfigWidget so that changes are saved.
      Updated libgpg-error-copy to version 0.7.
      Updated to gpgme-0.9.0.
      Really set the backend when the user changes the backend in the configuration dialog.
      Appease Cornelius and Ingo - afaics this should make kdepim require only what was required
      GUI improvements for the compaction feature:
      Increased minimum required gpgme version to 0.4.5.
      Fixed renaming folders over cached imap, so that it works in a disconnected way:
      gpgme-copy has those things, so define them.
      Drag-n-drop fixes:
      Forgot to remove the checkbox "compact folders on exit" after implementing
      Copy To and Move To folders: disable menu items corresponding to readonly folders.
      Fixed infinite loop on long headers
      Forgot to increase version number in, thanks Malte S. Stretz for reporting.
      The original meaning of isReadOnly() was "!locked", for some weird reason.
      This was copy-pasted from kmacctlocal.cpp (by Kurt Granroth I guess),
      RMB/Compact should compact in all cases (even if !needsCompacting).
      Understood the meaning of the old isReadOnly() after a night's sleep:
      Some debugging help when a part can't be loaded. Somehow we should pass the
      ./certmanager/certificateinfowidget.ui: removing caption 'CertificateInfoWidget'
      Disable readonly folders in folder-selection dialog used by "Move To Folder" and
      CVS_SILENT fixuifiles
      KIMProxy is a singleton, with a private destructor. This means you can't delete it.
      When a KStaticDelete'd object is deleted, we are really near the end of the app.
      When you delete the imap account which had the groupware folders, then open
      Don't crash when deleting the account which has the groupware folders.
      Make kontact --list work even when kontact is already running.
      CVS_SILENT mention rfc for IMAP ACLs, fixed a typo
      CVS_SILENT temporary, just to branch it
      CVS_SILENT branched; remove from HEAD
      Added kolab subdir
      If I actually drank coffee maybe I'd be more awaken; but I don't.
      Added kolab subdir
      CVS_SILENT debug output (I keep adding and removing it, so let's have it in)
      Set mReadOnly depending on the ACL for the user, so that we notice when we got
      Improve the messagebox shown for alerts from the server (e.g. over quota, or shutting down soon),
      Another bugfix: don't loop infinitely (sending ERR_CONNECTION_BROKEN) if the
      Turn Bo's ugly numbers into a nice enum.
      turn int into enum (patch applied in HEAD)
      Fixed "all messages from a readonly shared folder appear as new again after syncing" (kolab issue169).
      Fixed crash when editing events in korganizer using the kmail-imap resource (kolab issue189).
      apply crash fix from HEAD
      No need to try "uploading message flags" if the ACLs say we can't. Saves a bit
      Don't bother the user with a kdWarning (from KTrader) when using kdelibs-3.2
      Less noise
      Revert yesterday's commit and fix it better: since KMDeleteMsgCommand is async,
      fix the "async commands" problem better.
      Moved Bo's ContentsType from KMFolder to FolderStorage. This will allow
      Improve my setCurrentItemBySerialNum so that the current item is highlighted
      Make slotRunBackgroundTasks() a public slot so that it can be called from
      Support for the ANNOTATEMORE extension
      Need to add those in the branch - does someone know a better way than adding in head,
      branched; delete from head (this is because individual files are branched, not the whole dir)
      Added missing newState() call
      Retrieve annotation "folder-type" during sync.
      Return ERR_CONNECTION_BROKEN if the connection breaks during a put().
      Return ERR_CONNECTION_BROKEN if the connection breaks during a put().
      With cachedimap, "Check mail in this folder" can only be done once the folder exists
      * Set contents type of the resource folders (contacts/notes/etc.). Amazing that this wasn't done before :)
      Improve error reporting in KMFolderMaildir::canAccess(). Based on patch by
      CVS_SILENT fixuifiles
      As long as gpgme is broken, we can't really assert() things like "signing worked".
      The patch was broken, the combo showed the wrong setting on load...
      Disable menu items for deleting and moving messages in readonly folders.
      Disable "move all messages to trash" also here. Why do RMB popups create their
      Better handling of errors during "check uid validity". If it failed, and the
      Same as in HEAD:
      Fixed saving of notes created from the knotes part - if the notes.ics file
      Fixed broken signal/signal connection due to signature change.
      Changed filter in "Import Certificates" to include *.crt files (like the ones found on
      +  // When setting a string to empty (and there's no default), we need to act like resetToDefault
      Mismatched free/delete (cryptplug.cpp uses malloc() for errTxt)
      Keep multiple spaces in mail subjects, while still removing \r and \n.
      just to get something to show up in the kcmshell
      No need to iterate when one can use find()
      Cleanup in the "section keywords" used in IMAP4Protocol::get().
      Apply get() cleanup from HEAD
      Removed type from ExtraFolder struct. I see no reason for it, folder->storage()->contentsType()
      Added configuration option for the storage format (ical/vcard or xml)
      Check the storage format from the various methods, to use the right folders.
      open() might call notifyOpeningFolder() more than once (e.g. due to the open()
      CVS_SILENT disable debug
      CVS_SILENT I doubt this is related to the weather
      Trick to add to branch directly: cp folder, cvs upd -rproko2, cvs add :)
      The XML storage always creates the groupware folders under the INBOX of the account,
      CVS_SILENT --debug
      Don't let the app wait forever when getting an unknown special() command
      Don't let the app wait forever when getting an unknown special() command
      Fixed wrong charset (and other headers) when sending "inline openpgp (deprecated)"-signed messages.
      Hotfix for the displaying of inline-openpgp-signed messages.
      Fixed garbage shown when reading signed mail with wrong email address.
      Fixed the messagebox "you have chosen deprecated inline openpgp but you have attachments",
      Make KeyRequester usable from within Qt Designer (like I did with SigningKeyRequester
      Added missing changed() signal
      Fixed - kmail doesn't save s/mime validation settings
      Port aegypten fixes from HEAD
      reorder - setContentsType looks into the map
      When deleting a folder, erase the config group for it in kmailrc.
      Don't try to sync folders that were just deleted from the client (and then the server)
      Don't try to sync folders that were just deleted from the client (and then the server)
      Fixed "QGDict::hashKeyString: Invalid null key" warning
      Better looking names
      Improved error handling (print more meaningful messages than "not an imap resource folder")
      utf8 is no CTE. Let's have CTE==8bit
      Don't try to read from, and remove, a file that doesn't exist.
      Fixed knotes error "can't find my note" after creating one, or on startup.
      CVS_SILENT just source code readability and more useable warnings.
      Finally applying last version of the patch by Nathan Toone <nathan toonetown com>
      Fixed up the XML to match the updated schema. Made all tagname tests case sensitive.
      Fixed suggested filename when saving a message.
      The mail's subject is a QString, not a QCString.
      QCString subject -> QString subject
      Added mimetypes argument, to save the correct mimetype in the xml attachment.
      Pass mimetype for the xml attachment.
      Missing const
      Finished to implement loading (Note -> KCal::Journal *).
      registerNote() is needed from load() though (like in resourcelocal).
      Fixed the code replacing the attachment (when editing the note) to find the attachment
      Just to look nice: update subject of the mail when updating the title of the note.
      Workaround for gcc warning due to broken X API
      Fixed adding and removing notes by dnd in kmail.
      Remove note when deleted by the resource itself
      I'm told unregister isn't a word :)
      The stuff I forgot to commit for the kolab notes resource to work
      Parse 'p' permission in the IMAP ACLs, so that they are propagated from parent to
      Move cleanSubject() into KMMsgBase to use it cleanly from kmcommands when saving a mail,
      Applied patch by Lothar Braun to fix #82823 "send again should update the sent date"
      Don't create the groupware folders under "Local Folders" if the account that was
      backport commit about the groupware folders being automatically created at the wrong place
      Only list accounts which have an inbox. Yeah in theory they all have, but you never know.
      Set the annotation at the right place (requires patched cyrus imapd, patch
      Fixed two issues reported by André Wöbbeking: lack of spacing in the ACL tab,
      Correctly initialize the sign/encrypt columns so that adding an attachment shows
      Compact folder after forced expiry.
      Like the comment says, prevent double-connections after creating the groupware folders
      Fixed "Message was signed on 1970-01-01 with unknown key..." by adding if (timestamp).
      Remove unused code
      unused file removed
      Don't crash
      Remove some more cruft
      Don't set a charset for multipart/mixed, it gives the famous
      They look updated to me
      s/resource/subResource/ to remove some confusion
      Finished the implementation of the KABC kolab resource. Works, but many fields are missing.
      Append children to their parent otherwise they get lost
      Load and save addresses and phone numbers. Fixed misunderstanding about preferred-address.
      Converted from bash to perl, which makes it run in 0.01s instead of 0.01s :)
      sync with head
      Merge commit from HEAD
      CVS_SILENT copy over the comments
      apply patch from HEAD
      gpgme installs in /usr/local by default, so also look in /usr/local/bin for gpgme-config,
      Fixed regression introduced by the imapparser param-parsing change.
      sync with HEAD
      no need to link to libkcal
      Actually Bo was wrong, we do need libkcal. shared/kolabbase.cpp uses KCal::Incidence.
      Oh, so that's what mAddrMap is. It's from the base class KABC::Resource. This fixes
      loadContacts needs to be a slot.
      Fixed compilation
      Some parameter-checking.
      Added QStringList to name attachments.
      Fixed wrong test (copy-n-paste error), doesn't matter much though since by contract
      No need to have the english text twice for english-speaking users
      Marc says we should always deleteMsg/addMsg when modifying it.
      workaround KMMsgBase::assign braindamage (mParent shouldn't be copied over!)
      Fixed typo in url
      Fixed race condition in KTempFile usage. Now the PNG is fully saved.
      less noise
      YESSS! Reloading of pictures works: partId() are empty, use the attachment's filename instead.
      The <picture> is the photo, not the logo.
      Fix for the many QGArray::at() warnings (and slowness) when switching folders:
      Pass folder to getACL() call so that slotReceivedACL works.
      Download picture if needed
      CVS_SILENT fixed compiler warning
      Fixed IdentityManager:
      Fixed the bug where the composer window wouldn't notice that the identity was updated,
      same as in HEAD: adapt to identitymanager API change
      sync with changed done in HEAD
      Fixed obvious copy-n-paste error. Doesn't fix the bug with the encryptionPreference not stored though.
      Changed <city> to <locality>, <state> to <region>, and <zip> to <postal-code> as discussed.
      Applied patch from Marc Mutz which implements a passphrase dialog in KMail,
      Set storage format to XML when seeing the kolab annotation
      Fixed crash
      Emit signal when adding an account, we already had one when removing an account.
      CVS_SILENT removed unused variable
      Refresh account combo after creating/deleting accounts. Kolab issue 247.
      Should fix the bug when setting up a 2nd client which syncs XML groupware folders,
      Better fix for "new account doesn't appear" (it takes time for the INBOX to appear, so connect to finishedCheck signal)
      Fixed contentdisposition's filename not available after setting contentdisposition in an updated attachment
      Fixed memory leak (mHeaders is allocated by parent class DwEntity) and
      Implemented RemoveBodyPart, simple linked-list manipulation. Doesn't affect HEAD.
      Fixed crash when trying to remove an attachment, now using the new RemoveBodyPart.
      Load/save logo like the photo (factorized code)
      lookup koab xml attachment by mimetype (for interoperability), others by name
      Don't show "Moved messages successfully" when deleting messages. Proper string
      Implemented saving of the encryption preference from the key-approval dialog into the addressbook entry.
      Added support for sound and geo
      Save custom fields from Addressee into x-custom elements in the XML, and vice-versa.
      Small speedup for cachedimap: addMsgInternal calls processNewMsg, so processNewMsg
      Message catalog, as Lukas just did in HEAD.
      Added missing <assert.h>
      The contents type string for events is "Calendar"
      Don't treat all incidences as "floating" (i.e. no time associated to them)
      Implemented incidenceUpdated() so that when editing an event the changes are saved.
      Ooops, variable has moved to base class.
      newsticker plugin moved from kdeaddons
      Don't emit checkDone from there when cancelling the password dialog, the caller already
      same fix as in HEAD
      my version didn't have the single quotes but doesn't have the space before the comma :)
      Docu fix (Bram says it returns -1)
      Mention 0 too
      Implemented recurrence support
      docu and small things
      Fix ambiguous call (const char* can be converted to QString and to QStringList (huh?))
      CVS_SILENT calender -> calendar
      namespace and #include fixes so that those files can be included from the kolab wizard
      Split into lib and module so that the wizard can link to the code
      shorten descriptions, to match the other resources of the same type.
      Nicer initial size
      Show changes in the order in which they are going to be made
      Fixed "store-passwd" option no set, fixed folder-parent option name
      Fixed compilation
      expiry isn't always fully-synchronous (the move-command is async), so we can't
      Don't delete information about the hidden groupware folders on every kmail startup.
      When the groupware folders can't be created on startup because the INBOX doesn't exist yet
      Fix compilation
      Set resource type - necessary for the wizard, since the type can't be read from
      Set resource type in constructor - interestingly, kcal/ did it already.
      Set up things with the XML storage
      Last nice touch: open the account's folder, so that the user can see the inbox appear
      open account folder
      Write out the account id
      When the groupware folders can't be created on startup because the INBOX doesn't exist yet
      Why do we have $(LIB_KDEPIM) if it doesn't point to the right place ???
      Re-enable kolab.kcfg installation
      Re-enabled kolab.kcfg installation
      crash fix
      Use SSL by default
      Use SSL by default
      The dialog says:
      The dialog says:
      Set the subject to the UID, makes things easier for the Horde people
      Add X-Kolab-Type header. Fixed tiny bug in attachment finding.
      Fixed empty boundary.
      Load and save recurrence exclusions
      Don't re-create the mails in kmail during loading
      Implemented completed date since Bo added TODOs for it, but found it it's not in the XML format.
      Decode the kolab xml (the outlook guys use base64-encoding)
      Store storage format of extra folders (so that kmail knows about them on startup)
      When cancelling the "choose a subresource" dialog, cancel the saving.
      Added a kdWarning in case no writable resource was found
      spot readonly folders in debug output
      Add a 'label' for a subresource so that the user doesn't have to choose between
      Ported to new SubResource struct; display subresource labels
      Need dcopidlng to parse the icaliface file now
      Set storage format on startup, when reading the annotation
      Remove 'unknown' storage format. When creating a folder and setting it to hold
      Per the spec, use trailing 'Z'
      newFromControlCenter already puts it in mShadowIdentities, don't add the default identity twice!
      Use KPIM::IdentityManager to create the identity, and to check if it already exists.
      Use KPIM::IdentityManager to create the identity, and to check if it already exists.
      Forgot to test the 3rd case
      Commit changes
      Fixed "check mail on startup" not showing the progress dialog.
      Added $(top_srcdir) like every other makefile in imap/ and kolab/, needed for next commit (in kmail)
      Make the include work from the resources (on a clean compile) too
      Don't show the dialog box about the "send invitations in mail body" option
      Don't show the dialog box about the "send invitations in mail body" option
      Fixed first-startup issues with subresources not set up. I think we can get rid of
      Fixed URL for freebusypublishurl
      Don't try to set annotations on folders where we don't have Administer permissions
      Fixed ASSERT
      Backport fix for freebusy url
      Fixed warning when exiting kontact and the imap-resource is disabled
      The scheduler assumed that jobs could be run synchronously when wanted.
      This can be done better now.
      avoid detaching by using a const QStringList and const iterators
      Marc's last commit forgot to increase the version number
      Long ago, coolo deleted vcc.c and vcc.h, then reverted some minutes afterwards for vcc.h,
      Don't prevent session-saving from happening
      kainhofer said: I also just saw that the checkboxes in kmails "Composing" tab of the
      sync with HEAD
      Fixed compilation by applying the latest changes done in HEAD
      Fixed "the state of the checkable group box (for security warnings) is neither read
      sync with HEAD
      Fixed "the state of the checkable group box (for security warnings) is neither read
      Disable kpgp backends for 3.3, as suggested by Ingo
      Disable kpgp backend, as suggested by Ingo
      Fix compilation with kpgp backends disabled
      Fix compilation with kpgp backends disabled
      include sys/uio.h where available (taken from gpgme cvs)
      Backport: include sys/uio.h where available (taken from gpgme cvs) (#86232)
      Merge two commits from HEAD (status-changed-locally stuff and handling of mails with the "deleted" flag)
      forward port 1.95
      Till okayed the fix: create KConfigSkeleton on startup to avoid kconfig group messup
      Till okayed the fix: create KConfigSkeleton on startup to avoid kconfig group messup
      wrong tag name fixed
      The KAddressbook editor widget doesn't show the "title" field at all, so
      CVS_SILENT wrong comment
      Carsten's commit: "Do not remove white spaces from the subject."
      We really need to tell the user when saving is going to fail!
      Fixed crash when deleting the dimap account that holds the groupware folders,
      Fixed kolab issue #302 (new account not selectable as groupware account until restarting kmail)
      Keep current account when refreshing the list due to an account being created
      Added StorageFormat so that the ical resource doesn't read xml, and the
      Don't look at vcard/ical data, only xml
      s/producer-id/product-id/, more consistent with e.g. ical.
      Ouch, don't crash when updating an object (e.g. contact) while the kmail folder
      Use KMessageBox::detailedError() to reduce the size of the imap error messages,
      Preserve unknown tags in <contact>.
      Fixed undefined symbol in notes resource
      -no-undefined everywhere would have prevented the problem from happening.
      Clean up the unneeded (and now broken) needsinbox stuff.
      Warn (once) if the server (behind the groupware account) doesn't support ANNOTATEMORE.
      Renaming back to kio_imap
      newimap -> imap
      just in case, use -no-undefined
      newimap -> imap
      korganizer can handle URLs
      handle urls
      Fix compilation on solaris
      solaris compile fix
      test your makefiles...
      no idea why tokoe commented it out
      test programs require the use of noinst libs ; I just had the same problem in kio_trash...
      Don't suggest to install gpg-agent when it's already installed; suggest to use it instead.
      Backport commit from burghard:
      IMAP AnnotateMore support (merged from proko2 branch)
      backport 1.102:
      Warn when the user removes his own permissions to a folder.
      It was agreed that the min dependency is kdelibs-3.3.
      obvious copy-n-paste bug
      Obvious copy-n-paste bug
      Make korganizer use the name and email given in this wizard.
      Backport Ingo's commit:
      More null vs empty fun (I start to understand the Qt4 decision....)
      More null vs empty fun (I start to understand the Qt4 decision....)
      Backport for Carsten (btw there's kdesdk/scripts/cvsbackport :)
      Forgot to commit this (I realized this when waking up this morning :)
      To avoid race conditions and loss of data on disk full, this function should
      Partial proko2 merge:
      Apply fix for longstanding bug "attachments' temporary files are deleted too soon",
      Forward port fix for #39537, attachments' temporary files are deleted too soon
      Fix crash when expiring mail with the menu item
      Fix crash when expiring mail with the menu item (#88508)
      Use the typedef everywhere
      use the typedef everywhere (it's simpler to keep the code in sync with HEAD)
      libkdenetwork/kmime* -> libkmime, as decided at akademy
      libkdenetwork/kpgp* -> libkpgp
      Time to fix the pics4kmail-pics4knode mess
      Fun - this file doesn't compile, and isn't compiled... Got me for a minute.
      kmime tests moved
      Fixed compilation of "make check"
      The rest of libkdenetwork was moved into libkdepim
      Use libkmime and/or libkpgp instead of libkdenetwork
      needs libkdepim now, for kaddrbook.*
      Use libkmime and libkpgp instead of libkdenetwork
      CVS_SILENT there is no more libkdenetwork
      Last user of
      Little debugging helper
      Don't crash when a standard groupware folder is missing
      Apply crash fix when a standard groupware folder is missing
      Fix missing translations (aegypten issue 248)
      Fixed messages target
      Save and restore unknown xml tags, as well as any custom properties.
      Save and restore unknown xml tags, as well as any custom properties.
      Fixed missing translation of kdepim wizards (kolab issue333):
      Fixed missing translation of kdepim wizards (kolab issue333):
      Fix crash in systray notification when folders are deleted. Untested, but obvious enough from the bt.
      Fix crash in systray notification when folders are deleted. (#89520)
      Avoid a lot of useless job firing and killing with an empty src url
      forward port (no file_copy with an empty src)
      Fixed error handling on annotate and acl commands - both error and finished
      Backport 1.192 - error handling of acl and annotate commands
      Backport error-handling-fix (don't emit both error and finished) for the ACL code
      Set .default in annotation for the default groupware folders, needed for OL compatibility
      Set .default in annotation for the default groupware folders, needed for OL compatibility
      Ah, HEAD had this method already, just with another name. Renamed, to keep in sync.
      Fixed Outlook interoperability bug (
      Fixed Outlook interoperability bug (
      This has now moved to the base class (merging bug).
      Added DCOP signal to update the weights of the contacts in addresseelineedit
      Added DCOP signal to update the weights of the contacts in addresseelineedit
      Added DCOP signal to update the weights of the contacts in addresseelineedit
      CVS_SILENT updated URL as discussed on the kolab-formats list
      CVS_SILENT updated URL as discussed on the kolab-formats list
      Better fix for the catalogue name problem, so we can still have different instance names.
      Fix Till's fix: don't call writeConfig from setContentsType, which is called from readConfig.
      Fix Till's fix: don't call writeConfig from setContentsType, which is called from readConfig.
      Consistently name all lineedits, helps when debugging and with dcop etc.
      If we ever remove the workaround from kontact (for the kparts partmanager bug fixed in HEAD),
      Ingo's wishes are my command - although the URL isn't supposed to change again
      Fixed crash on exit when kontact is uploading messages. Full details
      Fixed crash on exit when kontact is uploading messages. Full details
      Seen in valgrind: mSilentUpload wasn't initialized
      Removed unused member variable
      Fixed the way the "standard groupware folders" are found when using the kolab xml storage:
      From proko2 branch:
      Make it 1.0
      Make version number match the app (it didn't)
      CVS_SILENT ah well, if they even care about dates and version numbers... :)
      Better disable the buttons so that a user can't remove his own admin rights,
      Better disable the buttons so that a user can't remove his own admin rights,
      Branched for proko2, then applied fix for
      CVS_SILENT fixuifiles: 3 accels removed
      CVS_SILENT certificatewizard.ui: 3 accels removed
      No word puzzles!
      Sync after setting the backend, so that I don't need to restart kmail before
      Sync after setting the backend, so that I don't need to restart kmail before
      CVS_SILENT includemocs
      CVS_SILENT unsermake warning fixed
      Get rid of the mResync hack, and delete all sets of consecutive UIDs one after
      Backport "deleting N sets of messages" improvement, removing the need for an
      There is already a mParent in KMFolderNode, this one was completely unused.
      Fixes for the new annotation logic:
      Fixes for the new annotation logic:
      Backport mResync removal and tDeleteMessages fix
      Usability improvement in "completion editor dialog": use nice label for subresource
      Use nice label for completion editor dialog instead of kmail-internal name
      Usability improvement in "completion editor dialog": use nice label for subresource
      How many messages target do we need? The parent dir puts everything in kres_kolab.po[t]
      The i18n strings are in kres_kolab.po[t]
      Apply Michel's documentation work (as part of the proko2 project) to HEAD.
      Interestingly, there was no way to get the idString of the parent folder of a given folder.
      Interestingly, there was no way to get the idString of the parent folder of a given folder.
      Kolab annotation fixes:
      Forward-port annotation fixes for kolab issue406
      Don't strip .default when no groupware functionality is enabled (yet). Last part of issue406.
      Don't strip .default when no groupware functionality is enabled (yet). Last part of issue406.
      Separate 0 from 1-and-many plural form, necessary for french (which uses the "1" form for "0" too)
      Always preserve .default, actually. Reasoning at
      Kolab annotation fix: always preserve ".default".
      Fixed compilation
      Branched in order to add --iconify option, needed for
      In proko2 resources shall start kontact, not kmail, when neither is running.
      Fixing final compilation
      Fix make final
      invitation-sent is no more
      Backport of
      From HEAD: fullEmails()
      proko2-part of the "organizer is now a Person instance" commit backport
      Fixed compilation
      Better fix: no need to assemble and then split, when the data is already splitted in the first place :)
      CVS_SILENT code from HEAD looks even better
      Backport parsing fix from HEAD (1.6->1.8). However we don't have libemailfunctions in
      Fixed compilation
      Fix last commit - insert items in the combo with the full name, like in HEAD.
      Emit a DCOP signal when a groupware folder was changed (contents and/or ACLs)
      enum won't work in the dcop signal, use int.
      Fixed bug where creating an event offers to choose between journal resources (!)
      Improve caption and top label to explain a little bit what happened.
      Fix compilation on clean system, patch by Bernhard Herzog
      kolab2 server-side freebusy-trigger support. After long discussion with Till,
      No freebusy-upload-url for kolab2 (since it's now done by kmail with PFBs)
      check for wrong_key_usage and define HAVE_GPGME_WRONG_KEY_USAGE if available.
      don't use wrong_key_usage if not available
      Testing for oddness is done with %2 or &1, but not &2 :)
      Testing for oddness is done with %2 or &1, but not &2 :)
      Testing for oddness is done with %2 or &1, but not &2 :)
      <date> -> <daynumber> as discussed with Joon
      <date> -> <daynumber>
      Backport fix for error messages due to cyrus-2.1 supporting a too old draft of ANNOTATEMORE.
      Implemented "yearly weekday" recurrence, which I just added to the kolab XML spec.
      Implemented "yearly weekday" recurrence, which I just added to the kolab XML spec.
      Can't rely on folderList returning "/Local", this is translated. So just test for the first item.
      Can't rely on folderList returning "/Local", this is translated. So just test for the first item.
      Ingo's kmkernel commit makes this fix unnecessary again
      Ingo's kmkernel commit makes this fix unnecessary again
      Fixed two copy-n-paste errors: wrong dialog caption and wrong entry selected in the
      Fixed "wrong item selected in combo when renaming a distr list"
      Avoid "Unsupported action: ANNOTATEMORE" when using a non-kolab account (e.g.
      Avoid "Unsupported action: ANNOTATEMORE" when using a non-kolab account (e.g.
      Fix dnd of a contact onto an addressee-lineedit:
      backport dnd fix, debug output fix
      Fix dnd of a contact onto an addressee-lineedit:
      CVS_SILENT comment from Tobias explaining why we can't delete the tempdir, unfortunately...
      Only trigger PFB creation for calendar folders. (proko2 #458)
      Merged from HEAD: ExtraFolder moved to .h, some comments, and avoiding multiple
      Merged from proko2: kolab2-freebusy-trigger support
      No QObject here
      Fixed "emitAddressBookChanged" emitted too often (e.g. after creating a contact
      Reduce duplicated code. There's requestResource for this.
      Fixed bug spotted by Till - thx!
      Merged from proko2:
      Fixed compilation
      CVS_SILENT remove unused var
      Reduce diff with HEAD: use debug area
      CVS_SILENT not needed [and reduces diff with proko2]
      Confusing - those methods are simply not used.
      New distribution list class for proko2: we need distribution lists to be stored in resources,
      CVS_SILENT fixed compiler warnings
      CVS_SILENT fixed compiler warnings
      Fixed compilation - those are gone.
      Those are gone too
      Merged from 3.3-branch (Marc's enable-final commit)
      Merged from 3.3-branch: Marc Mutz's --enable-final fix
      Wrong namespace!
      Fixed "make check" - dcoptest couldn't compile for anyone...
      Fixed regression test due to using setFormattedName instead of setName.
      Support for <distribution-list> in the XML
      Fixed the two bugs mentionned in
      Backport fix for failing DCOP call
      Backport fix for (broken mailto link)
      Monster speedup for Ctrl-a Ctrl-j, i.e. applying filters to a bunch of messages:
      Don't show distribution lists separately, they're now loaded from the resources
      Move it to the right place - but the actual port number probably has to be made configurable
      Merged from proko2 branch: many fixes, and the kolab1Legacy stuff.
      Improve lookup when not by UID: look by email first, differenciate with fullname,
      &C is used by Cancel already
      Complement to Bo's fix for
      Complement to Bo's fix for
      Docu fix: which folder? This is KMAccount...
      CVS_SILENT docu fix
      Outline the method and remove outdated comment
      Outline the method (easier to add debug output to it) and remove outdated comment
      Remove BCC coming from identity on ical invitations (
      Remove BCC coming from identity on ical invitations (
      Fixed "aborting during the initial connection phase says 'Aborting...' and never moves on"
      Fixed "aborting during the initial connection phase says 'Aborting...' and never moves on"
      Fixed bug reported by Bo: on a new account we ask twice whether to create the (kolab xml)
      Fixed bug reported by Bo: on a new account we ask twice whether to create the (kolab xml)
      Better fix for "aborting during the initial connection phase says 'Aborting...' and never moves on".
      Fixed wrong/confusing debug output
      Forward port better fix for "aborting during the initial connection phase says 'Aborting...' and never moves on"
      This looks more sane than relying on the implicit sharing. Found by reading, no bug there.
      Don't kill running mailchecks when cancelling the subscription dialog.
      Don't kill running mailchecks when cancelling the subscription dialog.
      Fixed "send ical as attachment or in body" vs "auto send" logic, as discussed with Till.
      Fixed inversed logic:
      Fixed inversed logic:
      Oh, the entry in the .kcfg isn't in the branch. Fixed, thanks Laurent for noticing.
      Support for the Kolab incidences-for annotation.
      CVS_SILENT from HEAD: doxygen fixes
      Added whatsthis for the new combo. Fixed comment.
      Merged from proko2: kolab "incidences-for" annotation support + Till's commit
      "owner" changed to "admins" as discussed with Martin and Till
      "owner" changed to "admins" as discussed with Martin and Till
      setBody(0) crashes, let's avoid that. Not sure how it happens though
      Indentation fixes, and two "stop ldap lookup" fixes from proko2
      (Hopefully) final fix for
      Cancel LDAP search when cancelling the completion popup
      Cancel LDAP search when cancelling the completion popup
      Cancel LDAP search when cancelling the completion popup
      Let the kolab resource specify the body of the mail, and the custom headers,
      Let the kolab resource specify the body of the mail, and the custom headers,
      Implemented support for showing subresources, and activating/deactivating them.
      Implemented setSubresourceActive()
      Implemented setSubresourceActive()
      Better fully-qualify the signals, to make sure moc gets it right.
      Better fully-qualify the signals, to make sure moc gets it right.
      Merged from proko2:
      Merged from HEAD: close resource when deactivating it.
      Backport Make sure writeConfig is written after all changes. (#92502)
      Backport CVS commit by giessl:
      Backport CVS commit by giessl:
      Fixed crash
      The right fix for the crash - this was meant to use the folder passed as param.
      Easy to implement TODO - fixing the label for new subresource items in kaddressbook.
      Forward port crash fix
      CVS_SILENT todo removed
      Fix label for new subresources, and fixed indentation (probably due to applying -b diffs)
      Make code a bit less confusing (ctor arg and then setText with a different value)
      Already done in the ctor call
      Support for adding and removing subresources (which ends the issue402 work)
      Backport fix for 88576 - thanks Sandro!
      Backport fix for 88576 - thanks Sandro!
      Fixed getNameAndMail to strip the double quotes around the name, as discussed with KHZ. and copyright, for the email.cpp test program
      proko2-branched: add testemail.cpp here too for completeness
      Add double-quotes around the name when reopening the dialog on a name with a comma in it,
      Added unit test for libemailfunctions/email.cpp
      From KDE_3_3_BRANCH:
      also backport 1.881 for vertical scrolling of checkboxes, thanks Sandro.
      Add double-quotes around the name when reopening the dialog on a name with a comma in it,
      Provide all reply methods and all forward methods in the separate reader window.
      Provide all reply methods and all forward methods in the separate reader window.
      Tell the resources when a folder became readonly, or became readwrite.
      Ah, forgot to commit this as part of the last commit: new signal, readOnlyChanged.
      CRLF -> LF
      Fix for unsermake (should still be ok automake, since it's the right way): let make check run the test prog
      CVS_SILENT remove old hack
      Forward port the code for notifying the resources when a folder is made readonly
      Fix for "kstart --iconify --windowclass kmail kmail" as discussed with Seli.
      Fix for "kstart --iconify --windowclass kmail kmail" as discussed with Seli.
      Today's experiment: importing 10000 contacts into kaddressbook (easy with perl and CSV),
      Forward port speed fix
      Fixed the famous "unknown codec 7bit requested" warning, which also gives a speedup
      Fixed the famous "unknown codec 7bit requested" warning, which also gives a speedup
      QString -> const QString&, not due to bmeyer, but due to,
      QString -> const QString&
      Thanks to WildFox who noted that I forgot to adjust the api docs
      CVS_SILENT adjust docu
      CVS_SILENT doesn't exist anymore
      A faster method for retrieving a message without getMsg + unGetMsg (*)
      10% speedup when loading many many objects (e.g. contacts) on startup - thanks to callgrind.
      10% speedup when loading many many objects (e.g. contacts) on startup - thanks to callgrind.
      SerNum fix for readTemporaryMsg
      SerNum fix for readTemporaryMsg
      Implemented "chunking" of the loading in incidencesKolab, so that
      Progress dialog when loading many contacts or incidences.
      Progress dialog while loading kolab contacts and incidences.
      0.6% speedup in loadAttribute() by switching on the first letter, to minimize
      Revert incorrect fix for #[Bug 39537] attachments' temporary files are deleted too soon.
      Revert incorrect fix for #[Bug 39537] attachments' temporary files are deleted too soon.
      Forward port from proko2 branch: --iconify option.
      Don't crash when creating a toplevel folder
      Backport 1.172: Don't crash when creating a toplevel folder
      Swap two lines and gain some performance when parsing big folders. Approved by Don.
      19% speedup when loading 10000 kolab kontacts (and a similar improvement
      readTemporaryMsg speedup fix for proko2