Changes to 'dev/fix_setmetadata'

Sandro Knauß knauss at
Thu Nov 27 13:16:34 CET 2014

New branch 'dev/fix_setmetadata' available with the following commits:
commit c0c16a26d64ac893125755f63c227117fb3733f5
Author: Sandro Knauß <knauss at>
Date:   Sun Nov 23 21:10:07 2014 +0100

    Fix setmetadata command
    There are diffenrent issues that need to be handeled:
    * so not send whitespaces two times with send size of literal {size}
    * make setmetadata be aware of NIL data
    * use simple form of setmetadata aka:
    SETMETADATA "folder" ("key" "value")
    KOLAB: #3966

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