set-quota resets

Geoff Nordli geoffn at
Fri Sep 30 01:03:24 CEST 2022


On 2018-01-16 11:28, Skale, Franz wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 2018-01-16 15:27, schrieb Sruli Saurymper:
>> Many thanks, I have never touched a ldap table directly, please help me
>> understand further;
>>> this only can be done using ldapmodify:
>>> ldif-example:
>> Is this a .ldif file i need to create?
>>> dn: uid=user,ou=People,dc=example,dc=org
>>> changetype: modify
>>> replace: mailQuota
>>> mailQuota: 2097152
>>> /usr/lib/mozldap/ldapmodify  -D "cn=Directory Manager" -f
>>> change-mailquota.ldif -w [password]
>> I do not have a dir /usr/lib/mozldap/ -- change-mailquota.ldif is this
>> the file I created above?
> Then use the default ldapmodify utililty.
> It should accept the same command parameters as mozldaps version do !.
> Yes, either you have to create a ldif file using an editor or, when 
> using a shellscript variant, put it in your script. (<<EOF).
> ldapmodify should support reading the file from STDIN using -f -. (Try 
> and test).
> Debian provides the mozldap-tools package:
> mozldap-tools: /usr/lib/mozldap/ldapmodify
> Perhaps you forgot to install the package (Highly recommended).
>>> modifying entry uid=user,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com
>>> It's quite easy to create a shell script for this purpose !
>> Once I understand it properly I can create a bash script to automate.
Once you do the update, should it show in the kolab list-quota right 
away or does something need to sync between ldap and cyrus?

list-quota is still showing the old value, even after a few hours.

I assume ldapmodify would error out if it didn't find the object/property.

On a side note is there a spot to create a global quota?   The Kolab 
Webadmin interface shows 0 on all accounts.   I tried changing that but 
it had no affect.



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