Threaded message list collapsed even with mails marked as important

hede kolab983 at
Thu Sep 29 14:52:46 CEST 2022

Am 29.09.2022 10:40, schrieb Aleksander Machniak:
> On 29.09.2022 08:41, hede wrote:
>> in the threaded message list, threads will collapse if all mails are 
>> read. This is a bad idea if there are mails marked as important. 
>> Important mails get lost this way.
> The thread is marked with a grey flag icon in this case. Maybe it's
> not enough, and the icon hidden in mobile mode.

Maybe. At least for me. ;-)

>> If there are important mails in a thread the thread should get 
>> expanded by default. Like if there are unread mails.
>> (Is this some kind of a feature request or even a bug? What do you 
>> think?)
> So, there is "Expand unread" option, now "Expand unread or flagged"
> would be a new feature.

That one.

And maybe I would prefer a red (text-)color for collapsed threads with 
flagged messages. Does this have any side effects I currently don't 
think of? The flag symbol could still be gray then, to differentiate 
flagged threads from a flagged first message of the thread.


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