Fwd: Update Kolab16 on Debian 10 broken? still broken?

hede kolab983 at der-he.de
Thu Sep 15 16:00:36 CEST 2022

Am 14.09.2022 17:45, schrieb Matthias Busch:
> addendum: I was able to delete the "deleted domain" and it did not help
> and maybe guam is causing trouble after all? does kolab lm ask cyrus or
> guam or generate its data from other sources?

As it connects via imap it probably connects through guam? I don't know.

Maybe cyradm is worth a try?
$ su cyrus -c "cyradm -u cyrus-admin localhost"
(The password for cyrus-admin is one of the passwords which got created 
by the kolab setup script.)

The "lm" command should give a list of mailbox names.
There are others: 


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