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Axel ar at
Sat Oct 15 19:32:06 CEST 2022

Hello Thomas,

I did the following on my Kolab 16 installation:

- created a user "Distibution List xyz" with "Account type: Mail 
   - On the contact information tab: "Primary Email Address: 
list at domain.tld"
   - On the configuration tab: "Forward Mail To:" all external and 
internal email addresses


Am 14.10.2022 08:25, schrieb Thomas Jensch:
> Hello,
> how do I set up a mailman-style mailing list? I guess, it can be done
> via the groups settings, but I am not sure what to select for my use
> case.
> It is a plain mailing list with a limited set of users. No (anonymous)
> registration nor moderation necessary and the users will use their own 
> mailboxes
> outside my kolab server. So, really basic: they get a mail-address from
> my kolab-domain-pool and mail gets distributed via that address.
> thanks for advice
> Thomas
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