[solution included] Re: No freebusy / kolab package depends on old roundcubemail packages

hede kolab983 at der-he.de
Thu Oct 6 15:37:33 CEST 2022

Am 06.10.2022 15:17, schrieb hede:
> Am 06.10.2022 14:58, schrieb hede:
>> kolab depends on kolab-webclient, which depends on
>> roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-delegation, which should get offered by the
>> new selfcontained roundcubemail package?
> correction:
> kolab depends on kolab-webclient, which depends on
> roundcubemail-plugins-kolab, which depends on
> roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-delegation which conflicts with

I modified the control file of roundcubemail and it works. Now I can 
install the kolab packages which installs kolab kolab-freebusy 
kolab-webclient roundcubemail-plugins-kolab (in my case) and doesn't 
want to install the standalone roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-delegation 

For testing purposes I did a binary hack: 
I added "roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-delegation" in sections "Replaces:" 
+ "Conflicts:" and "roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-delegation (= 3.1.12)" to 
section "Provides:".

So Christian, please can you add these values to the obs package 
"roundcubemail" version 1.5.3 and up?

Still I ask myself if all others also have removed the packages 
kolab-freebusy, kolab-webclient and roundcubemail-plugins-kolab or why 
there's no complaint about it.


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