guam - high number of crashes

Valentin Laskov laskov at
Thu Mar 12 20:17:35 CET 2020

Hi all,

so. If you stop guam and reconfigure cyrus-imapd, thunderbird (IMAP 
clients) will show the special kolab folders, but roundcube does not.
Someone can consider to configure roundcube (maybe syncroton too) to use 
cyrus-imapd directly (localhost:9993) bypasing guam and leave guam for 
not-Kolab IMAP clients.


На 11.03.20 г. в 15:27 ч., Valentin Laskov написа:
> Hello,
> Franz, thank you very much! I found this
> How about special kolab folders - Calendar, Configuration, ... Is it 
> dangerous to be visible to users? As far as I know, the main function 
> of guam is to hide these folders.
> They will be visible to IMAP clients. Will they be visible in 
> roundcubemail as folders? And in kolab-syncroton clients?
> Regards
> Valentin
> На 10.03.2020 в 20:01, Skale, Franz написа:
>> Hi,
>> there are several issues with guam, so disable it. (Search the 
>> archives, i supplied a howto disable guam).
>> Seems to be a huge memleak.
>> Best regards
>> Franz

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