wallace breaks dkim signature

Skale, Franz i.bin at dah.am
Fri Jun 1 11:17:27 CEST 2018

i see no mangling of the message body other than setting the default 
locale to UTF-8 then encode it quoted printable. The header will be 
parsed and changed (invitation etc.).
It the message contains html, it will be parsed too.
Since you didn't supply a debug example i can only urge you to enable 
wallace debugging.
Attention, since wallace hat a problem when debugging enabled, you 
should start wallace manually in a screen/tmux session with 
screenlogging enabled !
Change /etc/default/wallace and enable debugging (extensively covered in 
some older threads) or start it manually.
Be sure that your default locale on the server is utf-8 !
Also, reordering of the content_filter directive might help.
In the future, supply config file snippets as well as debug messages.
Sure, it will help a lot.


Am 2018-06-01 10:08, schrieb Jan Kowalsky:
> Hi Franz,
> thanks for answer,
> Am 01.06.2018 um 08:44 schrieb Skale, Franz:
>> Hi,
>> DKIM uses non standard quoted printable encoding !
>> See:
>> http://dkim.org/specs/rfc4871-dkimbase.html#dkim-qp
> But as far as I understand, dkim itselfs doesn't change the mail body 
> at
> all. The qp encoding in my understanding is only for calculating hash.
>> Wallace, of course, uses standard QP encoding and doesn't take care 
>> for
>> special cases, though it's a feature request.
> But wallaces alters the mailbody itself. It changes all to quoted
> printable and, if configured, adds footer/header.
> So dkim signing in my experiences is valid if the email already is
> quoted printable from the mua. Roundcube is fine, thunderbird in 
> default
> not. But we do not have control about how users are configure there
> email programs and 8bit email transfer isn't very uncommon any more.
> The problem is, that wallace alteres mails after dkim milter is 
> applied.
> Even if the encoding is no problem we run in trubles as far as wallace
> adds e.g. footers.
> Regards
> Jan
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