Guam broken in Centos 7

Brady, Mike mike.brady at
Sun Jul 9 21:18:18 CEST 2017

Download the 0.8.3 rpm if you don't have it locally and do 

yum downgrade guam-0.8.3-2.1.el7.centos.kolab_16.x86_64.rpm 

I also blocked updates to guam for now with versionlock 

yum install yum-plugin-versionlock.noarch
yum versionlock add guam
yum versionlock list 

guam 0.9.2 is just plain broken. There is also this post in the forum 

Also the KolabNow service only recently implemented Kolab16 including
guam (don't know what release) and they had to disable it after only a
few days of use

Winterfell only has guam 0.9.0 in it.  This puzzles me as I thought that
Winterfell was supposed to be the development repo, so I do not
understand how/why the Kolab16 repo would have a later version. 
Winterfell does have a later version of erlang, so maybe there is a
version incompatibility? 

We have also had to disable Wallace at it constantly (several times a
week on a 50 user system) stopped processing emails. 

On 2017-07-10 04:51, Roland Kolb wrote:

> Hi Nik,
> due to we have also this performance issue (up to 15min to get mails) since the upgrade to guam-0.9.2 I think also to owngrade Guam to 0.8.3
> Changes in kolab.conf don't help as it helped during the last performance issue with guam one year ago. 
> What is the best way for downgrading guam you suggest?
> Thanks
> Roland
> I would think so.  Guam will crash and then restart so lots of spinning wheels on user's screens.  It wasn't just the slow performance for us.  We have a mix of systems and clients.  Macs were Ok with Outlook, but Windows PC's (7&10) would not work at all with Outlook.  Thunderbird was fine on Windows. 
> The error messages were misleading (bad CA etc.) and it took two days to figure out what part of the system was at fault. 
> Regards 
> FROM: <martin at> on behalf of Martin Campbell <martin at>
> DATE: Saturday, 8 July 2017 at 22:54
> TO: Nik Middleton <nik.middleton at>, <users at>
> SUBJECT: Re: Guam broken in Centos 7 
> I'm using Kolab 16 on CentOS 7. 
> Since upgrading to guam-0.9.2-2.1.el7.kolab_16.x86_64, I've had terrible IMAP performance. 
> I presume that's the same problem. 
> On 07/07/2017 22:24, Nik Middleton wrote: 
> Guam is broken in Centos 7 installs so if you've done a yum update and your system is trashed, you need to downgrade Guam to  0.8.3 
> [1] has the rpm.  Remove Guam without deleting dependencies and it will work again 
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