Problem with https and roundcube

Urban Emanuel at
Thu Sep 11 18:14:18 CEST 2014

I am having troubles setting up https with Kolab 3.3 and CentOS 6.5. I
used the excellent guide from here:

.. which gave me no problems with 3.1 or 3.2.

With a fresh install on 3.3 I could not access roundcube via https (http
was working, so was https access to other sites like kolab-webadmin).
This happened both with mod_ssl and nss.

The login dialog appeared, however the Kolab logo was missing. After
trying to log in, I got errors like

"The requested URL /roundcubemail/69b14811a6e7b602/ was not found on
this server."

I tracked the problem down to "use_secure_urls" in
/etc/roundcube/, which seems to generate a session token
in the URL for every session. This seems to be a new feature, the
setting isn´t there in older Kolab installations.

This also comes with a few rewriting-rules in
/etc/httpd/conf.d/roundcube.conf. However, these do not seem to be in
effect when accessing the server via https.

I tried 2 workarounds:
(1) setting "use_secure_urls" to false. This got me a bit further (I
could login), but I had a number of errors while displaying roundcube.
As this was not the solution I had in mind, I did not investigate further.

(2) I added "Include conf.d/roundcube.conf" to /etc/conf.d/ssl.conf. I
am by no way an apache expert, but this seems redundant to me, as
conf.d/*.conf already is included in httpd.conf. However: This solved my

I am happy to file a bug request (or a change request to the
documentation), however I wanted to ask here in advance. Did I
misunderstand something regarding CentOS apache virtual hosts or
roundcube, or is this a packaging error of kolab, or is there a better
way to solve this?

Any insight is appreciated.


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