Announcing some blog posts for building packages for Debian on OBS

Torsten Grote grote at
Mon Oct 28 16:43:12 CET 2013

Hi Timotheus,

thanks you very much for your blog posts and instructions!

I tried these myself over the weekend and found them to work splendidly.

The result is two requests to merge packaging fixes for the Debian packages:

which still need to be accepted or looked at. I'm still not sure how conflicts 
are handled and how changes from the official packages can be merged back into 
my branch.

While playing with the Debian packages, I also found other issues which I 
reported here:

There's now also a tracker bug for issues that still need to be resolved 
before Kolab 3.1 can be officially released for Debian:

The instructions are really easy and work well. If you want to use Kolab on 
Debian, please consider trying them out and contribute back. I see that some 
people already started to:

When do you? ;)

Kind Regards,
Torsten Grote

On Wednesday 23 October 2013 15:39:06 Timotheus Pokorra wrote:
> Hello,
> There are a few new blog posts that might be of interest to you:
> ages-using-obs Step by step instructions how to use OBS for improving the
> Debian
> packages of Kolab.
> There are many people having problems with the Debian packages, and
> this is a quick tutorial that shows how you can get involved in fixing
> bugs easily, and contributing the fixes upstream.
> os-and-debian Nightly builds are now available for Debian too. This fixes
> bug 2404. The packages are still highly experimental, but can be useful for
> testing, providing feedback, etc
>> proxy-file This describes how to download packages from the OBS server even
> when your proxy has a problem with port 82...
> See also the blog post by Torsten, quoting Jeroen:
> Since there seems to be no corporate funding available for the Debian
> packages, we all need to pull together as a community and get it done!
> All the best,
>   Timotheus

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