Help needed with older set-up (e35+Kolab V2) - free/busy triggers

ITSEF Admin itsef-admin at
Wed Oct 23 15:24:52 CEST 2013

Hi all,

as we're still preparing the migration, I still get to deal with some problems 
on our old set-up (Kontact e35 + Kolab 2.x) - and this one got me stumped:

We have a user who's complaining about Kontact frequently throwing up error 
messages "Cannot trigger free/busy generation...". I just spent an hour trying 
to track that down but came up with nothing:

- Calendar->Free/Busy: "Publishing" is disabled, "Retrieving" is filled in 
correctly (and works when he schedules an event with attendees)
- The settings of the "Kolab Server" cached IMAP account are ok
- I even went so far and re-set his password on the server, removed his 
kwallet and started entering all passwords anew - no change

Any change in the Calendar will trigger the error message. If I past the URL 
that is displayed into a browser, I get an authorisation dialogue. If I then 
enter his normal mail credentials (UID or e-mail plus password), the webserver 
accepts it. In the webserver logs on the Kolab server I can see that the URL 
is first presented with a "401" (authentication required), then with a "200" 
if I enter the correct credentials or a "500" if I enter something else.

When I modify an event in the calendar, I only see one entry in the server 
log: "500" - "access denied". It looks as if Kontact is sending the wrong 
credentials for whatever reasons (or no credentials at all). For other users, 
I can see the "401" first, then "200" as expected.

Anybody out there still familiar enough with this to be able to help me?

I'd be most grateful!


	Thomas Ribbrock, IT-Team brightsight

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