kolab 2.4 and resource management

Justas Sirvydis justas at infosaitas.lt
Fri Oct 18 14:14:06 CEST 2013


Due to Bynari licenses restriction we are able to use only kolab version 2.

We are working on migration from 2.2 version to 2.4. Everything is 
working more or less smoothly, except resources.

We are using several meeting rooms booking with kolab (like adding 
resource meeting room to the personal meeting event, then resource if 
resources accepts the meeting invitation - meeting room is booked and 
added to freebusy information). As far as I can see in kolab 2.2 such a 
behavior is handled by kolabfilter and kolabmailboxfilter, however not 
sure about kolab 2.4

So question:

- how does kolab 2.4 and resource management should work

I have tried adding kolabfilter and kolabmailboxfilter to the picture, 
as kolab 2.4 ships these packages, but no luck - I get php errors which 
results in message undeliverable NDR comming back to meeting organizer.

br, Justas

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