https owncloud/kolab

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Tue Oct 15 23:10:23 CEST 2013


I use the new Kolab 3.1, which works fine with owncloud 4.5. All stuff 
is working if i connect with http.
Now i want to switch to the https protocol. Kolab is working, owncloud 
alone too.
But, if i call owncloud through the icon in kolab, i get the following 

Firefox: i get a blank page.

IE:  i get
"This contents cannot be shown into a frame in order to protect the 
information, which enters you on this website, the publisher of these 
contents forbade a showing of contents into a frame. Possible approach: 
Open this contents in a new window. "
When i follow the link, it opens a new window and there is owncloud.

I think, this is not a wrong setup of the apache, it has to do how kolab 
deals with frames?!

Has anyone tried this and got it working?



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