Multi-Domain setup

Thomas Reitelbach tr at
Tue Nov 26 13:53:37 CET 2013

Am Montag, 25. November 2013, 11:34:48 schrieb Timotheus Pokorra:
> > So far I have read most available documentation at
> > (which
> > unfortunately refers to absolete 3.0). Some parts of the documentation
> > are
> > hard to understand (at least for me).
> It might be you are not reading the documentation for 3.1, due to this
> bug
> Please visit the link:
> this does not have the invalid redirect to old docs for browsers with
> default language german.

Thank you for the hint, I'll have a look at it soon.

> > Also I have tried to install the TBITS-scripts and patches.
> > Unfortunately I
> > have no success (one patch does FAIL and the addDomain.php script is
> > missing
> > from the GIT repository).
> There have been updates over the weekend on Kolab 3.1 Updates, which
> broke the TBits patches: some patches have been included in the official
> release, so that is fine :) ...
> Now the TBits patches should work fine again.
> addDomain.php is actually not needed anymore, since domains should work
> just by adding them in the Web Panel, using defaults from the [kolab]
> section.
> The patches for Multi Domain have been reduced mainly to configuration
> changes, as you can see in

Thank you for your answer, this really helps me! I was confused by the missing 
After a while I figured for myself that I did not make any mistake (I applied 
the failed patch manually and had a look at an old version of addDomain.php to 
see what has to be done). 
After all the real problem was a "user-failure" by myself, because I did not 
realize how to manage the new domain in the webadmin. Only by accident I found 
out that I have to click in the right top corner to choose the Domain to 

Now that I know how to use the web-management multi-domain is working fine :)

(There are still other issues, but that's a different topic which I first have 
to investigate)

Thank you!!!

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