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Torsten Grote torsten at kolab.org
Wed Nov 13 13:40:34 CET 2013

Hi Henning,

On Tuesday 12 November 2013 15:49:33 Henning wrote:
> Sorry I did not want to offend you.

Oh you didn't! I'm sorry! Maybe I was too short in my email or used the wrong 

> I didn't see that on that website SyncKolab is only meantioned as client for
> Kolab 2.0 use. A more clear hint that the support for kolab 3 format is
> still very limited could be added

I changed  https://kolab.org/clients and hope you like it ;)

> It is also relatively complicated to get in touch with Niko Berger, it's 
> developer. It seems that he cannot spare much time at the moment.

Yes, that's why we do not recommend SyncKolab.

> CalDav and CardDav as substitution was implemented in kolab 3.1, right?

Yes, that is correct and it already works well for many users.

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