Clean Kolab 3.1 installation on a CentOS 6.4

Christian Tardif christian.tardif at
Wed Nov 13 04:15:06 CET 2013

Just did it twice. On first time, I noticed during setup-kolab process.

The second time, I installed wallace manually (yum install wallace), and 
then I did not have the same error in setup-kolab

Here's the installation packages:

  Package                Arch   Version Repository         Size
  kolab                  noarch 3.1.0-2.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         4.0 k
Installing for dependencies:
  389-admin              x86_64 1.1.29-1.el6 epel              344 k
  389-admin-console      noarch 1.1.8-1.el6 epel              202 k
  389-admin-console-doc  noarch 1.1.8-1.el6 epel               43 k
  389-adminutil          x86_64 1.1.15-1.el6 epel               64 k
  389-console            noarch 1.1.7-1.el6 epel               72 k
  389-ds                 noarch 1.2.2-1.el6 epel              9.9 k
  389-ds-base            x86_64 updates           1.5 M
  389-ds-base-libs       x86_64 updates           394 k
  389-ds-console         noarch 1.2.6-1.el6 epel              1.4 M
  389-ds-console-doc     noarch 1.2.6-1.el6 epel               55 k
  389-dsgw               x86_64 1.1.10-1.el6 epel              470 k
  MySQL-python           x86_64 1.2.3-0.3.c1.1.el6 base               86 k
  altermime              x86_64 0.3.10-3.el6 epel               52 k
  amavisd-new            noarch 2.8.0-4.el6 epel              797 k
  arj                    x86_64 3.10.22-12.el6 epel              161 k
  audit-libs-python      x86_64 2.2-2.el6 base               59 k
  augeas-libs            x86_64 0.9.0-4.el6 base              317 k
  boost-system           x86_64 1.41.0-17.el6_4 updates            24 k
  boost-thread           x86_64 1.41.0-17.el6_4 updates            41 k
  cabextract             x86_64 1.3-3.el6 epel               40 k
  chwala                 noarch 0.1-7.el6.kolab_3.1 Kolab_3.1_Updates 1.3 M
  clamav                 x86_64 0.98-2.el6 epel              1.3 M
  clamav-db              x86_64 0.98-2.el6 epel               72 M
  clamd                  x86_64 0.98-2.el6 epel              150 k
  cyrus-imapd            x86_64 2.4.17-30.1.el6.kolab_3.1
Kolab_3.1          10 M
  cyrus-sasl-gssapi      x86_64 2.1.23-13.el6_3.1 base               34 k
  cyrus-sasl-md5         x86_64 2.1.23-13.el6_3.1 base               47 k
  flac                   x86_64 1.2.1-6.1.el6 base              243 k
  freeze                 x86_64 2.5.0-11.el6 epel               27 k
  giflib                 x86_64 4.1.6-3.1.el6 base               37 k
  iRony                  noarch 0.2.3-5.el6.kolab_3.1 Kolab_3.1_Updates 
1.9 M
  idm-console-framework  noarch 1.1.7-2.el6 epel              1.1 M
  java-1.5.0-gcj         x86_64 base              139 k
  java-1.6.0-openjdk     x86_64 1:
updates            25 M
  java_cup               x86_64 1:0.10k-5.el6 base              197 k
  jline                  noarch 0.9.94-0.8.el6 base               86 k
  jpackage-utils         noarch 1.7.5-3.12.el6 base               59 k
  jss                    x86_64 4.2.6-24.el6 base              693 k
  kolab-cli              noarch 0.6.8-13.8.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates 112 k
  kolab-conf             noarch 3.1.0-2.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         3.8 k
  kolab-freebusy         noarch 1.0.2-8.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         233 k
  kolab-imap             noarch 3.1.0-2.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         3.8 k
  kolab-ldap             noarch 3.1.0-2.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         3.8 k
  kolab-mta              noarch 3.1.0-2.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         3.9 k
  kolab-saslauthd        noarch 0.6.8-13.8.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates  22 k
  kolab-schema           noarch 3.0-5.1.el6.kolab_3.1 Kolab_3.1         
7.7 k
  kolab-server           noarch 0.6.8-13.8.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates  24 k
  kolab-syncroton        noarch 2.2.2-4.7.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates 198 k
  kolab-utils            x86_64 3.0.5-4.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         150 k
  kolab-webadmin         noarch 3.1.1-2.5.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates 463 k
  kolab-webclient        noarch 3.1.0-2.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         3.9 k
  ldapjdk                x86_64 4.18-6.el6 base              847 k
  libart_lgpl            x86_64 2.3.20-5.1.el6 base               65 k
  libasyncns             x86_64 0.8-1.1.el6 base               24 k
  libcalendaring         x86_64 4.9.0-6.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         1.6 M
  libcgroup              x86_64 0.37-7.2.el6_4 updates           111 k
  libgcj                 x86_64 4.4.7-3.el6 base               19 M
  libical                x86_64 0.43-6.el6 base              178 k
  libicu                 x86_64 4.2.1-9.1.el6_2 base              4.9 M
  libkolab               x86_64 0.5.0-7.4.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates 278 k
  libkolabxml            x86_64 1.0.1-6.4.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates 617 k
  libmcrypt              x86_64 2.5.8-9.el6 epel               96 k
  libmspack              x86_64 0.4-0.1.alpha.el6 epel               60 k
  libselinux-python      x86_64 2.0.94-5.3.el6_4.1 updates           202 k
  libsemanage-python     x86_64 2.0.43-4.2.el6 base               81 k
  libsndfile             x86_64 1.0.20-5.el6 base              233 k
  lm_sensors-libs        x86_64 3.1.1-17.el6 base               38 k
  lrzip                  x86_64 0.614-1.el6 epel              185 k
  lzo                    x86_64 2.03-3.1.el6 base               55 k
  lzop                   x86_64 1.02-0.9.rc1.el6 base               50 k
  make                   x86_64 1:3.81-20.el6 base              389 k
  mod_nss                x86_64 1.0.8-18.el6 base               86 k
  mozldap                x86_64 6.0.5-17.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         121 k
  mozldap-tools          x86_64 6.0.5-17.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1          66 k
  mysql                  x86_64 5.1.69-1.el6_4 updates           907 k
  mysql-server           x86_64 5.1.69-1.el6_4 updates           8.7 M
  net-snmp-libs          x86_64 1:5.5-44.el6_4.4 updates           1.5 M
  nomarch                x86_64 1.4-6.el6 epel               18 k
  openldap-clients       x86_64 2.4.23-32.el6_4.1 updates           165 k
  p7zip                  x86_64 9.20.1-2.el6 epel              624 k
  p7zip-plugins          x86_64 9.20.1-2.el6 epel              892 k
  perl-Archive-Zip       noarch 1.30-2.el6 base              107 k
  perl-Authen-SASL       noarch 2.13-2.el6 base               51 k
  perl-BerkeleyDB        x86_64 0.43-3.el6 epel              159 k
  perl-CGI               x86_64 3.51-131.el6_4 updates           208 k
  perl-Convert-ASN1      noarch 0.22-1.el6 base               43 k
  perl-Convert-BinHex    noarch 1.119-10.1.el6 base               43 k
  perl-Convert-TNEF      noarch 0.17-10.el6 epel               20 k
  perl-Convert-UUlib     x86_64 2:1.4-1.el6 epel              217 k
                         x86_64 0.04-8.1.el6 base               34 k
  perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA x86_64 0.25-10.1.el6 base               37 k
                         x86_64 0.04-9.1.el6 base               22 k
  perl-DBD-MySQL         x86_64 4.013-3.el6 base              134 k
  perl-Digest-HMAC       noarch 1.01-22.el6 base               22 k
  perl-Digest-SHA1       x86_64 2.12-2.el6 base               49 k
  perl-Encode-Detect     x86_64 1.01-2.el6 base               80 k
  perl-Error             noarch 1:0.17015-4.el6 base               29 k
  perl-GSSAPI            x86_64 0.26-6.el6 base               64 k
  perl-IO-Multiplex      noarch 1.13-1.el6 epel               24 k
  perl-IO-Socket-INET6   noarch 2.56-4.el6 base               17 k
  perl-IO-Socket-SSL     noarch 1.31-2.el6 base               69 k
  perl-IO-stringy        noarch 2.110-10.1.el6 base               68 k
  perl-LDAP              noarch 1:0.40-1.el6 base              354 k
  perl-MIME-tools        noarch 5.427-4.el6 base              247 k
  perl-Mail-DKIM         noarch 0.37-2.el6 base              121 k
  perl-Mail-SPF          noarch 2.8.0-2.el6 epel              138 k
  perl-MailTools         noarch 2.04-4.el6 base              101 k
  perl-Mozilla-LDAP      x86_64 1.5.3-4.el6 base              160 k
  perl-Net-DNS           x86_64 0.65-4.el6 base              232 k
  perl-Net-LibIDN        x86_64 0.12-3.el6 base               35 k
  perl-Net-SSLeay        x86_64 1.35-9.el6 base              173 k
  perl-Net-Server        noarch 0.97-7.el6 epel              142 k
  perl-NetAddr-IP        x86_64 4.027-7.el6 base               96 k
  perl-Razor-Agent       x86_64 2.85-6.el6 epel              119 k
  perl-Socket6           x86_64 0.23-3.el6 base               23 k
  perl-Text-Iconv        x86_64 1.7-6.el6 base               22 k
  perl-TimeDate          noarch 1:1.16-11.1.el6 base               34 k
  perl-Unix-Syslog       x86_64 1.1-3.el6 epel               28 k
                         noarch 1.01-8.el6 base              9.6 k
  perl-XML-LibXML        x86_64 1:1.70-5.el6 base              364 k
                         noarch 1.10-3.el6 base               17 k
  perl-XML-SAX           noarch 0.96-7.el6 base               78 k
  perl-XML-SAX-Writer    noarch 0.50-8.el6 base               24 k
  php-Smarty             noarch 3.1.13-4.3.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates 193 k
  php-ZendFramework      noarch 1.12.3-1.el6 epel              2.6 M
  php-bcmath             x86_64 5.3.3-23.el6_4 updates            34 k
  php-kolabformat        x86_64 1.0.1-6.4.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates 163 k
  php-ldap               x86_64 5.3.3-23.el6_4 updates            38 k
  php-mbstring           x86_64 5.3.3-23.el6_4 updates           455 k
  php-mcrypt             x86_64 5.3.3-1.el6 epel               18 k
  php-mysql              x86_64 5.3.3-23.el6_4 updates            81 k
  php-pear-Auth-SASL     noarch 1.0.4-1.el6 epel               12 k
  php-pear-DB            noarch 1.7.13-3.el6 epel              107 k
  php-pear-HTTP-Request2 noarch 0.5.2-2.el6 epel               62 k
  php-pear-MDB2          noarch 2.5.0-0.9.b5.el6 epel              127 k
                         noarch 1.5.0-0.8.b4.el6 epel               43 k
  php-pear-Mail-Mime     noarch 1.8.7-3.3.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates  40 k
                         noarch 1.5.5-1.el6 epel               17 k
  php-pear-Net-IDNA2     noarch 0.1.1-3.el6 epel               24 k
  php-pear-Net-LDAP2     noarch 2.0.12-4.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1          94 k
  php-pear-Net-SMTP      noarch 1.6.1-1.el6 epel               22 k
  php-pear-Net-Sieve     noarch 1.3.2-1.el6 epel               19 k
  php-pear-Net-Socket    noarch 1.0.10-1.el6 epel               12 k
  php-pear-Net-URL2      noarch 0.3.1-2.el6 epel               13 k
  php-process            x86_64 5.3.3-23.el6_4 updates            39 k
  policycoreutils-python x86_64 2.0.83-19.30.el6 base              342 k
  portreserve            x86_64 0.0.4-9.el6 base               23 k
  postfix-kolab          noarch 0.6.8-13.8.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates  25 k
  procmail               x86_64 3.22-25.1.el6 base              163 k
  pulseaudio-libs        x86_64 0.9.21-14.el6_3 base              462 k
  pykolab                noarch 0.6.8-13.8.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates 145 k
  python-augeas          noarch 0.4.1-1.el6 epel               23 k
  python-cheetah         x86_64 2.4.1-1.el6 base              365 k
  python-ldap            x86_64 2.4.6-5.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1         153 k
  python-markdown        noarch 2.0.1-3.1.el6 base              118 k
  python-pyasn1          noarch 0.1.2-4.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1          85 k
  python-pyasn1-modules  noarch 0.1.2-4.1.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1          27 k
  python-pygments        noarch 1.1.1-1.el6 base              562 k
  python-setuptools      noarch 0.6.10-3.el6 base              336 k
  python-sqlalchemy      noarch 0.5.5-3.el6_2 base              1.3 M
  rhino                  noarch 1.7-0.7.r2.2.el6 base              778 k
  roundcubemail          noarch 1.0-7.5.el6.kolab_3.1 Kolab_3.1_Updates 
3.4 M
                         noarch 3.1.7-2.8.el6.kolab_3.1 
Kolab_3.1_Updates 1.3 M
  setools-libs           x86_64 3.3.7-4.el6 base              400 k
  setools-libs-python    x86_64 3.3.7-4.el6 base              222 k
  sinjdoc                x86_64 0.5-9.1.el6 base              705 k
  spamassassin           x86_64 3.3.1-2.el6 base              1.1 M
  svrcore                x86_64 4.0.4-5.1.el6 base               15 k
  tzdata-java            noarch 2013g-1.el6 updates           155 k
  unzoo                  x86_64 4.4-7.el6 epel               21 k
  uuid                   x86_64 1.6.1-10.el6 base               54 k
  xerces-c               x86_64 3.0.1-20.el6 base              866 k

Transaction Summary
Install     173 Package(s)

Total download size: 184 M
Installed size: 476 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y

On 2013-11-12 22:09, flesby . wrote:
> Hello,
> this I cannot confirm. I installed 3.1 on a fresh CentOS6.4 
> installation. I encountered no errors during the setup-kolab process.
> On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 3:55 AM, Christian Tardif 
> <christian.tardif at <mailto:christian.tardif at>> 
> wrote:
>     There's an error in the kolab installation from RPM: yum install kolab
>     It does not install wallace, which then gives an error in
>     setup-kolab in configuration time.
>     Or is it the desired behaviour ?
>     Christian...
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