Are all Kolab objects going to be Webdav accessible?

Joe Bloggs coolstuck at
Sun Nov 10 13:16:09 CET 2013

Hi folks, I'm still finding my way round Kolab.  

I see that 3.1 now has WebDAV access.  Is this WebDAV access only to calendar/contact objects, or are emails and even files going to be accessible via WebDAV?  I suppose my question really is: will the whole of the contents of Kolab be accessible via WebDAV?

Since SabreDAV is providing the features of a standard WebDAV server, and since Kolab is incorporating SabreDAV, I'm assuming that the idea is that all of the Kolab objects will be available this way.  I can understand that it would be a strange use case to send email by placing an email in a WebDAV folder (and that's not really my interest).  My interest is in how I can export all data from a Kolab server.  Currently I can imagine this could be done via something like OfflineImap.  But WebDAV might be an alternative mechanism for doing this.

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