ISP use case - "private" accounts across different domains

Erik M Jacobs erik at
Thu Nov 7 22:37:44 CET 2013

On 11/07/2013 12:46 AM, Mihai Badici wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 November 2013 17:45:39 Erik M Jacobs wrote:
>> Is it possible to enable or disable:
>> - shared calendars
>> - shared addressbooks
>> - "global" addressbooks
>> For specific domains?
>> For example:
>> domain
>>  - no shared contacts
>>  - no shared calendars
>>  - no shared anything
>>  - no global addressbook
>>  - essentially each user is an island with their own data. think like GMail
>> domain
>>  - standard shared everything + global addressbook
>> domain
>>  - standard shared everything + global addressbook
>> All of the above hosted in a single Kolab environment.
>> I didn't see anything in kolab.conf that would indicate how to enable or
>> disable sharing of these features within a domain, but I don't really
>> know what I'm looking for.
> I'm not the most qualified person to answer but I think since metadata  is a 
> extension of IMAP protocol there is no way to disable it.
> If you think to offer "premium services" to some customer, I think you can use 
> two instances of roundcube, one with kolab plugins for premium customers and 
> another instance for regular accounts and redirect domains from apache.
> The kolab services will be however still available for an IMAP client.
> I think you can also use some acl on metadata folders to restrict access but I 
> think is not so simple to manage.

So it sounds then like kolab is really not valuable for ISPs, because
the addressbooks and calendars and etc. would always be shared?

There is no change within a domain -- a "premium" customer would be
bringing their own domain and should have the default behavior (things
that are public are shared between members within a domain).

The question is how to disable the sharing features for the general user
-- typically when you go to your ISP's email service you can't see the
calendar or contacts from someone down the street.


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