Kolab 3 integration with Windows Active Directory

Mihai Badici mihai at badici.ro
Tue Aug 27 19:08:38 CEST 2013

Mihai Bădici
On Tuesday 27 August 2013 19:45:16 Яizω∂η Âhmëd wrote:


I am new to Kolab and trying to integrate Kolab3 with Windows Active 
Directory. I have installed it successfully but not able to integrate it :( I 
searched this community but didn't find any good solution.

Can anyone please help me in this?                  

Take Care and Regards,

I think you need to define the integration scenario first:
If you want to access users and authenticate to AD, you need to manually 
adjust query filters for postfix and dovecot and use AD mmc for users 
I don't know if it is possible to add a new schema ( kolab.schema) in AD so 
some features will not be available. You don't need the kolab webadmin in this 

You can also keep the kolab directory and use a password syncronization 
mechanism. If you have an AD probably the best scenario is to use AD for 
password management and syncronize from AD to 389 Directory. There are some 
tools in Windows services for unix which allow this ... with a little extra 
work. I had this system implemented few years and worked pretty good.

Well, if you feel brave, probably you can also  try a samba 4 as AD but I know 
nothing about the ldap server in samba4....

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