Kontact with Kmail

Johannes Kehrer johannes.kehrer at kehrer.cc
Mon Aug 26 16:07:01 CEST 2013

I have installed Kolab 3.0 on OpenSUSE 12.3. Everything seems to be working if 
I try with Thunderbird or Roundcube.

However, if I use Kmail and want to enter the To: address, Kmail seems to try 
autocompletion. This would be OK. However there is always the message box:

LDAP Login

Username and password are empty. Server: ldap://kehrer.cc/389

Any user/password combination from the Kolabusers do not work.

Any idea?

Sorry, if this is the wrong mailing list. I will also try in the KMail mailing 
list or forum.

Kind regards and thanks,

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