Libkolab* in Debian

Paul Klos kolab at
Wed Aug 21 00:12:25 CEST 2013

The libraries libkolab and libkolabxml have been succesfully uploaded to 
the Debian repositories. Both libraries are available in Debian unstable 
(sid), while libkolabxml is also available in testing (jessie).

This means that Kontact/kmail/akonadi can now be "Kolab-enabled" in 
Debian (and derivatives).

For those interested in these things, here are some links:

I've had to make several updates, most recently to libkolab, in order to resolve various packaging and building issues. Now that libkolab version 0.4.2-6 is actually in Debian, I've also uploaded it to the Kolab repository (development), so both repositories are on the same version again.


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