Backup and Restore

Andrew Wafaa andrew at
Fri Aug 16 14:07:18 CEST 2013


I'm most likely going to be deploying a new server that would replace 
the existing machine running a Kolab 3.0 instance in the near future. 
I've searched but couldn't find anything on backing up 
and restoring a 3.0 instance. To "complicate" things, I will most likely 
deploy 3.1 on the new server rather than 3.0.

Could someone advise on what steps are needed to backup/restore user 
data. The ldap attributes may not remain the same with the new instance, 
things that may change are default email address which are currently at domain, possibly changing to foo at domain which is already set up 
as and alias and identity, also changing some of the display attributes.

Any help would be appreciated. The key thing to carry over are the 
emails, calendar/contacts would be nice but they are stored in multiple 
locations so doing a fresh import isn't too big an issue.



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