aliases not working

Thomas Spuhler thomas.spuhler at
Thu Aug 15 17:29:52 CEST 2013

I finally updated my server after extensive testing on a VM (so I thought) and found out that aliases 
didn't work.
Worse, kolab-3 uses first.last at as the primary e-mail address vs. we were using 
first at in the previous version of kolab.
one of the kolab developers in IRC was very helpful, but well couldn't help me. After posting on the 
postfix-user at I got a hint and it fixed the problem. (In fact it's described in the Postfix 
Docu, but not so easy to find)

after the setup-kolab script I had a line in /postfix/ "receive_override_options = 

Removing this line solved the problem and aliases now work as intended.

I could not find where this line comes from. this line is not in the pykolab postfix/main script. I am 
the Mageia packager for the kolab suite and I need to remove this line.
Any hint would really be appreciated

After this correction, the kolab package will work pretty much out of the box.

Best regards
Thomas Spuhler
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