Is there any way to sync Kolab 3 tasks with Outlook 2010?

Daniel J Clark danjcla at
Mon Aug 5 21:33:56 CEST 2013

Is there any way to sync Kolab 3 tasks with Outlook 2010?

(Specifically, Kolab 3 as deployed by

I don't actually interactively use Outlook 2010, but I do use it to sync
other things [1].

I've tried Bynari Outlook Connector -
 - which says supports tasks, but what actually
seems to happen, at least for Kolab 3, is a big hex string gets put in the
Outlook "tasks" folder, and when you look at it you see:

This is a Kolab Groupware object. To view this object you will need an
email client that understands the Kolab Groupware format. For a list of
such email clients please visit

And the other two connectors listed there apperantly don't support Kolab 3
yet, e.g. these queries don't have any hits: "kolab 3" "kolab 3"

Hoping there is something I've missed or a solution / software update in
the works,

[1] Outlook is a useful "sync hub" as it can sync with Remember The Milk
(RTM) - - via MilkSync - - and My Life
Organized (MLO) - - I also used to one-way
sync to Gmail / Google Tasks via gSyncit - - but I was hoping that
moving to MyKolab would actually improve on Google Apps for Domains in the
tasks area.
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