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Tolingo Tolinga tolingo at
Mon Dec 19 11:35:02 CET 2011


I think that I have found the answer to some of the problems I faced
with PGP and Kolab.

It seems that most of the PGP features are not supported in DIMP (as
of Horde 3), this is the second Webmail interface in Horde, but they
are supported in IMP the classic Webmail. It happens that DIMP is
enforced in Kolab. As a result in a fresh Kolab install you can enable
PGP features in the preferences but you cannot use it to compose.
Once you change some PHP code you can switch to the classic IMP
webmail anf PGP works.

There is something that remains unsolved for me. Why all imported keys
report "Invalid key" and "Invalid email" in the options panel?

I think that the new Horde version 4 has PGP totally integrated in
DIMP but, I don't know if it can be installed over a current Kolab
server nor how to do it. May be some of the developers out there can
clarify this point.

In any case, I report my findings here in case anyone else have the
same problem.



On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 8:26 PM, Tolingo Tolinga <tolingo at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I keep on searching for the reason why I can compose PGP
> signed/encrypted messages just for the first time the user do it.
> I've noticed that just after importing a PGP key when I place my
> pointer over the email address in the address book this URL is shown:
> javascript:popup_imp('/client/imp/compose.php',700,650,'');
> and the field for encrypting/signing is shown. Everything OK.
> But the next time I try the same action this URL is shown:
> javascript:void('/client/dimp/compose.php?',%20'',%20'width=820,height=610,status=1,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes'));
> and this time the field for encrypting/signing IS NOT shown.
> I'm not javascript or php developer but, may be out there there is
> someone who can help me understand why this difference and hence find
> the bug.
> Thank you for your attention,
> Tolingo
> On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 5:46 PM, Tolingo Tolinga <tolingo at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>>  From my last post I've reinstalled Kolab a number of times in
>>  different systems (Ubuntu i386, Ubuntu x86_64, CentOS i686), I've
>>  enabled all possible PGP features in the preferences but my previously
>>  reported problems remain. Specially is very annoying the compose PGP
>>  mail problem. After a user key is imported only the first mail to him
>>  has the option for encryption/signing (from the address book only).
>>  Removing the key and importing it again allows me to send a
>>  encryption/signing mail again.
>>  May be there is something that I should do in the installation or
>>  something else that I'm missing. Please if someone has this feature
>>  enabled tell me something, at this point I'm lost.
>>  Thank you,
>>  Tolingo

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