Kolab 2.3.4: send from multiple domains in Horde

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Mon Dec 5 21:54:53 CET 2011

Quoting Alexander Haensch <alexander.haensch at ipc.uni-tuebingen.de>:

> Hi Everyone,
> We have migrated our Users from Kolab 2.2.4 to a new testserver with 2.3.4
> In the old Horde it was possibe to change the from_addr field within
> Horde and therefore send mails under different identities and different
> domains.
> In the new Horde system it is only possible to change the Identity name,
> but not the "from: address".
> The feature to send from different domains is important for us, as some
> users send from a secondary domain in some cases.
> Is it possible to enable this feature again? Maybe via a "hook"? As a
> workaround it would be okay to send the users from_addr choices in a
> config file and disallow user changes.
> Has someone an idea how to solve this?

This can be modified in  

$_prefs['from_addr']['locked'] = false;

Run kolabconf afterwards and the template should end up being  
rewritten into  

I think it would be good if the available / allowed identities would  
be grabbed automatically from LDAP but I don't have the required hook  
code for this at the moment.



> regards,
> Alexander Haensch
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