PGP issues

Tolingo Tolinga tolingo at
Sun Dec 4 21:17:29 CET 2011


 I'm evaluating PGP features in the Kolab web client.
 I can generate PGP Public/Private Keys and also import public keys,
 but I've found the following issues:

 1.- All imported public keys when viewed details report: "Invalid key"
 and "Invalid email". This is true even for the keys created in the
 very same web client for different users.

 2.- Mails arrive with the word : ***UNCHECKED*** in the subject.

 3.- The only way that I've found to compose encrypted/signed mail is
 clicking in the email address from the address book. But this is true
 only for the first email, the second one is not possible to send it
 encrypted/signed. Even clicking from the address book works the second

 4..- It is not possible to click "Replay" to an encrypted message with
 an encrypted mail. May be ¿this is a limitation in the Horde client?

 First time I thought that I got the server messed so I reinstall a
 fresh one, but got the same result.

 I'm using latest stable version in an Ubuntu 10 LTS.

 Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance,


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