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On Friday 02 December 2011 09:19:38 Fraser Ray wrote:
>  Hey
>  About the only thing holding me back from deploying Kolab is the z-push no
> html limitation
>  By chance, is it possible to use z-push 2.0 - I realise they are in alpha
> 4, but it supports html email I require. 


I'm afraid we will not port the z-push kolab backend to 2.0 until we can be 
sure that z-push 2.0 is actually feature complete and the API is stable.

As you can see at http://z-push.sf.net/roadmap the z-push developers don't 
seem to distinguish between features and bug fixes, and even want to introduce 
new features in their last milestone before the release, so it is hard for us 
hard to guess when we can actually start working.


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